The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on July 28, 1980 · Page 6
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 6

Salina, Kansas
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Monday, July 28, 1980
Page 6
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-y 6 « Salinan has say in family issues at LA White House Conference , Family self-help programs instead of the use of tax dollars were emphasized at the White House Conference on Families this month \ in Los Angeles, said Rose Ann j Thatcher, 111 Wisconsin. | She was a voting delegate to the last \ of three conferences before a task j force committee goes to Washington, D.C., in August with final recommendations for the President and Congress. . .The No. 1 issue was a positive partnership between families and school . systems. • • -Mrs. Thatcher is active in the local Parents Without Partners, Inc., and is state president of the organization. Because of her interest in the single parent, she was appointed by Gov. John " Carlin to serve on the steering committee of the Kansas White House Con. ference on Families. Carlin then picked 14 members of ' this steering committee as delegates to the Los Angeles conference. Mrs. Thatcher again was chosen. She participated in one of four major workshops, "Families and Major Institutions." Her division within this workshop was "Law and the Judicial System." Three recommendations were approved: • Establishment of a specialty court Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Lund (Betty Timbers) Timbers-Lund The marriage of Betty K. Timbers, Glen Elder, and Rodney Lowell Lund, Waldo, was solemnized July 19 at the Glen Elder Methodist Church, the Rev. Jerry Millison officiating. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Roy Timbers, Glen Elder, and Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Lund, Waldo. Musicians were Michelle Brummer, Beloit, and Trudy Lund, Waldo. Composing the bride's ensemble was a pleated train gown of chiffonette and re-embroidered Alecon lace and seed pearls. An imported English illusion veil was caught to her bridal hat of lace and crystal pleating. Matron of honor and bridesmaids: Marilyn Timbers, Tipton; Sharon Fletchall, Glen Elder, and Tammy Schultze, Waldo. • Best man and groomsmen: Rick Lund, Paradise; Jeff Elliott, Natoma, and Vann Timbers, Tipton. Other attendants: Lana Grubb, Holly, Colorado; Gaylene Reinert, Beloit; Mike Murphy, Waldo; Greg Doty, Natoma, and Ted Eberle, Glen Elder. A church supper and reception followed. Assisting were Mr. and Mrs. Bob Newell, Mankato, and Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Burnett, Salina. A wedding dance was held at the Beloit Elks Lodge. The bride is a graduate of Waconda East High School and Kansas Institute of. Medical Assistance, Wichita. She formerly worked in the X-ray department at the Mitchell County Hospital, Beloit. Her groom graduated from Natoma High School and studied agriculture at the North Central Kansas Area Vocational-Technical School, Beloit. He is a farmer-stockman with his father. The couple will be at home in rural Alton, following a wedding trip to Wyoming and Colorado. Rose Ann Thatcher in family law to deal only with legal matters affecting the family, such as divorce, custody, support, visitation, adoption, child abuse and juvenile matters. Judges and direct service personnel should receive special training and remain in the court for an extended period of time. • Court-connected counseling and mediation services, as an alternative and supplement to the adversary system, for resolving disputes and strengthening families; consideration of family cultural differences; families exercise self-determination in resolving divorce-related issues such as custody, visitation and reconciliation possibilities. Where reconciliation is not possible, help the family become a viable communicative unit to ensure effective parenting and post-divorce adjustments, that whenever appropriate, joint custody be explored. Increased di- vorce filing fees would fund the service. • Removal of child from home — establish legal mechanisms to assure programs of support services for families with special needs, taking into consideration cultural and ethnic needs specifically, so out-of-home placement of children is an act of last resort, and in every instance possible family unity is protected within the best interest of the child. These recommendations are among the top 30 selected for presentation to the Carter Administration and Congress next month. A total of 60 issues was discussed at the Los Angeles Hilton. Mrs. Thatcher said the conference was "interesting and very well run." Notable guests were "Roots" author Alex Haley; actor Ed Asner of "Lou Grant" fame, and actress Esther Rolle, J.J.'s mother on "Good Times." Another Salinan also attending the Los Angeles conference was Mrs. Nancy Hodges, 850 S. Santa Fe. She is the state coordinator for all White House Conference on Families activities. She was granted voting privileges at the conference, and her workshop division was "Displaced Homemakers" within the major topic, "Family and Economic Well-Being." The workshop was "excellent," Mrs. Hodges said. Twenty-one pro-family advocates challenged the Kansas delegates in Los Angeles, Mrs. Thatcher said. Wearing sunflowers and patriotic colors,'they contended their representation of the state was more valid. According to the Northwestern Kansas Register, participants in an ad hoc pro-family coalition wearing black armbands walked to the platform before voting began and tore up their ballots. A White House Conference official said 51 torn ballots were found. Coalition spokeswoman Janine Triggs, of Nevada, said, "There are no true family issues here. They have been blocked and ruled non-germane." She charged the conference had been rigged and manipulated. John Carr, executive director of the conference, defended delegate selection and said 80 percent had agreed on 80 percent of the agenda. The other 20 percent of issues, he said, were in conflict throughout the country. Carr said the findings of the conference corresponded remarkably with findings of the recent Gallup Poll on the concerns of the American family. Bleach formula banishes stains Dear Heloise: In a recent column, you mentioned a formula consisting of bleach, dishwasher detergent and hot water that would remove stains from baby clothes. I've also discovered this solution removes deodorant-perspiration stains from my husband's white T-shirts. — Mrs. G.K. And does a great job, too, I might add... Those of you who may have missed the formula, grab a pencil and jot it down or grab the scissors and clip this column — IF the family has finished with the paper. This formula is only for white washables made of 100 percent cotton or white synthetics, provided they do not specify "no bleach." Here 'tis: To one gallon of HOT water, add one cup of automatic dishwasher detergent and one-fourth cup liquid chlorine bleach. Mix well. heloise II hints from heloise Use a large enamel, plastic, or stainless steel container for this solution. DO NOT use aluminum pot as it will cause the pan to darken and turn black. Soak the stained garments approximately 30 minutes. Wash as usual. Soak whites made of 100 percent synthetic material, such as nylon, polyester, or acrylic, in warm water instead of hot to avoid setting wrinkles. Mix the solution as above, but let the water cool to lukewarm before using. This formula not only removes stains from baby clothes and T-shirts, but is also good to whiten nylon uniforms, etc, You'll be delightfully dazzled at how much better they will look. Love 'ya. — Heloise £ -fr TV Dear Heloise: ..if you don't have the best of everything, make the best of everything you have. — M.P. TV TV * Dear Heloise: Do you have a mist- spray bottle for ironing or house plants? Use it in the kitchen when reheating foods. A little bit of water sprayed into the pan will help prevent sticking. Then, as you heat the food, stirring it occasionally, give it two or three quick sprays to restore moisture lost in storage — without making the food soggy. Fine too for leftover biscuits and rolls warmed hi the oven. — K.E. Sell Jewish word wards off devil? Dear Ann: My mother and a neighbor woman were having a conversation in the kitchen yesterday. Mrs. X was telling about how she gets at least four very bad colds a year — one every season. My mother then said, 'I haven't had a cold in 20 years — in fact, I never get sick." The neighbor looked stricken and blurted out, "Bite your tongue and pull your ear, or the devil will hear and take away your luck." My mother said she didn't believe in such foolishness. The neighbor replied, "You don't know much about your own religion." (We are Jewish.) According to her, people of our faith are ultra-superstitious. In fact, she claims there is a word Jewish people use to ward off the devil when they brag about good health or long life. Is this true or false? Check with your experts. — Jacksonville, Fla. Dear Jack: I didn't have to check. Your neighbor is right. The word is "um-bra-shee-en" — and I heard it often when I was growing up. TV TV TV Dear Ann: Poor "Ughsville, Mo." I know how she feels. Perhaps if I tell her about my father, she won't feel so alone with her problem. Like "Ugh's" husband, my father stabs anything on the dinner table with the same fork he has had in his mouth, even though there are plenty of serving utensils. For years he has chug-a-lugged directly from the ice-water container — and the same with fruit juices, whatever. With jam and jelly jars he spoons directly into his mouth ann landers help and advice and goes back for more until he has had enough. When I bake a cake he cuts off a hunk and carries it around in his hand, dropping frosting and crumbs all over the floor and rugs. You would think he never heard of a plate. He gobbles his dinner, is done before anyone else, burps and picks his teeth — spitting out the chunks of food on his plate. Needless to say, I prefer to eat in front of the TV. — Grossed Out in the Bay Area Dear Grossed: Thanks for what will surely be a comforting letter to "Ughs- ville, Mo." Here's another one that should be a comfort to you both. TV TV TV Dear Ann: Does "Ughsville" want to trade husbands? Hers sounds better than mine. At least her slob uses a fork when he dips into food. Mine uses his fingers to get at cottage cheese, meatloaf, leftover vegetables — anything but soup. He will pick raisins and nuts out of a whole cake, ruining it for everyone else. If there are cherries or pineapple chunks in ice cream he makes sure he gets them all. I've seen him scrape all the frosting off a cupcake with his fingers and then put it back in the breadbox. I'll send "Ugh" my address if she'll send me hers. — Another Slob's Wife Dear Wife: "Ugh" didn't send an address. And neither did you. Too bad. I was tempted to send a get-sick card to both families. Confidential to What Happened to the Six-Cent Stamp?: It was pasted on envelopes that cost a nickel a dozen, carried in trucks that cost $800 and gasoline was then 11 cents a gallon. Any more questions?" It's not always easy to recognize love, especially the first time around. Acquaint yourself with the guidelines. Read Ann Landers' booklet, "Love or Sex and How to Tell the Difference." For a copy, mail 50 cents and a long, self-addressed envelope with your request to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, 111. 60611. ft OPENING AUGUST 1,1980 offering personalized grooming for all breeds Linda Von Fange, Owner & Operator Veterinary Hospital Groomer tor 6 years OPEN: 8to5 on Weekdays, 8 to 12 Noon on Saturdays located at LYANN KENNELS !- 555 E. North/Salina/Kansas67401 For Appointment Call 827-5988 (Bus.), 823r3981 (Res.) Vote ROY ALLEN For COUNTY COMMISSION 2ND DISTRICT REPUBLICAN "A Commissioner For ALL Saline County Residents." •Experienced In Business And Government •Conservative • Cooperative •Seeks Suggestions Political Advertising Paid For By Citizens To Elect Roy Allen. Flavel Simcox - Treasurer. Living Today Salina Journal Mr. and Mrs. Stan Cook (Lynn Svaty) Svaty-Cook Lynn Svaty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Svaty, Lucas, and Stan Cook, son of Mr. and Mrs. Austin Cook, New Albany, exchanged marriage vows July 19 at the Lucas Methodist Church. Officiating was the Rev. Craig Atkinson. Musicians: Eldra Naegele, Gary, Lori and Lisa Ward, all of Lucas, and Joy Echer, Hays. The bride's gown of satin, eyelet and Cluny lace, fashioned and made by her mother, featured a chapel-length train. A camelot cap and illusion veil completed the ensemble. Matron of honor and bridesmaids: Lori Ward, Lucas; Jill Echer, Hays, and Mona Lea, Berkeley, Calif. Best man and groomsmen: Jerry Link, Glasco, and Clay and Niles Cook, New Albany. Other attendants: Joshua and Jessica Ward and Michael Svaty, Lucas, Stacey Cook, New Albany, and Rick and Mary Maginness, Westmoreland. A reception and dance followed. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Echer assisted. The bride is a graduate of Kansas State University where she received a bachelor's degree in elementary education. Cook, also a graduate of KSU, works at Bucher and Willis Engineering, Salina. The couple will be at home in Salina, following a wedding trip to Las Vegas, Nev., and San Francisco. Mr. and Mrs. John Goentzel (Marlene Pfeiffer) Pfeiffer- Goentzel Marriage vows were recited by Marlene Pfeiffer, Tipton, and John Goentzel, Salina, July 19 at the St. Boniface Catholic Church, Tipton. The Rev. Melvin Long officiated. Parents of the couple are Mrs. Mary Pfeiffer and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Goentzel, Marion. Kirk Gallion, Wilson, and Mrs. Harold Guhn, Tipton, were the musicians. The bride, escorted by her brother- in-law, Harry Schmitt, was attired in an ivory sheer organza gown, trimmed in venise lace and beaded pearls. Her matching bonnet-style headpiece held an illusion veil. Maid of honor and bridesmaid: Carla Gasper, Tipton, and Carol Fangman, Topeka. Best man and groomsman: Richard Britain, Marion, and Darwin Anderson, Topeka. Other attendants: Carl Schwermann, Beloit, and Tom Goentzel, Wichita. A reception at the Knights of Columbus hall followed the wedding. The bride graduated from Tipton High School and attended Marymount College. Her groom is a graduate of Marion High School and works at Beech Aircraft Corp. A delayed wedding trip is planned. The couple is at home in Salina. Salt loss culprit in heat cramps Heat cramps also may result from drinking iced water or other drinks either too quickly or in too large a quantity. Symptoms are: • Muscle cramps hi legs and abdomen. • Pain accompanying cramps. • Faintness. • Profuse perspiration. To provide emergency care, remove the patient to a cool place. Give him Club Calendar TUESDAY Elks Ladies Duplicate Bridge Club, 1 p.m., Elks Country Club. TOPS Kans., 76, 9 a.m. weigh-in; 9:30 a.m. meeting, All-Star Lanes. New members welcome. TOPS Kan., 49, 9 a.m. weigh-in; 9:30 a.m. meeting, VFW. TOPS Kan., 359, 9 a.m. meeting, the United Methodist Church of the Cross, 1600 Rush. TOPS Kan., 724, 6:30 p.m. meeting, William Bryan, 300 Maple. Eagles 8 p.m. Aerie meeting, Aerie home. sips of salted drinking water (one teaspoon of salt to one quart of water). Apply manual pressure to the cramped muscle. Remove patient to a hospital if there is any indication of a more serious problem. Heat cramps usually affect people who work in hot environments and perspire a great deal. Loss of salt from the body causes painful cramps of the leg and abdominal muscles. PRESCRIPTION SHOPS . .people helping people LAMER'S MARKET 145 N. Phillips Groceries - Meats Vegetables Open 8-10 p.m. Daily Closed Sunday WE DELIVER 8/GGE A/VDEf?SOM, //VC. ^•HAPEL FUNERAL HOME 337 SOUTH SANTA FE • SALINA, KANSAS 67401 OUR SOUTH STREET ENTRANCE TO COURTEOUS AND UNDERSTANDING SERVICE PHONE 913-823-6411

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