Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 29, 1927 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1927
Page 7
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6:30—The Soeonjraji». with Van and SchencW—WEAK. 7 •tallons. 7:00— .Vitlonal Mu»lcalltes—W>iAF, 5 gtatjons. 7:00— Champion Sparkera—V.JZ. S'atitlonn. S;no—Ipana Troiibadours-r-WBAF. 20 ftatlon*. «:00—Sololat*. Strliw Tr>e> HaxaaoiUiun—WJZ. C stations. «:00—K<>Uiter Honr—WCR. 14 atattona. S:30— Dalbait TriQ—WJZ. 6 ataJlona. 9 :00—Columbto Fhonwrapb Hour—WOR. U aUillond. 9;30-Oncra, "Talea of Hoffman"—WEAK, 7 atatlona. CanadIcD»-WliS. 10 :30—Hotel Manger Orcbestra—WEAF. 4 ataHona. WFONF^DAY. NuVEMBfR 30 CBv Tha. Aiiaociattd Frca*] PrnKrai-s in Chntrial Standard time. All tl;iie i.- P. Hi unless otberwliw In- aicat^ii. Wave Icntrths on }eft of call letterii. kllocyclcj on rights 27i.<^— WPG Atlantic CitywiMO • 7:on—Hotel Chelsea Orchestra S:oo— Hotol Traymore Orchestra !»:00-rRoyal Palace Hotel Artists 10:30—Foltes Bcrgere Orchestra zis.S—WBAL Baltimore— ipso 6:30—Frederick .t). Weaver, onran 7:00-!-W. N. Unthlcum. baritone— trio s :0ft-!- Same as WJZ 9:00 -^nance Orchestra i" ; 3£5.6—WEEI Boston-i -820 «:3n-lsocoi »yan8: Van & Schenclc 7:3ft-^AeoUan «ecIUl ?:0()— Ipana Tiioubadours S :30—iCoodrich Orchentra-Ciuartet 4«1^WNAC Boston— 650 ^ - 7:0O-^Boslon Univ. Musical Clubs «:00 -:-Kolster Hour ; 9:00—Columbia Phonngrapb Hour lC:OoT ^'Hotel Brunswick Orchestra 302.8— WGR Butrala—9M 'fi:30—The Soconyans 17 :-30—Aeolian RPOU.TI :»:on—loana Trsubadours 8 :30—Go<jdrichJ Orchestra-Quartet 545.1— WMAK Buffalo—S60 . 7:10—Remington Band S:0O—Kolstier Hour 9:00^— Columbia Phonn«rraPh Hour 10:03—Silver Slipper Orchestra ,535..4— WTIC Hartf<|rd— 5«0 . i;-:3«—i5oct«)vans 7:30--Aeolian Concert /' ,S:30—Passett Pianoflatre' 9:30—Hotel Bond OrcUestra .422.3— WOR NewaCk—710 r .:3 .V-inill nnd H.nrvcy. sonBs 6:P0—I^vitnw'* Commodore EnsoraWe 7:00—Mabelanna Corby Orchestra V R:nfi—Kolster Hour 9 :nn_CnIumhla Phohoprnph Hour 10:00—Villa Vf-nlce Orchestra 491.5—WEAF New York— 810 .<;t(W_Wnli1orr-Astoria Orchestra 6:30—The 5o ^^onvnns 7 :00— National Munlcalltes 7:30—AeoJJ^n (!:00—Ipan.i Trouhsdours S;30-.f;ooilrlch nr !-b<-"trn -puarf et 9:30—Op ^r.-u "T:ile» of Hoffman" |(i :30~ITi '.Ic| Mn^cr Orchestra , - 4MJ— WJZ New York— ««0 r.ino-.Meditcrr.nneans Dance Hand. r.:^ft— .Ic.'.do Illehhindeni (i:ij!l_W.i»hinKlon Polltlci!, F. W. 'Vile 7-<)n~<'"h.iinp.lon Spark-'ra- 7;3n^Svlvanla F 'jrcsHTK f-.nns I'.rfc^.V. Uaupt; Strlnjr TrTo S :30— lialhart Trio , • 9:fi0—Preycr S-v-lal >four 405.2— WFI-WLIT Philadelphia— 740 • S:30—-\delphla Whispering Orchestra— KOKA Pittsburgh—950 B til—West lr^chou!<e Rind 7 :00 —Champion .Sp.irkers • T ::?fl—Sylvania Foresters » 8:00— S.«me_ as WJZ >' 374^8—WJAR Providence— SOO 6:30—The Soconyan*: Van fc Schenck • 7:00—N'ationrtl Musicjilitrs ' J:30—GOodricih Orchestra-Quartft 277.6— WHAM Rochester—1063 .7' tfc-JO-rRominpton Band »;00—Same as WJZ .-, 9:00—HickoklBucknliers • 10 :00 —Odenbach "HomesteadArs" . 379.5— WGY Sehcncetady—790 • :30—The 'So(fonyan.'! T :30—.\e0Ii3n • B:00— Iiiana Troubad"!!"-.-! »:00— Mutsical ProRran! 33S.1—WBZ Sprlo3fi!ld—9C0 7:01—Champion Spiarkora 7:^0—Sylvania Forcsirrs S:«)—Musical Procram 9:03-^."3 090 Years of No \^i::" '468.5— WRC vyashioBton— 64a :6:30—Same as WK.\F 7:30—^Acoliaii Recital 8:00— I |Tan.-» Ttouf ':itl..iir.« Ji :3(V_0,Mdrlrh •<'>rrl .fvtr .i -Qinr(V.> .9:30—National Grand 'Jji^r.i Kusemble SOIJTHERN 296.9—WW;NC Asheville—1010 6 :00 —Spcpcer Orchestra i 475.9—WS& Atlanta—630 6:nO^Vick jr.vrrs Orchestra 6:30—Soar.o-Ro.ljuok In.-itrurwntallsts 8 :00—Ipan.n Troijha/lour? S:30—Goodricli Orr'hei-trri -Quartet ;' 245 .8— WOOD Chattanooga—1220 j .7:30—Hot«l Patrcii Kn«».--niMe ! .S:20^Orfran U- cirn! j : 384.4—KTHS Hot Springs—780 •g:00—Arlincinn Hot-: Orchestra iE:.30— Marn.ire: ciiiss. organ !9;00: —tlharles Iifrnb.-riicrs l.and 461.3—WHAS Louisville—«50 8 :00—Jpana Troitbadours S:30—GocKlrich Orchestra-Quartet 9:30—Nafl Grand Opera Company 322.4-:WSMB. New Orleani—030 8 :30*—Conci-rt 249.9— WcOA l»eniaeol»— 1200 .8 :00—Brldije I ^-s .-iors iM' —De Funlak Sprlogs Program 254.1—WRVA Richmond— 1180 6:15—Robert C. Hyde, orsan 7:30—.Xcws I>'ndor PrIdKe (Jame S;00—Acoa Temple Shrine Concert CENTRAL 526—KYW Chicago—570 7 :00 —Champion Sparkers ' 7 :30 —Sylvanla Foresters •• 8:00— .Same as WJZ 9 :00—Congress Carnival 365 .e ^WEBH-WJJD Chicago—820 6 :00—Palmer House Ohfticatra 7:00—Kdgewater ^ Beach Orchestra 8:00— Mooseheart Children's Program 10 :15—Edgewater Beach Orchestra . 305.9—WGN-WLIB Chicago—480 6:40—Drake Concert Ensemble 7:30—Aeolian Recital S:30—Goodrich Orchestra-Quartet _' 1 .1:00 —The Hoodlums ; i 344.6—WLS Chicago-r«70 " 7:30—Shake.speare Series r • 8 :00— AUstate Hour 9 :00—Apollo Club Chorus 9 :4.T—Hockej-. Ottawa vs. Canadians 10:30—WI^ Hodge-Podge 11 :00— Popular Program 447.5— WMAQ-WQJ Chicago—<70 . 6 :00 —Chicagd Theater Organ 6:!'.0—Dinner Concert 7:00—Northwestern Univ. lecture 8 :00— Captivators Orchestra 9:00 —Musical Album V 361.2—WSAI Cincinnati—830 6:00—Hotel Sintnn Orchestra 7:30—Aeolian H»»ur g>3,)—Goodrich Orchestra-Ojiartet 10130—Grand Opera from WEAF i 399.8—WTAI« Cleveland—750 , 7;30—.\eolian Recital 8StO-^Ipana Troiibsulours S$0—Goodrich Orchestra-Quartet 9i !0—NafI Grand Opera Company \ 282.8—WAIU Columbus—1060 n:00-^States Restaurant Orchestra' 5:i70—Deshlcr-Wallick Orchestra S;00—Kolster I^adio Hour 9 :p0—Columbia Phonograph Hour I 374.8—VyOC Davenport—800 7 :S0— .\eoIian Recital 8:00—Ipana'Troubadours S:pO— <;oodrlch Orchestra -Quartet 9:.:i0— Educational Talk / "535.4—WHO DCS Meinsi—860 : 7'0O—National Mudcalitea *:00—Ipana Trouliadors' >;30—f)pera, "Tales of Hoffman" ^ 440.9—WCX.WJR Dstrolt— «W 7 :00—Champion SiMrkers 8 :00— Kelly .SprlngfleM Music 9:iiii—Muriel M. Kyle, soprano 10:00—tJolilkette 'H Orchestra 352.7— WWJ Detroit— «M <:00—.studio Procram - R:00—Ipnnit Troulmdours 8 :30— tlimdrlch orchestra -Quartet 3:30—Oritan Recital 422 .3— W08 Jefferson City—710: 8:30—^Teachers' t'oIIcKo Program 370.2—WOAF Kansas City—810 7 :30—Aeoif'an Rdcltnl S:fxi—Ipana Troilbndouni 8 :30— Goodrich Orchestra-Quartet 9 :30—Walk-Over Cavaliers . 293.9—WTMJ Milwaukee—1020 8:30—Aeolian Recital 9 ;ftn_<'ommunltles Pmirram 10 :30—Wlsc-wisin Roof Orchestra 405.2—WCCO Winneapolis-St. Paut—741—^Aeolian' KeclMJ ' I S:nn—Ipana Tri>ubadoura S:30—Goodrich Orcliistra-Quartet 11 :30—JMdic Dunstedler. organ S08.2—WOW Omaha—690 • 8:00—Ipana Troubadours 302.8—WOAI San Antonio—990 8:30—Utah Program 545.1 -^,KSD St. Louis— 550 7:00—Charripion Sparkers 7:30—Aeolian Recital .s:00—Ipapa Troubadours S:.30—Goodrich Orchestra-Quartet, 5 :30—Opera "Die FreischutsV 348.6—KVOO Tulsa—880 7:00—Vocal Soloists R:00—Ipana Troubadours 9:00—Concert 325,9— K OA Denver—920 7:30—Brown Palace Hotel Orchestri 8:30—Story Hour 9 :00—Scheujrman's Orcljestra 9 :15—Sonss'i by Stephen C. Foster I WESTERN " 468 .5—KFI Los Angeles—640 . 10:00—R. Hurd. tenor; Z. • Clark harpi.'t 11 :00—The Vagabonds 13:00—Nellie C. Mills, violin. 336.9— KNX Los Angele*—890 9:00— Feature program 12:00—Biltmore Hitel Orchestra 1:00a —CocQanut Grove Orchestra 384.4— KGO Oakland—780 10:00 —^Vaudeville ll:i'0—The Vagabonds 12:00— Hotel .St. Francis Op :hestra 508 .2— KLX Oakland—590 .S:30—Dinner Concert 10 :0')—Educational Progrann 11 :00—Grocers' Variety Hour 454 .3—KFRC San Francisco—600 8:3i^The Cecllians l,):00_Maxweil Hour 12 :0i>—Dance Orchestra 422.3— KPO San FraneliCO—710 • 10:00— .\twater Kent Artists 11:00— N. I|. .C. Program I2:00 :^^at <'a Restaurant Orchestra 447 .5— KFOA Seattle—670 10 :00— White King Orchestra IIUW—X. a. C, Program 370.2—KHQ Spokane—810 9:00— Spokane BaiterV Hour 10:00— IA)S Angeles Soap Program 11 :00— N. B. C. Program , AMONG f'fATURED l>R0GRAM8 Wtdri^ay, Nov. 30 , , 1:00— Int'l I^lvestock Exposition-K8D WCCO WOC W|HO-"WHAS WSM . WMCKDKA W^W, WJR KYW WO.W WTiU. UPWARD PRICE ! MOVEMENT NOW 1 : ^ \ Automobile Aceesspnes Take Liead in March Upward .\>w Yprk. .Nov. 29. (AP)—Re- siiiiiption of the upward price movement in today's stock market coincided with the lowering of call money rates from 4 ^2 • to 4 per cent. Violent advances of 5 to 17 points took place in some of the high priced .specialties, while many of the rail and industrial'leaders moved up a point-or two. . Speculative interest.' centered larpely in shares of automobile accessory, steel and other companies '.ikely to benefit from Henry Ford's busiiiess. Midland steel products jji-pferred which is understood to , lfev»»|an order for automobile ' frames, .soared 17 points to 229. jor inort- than double the year's low of 106. EGLECTEDTO CAREFUL VhMl TnkP« I»ro|». Cliiciiro. .Nov. 29. (AI'I— SURgt'S- tlnn.s th.-it Argentina will have, as ; jniirb as IM.nOQ.OOO bifshels export !rl ,lc ^iirpluy t '.ilH neason. acted as a weight on wheat vahief< today. P .o.sldeB. IndltattonH pointed to large '(•ellverlcs oti Decombor contracts III Mvefiiool. )»n(| export demhrd (ii'Iii.v fiir H!ie;it fr-fim .Vonth Amor- Icji. WHS. slow. MorPovor, ihe wiirld '.s ;iv;illiiblf» mipply of wheat liHTciiHei|!."i.71L'.i'00 biiHhi Is, for the «-eelc. .irid Is now 2M.;!2.1.n<M) bushels iiL -jiinst 2II,22r..i)nft Iriishcls a year TR.4VELIXG BAG—Brown leather, i CHRYSLER "SO" SEDA.N' containing ladies' clothing. ".Mar-^ Buick roadster: 132S Esse.x coupe: I; garrt Teovcs. Parsons. .Ka-s." on i '27 Ford cobpe: '26 Star coach. Kiu'^as rity Produce Kansas Cily. .Nov. 29. (API— niiitprfat: 44e: premium extra •Hialiiy. 3<-: poultry: ducks, l.-.-a ISc. Other pinduce unchanged. Kansas City Hay Kans^as City. Nov. 20. f.\P) — Hay slow, .sioarty to weak; receipts 2.5 cars. , . ^ Kiin«.as niy <;rala> ' Kau.srs ' City. ..Nov. 29. (APl-- "Wlioat. reeoipts 99 cars: to I (pnt lower: .No. 2'dark hard,$l.SS 1..-.1V.; .No. ?, ?1.4<l',-iTi 1.41: .No. 2 har-l n.27V;fai.40: -No. 3 $1.24« l.isi-' ; xn. 2 red nomin.Tltyi SI.40<f* l.i:;; .No. .'l nominally $1 :i.=;'ni.41. Clo.sf Dec. $t.22'i: May ?1.27H:. (^orn. receipts S2 cars: unchang- to 1 f-nnt lower: No. 2 white (SOc; So 77':'<-: .No.-2 yellow ! .No. n 7.',f;7')i-...: No. 2 mixed -9»i ffrvo,: No. :•, 76'-j'f;79c. rtloso.. rioe. 7'J c: >Iav ?7^c: .Inly 90'ic. • j . Oat.-;, receipts .i tars: unehrtnged. No. I' white .'1', c: No. ."? nominally .Milo maizp ?1.23'! T 1..-?2. • Kafir. S1.25T? 1.2S. Rve. 96fJS7c. Barley. 71'•'?776''iC. ^'SOUTH ANDERSON (.Mrs; "Anna-McDowell.) The iroiiy of fate to be tied at Tiome wit^i a cold when the Register hpusd-^armlng was on hands. Bat -worse might hare happened, and then too. there was consolation in reading all about • it. ;'es- pecialiy the automatic machine \vas most intriguing to those who have not seen it. Even C'>lony has a, linotype, easy to see, worth look- iiig at. too. Thi.s lias been an ideal lay for Thanksgiving, good roadc. cleif sky. pleasant tdmperaturc. It is pleasant to remember a f srtain qtjail pie that was served ci our taWe 49 years ago today. A ! roth- er t rapped the qiiails, becaut ; the grduiid was cover^ with : low. a;everal- iBdies.' and ttoBiis were ijglid hungry. Our father drci^ed . them standing in the sun scut:) of the bars with the pleasant d.-ip. drip, of ,meltiiig; snow behind us. Our'inotber made the pi^ Our only visitor came in a little bome-made • sleigh drawn by a team of dapple gray horses. Our experience in sleigh riding was gained riding in a wa^on box on runners filled with hay, and robes, and ioUy youiigstors, singing and laughing to the tune of bells. The reason aut'os have no bells-is that they iriake noise enough without. Kuii>a.s City LlTesfock. Kaustt.s City. .Nov. 29. lAPi—U. S. Department of .Agriculture.— Hop;:" Ift.fMlit: uneven. H»c tq., 2.ic I lower, mo.stly l.ic to 20c lower I tliaii Monday's average: stock pigs i steady: packer and shipper top. ;Mt90 on 225-to 2.=;0 lbs. r-bulk de- i:sifable 190 to 300 lbs.. JS.7ftfr $8.90: I 14« to jao lbs.. $.S.0«'fi$S.6.i: pack- j ing sows. $6'.7.=)'R $7.75; stock pigs, j mo.stly $S.OO'rj.>(..'>0. • 1 Cattle 12.000; c.'ilves 1,500; de-; siiablo weighy fed steers, steaily; others slow, weak; she stock slow steady; bulls firm; vealersf and calves steady, to strong; stockers and feeders steady to strong: good heavy steers, $15.10 and $16.25: bulk light iini medium /weight ."•hort feds $ll.O0fi$14.00;"practical veal top $13.00; few $1350. Sheep: .5.000; opening sales of lambs, steady; closing slow and weak; shieep steady: top wooled lambs. $13.75; others $13.50; shorn yearling wethers $10.35; best ewes $6.5fi. The poster that won the $500 j prtVe In the national conteni held )y tho National Safety Council ^ ihown above, with Thomsfi A, KoUcr of Dayton. O., the artirt vlio aubmitted it. PRAIRIE FLOWER ' (Mrs, 0. Tptman.) Nov. 2S —T. K. Shultz called on Orovcr .Shultz Thursday evening. .Mr. and .Mrs. Chas. Hale called at tho Chas. PoIIman homo .Mon- d.iy ereninc. ; T. I.^ Reedy and daughters. Ma-,. He and Eva, were shojiping in lola i «"^tt meeting will Saturday. I 5*- 'hP Xenia s J. B. Flint and sons of Hum-' Ixildt, liiititing Kriday at the Kritr. Doinitz home. Sam Irwin and GroverjWest sawed wood for Lem McCUmans Monday and for Fred Stewart Toes- day. Lonnie Robb is helping his. son, Jesse Robb. husk corn this week. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hays were in Fort Scott Wednesday. Mr. and -Mrs. Robert Pritcheit of Bronson spent Sunday visltihg at the home of .Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith. I. c;. .Marshall of Pittsburg was, in this ueighborhood Monday aft-' ornoon. Bertrum Stevenson spent Sunday visiting with Mr. and Mrs. ildber, Stevenson., .Lem .McCUmans was in Fprt Scott Tuesday, having some te^th extracted. Howell Anderson of Map^cton spent Sunday visiting at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wul .Anderson. .Maud Mills spent several days this week visiting with her sister, .Mrji. Jim Anderson, and faioilr. .Mrs. .Miunie Delaran spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Alice Carmean. •-Mr. and Mrs. l»nnifr Robb spent Sunday with their son. Jesse Robb and family. .Mrs. Viola Broughton 0/ the South Bronson neighborhood:s|K>nt Thursday visiting at tfic home of her parents. .Mr and .Mrs. Will Anderson, t i;rov(>r West spent SundayVaftcr- noon with Sam Irwin. ' County conunl»»loners, Frank Harlow, Sain RIdgo and Honry Drum and county Engineer, Hubert .M< Curiey, were in this vicinity .Monday. • . ' .Mr. and Mr.s. Ray Abbey were in Fort Scott Saturday. H. I). .Morris went to Rich Hjll, .Mo., .Saturday afternoon, belBg callfd there by the death of his brother-in-law, John Baker Tlicrc was a large crown at the Hterarjr at Xenia Friday evening. be Decern-; schoolhouse. i if re- ! Ail are in ROO <1 shape. We trade, i Ros.s, ArbuoIUe's Gaiage, ChiySler $11.25 TIED UP—In lady'.« white! dealers. Phone oS. [ marker. Liberal reward tnraed to Register office. handkerchief. Finder please leave j j^„,„ Accessories. Tires, I 'arta at Register office. Reward. AUTOMOTIVE AwtoMohlle Ageneles WRECKI.Nt;— Chevrolet Superior. Used parts, li'ries- "and batteries. Ida Amo Wrecking Co. Pho. 7S2. BUSINESS S BRVTCE Biisiniws iSenrkei Offered IS A USEHJCAR—ila aa dependable as ' tbe dealer who sells It — Dodge ' Sales and Service. The best place ' to buy good, dependable used cars, i LET US SA\'E—Those leaky auto At present we hav... a complete j top.«; Ford touring tops dressed, line of both open and closed rnod- : for one week. $1.50; coupe tops, els. priced to aclL EUia Mo:cr; $1-00. Work guaranteed. Smith's Co.. 214 North "Wanhineton Oarage. 124 North street. AtatOBobOes For Sale II UressDiaklnir and SliUluerT : WANTED—Sewing, repair work of AUTOMOBILE SPECI.ALS —i 192-7 .^ajj kinds., relining coats. Prices Hupmobile six sedan: 1926 jOak- ' liud coach: 1926 Fortl coui>e:,192t; F'ord roadster: 1924 01dsm,obilo coupe. We buy. sell and trad". Alexander Auto Sales & Supply Co., 203 S. Piione 3SS. reasonable. Work guaranteed. Mrs. Goix'.rieh, 12u6 East Neosho. Phone lllSJ. Articles For Sale 61 CHLNA OLOSET—Ciood: roind dinr: | ing table a»d 6 chairs: sell cbeap. 906 East street. , HEATEai-20-inch Bound Oak beat-' er. suitable for store, school trtr garage: first class condition. Brlg^ , ham HdF- Co. INCUBATOR—230-cgg Bell City, good as new;'also Rbode Islattd Red pullets. Address "Ar' care Register. KAFIR FODDER-^iOose feathers. .1 heifer caJve.s; also want someone to cut hedge on shares. A- D. Morrison, ..ola R. 2. , RIFLE—Ciood 22 Remlngtoa repeater, also single barrel shotgun and good washing machine with wriiyer. 24 South Vermont street. BBSIMSS ani Office Eqnlomeat U TYlJSrWRITERS—For sale, rent or trade. Williams Typewriter Co.. 113 East Madison. _• EMPLOYMENT _ Movint;. Triicklnir. .«it4>n»ge g -'i CALL DEAN fR.AN.SI^ER —Phono , .'iSS. will .move voii bv hour or con- 0. K. USED CARS-1924 Ford road-j tract, with "xnerienVed men. roadste'' w'^'' Fori"<ou'2' ^^f/l | wi^KNW.^io^'E ^Tto7i -l ^a7 ster: 1918' Dodge touring: I'fV.: ^'^'^"""^"rgJJJ^- - = Studebakcr sedan: 19^4 C^hevrolet i touring; 1924 Chevrolet ton truck'^ with grain body: l!r21 Overland 1 Help Wanted— Female J2 tourlns: 1919 Oakland tiVuring'VflEI) WOMAN-W'antcd 192fi Ford roadstor.;Shelly Motor 1 ,„ .{eep house for couple on farm, Co., 118 W. Ja(kson. Phone 60. .more for comi.ativ than anything j «lsc. Write C. C. Jacolison, Sav- onb;irc. Kans.. n. 1. WOM.\.\ U-A.-^TKO-For . lioiise- work in country. • .\ddress "L. M." car" Ri-ii.ster. Farm Eqalpment ^A Miss ll'Ie.n Domitz spent her Thanksgiving vacation with home folks. Callers at the Fritz Domitz home •Sunday were: Guy Becaiuion, Charley Osterniler, Charley' Cline and Ofen PoIIman. .Miss 'Adeiia Reddoll and friend from Kiiider, .Mo., spent the weekend \rUh her brother. Mr. and Mrs. Oleun Reddell. Thelma .ind Helen Domitz spent j' Sairday afternoon with ijhe Reedy .Mrs. Alic" Smith went to Pleasanton Wednesday afternoonv being ealled there by the illness of her sister. Mrs. Grant Prowell. Mr. and .Mrs. Jim. Anderson and cliildren .spent Sunday at the Henderson Mills home. RORD BARGAlNi?— FORI). 1926 KOAIllsTKR. FOKV. 2 1925 COI'PI^S. FORD, 192:; KOAD.STKU. FORD. 1922 TOrni.NC. All of these cars are in soo> shape and ran be p;!rchas"d' on easy terni.s. BOYEUt MOTOJ: CO. 212 S. JEFF. PHON!-: T." Help Wanted-Male US : .MARRIED i.M.V.N - Wanted to work I on dairv farm. Sfo William Stafi ford. -Phone 046F21. W.AGON BOXES—.New wagon boxes. ?3i» to *32.50. .Allen County ^Implement Co.. South Jefferson. Cood ^Thlnw to Eat PECANS-For sale.-15c per pound.. W. A. Dawson, tola Route 1. Phone J71F11. lioaMboId tiooda 60 GAS RANG Bij--Bargains In ga» range.^. Ilennlngers Fiirnlturo Store. IIS AVcst .Madison. Wairted—To Bay COR.N—Pay 5c above market price. Bruce .Armacos.t, 1 mile i^ast. % mile r.outh lola. WA.NTED TO BUY—.All kinds of ,cattle and hogs. J. C. Batcher. Rplp—.n.ile and Fenale 34 .^TRAJGIiT SAi>;\RY—$35.00 per ' week :ind o.\pen^•e.-:. Man or wom- ' an with ris to introduce EGG : PRODUCERr Eureka .Mfg. Co., ' St; III. FINANCIAL There is a tribe in Central .Africa among whom speakers' in ; i;nbl|c debate are required to stand^on orto leg while speaking, and are all- lowed to speak only so long ' au they can so stand. M«>ney to Loan—Mortgages FAK.M AND city OAKLAND fieabrs— fO.NTIAC '21 Oakland sport touring, like, ^ . „ , , „ new; '25 Buick .i=ht six tourink,! f"^^"'"' " fine shape;' '21 P.uii-k roadster, I ill WA.NTED TO BUY—Good coal range. Call F. C. JobnsQn.- Phone 976F22. WA.NTED—ShopTierd. Colliejs, F<jx Terriers. Spitz Puppies. Describe Ti age and price. No mongrels want- • ed at any price. E. A. Ricketta, ; Kincaid, Kans. • ^ 1^ BOmS AND BOARD Rooms Without Board Mary and Francis Domitz called at the Bccamion 'ho'mo Siinday evening. " Callers at the 'Fotniin home Sunda.v afternoon were: .Mr. and -Mrs. Rush Beck. Sirs. Evcrette Iteed and Charles. N'Lva Bauip. Fritz Domitz called on Ray Frederick Saturdav morning. .Mr and :yir.-. Glenn RJddeil. Mr. and -Mrs. Lemon Cole spent their Thanksgiving in Humtjoldl. Oregon Agricultural College is I preparing to put a strong pony polo ' team in the field next season. LOANS—Base Cily R''. Long or short time. R. .M. Cunningham, j SLEEPING ROOM—Close to th square. Phone 96. good, new Ures; '25 Ford tudor; ; FARM LO.A.NS—Quick service anil|. •26 Ford roadster, gnid: '25 Ford rea.-onalde. rates. A. D. Haw- 1 3 ftoOMS — Furnished, modern, coupe; 26 Chevrolet coach. like; thorno. 21:1 S. W'„.shinston. I learage Inquire ;n5 South Chest-/ touring; '26' ~t——— ; MONEY TO LOAN—On farms or; SAVE A LIFE—BUY CHRIST- .MAS SEALS. new; '25 • Chevrolet touring; '26' Che-vrolel- touring, like new: '27! Pontiac coach, like new. Sev-' eral other cheaper used cars. Gash, terms or trade. Hohart' •Motor Co. 'nut stre«. AUCTIONS AaetlflBS lOA PUBLIC AUCTIOy-Public aiicUon every Saturday at 1:00 o'clock at Bishop's Sales Pavilion. .\Ir and -Mrs. C. E. Biium -"Pent j pp ^LlC AUGTIO.N—Furniture of a I .f you. too. have a new calendar Tjte P««°«y'^'^f'*„"X^^^^^ YiL might mark the eclipse of the -ociety. wh ch is celebrating its X^a^nd not miss it. if you did 'Je*:^d" miss the one this Vear. « J-^^'^B introduced^ the. seed Gathering com and plowing and heading kafir. keep the farmers busy as squirrels, preparing' for- winter. ANTicat is growing some, with no raiii, but irrigation would help it. . j E. Sisson now owns a tractor with two plows. Carl thinks it a plaything suitable to his years. It makes it possible to improve this nic^ weather to' a greater degwe ' than horses. This is truly a ma- chiiie age. Wheii you can buy a lead pencil' sharpener ^fbr five! cents _that- works perfectly, you 1 preferj it, oif course. So it goes. : • Everyone in this vicinity is able] to work, what more is ne-.ici. i work and health to do it, luat and an ea^y conscience makes happi- GRENNAN'S MARKET .-^i,,^,,^^,,,,, Corner ]E»*t Monroe aiid Elm Sts. Uve people required a man to I i<ii:i. iiii \SAiA ! prove ibis fitness before marriage. Some Asiatic .tribes deinanded that the would-be husband Juodergo a sound beating as a proof of his fortitujie. of the sugar beet into the United States, in 1S36. Siih'ifay afternoon ai the John home, near Earlton. ; Jlr: and .Mr?. Guy Becannon and children spent Thanksgiving -with Mr Becannon's mother in Buffalo. .Mary and Francis Domitz .spent Sunday afternoon with Evelyn Leonard. .Miss Ki;.sa Bea and - Theresa Clark and .Neliie Drollinger of Humboldt spent Friday afternoon with .Mr. and .Mrs. Oren Totman and Mary. .Mr. and .Mrs. C. E. Baum entertained to Thank.-igiving supper: .Mr. and .Mrs. Hes Welchell and boroth.v, Mr. and Mr.s. Glenn Riddell, .Mr. and .Mrs. Everetle Reed and Chas. .Miss Helen Domitz visited Prairie Flower school Friday. .Mr. and Mrs. Mike Crabaa were iti Piqua Friday. Dorseft Produce Co. tan Easjl street, lola Pbone 701 Cash for Fooltry pod Eggs We will come after pooltry. ' Call as aay tniCL room house,.S05 North Walnut, Wednesday, Noveatbcr 30. at 1:3«> p. m., consisting of range, nearly new; cabinet; kitchen tabic; S dining chairs;-^ rockers: bed complete j library table: machine; Wilton velvet rug; ice box; porch swing: reznors: Iwash board; wringer: Congoleum rug: radio; heaters, nearly new; dressers;' buffet: table;, bookcase: tubs; .sanitary icot; curtains; dishes; cooking iitensils: lots of other things too numerous to mention. This is all good furniture ahd must sell as I aai leaving. Mrs. Ella .MItchem. Col. A. C. O'rfver Auotloneeri • ANN^UNCEMBNTS Stoayed, Lost, Fonad W COAT—Ladies' golden brown car­ acul coat, fox collar, lost from .M. W. .A. check room. $50 reward for return. No questions asked. Phone 1216 or leave' at Register office.. GLOA'E—Gray kid for left hand, lost. Return to Register office. Bt.'D WHITE MOTOR CO. HUDSON ESSEX DE.\LERS— BUICK, 1924 Touring. BUICK, 1923 FOUR TOURLNG. CHRYSLER. 1926 SEDA.N. CHRYSLER. 1926 ROADSTER. DODGE, 1&22 R0.AD3TER. DOIXJE. 1925 ROADSTER. ESSEX, 2 1926 COACHES. FORD, 2 1924 TOURLNGS. FORD, 192.2 SEDA.N, CHEAP. FORD, 1923 ROADSTER. FORD,- 1926 COUPE. FORDi,1923 COUPE. HUDSp.N, 1921 SPEEDSTER. HUDSON, 1927 Standard Sedan. JEWfeXT. 1924 Touring. OVERJUA.ND, 1925 COACH. OVERLA.N-D, J924 TOURLNG. PONTIAC, 1927 COUPE. ^ STCOEBAKER. 1924 Ught Six . Touring. (. • '. . C^h. Terms or Trade. 219 S. WASH. PHONE 180 city property, ^^wc -st rate. Stewart jitJAL ESTATE FOR RENT A- Funk. • ' I . TTZTT^Z^ZZTTTTTZ — 7. —TT" ' Farms and Land For Rent 76. .MO.NE\ TO LO.\N -On real estate.: : •-' repayaMe in small monthly pay- I6O ACRJE FARM—For ca-sh rent, ment.s. These loans ncS-er come due i three miles southwest of lola. —beHer bo'-aiise cheaper and morel c. L. Arnold. Phone 987F12. roRveiiient. Secirity Building i' Lo;.n Assn.. 1st .Natl. Bank Bldg. 1 Houses For iRent 77 IJVE STOCK Horses, Cattle. Tehklcs -f- ' BU.NG.ALOW—Five room modern. z—\ double garage.. 515 North; str'eei. 48 j lola. Owner, A', T. Gundy; Gas. • White imale past|COTT.AGE—C.ood 5 room inodei j close in, for rent after Dec i Phone 31. ' HOG—Chester I yearling, yourjast chance; also ; ?poJ colt. II. Peet. LaHarpe. ' ' f ^ : I MILK COW -Good jerSey;, giving 1 HOUSE—6 room modern with gar; milk, c.i'n he'seen in town. Shelly j ago, 620 N. yJefferson. Ph<>. 8671. , Motor Co.. lis W. JacSiion; Pho. 60. 1 ——— . „ T T \ • i—; 4 ROOM COTT.AGE—Partly mod- !-Vin.N. GO.\TS—.All kinds' bought.;' ern. furnished, on paved ; street. sold and e.vchansed. ' Phone 9lM. j Jaek.son ReaMy Co.. over Brown's (Jhiniiey .Sweep. . j Drug Store. "v Farms and Land For Sale 83 |PI0S--3 rice r-ig-s weighing aboutj , 60 lbs. oach. 24 S. \ermont street. jRKD .MALE HOfl-Good one. ; Cham'ber.s. one mile east, three ; north I-^ff.arpc._!__ f Poultry aad'Supplies jFOR S.ALE—4 acres with. 6 room Ray i house, , city water and cistern, store blouse, garage, poultry hon^ and barn, some fruit, place fencelf and near the slab oh good graided. road, priced to sell. A. D. I^aw- 49 ! 12 BARBED ROCK COCKERELS— 1 From trap nested hens with rec- [ ords from 196 to 2.54. The dams of some of these qockerels made thome.; WELL. IMPROVED 80 ACRBS-^ And well established ,filling star ticn on main trail nortk and sotitbj official records of 225..236 . 254 in . Prjce $6.600 for both. .M. A.gchUckJ the Interrfatioqal egg laying con- 1 = • : test at East Lansing. -Michigan.! Houses For Sale M 1926.; Phone 765 or cail at 1016 j East street. ' ' Wanted—Lire Stock SO I WII-L .START—Buying trapped cottontail. rabbit.s November 28. 216 West street. Frank Brodberfc 'COTT.AGE—5 room modern, gpodj garage, close in, at a very lo*; price./ John Reuther. J MODER-N HOUSE—Furnished, good location: or will rent. Phone #56 for appointment 'with owner. 10 LA, KiiSS.4i5 We Wint Yoar 'Poultry, Ejggs juidHides. ' . ^^f» OUR PHOSe KlfMBEB IS «• SAVE A, LIFE-BUY QHRIST-,

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