The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on March 23, 1894 · Page 6
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1894
Page 6
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<teott Sentinel DAILY AND WEEKLY. By POWERS & COLCLO. S ngle copy, any address, pet year .. . ......... $2 Ot) paid in advftuce... ........................ I 80 Ta« siMf IK«L n s otraight-out Democratic «w*t>e,vet ttotklhg tot the aavanceiafcftt ol the if the oauie In Northwestern low*. Tne circulation otTa« 8*HTWiL exceeds thfct •t an> payer on the C. ft H. W. Bnllnny west ot dfthhalltovm. Out lists on open to any adver- Hwr. We have good list* In every town on all branch roads, Hstt teaching tue best farmers Mid business men In even community, hates on •U classes ot advertising WMonnble. flctM-'ule ef ratee iiirnlshed on application to the office. Correspondence desired on all topics of general interest. Be brief, write proper names plainly, and have your letter reacb us early as Wednesday evening. Address, THE SENTINEL, _ Carroll, Iowa. Bntere at the Carroll, Iowa, postoffice, as seo •nd class matter. Published weekly. FRIDAY, MARCH 23,1894. [See preceding page tor late telegraphic news.] The Pollord-Btjckdnridge BOBtidnl case is etill the sensation nt Washington. The "backward step" has been taken and the Republicans are oow tenting on Democratic gronnd. The effect of the present bill will be to give state wide privileges to tbe blaok- jaruler and tbe informer. The "Mulct" bill is an improvement over the present law iiHhough it is very objectionable in many respects. Good Friday was no day to hang a man aad we are glad to learn that Prendergast bae been granted a two weeks' reprieve. % _ Cleveland has not yet acted upon tbe seigniorage bill which baa passed both branches ot congress atd is now waiting •his pleasure. The legislature made great efforts to satiety tbe opposing factions of its party by giving a bill capable of almost any construction. President Cleveland is being hotyy jrjeaed by the bankers and bond pur- ohasiog crowd of tbe east to veto tbe seigniorage bill. When senators speculate in stock likely to be affected by his vote it is time bis senatorial toga should bare atripes pot on it. The Illinois steel company started np its mills at Chicago this week .giving employment to 8,000 laborers, and still the calamity goes on. __ Oar trouble with tbe prohibitory liquor law has juet cleverly begun. There will be musio-i^ .iUo_*i» i* -«»»» 1» __,^r-tttraT[anjpnnid8 to inforca the Republican law. Tbe Republicans are not yet convinced that tbe people of this state are tired of •umptuary legislation and are now trying to engraft prohibition into the constitution ot our state. Biohard Oroker, tbe boss of Tammany, is sojoaring iu Texas, and is reported BB being wall pleased 'with the country and dimnto. He contemplates baying a ranch and carrying on bis breeding of horses. _ _ ^ __ '" Friday is said .to be as laoky us any but it woe fatal to tbe liberal wing of tbe ^Republican party it Des Moinea when ' the attempt to amend the prohibitory liquor law waa voted oo, for both bouses defeated tbe measure by large majorities. I Louis Koaeuth, the Hungarian patriot, died at Turin laat Friday. He visited this country in 1851 ai a government ( ward and waa generously welcomed by our citizens. Failing to secure aaaiet- anoe to enable him to again re- open the struggle [against Austrian, aggreiaiou ha returned to Europe tbe next year and leoutined au exile the remainder of bis lite. ' _ Edger E. Mack, Who was chairman of tbe Republican state central committee io 1691, waa a candidate for school director at Storm Lake laat week, and inoaifecl only 72 rote* oat of 825 oast. Be figured io tbe deal which gave tbe cranke control of the bouse committee on •uppression ot intemperance, and bia BDigbbore got even with him. — Odebvlt Chronicle. _ 'The Uulted States senate has refused to investigate charges u«ali)8t IU lueiuburs nt dutiHnu In the sugar trust and retard<?* ' / lug legislation. The Republicans favored Investigation.— Coou Kanlds Hnter- Iirlse, This ia like the neual Republican •method ot misrepresentation, but we most say it isn't like the usually boueet gam Heury. For iniUwoe, there are two Republican United State* senators from Iowa and neither ' QM of them '"favored The (nrjff blllhae »l Jwt b«M reported tp tbe ie»ato *ud April »tie Moood Ml far t tb* deb»>». Much it ' f «• fWMMl bf ton ||ijb*MU»*»K*4«, ||any ft* |*M PWlfWM Ipt9 Ik* bouse. bill are and will hot meet with favor by the members ot tbe hottee who tried to carry out the principles ot the patty platform. Outside ot the reporting ot tbe tariff measure to the senate little of interest bus transpired ID the trees'* dating the past vrefck. The house Completed the debate on the sundry civil appropriation bill which was passed without a division, So far four appropriation bills have been passed by the house, namely: District of Columbia, pension, fortification and sundry civil bill. These four carry a net reduction ot 024,314,958 as compared with tbe eame bills for the oar rent fiscal year. The oeute. ot interest bae been confined to the action tbe president will take on the seigniorage bill which was passed by both branches of congress a week ago, So tar no.intimation hue been given out as to his intentions 'but it ie claimed that he will allow it to become a law without his signature. Wall street and the banking interests ot the east are bringing a heavy pressure to bear upon him to veto the bill. But we hardly think he will comply with their demands. Hill and his combination are still reported ns being hostile to the income tax and will make a determined effort to defeat it, bat with the support of the Populists and the western Republicans who will support it Mr. Hill will hardly be successful in his fight against this popular measure. '_ \ Our Legislation. The final vote on the mulct ' bill was taken in tbe house Wednesday and tbe measure carried by a majority of 54 to 45. Tbtiieday the same bill wad acted on by the senate and passed by a vote ot 26 to 24. Tbe bill is now in the hands of Governor Jackson who will eign it in B day or so and Iowa will again have a license law. In A measure the rights ot the people, which were taken away from them by Republican legislation,have been restored,but under such conditions as to practically {render it inoperative. In a city the size of Carroll before a person can be protected in the sale ot liquor he ahall secure the signature of .65 per cent ot all tbe voters of the county wherein the city ie located and also a majority ot the voters of tbe township ot which the city forms a part. A tax of $600 per annum shall be levied upon the property where tbe saloon ie conducted and shall be paid semi-annnolly, one-halt of which ahall go to the coanty and tbe remainder to tbe municipality. A bond for $3,000 ehall be filed with tbe county auditor signed by two sureties, each of whom ehall quality to double the amount of the bond. No saloon shall be opened earlier than 5 o'clock or kept open after 10 o'clock. They shall be closed on Sunday, all holidays and on election days. The Council Bluffs Qlobe iaye: The Republican party of Iowa hag again unconditionally surrendered to the Prohibitionists, by the passage of the "mulct" bill which provides tor the sale of liquor with a license fee of $600 and immediately followed up with a resolution prohibiting the sale and manufacture of liquor and providing for re-submission. 'laUinuo way changes tbe prohibitory law for the rider of the "mulct" bill renders the measure a ludicrous incongruity. 11 ad the Republican party given the. people to understand that this was wliat the thirteenth plank in the platform meant the Republican ticket would have been hammered into a shapeless mass at the polls. The Republican party has broken Its pledge, has repudiated Its promisee and has by thii forfeited its claim to the respect and confidence of the people. After challenging the judgment of the people ou the liquor question It has not the moral courage to legislate In accordance with the verdict rendered. In the form of a very large Republican majority the people demanded a change but under the ban of cowardice and deceit the authorized representatives of the Republican party have failed to grant It. The Republicans can offer no excuse for fally Ing to pass a local option law with the right to manufacture. The Democrats Introduced such s, bill and there are enough liberal Republicans in the legislature, together with the Democratic vote to pass it. But they refused to co-operate with the Democrat! and they therefore have recommitted both themselves and their party to prohibition, Tax on Sugar. Why has the senate committee decided to impose a tax of one cent or more on every pound of eugar used by every human being in this country? Can there be any excuse for this ? Last week the sugar trust declared a dividend of 3 per cent for the past three months just as it bus been , doing every three months, thus receiving a dividend of 12 per cent on tbe money nominally invested which is tbiee or four times the actual amount, This baa been done iu the face ot the bard time* we have been experiencing during the pant year, and etill tbate senators have decided to place it tariff of one cent on each pound of cmgar io order Io allow this trust to still farther rob the people when it ia now doubling it* money every three or four years, No possible excuse oao exist for im- posiugaUx ou refined sugar, when there it proutioully no refined sugar iu- ported iuto tbUo^uutry, other than to Allow tbe trust to raise the ptjoe ou an Article which is yielding enormous dividends already. It is idle talk to eay thut tbla ,"iotant iuduitry" should be pro- leotod lor it is KU established f»ot that <g«r MD be refined cheaper io Ibis <i uutry tbftu anywhere •)»• in tbe world ,uj without • tax this trust bu • mo- STANLEY J. WEYMAN. An Engliih novelist who is rapidly •winning world wide fame is Stanley J. Weyman. author of "A Genfleman of France." He ia n bachelor, a lawyer, an atldoto and is 39 years of age. nopoly of our markets. Without B tnriff this monopoly would reap a dividend of from 15 to 20 per cent which is surely considered high enough by the toiling millions who contribute to it. No wonder tbe senators voted to table the resolution offered to investigate the charges that certain senators had shares in this trust and would be benefited enormously by the increased tax, for such an investigation would undoubtedly have developed the fact that they too we re sharing in the profits ot thia wrong. These senators were taking advantage ot their positions to rob the people in order to add to tbeir own wealth. Snob : IB tbe history of all protective tariff legislation. The principle is tbe same, for it is only a means where by the favored few are granted tbe privilege, udder the disguise of law, to rob the masses; while .we poor mortals howl about the dignity ot American labor and go on voting to continue this growing evil in our land. . Coxey's Caprice. Mr. Coxey, of Masailon, O., has conceived the idea or organizing an army of the. unemployed and marching to Washington. The object is to influence the law makers to enaot legislation ;n fnvor of better roads and paper muney. His plan is to form an army ot 50,000 and march to the capital hoping to' impress upon tbe minds ot our law makers tbe strength of his pet theories by an ocular demonstration of tbe number of followers who believe with him. The cavalcade is to start from Masailon next Sunday morning and recruits are now pouring into tbe city from all over tbe country who are willing to plod through the mad to Washington while tbeir commanders ride on horseback. From tbe reports received as to the character ot these recruits they are little better if any than the rabble ot vagrants who infest this country and would sooner live' off of charity than work. It the march is accomplished without outlawry or collision with tba state authorities along tbe route we will be surprised, for while a large number of the army may be quiet.orderly, well intending persons there will be a large contingent of lawless characters who will bring discredit upon tbe whole army. But should it prove that Ooxey's rabble succeeded ia reaching tbe federal capital at Washington without trouble what will it avail? The effect tor good such a demonstration will have will be but little if any. Much more good could have been effected by quiet work at home by having them aigu a pledge to work and vote tor the principles they are advocating. We believe that the end of this hysterical display will be a fizzle and the result will be barren of good. Reform the Senate, The Wilson bill as amended by the Democratic senators ia a surrender ot the trust imposed in tbe vast Democratic majority that pleased tbe party in power. II is a desertion of tbe principles wbiou gave 1,800,000' majority against tbe MoKioler bill. This act of perfidy ww perpetrated by Democratic senators whose votes were bought. Murphr sold bis vote for 10 cents ou collars and cuffs; Gorman, Gibson, Faulkner and Oamden for 40 oents * ton oo coal and iron ore; Smith and MoPhersan for, Increased duty oo pottery «nd the senators from Louis- ant aod California for a duty on sugar, The first thing for tut people to do is to reform tbs senate, for it is hud to accomplish anything that will be of advantage to tbe masses with on* branch of tbe law unking power enlisted in tbe bauds of a body ot plutocrats aud corrupt politicians, lltform the senate Uforo the volM of |tu p*opls o»o be heard. llltttMIM) TAX. BOOM ot tba aaoatora of tba BUI stripe olaim that tba paopla do not want tba tax. Bow do tbaaa aajtatora know tbnt tbe people do not want itf The rich men of the country probably do not but aa the people of this country as a class are not rich it stands to reason that it would work uo hardship with tbe great majority of the people to tax the rich in proportion to the poor. The rich men who will be taxed by tbe income tnx bill will not average one in a hundred of the voters of this country. It is tbe theory of our government that equal taxation, in proportion to individual wealth, is juet taxation. Do these senators who olnim that tbe people do not want it represent tbe people or simply the aristocracy and the plutocrats of tbe land ? The ' income tax measure baa gained strength with the people every day since it wae introduced into tbe bouse where it woe sustained by a vote of 136 to 71 and will be even stronger in tbe senate than it was in the house.. The income tax is a just metumre, and will meet with fnvorwith.the people., Wanted: f A journal of economic science that is not; run either in the interests of British gold on the one hand, or of the American millionaire manufacturer on the other. Then people might hope to learn the real merits of great economic ques-' tions. Wanted—A financial expert who is interested neither in •silver mines nor in goldbug banks and capital. Wanted—A preacher who does not depend for his bread and butter on the good will of the rich men in his congregation. Then .he could tell the truth about the dishonest contractor; the milk dealer who sells skimmilk for fresh and starves babies; the food manufacturer who adulterates his goods, giving people glucose, brick dust, buckwheat hulls, white clay 1 and sulphuric acid to eat, killing them by slow poison; the "merchant prince" who sells clothing made in hunger haunted dens; the people who buy such clothing. Wanted—A friend who is genuinely what be pretends to be, who does not cling to you only for his own selfish ends,' who will not praise you to your face and gossip about you behind your back, who Will not pitilessly give to all the episodes ia your lite you would like to have kept dark. Wanted—Tbe strant ger who approaches you without an ax to grind; the tradesman who does not try to get the best of you in a bargain; the next door neighbor who does uot spy upon your outgoings and incomings and turn to evil intent your most innocent actions, A crying need is abroad for the person who will mind his own business atriotly, neither offering you impertinent advice nor asking you impertinent qqpstipus. In brief: Wanted—One single human being who is entirely sincere, kindly, aweet tempered and polite, and who always does as he would be done by, or at least tries to. Of course we ourselves are exactly right, but then other people! A Jewish Clkftutauqua. To the Protestant and Roman Catholic summer schools and courses of borne reading and study has been added a third —the Hebrew. It will be the satno aa that used by the Protestant Chautauqua Christians except a» to theology, wnerv Jewish history, creed and teachings will be substituted. '1'ho circle wan organ- ised lout full, it includes brunuheu iu «U parta of the Uuiou, from Mobile northward. Jte head is Rabbi Henry Berkovvitz, U. 1)., of Congregation Uo qeph Shulotn, Philadutphia, The movement grow out of a visit Dr. Derkowitz jiukl two yuitrs ago to the Cuttutuuijuu summer Hchool for recreation, Uo becuiuo so inUmtatod iu the work thorn thut ho proponed to ostublisb a Hebrew reading uitd study course uud anuuner school. Dr. Vincent aud the Cbautuuqua leaders gave him hourty sympathy and aiiUtance. Two courses have been started iu tho Hebrew Chautauqua—ouo for grown people, the other for children aud youth. Young Jewish people every where eutur luto tbe movement with eutlmaUwu. They never neglect opportunity to iw- prove tlwn»elve* intellectually. Ouoof tb,e department* for young people i» tbe Qhautauqu* Young AT MUSIO HALL. Easier Mor.tfay, March 26, '94 .n. theater, concert and .dance. The conceit will consist of a mole chorus (singing- section,, of turn'verelu). Solos, duets and q .j-rtettes. The. tumors wUI be a.isfstnd by 'na Ida Grove Turu-V«rein. OP ADMISSION : ' Exhlbitli.ii .-ind Dance ............ 81.00 Bxlililtloi: ............ . ........... .85 Dance ahm>.' ......... ....... .. ...... '.76 Children under 18 .................. 25 Reserved sea's at Sturges & Thurliman's Music by- Egermayer's Orchestra Reading uru>m and is under the charge of Miss Dinuji Hirschler of 'Philadelphia as president. These unions give literary and musical tntertainmenta. Fifty cents a yenris.ths fee for entering the adult circles for i-c.-ijing and study.. The full course lasts four years. Among tb 1 most interesting and important bits of recent foreign information is the intelligence of the new political party in Hawaii. It indicates that the, provisional government is there, to be developed into a republican government w.bich will stay. It will unite into one grand republican annexation party all the various factions that have heretofore favored the provisional government, but have had side issues of their own. The new party is for the present government first and annexation to the United States next. It proposes to unite under one banner all the different nationalities—German, American, Portuguese and others—that favor the existing authorities. On.e of the objects stated in its platform is the favoring of white immigration and the discouraging of that of Asiatics. It will resist the restoration of the monarchy to the death and declares in so many words that another aim it will work for is "the gov-' ernuieht to be united as soon aa possible : with that of the United States." Perhaps if our f rends the Hawaiians were not so manifestly anxious to join the Union they would be more Bought after.' If we were not quite so sure of them, probably it would seem to every man in' America that tbe one thing we needed to make us happy was the Hawaiian Islands. ' ' ' Mrs, Mary Hemenway, who died lately in Boston, was one of the benefactors of her city in the most useful of ways. She provided out of her own private means for manual training in the Boston public schools and assisted in the estab lishment of kindergartens. The beneficial effects of her philanthropy Mrs. Hemenway had opportunity to witness with her own eyes before her death. Such rich people every American city needs. | There is a standing order at the great circulating library, Mudie's, in London, which is rough on several people. It' is addressed to booksellers and is as follows: "Unless specially ordered, send no women's novels, no religious novels and bo psychical novels." Suicides Arc Ins»ne. That is the verdict of Professor Forbes Wlnalow, the expert in mental disease. He does not think that any legal penalties, however severe, will prevent persons from attempting to put themselves out of tho world. The only measure he can recommend, to that end is the making of life happier for the people with the suicidal mania, BO that they will cease to want to get but of it. How to do this, however, Dr. Winslow does not say, and there is the rub. How to make ourselves and others happier and more comfortable in this dreary world is the problem that concerns all of us, even those who hare least desire to get rid of life. There is a strange disproportion between the soxos with regard to suicide. Where 78 men kill themselves only 37 women do. This makes tho popular doctrine that meu aro stronger minded than women look a little ahaky. Dr. Winslow says the greater pecuniary risks and responsibilities of men, the anxiety lest they full to support thoso dependent on them, explains why men's brains uro turned and they commit suicide of tenor tliau women. But this conclusion iu negatived by the fact thut the majority of the utou who kill themselves aro unmarried, therefore have uo families duutiudout on them. lit several rucuut cases the unfortunate a«lf murderers were well to do bachelors, with plenty of friends and apparently uot u care iu llfo. The insanity thut prompts »»lf murder in usually uu iufl- uitu and overwhelming wuurinos» and disgust of life. It often couion to those who huvo lived Bullish lives, caring for nouo hut Uiwiibulvus, No wonder they get tired of it. The publication of A paper in thu Greek language hati buun cuiuuiuuuud iu Ni'w York city. Its uiuiw is AtUiuUa, und it U the organ of the drwk suoiuty of Mew York. It will bo u lino liuguiatio «*or- ciuu for our young vtudeut* of Gr/*k iii the Amuricuu colleges to got tho news of the world from the columns of Atlantic, It is a iieut specimen, of typographical Buokleb'8 Amioft 'Trt the wttflfl tot OtM borne, Ulcers, flait Rheum, fover 8oM»,TeUef, Ohnppod Hntid«,0hltblftln«,0orn« attd ftUSkl* fci'tiptltdK, »nd positively coves Pile* or «* imyteqnlral It I* sttftrMited to satisfaction 6V money refar.S port-"*, rorealeb J. W. liatton. At Ufnihrood, S. U., -i Klrl of 1fl and kitted another g'trl In n (it of te*lotlsv. Cardinal Gibbons has received (he pope's «n,e t vclic-il on the bible. "Oranjte Bloeebm" s into and hutmlees as » rtax seed poultice. Any lady can use It herself. Bold by'J. W; Hatton. / ' Beautiful 'dancing toilets are made ot changeable satin brocades trimmed with Ittce insertion aijd edging-, with skirts of accordion plaited ci'epon set to a yok£ of the brocade. ___J___ Shlloh's Cure, tho gre it Cough and Croup Cure Is In great demand, Pocket size contains twen- tr-flve doses oiilyZSo.' Children love It. soldbr 0. B. Westbfook. EdwfVi'il A'chls, M y.i:ir< rl-.i, \v.:s Icllloil in tin' elevator of u -:><".o; •;.' :it UuhMnvic, la., wh<u'e lie wua umpiimul. His head was caught in aa opening aud almost cut off. ^_^I__. Cnptuln Sweeney, U, S. A., San Diego, Cal. lure: "Shlloli's Catarrh Remedy is the first medlrlne I have ever found thut would do me uny gooti." I'rlceDOc. Sold by C, U. Westbronk. "A Bachelor's Divorce" is tfie ititerest- ing title of a thiee act comedy by B. C Griffith. -, - »— — . • : •' ••', Karl's Clover Hoot will purify yonr blood, clear your complexion, regulate your bowels and make your head clear as a bell. Iffic., BOc. and $1.00. Sold by C. B. Wentbrook. : ' , There ; is much talft in New Yori: : ;• ety over the reported engagement, of '' ••' f, George Vanderbilt and Miss Paul in ft Whitney. ; ' ^ Children Cry for Pitcher'* Castorla. ; Indiana's supreme court hns decided against the lumber combine of that state,. declariDK it must not restrict trade. Four Big Successes. Hnulg the needed merit to more ttann make good nil the advertising, claimed for them. the following four rempdips have reached a phenomenal s»le. Dr. King's New Discovery * for consumption, Coughs and Colds, each bottle guranteed— Electric Bitters, tho vroat remedy for Liver, Stomach and Kid uoya. BacklenB Arnica Sa:ve, the I'fcst in tbe world, and Dr. King's Mew Life Pille. which are a 'perfect pill. All thete remedies are guranteed to do just whttt IB claimed for them und the dealer whose name Is attached herewith will be glad to tell yon more bf them. Sold at J, W. Hst-, ton's Drug Store. . It is assorted that Port Pollvar is to be the southern terminus of the proposed North and South road and' that work will begin, within 40 days. .....;.., A Millon Friends. A friend In need IB a friend indeed, and not less than one million people lmv« f mnd Just such- a friend In Dy. King's tieVf Discovery for Consumption, Coughs, and Ou As -If j-ou huvo never used this Great CouKh Medicine, one f vial will convince y<>n that it baa wonderful curullvo power In all dlscuuis of • Throat, Chest, oncl Lungs; Knell bott<o Is Kiiruntoed to do all that Is claimed or tuonoy will bo refunded, • Trial bottles free at J. W. Uatton's Drug store. Largo bottles 50c. and (1.00. Robert Purdy mitl his little sister ate wild parsnip root «>, Gullipolis, O., and died in great agony. It is reported that thousands ol cattle are perishing in the 'JVxas Panhandle as a result of the recent s(>> .rut. Judge Pardt-e of the United States appellate bench dtolared $40,000 worth of si jool bonda r.J T.rrell, Tex., invalid. Wlifn Buby TOS >:ick, ire gave hnr Ciwtorfd. aheiraH a Child,ih« cried for C'nstorl*. When ihe became Mlu, *he clung to Castorl*. When the iit<1 Children, ihe g&vo them Ciwtotlk, Herbert 'L. Iteisey has been euiv,! as compositor ou tho New Orleans ' yune since thatpaper started puhl! •• ?o is 80 .years old. Dyspepsia Mrs. Judge P«ok Tell* How •h* WM Cured Buflerern from J)y»i>«u«|ii ihuuld r««4 Uw lol^ lowing l«tter from Mr*, II. M. reek, wife of Judge 1'ook, » Ju»Uo» »t Tracy, Cal., and • writer Aouueotod will) the Auooluted I'retii t( "Hy ft deey i»u»« o| gratitude for UM Kr«»t benefit I ButKuw fug «&t« nwy Uei , l>vvu n wwl iuflur«r froiu dy*u« HMrt Troubl*. AUuoit everythlog I »U would dtitoew »e, v« received irom the UM of Ilood'i h»»« U«*u led to writ* be follow for ICe leueiVo" "«Oor*H ilUurU afflicted, For » yewi I ..JW' .wU» •om u i Gladly NMommond u, I now n»ve uu enoclleut »pp«Uke aud uotklns I «St •»« OUM'«K»«)i iu«, ft »li u gMi>* S5»f . flllt

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