Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 29, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1927
Page 3
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TA iTOLA DAILY REGISTER. TUEiSDAY-EVENINg. NOVEMfeJBR 29,19^. PAGg THREE.' .Mr. and Mr.s. S. T. Parsons. of| .Mrs. Fred Armstrons. of McFall, .".ir. North Chosiiijii strofci. ••vho l^ave j Mb., who ha.s been visiting her l>i<fii visiiinK i.\Ir. .Mr.s. Cflcn. brot .Pais!)ns. of 1 'arK 'jn.s. have returned hoiJie. : --Soiiv<iiir.-; t 'l all aiiulus calliiiK oi) us Tluir.-;<l;i.v .from - o'cUtik to .'. w'l-Iock i>. ii!. j .'iry hj.tciiange.^s .South iiom Pohtoffite. : brother, G. W. VanHoozer, returned home today, i SrhonI CilrL XreilK Hrlp. Ono of th^ girls iu the Senior c'iaaa at the lola Higb School is Uie ol.iost of a. family of sevea cbilr flren. Her father died recently-and her inoUier is left with but little prcpcrly to take care of the ehlU dren. This pirl is anxious to fin! ish her .school work this year m as lo he ni>le to olbtain a position as teacher and ihiis heir- her mother support the family. But she IITCS i;i the country and cannot continue ii> school throughout the year Sets, j without some help. She is mature lor her age, is' reliable, in every -i-nr. .KTta.v. • .1. r. lU-iJ. ' :'ilis. C. .1. r .iiiiti;;fr and ilaiiRli- t(r. .Veliif. sp 'Mit Siiiiday iwith fiit-nd.-: i;: iiimiHoii. Ka:ia. ' •yii)i7.:iii\- am! roast <:hiikoii <Iin- iirr ;it i'iyht Cliri.''Iian Church Thur.-(l;<y. lieoi'lliho: 1 -:iric. —"Viin'M lireaii."- good-as 1 I.oina I/'-hnr.iii. (lajichter of .Mil am! .\Ir.s. C. I-'. I.<linian. of 501 .N'litlli \'. aliiijt iilr.''fl. wa.s'abl<: to ii'tiiitii iiorii- —Soc llie Ozarka Battery nuarantoi'd .tu sivc iH-rfect satisfaction or your money back. S. , >¥ay. i.s accustomed to work and toj Mali.tyfii. 21^1 South street. ithe curt; at children, and desires to I I . . i.find a homo wh«»r:i?he-could work; ; —Dr. Luc:r E. Poison.. Chiroprac- for iur board and roomJ She ouftht SuriTcrvi and; tor. Xorthrijp Bid!:;. Phone '.''26. to have moit of her evenings for ~ ^ • \ - i .study, hut she could help with the Leo Uunfen left this aflernoori' mornins: wcrk and could be pu for Kansas f-ity where he will en- rliity from 2:30 in the afternoon, ter the- Veteran Bureau hospital, She is wilHny'to do any work that ' for examttjatiin and treatment. v oitld leave her time enougb. for :— ; , reasona'ble attention to her studies., —After December 1 my office "Will any one who could inake aj will bo at !1.'>'A West Madison.—; place for her plca.<ie coirfniiinlcate' A. D. Hawthorne. at once with any member "of the — • 'High School faculty? —Mildrcl Curtis. .M. D. fJenoral : practice. Office over Cook's Dru;; • ' , Store, piione ->u. i Plcasunt Valley HiU seveij. lal V inipi' i-sti r.lay. Sh'j jvinA iiiiily. Mayor Harmon Hobart went to mini .liiliiis hospi- i Topeka this niornlnK on biisiueis i;; .••eiHjrttMl as (.Vettie Osborn.) N'ov. .2S.—Hoy Paul is alxjut un- for the city. He will probably he!*''''",'" aiiything by the in- luMii.- tomorrow iilKht , jure.! v,-r'.el>ra lu bi.s spinal column , hcroniiiig dl/IoiaU'd again. It has Atlenltnin S. (>. «, B. i 'fli <i<rH Ti.iMxI.iV. ••V (!jlll(f po.atpoili.'d \Vi. ('.ill iM.r .Slid D.-livcr I'llO.N'l-i H'-. .VltlcHon (ieimers —lOlci'tion oi Di'i:. 1. .Sorjal iiinii i).-r. r .,1 .Mr^. ('•. A. Iliibl)ard. I'rcs. — Dr. Bonnie Hicks. Chiroprac, toi-. Otrii'i' IL'l .V. \V;iMh. Phone I'oT. Altis iniiH. I-. K. ; and Fr""l Hi'! Siiiaii.- <pf tin- i:llls .Motor I'inipaay \\'<':i- h:\y\i\-j^A \i.-iiors in Ka::pa-< Cit.v todav. Mr. and MJ-JI. Ceoijae Henderson, wlio have just <JoHf,.i; a .season witli the Larry .Malott fompnny. ai'e .ipfnding a few days with .Mrs.: ;Hcoder .Mon-'H parents.: .Mr. and Mrs. | P'f'ty. j S. R. Robertson. .'{I'l .South Third , Uttie ,Miss .Marjorie fonklin of .strel't. ifivca him trouhl'^ for soim- year.s. Word ,lia.'< bewi receivcil from | Tulare. Calif., o'f: the hiarriage of) Ml.-..' ililillc Uiahm to Mr, Her-j 111:111 l-*ioyd I'uillf. :I1HO of Tulare, j .Mr,-. I'lirilc Is tlie daughter of Mr. I Cl.irciHi. lii-ahui. of FrcKiio. Calif. j '.vim \va- I)orn and reared in Plea^ j a:i; Vullf>u where ho wai mafritfil ' ii) .'di.'i* Alma Clark, fnow decaan- 1 cdi. and wliiTe .Mls.s Coldie also wa.s l )iini. Old friend.s join in wisUMi:? them happiness,and pros- PLEASANT VALLEY i (d E.,Bcrkihlser) . Nov. , 23.—Tljlrty-two years ago <)ur mother, iira. H. P. Fowler of ilotan'giave a Thanksgiving dinner fop her children an/i every Thanksgiving down to na« she has bad tier childrca and grand and great graodctdldcau with her. This year Tra» no esception. This year's dijinor consisted of turkey, goose. Chicken with all the trifnmin's and was'enjoyed by the following: Dr. audi Mrs. H> J. Ba«by and daugh- t-r. Beverly Ann. of Co/feyvllle: Mr. arid yira. D. BerkUiiaer and .Mr. find Mrs. WaUer M. Fowler and .-oil. Homer "Marion, of Battle»ville: Mr. and -Mrs. Everette Reade and daughters. Ruth. Eunice ami (^leone, of loUi: .Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reade and children of Kimbal; -Mr. Frank Fowler and daughtien Verla. cf Bronson; Mr. and .Mrs. C. E. Berkihiser and' daughter. Willa Charlene. and the parents, Mr. aind Mrs. H. P. Fowler. Here's hoping | children. Elsie May and Joe..feeling these fine old people ctin. give -.ts i fine and that his health is Brlpham in camp withns for I know he would have eiijoyed it."' Jijhn. reports the wife, Emma ai»d much! Iwie better. , ' Mrs. The boys.are getting on fine wita our .g::ivel roa <i, which connects with the Carl vie gravel .road. The grave", is being taken from the Geoi Kettle fsrra. When this road is a Thanksgiving dlpiJer for the next thirty years. ' ' Wo received a letter, from our old friend and pal. John Jackson, formerly of here, out now IK-ing iu New .Mexico near PiAnburg. John . has come in ft -oR bis regulai-Completed we wUl just go to lola. deer hunt and killed a tine buck I or no mud. \vlth. 15 pcLit.s. This deer dressed; .Mrs. Henry Eyler has been via- 19a>t pouai» and weighed 2.')0 ; iting relatives and friends in lola pounds whei killed. John says they > the last few days, wer" in camp, five days and saw Mr; and .Mrs. I^gan Frame were the finest h*rd of deer and that he pleaisant caller; at the Berkihiser got the b^st deer that he had heard homa Thursday evening, of or seen, although there were, TI'Q E>ler brothers are fini.shing lots of deer killed this- fall. Deer {the shin^Hn? of that new ISxiO ft. on the running board of cars in hen Tliis house is well eveiTf town. .John says: "1 sure huilt. open front type with cello would!have liked to had .Arthur glass covering and straw loft. This is one of, the .best i poultry" iJottses " the writer has everj had'tho Jiicas- ; ure of looking overl ( '.Mrs. Francis Ballard j of iola is" for a. visit with her sister, : ._. Mayne Gdlgin. ' ; .Mr: and ,Mrs^ Hiary-n<.dsejr of. west of lola were «iallers hert^ kn-:: day ori aci-mint oi the iHn^ss ot their daughter andi grandson. > Vs. At thur Bobb aad uajy. ; LltY LKE*S. WA>TS. Dear Santa Clausi Please bring nie a little a big doll, and a little trunk. Lucy Lee Thompson. desk. Run by clockwor'^. a i.ewly dc-;, .signctl machine euiits for forty mihntes a constant] huniining noi.^o wHich is said to bd useful in. cans- Jng.slees. in cases of insoiniifia, — .N 'v.v ."-pici'.' liviui;. roon; suitti." H .Tvenport l :ii )le. lamp and end la!)!'-. ir ::'i. Ka-y pa.Miunts. Hen!':n-';i'.< i'"iir:iituro Store. — f sell the Ray-O-Var ios. Priicd lig'ut. South street. I'.tn.lia. siient Thanksgiving with iii'r grandparents. .Mr. a^id Mrs. E. B Batt'-r- j I'liirti.. and remained until Sunday Mal< 0111. -19 t tnt '• I Mrs. Belle .Martin who went to — ; 1 r.ongiL.!! for a visit with her brotli- —If yo'.i want to'.buy, or build, j ^r. Tom Carter, and family, spent city or suburbati prop6rt,v. The lola j Thanksgiving there. ; , . (Building A- Man Association • will • Lawretice Paul i-i working in :.;vs. Kato Ilcrry. .;u Los Angeles. I ^j^j.^ j,,^. jj,,,..j ,,,t rate. lola .-ince his^ rftui^n from the ("ail.. v."i;;) is visilin? 'he nom'!;__ •• ,:;._!^— c-- ^ -n "— ':i her l>rpllii>r. 1). .McKillip. went lo H'lm'ii'i'.t to(!;,y !.i visit relatives and fii( ii'l.-. sr.-;-will iiroimbly be ; .ui .'iiv u 'week. ; no commission. See G. E. Pees. Swretary. at old Itogisten building.);,, !-southwest corn-r Df soiiare. '.vest. Tommie Paul has been help- ,;'a;-a;.r a!id lo'id Sa"c"^t Caily!i.- .-r!io M a()!is.\ Friday' .-in-d Kri-! d.ty ' v .-niii;;. Wal', loCec. pie.: ]Ki:ii'iii:f,-i-i > au'l id; tina inu;-ic. j - -Bazaar and roast chicken din-! tier ai ••••r.-t C!iris!!aii Cluircii j T!;:i:>ii:i> . i nit :cr'1—-inc. i i -Mr. and Mrs. .\. ('. Oliver and; d .-MUiii- ,'.'id. arid .dr. ai;d Mrs.; U.'iy illivrr :i!:d .-I'ti. Itiistf'r. at-' t.''id<<l !:i'' It. .\. lodue meeting,: :iii lliiTiii '-ddt l;-..-' iiiilit. : —O. L. Cox, .\;. n. SpecialLst. ' Eye. Ear, Nose nwl Throat. —Aiioihrr r.;.c a.ssortiiU'iit ;ilid -raid'' Liinp fr.uiics just celv,..! K. I". i :b' Ixd re-!! and I 'liilii!). Co. TheOnfntI .Market will have the -best. 01 .MEATS. POll.TKY A.M) 0Y.>-'T1';RS for your Cliristmari wants, j i Your pi'.troua;;<' will bo .•i;>preci;;t'.'d. Piii'iic 71 !. L. ('. KMney and V. C. hli ST .Mr. S'.>yffers with his fall work I lately. i The pie 5:upper at tho Valley i'''i :;!.!> iiijrht drew a large crowd and $24 was realized by the event. Earl Martin and family spent T'l .nksjiving at Ralph Ellis's and 1^ I Earl hauled corn to market for ^ ;R.;;;)h on the day following. .Vet t if Osborn liarketed her ' i :;('(.-(• in lola last week. ' ' V.'c e.x.rend our ' heartfelt sym' { pa:!iy to Rrv. and -Mrs X. L. Vezle ' i in th« ir df ep grief for Iheir only " I child. .Mr.s. C. .M. Cortncr. wljo died *• .-Saturday iii:;ht of typhoid fever. TliroiiLih I'ourte-sv some mein>ers n IV- .....V group No. asked the P. \V. club James Stuart Dales. 76. dean and secretary to the board of l>egenl.s at .Nebraska University. Lincoln, .N'«ib.. wants a divorce on the grounds that his wife liad a uolorious, pa .st life, including a pcuitentiary term, whicn was hidden from ihii^t. Dales surprised his friends thret- months ago when he eloped to St. Joseph. .Mo.. w:rh Mrs. C. .L. Barrackpian. to v.hom he was marriefl. A rjuar- rel over Dales' will pref-ipitat- ed the trouble, he charges. The couple are shown above. .VDDITIO>.\F, SIKIKTV. Kiilertain at Rook [ .Mr. and .Mrs. \V. F. Sfneker en-j tortaiiied four f.ihies of rook lasi • night with the cmplrryees of the | Sene.ker Dry C.oodj s'ore a.-* .!jii>>st.^. Miss Otha W'ison won first prize at rook and aficr the same refrc-^nu-nts were servcii. Mr. and .Mrs.. Li. D. Hawlcy and Mi;-s Jr. si..' Hacjieft were guests. Tho'.e in; at:e::daiice \vfrr. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Rum.sey. Mr. 1'. R. '•• <'ar |M -nter.('<inlriicl<ir. • 'lid'.-.-. •-:i!a^r:s, Vf lies, re- V tuodidii'.g. built-in I aniiii'i-i. oak CionrniC. r'l'ifiim. Lo'.v< st |):'j ^<-eH. . Ft.:i :c M. K-ily. ll'i Wi .-I .lii;k?oli. . .\!i . 1; I.- bc it::\ V. -t'. i-rnii.' I >y u .T I'OIM. . : !>y Ji.V I v.-i) •111' .ll.lI.'M ..•1 ('.iihi'ull uas .-ihle !o •i-il.i;, aftf lii-iii;: ovcr- r. I 1.-' Flirlay in her j -.1 • i.piiiid tuiciiii-fcious 1 .Mr.-:. Oeor^e M<KinIey. of Hitm-j t'oldt. returned home ye;slerday | after ;i vi-it over Th.inkssiving j with her sister. .Mis. H. .\. Brown. I Houth U'.ishington avenue. | I ; —Beaiilify your honie with oil! .:. to postpone tlieir entertainment, I Symmes, Mr. and Mrs. John Kanf- aftcr Sale;^! decided to have its ! nan. .Mrs Jessie Rowden. and the coiiiiiiunity meeting on fh~ date the 1 Misses Delia Udd, Otha \ViIs.;n. I . W, s hjKi set. : The P. W. group Elizabeth Ri-j-^s. Inez .MrKibb-!! rrfiisi'd to comply. 'and Ivnlce \Ve.>-t. p .iiiiijtif.'. •>'.i-:'/t_ 11II Sal. K:: :t at i;i Ma.!,si s.iii s 11. .Nov. liV I'" • '.ildreii wlin gav.' I .ii.d i' v. :is llili'- hours 1 • uaiii '.il .(.u- I r .pi.isiii.vs. Sh- i- linn. Ill y, StriM .•-nil in a i 11' d iiiiiiU- h.iiir Siiia'-'' I'.at-; .\l,ilrii!:i. :;i!' .-^iiuth : - I, err-; I'illit* ;'i::;-'lJ. i .^!:^s. M.. t-r. Miss K .iiis;'.s •Mr a:ijl ll:'' : \V..,- ari- 'h'\ u CaK ;.ii;;ix, • ; . I I);vv:i i^irr^i- aU'-i!" tM ir.-i'.i -r. ilii'di" I'.ath-. I'liu::-': Calla.i.ill C!:.1I-.!..; s -i.;ail ll.. K. iid ilausli- (.• Callahan, of aiTiv .'ii here !!•• v>liitir witii 1.. ri.llahan of .Vhtdisnir av\ ;iUv. lii.-r ai:'i s !-lKr They .f .Mr. • « • J F. UI5. LKVVKI.L, yi. JK r .Sr .O 'i .ia ati'.uli .i .n ;;;ve:i Dis- las .-s litC 'duu ai -.i! R^'.tiim. Elect i-o-Pl'.ysiollierai.y Offic lola stab Batik .nidg. P.;i-)ii..>s—117- ana 7"'>. Ita/.aar , - at M. E. Chiir;h-Krid;iy. D.'c 1'. (•.ifi'tfM'ia lunch. l!:.;ii to 2:'l0. ;(,"hirken dinner. .Vli) in 7 ;ii'i. I Sv .• knovj Bakery Products ' are .'••jud.' But Have ^ Yon Tried Ours'.' VA.N IK>OZER"S. —Dr. Moiif,;omery, Chiropractor. { lola Laundry Hblg.' Pho ;;e V.S. .Miss .Vvis BiilcluT. of Tulsa, Okla.. and Mi.<-s -Uta Buti her; of Kansas Ciy. who spent Tliaiiksiriv- i:ig '.vith llii'ir father. Wni. I'utiher, of lUMth 'of C«s. iia.e ii turned lO ' their school Svork. —:AVe pay 6'-' on Full Piid Qiid Installij -.cT!; S^ix k. The iiest nivejjt- met'.f. the best nitiho>: to 'Security BIdJr. A: Loan .VsxK-iation, lolii. ]i:in«:is. ' —Dr. B, Tv.adell. Osteopath. •New C.Iobi Bldg. Plione VM. Basseft Modern Market Phone 224 We Deliver There are many lucky numbers—we have onje in our window. Our Telephone also;has one 224. Call it anytime for prompt delivery Service. POTATOES—100 lbs. S 1.75 ......2.05 1.10 FLOUR-^Fanchon, 48 lbs. : I -24 lbs. :. ... MACAltONI, SPAGHETTI land Ver- iniu)la, 4 boxes CORN MEAI^ lbs. .25c .20c PINK SALMON—Tall cans, best quality 2 for I.. 35c RICEf-FancyBlue Rose, 4 lbs 25c SUGAR—15 lbs. .... i $1.00 , —Pie ' Supper and ^Proeram at ..I'nion Di-t. 9 Friday < veiling. Dec. :;. .Spend the evening with us. Sits; "S:,-v-- « .Mal,..;n. 2V., >nr,ih str.-,-.. ^^.^ ijiun^holdt. and r ,, ,,• ,.,. „ ./Charles E. Scott, the three pon- Mr. and M; I>- =-P^nt „ij„ti„^ committee .of Nedsho the v,^c.>k^cti.! in Kansas t.ty. -Mo..^ p^^^^^.^^^ , ^ ^^^^^ .with. in. -.r daMm..,..,. .>!..-s -M^Tcarei ,,^^,,,^..^^5,^^^ property at ^'olony. and drove up to the: where a n'.ei-ting was held Keii"y. sf.idi nt at the Kansas City Nati 'Uj .il- 'I'tainin: silioo! tor dea- j co:. s.ji's an Kcll-vs friends, uill n-joice ^ .her ti^at she- has ICL^H selected by^^j^"^^^"^,"-alternative! Dr. !'rter.s'on. pastor of tlie \\'••-le>': rental and piiribaso nronosition to' luissionartos. • C wiih the local committee of'the Community Church. Dr. .Vrnold's , ,Moi!-viisi. church of Kansas <'ity. folony poople. The former was .:Mo.. to hf bis assistant, .'^he acceptvd an-.! tontracts will lie is a nieinbcr of ;hc dioif.-ot i'" i ni:»Vle-io ^carry it into effect. ch:irch. • ——!—!!— t.ird OI ' Thanh'-. ' , - .V< i;;'il!or.- .itid friends: Plca-e' it (;r:»pl ilii.i as mir tisunks for "<*' ' Korkef. nj.ii:y l.i'jdiK-.sjM- ..);owit us during th" ,ii kurss and d '-al !i of onr lius'- hA'i.; .III.I UithiT. also for tin- Iifaii {iliil f |.ii ;»l on.-mu'' \fr .i. C. K , tl -ii!v .itfl -••Ills: l-.iiu-" 111- iiii 'l Ken- i n'-ih. • • ! GIFTS Smoker-. I'Hiir PieHt*, Kn<l;TiilileM - Vol K'ti'!f J >i,<ni ><-e the Vfuritv Rid!.-. A 1.«inn ANsiiilntion.' I<il)i. Office In First -Natl: Biink.' .S. ;ind <•. Art t luh Meel*. : Ml-: J.;S. nass. jr.. jf •ill' Noi;tli -.puciieye T^'as h,ost"ss to the S. and j t". <'nti» Mondav afternoijn at her, home. .\tt>-_r 111? riptilar foiitim-• .<>f. Di'.-inoss ait hour was-spent in j U'^dlo wr .ik. iAfter re'malrks torn' ealh member 'present in regaird to fhi^ ChrJstmasI bazaar, tbe^' meeting; . adjourned. ^. A da^inty two course I luijclieon^jtas. served liy ^the host;| l.lnolpum ItuK> I^JM. V.nA 'XHM^S ipSJH* up.; 3Ink« Y«Hir ScltcUoK Nov . fhrislmasTieHTfry. ii>r MAZOLA OIL—Quart CRACKERS—Fresh and crisp, 2 bo.xes MATCHE&^arton, 6 boxes P.&G. SO^Pt-lO bars ..50c .2Sc .2.5c .3.5c .20c .20c .2ac .2.5c .30c ilOc SOAP CHIPS—Large box — SWEET POTATOES—9 lbs. 25c ORANGES—Per dozeh ' .., DATES—Bulk, 2 pounds ...... .j CURRANTS—Bept qualityj lb: APRICOTS—Fancy evaported, j^er lb. FIGS—1^2 lb. package I We have everj-thing for your Fruit Cake j Mince Meat .and Plum Pudding Nuts—Fruits and Vegetables The Home of Baby Beef Fancy Baby Beef Roasts, lb. .......... .20e Fancy Baby Beef Steaks, lb. 30c Fancy Baby Beef B <H I S , lb 1.5c We also carry only the verj- best in fresh pork—and cared meats. Bulk Kraui (its fine) 2 pounds .15c We will have Fresh Fish for Friday—also a nice line of smoked and salt Fish will arrive the last of this,week. ; CHICKENS DRESSED OR ALIVE We are h^ere to serve you—Because— YOUR SA^nSFACnON JMEANS OUR iSUCCESS. ONVX POkNTEX HOSIERY DRY Cbmpitiii/ WEAR^MILLINERY flUMiVUNG ^IRI> HOSIERY lOLA KAMSAS Where Christmas Shopping Is a Real Joy The Holiday Spirit Pervades everr section of this interesting- • store and gift laden aisles, show ease displays,, sh ow windows, all show hundreds of choicest gifts; GIFTS THAT APPEAL TO THE ETE;.RNAL .FEMININE. Just 22 shopping- days Jeft. We're splendidly ready to help you with your selections. Better start your Christmas shopping- now! Gift Handkerchiefs D:!inty".squares of white linen, cither plain or lace edged and gay colored affairs. Paris inspired. ldcto^l.25 Boxed Gift Handkerchiefs the thing for motherV or daiifrhtcr'.s gift.s. Bo.xed handk ar­ chie f.s for women—.sheer law is, voiles antl linen.s, with fancy en- broidered .scallops and lace edge; white and high colors—three in a i)o.\' at — 69c to $1.25 Men's Handkerchiefs I • I.aijge a.s.sortment of ilen'.s Handkerchief.s in plain white and L'olor.s. . Fancy cottons. 10cto25c LoVely Dove Linirerie The Gift every woman welcomes. Lovely gown.*; of fine ^^uaiity <repc de chine and radium .sill:, in many different .styles. Tuck.s. lace.'fj French ribboii, embroidered bit.s ij'rom th(5 trimming. Priced at- TC Men's pure linen in plain :ind colored drawn threads, j 25c, ^c, 59c Men's Silk Ties Ties are alvvaj's nice for gifts.. Th^so tic.-^ are hand made of a hea.vy grade of.all silk neckwear material. • Special non-WTinkle lining. N'ew and attractive patterns. SL00to$1.50 Onyx §Pomfex The gift ever}- v.'oman hopes for. IL95 Pair Humming Bird Silk • Hosiery All Silk Chiffon Hosiery, (if excellent (juality—lustrous and sheer —.si^cndid values and roost ac- ceptjibje as gifts, bound to pieet wi'.h approval on Christmas 4ay- All shades, perfect, full fashioned. .Sizes S'i to 10. I $1.00 and $l,50xPair Men's Hose Fancy Hose^df rayon and lisle in smart stripes, checks?and plaids; sizes 10 to llll'i. 59c Pair SENEKER'S white .i?oIdJ Girls'Dres'ses for Christmas Gifts $2.50 to S8.95 Shell dance for .ioy to find that her bean of treasures covers a frock all ready made to be worn at once; Wools and flannels, beauti- Cully made in .-^ir'.es 6 to 14.^ Wool Scarfs A nice gift for mother. S1.98 to 37.95 Fluffy New Fur Chokers One of the most attractive of winter acces.sories is the fur choker. And these lovely chokers are unusually fine—the pricing lower than usual for furs of slich soft silky texture. • I $7.95 to $69.75 $3.98 "•' SIOJ 00 Gift Gloves From Abroad $2.59 and $3.9S are all of imported kid, soft, pliable and of excellent rjual- it.v—with oversewn ."-'eam-s—fancy stitched backs in ail .street shades :lnd combinations. Luncheon Sets $1.98 to $8.95 Dainty luncht -on .•^els of pure linen, of fine <iuality. Clot& •54.x54^ !Qch. and 6 napkins. Colored borr ders—choice of blue, orchid and ; Teddies of silk crepe de (jhine and radium: Plai nand fancy stvles. All new shades. Pticed at— $1.98 ^° SlOjOO Pajamas of, beautiful .'^ilk crcp-^ and cotton, erepe— I -$1.75™ $10.00 Lovely Robes and | I Negligees Beautiful quilted robes and .soft rrepe- de .chine negligee^*, in many beauttful colors and lovely trimming effects. $iO to $19.75^ Rayon Bloomers and Vests A popular gift item at a moderate price. Something of ((uality that brings pleasure and service to the receiver. All colors. 98cto$L98 Hand Bags ; She always waits for .someone to jfive her a handbag! She will be delighted with one of new hand, toofed leathers, or \ genuine pin .seal for mother,, or. a fancy leather or beaded bag for "Sis." Prices range from $ll98 to $15.00 visit Toyland SCOOTERS. PEI>AL BlKEa AUTOS. BLACKBOARDS. DOLL CARBI.AGES, TOY STOVES, TELEPHONES. TOY CABINETS-. PIANOS, ACCORDIONS DOLLS,'WOODEN ANI- MALSy TINKER TOYS. BOOK& GAMES OF HORSESHOESy AND CLOWN TINKERS. Tays priced from 29t™ $15 Exquisite Perfumes 35cto$5w00 Lovely in their novelty contain- sr? are sweet' .scented per- 'fumes in flower and s:ynthctic odr jrs. They make attractive gifts. SENEKER'S Hundreds of Other Attractive Gift Articles Only a few item.s could be de-;; scribed here, the selection is almost without end, many delightful' ' thing.s, sure of a warm welcome. \ SENEKER'S

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