Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 29, 1927 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1927
Page 10
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PAGE TEN THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 2D, 1927. i mi m EEMEST LYNN (Conthiued from Page Sine*) / He departed a few mimiles later. '•Think ni be tiaveliiig- ujx to Mas ^\'^o(^s• place. Have to keep an eye <jji the boys. T.'it'y tan stand jii.'^ sf- much li(|iior and then they feel ail irre.-ii.stiuk' ii»-sire, to .•<hoot thftm." up. H'H Ju-^t plain animal Spirits wiih-Jlifin. biU I' <ioirt ap- piove of it ;)i.vseir—not wlien I 'lti reapou^ble for tbcni to the colonel." most i)ii'tinliini.s blillUinuH iii Cald- weJI and .Ma^ Jicr.HeH \K{IH a re- niarka|il<- Woinau. Hlie bad repnt- fdly tiiadi- a forluni' wHih lii-r hiK dau'-e blill., jnwl iiiiOMH ihc .XrkHii- ,MjiH rivf-i- from Wiiblla, and wlnn the boom hit Callwi-ll Hhc nuived Craig. "He was headed for the Big Buffalo .saloon. . I exiiecl )he will be playing poker the rest bt the evening." Craig pushed back his big, hat and seraiehed hi.s head. ".Vow_ that man Harrison sort of captures my interest. He's a geutleman, whatever he Is. I'll hb derned it I don't; like him." The ' bantam rooster of a cowboy waa balani'inK his new-fonnd lady; friend on one knee while on ihefother he rested the hand holding hi.s hlx-xhdoler und pumped bnili -tK In lli< flofir. .Mag Woods lli-r,(elf bore ilowii on him. but before hhe iiiuld rnnnd up the cel<-- brant h« hail fiung his arm up with a liiud "Whooiiee!" and fired in (lie iilr. The bullet rang agalnni Hie iroii'plati- protci'tinK Die IUUHI- ilaii!*. . Till' music slopped • sud- down to IJje new lovvn, to lure tin freely Hi|ilainf<rrd d(dlars ol Ibi ^ free and easy souls wh'Oicame thcr«,il"nly and O'e fldiller htuek his bead for their periodi|i:| ;iliii;s. |oiit ;ilid lookeil \u::lhlully down. Kor Caldwell was raw and wide! y-nu all .lon'l «|Ult that damn open. Its lliUKer fiiiger per |H ;l- dally trembled. was lillle law leiiforei inenl in llie town: men (luarreled and killed in Caldwell fnollsluii'ss down Iheie." he ihreal- eiied. "y.-iu ain't gonna have no or- ebestry. I'm liavin' trouble enough gettin" hobl of good guitar players small and as Lillle watched he' flung down hi.s hand and glared at Harrisen. "Wish l.wa« as lucky as some peoprle." he cried. Something In the man's toi)e, ugly, iniputatlve, struck harshly on Harrison's efir. \Vithout changing expression he said. "If It's not your night you can quit, you know."' He stacked the chips in front of him. j adding them to his already numerous neat pile*. "I'm not ttulttln'," Benton declared surlily] ; "Liuk's bouliid lo change Tom." a nmn behind liini said. It was one of his roinpanlons of the restaurant. .I.lllle walked away from the In- bJ<". glad Kimeliow that ./eff Har- ^rlson was winning, lie walclied Ibe faro Karii - for a while, bill b(« Inieri'st lagged and the restless feeling wiihln bim woiild not siib- Kiile, Mis eyes roved about the ."alcoii. It was doing a thriving •business. Men lined the bar two deep. The place rang with laughter and louil talk. "Say. when's C'aldwell gonna get another tiiarihal?" "Don't know." isaid the bartender. "They seem to have some diffi- euitv stayin' alive. Yoii waat the job?" • Gordon Lillle turned a <vay with a smile. A, lawless plaie. this CaidweU. y^-t; ^•omething stirred In him as he contemplated the sCent about him. Adventure was in his blood and htire Si was in the raw. lie stopped again at Harrison'.i table, taking|hU pUice behind,Benton. Jeff Harri.son was dealing and ah Ut-ntoii pi< k,ed up his cards, one. by one.; lOIlie felt .soinetblny akin to a shiver <li'eii up his spine. Denton bad picked up lour jack .s. He >aw the' iii.ti'.'s wrists jfllffeii: then Benton h aiieil h:ick in lii .i chair, a-.iiiniiig ii.iMclial- anci'. lull with ii wfiry r..c- on l.'ar- rlHon. iilrnost directly opimsiie. Thi.' player on llenfnii'^ right tossed a holilary cliip in ilie I 'ent ler. Demon rai^'d. no! loi- ihe llnill of five ilo.jl:ii.. as l.illi.- had expe< ted. bill for two. Tjiej all stayed. I{i !it"ll l:i\ !i:o|< ;c ;;:ili ind watched III'- lira* » I !i >:;:::i 'i ey.-.'. his glize never (>;;-e l.ivhi'; Harrison's bands til'- !i.iiiil>oini'. dark -eyW gambler dealt. The man on Harrison's left took one card, the opener, three. Benton said. "Deal to the next man." when Harrison paused In front of hljD. The next player wbistletL "Pat!" he exclai.netl. "Give me three cards." "Dealer takes three.' announced Harrison in an even voice. "I'll let the pat hand do the betting/' remarked . the opener. Bcntou shoved some chips in the center..', "Five dollars." j The man on his left threw In his band; Hitrrison, however, to Lll> lie's, surprise, i tossed . in ! ten dollars' worth or! chips- A pleased light crept Into Benton'.s narfowed eyes, as he watched the other players dt*op. i His band trembled ' us it fondled his chips. "Your fiv:« and iiv. iii-i- ter." • Hurrlsor's eyes were il.irif. e::- ivresslonless jionN. 'dni" n )'>re he •Ton can remove it completely if you like." At sight.of the little saqk. Benton's compaoions, both of whom stcod near Lillie, exchanged a quick warning look. Benton smiled. "Ain't no use buyin' chips. »ere»" counting out the gold pieces, "is my pile. There's' five hundred there. -If you want tp call it | you kin. If it's too much lor- you,' yoju 9 >i£ht want to call pai't of It." Contempt edged ihln voice; "I'm calling all of it." Haiiiaon sald-.iitfietly, and for just ona' fle;.>t- Ing m-ond a look of alarm crept Into the slitted gray eyes of Tom Benton, Then, slowly, be! spread I his haiid on the table. "Pour' jacks," he said.. ? HarriMn, expoainK his o«ju bund, said quietly. "Mine's higher." He held, tour kings. The'tableau held for a moment; theiv.-occurred the drama that (!or•\ l.lille wc .T not to forget as long ralseil. Kenlons sack :<im )St | as he lived. Benton looked at Harrl .Kon 's cards, amazement and Incredulity written on his face. Then Ur- transferred his gaze to his successful opponent, who was raking In the money and chips. Ills face clouded; with u loud bang he crashed his huge fist on the table. Harrison looked up inquiringly, depleted. He fuin'dcd his bell iliil brou'giit lo;-!h ii 'l '.e >, rom which h • p ;'ir MI 3;I ' gold lieceM. "I'd.Ilk"." h!- M .ld. I buy i<"me more .chips, aiid i' ;(> i." Indicating Morrison, 'aii-i any iibiecllons. I'd like to r.i-% the limit.' llarriMwi inclined il;:^ d.'.rk ibead. a slight sioile playing on h^- lips. I and the smile goaded Benton to/ fury. ^' "I said a little while, back," he uttered, trying to keep his voice level, "that I wished I ibad some people's luck. I'm not so sure it's luck." He folded his arms and glared at the other. Harrison paused^ in the act ot gathering In the stakes. "Cm not -so sure I know what you mean," he said calmly. Benton laughed mockingly. .,at the same time rising and backing away from the;table. "You dealt and drew thref? cards. Ask anyone In here what chance a. man has of making: fours by'drawing to a pair." ' ' A red flush '.stained the gam­ bler's hpndsome face. Other than" that there was no sign of emotion. Quietly he looked into Benton's eyes, aitd Gordon Lijlie' heart' san^. He knew instinctively that Benton'sj Iiand had closed aho*jK the butt of a six-shooter the ni(fc- . inent be had folded his arms. If Harri.son made a threatening m.^ve it meahf death. Didn't Harrison know it 7 He started to cry out a.s he saw" Harrisoii's hand go toward his left brea.s-t,. but in the same inontent he heard a voice behjud him and was aware that Ttiny Harrison had' tome in; At tJio sound of till" iKiy 's "Paddy!" iliir- ri-:ons ey .^s \Tavered. In iiiar'il!- stant Benlon ifired. (To lie Continued.J- Ile wa^ greetei! w;lh loud jeer.';. The bantam rooster mounted a table and .started a speech. ' "I'm leaving." f;ordon Lillie an- noiinceil after a while. Down Ihe .-itieet lie enconiilereil the p.-itiii'tic figure of .leff Harrison's son. Anthony. He was waiting outside the Big Buffalo. Despite the timidity be always felt at ai<proaching the proud little fel- j low, ("lordon spoke to bim. "Wait- i iiig (or your dadd.v. Tony?"' 1 Tiie boy nodded and turned \ away^ Lillie smiled at this evidence of an independent spirit and entered the saloon. Tile iila<'i' wa.s blue with tobacco i smoke. The professional drone of ', lookoni ami i -ro'iipier rose ' aliove I the voices of those packed arouuil ! the lonleiie layout: nearby'was a laro bank, and close fo the door tive nun .-at at a table playing'. jKiker. Lillie eaiigbt ^imself witli a start as lie re<-ogii!ized one of the ))layers as Toin lUenton and another as .leff Hni^rison. Benton was in'hi.- usual, bad temper. The' I'il" ol chips ill front of him wa.s anil' wal.ked on_ about their biisi-{''"iJ Vn'^e plum riitiied two of them .n'.-'ss, or rode si/iilli lour miles-and i'" last inontb." iro.ssed the border ,jf So .Man's Land. Over night, almost, it bad become a haven for the -ele- ijnent along, the frontier.-and .Mas Woods"^ dance ball, nicknamed the Red Li.£;bt. because of the bright red lanip that hiiiiK over ijie door, became the hangout of some-of the lousbjest, I , -Mag iK 'rself was not without a sense of humor. Kvideace Of it was Joiind in the sheet iron and boiler • plale fortification she had reared around her musicians.- The mortality among dance ball miisii- makers, especially in the Ited Light, was high, and only the hardiest spirits dared risk the flying -I'liUets'tbat were a nightly aca)ni- paniment to the lestiviiiis. Jeff Harrison standing at the bar, drinking (luiet.j.-. when .loe t!iaig entered. T';e haiidsiinH uaiii- bler's Jiaze' swejii over bin: came in, thvu turned baci; to i.'r • !b:iv. (L'r.'iig mana;;eil to i-:iii^e alongside. EJvory lime the dooi- opened, he-noticed, Harrison turned to scrutinize the newcomer. "Apparently lookiu' for someone," Craig said t<i him.self. A<ting oil a sudden )mi)iilsc.. be spoke <iuietly in the garcbler's ear. Til consider it an boiior it you'd have • ii little drink with: nie." Jeff Harrison'd Jiis searib- iug brown eyes oii the oloiid cowboy and hesitated halt a fore answering. Then. wii1i a slight i-nillc that seemed to heighten rather than lessen bis. gravity, be ac- cejited. "I'll he g/ad lo," be siiid iquielly. To'his great annoyance, Ci.-ii;; •was (-ai:-iMl :iw;iy 'by two of the Har K 11 ! l"(o|-e. jii; could follmv •up Ihe i .|A-iilng. ,\Vhe(i he slai^ted •liack. III- s.iw JUi 'iTbob do a;-Hnr- iprb'itii; tliliiu: luiv ot li^e-da^ii-e nail •girls who !i .if| liei -n castiiig ardent Klanns al tin ^lellder, tdegant Hg- •ure. sidled tip to the gambler and seized his arm. j "Probably asking bim to buy! a (lri«k." Craig was thinking. But- Harrison, after a .casual ;Clan<e at. her. deliberately turned ills back and went out. lies an 'expressionless mask. Tli" girl stared after him in astonishment and anger, then shrugfced and walked awa.v. When CraitJ iiolUed l\er next she was making love to a little l)ow-legj{ed bantam rooster of a cowlioy. Gordon Lillie came In.-. "I just passed Jeft Harrison," he told at (6 'A Shoe for Every Purse and Purpose" UOI (ill SIliKS si /;>0Tii siKKArK -Would yiiii a iiiop.unieijt of- this' kind to;- .-..iin- 'laniily plot'.' We lan ;;'.Ti>: ly i ;v in gr;iliite or other .sto;; - •'• •. 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