The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1948
Page 2
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fricas r»ro " BI/TTHEVILLE (ASK.)' COURIER NEWS Directors Okay Constitution FiiMl Action Subject T* Ratification at M««ting Here's How the Delegates Line Up Directors of (he Blftheville l»t Bifht approved a proposed revision at the constitution /or the association, which I* affiliated with the National Young Men's Clirlst- l*n AstocUtion, subject, to minor revisions which had been suggested by a special committee which drafted the propoaed new constitution. Final action must be taken it. a general membership meeting before final adoption of the new constitution', it »a* announced. The directors last night also authorized J. P. Garrott, 'Y' secretary, to employ a full time, cr part time, director of the Summer playground acttritle* on the campus of the Ijnge School. The activity report for May, which *a» submitted by Mr. Garrott listed il tewlons with a total attendance of 2.S&4, which figure includes a ganit room attendance of IJJO. Spectators at Softball games lor grade school pupils, Juniors, men and women, all 'Y' sponsored, totalled 1,606. A new group, the Phalanx Club for young men, was organized during the month, nils clu'J has re- j cognition of the National 'Y' or- fanlution and Is for men between the ages of 18 and «. The financial report shows an expenditure ol tl.03i.56 during May with checks for (630.06 outstanding and a bank balance of JJ.6J9.44 after Jive months of operation in the current fiscal year. Receipts during May were 155467. The budget for the year .is based on estimated receipts of $12.230.40. toward which ilO.m.SS has been paid to date. TUESDAY, JUNE 15, The IflW delegates to (he Republican National Convention will probably vole according to the map above, at least on the first ballot. The map shows the "pledged" delegates, as yell a* tlirwe who are not pledged, but have announced their preference Almost hull remain, "doubtful," or pledged to support a "iavorite son" candidate for Hi* lint ballot. Mother Is Held In Poison Death Of Daughter,11 CINCINNATI. O., June 15. — <UP)—Mrs. Mary Clay Watts, 43, was held In Jail without bond today on charges of first degree murder In llir poison death of lier daughter, Barbara Ann, 11. after It was learned that her husband died In 1944 of arsenic poisoning. Lilitnthal Urges Gradt To Spend Part of Their Lives in Public Service OHARLOTTESV11AE, Va.. June 15 (DP)—Atomic Energy Commission Chairman David EX Ultenlhal today urged all college graduates to spend at least part of their lives In some form ot public service. He srx&e here last night to the traduating class of the University of Virginia. Lllienthal told the graduates that a "widespread rotation of the not- too-pleasant, duties of public serv- ive.. .Is necessary to keep hacks and mediocre politicians" out of the nation's key positions. The future of the world Is In the hands of the average citizen, he •aid,, because the Average citizen niuit determine the ultimate use of powerful atomic science. Kefauver Turns Guns on Memphis' Boss and Mayor Returns the Fire NASHVIL.LE, Tenn.. June 15. (UP)—Timms.sce's most prominent t non-office holding political llgiirc, E. H. Crump ol Memphis, held th'! .spotlight niinin today In Tennessee's ix>litlcal campaigns—but as the target ralher than the marksman. V 3. Hep. Biles Kefauver. n candidate for Democratic nomination as U, S. Senator, look aim tit Crump in a radio talk (rom Chattanooga last niRht. He used biting words of Probe of Hatch Act Violation Charges Asked NASHVILLE. - Tenn,, June 15.— fUl')— Gov. Jim McCord yesterday demanded that the federal civil Service Commission investigate charges that tho Hatch Act has been violated in the unemployment arid employment services of/Ices in Tennessee and submit tlic findings to the Department of Justice The Koverii'or, in a written statement, said: "The Hatch Act Is the law of the land and as such should be ob.wvcd. Charges are made thai a shakedown for the purpose o( ob- lalninsr campaign funds ha.s fjecn , made In ihe Unemployment Compensation and Employment service 1 offices. If there Is any basis for these charges, which, I deny. tlii.-. should be thoroughly Investicalcd by the proper authority which is the Department of Justice. "This is not to he tried by unscrupulous newspapers on Wisconsin Republicans. 1 nemand lhal i.he Civil Service commission Invrs'.i- Kalc the matter and from that ii:- vcstiBaiion submit the findings tt> (he Department of Justice and .'el the courts determine trie guilt or innocence. "I believe in tho freedom of the press (I nm a iiubli^itr nu'selfi hut I tio not, believe in smour ca'ii- pr\l;uis v.ith nn a'.'-einpt to hide, bcluiKt this American p:ivi'tM;c. My record is an open bo<~,k in Tcnn'-^Eee and I cb.'illenge H look into it 111 both public and private life." Norwood Police Chief Chnrlt., Fritz said nn nulopsy showed that the body of Willis Watts, 4i. wlio died Nov. 27. 1944. hnd "plenty of nrscnlc" In it. The body was exhumed last Tuesdav at \Vin- ~ — "" "" •*•" ...'.ni'mbiin ,,<**.,.• Chester. Ky.. alter police offiicals! ! X) I >ular s P°'t i" all directions, with became suspicious when Coroner thMe °» "'o receiving end ransiiv Irom Crump and newspapers op- in tlie CMhber of the men \v nf-Sr,., 1 "' 'I 00 "'?- '" lt ' C , ' lal; * ' rnlor y lnbor contract ended early of congress and realize the danger lortay aftcl . a 12 . nour scsslon of Communism ami the wcat harm , ^ aenl Mcf |j a tor Clyde Mills said that those who have communistic : the proposed contract will be siita- can rio." )nUtMl ,„ members of the Atomic Crumps advertisement called Trades and Labor Council (AFL> Kefaiiver the "dnrlmg ol Ihe Com- for a ratification vote tomorrow at mumsts". H „.,„. CST . PleosanUs and Hale rcpealeu ' The lluc.U of a strike at Ihe vital Crumps points and said. "We IIT.V , atomic laboratories was removed challenge the advocates of Estps I when the main wage issue In the Mrs. Unice Wiilterman, 35, waits in her lawyer's office in Chicago after filing a suit in U.S. District er ng a suit in U.S. District Conn, claiming she is the Illegitimate daughter of Myron C. Tay- ior, U.S. Envoy to the Vatican (NEA Telephoto) gency provisions ot the Ta4t-Hartley Act. ed a strike by obtaining a no- walkout injunction under emer- High Court to Rule On Appointment Of Chief of Police UTTLE ROCK. Ark., June 15.— <"P< — The Arkansas Supreme Court yesterday advanced and set for submission on June 21st a case in which Bert Conner and others are contesting the second sppoint- rncnt of George Callahan as police chief at Hot Springs. Connor and the Municipal Officers Association contend that an appointment should have been made from the ranks and lhat Mayor Earl Ricks did not have authority to go outside the police department to obtain a new chief. An opinion would be possible June 28. In other action the high court licensed the following graduates school U "^. V<!rslt! ' l«w r, E o* Jard n IE ' Bedwe " » n d Mauriw D. Bedwcll, jr.. of Fort Smilh; Hob . ert pcott Campbell of Hot Springs- A. D. McAlister, jr., of FayettevlhV J. Frank Snellgrove, Jr.. of Jone»- boro; John Lee Wilson, Jr of Hope; Robert L. Tipion of Foreman; John Lawson Clonlnger of Fort Smith; James Edward Lester or Hope; and Thoma* E. Webber. III. of Texarkana. ' Read Courier Ne»'» Want Ad*. See E. H. FORD B*for« You DIE! his osvn to answer an advertisement, Crump ran against him last, week In Memphis newspapers. Meanwhile, name-calling continued to be the campaign's most Kelauver lo deny tlie truthfulness of those charges.' - when Coroner Herbert 1>. Lyle said the school girl's death was rluc to chronic mercury and acute barbiturate poisoning. Lyle said that the autopsy revealed the girl hnd swallowed small amounts of mercury periodically. Mrs. Walls said she recalled her daughter liad played with mercury to nmkc coins shiny and had once - Crump - , ~ r posing Gov. Jim McCord to a Republican Congressman Irom Wisconsin. Frank Kecfe. tvcfauver noted that Crump ha:> Democrats Plan Platform Drafting Hearings July 7 , sain he is R "Communist and tool I ' od " dra WASHINGTON, June IS. HJPl — Sen. Fl.incls J. Myers, D, [M.. s; dd loday his 17-niember preliminary main wage dispute «as settled Sunday .after a continuous 42-hour discussion Representatives or the union and the Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corp, operators of the laboratory for the government, reached agreement In talks conducted by the Federal Mediation Service. At one point, in the four-month controversy, the government avert- . '""8 committee for of the CIO" in the newspaper ads. i ., However tne congressman added ? ratlc > mrl - v P^tlorm Ihflt "it Isn't unusual, because Mr. Crumy designates automalicaUv anyone who opposes his candidate put some in her mouth. She said I aI1 5'°"e who opposes his candidate -she told the girl not to do it aivyj e ' lllcr a "Hed," a Communist, n more. " ' tool of the CIO, a thief, or some Courier Newa Want, Ads. Well Settled . she was willing lo undergo e detector test but her attorney advised aaglnst It, I am Innocent." she said 'I didn't kill Barbara Ann." She said her blonde daughter who weighed only 63 pounds at the time of her death, had secured mercury from the school chemistry laboratory when It spilled. School officials said the mercury was kept locked up. .She told the Norwood police chief 'irog'." This apparently was a rei- ercnce to Judge John A. Milstou. of CookDville, whom Crump'.IB. iup^ porting foi the Senatorial'Domina- tion. Crump Attack Supported MEMPHIS, Tcnrr., June 15. lUPI Mayor James J. Pleasants Jr. and Shelby County Commission Chairman E. w. Hale Sv. used a paid political advertisement today to back ' I up the attack made on Senatorial ! Candidate Esies Ketauvcr of Chattanooga las', week by E. H. Crump, Memphis political leader. Crump supports Judge John A. Mitchell o! Cookeville. — ~— .... , ur -/ Headed ."Danger Ahead", the ad, —Rep. Overtoil Brooks, D., Ln., yes-' said that ''there should be no cov- terrtay formally announced hlsieiiiiK up ol Esles Kefauvcr's bad candidacy for the U. S. Senate seat record." j vacated by the i'.cath of Sen. John "Last Thursday, there appeared H M°"; , '" bolh loc "' <lal! 5' newspapers, aa He said he would run "»„ the i advertisement, signed by E. II. Overtoil plntform." j Crump, exposing the shameful rec- nas served In the house, ord ol Estes Kefauver. candidate i the Demo... -.- i—...»..,. will begin hearings July 7. "We are planning to hear fully from a representative cross section of the Democratic Party," he said. "We are entering upon a highly important campaign In a critical year in history and we hope lo explore every Issue completely and fully." Perhaps Myers' most difficult tnsk will be to reconcile Northern and Southern factions of the party on tlje. racial rights' plank 'in. toe plat- JirmiVAs r.5-iy-'rtW"2ft£.'>K'W IIIJ W. na'm-'l «S Uj. the dr^ttiarf conrmit?|e"wcre ! former Gov. Chatmcey Spa'iks of Alabama. Sen. Clyde' R. Hocv of! North Carolina, and former Gov. i Dan Moody of Texas. I Louisiana Democrat Seeks Senate Vacancy WASHINGTON. Jlint 15. mp) Final Negotiations; On Atom Lab Pay Dispute Finished OAK RIDGE. Tenn., June 15 — IUP>—Negotiations on the final points of a proposed atomic labo- HOUSEWIVES! Choose Your Own Way To Wash! yes,-now you can do just that! At Hopkins Laundry— V 4fct*you,'can bring in your laundry and let us wash it Tor you in a new Laiindryall Automatic Washer—or— do it yourself in a new Easy Spindricr. Whatever you !>refer, we can accommodate you. Don't (orgel the name HOPINS LAUNDRY-ALL 414 East Sycamore Phone 3278 >.3etty Jane Rase Rooney. "Miss Birmingham" of 19+4. tins won a divorce from film slar Mickey Rooney. She claimed h e told her to "go back to Alabama with the rest of the hicks." The beauty contest winner waa awarded JIOO.OOO over 10 years. »2S,000 to buy a house, and $5000 an- i finally for support of their two! children.—(NEA Telephoto). ; Isiana oilman, has been appointed' to fill Overton's unexplrcd term. I A plant stem Ihnt twines from left to right is said lo be dextrorse; from right to left, If* " are very serious charges." it continued. 'We agree with every line '.hat Mr. Crump wrote. As responsible liencis ol this great city and county, we are vitally interest- WASHDAY WASHHOUM ANT FAST WASHING? TV* . . ritr. la r»in tubs dK v . . . No wringing C. S. Lemons Fvrniturt RCA Victor 68RI Tliis table radio features cl« 5 p.. to .comole per' iornunce for .laniard anrf,-, RfA Wlor KM hro«dc«u. 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Now (,,„ yoi,t«lf to lh« fine* your monty m buy. Maltrvefl or malcftjnf box Jprtng, featured at Charles S. Lemons, Furniture f ^,. : -«*.--*-r^ --•'•'"•-•>'• ifter, WARM-FLOOR Heating! AUTOMATIC! CLEAN! • Bane Ltw-tat M Money-Saving, Work-Saving Coleman OIL Floor Furnace Save yourself work and dirt—have dependable, automatic, oil heat! Efficient low-cost Coleman Oil" Floor Furnace's improvements move the heat right down to the floor. No fuel or ashes to carry—a cleaner house—more comfort—these are vital blessings. And Coleman will give them to you at an amazing low cost. See us and let us prove it. ASK ABOUT OU« IOW PRICK AND CONVENIENT THMS Charles S. Lemons, Furniture

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