The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1956 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1956
Page 16
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PAOE 8KTE1M BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11,19W Ikes Civil Rights Bills Seem Headed Nowhere By JAMES MARLOW AP News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — It looks like a good, solid bel the Eisenhower administration's proposals for strengthening civil rights are headed nowhere. There's small chance Congress will approve any of them this year. The only thing really new about them is that the administration finally got around to sending them to Congress where bills already are pending to carry out much of what Atty. Gen. Brownell proposed Monday. -.,,,, Those bills are hung up in the January 1955. didn t try either, judiciary committees of both houses. Neither committee has yet approved them. So none is now ready for floor action in either chamber of Congress. Perhaps the House, where debate is limited, will pass some civil rights legislation. There the outnumbered Southern Democrats can not block action with a filibuster. But in the Senate debate is unlimited. And there ihe Southern Democrats can, and almost certainly will, filibuster to death any civil"rights bill brought up. There can be no new civil rights law unless both houses approve. Last in 1949 The last attempt to get the Senat* to act on civil rights legislation was in 1949 when the Truman administration moved to carry out some of the civil rights promises it made in its victorious 1948 presidential campaign. The Senate's Southern Democrats filibustered 18 days. The Truman administration then gave up. For the rest oi" Its term, which ended in January 1953, it didn't push civil rights legislation again. The Republicans, who controlled Congress from January 1953 to Neither have the Democrats, who regained control of Congress last year, pushed for civil rights laws up to now. Brownell asked Congress: 1. To authorize President Eisenhower to create a six-man commission to be appointed by him— with Senate approval — to study the civil rights problem, investigate civil rights abuses, and make recommendations. This commission's life would be two years. Brownell asked that it be given power to subpoena witnesses. This would mean it could go into the South or anywhere to investigate, hold hearings, and force witnesses to talk under pain of going to jail if they refused. Wider Scope 2. Give the Justice Department far wider scope and a bigger staff for handling civil rights problems and investigations. Brownell asked for a civil rights division in the department, which now has a civil rights section in the criminal dv- vision. 3. A new law to prevent threats or intimidations against an individual's voting rights. 4. A law to speed up the machin- ery by which the Justice Department can use the federal courts for acting in civil rights cases, Including the right to bring civil suits against violators. In both House and Senate, in addition to bills covering much of what Brownell suggested, are anti- lynching measures which would permit punishment of two or more persons who committed violence upon anyone because of race or color. 'Be-Bop' Music Target of Group BIRMINGHAM Uft— A White Citizens Council spokesman says 73 local councils are united in a drive against be-bop and "Negro" music. Plans to protest against its use on radio or at public gatherings were laid at a weekend meeting. Ralph Edwards, chairman of the Woodlawn Council, said he objected to music "which promotes integration of the races and demoralizes children." FBI Chief Hits Ill-Advised Paroles for Hardened Thugs WASHINGTON (#)—FBI Director J, Edgar Hoover spoke out yesterday against ".Ill-advised parole and probation" for hardened criminals. In a speech prepared for a national conference on parole, Hoover said 11 of the 18 FBI agents killed in line of duty were slain by ex- convicts who had been granted parole, probation, or some other form of celcmency. Hoover condemned what he described as attempts to "coddle" unrepentant criminals, asserting: "Parole upon parole and probation upon probation for those who have not refromed are unreasonable and unjustified. "I appreciate the fact that for every flagrant mistake in parole, and probation, there are scores of Car Was Taken But Not Stolen MEMPHIS I/Pi— The police raido dispatcher yesterday instructed scpjnd cars to disregard a previous notice of the theft of a citizen's automobile. "The car Is not stolen," he explained. "The finance company has got it." cases reflecting dynamic reforms lion and rehabilitation. What I am saying is not that parole and pro bation are wrong - but that ill advised parole and probation refl cct adversely upon these methods o protecting society. It Is the old case of it rotten apple tainting the whol bnrrel." Some 600 state and federal 'Spe clalists in penal and probation work are attending the conference cat led by Atty. Gen. Brownell. I is a three-day exchange of ideas looking to uniform practices in the clemency field. Treasury Has Official Name WASHINGTON W) — After 167 years of uncertainty, the Treasury has an official name. It is "The Treasury Department," Secretary Humphrey announced yesterday. Humphrey selected the name, to go up in gold letters on the foui sides of the Treasury Building, after checking results of an informal poll via the newspapers. 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