The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 31, 1932 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, December 31, 1932
Page 11
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L . -fj •*, , >.//,' THE BAKEHSF1ELD CAL1FOKNIAN, SATURDAY, DECEMBER SI, 1 SURGED FOR MRS. ID Arizona Pardon Board Silent WOULD COMPEL CONGRESS TO ABOLISH EXPENSIVE FUNERALS By RAYMOND CLAPPER (CopyrliM, 1132. by UnltU Pr«u) ASHINOTON, Dec. 81.—An effort | while they go possibly thousands of miles to be present At these funerals. "Whether Will Commute Sentence . •• (Continued From Page One) rank 0. Smith, "nor in any state- .•nent.that produced It. Thnt It Is ab- olutely false and a grave Injustice to will be proved at the proper time." , Hulloran appeared In court shortly <ter ho was indicted and posted $3000 for his preliminary hearing next fuoaday. . The Grand Jury's move In recommending life Imprisonment for Mrs. jTudd hnd no relation to the Indictment o,f Hnllornn, Jury members declared. They Bald they believed Mrs. Judd killed tho two women In self-defense. Disavows DUm«mberment Mrs. Judd has often hinted she had no part In the dismemberment of the bodies. With the present board of pardons and paroles retiring from office next T/fUesdny, county authorities expressed the opinion they did not believe any fiction would bo taken until the new bonrd took office. Warden William Delbrldffo of the .Arizona penitentiary said here today Mrs. .ludd told him she would testify at tho hearing of Hnlloran, If she were called. Mrs. Judd Pleased "Mrs. Judd said she was very pleased ut the action of the Marlcopa Grand Jury. In allowing her to appear before that body and at its recommendation that, her death sentence be commuted to one of" life imprisonment," Del- brldpe said. "Slie told me," the warden .continued, "she always has wanted to make a. statement and had suppoHod Hal- Iriran was Rolng to testify at her trial. j"! wanted to testify before the CJrand Jury, because I have been try- iig'to make a statement but have Ifben suppressed. Time after time I avo attempted to tell what I know," Ibrldffc quoted Mrs. Judd ns tudent at Havana Is Brutally Slain fTTnttett Press Lcatctl Wire) HAVANA. Deo 31. Tho body of Juan Gonzalez Uublera, 17-year-old Ktudont, wnH found riddled with bul- loU In front of a cabaret last night a few hours after Rublera had been arrested on charges of shooting Sergeant llafael Castro of the secret police. Members of the opposition to the government of General Gerardo Machado railed tho student's death another case of government reprisal. Police said rtublera was killed when he attempted to cucapc. WILL PAY, ON CONDITIONS ATHENS. Greece,' Deo. 31. (A. P.)— The government Informed the Greek minister nt Washington today it. will pay 30 per «*ent of the interest duo on the $12,167,000 American loan of 1929 on condition the United States agree 1o submit to arbitration tho question OR to whether this was a war loan, ns Greece contends It was. ACCUSED OF SLAVING FATHER TlAK'ER, Ore., Dec. 31. (A. P.)— Claude Hamilton, Baker county farmer, was held In the Baker county jail todny. charged by a coroner's Jury \vlth linvlnu fatally beaten his father, John IT. Hamilton, 70, in a Christmas uve affray. SHOT BY SON; DIES SEATTLE. Pee. 31. (A. P.)—Tim Evans, 59. Auburn rancher, Bhot November 25 by his son Edwin. 23. a University of Washington praduate, died at the Auburn Hospital late last night. The son Is in tho county Jail here charged with first degree assault. W A! to compel Congress to abolish Its expensive funerals for deceased members is being pressed by Chairman Sumners of tho House judiciary committee. Ho has Just sent a letter to Chairman Sandlln of tho House legislative appropriations subcommittee, condemning congressional funerals and urging that Congress take action now forbidding further expenditures for this purpose. ' Representative Sumners In his letter called attention to a resent United Press dispatch which reported on tho basis of the latest unpublished accounts of tho clerk of the House that train fares for tho funeral of the late Speaker Ix>ngworth amounted to $0422.20. Sumners said he knew Longworth would have disapproved of that. Tho Texas representative has introduced several bills and resolutions to end this 1 source of expense which averages about $1600 per funeral. "I am enclosing herewith a United Press story, and you will note tho comment that the train faros to tho Longworth funeral cost 16422.20." Sumners said In his letter. "During Mr. Longworth's lifetime I talked with him about this resolution I was trying to get through to stop these congressional funerals at public expense, nnd he agreed with me thoroughly. If he hnd been alive he would hnvo disapproved this expenditure of tho public funds, "I hope that a provision will bo Incorporated In the legislative appropriation bill prohibiting the expenditure of any public money In connection with these funeralH." Sumnors reiterated what ho said when he offered his first anti-funeral bill: "In tho days when popular respect for government was held largely through tho awe which pomp and splendor and pageantry attached to official personages and positions there may have been some real Justification for this sort of thing, but among a people who are supposed to follow principles as distinguished from persons, and where public officials are merely private persona temporarily called to tho public service, the expenditure of public funds In connection with congressional funerals cannot be Justified. "Besides, the custom makes necessary that members of Congress aban- the discharge of public duties I believe most everybody now recognizes It Is not a proper method of showing respect for a deceased member. H is not a proper expenditure of public funds. It Is not a proper uso of the time of members of Con- gross. This custom Is unfair both to tho deceased In whoso honor It Is supposed to bo observed and of tbo living to continue It. ' "Tho majority of tho members of Congress wnnt to abolish this custom. Tho difficulty Is that It Is a thing 1 which Is established and when a member dies tho customary resolution Is brought in as a matter of routine, expressing regret, providing for sending a committee, etc. "To defeat such a resolution carry- Ing out a custom older than tho government would bo an overt act of disrespect shown In tho presence of death. Nobody wants to do that. In rder to avoid that and to bring the matter to an end when nothing of that sort would be involved, I have Introduced this resolution which gives the House «n opportunity to determine the matter of policy free from any possible application to an Individual case." BRUTAL MU PUZZLES POLICE Mrs. Ruth Steese, 20, Sin in tit Cleveland, Ohio, by Wall Street Briefs Kidnapers NTERFIIN don (United Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 31.—A ?0- year-old mother, her husband and a fcecond man were held by federal authorities hero today on counterfeiting charges after officers trailed thorn over tho stnto for two months. Tho woman was Mrs. Elizabeth Stutchman, 20. who said sho was 14 when she married tit Visalla. Sho Is mother of two children. The two men were Simon E. Stutchman, 25, her husband, and Uoland J. Kndletz, 32, unemployed radio repair man. Federal operative?* nllesefl that the trio equipped themselves with a fry- Ing pan, babbit metal, tin and plaster of parls, and produced counterfoil half dollars that only expert money handlers could detect. Starting In I-»os Angeles, officers said they had trailed the trio over tho state for two months before they apprehended them on tho stops of the post office here. (Associated Press Leased Wire) CLlflVEL/AND, Doc. St.—Twenty detectives hoadod by Inspector Cornelius J. Cody were nt work today on one of tho most senHatlonal numlor mysteries In Cleveland In many months. "With only a few cluon to work upon, they were hunting the unldentlfle^ slater of Mrs. Ruth Htecso, 20, a bookkeeper for tho Cleveland Society for tho Blind. Mrs, Steese wns kidnaped and slain, yesterday, within n space of 40 minutes. Her body was found in an automobile she hnd been driving, abandoned ut the stdo of a highway on tho outskirts of the city. With her hands tied behind her, sho had been blindfolded with a dirty pleco of cheese cloth, strangled with her own scnrf and shot twice through tho head. Apparently robbery was tho chief motive, police said, although the slayer, after taking time enough to go 14 miles, and then to bind, blindfold, and otherwise tie tho victim, departed apparently in such haste that a diamond ring? -was left on her hand, x n watch on her wrist and moro than $5 In her purse, Herbert E. Steese, husband of the victim, wns unable to throw 'any light on tbo tragedy, nor*wcre her parents, Mr. niul Mrs. Frnnklln Olllmorc. DRY AGENTS NOT TO FISCATE TROUSERS Fret* Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Doc. SI.—The only Now York commodity markets open today were the produce, dairy, poultry and cattle exchanges, others being closed until next Tuesday, thus duplicating tho schedule of last week-end. There -wore 40 unfavorable dividend changes this week, says Standard Statistics Company, against 64 a week ago. Favorable changes numbered 16, compared with 24. A sharp drop in state nnd municipal contract awards brought heavy engineering construction volume for tho week ended December 23 down to $14,402,000, says Engineering News- Record. This Is the smallest weekly total In four months. • mm • 1 « ^F • » " • • ^ • • • ^^ • " " ^ MARKET FEATURE Stock Advances to Highest Price in Weeks; Olhcr Shares Strong BRIGHT SPOTS IN BUSINESS (United Press Lfascd Wire) NTOW YOUK.--HiminosH conditions now point doflnltnly to moasureahlo Improvement early In ITO, Dun's Weekly Trade Hovlow mild today, STOCK MARKET AT N. Y. IN DECLINES Do Fairly Well Until Near Close; Tobacco Weakness I-. ' i* v, , M v h bales ment The New York Cotton Exchange reports forward Ings of American cotton to mills of the world wore larger this week than a year ago, totaling 298,000 ng-alnst 268,000 In 1931. Move- of American cotton Into night 271,000 bales compared with 343,000 last year. FEW CHANGES BUSINESS Pros* Leased Wire) KAN FRANCISCO, Deo. 31.—West- orn ritockB finished the trading period of 1032 with u rising trend, particularly In tho finance company division. Tranwunorlca wns tho big murkot feature, closing at tbo top of a %point rlso that carried to CH. tho beat prloo In weeks nnd on A volume of 31,200 shnros. Year-end "window dressing" nnd account adjustment wero apparently tho chief market factors as 18 stocks moved higher, whllo oniy 3' lost ground and J4 held oven. In the finance company group Fireman's Indemnity roue 2^. Fireman's Fund, 2, Bank of California, 2, Home Fire nnd Marino Mi and . Anglo California National U- Tidewater Oil preferred made a upectuclar C- polnt gain, Jaritxttn Knitting ro»* 2 to sell at 5, Golden fltritt* galnod 1, Iflmpurtutn £*&, Byron JackRon Union Oil %, CoiiPolldaterl Cborr U, California Packing % and Lungendorf Unicodes "A" %. Occidental Insurance dropped a rising 1, and flnlnhod flown Copco 7s lost •; and Standard Oil A number ot" nt.llltlos, oils and Indus trials bold even. CHICAGO. — OrlK«by-arunow Com* pany hofftnn 1033 with four tlmeB tbo number of unfilled orders for refrigerators than at any time since market- of tho product, was begun, unoord- to John F. DltBoti, aaRUtunt vlco- proBldont. Begets Slump NMW YORK.—An IncreftHo of $100,000 In HdvortlwInK appropriations for 1033 was announced by Morris l.ltt- niann, department store head. 1'lTTSIUma.—Plate Rlass production In November totaled 4,510,960 square foot, nualnst 3,033.418 In October and 8,384,882 In Novomor, ll»31, HC- oordlnif to tho plato glaMs manufac- turors of America, MOBILE, Ala.,—Mobllo A Ohio railway reported November not operating Int'unio was $10,867, affatnxt a not IOSH of $05,630 In Novembor, 1031. Weekly Citrus First Christian Church Sixteenth nnd 1 Streets Charles H. Hulme, Minister Bible school nt 9:45 a. m. "99" class for men at 9:30 a. m. Morning sermon and communion at 10:45 o'clock. Sermon subject, "Tho Now Year—Its Hopes and Promises." Evangelist A. Word has sent a number of greeting cards with pictures of himself and wife to distribute to the congregation Sunday morning. Children under 16 como to get attendance cards at Sunday school. Evening service at 7:30 o'clock, preceded by six Christian Kn- deavor Nocletles at 6:30 o'clock. Sermon subject. "Realities That Can Not Be Experienced by tho FIvo Senses." Special music by choir and orchestra. Presbyterian Church 'Corner Seventeenth and H Streets Rov. John Murdoch, Pastor Sunday school. I*:45 a. m. Theme for the month of January, "Service." Morning service, 11 o'clock. Text, Ec- cleslastes, 7:8. Theme, "Starting Afresh." Evening service, 7:30 o'clock. Text, Matthew 11:28. Theme, "Beginning With Jesus.*' "Watch" mooting this Saturday evening, bepinnlnyr at 9 o'clock and continuing until after the midnight hour. Christian Kndea- vor meetings at 6:30 p. m. Monthly session board meeting on Monday, 7:30 p. m. Midweek service nt 8 p. m. Wednesday. Monthly Sunday school board meeting, starting with fellowship dinner at 0:30 p. m. Monday. (Aimoctated Pr?,*s Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 31.—A re- pi>rt that federal .prohibition agents would confiscate the pants of anyone found with liquor In the pockets thereof, on the theory that said pants Trade Is Holding Closely to Stabilized Level of Past Months S. F. Stocks (A.mtoeiatea' Press Leaned Wire) NKW YOnK, Dec. 31.—The weekly mercantile reviews said todny that could be classed as vehicles carrying business, though affected by the usual 1 f **•«. ( FELICITATES ARMY, NAVY BERLIN, Deo. 31. (U. P.)—Presi- lent von Hlndcnburg sent hlH best •Inhes to all membera of tho army nd navy In a New Years message today. "The traditional military virtues of loyalty, obedience, and sense of duty will Inspire your conduct as hitherto," tho president said. FOUR SMUGGLERS EXECUTED HONGKONG, Dec. 31. (A. P.) — Four smugglers, condemned to death by tho Canton Anti-Japanese Boycott Society, were executed there yesterday by orders of the Kuomlntane (the Chinese Nationalist party which controls tho government), It was reported today* t BANK FAILS TO OPEN 'ALATKA, Fla., Deo. 31. (A. P.)— o Putnam National^ Bank here, Ich showed on Its statement of Sep- nber 30 deposits slightly In excess $1,000,000, ffllled to open for busl- BB toduy. A notice announced tho closing was mude for the "protection of depositors." WHITSELL REAPPOINTED SACRAMENTO, Dec. 31. (A. P.)— neappolntinont of Leon O. Whltsell us u member of tho state railroad commission WHK announced by Governor Rolph hero today. The governor also named Max Socha. Los Angeles bunker, riH nn examiner for tho com- mlNtiton. "VVhltseirs new term expires January, U"39. JANET GAYNOR SAILS „ SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 31. (U. P.) Janet Gnynor, film Btar, who a few N ago announced her separation nim JUT husband, Lydell Peck, was ound for her cottage In Honolulu to- aboard the liner President Hoover. St. Paul's Episcopal Church Corner Seventeenth and 1 Streets Ilev. William E. Patrick, Rector The first Sunday after Christmas, feast of tho clrcumctRlon, services as follows: 8 a. m., holy communion; 0:45 a. m., church school; 11 a. in., holy communion and sermon by the Rev. William B. Patrick. Meetings next week; Tuesday at 8 p. m., Church Service TjeaRiie; "Wednesday at 2 p. in.. St. Paul's Guild; Wednesday at 7:30 p. m., choir rehearsal; Friday at 10 a. m., feast of the Epiphany, holy communion; Friday at 4 p. m., candidates of tho Girls' Friendly Society. Calvary Baptist Church Kern and Nlles Streets Evangelist Albert T. Douglass, Acting Supply Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 to 10:45 u. m.. Harry 13. Gregor, general superintendent. Everybody welcome. Morning Hervlce, 11 o'clock. The Rev. Mr. Douglana will prench at both nervines. For morning worship, "RelroHpect and Prospect, tho Old Year and tli« New." Everybody cordially invited. All B. Y. P. U.s meet 6:30 p. in. for study of God's word and training in service. Kvenlng service, 7:30 o'clock. Fifteen minutes for orchestra prelude. Bob Milligan, director. Topic, ''The First and Last Day of 1933, What' Shall Come Between?" The ordinance of baptism will be administered at tho close of our evening worship. Candidates approved nnd others who desire to Join in obedience to the command of Christ, i«ay go prepared for baptism. The county-wide young people's B. Y. P. U. rally will meet In Calvary Baptist Church Friday evening, January G, at 7:30 o'clock. Refreshments will be served. The Christmas play sponsored by Mrs. Douglaaw. last Sunday night, will be presented again us part of the program next Friday evening. First Baptist Church Truxlun Avenue, Between L. and M Streets Rev. Frank u. fcelden, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.; morning service, 11 o'clock. Text, "The High Calling." Evening service, 7:30 o'clock. Text, "See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For If they escaped not who refused him that Hpiilte on earth, much more shall not we escape, If we turn away from him that speak- eth from heaven." Heb. 12:25. Al tho morning service the choir will sins the anthem, "Hall to the Brightness" by Schuler; and Miss Elizabeth Behan will sing the solo, "Cantlque de Noel" by Adam. The anthem for tho evening service will be "A Song of Victory" by Gabriel; the solo, "In Joy Triumphant, Praise the T^ord" by AsH- lelgh, will b6 sung by Miss Virginia Sinythe. contraband, caused a ripailo of New Yenrs eve excitement here today until denied. A news reel organization headquarters In Xew York heard the report nnd tlpprd off tlielr local camera men to got set for some rare scenes. What about tho ladles, some one wanted to It now. RcHleged with telephono Inquiries about It, Colonel George Seavcr, deputy federal prohibition administrator, said ho inlfrht have mentioned the Idea when asked by a reporter what he was going to do to celebrators tonight, but it wns just a joke. Social Registerite Called by Reaper (Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGKU2S. Dec. 31.—The death of Miss Martha K. Kvann, social reffls- terlto and philanthropist, was announced hero today by relatives. She died at her home here from a heart attack. Miss Evans was aunt of Mrs. James W. Gerard, wifu of the former American ambassador to Germany and of Countess Slgray of Budapest, Hun- Bary, and of Airs. H. H. Durston, Fort Worth, Texas. Sho leaves three sisters, Mrs. Mnrcus Daly of New York and Mrs. J. HOBS Clark nnd Mrs. Josoph A. Lewis of Los Angeles. post-holiday lull, Is holding closely to the stabilized levels of the past few months. "The continuity of commercial recession," Raid Dun's "which wan so uteadfnstly In evidence during the entire 12 months of 1031, has been Interrupted abruptly on several occasions (Uirlnsr tho current year, with each period of progress more extended than the one immediately preceding nnd tho margin of gain widened even though tho level of activity attained naturally could not bo so high as the guage established by normal standards." This agency also declared that most Industries aro "holding tenaciously" to the gains thiit have been made, thus counteracting the poor showing of commodity markets. Bradatrcet's asserted that business men In general f ce i they have no cause for complaint In spite of the fact that the Christmas season will probably go down in business hlntory as the poorest on record. Tho volume of wholesale and retail trade, is estimated by the agency at slightly below the previous year with dollar totals down from 20 to 25 per cent. Tho most unfavorable factor, It .is pointed out, Is the drastically deflated levels of farm prices, which aro having a decidedly adverse effect on purchasing power In the agricultural regions. Los Aiureles Hay 11 * * t 0% iiti •ir, 91 00 Christian Science First Church of Christ Scientist, of Bnkersfleld, branch of The Mother Church, Tho First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass.. at Woman's Club hall, Eighteenth and D HtreetB; Sunday services at 11 a. m, ( Sunday school nt 9:30 a. m. Wednesday evening mooting at 8 n. m. Tho reading room, located at 324 Brower building, IB open from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. nnd from 7 to 9 p. m. dally, except Sundays, Wednesdays, and holidays, und on Wednesdays from 10 a. in. to 4 p. in. On holiday* from 2 to 4 p. m. Tho .subject for Sunday's Bible Lesson is: "God." Woes of Private Add New Canto to Popular Verse St. John's Lutheran Church Corner of Twentieth and C Streets LiOUlH A. Kueffner, Pastor Sunday school and adult Bible class will be held Sunday. New Years day, at 9M5 a. m. All classes meet in the church hall on C street between Nineteenth and Twentieth ntreetH. Services on New Years eve at 7:45 o'clock. Services on New Years dny at 10:30 a.m. The first meeting In the new year of the voting members will bo held Thursday, January 5. All members aro requested to bovpresent. The young people's meeting and social will take place on Wednesday evening at S o'clock. Full Gospel Tabernacle Seventeenth and O Streets Charles W. Ople, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Text, "Tho TxtrcVs Supper and Its Significance In tho Church Today." Evening service-, 7:00 o'clock. KvanffeliHtlc service. Mid-week services on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 7:30. (:, A. Young People meet at 7:30 Sunday o veiling and tho Junior O. A. at the same hour 'n the lower auditorium. Pint Methodist Episcopal Truxtun Prom G to H Streets Dr. Fletcher G. Watson, Pastor Sunday school, 0:45 u. m.; morning service, 11 a. m. Text, "Open Doors. This is a New Years message by tho pastor. Tho choir will sing I Am tho Alpha und Omega." Evening service*, 5 o'clock. Text. "The Life Story of Some of the Great Hymns of tho Church.'* The pastor will tell Home- thing of tho life and history of tho men who wrote these hymns. Three Epworth leagues meet nt 6:15 o'clooU. Combined Junior high nnd high Hchool league meeting wltn James Logan IIM leader. Thome, "Good Resolutions." Senior lenpue, Oenrge Poehner presiding, with Jesse Gray ns guest speaker. Special musical program. Important meeting of official board will be held Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. COLLEGE PRESIDENT DIES BOSTON, Dec. SI. (A. P.)—-Henry Lawrence Soulhwlck, 70, president of tlio Emerson College of Oratory, Shakespearian scholar and widely known lecturer, died last night. Ho had been nHnocinted with Emerson college 38 yeura, the past 24 us president. TREMOR ROCKS AREA JOHANNESBURG. South Africa, 33ecomber 31. (U. P.)—Tho most severe earthquake In South Africa in many years rocked buildings here today nnd sent residents of the city hurrying 1 Into tho streets. One shock lasted 30 seconds. HORSES SELL AT 82 CENTS WARSAW, Dec. 81. (U. P.)—The agricultural nnd economic crisis In Poland brought the prlco of horses sold ut auction today at 82 cents. One farmer sold hlH household furniture and several head of livestock for $4.10 JOHN D. NAGLE DIES SAN FRANCISCO, Dec, 31. (U. P.) John D. Nagle, commissioner of immigration here under the last three Republican administrations, died last night after a long illness. He had been In politics In the west most of his life. r* Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Doc. SI.—Hay ton /. o. b. Los Angeles: Choice barley, $J3@14. Choice oat, $14<3>15. Alfalfa, delivered, Hynes or Monte: U. S. No. 1, $13<3>14. U, S. No. 2, leftfy. $12.50^13.00. U. S. No. 2, $12.00(0)12.60. Frets Ceased SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 31.- Stock— BUI Alaska Junoau Atlas Imp. "A" Byron .Jackson Pump 2 California Ink "A"., MH California Packing 9 Caterpillar Tractor OH Cona, Chemical,"A",... Crown •!. com. Vto Crown /.oil. preff. "A". Crown /ell. Preff. "U" . Fageol com Fireman's Fund Ins.... Oolden State Honolulu Oil Leslie Calif. Salt 1« Jj. A. 0. & 15. pfd.. Mn gnu vox Magnln com........ Mngntn pfd. Marchant com North American B P. O. & IS. com P. G. & R. 6% 1st pfd. P. O. & K. GH% 1st pfd. .. 22U Pacific Lighting coin flS^ PC. Llghl. $6 div. (jfil SOVj Pnc. Pb. Herv. (new) com. PC. J J b. Sorv. first pfd Pac. T. A T. com 7S Pac. T. & T. pfd 107 Parafflno com.., 8 Ple'n* Whistle pfd Richfield com.. Richfield pfd.. Roos com S. J. U & P. 7% pr. pfd..!03 H. J. L. & P. "A" 85 Schlofllngcr "A" com. Hchleslnger "A" pfd.. fcthell Union com. Southern Pnclflu... S. I'. G. G. A". S. P. (J. G. B". Standard Oil of Calif. Tidewater com. Tidewater pfd. Tritnsamorlca . Union Oil of Calif. "Western" Pipe com.... Asked 2 2U 20 93 (Associated Press Leased Wire) ANai3I>lBS, Doc, 31.—California lemons wero higher, whllo oranges wore steady ut eaatern and middle western auction coutors this week. No auotlona will be hold Monday. Boles dropped off In tho holiday week from 470 to 247 oara of ornnges and from 100 to 82 of lemons. Tho California Fruit Growers Exchange announced Its orange salon two weeks before Christmas were 22 per cent greater than for the similar period of 1031, with lemon sales for December larger than for any previous Deoom- Uer Hlnoo 1028, Lemons advanced 37 cents a box to an average of 95.04, which comparer to 93.98 und |4.56 for tho yoaro 1931 and 1030, respectively. Oranges averaged 92,62 a box, the sumo as tho week preceding. They brought 92.R1 a box at I'nla tlmo laat year and $3.11 two years ago. Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YOUK, Deo. 31.—Stocks ended 32 with a Inst-mlnulo slump todny. . Prices held fairly steady until tho final fow minutes of trading, whan renewed weakness of tobaccon spread to other sections of tho list, and several Ismies closed with losses of a point or moro. The final tone was moderately heavy. Transactions for the two-hour sea-. sion approximated 450,000 shares, Among Issues off a point or so wer« Reynolds M, American Can, Allied Chemical, American Telephone, Santa Fo, Consolidated Gas, Cnso .and a few other*. Fractional losses embraced American Tobacco B, U. B. Steel, United Air cm ft, International Harvester and others. Coca Cola pushed up n point, nnd coppers, firm In the earlier trading, closed about steady. Further buying appeared In Now York Central, but that tssuo finished barely changed. Texas Corporation stiffened In the final dealings, and finished with a gain of a major fraction. The last-minute soiling evidently reflected profit-taking on the advance of the past two days, but It failed to cut seriously Into the gal no. Numur- oua cash transactions again waro reported on tho tape, Indicating last- mlnuto sales to establish losses for tax purposes. A ^ L \ •-i •T: *'-. m - I 1: +•- \ - i - - f; *,- 'i ^^ •'*. -^> '.'}' : ' r *l' r .<•'*.-4\ - '- # '-, i. •$. ? '• •• - $ ft . . _L ^11, ' . ' -•' *• >--.,''-: 5 i _ • b ^^ -n j ' L •* p - r .'''V*7J v^ /.vfcy*'? ^ * New York Close ' - --•1. - • • \m .. ••* 85 IV* 30% 23% 39 90 • 9 I '•* 80 110 9*4 . t . t 1 » .«.*•* .. ...... 105 89 t • • L. A. Stocks (United Press Leased Wire) ANOEI-ES, Dec. 31.— Industrials t * * * # * t * * 4 • I * # I » 3 U 30 4 0 7 3D » » • * * i till • t 6V* It** * • III!** * 4 i I t * I I < 10 4V* I I t « « < • I 4 • I I * • * * * * t » * • * « * * 41! 5% 24 3H • * • * • * * • • 6% per 131 Lib- GOVERNMENT BONDS NEW YOUK, Dec. 31. (A. P.) erty Bonds closed today: 3V&S, 32-47, 102.10. First 4Ms, 32-47, 102.8. Fourth 4»/iH, 33-38, 103.22. Fourth 4#H. reg.. 33-38, 103.18. Treasury 4Hs. 47-62, 100.27. Treasury 4H, 44-54, 106.20. Treasury 3%«, 45-D6, 104.16. TrcaHury 3%H. 40-43, June, 102.8. Treasury 3%«, 43-47, 102.4. Treasury 3%s, 41-43, March, 102.7. TrenHury 3^8, 46-49, 90.12. Treasury 3u G1-5G, 97.17. CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, IDea. 31. (A. P.) of-the-vcar profit-taking In the hour of trading more than wiped out fresh upturns of wheat priced today. • December wheat delivery expired fl.t le to Hi« above the point at which if recently broke tho all-tlmo low record for future delivery contracts In Chicago. The final figures for December delivery, however, were HO to le under yeuterday'H flnitih. Wheat closed unsettled, ^tfpl*? under yestoz-day'B finish, corn U©H" off, ontH u Hhndo to *fce advanced, nu-.V provisions unchanged to J7u Bid Byron Jackaon 1 Claude Neon Kloc U Douglus Aircraft..., KIIIHCU D«rrlt:k com. Globe G. & M. coin.. Ooudyeur T. & R. pfd.... Taylor Milling Van de Kamp Western Pipe Banks Citizens Nat. Bank Sec. First >J*.U. Bank Miscellaneous A. Invent. Co,.. Finance Co. Puc. Mutual Life... Transiunertca WeHtcrn Air Kxpress Public Utilitl^fi U A. G. & 121. pfd P. fl, & K. com I'. Q. & B. Jht pfd Puc. LjiRhtin^ com C. JOH. I,. & P. fi% pfd.., Ho. Calif. Tfidiacm com an. Calif. ISdlsoh 7% pfd.. So, Calif. JSOitton 6% pfd.. So, Calif. Kdlson CVi% pfd. 21 Ho. Calif. Gas 0% pfd.... 21T4 Houthern Pacific. 10% Oils BarnHdnll 3 Bolfta Chlca 1 Pacific Western 3 Republic Peto. Richfield OH.. Rich Held Oil pfd Standard Oil of Calif 23 Union Oil of Calif 0 «>••*. • • * • * t t • 2 6 27 • > CHICAGO, Dec. 31. (A. P.)—Wheat, no sales; new corn, No. 4 mixed, 21U ®22%cr; No. 3 yellow, 23<4tfp24c; No. 5 white, 23%c; old corn, No. 2 yellow, 24^(8'25c; No. 2 white, 25c; oati.. No, 2 white, lB%a; rye, no sales; barley, WORK FOR 606 MEN CHICAGO, Dec. 31. (A. P.)— Tha Chicago & Northwestern Hallway will call 606 men back to work In tho Chicago car shops January 3 for an Indefinite period. $4,800,000 QOL.D ARRIVES NEW YORK, Dec. 31. (A. P.)— A shipment of $4,800,000 In gold consigned from France to New York banking IIOUHQB arrived today. New Year Resolutions (Attoetated Press Leased Wire) First Congregational Church Seventeenth »nd G Streets Rev. A. B. Donat, Pastor Sunday echool for nil ages begins at t»:30 a. m. Distribution of textbooks for the next quarter, Tha KrlendKhlp class hesins n nerie« of lessona on tho "Life of -.TesuB," led by M. F. Wilcox nnd meeting Ht 10 o'clock. Morning service at 11 o'clock. Sornion on tho subject, "The Goal." livening nervier at 7:ftO o'clock. A review of a inowt recent book, "Hethlnklng LI* over the land folks are saying Abb c /I-I r Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Dec. 31.—The woe§ of private Leo F. Whelen have added a new ver»« to an old army song. Whelen was convicted of stealing a banjo, a camera, an overcoat and 910 from the quarters of Brigadier-General Lucius R. Holbrook and waa given a year. Now the elghteeenth Infantry congetero are einglngt "The doughboy swiped th« gen. eral's dough, Parley.voo, Hla camera, coat and bei^banjo, Parley.voo. H» eatd 'of generals I've no f«ar,' Till the 1 court passed out a Kick a year, HI nkey.dinkey parley, voo. Unlty Truth Center Delia Shutts, Leader Chester Avenue. Phone *5M. Sunday school, fl:45 a. m. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Subject. "Right Thinking." Kventng healing service. 8 o'clock. lessons In Truth. Monday, S p. in. Unity Truth Center women Wednesday, 2 p. m. Business clinic, Wednesday. 8 p. m. Daily meditation, "Spiritual Hookup," 1 to 1:16 p. m. Center open from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. Trinity Spiritualist Church Woodman Building Basement Kev. Mary Criswell Krake. Pastor Services Sunday evening only, 7:30 o'clock. Subject, "A new Life." Messages from articles and flowers free to all. Spiritual Science Church Rov. Josephine ISdwards, Pastor Meetings, 7M. r . p. m. Sunday. Tuesday anrt Thumlay, alco Sunday f -:3Q p. ni. Text. "Unhcraal First Nazarene Church Fourth Street «nd Chester Avenue S. H. Krwln. Pastor Sunday school, 0:45 a. in. R. D. Lemert. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Tho pitMtnr'H mihjnct will bo, "Following rhrlut TJurins th« New Year." There will be HUfclal music. Evenlni; Ht'i'vlce. 7:30 o'clock. Tho pUHtor will preach. Hin theme will be, "Wluit tu Do and How to Do It." The Senior N. Y. P. S. meets at 0:30 p. m. Mrs. Knvin will be tho leader. Her subject will be "The Untrod Way for the New Year." esolve—" Hero Is what a few of the more prominent of them Bay as they face 3933 with hope: Bishop William T. Manning, Kplsco- pnl churchman of New York—"Let us resolve that with the help of God wo will return to the ways of wimple and upright living, that we will live wtlhln our means, that wo will be moro faithful jn our work and moro resourceful in the use of our opportunities, thut wo will bn more ready to help others, especially I hose who nro in want or need, and thnt we will HO order our HvftK an a pooplo that them HhuII bo n fair opportunity and a Ju»t reward for all." Amelia Eurhart Putnam,- noted flyer.—"I think thnt in 1933 moro women should strive to look beyond the horizon of their homes and assume greater responsibility In political and economic fields." Governor U. S. Sterling of Texan— "Lut'K rcaolvo to practice morn fervently "faith, hope and charity." We be determined to look to the with more faith." should future T Oovernor C. Ben Roon of Idaho— "We need more money for trade.. Ex- narmlon of currency to meet this need U extremely necenHary now because credit, on which we liuvo done biiHl- ness for the past number of years, has shrunk to u point wlioro it must bo replaced by an Increase of currency." Oovernor-clect Kdwln C. Johnson of Colorado—"I resolve to participate In the national new deal for tho peoplo, to devote myself earnestly nnd «uifferly to tho task bnforft me and to KO conduct my administration thnt llio people who have rcposfd rtinfldencft in me will not be dlaappolntod." CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, Dec. 31. (A. P.)—Hoif«— Receipts 7000; about ntomly, B-JOo lower; good to choice 150-200 pounds .nOiftft.OO; top $3.00. Cattle—Receipts 100; compared week ago: llubt steers and yearllncH HUMX? to 2fic higher, all welffhty ulcers unevenly 2fi-. r »0c lower; extreme lop yDar- lings $7.25; best heavies JU.7G; other killing claHBes uneven, largely strong to 25o hlpher, venters GOc<3<J1.00 higher; dressed beof trndo slufculsh. Sheep—Receipts 2000; tniliiy nominal; for week, fat lambs mostly lower; sheep weak; lowr hulks; denirubln natlv** \tin\l>n 5.8fi, nholco fed westerns !fi.7Ii;3>ti.OO; throwout lambs M.00(fep4.a5 ( fat ewes $1.76@fl.2G. BAR SILVER NEW VOHK. Dec. 31. (A. P.) silver unchanged at 2 Bur COTTONSEED OIL DALLAS. Deo. 31. (U. I 1 .)—-Crude cottonseed oil, SAN FRANCISCO LIVESTOCK SOUTH HAN KRANCIBCO. Dec. 31. (A. P.)-—HOKH—Uecelpts for four days 2000; lOc higher, top 93.1)0 on good 166- pound Callfornla.ris; 177-pound truck- Ins 53.85; sows quotable $2.26^)2,50; today 100 fully steady, 157-pound Call- lorn fa |3.00 straight. Cattle—Receipts for four days 800; slaughter steers scarce, light weights fitftfiqy; low good 1017-pound fed Htf^rs $4.76 top; 084-pound medium l.r.o; 1217-pound medium to good zr>, around 26c higher; common half- erlsh cows $2.00(^2.75; bulls $8.00 down, today receptn 150, Sheep—Receipts for four days 1060; I'unbs steady, 85-pound local feds 4 per cent shrink, nnd 82-84-pound good wooled sorted 15-20 per cent at $4.50, all at $5.50 top; medium to good $5.25. 03-pound wooled $4.50; matured classes absent, Tiflcelpto today, none. LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK LOS ANOlSLiES. Dec. 31. (A. P.)— Hogs—Receipts for wee*, B25; weak to lower; bulk medium custom $3.00© 3.2R. Cattle—Receipts 2100; steady to 26c higher: fed steers, $4.60^6.40; plainer UtnUs $.1.7ri(S>4.50; medium to good holf. ors $4.G0^5.75; beef cows $2.7G<ft3.65. Calves—Hei-eliitH GOO; fully steady; ton vealers $7.00; bulk calves $4.25^ 4.75. Hhoop—Receipts none; medium to ohok*e InmbH quotable $4.&0<y>6.60. j (United Press Leased Wire) NEW YOIUC, DOQ. 31,— FUllroadi Stock— Close Atchlaon, Topeka & 8. F ..,40 Baltimore & Ohio ........... 8 Chesapeake & Ohio .27 Illinois Central ;., ....«.!! Missouri Pacific.................. 8 Now York Central... ;, i8* Northern Pacific 18 Pennsylvania ...... *....... 14 Southern Pacific. Union Paolfto Great Northern pfd.* Industrials American Can ^,.. 64% America^ Tel. & Tel.,* 1&4H i-KjQruOii *ttt»*»«-4*««**t**»••••••»• 24 Caterpillar Tractor 7 Cities Service , Columbia Gas. , Consolidated Qas.. i Corn Products ,.*.,., CurtiBB-Wrlght Aero Famous Flayers Fox Films "A" General Klectrla. *. General Foods Gold Dust Qoodyonr Tiro & Rubber ...14 international Harvester __ International Tel. & Tel.., 7- Montgomery Ward................ North American.........,..,.;... Pacific Gas Electric Radio Corporation .v. Saf dway mores ..'.... Hears, Roebuck Co.....^.. ..; U. 8. Rubber,,.,,,,..' ,...; Union Carbldo & Carbon.....;.... United Aircraft.... ;...«.,. Warner Brothers i .v. Western Union WestlnghuuHe ISleotrlc.. ,*........ Woolworth Stores,...... v , f ., .•,, J. C. Penney, .»....'.,,. Transameriou First National Stores,.... ». 64Vi Metalt ; • American Smelting- ,.....,,. 18 Anaconda :....,;,. 7 Bethlehem Steel...,,...;.., Inspiration Copper.. *, International Nickel „ Konnecott Copper....,..*...,*..„ U. 8. Steel...; Vanadium Steel uepublto Steel ,..,.,,,.,., Tobacco and Sugar American Tobacco "A",. Americon Tobacco "B".. Cuban American Sugar,.. Great Western Sugar .,, * \. '—, - T ' f S- IV- i" I _ , ' • r t 1 i -t "* '* i ^' ^ -'"jitetS ', t- --f 1 5* 1 "• "D^J * i II -^-**V l «**ft 1- f' i.' 1 r '-.'i' $\ • V '£« •£* i! 1 •!•• -*, "'" •t • -<^-M <;^t® ' ^ tf*"^-.^ - - : «-* "••• ' '^ i F'n" ^ : *»# - ' .- ' !.''• -**r. •f :.*J *•• T.. t*,. *••••* 4 J r «***•>*»«* -' United Cigars * Oils Mexican Seaboard Phlllip» pete 4 Richfield Oil Co .,,,; Shell Union ,....,......,6 Ml^_.*_| * t ,-S IT A*4t««tt**l*tl«**laA«kB*flft J D ^^ m n -r '.->-. -•' ^ Standard Oil of California. Standard Oil of Now Jer«ey...... Standard Oil of New York....... a Texas Company -. ...,,.., Tidewater Association New ...«.> Motor* • Auburn ....... WEEKLY FINANCIAL General Motor* Hudson Motor Company Packard Motor* Studebuker ,. Ttmken Holler Bearing Equipments American Car Foundry.. .,,. 7 American Locomotive B Baldwin Locomotive 4 General Tank 1? Stewart "Warner , 8% ^^^ ^Btwv^rtmifl^^^h^^B .• t. A. BUTTER, EQQ8, POULTRY LOS ANQlCUfiS, Dec. 31. (U. P,)— Butter , Prime, 23c, Primn firsts, 22o. 'da, 21 o. * ZOc. EflO« Clean extra*, Str; ll^ht dirty clean nUuidurdH, 3Cc; light dirty fttantlurdflf 20o; checks, 29c. Medium—Clean extras, 30c; light dirty 6xtruM, 2£>c; clean standards, N KW Hni Inter- Anglo-Saxon Federation of America (Undenominational) SOU F Street Hev. Philip 13. J. Monson, Bible Expositor and I-ecturer Subject, "The Two WKneHsea of Revelation." IH there any historical record of them? Free nible study classes every Tuenaay, 7:30 n. m., Jn- terpretlne prophecy hlstorlrnlly. eating literature and HUistr Bible study by mall. ( ••••! I.II ,| Church of Christ G und Twentieth Streets U. It. Korrcmt. Minister Sunday nchool. 9:45 a. m.; morning 11 oVlor.-U. Subject, "A Now r>^pat;o for H*.in." V plo'w moftlnR n t ti:.'10 p. in. Korvlco, 7:30 o'clock, tiubjuc-t lircmc Question." Melvin A. Traylor, Chicago banker— "I have only one New Years reuolutlon and It IK the same one J multe every year—Just to do the beat I cnn for tho next 365 dayB." pcu- Evening "The fcju- Peter B. Carey, president of Chicago Board of Trade.—"Resolved—to continue every effort In y»33 toward freeing the Board of Trude from unfair Kuvernmcnt competition and unjust taxation and thereby aid In £utttnK bolter price for tho farmera 1 market. Albert r 1 . Illtrhlo. govornor Maryland.—I rflHolvn to do HIP hei»t I can, nnd try to mon! tlio guoslloiiH which lonir licfoi'fi UK* M Mh (in murh rum* uiun H*--nwft and justice an* 1 can. Senator-elect JameH 1*. J'ope of Idaho—"Nineteen hundred and tlilrty- threo will bo a momentouH year, a year of new trends. I do not expect revolution, . . . I do expftct a change of direction In Kovernment nnd Industry. I expect a new typo of leadership. ... H is evident to me that we must have u U-aderHhlp that will dare—dare to change, daro to face tho facts, dare to embrace the new," Governor William 11. Adams, retiring governor of Colorado—IB "looking toward tho future with the confidence that work to be done and a wllling- to do It will bring happlnens und < Jovernor John Now darlnnO Pullttrd of "nnvoc lo malto any resolution*." YORK, Pec. St.—I'overty- Hniltten 1932 goea out todny In nnd patohcH while Wall street, In common with tho rest of (he world, wonders what sort of wardrobe IB being prepared for 1033. Tlio year-end finds thft community cautiously hopeful. Foro- cnHlH a r« I'nnHpIcuoiiHly uhHont; ro- nlarlng the hold opriinlsm that frequently lict.'oinpunleH u turn In tho calendar IH u dlxpuHltlon to vlnw things as tliey arn and to liolleve that with Hie cardH on tho thble lh*~. play durlnR the new year can proceed ln- telllffontly. Security markets were affected by HeaHonal Influcncon in thin last week of the old year. Iwoinu tax Nulling. as UHUitl, had to be rc-rUoned with and bualneHH, ullhoiiKh Benenilly «tendy. waa suffering from poui-hollclay lethargy, NevortheleHH, both Htoc-kn nnd bonds absorbed offurliign In a mariner thnt Buggetsed considerable underlying optimism. WoakncBrt was ruiher Hoiectlve; by Thursday prloes were rallying on lar«cr volume. 1'arllcular atlcntluii liaH been given to tho re«--«nt rlne of forotgn hoiul»-, especially Owrmnn IBHUOH. Undoubtrrlly large amounts of ilnllnr toann arc '.>»•Ing repatriated, nltlujugh liiv«f.t nn-nt bankrr.s report buying from dumestlr AVImicvor tho By JOHN L. COOLEY Prifi f Ininclil Wrlttr t 28c; dirty Htandarde, 27o; of foreign olillgfttlons In our IK viewed with wide liiU-roBt, more HO bernuRO they were ex- trcrnoly weak only a few moutli.s ago. p was hoard this week future railroad difficulties on tlio contrary, currier Ktoi*U» lull tho market hlglu'r. Several Important railway niuluritU'H fall due In licit, uilhoiiKli Hlt.'pH urtt already under way to niM«it womn of tbom by meanH of partial payments in i-ash ami thn romaliHk'r in new lji»na«. u nn-iliod that may hecuine (iirri-aKliinly popular Hliould tnarUot cuiulitiutiH remain light 27 Small—C^lenn. '-'5c; light dirty, 2 Poultry and Rabbits ITcri8, heghoniN, 2 to 3*4 Ibn., 12c. Stag«, to :!V 3 Mi lb«. HIM. , Ibn., 16i. Iba. up, IGc. and and 12c. lb». up, up, up. He. lOc. I3c. i t'arloadIIIXK for a number of rtn •pasHtril 1H31 voluti'n In thw week ended Dectmiber 2-(, ttmu^h this wan diKj meaKtirably tu a trli It of llu- «-;il- ei.dnr. Neverthfltri^, loailhiK(> huvo held up oomparallvfly wi-ll him-e mid- October. Hallway income for Nuvem- btr WKK le.MN than In tho prtfvluii.s munth. but about half Hie clans one llaen had larger net f^purutliig n>- neiptH than U yea:' aK 1 *: t-xpetiNOH then, however, had not been HO rigidly trimmed. Monetary gold stocks of tho L'nltnt) Stjit CM clono lt*32 nt n round $4,000,000,000. or ftomo $6^0.000.000 abuvn tho Juno low. Th« yoar'n tit-t guln ap- pi'oxlfua««s I&O.OOO.OUO. Th* total IH upproxlrnalftly half ;L billion under tho rocurd high of Scptoinbor, 1931. 4 )bh. and up H*MIH, i-olufed. 3 to 4 Ib**., 16c. colored, 4 H>N. ami up, 18c. 1 to 2'A IbM., 12.-. Ui tn^U U.H.. 12o. Ia-ghuriiK, L", t to 3 thn., Me. colored. I'U , Hiifl bone, old ruO l*eUln, I fuller than IVkln, 4 OKI iliit'kH, lOr. Uti Voung torn turlEi'yv VOUIIK tiimn, dressed, 12 Ibv. up, Hen turkeyM, 9 IbM. up, I3c. Hen uirkfeyn, (ir«KHed, S )b*. up. I6c. C>!«| loin turkrys, l^c; Urentitid, 15c. Squabs, under H lb». dozon, IGc. H Ibs. iluitu and up, KOc. live, iimler 7 U>H., 2'}'.* live. 7 Ibs. and up. 2&e. dieuueil, under 0 Ibs., fc diX'aKttil, ti Iby. and up, Hal)bllH, No. 1 whltu, 3 to 4 Ibn., H.-U.bitw, No. 2 white, 3 lo i Ibs., Go, No. 1, mixed cul"rt«. 3 to 4 Ibb-* 5c. Kubbliu, No. 1, old, &c. FOREIGN EXCRANGE xicw YUHK, Dec. si. (A. K>— Kor- *»iffn exrhungw *tendy; Urtmt Britain, in dollan*, others In rcnta. (Iron i Britain, demand. 3.32^ blo« «.33Tt; iJO-Uu.v bills S.UUi; K cnbli-H S.ttO tVHJ; ca- in;iny. y:i.Stt^; Tuklo, t.Hl. £7.i;5: Montreal." i*ily (hllver peso), 3B.10. Gor- MoxltQ

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