Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 12, 1955 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1955
Page 10
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TEN. EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, Ml).. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER lit, 1»55 Phi PA.2.4«00 («f « .WANT AD, Eight Members Promoted III Marine Reserve Unit ~ Elfht memben of. the Sixth Special Infantry Compan\ have .„ been promoted, according to Major u , Patsy Algierl, commanding officer v TlSy are Pvt. Samuel G. Brooks, Lonikoning; Pvt. .Robert W. Chase, liidjelej, P\t William L Haines, Romney: Pvt. Glendon N. Kline, Pvt John K Randall and Pyt. Jaiiies S. Wright, all of Cumberland Pvt Roland E Shanholtz, Pleasantdale W Va, and Pvt. Janies S; Wright, who were pvo^ mot«J to privates first class. Also receiving a promotion warrant was'Cpl. Basher A. Cross Jr., who was promoted to sergeant. It was further announced by Mai Algieri that during the last, two drills, the unit hat enlisted five men under the new 1955 Reserve _aw. They are Pvt. Fay M..Emer ickvPvt. James E. Ispley, both from Wellorsburg, Pa., Pvt. Donald L. Stickley of 227 South Mechanic Street, Pvt. James W. Yanlz, Ml. Savage, and Pyt; Walter J. Cutchall, RD 5, Cumberland! In conjunction with the newl> acquired recruits, an award of-.$25 savings bond-is to be, given to the member,'of the Sixth Special 'In fantry Company who obtains the most recruits. for the past three months. Receiving this award for his outstanding recruiting during the last quarter, was Tech. Sgt Francis II. Lee, Cresaptown. . •ant most "Medical Art* it the only drag itore I know tvhire you can telephone* a pre- tenption in tht middle of the night and have it delivered to your home tint thing in the morning. ,V; Brother, that't itrvice" Through Medical Art's Telephone Answering ^Service SAVINGS UP TO 35% i LIMITED STOCK SPECIALS Reg. 12.95 Health Chair ... 9.42 Reg. 19.75 Wheel Covers . 10.95 Reg. 8.95 Auto Roof Rack 5.38 Assorted Seat Covers .. i,. m 10.00 Reg. 51.981 .M! Girls' Bike 37.68 Reg. 69.95 u ^. Girls' Bike 49.96 Reg. 18.95 Stake Wagon 12.87 Reg. 21.95 M . n . O'nite Bag 14.20 Reg. 19.95 Elec. Deepfry 12.95 Reg. 9.95 Corn Popper .. 6.22 Reg. 29.50 Cory Percolator 17.47 Reg. 15.97 Flint ,* Knife Set 9.97 «... MS HIM »-„. Steak Knife Set 6.65 Reg. 12.95 Sand-E-Wade . 8.94 NO FURTHER DISCOUNTS Assignment: America "Reducing Shop" Uses Art Works To Get Patrons In Proper Mood <i«t. u. i. roi. OH.I : If rHlUlS IATTELLE , NEW YORK - (INS) - "Say, would you like to wish', on'a star?" nquired the pretty lady. "Or would 'Miraculously,-.however, it does riot curb'one's appetite for such tidbits as cottage cheese, unsalted you rather," she frowned, pig?": 'be a tomatoes, and celery sticks. How coilid a woman/help but be Well, I said, I'd like to wish on happy to get back her girlish fig- star. I'd find that preferential ure this easy.way—reclining aiiiid • pink walls, .being streamlined by electricity, munching- on pills stretching like a cat coated with paraffin? .' . .. -..'; ",'•'• ., Certainly made me feel good, anyway. I just 'laughed and ••laughed. -.•::•• . ' • Goodyear s Fall Inventory Sale SAVE $30.00 Regular 269.95 G-E21"TV $10.00 Down 4,65 Weekly • Only Goodyear Gives You • 1 Year Guarantee • Backed by Factory Picture Tube Authorized Servict • 1 Year Guarantee- • Convenient FREE All Tubes & Parts Parking [d being a pig, anyway. She was delighted. "Then come wilii inc." And so saying, she opened the gilded doors to the latest innovation in the oldest autumnal avocation of the century —a "reduce shop.", Standing inside the entrance, ready to receive star-wishers and their contributions, is Miss Mala Rubinstein, a niece of Helena Rub- nsfein, long-time exponent of con:ours and cosmetics. Eying my hips, Miss Rubinstein spoke: ."Eeverysing is laid' out in such a way as to put ze woman psychologically in ze mood for reducing," she said, waving at the yellow walls and. carpeting, and the pink chair. "Bright, ziinny, heppy. We relieve that before a lady reduces successfully, she must be provided wis : both a sense of humor and a sense of. duty about ze project." To make a .fat lady laugh at herself at the. outset, there is a distorted mirror which blows the iiiiage up double. You can just hardly help letting out a big Ha Ha when you see yourself looking like twice'the pig you are, they say at Rubinstein's. Then, along two walls, are showcases full of contrastingly fat and thin works of art. "Zis," says Miss R., "is bur'gross-and-slim theme, carried out through the ceramic and sculptural art from 18th, 19th and 20th centuries . . • In one case, there's -a bloated crystal blowfish, side by. side with a' slender miniature,, sea horse There's a fat porcelain cat, and a slim wooden kitty. A fat, naturalistic hippopotamus beside; a slim streamlined hippo. "Zey see how fat zey can be, and how slender, and comes ze sense of duty." Imbued with the spirit of being a sea hors.e rather than a blowfish the customer is then led upstairs to the deep-carpeted reducing salons .where^ she is checked Dr.. Etting'er, proprietress of whal is known 'comfortingly' as "the. 8th floor face- and body department." Here, the psychologically happy (client is given her first taste of the (seriousness of this thing she has undertaken. "We teach her to ! strclch like a cat," says'Dr. Ettinger. "and bend like a tree. If she's up to it, she can also wiggle like a shake and churn like an undercurrent. Zis, it was point- 'odidiir,.removes;all zejazy kinks from summer. "For women.who prefer.passive reducing"! (and who : doesn't?), "there are some new machines." These are technical devices that involve infra-red lamps, hot paraffin wax smeared on. problem portions of the customer, and the "streamliner," which is", an electric treatment designed to shock the muscles into reducing. Each and every one helps. But the biggest hcln of all, say the Rubinstein reducers, is a new appetite- curbing pill simply crammed full of vitamins called "rcduce-aid." It is rumored to have the quality of making hot fudge sundaes seem odious to hot fundge sundae devotees. Two-ln~0ne Talde Lamps Please Buyer NEW YORK — (tNS) — A table iamp: doesn't necessarily mean a lamp you put on a table — it can also mean a lamp that comes at tached to its own table. One new lanip-and-tabie combin at ion consists of. walnut shaf which 1 has an end-table type tray built around it's middle. Both the shaft and. the. table are brass inlaid. The shade of the lam] which.tops the shaft is a linen grained fabric in a champagri< color. .'•'.-. '' : ''•-:'., Another of these two-in-one item features a combination wall lam] arid telephone table and shelf. Tw brass tubes connect- the wall fix ttire with the walnut tray-table and more brass tubing attache the tray, level with an uhdershell The lampshade is pleated. Some of the newest standar wall lamp's show a heavy orienta influence, with much .use made o polished brass, walnut and exten sioh arms for lighting comfor Coolie-hat shapes, sometimes pleat ed, are used for shades. . SENMOR VALERIE ihocl rVi'i'int uibrctkitlt milniprln •ntrukibli lililinn iipioijon bricilit luxury •ipinitM b»fl4 Off Duty Rookie Policeman Foils Holdup Arrests three Crutch Carrying Suspects SPEAKER— F: R. Reilly, assist ant secretary of AFCO, Inc, New York, .will be one of the speakers at the 19th -annual convention of the Maryland' 'Association of Insurance Agents here Sunday, the Allegany Garrett- Association bf : Insurance Agents-will he host to the • three-day meeting. • ,(* i * <• WASHINGTON Wl - An off-duty rookie policeman, who is not even out of training school, foiled a loldup yesterday and rounded up hree crutch cairymg soldiei bus- lefts, police icpoited Pvt. Peter F. King, 22, of the [4th Precinct, was so modest about t he left the holdup scene without jiving his name to Arlington and Aimed Services Police who swarmedjn later to take the three to jail. A .Washington cab driver, : War•en B. Nuckles, 33, told police he picked up the trio in northwest Washington and '-was ordered . to drive 'them to PV Myer's south post in nearby Arlington, Va. Each of the Cl's had one leg in a cast, police said, and each calked with the aid of crutches Near Fort Myer, on lonely South Gate' Road, one soldier grabbec Nuckles and the others snatchec his auto keys and his change carrier with $1.90,. police said. The soldiers ordered Niickles out I the car, but seconds liter Pvt 1 UIV V«I» MWl PCXVIlua MUCI * »» •.»««-f tP •- - j , i <lng drove up on his way home Services and two Arliniton County rom his tour of duty in Washing on ' He was in uniform and wearing his pistol King went into action Ihe sol never had a chance to get SAVE wfert *«/peop/e jerve AT THE MORE KOPLE SAVE AT A BANKTHAN ANYWHERE EISE. WHY? "IT'S SAFE.. Sound management, carefully restricted investments, close gen ernment supervision, physical safeguards - and deposit insurance up to $10,000 " for each depositor* — protect the savings I bank'" "IT'S CONVENIENT - I can do all my banking at once." "MY FUNDS EARN INTEREST-without my investing" "MY BANKER makes hie feel at home... is so helpful."' Start saving with us: Experience the many benefits that make more than 69,000,000 American's .agree: "THERE'S NOTHING QUITE LIKE MONEY IN THE IANK1" *by tbt Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK At the City Hall Square Member F. D. I. C. neirby •, coffee shop-two Armed 'Ihcy took the soldieis to Alex- anclrla jail \ihcic they were iden-; titad as Cpl John J Dwjer, 21; ivia Jicvci IHIU a iiiaubv; iv gbi - j r» i »* I rom the back seat to the fiout Pvt Jack Uhlei, 22, and Pvl Mil-, eat of the cdb before they were i ar d Giecnwill, 20, police said all acmg King's plMol thice weie AWOL from the ortho- Nuckles drove off for help in the pedic waid at Walter Reed Army wheeman s car He got it at a Medical Center The greatest achievement in Zenith's crusade to lower the cost of hearing! MULTI-TRANSIST'OR Now a genuine Zenith multi- transistor hearing aid with the power: arid performance of sonic lids « .Icasl iwlce ils size and many selling for at Icasi 4 limes ils price! Yclthe quality of ihe 50-X is Zenith's finest! EnjO) these hear better fcaiurcs— new, extra-sensitive; Pe'rmaphbne*. srhooth-now VolumeControl, noise- limiting anodized Case. Operates on a single tiny dry cell birtery for. only about \Qi a week. So* Y ° u «•" p*y rhor- - but you cant buy a b«tt*r hearing aid than a Oi»-Y«or Wortonty s«vk*Vi. n Zinlth at any priori • 3 WAYS TO CHARGE IT! 1, Regular 30-Day Charge 2."V4 Down, Vi Per Month 3. 20% Down, 10% Per Month Kroehler Days ...AT MILLENSON'S! SERVICE STORE 133 So. M*ch«nk St. . Dill PA 4-0550 Come to HILL'S For Your HALLOWEEN COSTUMES Wigs . 59c to 1.98 Masks . . 5c to 98c Makeup Kits . lOc Horns 5e up Children.. 1.79 up Adults .... 5.98 Gorrillai, Fairiei, Tigers, Monsters, Davy Crockett, Rabbits, Progs Halloween Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins, Table Cloths, Party Favors HILL'S Toy Store 45 N. Centra St. and W. 4u i Always An Exciting Event at Millenson's And This Fall Even More Thrilling than Ever .In Kroehler living room furnishings you'll find more-for your money than ever before—new'styles, new colors, but the same Kroehler quality which'.has; earned this manufacturer such an enviable reputation. .. ; • ;. , • ' Millerispns' are goffering you a bhance to save money on Kroehler . . . a generous allowance 'for your old suite, re. gardless of it's ; name or condition •\yhen you buy any of the wonderful new Kroehler suites.: Choose from suites and sectionals, from modern and, traditional stylings. Regardless of your choice,..when--ypU; buy Kroehler from Millensotis' you've made an exceptionally good buy; 1 Ttf $349.00 Open every Monday- until 9 p. m It's E»r T« Park At Mllleism>- Vfiu are inyited to park your car on either of the two free parking loti across the street if rom our store. •They are,maintained!especially for s the accommodation 1 of bur customers.

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