The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 31, 1932 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1932
Page 8
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P" P a4 V.**" :'( 7 t 4 THE UAKEHSFIELD CALII'OHNIAN, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31,1932 CURIOUS WORLD Bv FERGUSON tMff W*TM A E Mtg AND HBAP S TD COftL OP INTO WHH NO N/OLNEQABUe ARMOR. BODV CAN TEU. A TPAIL MADE HIPPOPOTAMI wioe AND FAA LEF IM <**THE PATH UNTOUCHED av N THH HUOB mm SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "I won't have you doing any hou«rwork. We can live with my mother until we can afford a maid," THE TINYMITES y HAL COCURAN "HAD THE «TDMV. THEN COLOR THC PICTURE) iPUtur.i fcy KU|> MIME Tinle« heard wee Duncy thout, ! piled the little oil i-un. Then it scam*• "The.he two cans want to help us ! P«red her« ami then'. out. Let's tnk* them to our plane nnd' hEaoh l [' no « tllJ ''* d ; < h 2 °V an , ° U !' * The can then heard Kind Scouty nhout, then we *oon con fly away. i -j'hnt'w daiuly. If ynu K<»cj> U up. "The gas can will fill up our tanks,! we'll »»oon lu» in tlu- air." fur which we'll give It heaps of' Ami tSiiMi thi-K"N i-un shouted, "Hoy: i ou TinyniHcs look up this \vny. liunkh." "And I'll oil up whole t»nk is fllliMl up to tho lop unU fit) my machine," the oil can nald, "Hurray"' work IH d^ne. And so tlu whole hunch Martini «>\it| "i' VP finished, tr^," t)ic oil run i-rled. to find the plan*- "It It- about a miJft "The i.lurie'« all r«-«<ly r/»r a ri<h\ Ju,st "It It? about a from here." nnid Scouty. th^rt very soon. "(lee, 1 can hardly wait until we fly uway. My. what & thrill: I hope It •loef- not take us long to get the plane in tune." "Wo will be whirl tho bitf iiropeller. make tho eiiRlnu run." hui will By this lime tht-y becun to run, a. looking forward to come fun. The RO can said, "You'll l-e surprised at how ( O p. quick we'll bt through. ' "Vou see, I've done thU work before. I always keep ctome g&s In store. . Hlfht now I'm filled up to the top. 'Twill be enough for you." SURE, FILL IT "J want a nice steak and *K uf nle." "Fillot, Plr?" "Why, of course—right up —Anwers. to the QUQfflONAL UMORQUS OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS VNtUL ,\ MO R OF CAKT BUAM. A TO \*e. H\S u*e - BUT sou CAMT BV.AME. -tvv o\l MAM *-/OO Dour CAWS., TO OOKTT NN OWOUT CVl MAM WHAT TV«S>/ TbO ' OK A CUT OFF. »r MCA •ntvicc; INC.ACO. u. a. MT. off. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN MY WORD-*-NEW YEARlS tVE UfW TH STTLES 'PR "R\MEVI TH TEA, AND CAN T HEN VOU , ANt> X WILL "PUT MY LOUN<P\N6fi y ANt> "REAJ VOLUME op THACK; WAW WHAT "PEACE AND THE OL"D WHH HIS .«T, MU HAT, CANE HID IN TV\l HALL CLOSET; BACK: OF T^E SET IN MY *R< Ht'O PULL A <= SNEA.VC TO TV-IE OWLS ALTtEAT*' CROSSED H\tV\ UT>» 4 & C HIS DUDS IN THE I* 1ft PAT. •V MCA MftVICC. INC.' \ TRUNK, THE GUMPS Let the Whistles Blow TAKING. NOW- YOUR^EU= UKE A i \NAWT NOKiE OF THIS ROAMINC* RO^TA&LE TO YABUt- AS*C> DON'T FDRGET- VOU'RE HOT THE OF THI4 l& NEW VEAR'S W6-NOTTHE4-1V(OF TWACT CUOWN HAT- U ACTtNfr THE PA.RT Or= A COURT 06SYIER- RUNNING AROUND WITH ^^^^^ — f ^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ i ^^^^ A By SIDNEY SMITH IF IT'S A HE'S CrOING TOSS HIM UPA* AM LET ACT !• ^^^^— ^ ^^^ FOOU • t ^\V * j * , L . ^ - • • • \ • •• : - - * -. • -1 I I - MWX -* "I ., • '*.- • •' .»• k . ** •- •*-:: r.V--V. U, S. P«. Off., Copvrighl. 1932J by Th« Chkif o Tribune. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES All Set to Celebrate By MARTIN BOM6 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Assurance! By BLOSSER QpECVLES IS GETTING RESTLESS AND ANXIOUS TO C5ET STARTED FOR SAN PE I HAVH MY TWIM<?5 ALL ANY TIJAE MX) VJORP...... T*k\ APPMO VJE'Lt WAIT UNTIL, YOU kNOW, \>JE CANT AWAY I! CANT SET NMMY.TWE SEAPLANE'S ALL FUELED AND READ/ .'/ VfiS / SUT C^E OF NIGHTS A COLD SPELL MAY OWE UP AND FREEZE /^R. SEAPLANE RI6RT IN THE LAKE...AWP \WE BE? JUST OUT OF LUCkC / TWAT t S tr DOMTVJORRY..VM KEEPING AN EY£ ON THE BAROMETER./ It WONYHAPPtK AS L0N<3 BILLY 80WLEGS IS ON THE JOB! r MARRY5I VACMT AWA ITS "7MEM .„. . r '/i * I X WHAT COULD you DO TO KEEP IT TI6HT ALOFT AM' CRUISE AROUK/D TILL TH 1 LAkE WAS FROZEN UP....1WEW I'D JUST S£T HER DOV^N ON 1 ICE !! ....AVE-AVE..., t RC: ^J Rf 0. U. 3. PAT. Of r, TTiftaz nv NKA scnvicc. THE NEWPANGLES (Mom'n Pop) 1 DONT LIKC TD WELCOME THE NEW NT*XP BV KNOCKING TMC OLD, BUT HAPPY HCW VtAQ WILL BE A MIGHTY WCLCOME V£LP I A New Deal! AFTER TME &&EAKS I'VE riAD, WHY WOULDN'T I WANT TO SEE THE OLT> VEAT2 PASS ON AND MAKE WAV FOB THE NEW 11 BOY! WHY LDN CHEEIP OLD 1 THE: r ;*M \NELCX>MET WHAT IT ON THC T'ME S»T UT OVEW OOR-HAT \\ LO JUST WHCN OLD LA STOOD By COWAN _ ___Bg^Bi^HBM^^^^^^^M^V A^^^^^^B^^^^^^BB 7932 SLAPPED ME DOWN SO MANY TIMES THAT MY BACK WAS BEGINNING- TO SPROUT FEET BUT THAT'S ALU OVER, NOW I VA MARA LIVE AND — AND FORGET SOME OF IT - - * BRINO ON YEfc 1953 !! :r And then they reached the plane. FRIEND IN NEED Policeman (rlvtng evidence) — He wftb righting hts wlf<>, your honor, j when I urreetcd him, and— Prisoner (Interrupting) —When you DEC ®U I ,) •S "All right," »ald Coppy. "Work with all your might. Hey. Mibter Oil Can. | reficued''me,'you ni«an.l'Tii"-liiia rua around and oil up everything. "Don't m*fis *h^ wh**lB. They must go 'round whene'er we land upon tho Xround. 'Twill b« too had if ti cy turn. Dl»t3tcr th«*. will bnni;." » • « AND HURRY UP Pattern—-How foon ^11! I hi> out of "Oh. Ml do cvrryihirR 1 t-ho U !d 10 mJ fdina rflit, Fay. I «m gooO 1 ' 1 re- Nurse — Just a» to sign a i^^, you : »> . — Hum —m i itT * _ e » »M BY - - ttHvicc. INC. MEO. u. •. MT. orr \ 1

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