Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 31, 1932 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1932
Page 4
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ftlT'Wl'lfMwiiiiMn^ lOlU DAM REGISTER '• CHAS. F. SCOTT ' .Eh! «reS i\ ihs Tola, Ennsli, PoJKettea ^ M ! Second .CUM Hatter. . - I Branch Exchange 'iCpnneetiitg Deportmenta.) -15. SUBSCRIPTION SATES By Cihier in lola. Gas City. I;iHarpe, and BasMtt One W?ek . — 1» Cents One Year, __ —_ ^^»7.80 3Y MAIL Outside Allen County fill Moitths: — Three' Months - One M^th .$5.00 50 .50c One , Tear.. Six Uonths :—J Three :^onthi One Month, — In Allen County _$3.00 ..$1.V6 _»1.00 50c ^Meibtr: of— I , - ' .National Editorial Association. Audit; Bureau of Circniatioa. Kans^j PreAi Aa^otiatlon. MJEBBERl ASSOCIATED PRESS , The ftegister carries the Associatfed |Priss renort by special leased wire. The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to use for republication of all, newa dispatches credited to it |or not otherwise. credited jiu this paper, and also the local news published herein. [All rights ot republication nf •Iicciol' djjpatcpes herein are also reserved. CHWST FOR ALL-ALL FOR CHRIST. I Bible Thou'ght for Today. I fmRlsfs BENEDICTION ^ Peace ; V l| leave | with you, my peace 1 : give unt)b you: not as the world .giv- . eth, givj;.! unto you. Let not your -heart i be troubled, neither let it be . aifrald:—John 14:27. .1 l\ow hard he has been hit he must go into the fight in the, spirit of the man who said: "fn thfe fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced cior cried aloud! Beneath the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody—but im- bowed!" , • But there is another good reason for loot:lhg hopeifully forward to the New Year. That is tliat an the appraisers of business conditions, der Clare that "the worst Is over," that "the bottom has been readhed," that thd "comer has been turned." Business undeniably is better lii the East and it tiannot be better there long without becoming better in the West. As a single barometer, a btis- in^ statistician sent questionnaires to 100 brokers dealing In stocks asking them whethdr the bear mal-ket was over and the turn had come. Seventy-six of the 100 answered in the affirmative. Other barometers point in the same direction.. Time Itself points in that direction, jbecause everybody knoWs this, depression cannot last forever, therefore every day brings It hearer its end! So. Everybody Busy at his own Business! Bigger and Better! ' , THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, SArFURDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 31.1932. lOtA. KANSAS MACHINES THE TECHNOCRATS ^GHT DEVELOP / NEW YEAE'S; ' As a jcast; day, to be observed by : sending ?greeting5 to friends, review'. -ing the 1 )351] looking forward to tlie J future, repenting sins and mistakes jof ihe: past, making new resolutions :for the..future. New Year's Day is idqubtless the oldest special anniver- .sary on ;ihc | calendar. Indeed the 'Chances lare it came Into being with ;the inventibn of the calendar, with the day that the civilized world, or the world thLt called itself civilized, lirst agreed upon as the day when ra new y^ar, {should begin. At least ;we are ti)Id that as early as the ;cighth c^ntiiry B. C. it was customary fori the people of Rome to bring •presents to their Emperor as tokens Jof their good wishes for the. New iYear. '. TJni\jersal feasting and ex;change;«E gifts and greetings soon became' wii.versal and all important religions have aliViays observed ,lt :with sdme Sort of service or ceM- - mony. jsd for at.least a thousanc ^years; bcfprej people began saying /'Merry;Christmas" they had been saying ''Happy New Year." ; And "Tlii Register passes on the fancient greeting to all its friends, to ihe State ofj Kansas, to the United States olf America, to all the World! J. A HAPPY NEW YEAR!; How much i we all wish itl and how much We all need it! • : And ho'*'; certain it is that most of,us, the overwhelming majority of us, can have it if we just set our minds and our hearts to It! I The first] step in the direction of j.his Happy New Year is .to qiiit worrying about the unhappy old year. That 1 was-a terrible year. We all know it.. We all lost money. We "all had to pinch and skimp arid jicrimp to make ends meet, and some pf us didn't even do that. But all that is water over the dain now. :We don't have to live that . year over again. Why make the pLstake: AJidy did the other night . j^'hen lie fnit on the floor in a eor- ner of lh(i';officc of the O. K. Hotel, •'down In the dumps." because he wa.s rcciiilli 'ng all the mistakes he'had fiiade. the',money he had losf, the hlimilintioiis he , had suffered in 1932, Tlic.^Kingfi'sh liad talked him 9itq all sprt.s of crazy things and 'they had hurt his feet and his face and his pride and his' bank account Then along came Amos and told him bluntly that he didn't, have anybody but himself to blame, that he must snap out oi! It, forget about last year and begin to plan for ne.xt year, quit thinking a^out himself so mluch and think mor^ about other people, instead of I making himself unhappy study how-to make other people happy. ' .;A fine.; wholesome philosopher, tjiat man Amos. ; .fWhat thg world needs to do. what particulairiy the 'Dnited States of America jneeds to do, is. to quit talking so much about what laws and C^vernnients, presidents and parliaments, can do for them and get busy doing, for themselves. No law eiver yetjP|illed any country out of -a depression. No measure of "relief" ever yet started the wind blovf- ihg in the' economic doldrums. The lieople pull themselves] otit. Tie lieople themselves raise the wind n an economic dead calm. • The Apokle Paul had the right idea. "Forgetting the things that are behini I PRESS ON-'"^ . There is?every .reason, why. we should look forward to, the New Year „ with optimism and courage. The very first reason Is that optimism and| courage dre the prime ingredients, of any sort of success. No man bajtj make a success of his business jlf ^^ie doesn't think Jie can. _ T|b feel hawUl fail foredooms hhn to failure. H No man .canlwln with out courage, either, - any more In business :thah In battle. No matter IF" BROUGHT DOWN TO DATE. Among the mariy handsome Christmas cards that have come to this office is one from Hugh J. Powell, of the Coffeyvllle Journal, with s6me verses by an author Mr. Powell says is unknown that seein to fit the times: IF you can see what some folk call 'depression' As nothing but a spin of Fortune's wheel; IP you can keep your poise and self-possession No matter what you think or how you feel; IF you can view a stupid situation All cluttered up with 'ifs' and 'ahs' and 'huts' And take it at its proper valuation— A challenge to your common sense and 'guts'; IF you can rise ..above the mess and muddle. If you can glimpse a rainbow through the clouds When Doubt and Dread and Fear' are in a huddle And hope is being measured for a shroud; IF you can keep a saving sense of humor For stories that are slightly inexact;; IP you can disregard Report and Rumor, And not accept a statement as a fact; IP you can spread the gospel of successes. If you can stir the spirit that ' instills The latent life in lathes and looms and' presses And lift the' stream above a thousand mills; IF briefly you can spend an extra dollar: If you can pi-y the sacred Roll apart And buy another shirt or shoe or collar And act as if it didn't break your heart; IP you have faith in those with whom you labor. And trust in those with whom you make a trade; IF you. believe in friend and next door neighbor • And heed examples pioneers have made; IF. you expect the sun to rise tomorrow; If you are' sure that somewhere skies are blue- Wake up.and pack away the futile .son-ow . For I'm saying IVterry Christmas to YOU! NEWS OF COLONY fred Veitje Dies as 94th Birthday Approac&es: Friends Give Mr. arid lilrs. Green a Charivari. . providing funds to lend a former enemy, a loan that almost certainly will never be priid. "The ways of European politics and diplomacy are past finding out. Scientists assembled at Atlantic city have announced to' ft waiting world that under the new relativls- tlc thermodynamics the universe iri which we liVe can forever and ever experience a succession of irreversible expansions jand contractions. That matter being settled it would seem to be in oi-der to move the previous question, which is "Happy New Year." ' 'The best fight I, ever saw was put up by ia torn cat on his back." We don't Icnow who said that. But the lesson of it is plain. Suppose you A RE flat on your back. Keep fighting. From Other Papers WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN,^ FINLAifD. ' A few years ago when llllile Finland discarded; prohibition and turned the liquor traffic over to the Government wd heard a good deal from the Wet newspapers' of Ain- eri9a atwut the wonderful reform that Iiad taken place there. The country was to be free from gangsters and bootleggers and smugglers, liquor would flow freely but nobody would get drunk, the laws regarding the traffic would be scrupulously observed, and everything and everybody would be serene and happy. But a recent dispatch from Hel- slngford seems to indicate that these rosy dreams have turned." into nightmares. The Finnish parliament has discovered that legal sales of liquor are diminishing and there is increased smuggUng and bootleg;- ging. Sales of hard liquor at the Government shops have recently reclined nealrly 40 per cent because of the co.mpetitlon afforded by smugglers who can import foreign liquors and sell it below the Government prices. Illicit distilling is increasing tremendously in certain areas. And so the Parliament is busy with measures to combat bootleg-' ging and diplomatic negotiations have been .undertaken with other countries to. curb sm'uggUng and more severe punishment is being considered for all offenses against the,drinking law. The Finns are learning what we knew long ago, that the -whiskey traffic will not obey any law it can circumvent and it will not yield to any regulation that it can elude. Within ^wo weeks after it refused to pay 19 million dollars on the debt it owes the United States the French parliament voted to lend Austria 13 million dollars. That is to say, FVance cannot find the money with which to pay a debt to a fottner ally, but ;hc has no difliculty iix Something Worth Tliinking About. El Dorado Times: Advocates of the St. Lawrence Shipway base their arguments on the grounds that its construction would mean tremendous savings to farmers and other shippers. The annual cost to the government of the shipway would be from $27,000,000 to $43,000,000. If this amount were paid to the railroads, they would be able to haul FREE all the grain that would . move through that waterway arid still have a substantial balance left over. Over a period of years, the | waterway would cost us hundreids of millions of dollars. It would turther depress" our greatest industry]— the railroads. In the opinion oft many economists, it would be oi little benefit. Isn't it time iwc did some thinking about it bcfoi-c goiijig farther. INDEPENDENCE Dec. 29.-r-Mr. and Mrfr. L. A Ayeis were hosts to a Christmas dinner party at their pretty country home on Christmas, evening. The iguests were: Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Fuiik, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Muer a.nd £on Gary, of lola, Charles Jr., and; Richard Funk. Mr. and R4rs. Hodges of loin, Mrs'. Bculah Funk of Columbus, and Miss Lillian Ay(jrs of Hutchinson. Miss' Lillian Aycrs of Hutchinson, arrived Friday afternoon to I spend the holiday vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Ayers. Mrs.! Fred. Pierce and her pupils gave d program at their Christ mas tree on Friday afternoon; Santa Claus was there with gifts, arid treats for all the children. School was then dismissed for the vacation. ! • Mrs. A. E. Nicholas and children spent Christmas eve and- the night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lathrop and Donald of La Harpe. Mr. Nicholas and Mr. and Mrs. Merle Lathrop were guests, a so for the Christmas day dinner. Mrs. Merle Lathrop visited |at the home of her parents and sisters. Mr. and 'Mrs. Calloway, west of lola, Friday night. Mr. arid Mrs. Isch and Betty Mae of Gridley and Mr. and Mrs, Martin of "yates Center, were Chr stmas guests at the Harvey Bromagem home. Miss Beulah Bromagem his returned home from Moran. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Myers have been quite ill with the flu, bfil are now Impi-oVing. I Miss Qertrude Myers is home for her Christmas vacation from her high school work in LaHarpe. Mr. and Mrs. Foster Funk 2nter- tahied at a holiday dinner, on Wed- riesaay. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Muer and Guijt of lola, Mr. and WErs. Oscar Brown. BjTon and Mbdena. Ildl&hd Bromagem is spending his vacation with his sister, Mi-s. Isch, of Gridley. Mrs. Be,ulah Funk of Columbus, visited Sunday night and Manday with Mr. and Mrs. L. . A. Ayers. Tuiesdoy, she was a guest df M •. and Mrs. J. r. Puhk. Have you a house for rent? Or J?*"- 5^?'^Want to buy anything? Use the Classified columns! ' « « <. .> • • • • • • <• • Iteins from The TUB&UT of Dec'eniber 31, iMt. t • Iteins from The tUgisitT of •> • • • • • • • 4 » •> •;» »> •;• • •: • « Dr. c. W. Rennick who for the past six years has practlfc^d riiedl-' cine in Gas City, annpimced ^ yesterday evening that as soon fts he could close ui> his matters at Gas City he would le^ve for Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where he would open an office. In another week the new wpather bureau building on South Jefferson street will be completed. Mr. R. R. Crosby, superintendent of this district for the Pnidehtial Life Insurance company, has opened offices at 10\i North Washington, placing Mr. M. J. Burt in charge. The Prudential is a New Jersey company. .Teddo—Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charley Beeman Christmas day, a boy. The Abcrnathy Music company is moving its stock . from lola. The company is moving its branch houses from this part of the state. Jcddo—Gibson Holt is getting up a wolf hunt in Salem township for New Years day. Every one invited to help. They will start in the morning about nine o'clock and center in Holt's pasture at two p, m. Stony Point.—S.,D. Brandenburg met with a painful accident Monday morning by stepping on a nail was in a board a'nd running it through his rubber boot and Into his foot. He has been laid up ever since but it Is feeling little Ijetter at present. Huckster Brown' has sold his .grocery to George Ellis. Mr. Brown remains with tjie business. Miss Myrtle Randolph, who for soni^ time has been employed as clerk' in the New York stor6, has accepted a position in a store in California, ahd will lek've soon for that state to. take her heW position. TOPAY'& THOUGHT By Gtenvilte'kieiser pecember Thirty -One. . A T THE CLOSE of the old year, you can profitably make Tan in- 'vehtory of what you have planned, developed, and achieved. Carefully consider the means aind methods which you ha'fe used for desired ends, and the specla'l instances in which you have succeeded or. failed. As you look in retrospect, you will doubtless see many places where better judgment, broader charity, ahd greatef prudence Could have been used, by you with more satisfactory results. So -while you think with gratitude and pieasure of- the progress you have made and the results achieved, take a practical lesson from such personal examination, and earnestly resolve to make the new year a better, bigger, brighter one for yourself and for the world in which you live. COLONY, Dec. 30.— Fred Veitje. aged 93 years ahd 11 months, passed away at his honie Wednesday after a long iihiess.^,He was' bom in Germany and came to America when he was 25 years old. He was married ten years later and to the union fom- ihildren were born, only two of whom are surviving, Mrs. Ben Bidw'ell and Heriry 'Vietje, northeast of Colony. Mr. 'Vietje visited relatives in Germany for three months in 1911. The funeral was held in the M. E. church this afternoon and interment was iri the Lone Eim cemetery. i • Robert Dunlap. lola, is visiting his aunts. Misses Anna and Maude FYancls. Miss Ruth Dean, lola, spent overnight Tuesday and Wednesday with Miss Frances Goodell. | Misses Lois Barron, j Jean Denton, and Frances Goodell ^ere lola visitors Wednesday afternoon.;' Friends .chartvaried Mr. and Mrs. William Green at her home Wednesday night. Mrs. Green was formerly Mrs. Lillie B. Quiett. Tlie funeral of Ben Williams, who- died in Wichita on Christmas day, was held in the M. E. church Wednesday with the Rev. L. L. Han- thbme officiating. Mr. •Williams was the father of: Ross Williams, east of Colony; . . Miss Henrietta Varnua. spent Sunday near. Lone Elm with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W,, F. 'Varnau, and family. W. A. Argo is in Skldmore, Mo., visiting relatives. George Staves, Paola, was in Col- ,cny on business Wednesday.. Victor Varnau, Newton, spent Wednesday with his sister, Miss Henrietta Varnau. 1 Mrs. ; Georgia Stegall is visiting relatives in Durham., She has been in Colony visiting her. mother, Mrs. Ida Brestal, for some time, i Mrs; Cordelia;Marshall, Carthage, Mo., left Wednesday after spending <3hrii!tmas with her daughtoi, Mrs, ban Boone and family. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Serene and daughter, of Welda, spent Wednesday with her parents, Mr, and Mrs, A. L. Willey. : Miss Marian Marshall, Kansas City, will return to Kansas City Sunday after spending the week •with her sister, Mrs. Dan Boone and family. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Beshears and Wallace Jackson are in Mexico and Palmyra. Mo., seeing saddle horses. J. C. Edwardson, lola, was in Colony Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. George Jones and family, arid Mr. and Mrs. Arthur IN THE 400 M\lMd SOUTHEAST OFNEW2EALAND, THE NEW VBAR ARRNES- NAIHILE yWlKMEN NEWvORk CTTy ARE A^AKINS THEIR EARLY ROONOS? oM THE'MORNINS INPRAbjlCPe, O I9M *r Nt* ttHVlCt INC. 12-31 o^' ISL.\NDS OF THE PACIFIC, lying just west of,the Internatibn- sil Date line, are the to greet tlie new year: This date line is drawn Irregularly in a general northerly a'nd so itherly direction through the Pacific Ocean, and all land on.the \rest of it farrles the same date as Japan, while all land to the east of it has. the same date as that o£ the Unilcil Stales. . ' XK.VT: Why arc pjinuhuie.s IKtIc use<^ in Bolivia? <• •:• •:• •:• • -i" • •:•[•:• • •> • • •:• • • c MRS.GULLETTS • —iTEias- • •> ••• •!• V Sam Spangler and wife wer over to Mrs. Spanglers a Sunday—and A lunch and Paper Plaits and thear own knifes and forks—and eaven what they had in cups wer Paper— di&Ii Washing has gon.out of St.vle i ^ Man went to See his Friend who wa.=; a retired Ban'ser and found his Larg Hous Shut up and he was living down the lane in the Hous he , ^ J ^-^ I liad for the Hierd Hand—onlv made Jones ^ndi son Gene Mound City,, Modern and he Phoned and in spent Christmas at the C. W. Jones home. \ Friends will be interested to know I Chicago—It's not true. Mailmen don't spend theh: vacations walking, and they don't do it either when they retire. Charles Breitzmann, who w:alked for 42 years carr>-ing mail in Chicago, retires today, and he'll spend most qf his time fishhig. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS . . , .By BIOSSER Assurance! IS 6ETT1MS BESTLESS AND AKIXIOUS TO GET • STARTED FOR SAN PEDRO, ' VJHERE UNCLE HARRYS] YACHT AWAITS THEM...; I HAS/E MY THIWSS ALL PACKED, READY TO (SO ANV TllAEMX) SAYTWe VJORD...... T 'WV APB^iO VgE'LL v/An UNTIL,THE FIRST TWIMS VOU |.iWO\W, •yWE CAN'T . SET AWA'Y i;' ! VMHY, VWHAT ^caou>yov DO To .k :£EP rr FRO/V\ BEING FOarEM; IN TISHT 2 SIY, ID TAk£ HER ALoi=T AM CRUISE AROUND TIU. TW" LAKE \WAS'FROZ£M UP....TWEM ID ^ JUST SET HER DOWN ON ...AYE-AYE... that Mr. and Mrs. Johin Thatcher are the parents of a 9'i:-pound baby boy born December 19. The Thatchers lived here several years ago and ran the produce house. They moved to Pleasanton where they have since resided. Mr. and. Mrs. J. A. Mitchener and son Dean, Fredonia, spent' Christmas with her sister. Mrs. C. K. Bar- apkman and family. Mr. Mitchener. returned home but his wife and son are' spending the week here. Mr.'and Mrs. C. W. Kelly had as their dinner guest."; Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Morton of Ot4 tawa. Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Knapp drove to lola Wednesday evening to take dinner at the McCambley home as guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. "T. Croweii, former Colony residents. ' LeToy McCaughey and Nadine Christian are ill of influenza. Mr. arid Mrs. Cliff Oliver, Kansas City, spent Christmas here .with her brother. Oscar Wilson, and family. H. Jack Denton went to lola Wednesday to \1slt friends. Mr. and | Mrs. R. S. Brooks and family rdturncd Tuesday from .spending Christmas in Kansas City with relatives. Mrs. A. W. Paine returned Tuesday from a visit In Chicago. III., with her daiighters. Mrs. Robert Morris and family and Mrs.. Everall Wright and family. The Kensington club met at the D. D. Wilmoth home Wednesday. After fancy work Mrs. Wilmoth was assisted by Mrs. Christian in .serving a dainty lurich. Mr.s. Frank Den- tbn of Emporia, Mrs. Cresenz Owens, and Mrs. Floyd Knapp were guests; The following members were present: Mrs. Ernest Yokum, Miss F'rankie Dysftrt, Mrs. Hariey Swickard, Mrs. Harry Denton, Mrs. Harry Rhodes. Mrs. Oscar Wilson, Mrs. Caiy Christian, Mrs. Alta Courtright. Mrs. Lester Miller, and Mrs. Lafe Barron. Louis Speece has been ill of the flu. • The small baby boy of Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Kelley is ill of a severe cold. Mrs. Ira' Ressel and , daughter Pauline are recovering from an attack of influenza. \ Mrs. Charity Metcalf was quite ill last week but Js improved. J. L. Coughlin, Santa Fe employee, is ill of the influenza. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Brown, south of lola. spent Sunday at the home of his father. J. S. Brown. . Grover Turner, Thomas Murray, and Harry HiH made a business trip to lola Thursday. Ernest Yokum has been iU. Mrs. J. R. Crawford and' Barbara Ann visited friends in Bronson Wednesday evening. Miss Ruby Crawford attended a class of 1931 reunion. Joan Ewen is recovering from the flu. ' Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Tonkin, Kansas City, visited at the parental Tonkin home Monday. Dr. J. W. Helton was elected president of the .Anderson County Medical association at the annual meeting in Garnelt Wednesday evening. that the age that, stabilizer to take of ocean liners to take the squirt, :ruit. * ' * • oni the fate of most Xetv Yeiir's resolutions, it ini^ht be a thrifty move to use T ft looserlcaf notebook when; over that neiv leaf. ' • • • In this holiday season, probably T does:seem prodndes a the roll out should be able] out ot a grape » JudsiuK fi,' few Minits the delivery car with a lunch all ready Except the Drinking \ a great many husbands would like Part and he Said he could not aford I to writea' book called "I'm a Fu* to keep help they wer so much go- | gitive Fropi a Chain Store." Cheer \\\\ if those Christmas nciklies ucrcn 't all .vbwc.vpctt-. i-<l tlipin to be. Jfayb'e you can snioko .'cm. ; * » • • • . t •\Vliy does a fat girl" always r^^ ceive si.\ of seven five-pound boxe» of chocolates , for Christmas? (Copyrieht, 1932. NEA Service, Inc.) in.c; and comhig •R'itli y^em. We I 'Rceivcd a Loiter a Tup .sday Eavc from our cousin in Silvcrton Colrado whos wife has bscn Co superintendent for 6 ' years and has l5een Elected a gain last F^ll 1 and ho Said the Snow was 2 foot'on the level and Slili Snowing ahd 29 bile w zero and the Depresion is teri- bel-^to com out Eaven makes it a cloce Shave—My Cousin Carrie Al- , . exander had Died very Sudden at ! ciiristmas program was a • littltj her Home in Denver and it 'svas so | shortened Jtnd mixed up,, but those cold he could not go but Som of \.^^\-^^ .^vere hble . 10 come and take My; Married Daughters Went who • part did well, and' the program- lived clocer to her and thear was a ! eommitlee extends thanks to all whd jarg Funeral—She had a nearvioius \ helped with it. Breakdown. Mrs. F. Hieginbotham is quite'ill with sciatic rheumatism^ rART .YTK Mrs. Hariing had as her dinner.' ^ i guests today, Monday, Mr. and Mrs; William Hariing and, daughter. Dec. 26.—A number of folks in our community are ill with the flu. We are hopmg that they will all soon be able to get out again. , Farm Bureau .mot with Mrs. McCoy Wednesday, but of ill- Ruth, and Mr. Harling's mother. Mrs. Clara Hariing, Beaver Cross-^ ing, Nehr. ,. Guests at the Alta Dunlap home" for Christmas were J. H'. Uunlup. ness only a few were present, so I lola, Dr. Fred Dunlap. Pleasantbn, election of officers -tt-ill be at the next meeting with Mrs. Melvin, : Rex 'Wingler visited vvltli his sis- tei', Mrs. Crook and family a couple dnvs last wrok. Reverend Wright and family with part of their furniture arrived Thursday evening. Mr., and Ml's. Ora Duplap and Mllr dred. Bayaiid. Mr! and_ Mrs. Harry { Dunlap anc| Mabel Irene, and Mr". | and Mrs. Thompson, ; KLSMORE Dee. 27.—Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Swig-; R"X" WmgieV-'and • Beryl Hlggin- i R^'l^ ^.T''''"?.- H'"'*"'!'"/ ^^l^-. )tham drove to Wichita Satiirrinv I t'ett. lola, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Anj dcrson. Mr. August Stromberg, Bur;dick. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin EricsoK,; Mr. Wilbert. Settcrstrom. Mr. and; Mrs. Frank Johnson, Mr. and Mrs,; Ernest Sett<irstrom and . Betty, aritl Mrs. J. P. S|tterstrom spent Christ? ' mas day with Mr. and Mrs, RaliiR Sisson. Dal() Setterstrom called ffi : the afternoon. " \ Jack WenV ;Z, Miss Etta Mae Pricf,; Kansas City, Mr. and MrSi Eva^j Price. Thayer, Mr. and Mrs. Eafl Albert, Don; and Joan, Savonbur^, Mr. and Mrs; Hlllls Krokstrom were Christmas giiests of Mr: and Mrs. Hfmer Price.'- \ The community was saddened b.^ the death of Mrs. Harold Krokstrorfi Saturday eyeping. The ftineral serv,- ices were hyld at the : Methodist church in BIsmore Monday aftet^ noon; . • • Miss Ersel'Price. Kansas City, botham drove to Wichita Saturday to spend Christmas with friends. The following folks ate Christmas dUuicr at the J. R. Wingler home, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beatty, Vera- Fisher. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Zink and children. Mr. and Mrs. Millard Crook, and son. Mrs. Julia Fisher arid Mrs. Caryl Readel and children. : I Mr. and Mrs. Burton Barron :^nd children are visiting with Mrs. Barron's mother, Mrs. Roberts. Christmas visitors at the Higginbotham home were Mrs. Higginbotham's brother; Ocee Epley and, family and her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Epley, lola, and Mr. and Mrs. Prank Chambers and children] Mijs. McGill and Mrs, . Roberts called on Mrs. Brasweil Wednesday afteijnoon.' • Mr. and Mrs; Herbert Archer and . , little son. Olathe, Kas., Mr. and Mrs. I spending Christmas holidays With Ned' Wiggins and children. Mr. and i relatives hcrC!. Mrs.! Curtis Yowell and Elna. and- Mr. Dale Setterstrom. ^^•ho worKs Mr. and Mrs.; Venice Taylor si>ent | in Kansas City, came Friday and Christmas at the parental Archer • visited until .'Monday with hfs par-; home. • i ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Setter- Mi-; and Mrs. Frank Roney knd family ate ChrLstmas dinner \lith Mrs. Honey's mother, in Tola. Wilbur Upshaw and Thelma Peck Strom. Mr. and M^s. Martin VoUmer anct Carolyn. Mr.: and Mrs. Charlie Eni' gelhardt. Charles and Mona, Mi^ visited at the Ed Kelly home Sun- i Mary Engelhardt spent .ChristmaJ^. day afternoon. Our community a^ain extends congratulations and Ijest wishes to another newly married couple in the North Maple Grove distrjct. with Mr. and Mrs. John Holmes. Mr. and Mj-s. Ilaf Ard and family of Kansas City came Sunday eve-^- Indepcndence, Mo.—When an excited feminine voice reported a crazy man was running about unclothed in her neighborhood. Deputy Sheriff Bourke Powell rushed right out to see about it. He fotmd that a resident in, a hurry to hang up his tin bathtub at the rear, of the house after bathing had attended to this detail before dressing. ning for a visit with relatives here';* Mr. and Mi's. Lawrence Moore and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wiggins, •who j family. Elk jCity. spent Christmas'- i were niarried Friday afternoon. I, . ; day with MrJ and Mrs. E. C. MooreJ. ! Mrs. Hamilton and Albert spint, i Mr. and -Mrs.! Allen Moore and baby' j Christmas with their' daughter and i of .SaUna visited froni; Sunday un-. j .sister, Mrs. John Carter a^ fain- til Tuesday at the Moore_home. •• j ily. '® Mi-K. Carrie;Ard is spending a feW: \ • Ed Kelly, who has'been quite: ill j days with Mrs; Ma:-y Engelhardt. it. ' . Willi the flu. is able to bc.up npw. ' • 1 : : ' Wilbur Upshaw has been . helping i You probably have .something you' • Mrs. ,Abbee with the chores. : want to .sell end the best way to lefci Mrs. Hlgginbotham Is spending a : the people know about It Is through- part of this week at the home: of | Register Cla.'k^ified Ads. her sen Floyd, helping care for the ' . . . . J ' ' ' children and Mrs. Higglnbotham. Mre. Brightweli; who has been ^ caring for the : sick folks at the. | Braswcll home is not feeling very well, but the Brasweil folks fare all able to ise up some, this week. Because of so much illness in the community this last 'Week our They've Slobd the Test of Time Eiitablished 1 ^6 Williams MonuHnent Works 301 So. Wash. I lola, Ka&

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