Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on December 14, 1960 · Page 11
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 11

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1960
Page 11
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BTMAS roots still intact and plant it in IX your front yard. ! LONGER But since this is impractical, we . ca n do the next best thing—keep -The best way to keep the tree ln conditions as near as nas tree fresh all sea- possible to its natural environ- buy a tree with its ment, says Don J. Sinek, landscape HI u HIGH TEST AGRICULTURAL LIME ROCK FOR CONCRETE SHIP AND CRUSHED ROCK AVAILABLE .NOW JK OUR PRICES— the most reasonable in the Poitvill. Vicinity. Mere With .... ANK TEHEL, Postville Your Orders To ... . al 56 8-3515,56 8-3532, 56 8-2456 |Or Stop at the Quarry on Highway 51 J. Cooney Construction Co. WAUKON, IOWA »»eeoeeeoee»»»»»»»e»eeoe»»»»«»»ee»»»»»»e» lien House AT THE NEW I Telephone Dial Building riday, Dec. 16 1:00 to 9:00 P. M. S The public is invited to inspect new building: and the dial ''III switching equipment. -Mil COFFEE AND DONUTS - how can I best use PHILGAS*? n ' r ^ wou ^ ^ e a c ' ose vote as to ^ ow women can *<dr |tlt use Philgas. It is so convenient for so many * household chores. Think a moment and check your most wanted use of Philgas. - • Philgas for Home Heating . .. clean heat automatically for one room or the entire home. • Philgas for Cooking ... the modern >,' ~ convenient way to fry, bake and roast. • Philgas for Heating Water... fast economical hot water at your finger tips. e Philgas for Clothes Drying... makes drying clothes a joy instead of a job. iit us soon. Get the .complete story on Philgas, modern fuel for homes beyond the gas mains. ilUIMMUHMUMMMMUWMIW MARIANNA PROPANE CO. Phone 86 4-7451 Postville, Iowa Ttvo-Wsy Radio on track* for faster, num effiotei »».aer »*ee. architect and supervisor in The State University of „Iowa physical plant. The big problem is to keep the tree from drying out and subsequently dropping its needles. To prevent this, use a container or tree stand which allows moisture to get to the tree. Place your tree in the coolest part of your house or room, advises Sinek. For example, it may be much cooler in front of a large window than in a remote corner of the room. If possible, the tree should be kept away from radiators, hot air registers, etc. Your tree will also be less likely to be a fire hazard if it is kept moist, cool and fresh. If you want your tree to be fresher longer, buy one which has been cut as recently as possible. Sinek continues. Trees selected while still growing in a field or nursery and cut just before Christmas are probably the best, but they may also be more expensive. Most trees sold in this area are shipped in, primarily from the northern and western states. Many of these have been cut some time before they are sold. In selecting your tree, check the foliage. If it is green and fresh- looking and the needles cling to the branches, the tree is in good; condition, Sinek says. You can fluff out your tree after you get it home by leaving it outside for a time, perhaps standing in a snow bank or sitting in ypur garage. Needles and branches which have been matted, together in shipping will tend to return tp their natural shapes, the landscape architect explains. The most common kinds of trees sold in this area are pines, spruce and firs, although balsam, cedar and other varieties are sold. The kind of tree you buy may depend | and every package is opened for upon how wou wish to decorate it, For example, if you prefer few decorations and a tree which retains its natural appearance, you would probably want to select an attractive and more elaborate-looking specimen. If you plan to completely cover the tree with tinsel, colored balls, artificial snow and other decorations, the appearance of the bare tree may not be as important. Other kinds of evergreens are used primarily for trim and in such things as wreaths. sorting and gift-wrapped by vol unteers. Gifts should be addressed to the Christmas Committee, State University of Iowa Hospitals, Iowa City, Iowa. ' EXPLAINS IMPORTANCE OF PICKING SUCCESSOR IN SMALL FIRM SENDING GIFTS TO SKI PATIENTS BECOMES TRADITION ^lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMItf^ SPECIAL PAINT I VALUES I LATEX WALL PAINT White & Beautiful Colorsl ONLY $£75 GAL. NYBERG'S Postville, Iowa '"uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiimmitMiimiiiiuiiiiiHiiMiiiiiiitin Iowa City — Just as the vast Medical Center at The State University of Iowa serves the health needs of persons from all over the state, hundreds of persons throughout Iowa traditionally brighten the holiday season for patients at University Hospitals by sending Christmas gifts. "We plan a. Christmas program for the patients each year, comr plete with trees, wreaths and caroling," says Robert Schabacker, "but it would be a lot less meaningful if it were not for the generosity of the people of Iowa". Schabacker, who is an adminisr trative associate and chairman of the hospital Christmas committee, says many persons and community organizations have been sending gifts for years. Many gifts, he •adds come from individuals who have been patients themselves dur ing some past Christmas holiday. "We provide a present for every adult and child in the Hospitals on Christmas Eve and also try to give a present to every child who leaves the Hospital during the week before Christmas," says Schabacker. Although children's gifts are needed, he points out that many more adult gifts must be received because adult patients far outnumber children at University Hospitals. Appropriate gifts for patients in elude knitting materials, billfolds, leather kits, gloves, toilet articles shawls, books, scarves, hose, fancy handwork, tobacco, pipes, station ery and stamps and toys. The Christmas Committee also welcomes larger items such as bedside radios and record players which will benefit a large number of patients throughout the year. Cash gifts should be made payable to the University Hospitals Christmas Committee. Donors are urged not to send foods and not to gift-wrap their contributions. Foods are impractical because of diet regulations Wednesday, December M, I960 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD 3 One way to provide for, continui-| channels of distribution, financial ty and management succession in advice on raising capital, and man- the small firm is by way of the agerial advice on problems which, board of directors. A board of di- j arise in dealing with unions, rectors can aid in a number of "The owner-manager may fear other ways—namely, policy mak-' that he will lose control of his ing, planning and development of company. However, this fear us- new products, production and mar- ually is unfounded," Basil con- keting of new products, choice of eludes. Iowa City—"There are too many cases in the courts where the owner-manager of a small firm has died and his successors have been unable to carry on the company," states Douglas C. Basil in an article appearing in the Iowa Business Digest. "An awareness on the part of the owner-managers of small firms of the importance of continuity in management succession might have prevented the majority of these failures or liquidations," continues the University of Minnesota management professor in the Digest article. The November issue of the Digest, which is published by The State University of Iowa Bureau of Business and Economic Research, is devoted to a discussion of the problems of small business. Owner-managers of small firms are often unwilling to consider the possibility of their firms existing without their guiding hands at the helm, states Professor Basil. This reluctance to anticipate management needs is, unfortunately, a characteristic pf small business in general. These oiyners feel that their own special skills and abilities alone are responsible for the growth of .their firms, suggests Basil. There is considerable distrust on the part of management of such devices as understudies and execu tive development programs. Pre sumably this attitude reflects feel ings of insecurity on the part of top executives, continues the article in the Digest. When their feelings that they are indispensable to the success of their concerns is added to this, the widespread lack of planning for continuity is not surprising, Basil says Normally, continues the management professor, the requirements and qualifications necessary for top management in a small firm are greater than those for middle man agement in the large firm. Yet, the salaries paid by the small firm for top management are often less. Also, if the president promotes from within, the functions are like ly not to be performed satisfactorily. On the other hand, if new men are brought in, there can be ill feeling and lower morale, states Basil. • BATTLE OF MUSIC Andy Doll and his Orchestra - vs. — Bobby Hankins and his Blue Boys SATURDAY, DEC. 17th BHLLROOm LTTEMBERG. CALL 5331 FOR TAtJi-fc ixfcifcKVAl IONS KIDS BE OUR GUESTS — at the — | GROCERIES | | TOYS — SHOES — CLOTHING | | SUNDRIES — USED FURNITURE | g ALSO RUMMAGE ITEMS g % YOU NAME IT — We have it or will get it. % |g We give and redeem S & H Green Stamps g if SURPLUS STORE — Postville, Iowa f HI HO! Children TELL IT TO . . . Santa i IRIS THEATRE — on Saturday, December 17 Two Fine Films For You!! First show at 1:15 p. m. for all Children under high school age. Second show at 2:30 p. m., for high school age. TICKETS FOR THIS TREAT ARE me/ To obtain tickets each child must call in person at our store. The tickets will be available now and until capacity of two full houses has been used up. OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT. Louis Schutte & Sons Largest Stock of Furniture in Northeast Iowa POSTVILLE, IOWA f i Now at BALTZ TV . . . RCA VICTOR New THIN SPORTABLES I'll Want To See You In Postville . . . Saturday, December 24th I'm Pulling Into Town at 2:00 p. m. With A GIFT For Every CHILD I'm a busy man, you know, just before Christmas. But the Postville Commercial Club and their helpers, the Postville Odd Fellows, will help me meet all the Children and I will give each one of you a big bag full of Christmas Goodies. —SANTA CLAUS, North Pole. I The Styliit Sportobl.. New Verl- thin portable! 156 iq. In. picture. 3 handsome finishes. 1 70-P-CM. Sleek, ilim and easy to carry! 17-inch (tube overall diagonal ,156 sq. in. picture) TV that can go and fit anywhere—even on a bookshelf. Veri-thin styling—the most attractive-looking portable you've ever seen. So powerful you get outstanding performance even in fringe areas! For UHF— UHF.VHF run.r optional, .xtro. It's twice at much fup when you're a 2-TV family! Come in today! SEE ABOUT A . . BEST PICTURE IN A PORTABLE! Hi-j«v«j contrast control, transformer- powered chaub, automatic channel equalizer and Signal Guide Tuner provide portable TV's sharpest picture. COLOR Set for Christmas Baltz TV - Radio SALES and SERVICE W«W«sm««st>«K

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