The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on March 23, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1894
Page 7
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Highest of all in Leavening Power,—Latest IT, S. Gov't Report. Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE " MUSIC HALL . , ijMstOno Jolly Ffiday, Rafch 21 CLEVER MARIE HEATH And Her Merry Company In to two doors last of Mr, Simon's on Fifth street. Everything be placed in orde^for the dispatch of 'the mails Sunday morning at the tiaual hour. ' ' Tlic modern way commends Itself to the ^«il informed to do' pleasnntly and effectually what was formerly done in 1 the crudest manner and disagreeable as well . To cleanse the system and break up (colds, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use the delightful. liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. Wilson Bros.' flue underwear just opened at MOSBS Ifrettv Girls Mirthful Music Bright Fun Funny Commedies Catchy Songs • Artistic Dancing .Reserved Seats so Cents.Now Ready At J. W. Haltan's Dntfl Stare. Slippers at Moore's. Fine'shoes repaired at Moore's. Best shoe blacking at Moore's. Onion sets at the green tioufe. The best $1.00 work shoes tit Moore's. Good cook wanted at National hotel. D. L. Stick, of Chicago, is in the city •visiting his parents. Do not buy Oxfords this spring until yoti see Moore's line. Those desiring old newspapers can bo supplied at this office. •• Tested garden seeds in bulk at the green bouse East Fifth street. Wilson Bros.' floe underwear just 1 opened at MOB its SIMON'S. ' Pi 'J] Olberlz, of. Washington town ship, was a city visitor today. ' Wanted, e' girl to do general house work. Inqure of Mrs. H. B. Beach, I have fifty laying hens which I desire to dispose of at once. E. Hoov r. Diseases of women and chiHIre.. u cialty. Dit. B. C. KBLLBY, Carroll, la. )ne hundred Easier lilies In bloom at i green house. Make your selections r. '-'••• ntod; reliable man! peririuncnt poiitlbo. np and reference!. A. T. Morris, euro this paper. . . The King's Daughters will meet Satur.-day afternoon at the home of Miss Mabel Martin. ' ... Call on Mahoney and Cavanaugh for latest styles in spring millinery. Prices reasonable .Miss Alice Dreet returned last evening from Omaha, where she has been visiting for a short' time. Go to Lud wig's and buy one ot thnir 'latest' Style capos for Easter Buuday. They have just what you want. Miss Nelson 'arrived In the city last evening sod will work in Mios Todd's millinery store again this spring. Mitt Mary Mahonov arrived home today after a two weeks sojourn at tbe capital city combining business with pleasure. t Mrs.Weitiund has disposed of her prop erlv in the east pnrt of town to a now arrival to our city who will occupy it as a borne. If your hair is harsh, dry, and wiry, you will uud Ayer's Ualr Vigor of essential service In rendering It soft, pllauts, and glossy, Do not spoil your shoes with inferior ^dreaifngs, but If voii would like omo- •Mug good and nice, you will nod It at fRoore's. , Ai spring work begins and you want good work sboes for tbe lowest possible price, it will pay you to visit Moore's shoe store, Wilson Bros.' fine underwear Just opened at MOSES BIMON'B. Tbe general opinion about town appears to be (bat tbe "mulct" bill ai passed by, tbe leg Mature for tbe regulation of tbe sajoops Is a farce and will be a dead rerfeolliealtU Is seldom found, for Impure blood Is so general . liood's B»r»ftpa- rlllw re»Uy does purify tue blood au<l r« etoroH health. H, G. Jeffrey Is as happy sud |t » school girl The arrival of a. seven pound girl bsby at bis borne Thuriday MlKlit is Ibe cause of iiis uomual clever »pp«sr»ooo. ' Both wotUer »utl child »re doing nicely. "March, to B 'arch" Is the old adage, u se»rchos out «ny we«kuess of the system, resulting from Impure blood. Those who Vie Ayer's S»r»»pMlll» ttud M»rch no wore ««ajrohiuu or even dliigreotbie lu»n other mouth. This mttdlolue U • " i hours tbe poitofflce will be moved its present location o». ||«lu Two WEEKS To LIVK. The exoutiou of Prendergast which was to have taken place thW forenoon has been postponed 'or two weeks and the murderer of Hi- May or Hsrriedd will have a fortnight longer in whioh to repent his crimp.' ' "• ' ' ' ' CharaborlBin's Cough Uemedy gives the b«st satisfaction of any cough medicine I handle, and as a seller leads all other preparations in this market. 1 rocommeiUl it because It is the best medicine 1 ever handled for coughs, cold and croup. A. W. Baldr!dge,Millersvll]e, 1)1. For sale by J. fF. nation, druggist. SPBCIAI.' NOTICE. In order to' meet any and all so called clothing peddlers who are ; canvnsing this town and vicinity, 1 have made special arrangements and am now ready to show t'o the public a line of samples from which I can make suits from |18.00 and upward, and pants from |4.25 to order. I will gurantee a perfect fit. Call and see our samples and prices. MOSBB SIMON of the famous. ' iMriog the motion for a new trial ia the Stnnlmlllif ose*, but it is not kl nil probable that the request will be granted the defendant hat bWn convicted by twd furie*, whieh is qdits'oonolusife evident* of big guilt Jodge Pain* wilt pronounce the sentence during the week. The ta«ignment of tbe deoket for next week is as follows: Monday, March 26, State vs. Spiokler; Tuesday, Wilier VB. 3«llg, and Barbee vs, JoyOf>; Wednes- fi EinmoDB TB. Wil*>n, Nichols vs. Minohen and all other jury oases; Thursday, Gray vs. Feldmsn and all other equity oases. Court will close ,the bf the 'week and Judge' Paine teili go fo 1 fjlreene bohnty the flrbt of ' the follow- .1 ri ••••.', \' • !• '•'. ' ' . ; '- ' •',' i' 1 ibg ,we*k. '"...^ ,;.,; .• ',. r, .,:,.. , / ' Beware of Ointments for Catarrh ' ; ' ' that contain Mercury. , As mercury will »«roly destroy, tha sense of Bmoll and completely dorangea the whole system when entering It through tho mucous surface*. Such articles should never be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as tho dnmogo they do la ten fold to the good you can possibly derlye from ttiotn. Hall's Catarrh Cure manufactured uy F. J. Cheney & do., Toledo, O., coutaltas no mercury and Is taken Internal- ty,,acteng directly apon the blood and mucous surfaces of the syitem. In, bujlog , Ball,s ; Catarrh Cnrobe »nre you get the genuine. It Is taken Internally, and made In Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney &'do. : , Testimonials free; Bold by druggists, price .76o,* per bottle. . PREMIUMS. ll'e are compelled to announce that 'the Now- York house of which we bought our premiums, has gone out of business aud therefore about a ( dozen uf otir " sub scribers will be disappointed, for we can not secure the books they ordered. To those who have not received their premiums we will say, however, that if they will authorize'us to do so we will go to a Carroll book store, select a cloth bound book and send it by mail prepaid. Or, if you will call at this office you may go to the store and select your own book. We aru sorry any one should be disap pointed, but we believe the books to be had in this city will satisfy all. So, if you have not received your premium, call and get one, or authorize us to select and lend you a book, "Perhaps you would not think so, but a very large proportion of diseases In New York comes from carelessness about catch' ing cold," says Dr. Cyrus Kdson. "It Is such a simple thing aud so common thai vary few people, unless It is a case of pneumonia, pay any attention to a cold. A T ew York Is one of the healthiest places on the Atlantic Coast aud yet there are a a great many cases of catarrh and consumption which have their origin In this neglect of the simplest precaution of every day life. The most sensible advice is when you have one got rid of It as soon as possible, liy all means do not neglect it. Dr. £dson does tell you how to cure a cold but we will. Take Chamberlain's Cough liemedy. It will relieve the the luugg.alc expectoration, open the secretions and soon effect a permanent cure. 85 ant 60 cent bittlea for sale by J. W. ilatton druggist. DISTRICT OOOBT. Monday afternoon the Stubluiller oase was called on for trial. Goueitierable time wei consumed in eeleoting e> jury. U. W. Beach aud Qeo. W. Boweu appear ed as counsel tor tbe defendant und B. I. &tlmger aud Oeo. W. Korte for tbe atate. This case wee tried at tbe lost term of oourt OB en indictment found by the grand jury changing tbe defendant ,iritb stealing bogs. Tbe jury which beard Ibe oase at tbe former trial returned a verdict of guilty, but Judge Gold auitb Bet it aside for tbe lack ot suOoient evidenoe and ordered H new trial. Tbe paae was given to tbe jar* Tuesday afternoon, wbiob after remaining out about two hours returned a verdict of guilty as charged iu tbe indictment. Judge Paine baa not yet pronounced bis sentence but aa Hart waa convicted for tbe sane offense aud sentenced to one year iu tbe atate pen! teatiary it ia not probable tbat bis partner will escape witb a leas penalty. Oourt waa occupied considerable of tbe time Wednesday and Thursday witb tbe case of ». >>of oe vs. L. Kick, W. Lee appearing tor tbe plaintiff and V, M. Powers for Ibe defendant. Just before uoou Ibe judge took tbe oaaa from Ibe JIM/ and relume j a judgment tor llba plain liff lor tbe tali amount ot bis claim, There being BO other oasei ready tor trial by jury it was accused until Monday. gluoetue jury was Moused Ibe work ot the QQuit Una bewu oouUued to bearing motions wd disposing ol olber work wbiob bad aocmuulated dunug tbe as* •ion. MM| Monday is Ibe time sailor FBIENDS. Every day or so we see traveling Bales- men canvassing our business men for orders for olothjng. We have taken some pains to look up the advantages , these men offer to_tbe trade that is not 'given by our home tailors, and we are frank t06fty that it 'iaonr experience that the borne merchants are willing to' give 'yon just 'as good prieae and, BB a rule, much better goods than you can 'get of these order men. It stands to reason that' this ia true, for our merbhauta are not in a position to rob their customers, even it they had an inclination, for they have close competition and do work on small margins, and as their expenses are mush smaller than those who send oat men to canvass the country for trade, they certainly are in a position to do better aud cheaper work. ' It is just so with all classes of trade. One of our business men came into tbe office the other day andeaid: "What will you charge for 5000 billheads?" We gave him our price, when he said: "Why, I got them for so much a thousand of a traveling salesman 1" We ngured it for him and he saw that our price was 75 cents' cheaper atid our material much bel- ter than he. got , by sending away, pays to patronize home' institutions, for yon can get just ae good ( aud cheaper work hero at home, and you' will' have tbe advantage of knowing what yon are get tiug. ; BtajKby : your frjende, is a goqd policy ,"and they will do the same by yon. "She wrote In a handwriting olorky, Shu talked with an emphasis jerky, ' She paluted on titles, m the iweetest 61 styles llut.slio didn't know chloken from turkey." Ilutisha knew Dr. 1'jeroa'i (jolden Uedfoal Discovery to be the very best remedy for a tallow au4 unhealthy complexion. It brightens the skin by acting on the liver and removing all the bilious or scrofulous polton from . the blooa, Sure cure, alto (or consumption in Its early stages. ; _ . '.'; _ . . PUTDMB. The undersigned will take in cattle to pasture for the eeason on tbe Wm. Oilley farm one aud one-half miles west of town. Good running water in pnnture/ Wjll furnish salt and take eare ot cattle, but will not bfe responsible for accidents should any occur. W. J. BUBBLY. asture, I have largf .tame pasture near Gliddop and Carroll, on which I wish to pasture stock for the season. Will furnish past ure, salt and water, and eierciie general care over 'Stock, i but will not bo re- sponible for lots by death or 'otherwise. Apply to myself or U. 0. Stevens. • A. W. ' '.' FOH BAI.B. A well improved farm adjoining the city limits of Breda. A good barn 50x80, a two story home 90x80, good ^rauarle* 80x30 and other good out buildings. THOMAS BURNS, Breda, la. A liberal reward will po paid for the return, or for Information loading to tho whereabouts, of. my liver aim white pointer dog-pup, about one year pld, Either lost or stolen Tuesday morning, March 80. Oao. Snumni, Carroll, la. For Saie. Owing lo my removal from tbe city I wieb to aell my reeidenoe property on tbe corner of Firel and Maple street. Also. eU room houar, with lot, on dark street, two blocks south ot Ibe railroad. Alao, M vacant lot on Wahint street. For terms and prices apply to ' • F. W. KBADSI, 3100 Douglas street Omaha, Neb. I also have !«*> well bred driving maree for eeie. _ For Sale, As 1 imvu renM my farm and u«y«suveral head of horses which 1 will Bull at bar- galus. i will sell two of my well known staU!oun, Hoyul Pballas, l)oolus Kog or Itaugur 1-ogau. Four work horses, one «iildln«H years old, ouu ware six yesrs old with fold, one spau of chusp uiares aud several young roadsters, also a WKKOU and harness. The above property will bo sold to suit purchaser. A . Uooius, _ Carroll low*. Carroll Market Report W11BAT-41P tolfio OATS-UUo UOQH-14.00 l'OTATOiai-40 I Correspondents, tolnsafe tbe publication of heir letters in the weekly, must mall tUHinsu ther *lll reach <rar offles wednesdsr.j FLEASANT JBlIiIi. Another gentle shower on the morning ot tue 18th. We learn that Frank Balk will build a hew residence. Costing near $1,000. ) Mrs, A. Suhrelber has been very sick lately. Measles and acute bronchitis the trouble. It is reported that 11. U. Lester, of Oar- rolltun, will take a trip to California soon. MIsN Detvey Uasom hai tlie position of gadwellder at the Center school. MrfJJt.iUmbaugh sold a cheap team of horses to 13. Kulght lately. An epidemic of measles is making a fuu iti the (Brollies of T. M. Gable and Ww. Kay buck. Another wedding Is expected In our vicinity shortly. This time some common People!,;; ... This week will probably be the right nooaslgii to sow oats lh this nionth. P. Aleren sawed several armfuls of wood in this suction last week. Married at the parsonage in Carrolltnn March'Utn, Mr. Wilson Dankle to Mr-s Ada Livingston Hev. Uaydeh officiating. The happy couple float in the best society. Therefore we extend our good wishes. Inasmuch as tho assistant news hunter has left, we will go alone on Items.' Mr. John Gollwirtzer got notice last week to appear at the office of the Surrogate in Buffalo, N. Y., on the first of May. 1894,.to assist i i tlie settlement or theestate of his uncle lately deceased. Mr. J. M. Conner, of Orange, Guthrie county, brought a lot of cattle from Car* roll past the Hill this week. Mr. Conner is one of the large farmers there. . ...... SANTA.; ' ' OAK HILL. Every OHO seemed quite timid about seeding last week, but are pressing Into the harness this week. There was a dance at' M"!ard Wine's last week s:id Strange to say we were not invited. Mrs. F. C. Yaughan Is much better and is cons4dored out of danger. Mrs. -Scare! her, of Carrollton, visited her daugh'er in this vicinity Friday. Fred Vaughan moved onto the Elliot farm the first of the week. Mrs! Fletcher will teach the spring term of school at Oak Hill. ftlrs. Mary Connor visited her parents northeast of Carrollton Saturday aud Sunday. There's an old tuikey up the river that has the habit of yelling every time we pass and wn will advise its owner to keep watch of him or it will lose its tsll feathers some of these nights. Wf note that four couple have been married lu the vicinity north of here inside of two weeks and the old bachelors begin to be scared. MissLura Alaer ii Visiting, her sister Frankle ill Csss county. Two of the Misses Hamilton are quite -sick. Miss Laura Haynes has returned to Nebraska. Mrs. Herring and sister will visit this vicinity'soon. There was a dance at Bill Hupp's last Wednesday evening. ' ABthma, Hay Fevor and kindred ailments absolutely oared by a newly discovered treatment Sent by nmll.. Pamphlet, references .and parUloulara free Address Bond's Dlspcnsarv Medical Association, 668Main street, Buffalo, N. Y. • tViu She Won at Dice? Two brothers of Miss Myrtle Shields, the young lady who married E. E. Grout, alias Willard, a few days ago after an acquaintance of only a few hours, came to Fort Wayne from Payne, O., for consultation with Prosecutor Colerick. Th?y assert that Crout has a wifo, and child in Chicago and is therefore guilty of bigamy. An investigation will be made. A sensational >story in connection with the affair is that Crout and a friend, Jim Looinis of .Chicago, threw dice for the young lady, and Crout won. He met Miss Shields and represented himself as Willard, her correspondent, and Inebriety marriage followed. She is heiress to quite an estate, and it is the desire of her Ohio. brothers to save her from tho wiles of an adventurer. Hiss Shields has an older sistxT, who is a member of the Salvation Army. — Fort Wayne Dispatch. Gold OUhe* Melted Down. Four golden dishes were missed last month from Prince Esterhazy's castle, near Oedonburg, which the deceased prince's father purchased for £5,000 when he was embossador in London 60 years ago. Two of theeo golden dishes, say's our Vienna correspondent, were once tho property of Mary, queen of Scots, and Scottish noblemen— according, that is; to the tradition in the Esterhacy family- served tbe queen's dinner on them doily. Tho other dishes ore from a service which belonged to the Empress Marie Theresa. It is believed that some workmen who bad to uiuko repairs in the castle committed the theft, and in the town of Oedenbury » tradesman has been arrested. I hear . that tho police havo already traced tho goldtm plates, but thnt they have boon molted and are but a lump of gold.— London Nowa. »U« Klui'i VaibrolU. Among certain African nations tho umbrella is it (symbol of royalty. British soldiers carry off. the king's umbrella after every little war. Tho monarch usually sands to London for a uuw one. A house ill that, city is now, making on iiuinuusu ntubrellu for H sable dasjmt not ,f«r from the torrituriua of tho late Kiiitf CofltiO. It is the lavgost umbrella in tlio .world. Tiu> stick is 15 f«ot IOIIK, the ribci «ru of brusn, «ud wlwu .they uro ottuud- «d cover a, SIM^D nufliuiuut for 18 persons. f ho priiiuior or other fuvoreil moiulwrH of tho Bovwiiiuuut aulectedfor the huuor of wryiutf this auurmoua sproMtl uf giuglmiu over (Ue kiujj aud his family will wear » strong leather bolt ooutain- iuK a socket into wliU'U tlio bwubuo U(4. A iiuuky luvvitiuvul, Thu estate of "Diamond Joo" liuyuolds; whiuh hus recently been hard pnwsod for rtwdy tuouey, koaspld to au Eiu/lish ttyu- dicutu the Cuugre»ab'oUl (uiuu, uuar Pr«»- oott, A. T., fov $1,000,000. Thu uUutt way purchased by "Piuwoud Jue" from u prosyuctor for $1,800. Whon develujwd, thu oru assayed ut $1,800 to the tou. It was workodfour yours, but has been shut 4owu siuce the death of "DUuioud Jee." — CuicajfO Pisptttoh. Western Inrlftation. Amid the lost 'Splendors of oriental urt- (ions of which scarcely tno^e than the name now remains to «a •$as the science of irrigation, and it was brought ton perfection never since equaled. Here and there are traces of vast ditches showing knowledge of mechanical engineering that is unsurpassed in our age. It is altogether probable that the nineteenth century will open on irrigating enterprises quite equaling those of ancient Asia and inducing a fertility never excelled in the land of olives, spicea and pomegranates. California has already tracts of land that demonstrate what can be done with irrigation in . what, seemed a desert. Other states are following rapidly in the same line. In the middle portion of sou them California is one farm that originally, comprised 400,000 acres. It was .owned partly by J, B. Haggin, although it was too .big for any one man to possess all himself; The idea of the owners of this vastbody-of land has been to divide it up into small fruit farms of from 20 to 40 acres each. The success in growing 'temperate zone fruits warrants the statement that 20 acres will support a family comfortably. Here will be one ; way of preventing the overcrowding of cities.; The method of irrigating the 400,000 acre tract is the most interesting matter connected with it at present. From Mount Whitney, the highest peak of the Sierra Nevada, flows the Kern river, through Kern county. It is formed from the melting of the snows on the mountain. . . This. river has been tapped by canals—14 • on-one si^te, 13 on the .other. These are the inain canals. From them flow lateral canals to every farm, 1,100 miles of them. Leading from the large laterals are still smaller ones, lying along the line of the farmer's fields. The water is introduced into the fields by furrows that lie at. close intervals.!'-For ordinary field crops three irrigations a season are necessary. One man: can manage one- irrigation ditch, and eightimen and eight'ditches can irrigate 1,000 acres a day. For all the water you need, the cost is $1.50 to the acre a year. This is tho real way of praying for rain, and it will probably be brought into requisition more and more in the east as well as west. The Almighty gave man hands and brains to get all the water he n.eeds for himself. , ... . In Government Service. General O. O. Howard, the Christian soldier, declares in a recent newspaper letter that if he were young again he would not go into government service. He says, "I would seek the more fearless freedom of civil pursuits rather than the monotonous,', stifling restraints of any government ^ervice." . : ; ,. General Howard has spoken out here what every thoughtful person knows is true. In a table accompanying his letter we find that.there are altogether,317,130 wen in government service in all .its branches—civil, military and naval and including congressmen, the United States court judges and the president and his cabinet. But the majority of this great anuy ore humble clerks who get no more than $100 a month at the outside, few of them so much. And of the number 151,905 are young men between the ages of 31 and 35. Of two young men equally well educated and capable one seeks a government appointment, because it is a "sure thing," as General Howard expresses it. He gets perhaps $75 a month to start. The other goes into a business house at $7 a week. In 15 years both men have families. The government dork follows his round lili. » harness horse for a compensation of, say, $100 a mouth. It ia the moat he will ever get. .Tho other bos either a salary of $5,000 or ia a partner in a commercial or manufacturing house and is a well to do man still full of hope aud ambition. Professor Dolbeor hoe been experimenting as to the physiological effects of magnetism. It appears that what, is commonly palled a,magnetic flqld—tjii»t is, space tlirougb which magnetic su stances pane—does not affect the nervous system in any way, On the other hand, however, when a portion ol' tbe human body is placed within tbo al teraating magnetic field—that is, a field in which the polarity: is 1 revorwxj many times a> second by alternating uiagnotio currents—then complete insensibility of tho part of tho body subjected to this wo- tiou is produced, and surgical operation* may be performed on that spot without any fueling on the part of<• tho patient. This is a groat discovery. Patients need now no longer upset their digestion by oliloroform and uthor If Professor Dol- boar's uuuulusiou is applied to active surgery. Tho Now York Sun UlluUUh how she can get into tho Union witltout further delay. It is to annex bereulf to tho itatu of Npvuda and give up ueruftiuo aud territorial righU, The Hun Uuuke Utah has uutdu thy Uultwl States so uiaoh trouble (hat bhu ought tobowilUugtodo this by way of compensation. Tho following soutouco from ttuofcle contains a supreme truth: "Thoroiauo iustauue ou record of any class possessing power without abusing it." I tin tho distribution uf power uiuuug all oluaaotf that holds things luvul, Ouo wau to evury eight of the jx>j>ul»- tluu is available fur military Borvloo iu the UulUd BUtos. lu oano uf uwd we vould suiuiuou ait army of 6,850,000 to tbo field. That in wore tluu uiiy utitloH iu Kurope could do. KNOWLEDGIE Brings cortifoft and Improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less' expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's beat products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. !•» jxcellence is due to its presenting in tho form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect lax- ntive ; effectually cleansing the systaa, dispelling colds, headaches and fever? and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession 1 , because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- iste in 50c ana $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if oflered. Notice-Proof of Will. State of Iowa, Carroll, county, as—District court, In vacation. To all whom It may concern:. Notice In licrr-by Riven, that an Instrument In xrrltintr purporting? to bo the last will and testl- ment of .Robert Mulloy deceased, was this day priiductc,' cpqced and rend by the nnd«r- sl|rnert,and tbit-F--,li!ive fixed Saturday the 14th day of April. IS94r6Stlie daj for hearing prool la reunion thereto. ""--Witness my official slgrmtnr«,wlth the seal of said court hereto Hfllxe<l,--.lM» 12th duy of tiarch, 1894 ^\ J. W. KENNEBECK. iiT-at Clerk District Court. «ir>r SEAL. Notice—Proof of Will. State of Iowa, Carroll county, as- -District court In vacation. To all whom it may concern: Notice is hereby given, that an instrument In writing purporting to be the last wlir and tests.montof Kllssaueth Schwaller, deceased, WHB this day produced, opened and read by tbo undersigned, and that I have fixed Saturday tbo 14th day of Aprl.l 1894, as tho day for hearing proof in i elation thereto. Witness my official signature, with the ^v»» seal of said court hereto affixed, this i «.ir 1 Nth day of March, 1894. | 8BAL / J. W. KENNEBECK, Clerk District Court. Notice—Proof of Will. State of Iowa, Carroll countr, M—District court, In vacation. To all whom it ma j concern: Notice is hereby given, that an Instrument In writing purporting to be the last will and te«t> of Mary S. Ourrter deceased, was thin day produced, opened and read by the undersigned, und that 1 have Hxed Saturdny, the Hlh day of April, IBM, as the day foe bntrlng proof In relation thereto. • l; i Witness my official denature, with the —'— seal of said court hereto affixed, tola Win day or March, 1894. J. W. KENNKBECK. 2T-St Clerk Dlstrjpt Court. Fashionable farriers now show many very dressy and handsome garments trimmed with ermine. Dark laurel green, magenta and black velvet carriage cloaks trimmed with ermine are among the choice novelties. Reefer jackets grow in favor. Theso Uavo loose double breasted fronts, full sleeves, and are about one yard or perhaps a little less in length. The storm collar is added, and in most cases they are wholly unadorned. . Mohair or silk galloons, plain or with small indentations in jet, with added trimmings of fancy buttons, will be pop. ular and increasingly fashionable decorations on tailor costumes from this time on until the spring season. ——,» — Children Cry for Pltcher'» Caitorla. Owing u ;i!i- I'oiuiHitttion of u Kockford firm, the price- of'hivud at Marvngo, Ills., linn lifvu rmliieiul to 8 cents a loaf. SeiiHtur Vilns will 'defend Judge Jt»uk> ins If tli>> injtiuotion nuittor comes befora the Hiuiutv iu auy «hhiu>. Ilucatuo n juror wan drunk .during tlio flrsi trial thu catw of Cyrus Brown, wife murderer, \v».s appealed to the hullium »upri'iiu> court. An OltumwH, lu., paper charges Patrick Hrmly, for nine years overseer of tlm pour, with mnlfttttiiunci) lu ofticu. Tho McHsaehtiNetta house of rvprtwuta- tlven by u vote of 109 tu M) pniwml it bill ubolliihlnK fust days iu that state. I. N'. Klevt'iiN, (>x-clnilruiiiu of the Ke- pulillean county committee, Doiiver.Culo., (Itinli'.s that he htm de«ert«il thu Hi'publl- uiiii piirty for the I'opultal. ' Tho annual mvrllun of tlio 1'olatul Heo- ord eoinpiiiiy IX'KIUI At Cediir Kupltls, la. J. 11. Wolfe of Ni'liruuku was elected president uud \V. M. Mvi'atlden of lown sue- rotnry. and Ulan* toon tu b*. ooiuo luotueni, eaouM j know that Doctor) tcripUon robs birtA of Ite (or _ tarroin ejui fUageri to U*U» wothtr au4i child, by aidl«< nature In prwMiajj the • yHioui (or parturition. Tbereby "J«bor" and Ue p«rlo4 ol m«ui are It a4<K> nroinot«i the ten uTuourUhmMU for tke < Hre, Ituvu A. auTHaia, of ' '

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