Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 29, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1927
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER'TUESbAY EVEJNING; NO\^atfB^ 29,1927. . PAGE nVE Librdri(atHighSphdolHas Taken Remarkable Stride in Fern Months -^rhe combjmed lola high _ school i!nd junior college has, taken an^ i other long stride towards being onfe of'tho largejst an-4 best high school'kjjd junior college libraries ! in thisJs^etion. especially for high schools, yith the addition of one hundred and twenty-five books already-acquired this semester making thirty-five hundred.books now In the library. - ; . The library tlloiigh just extended two years ago -'has already far outgrown its present shelving capacity .and there is no room left in whiPh' to put (additional «helveE in the' library j itself so shelves at the present tinif| are to be erected in.the high school study halt to ' handle this overflow. This work is being done'by the high school matiual training departmehtj and should -do miii-h towardH relieving -the present congestion.' : ' The hew books are iirobably the most dlver.sifif :'d grou|/ poHsible. Tht.-y will not only satisfy needs of the college and upper classmen ill the high school but also some . ori- uic uBB In the luppor cjaHses Iti jiititor high. Tlio library here riiiiH larRfly to ref<»rent;o books. IJooks urv to III' 'foiinil iji the •Iibr;irr from high ; rlaii.s ijraraa to fii.ili)ii >^r^"v «-l!<. Prom com- pllc:iU'(l ^i^•i<•lK•ll bixik^ which' only '•; till- (Mil 'tmderstand ihorijUKhly. to lii)ok.« for si^lence lio- Cl"n<'r.s. Hooks may hv had from radio l<i fMiniiiig You may rt -ad •).) r<'iigi<iii. liDW to Jii- a, of Krt'at world iiroblpms,, howi lo ^..icii, UIMI many other ihiiigH. Yoii • may find biiuki: in many langunges, dvad or iilivf. V'<iu may read of history .from the bcpinning or history now in tike making. ' Voii may lind any town in tlic atlusse.s. You ' may fVcn liiid copies oi' deep thought out debate speeches j;iven hy great' meft or liy mere seliooJ students in 1. 11. .S. Almost any • J-jibJecl that y.iu vyi.-)i lo read njion" y<,u may find in the library. The new book.s deal Willi almost all the ^i^bj(H•!s menlioned e\<>iil journalism. I'fohably 'tlie book which is the most valuable in eost added this year is the new Hammond Jyoose Leaf Atlas. This atlas is entirely up to date and whenever a <:hang6 is made a new map is jiut out by iho company. This makes this book of value to the school.' AnotheijlMiok of a very different Jype but one drawing a great deal of interest i.-; Colonel Lindbergh'.s .••\Ve." ••j^un!;le Days" liy Beebe or "My Life with the Kskimos" by Stefansson lako you to extreme's climatic conditions and let you study very different typc.s of people! For those interested or tak- " iiig economr<-s a Iwok of is the Commerce Year Book t'.'S. Vol. 1. for l!t2fi. while another I>ool;£ for thoseconimerriaiiy interested J5 the ".Vnaiysis of Secretarial Du- lies.wrilton by Chai-tem- and U'hit- • ley;; • I - "Anieri<?a" by Van Ixion i.<! one of the repr.(;!>e'ntative typeli of valuable! «ew hiHtnry b<K>J(s aildfd while "Our .N'atiiin's lle'ritaRe" hy llal- leck and 'Pianlz. givc.-s a different .view of v., S. history. "Story of the IllbJe" hy llurlburt. and" "A ^>udy.of Cost lime" by Sage are i^ooks for da.s.m-.s smaller in nuni- .ber who comri :to tho library in xoarch of maierial. "Outline of Abnormal Psychology" by Mc- I)<)urgal, and "Princljiles of Km- ploynient Psychology" have names that would, invite only those who have had some beginnings in the subject to read wltli understand-, Inr; The ."Junior College MoTe- m«nt" by Koos Is one of the books that should draw a good, deal of ^ attentioa -frpm those attending the , iocal junior .college. Are yoU interested. In agriculture, then : read "Rural Life at the Crossroads" by Campbell. A few of the other outstanding books in the library for the first time i this year, are "Means of So- •lal Control," Lumley; "Fundamentals of Social Psychology," Bogardus; "Social Organlzatton" Cooley; "Psychology of Secondary Education," Judd; "Political and Social' History of Modern Europe," Hayes:'"History of the American People," jfuzzey; ".Modern Alad- dins and tnelr Magic," Rush and Wln^low; "The Glorious Adventure," Halliburton; "Your Money's Worth," Ch«se and Scbllnk; "Wah- To-Yah and tho Toas Trail" Garrand; "Pheasant Jungles." Beebe: Peacock. House," PhlUpotbi; "The Teaching of Ideals," Charters; Chicken Wagon Family," Bene- fleld; "Trader Horn," Horn and txtwls: "Smokey, the Cowhorse." by James; "Main Currenls of Spanish Literature," Kord; "Stories of Great AmerUnni," - Kggleslon; •'Story of Phlkwophy," Durant; "Contemporary Verse," Merrill and -MORE WHEN A PERSON ENfERPmaiiK; <HEY SA>r HE'S UgCKY .Sirague; "lied HadRc of Courage," Crane; "Vonr.'ielf and• Your Body," 'Jiviir.ll: "MoiUru Kamlllar Ks- says," Tanner; "Marching On." Boyd"; ''Giants In the Karlh." Ilol- vaag; "Tom Jone.^,•* Fleldiiig. These books menttohi'd alxn'c ari> only jiarl of the 12Tt liooks added this year, but they give some Idea or thh representative class bought this year. Besides the many iKMjk.* already In tho library, there is a' large breadth of magazine reading for those >'ho are Interested or must read magazines. The library has a good choice for n school library of the high CIBAM magazines, such^s "Worlds War," "Atlantic Monthly," "Century." etc. You may find either specialized tnagazbie.H in Knglish (Correct Kngllsh) or niechaiilcs (Popular Mechanics). Afso magazine.s giving tho prt'seni new.* such as "Literary Digest" and "The Outlook" are to be found. These are kept and give alarKe refereuc»« group among which to look pn the dlf- ^•rent subject.^. 1 In this article only :i few of the many things in the library can bo mentioned. One must go look through the entire library | to get a gooh idea of the large amount of refprcn <p niuierlal and helps to be found .there. •Much credit for the present niz" and sncress of the library must go to ^rs. A. M Thoroman, librarian, i who has r'haiL cbarge of the llbralry for, the i>aHt several years and has worked hard in develop^Ing it into a systematic and valii- abie .school and collcg.» library. [Mrs, Gullett's Items. J. W; Baker is fixing his home up; in finp shape, when the weath- eriis so he can't play horse shoe. Uusjiell Henderson Is pointing and papering for Pr Lacey on 'Sdnth .Main. Dr Is remodeling the house and having a tot of work done on it. When we read, .anc sop. so many young men passing away we feel like .sayint;, Oh, not ready yet to die. thcar is FO much for them to do, th^ar sands of life are surely not yet run. Uoy Waggner called to see his l/imiilH. Mr and .Mrs Will Waggner when he was on h:s way lo Wichita and from inear will go with the road force to Texas, i Musical Milos Will Be Kcllcy Theatre Feature The MusUal Milos. a combination musical and minstrel act. for years a recogniz?d Pacific coast attraction, after playing Kansas City and Tnpeka will appear at the Keiley theater Wednesday and Thursday night in ciinjnnc tion with iia unusually ' Kood picture program. The .Mjlos reicntly returned from Honolulu where jhey enjoyed a very successful run.., being |held over fur six weeks. ' Ther^ are seven people tn the act. featuring .Maxinc Milo. crying sa.xophonist. ' Motion-pictures have now been installed as; ah aid to the real estate agent.' ; In a tiny private theater hidden away in the offices of some of t^e big firins a view can be! given of the exterior aijd inter- inr of houses for sale or rent, and the prospective buyer or tenant is able to set a good idea of what his choice loijks like. One doctor says tlie growth of children takes place entirely when they are asleep. ChrlHtmas Seal yinir mall. GIFTS of r GOODNESS The old cry of ''what . will I jrive liiin?" i.s an- .swered by .'JO .nicthinK fi-rini the Httl). 'Hci'c aVe ; sparkling iletiis that will really maky lor :i .Merry Chri.stma.s: . SILK HOSE NECKTIES , HANDKERCHIEFS iGLOVES . \ SIHRTS . PAJAMAS BATH ROBES, ETC. THE HUB for all the FAMILY •-Shavintf Sels. !\!aniciire Sets, Sewing: Sets, Baby Sels, Bridjje Sets, DcskSets, Dresser Sets, Indies' Hand Bas:s, Men's BiH Folds, Cigarefte Cases, Coin • Purses, Key, Kodak Albums. Memory Bodk.s, \ Ghrislmap Greeting Cards, Bibles, Stationery, Toilet 1 Articles. Humfdors. Tobacco, Lowney's Candies, Norris's Candies, Candy Bars; Smokine Sels, Cigars BROWN'S DRUG STORE • i .. -' The Nyal Store If You Want Quality Meats Pure Pork Sau.sage, It'.s iiome made 20c (;ieaii Cut Hamburger, no cereals added 18c Baby Beef Steaks 30e Baby.Beef Roasts 20c Beef Boil 12>/j to 15c Lamb Patties, per lb. 30c Pure I^rd, 2 lbs. "for 35c ; Center Cut Smoked 'Ham 40c ,*Pork Steak 18c. 2 lbs. 35c , Mince Meat, Extra .ciuality 23c It 's Meat You'll Enjoy to Eat. Things for ; In g-etting" youi* gifts together, remember that the cost of a knick-khack is just as much as a dependable gift, but the pleasure rep^nds on the lasting qualities. Here we have gifts of permanence and usefulness. Visit our store this Christmas. Brlgham Hardware Co. A Priceless Gift To those ivhom you woidd hare i-emfmber you for all ChrixtmaH Day»^ to come— (live Phot igraphft! Your Phdtof/raph i.s a pricr- lesx (fift becaum; it is the one thing that only you can buy. GIBSON'S PIlOTOaRAPUS LI Vi: FOREVER A beautiful pair of Coquette Stockings given to the person holding the hicky number. INTRODUCING AN INVITATION %, ".We extend a cordial invitation to all to it| vi.sit us and to look over our line of Christ-'* mas gift suggestions. We will be only too glad to aid you in any possible way in the .selection of the propel- gift. We want you to make this store your headtjuarters while downtomi and to feel free to leave your parcels here^ while shopping. We will gladly wrap and mail any " packages for you if you desire. • Shpp Early While Selections Are the Best. 1 PALACE DRUG CO. 2 North Washington Phone 476 G. W. I.awrence. Prop. STOCKINGS The best dollar stocking that money can buy EVERY PAIR GUARANTEED West Side Square lOLA, KAN. 12 S. Wash. We Sell Quality Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Our Aim is to be, Hig'hest in Quality and Service (That's What You Want) With a Most Reasonable Price for the Quality and Service We Render \ Try Us and .See. WE BUY EGGS AND TURKEYS, DUCKS, GEESE A. W. Anderson Phones 291-292 Corner 2nd and Lincoln • We Deliver M Grocery CASH 120 E. Madison CASH Make Your Grocjery Money Go Farther. You buy Quality Groceries for Less Money at thisistore. POTATOES—Bag: Rijssetti Burbanks . $1.60 SUGAR—15 lbs. pure' cane .......... .$1.00 FLOUR—48 lb. bag Jersey Creme .... .$1.90 COFFEE—M & M Perfect Blend—guarantee, as Rood as the best or your money back, lb. 45c COFFEE—M & M Special-^best' Pea- berry, lb. . ., ..; .35c ^ 3 lbs. for $1.00 SOUP—3 cans Sniders Tomato .25c B^ETS—No. 2 can Sniders Sliced Gar• den beets . — ... .j. 15c PEACHES—No 2 Vz can halves or sliced in heaVy sugar syrup, per csin 22c I One Doz. cans^only 2.40 PINEAPPLE— NQ . 2 can sliced 25c MACARONI—2 lbs. quick cooking ......25c MARSHMALLOWS—1 lb. Campfire ..25c RICE-4 lbs. Fancy Head Rice .25c POP CORN—3 lbs. Jap Hulless .......25c GRAPELADE—Large Jar 25c CRACKERS—2 lb. box National premiums 28c BRAN FLAKES—3 pkg^s. Kellogg's Bran Flakes 18c Watch our windows for Lucky numbers on Thursday night of this week. r Our Customers Must Be Satisfied. 1^ i^^^ffiaien never miss - -true value when they see it. That's why A.&P. popularity hes spread until il now serves better than 2 million of America's most] representative women. l^eat "pir 24c 15 $1 cake n ^IOC . ar & Ssrrup While ^ House Corn Meal Fine Quality Lb. 4c i Hawaueui Sliced Cans ESTABUSHED lUf TEA

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