Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 29, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1927
Page 2
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7N PAGE TWO r THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING. NVEMBER.29, 1927. The jnoiuilicam k-iit lli> \\\\\ hliainl, : A gluriioiir oDi. of lulry lai d, IJitri; loiiM (li'iidiH lii,fliifu (If, AtKl .«)l(iT llllllll.l Wfill ' llHVI'H HO ' JN'-lhlliliili i| lliiil ttiniit liitii| )<iiil, _ Ait with iltli ciiK'tijIilK mill riiir. .i_Y(iii liil'ilil 11"! ll'Hl IIK'M f'lh<T Ulll'IC. . , ' \ \'X\M: Uni'i'lv nwuii tliiil ii.'ii IUMI finr : • llltilil ; In \\w I'liiK riliiiclow^ 1 )1 till- IIIKIII, ,1 LiiiiiictU'il f(ir ociniu voyaKliiKH a . llOi't. j ilowjiv fcjillicr there in floiit, ;'Aii(MrflIial tTiillc iiark aiu'l fruU :' Slrjojied low my fantasy tii hail. —T. F. llurkiu'j^s CralKWii, in woekly ScotHniiin. :'" > '• " •'nrreiit Evoiils Club Holds Ife^iilar !>lretlns \ . The Current Events clijlj jucet- ing was held .Monday atternooii in Ihe lioinc or Mi's. ill. C. Ri;lw;e\vay. .212 South First street, with her "fister,. -Mrs. C. H. Olson, as assisl- . Int; hostess. - -.Thcstudy period was in <:!iarfie PtU ^miE DELL; (Mrs. G. F. Klin^) Nov. ::3.—Mr!, and Mrs. C. H. Baker and Haiolti wore Wednesdaj- evening callers in "the writcr'.'s home. I MiHH Helen'Ray and Mr. Rcnner were Sunday evening callers.In Uio n. K. Sullivan home. Mr. and MrVJ. Irvln Sherrlll have ,. jj-'one III hoUHejceepIng and are now "Current KveiitM." .MrH. .Mel'hcr- coniforlalily lik-uted on the George !h6n wuH IWHIHIJIMI hy her. danghler, Hurth farm. | .MIKH Miiry .Mcriierj'on, and MIHH The new HCIIOOI hoimit Is bolug .loM'phlno Coghlll In Hervlng re- IKIVCU the rinlnhlng IOUCIIOH and the rriHhmentH. MrN. I). A. MenrlchH ^oiienlng day 1 H HclicdiiK-d to he held WUH a giiexl of the iliih. Hhiirtly. Tint opRnlng data will ap- 'I'h" tiii-nfljerM III mii'iidatiie were; pear In next Wi'ek 'H IteniM. It hiin Ml).; ('. i;, Moriell. .MiH. Krlk .l««n- heen pliinned lo make tho event"a H -ii, ,Mr/<. Ullllaiii (Jlliow, MTN . | hi({ hoKie-i (rmlng for ovrtyone who Vurk I '.iiiii r, .MIH. .M. .\I . (jloxe, Mnt. ever iiiii^lit or iiltendcd Mciiool In to :i:ou. ,iii,tikt. 7 :00. MiN. ,1. H. Iti-er', MiM.iJIrUd! Arma- i-.'t .Mrs \V. M. WfllliiniB and .MrM, M. II. WIIKOII. • The ('hrt '<tiiiUH exclrunRe will he held ill thi! next nicetliiK wWch will he (ii Ihe home of MrH. .M. .M. CIOHC, »i'»7 Swith Coitoinvood «(rtet. i •:• •:• <' ' ; Jliiznar —at .M. t.-hurth FrUhiy. Pet-. I'. (•af <5 !!;ria lunch, Chicken dinner, ,'.:3» to • • • .\llr«d SeeurUy ]tencilt Issorfcilloii 3l«'e(ing Mr. and Mrs. Ait Oliver. Mr. anl -Mrs. llay Oliver, Mr. H. W. Perkins, ftlr. CeciJ Kunuer, .Mr. W. O; Bishop. .Mr. Win. U Drehcr, Mr. and .Mrs. .lohn Keyser. .Mr. and Mrs. .„ I Hsu Lytle. .Airs. C. .1. Rihiugcr, Har- • of Mrs. .1. G. Tnrnihold and the jOld Rininger, Miss May Farren, Mr. j Stdry told was "Tiio hack ol Jioar-jH- F- Hitc-hc(Vk and .Mr. II. C. Bur-,' <. rii<s attended the Huniholdr meet- 1 Fi-d Men/,le. Mrx. j.. f). GHiHon, i I'rairle liell dlnlrlel. iinrt eclehrttte It with one of IlioHn hlg huskel dlnnent for which the (Itclrlct In noted. The (ommltlou In vhurKc of aff:ilr» for the duy Is: Wru. .M. 8. MeJIenry, .Mrs. 11. K. Sulllvnn and .Mrs. A. (1. Si|c>egle. -Tills committee IH already at work with the preparations and no doiiht the,, day will he one to he long remembered aii'l recorded in the hl^ory of the The new hiillding while not "<> large, wil'.' provide ample iooni for years >o come and presents a decidedly cozy appearance ing Camp" by Wi O. LenhAri Hret Hart. .Mrs.' of the Security Benefit associa- i LenhArt .'^poko'on ,"Pioneer ins of the Secu life." -^Irs. C. lA. Swipgett sang tioii last nisht at Humboldt.'"I'd Live or I AVohldi Die for You") The meniberg of the Humboldt . hy Ball, playing lier own accom- lodge will return the vis-It hy at- panimeiit. j tending the lola lotlge meeting Fri- The cliih voted five <IoIlars for day night, bringing their orc)»estra th? Near-East Relief ifunU. .\n iin-" with them. The meeting will be • poitant feature of itlie tusiness ] held ;n the Knights of Pythias hall, .meeting was making, ^-lanv'for the i next meeting whicli will he the! -Vest . clnh anniversary. It wiji to the heart muscle, the hcsiu jdhiphragni niiisc'e is the most ini- porlant in the human toody, as it is :v!)le to do all the -lireathln^re- •with a six-thirty diniuM- in the dining room of the Baptist temple and tho members of the .junior Currtut!quired to maintain life. Kvents dub will be the guests. . j ; ^— I-Mrs. R. B. Stevenson was a; Senorlla de .\lvar6z, the popular teucst of Ihe afternoon, and the Sj)a!iish tenuis i)Iayer, is an i7;pert jnembers at the meeting were: Mrs. ice .^kater anl al>o plays aigoo.l J. IC. Cornish, .Mrs. S. :A. JvUis, Mrs.'Kanie of hillliirds. Jlichai'd Kwing, Mi.s. .\. H. lleiox, 1 jftlrs. .1. U. Hiulsf.n; .Mrs. AV. O.I Jxiiliarl./Mis. F. \V.' .Mvhr. Miv. • Minesinger, Mrs. A. A. lie:i.; Sirs. II. II. Shern::iii, .Mr. . \V. K. Question: How can our Idddies keep well eaid strong? Answer: By bidlding up a resistance against sickness, and that's easy and pleasant if they take ;;COTrS EMUi^iON , Etarks, .Mrs. C. A. .SWI^-HCH. Mr .-i. <!(^ ;,"i' Vo.Hsc. .Mrs Kalpli Sl 'ivir, IMrs. .1. (!. Trombold. .1. A. Fryi-r. Mr«. .V. C. M.-linyr.'. IMin. 1*..S. Ifay and .Mrs. S Ii. .>-'lcpli(iiH. Jf.'oIdMi ,l.1nk (liih .Me<(s ' Mrs. ('. C, Mcl'liersoii was h(i>i|-. ''• t'l'" ni'-IilbiTH of llh' 'iolilill j-luk iliib yc,«lerila.v .•irieiiiiiniij in •Jier houii! at r.o;! Xorlh (>ak stnel. I^l Ihe nhsencc of the jiri i.iileiil. 1h <i-nieciing was prcsld< il vvi -r bv • airs. Fred Mell/ie. RoH call re ' pjMm .se. was "Telli;iK -a .loki' on RTy.iell." The lesson on Kat sas History ?waK in charge pt him. •M. JI. AViison and -Mrs. ISfiiie .\rma- .co.«t read'; a pap(;r on •"Chinaware.' "[The ronjlid table discu.'-siou was 1 iHJ ^D^FFED FROM CATAFIRH OR A COLD t < •<f Says Cream Applied,in Nos- * Irils Opens Air Passages Right Up. <<• * " Instant relief—no w.iiting. A'oiir " clogged nogti;ils open riglit up: the air . Jjas-sagea' of your head and you 'can breatilie fri-ely. No more li.iwkiii'j, enttfliing, bloivinp, |iead.icl)e. dryn"-?^';. iN*o struggling for hreiith at night: , your cold or cat,irrh disappears. Get a small hotitle of Ely's Cn .im IBalm; from your drtiggist nowj -Apply •n little of tliis fragrant, antiseptjc. Qicaliiig cream in your nostril.-*. It 5 )enrtrat<'s tlirouglC'every air jJaHscige »f-the head, soothes the inllnuu'd or iBwallon mucous iiii'inhraiK- and n-licf cx>mes instantly. • . .• It 's just fine". Dini't st.ny stulTcd-iip tarith acold or nasty catarrh. PATENTS- Kl Dy ITt're".s a wnithy gift idea! Why not give each of the women in your family a Mef- Order entitling them to bo cor- rcftly fitted in a pair of the world's comfortable shoes. ARCHES. Arch- braring, blisiifully comfortable, arid good- looJorig. •, $4.95 $6.00 t -l The j(vy of shopping- in a leisurely fashion will more than compcMi .satr for niakinio: your gift list now. ThVsic i*ifl.s assure feminine delig'ht: Hats 'llii- n<'w rmliroidcrcd ami iK 'atlc'd r.iil'o ."-ilk in bi-igh( colors. _ Dresses I :Tlio Ijitost niodos in (Iros.scs of Satin, f'rtpe and Georgette ill new mid-sca.son colors and black. G^ftHosc Sheer Chiffon or semi-service weight in a|I the wantc(j colons, $1 to .$1.95. In gift boxes, if you wi:^h. . ] . Gift Kerchiefs Hainty hand embroidered scjuare.'^ of white linen, hand painted georgette or Tav colored ones of linweave or linen— 10c to $1.2.5 Lingerie HIooni(!i;s. IVddies. Gowns and Bras- ! .siere Sel.s, $1,00 to $5.75. Scarfs j Georgette. Crepe de ;Chine, hand blocked patterns including the new stjuarcs and triangles, priced $1.00 to ?-},25. Hand Embroidered Pieces Boudoir Pillows, Scarfs, Towels, Luncheon Sets and Card Table Covers.. Stamped Pieces that take only a short time to embroider. Gift Flowers stunning little Felt Flowers for > the Coat or large fluffy ones of organdie or silk for the dries;;—25c to $2.00. StuleSfijep MILLINERY-LADIES (} FURNISHINGS 0 inside; The interior has a decorative two-tone effect of fcrown. and tuff, finlstaed in yellow | pine with oak ^pors^ ^and paneled ceiling whlclTglves a harmonizing and restful appearance. J. H. Palmcir of lola Is thp contractor, and ^ he ami George; HugBlns..:.hcad carpenter, have given their closest attention to e*'cry detail of construction and will turn "over to tho patrons a building of which they can ho Justly proud, Tho .M, I. C, win nieel with MJH. Marry SheKon Wednesday uftor- iiot>«, Nove«rt»er 30, .Mr, imd MrH, G. K. Klink, Allcnn niid Rowland were Sunday dinner guiMlx III the lionie of ihi'l'r pnr- CIIIM and grandpareiitx, ,Mr, and .MrH., .S:.niM. .Mt|. and .VIrx. II, H. Bantu of near nine Wound wcrc/Siiiiday vIsltorM In «ho home ol their tincln and aunCMr. and Mra. Sams, a weclc.aso. ' . Mrs. Bcttio Spith of lola visited a wbelc ago Sunday in the; home of Iter, d't^ughter. Mrs. M. B. Landis and family. R. E. Sullivan returned last Wednesday from a business tcip to Wichita and Oklahoma. ' Mr. anil Mrs. Dale Nichols were dinner guests In. tho parental Nlch- 6lR home Thnn^MglvIng; day,. and nuppcr Kuests of .Mr. and'Mrs. Wil- jard Jai)h«f, i Corn Hljucklng la the cirdcr of the day on most farms now, and tho prion offero^l at (ha cIcvatorH IM far helow cicpectalfonit .a few months iigo. owlihK to the Improved crop condition. :But tlid woiuler of It all la 'Why tho rnrmprs >pcrmlt thp Importation of 6 to mlllon OuHhelM of corn each week fr( m ArRcntlne and- other countr'.c:; thereby- forcin? the price really lower tiian the cost of proditction to the American farmer, which is being d(in«'-right at corn gathering time is tbi^ country, too. Star Valley Grange No. 1661 will hold Its anaual oie^tion of officers at the next ineetlnp. DeocnAer 2. ISvcry mettiblcr should bo prcsohL 'ITie attendance at tjie Jnst two or tfiroc meetings has he«>h e.v<rp- tlonally good. Proparatlnns pre now b<!int;imado for and various delcRBt ons ipliin to attend t he state mectinf at;Krcdoiiiii next month.- n, N Hi^cr t^ok his nin'rhlno Tufsday uftornoon and ihivMhtHl kufir rorn for Clydir Mncar In Ktnr Vallf-y illsfrlH, {,'. P, Bsrtii rcfplvod n Jiill oni- 'lay Inst week which conflnrd him to his >bed, -but ho hopes,to bb up a.iil urqund by th" first of the wcck.l 1 CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR ALL Air Rifles, Roller Skate.s, Ice Skate.s ^eds. Tricycles, Kiddie Kar.s, Wagons. Knives, ScLssors, Razors, Pprco- latprs, Pyrc.x Dishes, Roasters,-Carving Sets., | • BUY HIM A I,AWN MOWKU. BIIYHKKA WASH1N«!\IACHINK. HA! MA! ^ISHARD HARDWARE\& SEED CO. VDVERTfSlilG-^^ COUPfTEQUS SERN^ Years bf Successful Merchandising in Just 22 Shopping Days Until Xma TQYLAND IS BRIMFU TOYS! A visit to our Toy- land on the second floor will show you tlie :^rcatest selection of toys in soi^th- castern Kansas. ' Bring-, the kiddies and watch their eager happy faces, i. And Again We As6 You to Shop Eariy Shop in the morning if possible. It mat- t^''ters not what gift you may desire, whether yoU:\*. yant to spend dimes or dollars you wpl find her6 .^-.^ greater selection than in previous yeai-s. ' ' , : All Linen , Luncheon i Sets 54x54 rail linen cloth with 4 napH kins. Specially priced at $L25, $1.50 $1.95 BEACON BATH ROBE BF.ANKETS * In their newest color range with cord and tasiscl complete at $5.50 and $(i.5() each. Winter Coats Lavishly Trimmed in Fur Priced from $24.50 ' up to $75.00 Goats that are >strikingly and beau- tifidly tailored. From Our Gift Department GIFTS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY "Dainty Rose Leaf Sachets 35c to $1.50.' Ffut up in beautiful Christmas boxes. .Beautiful Glazed Weller ware— Flower Bowls .?1.00 to $1,50. Wall Vases .$1.00 to §2.95. Flower Vaj?es 75c to $3.00. : Picture Frames'$1.00. Cream and Sug;^r Sets 50c to $2.00. Hand Painted Night Sets $1:00. Hand Painted Ice Tubs $1.00. Mayonnaise Sets S1.25. And hundreds of other gift suggestions too numerous to mention. 'Opportunity Knocks Again At ; Your Door In a very timely sale of Silks. Three big outstanding values— 40-incn Satin Canton and Flat Crepes, regular $3.50 values at $2.48 yard. 40.inch-Flat Crepes, regular $3.00 value at SI.69 yard. 40-inch Crepe de Chine at $1.39 yard. 100 Beautiful New Gift Pillows at $3.48 A most unusual assortment in several very {Attractive shapes and shades. • Silk Garters Plain and Fancy Ruffled in Christmas? box. 35c to $1.00 Box ?Thc Gift Thai Never Fails to Please ^ Silk Hosiery Buy the best. Buy ihe hose that time has proven to be best. Gotham Gold Stripe $1,85 to $2.50 Wayne Knit , $1.00 to $2.75 Kayser Poinleti Heel ' $1.69 to $2.50 . Pre-Holiday Special Novelty Candle Sticks and Holders 50c Set ^' Pre-Holiday Special 17-inch Fancy Colored Candles 15c Each Pre-Holiday Special . $3.50 Fancy Polychrome Lamps $2.95 Each Perron's Imported Kid Gloves Priced from $2.95 to $6.50 Pair The New Graceline Antelope ~ Trimmed Bag —is a compliment to any costume. Shown in black moire v%'ith antelope Lrimmings. Beautifully embroidered, silk lined in Fawn, Brown and Tan. Priced at $3.00 and $3.95 each. Handkerchiefs Are Always Acceptable as Christmas Gifts Hundreds and hundreds of them from Ireland, Switzerland and Japan. Shown in a most marvelous collection. A big special of women's novelty embroidered. Handkerchiefs at 15c and 19c. A big .special lot of women's all linen Handkerchiefs, hand tinted and hand embroidered a:t 25c each., Men's all linen Handkerchiefs 25c. Men's heavy Pongee Handkerchiefs, hem-stitched, 50c each. A big special lot of women's hand rrmde, hand embroidered Handkerchiefs at 50c, 75c, iSl.OO and $1.5.0 ^ach. • • - r • J Leather Gift Specials Nice luggage keeps one's memory fresh. No larger or tetter assortihent can be found outside of the!large cities. Ha.t Boxes $2.98 to 4l5 .0O each. Genuine Cowhide Gladstone Bag.s' $10.00 up to $27.50. Week-end Cases $1.95 up to $11.95. Wheary Wardrobe Trunks. $35 to $50. Gift Suggestion 1 Elephant Table Ornaments

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