Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on December 14, 1960 · Page 16
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 16

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1960
Page 16
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POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday, December 14,1960 MlltlMMIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIItlllMUIIMIIIIinilllltMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH BOARD PROCEEDINGS Allamakee County JOHN BAUMGARTNER, Chairman ALTON BULMAN MORRELL YOHE • IIMimittllllillllllMllltlllllMIIIKMIIIIllllllMlfltMlllltlllll Published below are the official proceedings of the Allamakee County Board of Supervisors. The publication appears in the interest of all county residents, town and rural. MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Oct. 4. I960 Board met as preadjourncd. Members all present. Minutes of last meeting read and app i oved. Quarterly reports of the following \v t »re presented, read and .approved: namely L. E. Ricker, Auditor; Keith E. Bipelow. Recorder: Lloyd R. Kolsrud, Clerk of Court; \Vm. M. Huffman. Sheriff: Ceo. W. Trayer, Mayor of Lansing and Paul N. Mueneman. .1. P. Waukon. RESOLUTION Concurring in Recommended Award of Contracts for FARM TO MARKET Road PROJECT NOS. SN-I6I; FM-482 and SN-1714 .Allamakee Countv. Iowa. WHEREAS the Board of Supervisors of ALLAMAKEE County, Iowa, has considered the bids received by the Iowa State Highway Commission on September 20, 1960. for construction work on Farm to Market Project Nss. SN-I6I; FM-482 and SN-I7I4 (or projects as listed herein) Allamakee County. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the said Board of Supervisors of ALLAMAKEE County, Iowa, concurs in the Commission's recommendation that contracts for said work he awarded to the low bidders as follows: Project SN-1G1 Grading—Harold Riehin, New Albin, Iowa $17,1 18.03. Project FM-482 Grading—Holland Bros. Const. Co.. Inc., Decornh, Iowa $47,156.38. Project SN-17I4 4 Reinf. Concrete Box Culverts—F. A. Moser, Inc., Farmershurg, Iowa, $14.498.72. Grading—Dale Upham. Inc., West Union, Iowa. $40,164.35. Passed and approved this 4th day October. 196C. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS ALLAMAKEE COUNTY By (s> John Baumgartner, Chairman Attest: ( si L. E. Ricker County Auditor Monthly report of Public Health Nursing Service for month of September was presented, read and approved. Motion marie and seconded that receiving boards of various precincts appear at polling plsces for duty at 7:00 o'clock A. M. and counting board outside of corporation at I :00 o'clock P. M and where corporation is included «t 10-00 o'clock A. M. for the General Election November 8, 1°60. The board named the following places for General Election to be held in the various precincts lor November 8. I960. Center—Center No. 2 called Hartong School Fairview—Fairview, No. 5 Frnnklin- - Red School House French Cre-k—French Creek. No. I Hanover—No. 4 School House Iowa—City Hall. New Albin Jefferson — Rossville Presbyterian Church Lafnvctte- -Lafavette Center Lansing—New City Hall. Lansing Linton—Herb Schmidt Jr. Residence Ludlow—No. 5 School House Makee—Waukon. Farm Bureau Office, M Fast Court St. Paint Creek — U'aten-ille School House Post—Basement, Turner Hall. Postville Taylor—Town Hall, Harpers Ferry Union City—Harmonv School House Union Prairie — Helming School House Waterloo—Dorchester School House Waukon 1st Ward—City Hall Waukon 2nd Ward-—Mark Mauss Chevrolet Garage Waukon 3rd Ward — Assembly Room, New Court House The polls will open at & o'clock A. M. and close at 8 o'clock P. M. On motion board adjourned to meet October 18. I960 at 1:00 o'clock P. M John Baumgartner Chairman of Board L. E. Ricker County Auditor of CLAIMS ACTED UPON BY THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, ALLAMAKEE COUNTY October 4 .I960 COUNTY FUND Waukon State Bank, withhold. ing. August $ Hospital Servic*. Inc.. Blue Cross. Blue Shield „ Clerk of District Court, postage County Auditor. L. E. Ricker, envelopes Allamakee Co. Dept. of Social Welfare, postage Co. Recorder, Keith Bigelow, postage Interstate Power Co., light bill., countv home N. W. Bell Tel. Co.. phone bills Citv of Waukon. water bill lohn Baumgartner. salary " 37.50 S.P D. .00 S. Mil 249.45 C.P.D. 66.78 C. Mil Alton J. Bulman, salary. 37.50 S.P.D. 8.40 S. Mil 229.12 C.PD. 96.88 C. Mil Boone Blank Book Co., office. supplies Co. Auditor. L. E. Ricker. freight Co. Coroner. R. W. Pateman. coroner's fees Co. Coroner, R. W. Pateman, coroner's fees Cullirjan Soft WBter, soft water Mrs. Grace Drake, care of graves I960 Albert Dundee, care of graves I960 Boyd G. Groezinger, mileage— Governmental Guide, subscription • William M. Huffman, mileage Wrlliam M. Huffman, board and lodging Hatfield Duplicating Mach. fie Surply Co., office aupplies _ IBM Corporation, maint. agree. Koch Brothers, office supplies James B. Klenske. auditing drug bill Motorola Comm. & Elec. Inc., maint. agree. Monroe Calculating Mach. Co., maint. agree. Mark Mauss Chevrolet, room rent—election Thos. P. O'Toole 4: Sons, of- lice supplies The Postville Herald, printing Lawrence Russell, repairs, court house Daniel Regan, auditing drug bills Beverly J. Shafer, R. N.. mileage Mrs- Leta Schutte, meetings E. W Stock, fuel, court house Ora Smith, special duty Waukon Republican-Standard, printing Waukon Lumber Co., janitor supplies Waukon Burying Ground Asr'n., care of graves W. T. Whalen, meeting Waukon Democrat, printing Morrell L. Yohe, salary, 37.50 S.P.D. 8.96 S. Mil. 216.97 C.P.D. 96.74 C. Mil POOR FUND Waukon State Bank, withholding, August Hospital Service. Inc., Blue Cross, Blue Shield Interstate Power Co., light bill r— N. W. Bell Tel. Co., phono bill Allamakee Co. Oil Co., gas, county home — D rline Buraeth, salary Creighton C. Bender, salary -- Clndys Bender, salary Burg Implement, repairs nnd supplies' A. J. Brooks, provisions B \ B Store, clothing Mrs Eilert H. Bakkutn, extra help --- T-, Burllngame Storo. provisions Co. Auditor, L. E. Ricker, freight Carter & Herman, drugs, county home Carter & Herman, drugs Helen Evelyn Cole, salary Marv Cook, salary William B. Cook, salary Des Moines Register, subscription D. (t L. Products Co., supplies, county home ------Department of Social Wellare, aid to disabled ________ Department of Social Welfare. aid to the blind Department of Social Welfare. aid to dependent children -Duffy «t Ludcklng, feed, Co. home Donlon's Drug Store, drugs _ Equity Co-op. Store. provisions and Insurance Mary C. Elllngson. mileage and expense -— F & M Market, provisions, Co. home , F & M Super Fair, provisions Frommelt - Schaefer Nursing Home, care --Orrie Gilson, provisions. Co. home • — Grahams Dept. Store, clothing, Co. home Goad Samaritan Home, care _ D. C. Gilbert, ambulance Mary Lou Hill, salary Herman Repair Shop, repairs, Co. home Richard D. Hagensick. stock _ H et H Distributing Co.. provisions. Co. home Hager's Grocery Store, provisions Hanson's Grocery Store, provisions Dr. P. R. V. Hommel. medical —, Mrs. Sylvia P. Huckstadt. care H fit H Shoe Store, clothing _ Iowa State Industries, supplies, Co. home [ones County Auditor, care _ Dr. Roy R. Jeffries, medical- Mrs. Clara Kostman. clothing- Ly'e E. Kelly. Psy. testing Marie Anna Knuppe, salary _ The Kiplinger Washington Letter, office supplies Kumphs Store, provisions Medical Associates, medical Moorman Mfg. Co., feed, Co. home Mrs. Alton Marti, care Linn Co. Relief Dept., reimbursement T. W. Melaven, provisions W. A. Moritz, mileage and expense Meyer ot Co., provisions J. C. Penney Co.. Inc.. clothing - — Regan's Pharmacy, drugs, Co. home Regan's Pharmacy, drugs Drs. Rominger fit Bray, medical Luclla Rekwnrd, salary Dr. John J. Simones. medical _ Stanley Schroeder Store, provisions Merlin Scheevel. fuel Spinner Drug Store, drugs Sullivan Drug Store. drugs. Co. home Sullivan Drug Store, drugs __ Swartz Office Supply Co., office supplies Dr. Jack Sunderbrook. medical Mrs. Vivian Selberg. salary Oilman Strand, salary C. A. Sommers, trucking Trausch Bakery, provisions Theis Clothing Co., clothing, Co. home Dr. John W. Thornton, medical Veterans Memorial Hospital, hospital Ed Valley, provisions West End Grocery, provisions Dr. R. W. Wheat, medical Rav O. Woldum. supplies, Co. home Waukon Lumber Co., repairs. Co. home Dr. Alden F. Wiley, medical _ SECONDARY ROAD Waukon State Bank, withholding. August 1,557.60 Hospital Service, Inc., Blue Cross. Blue Shield Ace Telephone Co,, service 6c tolls Interstate Power Co., light and power N. W. Bell Tel. Co., phone bills City of Waukon, water bill, Co. shed Office of Co. Engineer, postage Calvin Beardmore. salary Garland Burroughs, salary __ Lloyd Forde, salary John Munz, salary Raymond Schulte, salary Truman Wenig, salary Harold Spores, salary Howard Meyer, salary Alvin Sires, salary James Spores, salary Harold Quanrude, salary Oswald Steinhart. salary Albert Asleson. salary Alton Evanson, salary Leonard 'Hastings, salary Leo Howe, salary Harry Gullickson, salary Orval Gunderson, salary Cletus Kelly, salary Clarence Knudtson, salary Amos Pederson, salary Clarence Svebakken, salary Robert Weipert, salary John J. Bresnahan, salary Ed Blaess, salary Len Campbell, salary Fred Dundee, salary Leslie Goepel, salary Paul Hammel, salary Carl Hildebrand, salary Earl Johnson, salary Donald Kellison, salary Elmer C. Kostman, salary Theo. Larson, salary Fred Leas, salary Lloyd Newton, salary Norman Rosendahl, salary Frank L. Sandry. salary Oonald Sivesind, salary Galen R. Barth, salary Eddie Breeser, salary Lawrence Martin, salary Harty Kolsrud, salary Wm. P. Sweeney, salary Alexander Crangaard, salary _ Allan Hartley, salary Peter C. Hendrickson, salary- Alfred B. Ludeking, salary Edwin J. Plein, salary E. E. Shogren, salary Wentworth Slitor, salary Bernard Stone, salary Daniel F. Schlltter, salary Thos. Urell, salary Henry Vonderohe, salary Leo Wiemerslage, salary Allamakee Farm Service, fuel- Allamakee Title & Abst. Co.. certificate of title Leonard Amundson, labor ArticWeld, repairs lohn W. Beiskcr, repairs Bowen '8 Superior Explosives Co., supplies Andrew BreBnahan, rock » Andrew Bresruihan. rock Leonard 6: Leona Baxter, right of way Alan Blackwel], snow removal 1959-1960 Co. Aud; L. E. Ricker, freight and express Carlson Materials Co., sand _ A. R. Coffeen Co., bridge and culvert Coast to Coast Store, repairs R. J. Cooney. proj. MS-SP DX. Sunray Oil Co., grease Dundee Electric Co., repairs _ Dubuque Auto Supply Co., supplies Eco, Inc., supplies ~~ Enyart Radiator tV Body Shop, repairs H. M. Empting fit Son, tires" Leonard Feuerhelm. repairs 64.10 Tom Gallagher, mileage ZZ 107.45 57.40 80.36 93.40 73.93 73.93 30.90 4.00 1.98 8.00 12.00 3.37 40.00 6.25 80.81 51.32 51.32 15.60 21.32 11.43 69.65 1,471.75 288.90 27.85 94.10 229.62 194.42 79.22 140.00 13.75 22.50 105.00 93.00 11.64 3.00 90.00 522.17 95.00 59.92 3.00 43.33 7.95 134.70 75.00 42.00 19.45 15.00 18.66 20.00 15.00 5.00 81.20 55.50 10.00 20.00 14.34 15.00 259.28 42.90 51.04 19.00 55.29 12.00 10.00 36.00 234.29 57.99 65.40 16.34 32.00 96.90 64.80 15.00 35.68 36.35 55.50 761.70 45.00 30.00 9.00 54.05 17.32 101.65 115.35 9.19 30.34 51.70 8.11 547.70 1 19.60 20.00 50.40 43.00 20.00 182.26 165.95 49.54 353.73 371.90 26.02 4.31 10.20 13.52 8.50 10.00 2.00 63.81 7.00 99.72 72.20 5.68 22.50 48.90 1.50 5 1.60 46.00 15.00 261.26 1.042.03 263.15 4.50 42.21 16.56 39.75 50.08 106.80 2.20 168.00 12.56 354.28 360.17 166.10 15.20 283.21 265.96 242.38 227.1 1 242.B2 148.52 I 1.64 267.4 1 224.19 285.17 201.96 319.94 258.06 268.81 269.23 237.48 182.08 237.2 1 257.12 261.64 281.14 230.88 276.06 327.25 218.36 291.72 228.46 245.76 267.41 227.1 I 332.01 279.56 239.30 245.76 112.49 188.10 359.97 84.87 252.36 286.15 316.45 287.23 196.71 235.76 56.93 97.19 95.90 272.70 189.34 49.14 36.67 79.65 79.65 118.84 52.51 64.70 87.45 7.50 18.04 253.1 8 23.05 235.30 4,301.09 2,129.36 1,640.45 25.00 33.94 38.40 12,904.27 10.54 728.84 29.90 14.76 73.86 87.78 32.35 466.07 3.35 Glbbs-Cook Eq. Co.. repairs - Goplorud Lubricants, Inc.. supplies , Howe's DX Garage, repairs Holland Bros. Const. Co., work- Proj. SN-2268A -Holland Bros. Const. Co., work- Proj. SN-2268 -Holland Bros. Const. Co., work- Proj. SNI7I6 Ronald R. Heilig, supplies ... David E. Hoover, mileage, Aug. and Sept. Hausladen's Auto Supply, repairs Home Oil Co., fuel Herman Repair Shop, repairs _ lown Oil Co., fuel Iowa Oil Co., fuel Iowa Oil Co.. repairs •-- 1BM Mach. Corp., maint. agree. Lawrence A. & Lillian Jeide, right of way Lawrence A. Jelde, Admr. Casper Jeide, Est., right of way Jacobson Garage, repairs Clarence Knudtson, repairs — Harty Kolsrud, mileage Koch Brothers, office supplies Harry Kllpatrlck, right of way Loven's Service Station, repairs H. Leslie Leas, rock Emmert Leiran Store, repairs La Crosse Trailer Corp., repairs The Levine Co. Inc., supplies John E. & John P. McMorrow, right of way Mason City Blue Print Service, supplies Mark Mauss Chev., repairs — Motor Parts & Eq. 'Inc., repairs Carl Nelson, labor John O'Hare, damages Ellen J. O'Malley, right of way A. Olson Const. Co., Proj. C- 1260 A. Olson Const. Co., Proj. C- 860 Peterson Implement Co., repairs Palmer Abst. fit Realty Co., Cert, titles Peters Insurance Agency, insurance premium Peters Insurance Agency, insurance premium Quandahl Hardware, repairs _ Roverud Const. Inc., rock — Roverud Const. Inc., rock P. E. Rethwisch Lbr. Co., supplies Glen Rice, mileage Sullivan-Becker Mach. Co., supplies Valley Distributing Co., supplies Shamrock Motor Co., repairs Otto J. 4c Selina Sander, right of way Arden Smedsrud, mileage Roger V. Svebakken, repairs Superior Welding Supply, supplies Topeka Hiway Mower, Inc., repairs Tysland Garage, repairs C. B. Taylor, Proj. C-15 60 -. Wiedenbeck - Dobelin Co., repairs Waukon Newspapers, office supplies Waukon Lumber Co.. supplies ROADCLEARING Waukon State Bank, withholding, August Leonard Amundson, salary Willard Protsman, salary Carl Busness, salary Robert Tully, salary Chas. Gaunitz. salary ASSESSOR'S FUND Waukon State Bank, withho'.J- ing, August Hospital Service. Inc., Blue Cross, Blue Shield N. W. Bell Tel. Co., phone bill Everett Leas, salary Panama Carbon Co., office supplies The Postville Herald, office supplies COURT EXPENSE FUND Waukon State Bank, withholding. August Hospital Service, Inc., Blue Cross, Blue Shield Arthur H.. Jacobson, attorney fees Co. Treas. Leon Henderson, grand and trial jurors Co. Treas. Leon Henderson, trial juror Ann M. Toman, salary Fred Beall, bailiff fees Paul N. Hueneman. J. P., J. P. fees The Lawyer Co-op. Publ. Co., book Shepard's Citations, book The Lawyers Co-op. Publ. Co., book Geo. C. Murray, mileage and expense MISCELLANEOUS FUND Waukon State Bank, .withholding, August Hospital Service Inc., Blue Cross. Blue Shield Selma Schroeder, cash allowance Co. Treas. Leon Henderson, bounty Co. Aud. Darwin Ellingson, cost of committment A. C. McClurg Sc Co., books. N. E. Iowa Mental Health, interviews Martin Broderick, mileage _Ervin Johnson, labor Herbert P. Larsen, salary Frank McGeough, salary Roger C. Bender, inspection Roger C. Bender, inspection 527.25 100.32 18.50 799.05 45.00 150.55 633.36 65.45 43.41 925 .15 76.00 1,466.62 109.'J5 12.75 43.00 207.44 263.45 84.15 4.25 28.28 79.84 235.48 22.83 3,313.28 36.89 312.86 1,385.10 297.55 192.76 25.88 89.42 5.00 10.00 100.00 6,536.25 15,840.48 17.80 105.00 1,138.85 872.24 86.50 16,558.88 880.64 80.90 72.38 29.70 109.44 10.49 305.92 52.15 3.90 19.25 99.89 38.30 19,800.80 A. Bonnstetter, inspection _ A. Bonstetter. inspection L. Cox. inspection L. Cox, inspection R. Fields, inspection R. Fields, inspection Albert C. Seawell. inspection _ Albert C. Seawell, inspection R. F. Schneider, inspection __ R. F. Schneider, inspection — R. O. Sander, inspection' R. O. Sander, inspection Aschom Bros., provisions Equity Co-op., provisions F. M. Super Fair, provisions _ D. C. Gilbert, ambulance Quick Chek I.G.A., provisions Spinner Drug Store, drugs Selma Schroeder, cash allowance Stummes Grocery, provisions. E. W. Stock, fuel John W. Thornton, care Julia Whalen, escort nurse — 27.50 158.42 218.10 164.04 149.26 48.89 149.26 219.34 121.50 16.80 10.80 223.30 7.99 134.14 75.31 9.00 259.02 24.00 4.00 1 7.50 30.00 19.50 17.74 65.00 13.95 20.00 169.80 54.32 75.28 580.56 15.33 15.52 148.83 22.31 44.00 16.00 7.50 63.00 605.00 240.00 37.00 109.00 14 1.50 107.50 12.00 89.00 I 39.00 28.00 40.19 59.94 84.95 8.00 1 15.41 49.33 10.00 69.89 16.90 4.75 20.00 CLAIMS ACTED UPON BY THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, ALLAMAKEE COUNTY November 3, 1960 County Fund Waukon State Bank, withholding - September $ Hospital Service, Inc.. Blue Cross-Blue Shield Iowa Public Emp. Ret. System, IPERS-3rd quarter Iowa Emp. Sec. Comm., FOAB 8rd quarter Co. Aud. L. E. Ricker, meeting and expense Co. Treas. Leon Henderson, meeting and expense M. L. Yohe, meeting and expense Co. Aud., L. E. Ricker, postage Co. Treas. Leon Henderson, postage Interstate Power Co., light and power N. TV. Bell Tel. Co., phone hills Allamakee Co. Dept. of Social ing Wei., postage Co. Aud., L. E, Ricker, postage Allamakee Journal, printing — Orton Blackwell, trustee meet- John Baumgartner, salary 31.25 S.P.D. 00 S. Mil.,- 256.70 C- P.D. 69.09 C. Mil John Baumgartner, meeting and expense Alton J. Bulmun salary, 26.00 S.P.D., 4.20 S. Mil, 192.60 C.P.D., 73.22 C. Mil Alton J. Bulman, meeting and expense Boone Blank Book Co., office supplies Ralph L. Brown, trustee meeting Lester Buaness. trustee meeting Co. And. 1*. E. Ricker, freight Co. Sheriff Wm. M. Huffman, board and lodging 74.35 Co. Sheriff Wm. M. Huffman, mileage and expense 216.13 Co. Coroner R. W. Pateman, coroners fees 668.60 119.60 419.91 448.61 66.54 63.07 85.00 20.00 4.7.00 179.00 160.55 4.00 7.60 20.00 '768.02 366.04 26.62 296.02 68.78 4.00 4.00 1.06 Culllgnn Soft Water, soft water ' " Raymond Crowe, trustee mect- F.'a Davenport it Co., mill lit. Agree. Eclipse Lumber Co., janitor supplies Herb Feuerhelm Sr., trustee meeting: Clarence Flnge, fuel, court house Boyd G. Groezinger, mileage-Cyril Oarin, trustee meeting — Ed Hawes, trustee meeting Herman Repair Shop, repairs, janitor -----------------~ Helmer Kolsrud, trustee meeting -Francis J. Kernnn, trustee meeting _-. • J, n. KInnsko, auditing drug- bills Harold Kinley, trustee meeting r,V--r Motorola Comm. & Elec. Inc., maint. agree. — Mutt Parrott & Sons Co., office supplies .— Monroe Cnl. Mach. Co., repnirs Monroe Cnl. Much. Co., maint. agree. Neil McCormick, trustee meet- ins Harold McKenna. janitor supplies . Lester Ness, trustee mooting Oak Hill Cemetery, cure of graves -Thos. P. O'Toole & Sons, office supplies Postville Herald, office supplies and printing — Daniel E. Regan, auditing drug bills Beverly Shafer, mileage Ora Smith, special duty H. H. Swain, trustee meeting- Mrs. Leta Schutte, mcetinK and mileage Mrs. Leta Schutte, meeting; and mileage E. W. Stock, fuel, court house Thompson & O'Malley, insurance premiums Thompson & O'Malley, insurance premiums James Thorsten. trustee meeting Art Wendel. trustee meeting: _ W. T. Whalen, meeting and expense Watcrtower Paint and Repair Co., water tank repair, co. home Waukon Newspapers, office supplies Waukon Democrat, printing^ _Waukon Rep.-Standard, irri'it.- ing Morrell L. Yohe. salary, 81.2u S.P.D., 6.72 S. Mil, 233.55 C.P.D., 89.74 C Mil Poor Fund Mary C. Elllngson postage -Waukon State Bank, withholding --— Hospital Service, Inc.. Blue Cross-Blue Shield Iowa Public Emp. Ret. System. IPERS-8rd quarter Iowa Emp. Sec. Comm., FOAB- 3rd quarter . Glen Burt,, cash allowance George Mohn, cash allowance- Interstate Power Co., light bill N. W. Bell Tel. Co., phone bills _ Glen Burt, cash allowance George Mohn, cash allowance- Acme Chemical Co., supplies, county home Anderson Produce, feed, county home George Brown, provisions, Co. home « Darline Burseth, salary .-_ Brauns Meat Market, provisions Rurlingnmes Store, provisions- Mrs. Eilert H. Bakkum. extra help B & B Store, clothing Gary Berger. labor Archie J. Nrooks. provisions Co. Aud. L. E. Ricker, frotirhi. William Cook, salary Mary Cook, salary Cronins Variety Store, supplies, county home Donlon's Drug Store, drugs D & L Products Co.. supplies. county home Dept. of Social Welfnre, aid to disabled Dept. of Social Welfare, aid to dependent children Dept. of Social Welfare, aid to blind --Evans Refrigeration, repairs, county home Mary C. Ellingson, trans, expense Equity Co-op. Store, provisions F & M Super Fair, provisions Mrs. LaVon Fritze care Giunts Bros, of Dubuque, Inc., provisions Orrie Gilson, provisions, Co. home Grahams, clothing, county home D. C. Gilbert, ambulance Glen's Used Clothing, clothing- Good Samaritan Home. care„ W. T. Grant Co., supplies Mary Lou Hill, salary H & H Dis. Co., provisions. county home H & H Shoe Store, clothing Hager's Grocery Store, provisions Mrs. Hazel Hansmeier, care Helke Optical, med. appl. Hanson's Grocery Store, provisions Dr. P. R. V. Homme], medical- Mrs. Sylvia Huckstadt, care-Mrs. Lewis Ihde, care Dr. Roy R. Jeffries, medical Jones Co. Auditor, care Mrs. Clara Kostman, clothing; _ Dr. Lewis A. Knutson. medical Kumph's Store, provisions Marie Knuppe. salary Kibbys Standard Service, eras, county home Linn Co. Relief Dept., reimbursement Lutheran Hospital, hospital W. E. Moritz, meeting __ Moorman Mfg. Co., feed, Co. home T. W. Melaven, provisions Mrs. Alton Marti, care Metropolitan Supply Co., supplies Meyer and Co., provisions Peterson Bros., gas, repairs, supplies, county home J. C. Penney Co.,, supplies, Co. home Palmer Memorial Hospital, hospital J. C. Penney Co. Inc., clothing Quandahl Hardware, repairs, supplies, clothing Regan Pharmacy, drugs, county home ; Regans Pharmacy, drugB Drs. Rominger & Brny, medical : Mrs. Luella Rekward. salary _ Gilman Strand, salary Mrs. Viviani Selberg, salary Dr, John J. Simones, medicals Spinner Drug, drugB Sullivan Drug Store, drugs Stanley Schroeder Store, provisions Harold Schroeder store, provisions Sullivan Drug Store, drugs Trausch Baking Co., provisions, county home Thies Clothing Store, clothing" county home Taylor Pharmacy, drugs ZZZ Dr. John W. Thornton, medical University Hospital hospital! Ulven Drug Storo, drugs Veterans' Memorial Hospital, hospital Ed Valley, provisions IZZZIII' Waukon Co-op Locker, processing meat, Co. home West End Grocery, provisions Ray O. Woldum, supplies, Co. home Lester Walby, provisions _ Dr. Alden F. Wiley, medical — Dr. William J. Wolf, medical. Dr. Alden P. Wiley, medical, county home Wuensch's Sewing Mach. Co" equipment, county home Watcrtower Paint & Repair Co., Inc., maint. agree., county home 8.60 4.00 27.&0 ] 2.37 4.00 38.85 85.79 4.00 4.00 .80 4.00 4.00 1.50 4.00 51.60 1,512.10 7.SO 30.00 4.00 9.17 4.00 78.00 474.93 26S.14 Iowa Emp. Sec. Comm., FOAB, 3rd quarter County Enttincers Otfice, rec. oascmcntB nnd postage Carlton J. A llernadctte G. Toff and Federal Litml Hank. right of way , Co. Sheriff. William M. Huffman, milenjrc nnd expense George C. Aschom, comm. fees H. G. Liitleninn, comm. fees Rnvnt Flnge, comm. fees Fritz Herg, comm. fees Wm. Duvel, comm. fees Knimett Sullivan, comm. fees__ Mnurice Ueitan, right of way Julia Strontr right or wiry -- Norbcit & Lorcttn Strong & Kerndt Bros. Snv. Unnk, right of way Ace Telephone Ass'll.. local service and tolls Interstate Power Co., light bills N. W. Hell Tel. Co., telephone hills Ed Illness, snlnry John .1. Bresnahnn, salary Lon Cnmpbell, salary Fred Dundee, salary Leslie Goepel. salnry Carl Ilildebrand, salary Earl Johnson, salary Donald Kellison. suiary Elmer C. Kostman. srtlary — Theo. Larson, salary Lloyd Newton, snlnry Norman Roscminht, salary Wm. Sweeney, snlnry Paul Hummel, snlirry 1.675.01 17.U2 1,955.00 20.50 I 28.53 28.14 20.14 20.14 26.14 26.14 500.00 500.00 1,150.00 9.21 32.011 30.20 227.38 327.115 279.56 287.48 £58.81", 236.50 319.66 291.72 239.80 256.12 266.60 350.97 246.02 276.S0 attorney and snlnry Alton Evanson. snlnry 522'!f? Harry Gullickson, salary Orval Gunderson, snlnry Leonard Hastings, snlirry 4.50 j Leo Howe, salnry l9.67Eco, Inc., janitor supplies 19.6 (1 84.63 41.30 62.OS 4.00 11.04 5.52 42.35 242.22 514.11 4.00 4.00 6.2S 1.628.00 22.70 163.23 272.31 361.26 2G.00 1S5.00 59.05 160.00 160.01 8.00 8.00 SO.05 8.00 S.00 5.50 74.42 15 .00 12 .00 7.00 8.9^ •1>>0 S.ilO 108.7 5 10S.7S 11.9G 24.SO 99.00 11.44 1,193.G1 78.99 44.34 155.53 112.90 142.79 10.00 68.13 7.80 34.11 128.00 65.50 105.00 20.87 29.10 203.S5 15.80 75.00 15.40 14.75 69.S7 7.00 26.r,0 45.00 20.00 75.00 10.00 7.20 30.00 74.66 38.91 10.00 240.00 56.77 80.60 20.00 45.00 32.17 15.00 100.54 34.56 86.67 26.86 81. D9 Cletus Kelly, salary Clarence Knudtson, snlnry Amos Pederson, snlnry Donald Sivesind. snlnry Clarence Svebakken. salary Robert Weipert, snlnry , Calvin Beardmore. snlnry ... Garland Burroughs, snlory -Lloyd Forde. salnry Hownrd Meyer, snlnry Alvin Sires, snlnry John Munz. salary Harold Qunnrude. snlnry Raymond Schulti. suiary Truman Wenig, salary James Spores, snlnry Oswtrid Steinhnrt, snlnry Gnlen Barth. salary Eddie Breeser, salnry Lawrence Martin, snlnry County Engineer's office, postage nnd rec. esse. P. II. Welch, right of way --Leonnrd Amundson, labor -Allamakee Title & Abst. Co., cert, of titles Brennan Const. Co., repairs _B * G Automotive Parts, Inc., supplies --Lloyd S. Beaumnster Upholstery Shop, repairs Martin Broderick. rock Brennan Const. Co.. proj. C- 160 B & G Automotive Parts. Inc.. supplies Andrew Bresnahan, rock Co. Aud. L. E. Ricker. express A. R. Coffeen Co., Proj. C-1160 Clutch & Transmission Serv. Inc., repreirs Coast to Coast Store, supplies Harold F. & Shirley A. Colsch; Gilmnn C. & Esther K. Heeler, right of way R. .1. Cooney, rock It. J. Cooney, rock Dubuque Auto Supply Co., supplies Dahl' Motor*, repnirs DX Sunray Oil Co.. oil -L II. M. F.mpting & Son repnirs F.nynrt Radiator & Body Shop, repnirs Fidlnr & Chambers Co., office supplies Fullwell Motor Products Co., supplies Feuerhelm Mfg. Co.. supplies :rml repair* Giblis-Cook Equip. Co., supplier . Gamble Store, repnirs Tom Gallacrher, mileage Howe's DX Garnee, repairs Home Oil Co., fuel '_.. Hanstrom-Hubly Tr. Co., supplies Hnusladen's Auto Supply, supplies Peter C. Hendrickson, salary _ Herman Repair Shop, repairs,Elmer & Mary Herman, right of way Normn Jean Herman, salary-Home Oil Co., Inc., gas, fuel J. L Houston Co., supplies Milton Iverson, moving fence- Orville Iverson, right of way Jacobson's Garage, repairs Klipto Loose Leaf Co., supplies Charles Kolsrud, labor Harty Kolsrud. labor Chas. & Ida King, right of way Thomas M. nnd Patricia R. Kerndt. right of way Gary Klein, labor Elmer C. Kostman. repairs Lydon's Electric Service, repairs Herbert Larsen, lnbor H. Leslie Lens, rock Loven's Auto Pnrts, repairs Motor Parts & Ecj. Inc.. supplies Mnson City Blue Print Service. prints Mark Mauss Chevrolet, repairs Clara, Sophie & Minnie Nngel: Forest Ryan and Wnu- kon State Bank, right of way A. Olson Const. Co. proj. C- 8fin '_ A. Olson Const. Co., proj. C- 1260 Peterson Implement Co., repairs Peterson Hardware, repairs and supplies Edward J. Plein. labor Z Emmett Palmer, rent I Park Machine, Inc., repairs Quandahl Hardware, repairs., Harold Riehtn, proj. C-1160.. Glen B. Rice, mileage R. J. & Marie D. Rea; Federal Land Bank, right of way Roverud Const. Co., rock Bernard Stone, labor III John Schilling, lnbor Shamrock Motor Co., repairs'~ Standard Oil Co., fuel Z Arden Smedsrud, mileage Standard Blue Print Co. " of Iowa, supplies E. W. Stock, anti-freeze -III Merlin & Alice Strong ond Kerndt Bros. Sav. Bank, 227.11 237.21 269.28 237.48 2GS.81 250.60 286.82 202.62 246.02 286.32 288.08 276.22 221.13 276.80 26S.02 286.60 76.29 255.18 230.78 282.55 296.32 296.91 32S.71 263.29 15.70 600.00 19.01 105.00 39.50 36.17 3.60 428.50 8.965.62 81.41 3.160.44 2.50 1.9S6.19 130.10 4.68 411.72 264.90 853.07 92.47 79.25 G.1S 8 IS.8'.' 3rd qtmrter ----- Mnrtln II. Noltlng, fees , -• Ann M. Tomnn, snlnry Gen. C. Murray, milenge expense --• Henry H. Szpejnowskl, Fred Henll. Imlllff fees -----Paul N. Hueneman, J. P.. J- I'. feus ;-„-_-- WeBt Publishing Co., books Miscellaneous Fund Waukon State Hank, withholding --: — Hospital Service Inc.. Blue Cross-Blue Shield lown Public Emp. Ret. Sys., IPEKS . lown Emp. See. Comm.. FOAB lown Public Emp. Het. System, irF .RS, 3rd quarter '• Iowir Emp. Sec. Comm., FOAB, 3rd quarter Mrs. Donald Wentlt. consultant fee Mrs. Lena Buckingham, consultant fees ' Mr. Albert Potter, consultant foe -—, Dr. Krma Plaehn. consultant feo < Dr. Ross Nielsen, consultant fee • Dr. Esther Hult. consultant feo Marshall Schools, consultant fee n-nd travel Miss Retts Ann Roth, consultant fee Dr. Howard 0. Reed, consultant fee Dr. Wm. H. Drier, consultant fee Dr, Lloyd V. Douglas, consultant fee Dr. Richard Crumley, consultant fee Dr. John Cowley, consultant fee Dr. Randall Iicbb, consultant fee . American Book Co.. filmstrlp- Esther Guild, First Presbytc-' rian Church, meals served Leon Henderson, Co. Trerrs., bounty Duane E. Lodge, books Mental Health Inst., vol. patients. 3rd quarter State Comptroller, St. Inst, accounts 1 , 3rd quarter N. E. Iowa Mental Health Center, interviews Aschom Bros., provisions Equity Co-op. Ass'ii.. provisions 'F. M. Super Fair, provisions John P. Ferrtng, setting markers Oak Hill Cemetery, setting markers Harold Revoir, fuel Selma Schroeder, cash allowance Spinner Drug Store, drugs Stumme Grocery, provisions Sullivan Drug Store, medical John W. Thornton, medical Veterans Memorial Hospital, medical - White Star Oil Co., fuel Postville Herald, weed notice.- Wnukon Democrat, weed notice Waukon Kcp.-Slandnrd. weed notice Roger C. Bender, inspection J. L. Cox, inspection R. S. Hanson, inspection P. N. Moser, inspection It. O. Sander, inspection R. F. Schneider, inspection _.' Columbia University Press, hooks . • ISF.A Library Service, hooks. A. C. McClurg & Co., books __ 92.10 16/00 268.02 17.69 120.00 18.00 15.00 89.60 43.50 13.05 43.80, 58.64 2,840.72 2,762.50 85.00 86.00 85.00 35.00 35.00 36.00 49.51 35.00 35.00 36.00 35.00 86.00 35.00 85.00 82.54 26.50 607.00 1.26 2.664.86 15,106.80 484.01 40.31 30.74 15.00 10.00 50.00 16.00 10.00 54.06 69.85 4.20 11.00 17.00 16.70 4.00 2.25 2.26 41.00 211.60 14.00 6.00 62.00 26.00 5.03 23.00 12.6C pie, weU-propovtioncti, to Us purpose. . "When you nro sti tt thing fov your home,, who will use the itrf how it will bo used, Mia? vises. For example, i, water Rlass for a very you would want to made of unbreakab.. you nro purchasiiij which will bf used rsi' you would probably cftiase tumbliTS toms which are easy (J stead of frnRile, dainty You should be able & the desiKtr with the li object, Miss Keyes emi example, salt and .are a means of with J Pti pepper, and they°S|J this is their puJpSj* Kruous for a salt 15.80 10.01 327.50 27S .SS .25 2S.HS 18.50 341.93 6.44 43.43 70.I'M 63.85 120.11 18.S7 1.406.40 2,499.36 110.00 145.00 65.44 66.10 46.56 227.03 339.45 168.55 14G.21 1.12 10.00 240.S0 3,085.81 66.45 50.03 10.20 24.02 PROFKSSOR TELLS HOW TO RECOGNIZE GOOD DESIGN m , „ Secondary Road Waukon State Bank, withhold- Ing, Sept. Hospital Service, Inc7 Blue Cross, Blue Shield .." Io ¥S„EH b ' Em P- Rc '- System, IPEHS, quarter (8rd) 14.04 80.66 57.00 54.32 64.80 92.95 13.00 67.70 id.00 30.00 60.28 31.45 2G.71 9.50 87.76 106.03 9.10 00G.8O 45.00 26.92 30.00 42.65 9.00 74.50 15.00 10.00 224.00 265.00 1,624.60 116.85 right at way . I Sullivan Drue Store, supplies.. Superior WeldinR, repairs 1 rotor K. & Aitnca Swenson, right of way „...--C. B. Taylor, proj. C-1560 .Thoa. Urell. labor Ernest E- Von Brocklin, right of way --Ernest E. & Loretta Van Brocklin. right of way I Wledenbeck-Dobelin. supplies ' Roadclearing Leonard Amundson, salary — I Charles Gaunitu, Balary ; Carl Busness, salary Waukon State Bank, withholding, Sept. lown Public Emp. Het. System, IPERS. 3rd quarter j Iowa Emp. Sec. Comm., FOAB 3rd quarter Willard A. Protuman refund-1 Robert William Tully, refund. Assessor's Fund | Waukon State Bank, withholding, September Hospital Service, Inc.. Blue I Cross, Blue Shield | Iowa Public Emp. Ret. System, IPERS, 3rd quarter — Iowa Emp. Security Com., FOAB 3rd quarter N. W. Hell Tel. Co., phone hill Acrea-Blackmar Co., office supplies Allamakee Journal, notices Co. Aud. 'L>. E. Ricker. frcight- | A. L. Hansmeier, milenge and exp. i Everett LeaB, salary i PctcrBon Bros., supplies 1 Waukon Rep.-Standard, notice kon Democrat, notices Court Expense Fund ; Waukon State Bank, withhold- i Ing Hospital SeTvlce, Inc.. Bluo Cross, Bluo Shield . Iowa Public Emp. Retirement Sys., IPERS, 8rd quarter ... 1,884.82 Iowa Emp. 6cc. Comm., FOAB, 1,675.00 3.492.22 8.876.77 8.50 08.70 200.62 35.00 12.21 880.04 17,162.22 64.95 1.6G5.02 4,985.82 159.07 259.66 7.52 476.64 65.66 5.S4 265.20 800.00 8.06 31.65 273.27 3,461.01 76.56 1,000.00 12.01 164.02 187,86 66.98 217.10 07.46 136.12 13.41 36.34 128.30 10.80 101.86 91.05 10.80 11.20 37.21 3.00 85.89 226.86 6.87 6.00 6.00 180.86 84.16 101.61 lown City—That comfortable sofa can no longer be the most popular furnishing in your home just because it's comfortable. It must al so be a thing of beauty. Being able to recognize good design is becoming more and more important in the selection of home furnishings, says Margaret Keyes, assistant professor of home economics at The State University of Iowa. In selecting furniture, dishes, silverware or accessories for your home, you should ask yourself three questions: What is to be the object's function? Is it beautiful? What can we afford to spend? The importance of each question will depend upon your circumstances, Miss Keyes points out. In some households, beauty may be the primary concern; in others, function: and in others, budget. You should choose an article which will meet your particular needs, the SUI professor adds. Attractive, functional items are available in any price range and to suit any taste, whether for traditional or contemporary furnishings. The problem is to select the right item for the particular situation. Miss Keyes stresses the importance of knowing how to recognize good design because there are many poorly designed articles on the market today which may mislead you. Structural design refers to the basic form of an object, she explains. The articles should be sim- ... , , . shab like a television set (on example. Aud it u w priate to pour salt out, ney." A guest should hesitate trying t 0 ^ shaker contains salt, t be obvious. ' The object should fc, the material of which i j For example, wood does 'ly curl and tie into bo, yet some furniture b with such elaborate d* Decorative design Isii to an object in an ansa it more beautiful. l-Z structural design, but j thing has decorative Generally, decoralkt should be used in mods Keyes advises. It "j placed at structural strengthen the object JJ design a "reason for bs should be enough backgs to give the eye a cte A profusion of designs l restless feeling. Surfs should cover the sur!» giving the impression rfj and dignity. Decoration should bi the material of which* and for the service itil to give. For exampli.i orately decorated »S would not be suitatlei play of real flower, H points out. If a vase is3 for flowers, it shoulc i»; simple to form against which the fl .-Sp played. (t Stylized desisn, w plification of r.atura '-g|t| sidered better dc?isi turalistic. Miss Keyes stylized design. Hie duced to somethin: s but is strippi'ii of it ro! acteristics. such as ;!er. of leaves. Flower; t (i not look exactly 111 to» for example, since Rffl be suited to the pti ifmfi they are planned serving of food. Kfl|§ Ask yourself whe" "flrjfij vou are purehasinc -TcJ" iy's way of life. 1 ••({ § ably not want to t pensive article in lycaj unless it is in kei iir.;<j furnishings, Miss 1 evKjl You should bo reaj your needs, she mpbi^ of us do not think n la long-range satisfz tior. i ability to our pre ent 3 home furnishings -e cha fit into our pros it sr. Young people can ddffl start married lift with standard of posse sices'- ents have, for ex; nple. "lit RFl'MO SI The descendants of IS of Kanawha held H family reunion rec jf| then one hundred-fid: .-| tendance. Grandma Hj (Mrs. Adolph Espe) i m age. She has nine ct VJ four grandchildren, li grandchildren and one fi( great granddaughter, i I tal of 350 living riesct u The USS KntrrpriK first nuclear-powered rier, is 1101 feet in le in extreme width and 350 tons, makinu it th in the world. BI'SIMSS minis TO YOUR IMHEOH Mb*fU4la« CrilwilMi MrnrylMtlpt, *w«h»y »!«•«• •bpcttli I M M I CahNotkM *"tl>u*Ordar> Inl.rOflk. Mwiwrandimu °ryCI *UMrf «rm •••lnwontSoelu M mm wm Wm Pi »• 'K'I SJrS HOP I«MII«TIOB! MODEI lotii . fflinifOLDIK M' 1 •••••"••"ilw •liirliriirtiWlgr ll JfOB. tl. Xcmemtn-W you have I* forms problem, lei us "'I Ule have I business form '1 form of business. GOOD RECORDS Postville Phone 86 4-3132 GOOD BUSINESS j Herald Postville. 1

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