Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 31, 1932 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1932
Page 5
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'#Idl!iAi.KANSAS THE NEWFAHG ! New York, Dec. 31. (AP)—Stocks Hended , 1^32 with ei.» last' minute Slump tlod|iy. ' j I - Prices lield, fairly steady until the Iflnalfew minutes dOl trading, when' -Tenewediwealfness of tobaccos spread to other ^gecitions of lh6 list, and several is^ci closed with losses of iliv'point pflmbre. \ • iTiie" filial tone wns moderately Jheavy. Ti-ansactions for the t*o- • -hqur^ ses.'jio'n approximated 450flOC .shares. _ Amongi issues off a point or ro were RcvViol is B, American Can, Allied Chrai cal. American Tele- jphone. Sahtaj Fe, Consolidated Gas, JCase and^a jfew others. Fractional ~iJos.<:rs embraced American Tobacco ' ':B, U. S. Stefi. United Aircraft, Jn^ jternationffl ijlarvester and othere. Cocat C«Ja pushed up a point, and Jcopperis. tfcm] in the e^lier trading, i; closed abwt steady, ISiriher huying ^appeared in New York fcentral, but /that issbe; fijiished barely changed. • Texas Corporation stiffened in-the -7 final dealings, and finished with a gn in of .a !ma|jor fraction. '. [ The lias 's minute selling evideritljr • reflected profit taking oh the advance of the past two days, but -it failed tp cut seriously into the gains. ; Numerous cash transactions Were ^ : fljrain reported on the tape, icdicat- ' • ingr last iminute sales to establish ; : losses forNtax purposes. i . Wpek-efid business news was ^ : meagre. The freight carloadings re- ; . port for last week will be delayed ! until next TJ^esday. Reports ;from i the steel'inc^ustry generally anitici-| , patcd some pickup in-ineot output i ^ext wecj^. ns some mills resume ' after the holiday ishutdowns. M Year-end ^u'rvey.s. indicated that ^ some lines entered the new year; • with a .suTbstantial amount of busi- i V ness either contracted or in pros- 1 _ pect.; notably textiles, shoes • and chemlcalsj- dontlnued firmness of " the copRfi-s reflected rumors, of ; pending orders, but no'price increase : to a level at I which producers could ;.,show a. profit was anticipated. Stock market sentiment in Wall' "Street at. the turn of tlie year^ was : > rather tnixed. Bullishly inclined' : traders spoke of January resumptions in steel and other lines, while -other quarters were inclined to .strtss pdssible adverse affects of ; fourth quarter earnings statements. :v pos^ble" corporate reorganizations and political i uncertainties. • It wa-s,- Bencrally • acknowledged. - however: .that the financial situation was decidedly stk-onger than a year agp. Bank COKJIIBS in December, as tabulated by the American Banker, were or''v 115 in number, or less I thnn a t>:iird of 353 in December of ; 1931. : ForeicM (kxchanKCs were marked by <n shnrp rebound in sterling.' v/hich had been under pressure during the past few days. Cables ruled /nbont 2 cents higher, at $3.33. The •Prcrich franc dipped slightly. Some ! commodity niarkets were closed, in- cludinli cotton. V High Cirics S«rv . 2-X _ SO of Ihd 21"; ; Amn.: Can •'. . 56 Amn T.S;T 105 - Amn Tob B 56'•^j A.nacontJ^ -.. : AtchLson, - .-.. Auburn , Beth Steel . Case J I ... Chrysler ... Con Gnj! ... Con Oilj _ Drue In^ ... buPont'' ... 'r?.pn Eloc ... , Gen Motori -Int Hary ... .Wont Ward . Packard,....' Pennev ;J C: Phinips.:Petr Radio ...... Sears Roe .. froconv 'Vac of NJ .. Tex Corp .. TT S Stepl .. 'Westingh E ,DAYEVENmqiDE(33BMBER;31>^193g. BQ^J WHV WOULDN'T r CHEXW THE cHftNal By Cowan r%(«M Ot&' 1©'32. OUT OVER tn^: WELCOHE OMi THE DOOR-MAO-.'.! iUJOW >NHAT rr OJO'T-ME"—JUST WHP* T WEMTT'srr DOWN IN THE LNPOT U })AiayyTHAT OLD UVDV STOOD UP. 7932 SLAPPED ME DOWN SO 'MANY TlMes THAT MV BACK WACBESlNNlNG- •to SPROUT FEET—-BUT THAT^ ALL OVER /fioWl YA HARA LIVE AND LEARM . AND FORGET SOIv ^E ^OF iT BfelN»OH YER 1«»3 }» 0%^ MURDER OF GIRL BAFFLES POLICE Police: have been!unable to uncover a motive in the murder by gunfire of Gertrude Modrow, 19. year-old high school honor graduate, whose body was found by a roadside in a Chicago subul-b 'on Christmas morning. A shy girl • and an honor student in high school, with a good record In sev' eral jobs, no connection could be found between the girl and the underworld, nor any per.sonal enemies. the week: lambs $5.75. eral loads light weight steers and yearlings S5.75 -$e .40; choice 1.410-lb. steers $5:00. Shtep. none: f)r steady: week".? top fed slaugiitei' l.THibs 15c-i2ac lower; .sheep late top $5.60 to shippers. $5.50 to packers; Week's buk fed wooled lambs $5.40-55.75; shorn lambs $5.40-35.75; shorn lambs S5.35-$5.60; top yeai'lings S4.85. mast sales S4.00- ^$4.50: ewes $2.00; others largely ^ '$1.25-51.75; a few feeding lambs, mo.stly Texas, S4.50-S4.7o. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City. Mo., Dec. 31 (AP). Eggs 25'ic. Other produce today unchanged. Kansas City Hay. Kansas City. Mo.'. Dec. 31 f AP). Hay. 30 cars. Unchanged. tOCAL pnoDtrcE. KfES, firsts : ' E^s, .seconds ... • • •, • •, Ihii-ds pRgs. ungraded ,. -Hens, NQ. 1 Hens, Ko. 2 No. 1 S{^rings, Vk lbs., up ..... No. 2 Springs ....... Canons 'Over P lbs CH ]3ons. iover t lbs Capons, over 7 lbs. .• capons, mider 7 lbs. sups • : Butterfat. lb. .., Stags, lb. ^COcfes Qeese, lb. ... — • • : Guineas,': each — Wliite Ducksj lb. Colored Duckis, It Hides. t>erTb. - Mxed ©om, pu. Yellow pom;! bu. .... — ''Wheat,'bu. .! Kafir Corn Kansas City Grain. Kansas City, Mo,, Dec. 31 (AP). •VVheat; 147 cars. Unchanged to 'ic higher. No. 2 dark hard nom. 39 491ic; No. 3 nom. 39-49c; No. 2 hard 40-43«::c; No. 3 39"-j-42'-l.c; No. 2 !red nom. 38'i-45c.—pecem- ber 38 ','ic; May 39c; .July 38Tic. Com 7 cars. Unchanged to U higher. No. 2 white 22'4c; No. 3 at 21'.ic; No. 2 yellow 22H:c; No.-2 mix- '„jil ed noni. 211-4 -21 Close—December j20c; May 23 <'C^ July 25c. ^ " ' Oats, 3 cars. Unchanged. No. 2 white nom. 17-18c; No. 3 15c. Milo maize 51'-ic. Kafir nom. at 39-42C. Rye 31c. Barley ^Ic. 25c 23c 18c l22c .8c .5c .60 .4c lllc 9c 7c 6c 4c 19c .4c .30 .3c 10c .4c .30 .10 ioc 16c 1250 tt4c Kansas City livestock. ^ Kansas City, Dec. 31. (AP)—U D. A.—Hogs 600; receipts largely rect; hardly enhug^.o&ered to - -values;.a few scattered, sales ,260 lbs.. S2.70 and $2.75; around Ipwer than Friday's average; -choice lights offered; odd sows $2 • $2.15. • Cattfe-300; calves 100; for •week; light weight steers, yearlings and fed iheifer^. steady to strong; strong weight steers weak to ^ . .jnuch as 25c lower; cows steady; rijulls 2Sc-40c higher,' vealers ^nd ^ ^ calves Steady to mostly 50c higher; sfockers-and; feeders-steady; supply light and demand nkrrow. 'Week's tops: .long yearling steers $6.75; sev- S. di- est ^70- 10c no 00- the I REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS \ I (Prom the Office of The lola | I Abstract Co., 108 "W. Jackson): | « — : December 30, 1932. George M. Love et al to Kenneth Littcer. 'W'.i of SWU of 16-24-20, ejfcept 'i acre in NW comer used for school purposes, $1900. TRfe J. FGlpNNAN PRODUCE CO. C. O. COGfiriiL, Mgr. POULTRY AND EGGS jEffg Cases and Stippliea 'old knd ReUable—E^bllsb^ 19U Comer Monroe and Elm .(Just West of the ti?ater'Tower), Ol^P ELSMQRE Dec. 28.—Mrs. <3arrie Ard. of Elsmore, is spending a few days this *'eek with Mrs! Englehardt. Mr. Lewis Stanley is quite :ill at the present. Mrs. C. F. Maxwell and son Harold, are spending the week In. Missouri with Mrs. Maxwell's mother, Mrs. Tipton. Miss: Hazel Page and Florence Andrass -were visiting In Redfield Tuesday. ; Tlie Jim Ard family^are enjoying a Willys-Knight car. Mrs. Englehardt spent Sunday with ' her daughter. Mrs. John Holmes and family of Elsmore. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Little caUed at the Will Alderman home Saturday afternoon. Mrs. L. O. IPotd. was an evening caller. Mr. Raymond C^onnett. of Illinois, is visiting friends in this community at present. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Davis and family spent Simday at the parental Wood home. Mrs. Dwight Gates and Kenneth of westerrr Kansas, are visiting at the parental Col well home. Will Deer called on Will Alderman Tuesday moiTiing. Mr. and Mrs. Will Aldemian and Beulah, and Mr, Richard Shelton ate Christmas dinner at' the Tom Zimmerman home. Others ja-esent were. Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmer-. man and family, Mr. and Mrs. (Jecil Baiun, of Baxter Springs, Miss Jo Zinunerinan, and Mr. Huxterable of •Wichita; and Mr. Roy Myer, of Humboldt. HUMBOLDT, Dec. 30 —. Thomas< son of Rev. and M. iFhomas, who has been for more than a werfc, was the Johnson hospital at Thursday night for further treatment. Mark Ellis has returned t|j duty following a several days' vicatibn with his mother in Burlingaipe. The Marys and Marthas Sunday school class of tiie Methodist church [met at the parsonage Wednesday jfor tiieir Christmas'party. A cover: ed dish luncheon was served alt noon with 28 in attendance,. 11^ business meeting was conducted Jflr the president, Mrs. Alpha Shoemaker,, •nhe yearly report was read f>y the ; secretary, Mrs. F. L. Sweaijlngen. New officers were elected as follows: Mrs. E. W. Porter, president r Mrs. M. T. Keefer, vice-president; Mrs. Chas. Wilkerson. secretary-treasurer.^ Mrs. A. C. Sterling had charge of the program. The class presented Mrs. C. V. Shulenberger and Mrs. C. W. Hume, teacher, with gifts and later the class was photographed by Rev. C. V. Shulenberger. _The next meeting wUl be a 1 o'clock luncheion in honor of. the retiring officers at the home of Mrs. Hume, January 18. Memi>ers of Chapter AM of P. E. O.. gave their annual Chij'istmas party Monday evening at the home of Miss Helen Hamm. A social committee, composed of Mrs. Ella Mc- Glnity. Mrs. Amelia Works, Mrs. Nannie McCarty and Mrs. F. W. Haj-twig was in-charge. Bridge Was played, the high score-prizes being wen by Miss Kathleen Hamm and J. W.' Hamm. The room decorations and refreshments served were' in keeping with the Christmas season. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hamm, Mr. and Mrs.| J. J. Amos. Mr.- and Mrs. W. A. Byqrley; Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Hartwig. Mr. and Mrs'. J. F. Schmidt. Missj Kathleen Hainm. Miss Mary Schmidt. Miss Marjorie Casper. P. H. Hogan, Mrs. W. J. Casper. Mrs. Amelia Works. Mrs. Lizzie Holtscbneider, Mrs. Nannie McCarty. Mrs.-Ella McGinity, Miss Eva O'Connor and Miss Helen Hamm. \ Word has been received here of the marriage of M. S. Klotzbach to Miss^Reva Wanda 'Venard, Ada, Kas. Mr. Klotzbacli has spent most of his life in Humboldt, thus his marriage is of interest to friends here. Mr. and-Mrs. Fay Michael and Mrsl' Agnes Mueller, •Hijtoboldt, entertained with the annual JDhrist- mas dinner Monday, Dec. 261 The afternoon was spent in gam^ and visiting, thie, following guests being present: Mr. and Mrs. Jake Mueller and Robert; Mr. and Mrs. John Mueller and family; Mr. an^ Mrs. Henry MueUer and family; BJIr. and Mrs. Martin Mueller and 'jfamily; Mr. and Mrs. Lou Bruenger . and family; Mr. and Mrs. Oren Bfichael and Helen, Glen and Margaret Michael. Annoimcement has been rieceived of the marriage of Miss Ethel Jante Peterson, datighter of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Peterson of this vicinity, to Mr. Archie Willard Line, both of Ojffeyville. Kas. The newlyweds will make their home at Coffeyville. The iwUUng Workers class! of the Christian church met Tuesday evening at the hpme of Mrs. Spencer for the gift exchange and election of officers. The meeting was opened by Mrs. George Cullen reading the scriptiu-e lesson, followed with prayer by Mrs. Spencer. Minutes of the previous meetlhi; were'read and approved, followed by election of the following officers: Mrs. JGeorge Cullen. president; Mrs. Phlloj Lirons, vice-president; Mrs; Mary | Peak, secretary: Mrs. Spencer, treasurer; Mrs.- Bogart, teacher. Refreshments were served. I The marriage of Mrs] lAlwlna Strubhart and Mr. W. G. Hansen was solemnized Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock at St. Joseph's chiirch in Hmnboldt, the ceremony being performed by Rev. Fr. Monnler|. The bride lived for many years in Jeddo district, but for the past two years has made her home with two married sons here.' The newly married couple will reside on a farm southwest of Chanute. Miss Dora McGrew. daughter of George McGreW, Humboldt; united in marriage to Mr. Henry L. Chilcutt of Springfield, Ibjo.J Tuesday afternoon. December 27. by Justice J. S. Lehman in his office here. The young couple left the sakne ev- enmg for their new home on a farm near Springfield. Mo. i Miss Helen May Rathborie and William Arthur Attebury, both living in Humboldt, were niairifed Saturday afternoon, Dec. 24. bjsr Justice J. S. Lehman at his home on New York street. Mr. Attebiny is the soh of Mrs. T. R. Hunt of:Humboldt a- is employed on the new bridge project. The couple 'Willi make! their home her* for the present. ' Mrs. Susan Shultz Humboldt, has gone to c ;enterville. Kas.. tp spend several weeks with Mr. and Mri. Emmett Clover, who were her guests over the Christmas holidays.' Mr.' and Mrs. Lewis Smltti, Kansas City,, have returned hoirie after spending the Christmas vjacatidn here with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Smith." Norm^ Brokenshire times Up Chesterfield Radio Stars for the New Year Reading from left to right, Tom Howard, George Shelton, Rutli Etting, Bing Crosby. Norman - Brbkenshire and Lennie Hayton. The vast army of radio fans who 1 find, they are reported to have are always looking for something: turned do^vn sonie attractive^ stage . .u 1, / f 1,,, .„ni V,. Offers, ihcludmg one With "Of Thee new in the broadcast sky will be.j gj^g_„ an opjiortunity to pre- when' treated to, a stellar display Chesterfield's 1933 programs go on next week. Six nights a week—every day. except Sunday—at 9 p. m. Eastern standard time, stars of comedy, music and song will come through the Columbia broadcasting system over the largest coast-to-, coast hook-up in radio.. Tom Howard and his partner George Shelton are new to the ether waveS; An exclusive Chesterfield sent a new comedy-team Idea on the radio and wili make their radio debut on Tuesday night. January 3, Ruth Etting, who as. Chicago's "Sweetheart of the Air" rose via Ziegfield's Follies and other stage successes to be America's "Queen of the Air," will continue singing thase heart-throb ballads for Chesterfield fans on Monda>-s and Thursdays. Bing Crosby, who seems to conquer all fields of popular entertainment, makes his debut as a Chester­ field .star next Wednesday night. The romantic baritone's latest triumphs were in Hollywood, where he stan-ed in the "Big-Broadcast" and other pictures. A nightly feature of Chesterfield's stellar .series will be Lennie Haylon's orchestr^ Hayton is another Chesterfield discovery—one of Bro^idway's younger successes. Norman Brokenshire, Chesterfield's popular master of c^monies, proihises the yeair's outstanding 15- mlnute shows to his thousands of foUdwei's. "Like'Chesterfield," says Brokenshire. "this new line-up is sure! going to satisfy!" NEOSHOFALLS Sickness Prevents Christmas Pageant at Methodist Chnrcb; Mrs. Crane Improvine. m 4F0R NEW- -Si Plymouth Six Sedan Delivered, Complete, at y(Air door,? excise tax paid. 5 ROSS AitBUCKLE GARA6E CHR^SLER-PLYMOVTH i \ Salfs—Servtee—Parts ' j -1 ^4 ANNOUJ^CiEMENTS' Auctions GAS CITY EVENTS Gas Unemployed Get Jobs in Street Improvement Project.—Personal Mention. -IP YOU MISS THE REdlSTEH CALL 157 Da 520 ~ ~ GAS CITY. Dec. 31.—John Thomas spent a few days in Kansas City visiting relatives iand friends. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Dickerson and son, Jerry Don, spent Sunday at the home 1 of Mrs. Dickersonjs parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Adams on Deer Creek. Miss 'Violet Holten of Wanners- burg is spending her vacation at her home here. The Gas City school teachers are spending the vacation at,their respective homes. Morning worship at the M. E. church Svmday. Sermon by the pastor. Rev. W. E. 'Van Patten, at 10-o'clock and Sunday school at 11 o'clock conducted, by the superln-^ tendent, Mrs. A. T.Cundy. Junior league at'5 and Senior, league at 6:30 Sunday evening. Sunday school at the Church of God at;, 10 Simday morning and' preaching services at 11 a. m. Mr. and Mrs. Terrill Honn and Uttle son, Eldon, of Pittsburg, werp callers Monday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward RusSell. Mr. and Mrs. Olehn Dickerson and son, Jerry Don, were dinner guests Monday at the ShenJoiin Dickerson home. • Fera and 'Violet Holten and Floyd Holten 'went to Buffalo Friday even^ ing where they attended a young' NSWERS »pHE Mayflower carried 102 PASSENGERS on the first voyage to America. The lieadgrear shown Is a FEZ.; EAST PRUSSIA is separated froni the rest of GERMANY by a part of Poland. people's rally of the Victory zone of the Nazarene churches of lola, Buffalo and Chanute. Miss , Mary Dickerson retumed Monday to Kansas City after spending her vacation at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Dickerson. . Improvements are being made in Gas City. At present the streets are being cindered. This furnishes employment to several men. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn DiclcerEon and son north of town were callers at the Sherman Dickerson home Friday afternoon. Have you a house for rent? Or for sale? 'Want to buy anything? CTse the Classified columns! SALEM Dec. 28.—A "large number enjoyed the program given at the school house Christmas eve by the school aind Simday school. •> T. C. and O. O. Handley retuiTied home Thursday from a two weeks' visit with relatives at Council Bluffs, iowa, and Auburn, Neb. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Allen, Claremore, Okla., spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Coltrane and family. Edgar Barham retumed to his home in Arkansas i after a few months' 'visit with his {mother, Mrs. Roy Joumagen and family. The Salem Social club met with Mrs. Horace Lower; llVednesday. Everyone brought a covered dish and a bountiful dinner was served at the noon hour. The day was spent quilting. ~ Quite a nuinber in our community are sick with the flu. Mr. and Mrs. George Markley entertained at Christmas dinner Mr. and Mrs. Merle Markley and Helen Kay, Mr. and Mrs. J.rL. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wixson and Ronald, and T. CJ Handley. • Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Fronk spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Don Burtnett in lola. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hering visited •Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bowen and family. ! Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kalm spent: Christmas at the Will Roush home. Ronald Reed Wixson of Caney is spending his Christmas vacation with his grandparents, Mr. a:nd Mrs. George Markley. NEOSHO: FALLS, Dec. 29—A very merry, Christmas was enjoyed here at the M. E. church Saturday evening at the Christrbas tree and at services Sunday morning and evening. The programs were given by the pastor and children, as there much sickness the pageant planned could not be given. The Christmas tree was very beautiful. Santa Claus came and distributed presents to the children present and treats were sent to those frhowere ill or unable to be piresent at the services. A candle lighting service was given by the Endeavor Leagiie in the evening, assisted by the pastor. A very happy sacred time was enjoyed by all. 8. P. Harness is very ill -at his home here and seems to be growing steadily worse. He has; been quite ill for several months. William Blagg,, who has been very ill; for several days, is somewhat improved at present. Hi ^s. Mary J. Cran6 who has been suffering froni a fall from which she' sustained injury to her back is improving [niciely at presents Mrs. Miller has been caring for her. Mrs. Llbby Wolford,.who has been ill for several days, is much improved. Her sister and niece have been constantly with her. ' Mr. and. Mrs. Lawton,. who have been ill of influenza for several days are recovering. Mrs. Lawton has suffered a,relapse and has been having an attack of pleurisy the last few days, but is; now somewhat improved. I I Mrs. Wayne Baxter died at her home in Kansas. City a Short time ago. She spent her childhood here and has many friends who will be giieved to hear of her death. She was the daughter of the late Mrs. Wentling, pioneer resident and sister of Mrs. DeYoe. who lives north of town. I Mrs. Ella Kemmerer, Humboldt, returned liome today after spending several days helping care for AUCTION—As I am leaving able county I will sell' at public jkucfioin on Tuesaay, January 3. at !!:30 p. m. my furniture consisting of i8 rooms at: 702 N. Kentucky.. BJedJs, dressers, commodes, library taible, chifferobjs, walnut chest of draw- : ers and dresser to match, 3-ple<Se living room suite, dining tHblte, chairs, buffet, rockers, stoves, riigp, many other articles too numeJows to mention. Fred Taylor. Ci S. Bishop, Auctioneer. ' ! COMMUNITY SALE—Every 'Wednesday at J. C. Butcher's Sale Bam. Col.. Smock, Auctioneer. J _l Personals MATERNETY AND ADOPTIONS- SecteioTi for unfortunate,' gli^, expense-reduoed by *orktag;-< address Palrmount Hq^ital, :4909 East;27th. ttonsas City, Missouri. OLD MAdAZINES and books y^t^ ed. 'When movhjg or cleaning nouse giire them to tlK lola Public Libra^. Fbope 1405 or 382;abd WB win fet them 'l~L- 3 Strayed, Lost, Found LOS'T—Boston bull pup, 5 nicmths old; name "Boots." Reward., J. Bruce, 506 East Madison. B. COON DOG—Medium feize, blaok and tan. toell oh collar, lost noriih- west of -Jola tin river. Phone 12,1 or 150W. Reward.: - . : I AUTOMOTIVE GUT OUR WAY -mev OOMT" CARE. JosT ee.cAose. TWW By Williams 0»4 ,TV\E.-/ iF A Go^/ ' ei-pS DCVNM VMHtM His, MACl-llMg.'s A Cur GOIM' 1 v <Kio \M vMvA «r -rvAE*-/ -n-\»v ^t 1. K'tJO'A/' TiHE'-/ VfetP VMiAEKJ •VA'SH START" LAWiKl' MEM OFF . \Te HARD A TO UAM;^ A OOZ^v^ Bosses \ VNiTHOuT WAV\w' yW^ OVi MAKl VMORVdtsl" IKi "R4* EOrv\t« OF TvAEM MOO CAuT BLAME. ASboM&,<suv' FE#^ \NA>^riN; To uvie. f^\s C AVA -r BVAM^ '7t^ CL t ^AM FER WAKrHM" -To uvjeMss OVNSi , VM\tr^OUT' Tod ' MAMvY UM\M' O^A •VAl«> her sister,; Mrs. Libby Wolford. Rev.' and Mrs. W. P. "Wharton were yisittirs here Monday; afternoon, i , Mr. and':Mrs. T. w. Gardner,and Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Pipenlierg, Orlando, PlaJ, remembered some of theirl old friends here with Christmas greetings! Mra. Chick and Miss Smith, of Yates Centjfr, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lawton Wednesday evening. Mrs. Teegardln of LeRoywas a guest of relatives here CJirlstmas.' Mrs. Dennis has beon very 111 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jessup. She is improving.- The home of Mr. Bruner was damaged by fire "Wednesday afternoon, caused by a defective flue. By prompt action of the fire department the building was saved. ; Tlie house occupied by the Fred Heslop family; northwest ©f town, was' destroyed by fire Sunday nl^ti. "The family was away from home. We understaind the contents were insured. . The grain elevator owned by S. R. Scott burned Thursday night about ten o'clock. The cause of the fire is unknown. A quantity of corn and wheat -were consumed: Some InsurEtnce was carried on the building. The destruction of thfs building Is a loss; to the community as well as tp the owner. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Finney entertained as Christmas guests Mr. and Mrs: A. P. Harris, Little Rock; Mr. and Mrs. Moore, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. David Hillis, Stillwater, Okla^ I Miss Blanche Blagg, who teaches in the Atchison schools,.is spending her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Blagg. Rachel Heath, who is a student at K. S. T. C, Emporia, is spending her vacation at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. -W. P. Heath. They, were Christmas guests at the home of their sister and aunt, Mrs. Cora Fife, lola. • • Delbert Sullivan, who is attending college at Pittsburg, is spending his vacation at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sullivan^ ' Glen Kent and wife. Fort Worth, Tex., are spending the holidays here with relatives and friends. They will be entertained at a New Year's dinner at the home of. Mrs. Maiy Kent, returning to [their home Monday/ . I • • , • Mrs. Byfield is j entertaining her son and family of Kansas City this week. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Williams and Prof, and Mrs. C. A. Gordon went to Donna, Tex.; for theh- Christmas vacation. Rev. C; M. Orr and son Marion and aunt. Miss Maiid Orr, motored to Fort Scott Monday, where they enjoyed a Christmas dinner with the mother of the former. Mrs. : W. P. Heath received .; a Christmas greeting from Miss McCoy, of Gregory, W. Va. Miss McCoy was a deaconess at the Pitst M. E. Church at- lola several years ago, and has many friends who dotibtless will be glad tp hear of her again. Since leaving lofa, she has completed a course at a college in West Virginia, and has been teaching for several years. I About six mien have been employed by, tbe city, working on. the streets and about a dozen men tire employed by ihe 'township In and neat town this week. AtitomobUea For Sale PlyiiidUjth . SALES Dodger' ° SERVICE Dependable Used Cars and TrUcics ELIJIS MOTOR CO.; : Phone 301 Cash—Trade—.Terms HUDSON-ESSEX—Parts and /Service. Bud White Motor Co;, 1^09 •South street. Phone 60. PONTIAC-BUICK GOOfD WILL USED CAI^S SHELLY MOIPR CO.J Authorized Buick-Pontiac 214 TN. ;Jefferson-*'ho. 80 Bepairing—Gara^ea BATTERY RechaigtiiB,. 50c. • ideal Garage. • > ' ^. PVE Sl^CK 21 Horses, Cattle, VdUclM COW—Y«ung Jersey', fresh *spon; also gang plow. W. H. Morrison, LaHariie. . , ' 1 ' EXCEPTIONAL 2 -ye ^-01d -reBia* tered Jersey bull;; xmi tra^elol livestock or car. McCarthy MbtO Company. • .' J . MERCHAKDISB 24 Articles For Sale BATTERIES — Guaranteed, $4J»& Ideal (parage, ; MOTOR-OIL—50c gal.r 5 gal.; Ideal Garage. Phpne 174. ; t?.ia 2 USED-office kafesi desks, and bles. Wenninger's Store. • , 27 Feed, Fnel, FertiUzem ta-- ALFALFjV HAY-«ft-lb'. bales, good jJrairie hay, 80-lb. bale, Allen County Implement Cp. ?0c; 20c. 'WOOD-.$1.50 per rank, green,' or dry, delivered any time. Phone •88. Brownie's. ' ' ?8 Hooaehol^F Gooda BIG LOT used kltchpn cabinets gas ranges. Hennlhger's Sl^or^. and RANGED— 3 combinations,' Wood and,gas and other ranges, all cheap.; Curtis'. 10 N. Washini USED PIANOS-Large selection. Easy terms. W. H. Wood Ftoe Furniture, 202 8,. Jeff. Ph(me| 190. 30 Matical. Itadio USED CROSLEY RADIO, J $18.50. Henninger's Store.- ; I . Real Estate iPw B^nt 36 Farms and La^d For B«nt HOUSE-f-With 10 acres of pasture and garden spot. See D. H. Caddell at 2 mi. west"; 1V4 soHth, % east ol; lola. ';• | 37 Hdnses Foir Bent FOR RENT—Houses,' good Icte See G. E. Pees. ' FOR RENT—Four "room house,^' garage. Inquire 6; Broadway: Phone ll. East HOUSEi-8 rooms with or Without furniture, near Junior high -"school, modern, garage. Plione 38'R 1) 38 Wanted—To Rent WANTED TO RENT Jan. li Suite -Of 3 or 4 rooms on Square. Dr. Mildred Curtiy, Real Estate For 40 F»rms and Lai^d Sii^ 40 AGBESi -Adjoiniift!' high Ischool town,-Allen county,: on hard rWd; 4-roobi house, ;bani, some; miit,' fineltod. Price $1600. Tem^Ss^CT caflh.;.$1260 iMig-tJimo at^ 5fe%'; Wondiprful baiyaio. PossessSoa, -No trade:; Box' 387, lolfe, Kas. • ^

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