Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 29, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1927
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, ' COM?.;, M ' •.. • i • TOPEKAiK^NS. GIRCV%ATtON is the only Commodity a Newspaper Ha^ to Sell'I^ Advertisers. VOLUME XXXI. No. 31. ' i 1 Th« WM -kl)- RejfJstiiT. EntaWlxhed 1S«7. Til.- li.lii ©ally RpjsNtf-r. E<(t^bli»hed 1897. I6LA,'KAN.. TUESDAY EVENING, NOVEMRER 29. 1927. The lola Daily Register, fistabl The Weekly Re^ster. Batalfli sheid 1897. ihrti • ISSi. SIXTEEN PAGES . ; , 1 1 . • . • i ^ • ' \ . i - 1 , • ; ; Th^ REGISTER'S Circukt- ftoM records opkntq public inspection at-any time. OPENING THURSDAY IS TO BE GRAND AFFAIR FOR THOUSANDS HERE Treasure Hunt, One of the Features, Will Be Continued Through Friday and Saturday—Prices Low. Christmas is almost herel Do you realize it? It is actual!}' less than four we^ks until the Big Day will be here I That lis the reason ail of lola is getti^ig together to stage, its Grand Christmas Opening.and Treasure Hunt Thursday night, Friday and Saturday of this weekl^to remind the people thqt the joyous sea.son of all the year is at hand and that the time has come to urepare for it. 1 tif TreaHure lluiy ami tlie ail-* ; '-j iPiit of Santa CliiU.s twilli liis bar- j ^ 1 _ Common Stock of Ford Motors of Canada Goes Up This Is Your Number for TheBigHunt 1^9 3395 Clip out this coupon and preserve it. The number is youra for flie Q)ig iVeaaure Hunt. ril of canity and Kskimii I'ii-s usli- <?r in this event, but the tw«i really 'imporiaut days are Friday and Saturday. Primarily ihf .movement is one oil the part ol the menliaiils of lola. to U'l the people in this lerritory l<n6w that loia is Roing -o be the best ChrUtmas Tuwi: of Us .xizp in Kansas this year. All of the nien.haiit.>< iji townian' piilting iu larger stoi-ks than uBual this year and they are felling ihem at the vijry best possihli^ prices. 1' i.s to get I ho Kliinp.'Je of thisi Vtoik that the pablii- is invited \ii' lonie to town Thursday night.i On <lii<)day in all the windows will bet the first showiu); tl ;at has oeen ijiade thi .-i year of tola's stock of ('hn:!tuiaH goods and you will be ;.'.ile lo givo it a'.t, a Kood "(jnce Over" as you go from jtore to .store looking to see if any of the Treas- tne H<ml prizes belong to yon. .No storis, however. <ex<epl the I'.rug stores) wfU be open lor htisl- .jipss Thursday night. Yon will have lo do your (juytng Friday aiid Hutnrday. And don't put It'off tinli; It Is too lute! This is gonuinf good udvlic be- cauHe remember that feibout. 6,tiuO ]>eopIe will he looking'over these window displays Thur^day nighi and most of fliem will find at least one or two articles that win strike them 88 being 'just th«> thing" for 'brother's or! sister's or mother 's Christmas JVeseiit. The greater proportion "of these people are going to be down town 'bright and early lh«? next day to pet that article before someone does. So if yoii see something you like, don't think yon will bp a.l)le to wait until the day 'helore' tUirist- ina.s and thcji sti'l find it waiting for you! The prudent .^hopper will come to lola Thursday night with a pencil and note Look in' his socket and make tho roumiF of the store window.* carefully to do some real.y pui'imseful ••window sluippiug.". He will have'in mind the nivnil)eJts of his family and th» friends for whom he> must buy Christmas jiresents. And as he gots ,r <im wiiiilow lo window, he will see one thiiig after a-iolher which will HIIUK-SI .t.sel? as beiup just the Hj^ht. thing for Sister of! .Mother; o, ; Kiieiiii Hill. He will iiiake notes of ih<se article'* and iwheve he saw iheni. ; Then" he w ii-; cotne to town Frt- j day.,or S»fnrdav aid' liuy them be-' ford some one else iieais him to it! , 'r?its sifnple pioirani < •••ugiresteu .nmf recohimi-nih'il witij iiu- utmost If siiu-eriiy. The old sIoi;aii: ••Do ^our Christmas shipping early") lias t ern heurd so juaiiv limes ihat j it gops in one ear ainl out ibe .ither' r-hut have yoii i 'Vci trifii if. The.',' chances are il'iii von liavei)i: that' you have always (ironilsed your-; i>elf you Would iHit Uiivj. alwa>s' managed .'omehow (o let (hing.s t-lip along nr.til the .very last moment. Tben>yoU have bi'eii forceii to come to tdwn, tnakr hasty selections from fiick<'d ov^r merchandise and fliiaKy buy presents which came tar jrotit .•^iiiiJfJg yoti. ' \ It is the original "grand anil .KlorloiiK feeling'-^ t.i do your Christ-: •itias 'shopping early—tn be ahle to .•^il batik comforialily two or |hren weeks 'before Christmas serene in the knowlcijpe that there wljl he ( .Vew York, .Nov. 29. «AP>— jC6nimon stock of Uie'Ford t'Mo- tor Car Gonvpaiiy of Canada. ..the onlV enterprise of Henry Ford iii'which the outside public nqw has an interest, opened on the New York curb-market lodav with a block of 180 shares at JTUU a shaie, an overnight gain of $65; The sfoek had sold a.s low as $39;! a share earlier in the year. PRIZES AWARDED BY i MERCHANTS More Than Forty-Seven In lola Help in Treasure Hunt TOWCS CLUB HEARSSANTA FE CROP m. . I with J. F. Jarrell Says RaiVsiind^v EVERlfTHING READY TO WELCOME SANTA HERE FOR VISIT THURSDAY Cancfy, Eskimo Pies^ Music and Jolly jSaint Himself WiWBe Features of Gala Ni^nt for lolans. . Old Everything is in night—a barrel^ lay Band, a him.self. Ii vited. Santa's treat no; man, v donJanies Stuart Hal(>s. 76, dean and secretary to the board of regents at .Vehraska l-niver- sity, Lincoln, \pb., wants a divorce oh the grounds that his 1 •!• Santa's visit n^xt Thursday ' u pies, music by the De Mo• Hunt, the jolly old Saint, . foi- lola and everyone is in- Has Interest Farming ^' TELLS OF^IS hp went to her broth- sjient in ighl ill one of the iw.dve streets ntering it. i ' I TJie De -Molay band. lola's crack ( venile organization, will escort ikrita to the stinafe aiid precede aliout the .^t;i /uar orking (CjnnUn ned on VHKP S, NO. 2) More than foriy-sevon lola merchants are- participating In the Treasure Uujii which •wlU start. Thursday night in connection with Santa's visit to lola and which in fully deJjcrlbed in other parts' of tonight's' Register. ^ ' Treasure Hunt cards will be found inl the windows of the following iiierchaiits: J. V. Penney & Co. .tones Electric \vork.s. A. \V. Beck F'urniture Co. Spot C4sh Shoe Store. ' McLain\s. Leader Mercantile Co. Ramsay Dry Goods Store. Gibson's Studio. T. M. Bartels China Store. Howanl Qandy Shop. Seneker ^ry Goods Store. Globe Clothliig Cd. A. R. Sleeper Furniture cb. Self Service Grocer}-. Self Service Market. Brighain Hardware Co. The "Evans Store. The Palace Shoe Store. Andersoii iBrothers. Cook's ^ritg Store. Great Atlantic & Pacillc Tea Co • Roberts' .Music .Store. Brown's Drug Store. S<-arb6rougb Bros. Drug Store, i The Hub. i Sifer's •Confectionery. ; Porter's Grocery. Bollinger Service Station. Elite Theatre. Fryer Brothers. Shannon! Hardware. Fv. C. Electric & Plumbing Co. Ulchards'on's Dry Goods Store. .M. & Grocery. M. & M. Market. Style Shop. Basset Modern Market.'' A. W. Anderson. Wishard Hardware Store. Explains Reason Rfe'Jhew Aiding in Advahcefaii ' Of Agriculture The address tiyen before the Current Topics Club last evening by .Mr. J. F. Jarfell, promoter of agriculture for the Santa F© railroad system, fully measured up to the advance notices, being a Judicious and highly entertaining mixture of new stories and old truths, of good humor and good sense. The stories and the humor would lose their savor i\t put into cold prlot, detached from Uie manner and the persooallty lif (be spebker, 80 this report mast cfedl only with those parts of the i^Idrew which come under the hettdKhs of did truths and good sense.': , The interests of A ifsilroad are all bound up with the ptosperity ot the people who poptilato the territory tributary to It. The Santa Fe railroad therefore has always been a builder, prombtliitr In every way w-ithin Its power ,tb© prosperity of Its patrons. ' A great many year* ago, therefore. It began to give special attention to the development of agriculture in all ot the twelve states within which it operates. For several years it employed a number of experts, as many at one timp as fourteen traln- during his iiarade uare. Santa has mad:> ariiangenients /or a barrel of candy from the Si- wife had a uoloiious lift?, /fer's Candy Co. and a quantity of iucluding a. penitt-'ntiary term,.* Eskimo Pies from the lola Cream- whicii wu!> hidden from him'' '"''y. These he will disiribiite to Dales suiiprised his frien;"'- "'f crowd. thre.' month.s ago when if*''*" 1" a'fdiiion tb the treat.s | from eloped to St. .loseph MT ^- -it is Santa Claus the loia merchants .Mrs. <•'. Jj. Bar"^' dire'^- have arranged for a Treasure n lie will ui.,..oa<^h t!i »ia..)^unt. offering prizes totalling sev- part of townj The lefinttc- Vral hundreil dollars in -value. De- infocmation \thich can bi> giy»n' /ailed information about the Trea- now;is'. tbat Santa will reach the sure Hunt is given in a separate square :about X:0(i p. m. Tliurstjay story in this Issue". Levknworth WillGetNo Large Hotel l#nvenw^orth, Kans., Nov. 29. {APt — Leavenworth's prospect o< having a 1125,7 SOU apartment hotel faded today when Edward Miller Wilkins, the promoter, was taken Into custody by .United States postoffice inspectors from Springfield, 111., and charged with using the mails to defraud in connection with a %imilar scheme at Decatur, 111. NEW FORD TO BE40-H01^SE POWtR AOTO Hydraulic Shock Absorber^ to be Feature of. New Machine PICTURES IN lOLA Vinnemeler Studio. Palace Drug Store. Henninger Furniture Store. The Perham Clothing Co." The Central iMeat. Market. The Central Grocery. Star Clothing. & Shoe Co. Barclay-Shields Clothing Co. ed agriculturists, horticulturists and stock men whose business it was. to travel ^through Santa Fe territory, using their expert knowledge to build ub better methods and better management among the farmer?. But with the development of the Farm Bureau Idea with so many experts sjiending all their time within tho^farm communities. It became unnecessary to employ these specialists and in p^ace of the work they had been doing a system of co-operation was work\ ed out with the State Agricultural colleges and the county field agents under the direction of one man (Mr. Jarrell). a system which has shown some remarkable re- 1 suits. One of .Mr. Jarrell's Ideas with which the people have become familiar is the DemonstreefTon Train, a train "which nhe Santa Fe has been sending out for the past three years Into every one of the states in which it operates, to .g-lve the people practical object lessons as well as theoretical instruction. The great purpose of these (trains h£s been to demonstrate th^ advantage of dlvej-sified farming over the one-crop plan, and this has been accomplished with remarkable success. The farmers have welcomed this train wherever It has been taken, and JVIr. Jarrell si>oke with great appreciation of the fine co-operation that' had been received from them as well as from the field agents and from the trained men'at;the college. STiMPHONYPLAN^ MANY CONCERTS Opening Concert of This •Season at WeWa December 13 BUILDING dF CITY TO BE DISCUSSED R. E. Shannon Will Speak At Chamber of Commerce Meet Here The lola symphony orchestra. I!. E. Shaiiuon. of Elder & Shan- under the'direetlon <>f ^J.^ V. Rob- ii ,iri Wasliington. iowa.will be erts, has iM-giin rehearsals for Us f/ie sp-aker at the vfgnlar noon second season <if pub'fc concerts luncliecin of the Chaml»«'r of Coni- nnd will make its initini dehiit He- meice. held tomorrow at the Pprt- cemlier l.t in the aiidll>'rium of th'- land hold. .Mr. Shannon's snhject new high school hut'dlni! at Wei- wf.'I lie ••fominiinity Kiiitding" ^nd da. Kansas, filling -x lyc-um cour^i • every meriliant who is interested engag.-ment frir iln- \V>?lda hiirh^ in th • ...xleniion of the trade ter- schpol. ritory an<l the bettermemnt of 1'he personnel cf the orchestra is business condition in lola. is cor- the' same as lust year with three dially invited to attend this lunch- additlons. J. .M.; Jones, violinist, of, eon and hiar .Mr. Shannon. The firni of Elder & Shannon specialize on trade extention work I Frank McCarthy Says Car Will Siurpass All at Quality, Price Detroit. .Vbv. 29. (AP)—The new Ford car will be powered with H 4«i-horse power motor, will be the standard, selective gear shift type and will be equipped with hydrniilic shock absorbers, a suppl>imental an- Miuncement by the Foro Motor Company, disclosed today. . The announcement revealed several additional details of mechanical constrnctioii. ' Among these are: ' A multiple dry disc clutch, a , thermo-slphon cooling system, a new x>Mt»rY. coil and distributor ignition; one pl^ce welded, steel-spoke wheels; three- qiiaTters floating reiir axle in a forged-steele housing and a • "theft proof coincidental lock." Four wheel brakes were prc- viotisly announced. Six t|ody types are mentioned. The price of the new car was withheld. ' Humboldt: .Mrj. .Marie Henderson, supervisor of ' nn'si<' df the lila schools, 'cellist: and Mrs. Raliph and have recently completed a Stover, pianist. " trade survey fir the city of.Law- Thls orchestra is coniiiosed of rence and are now working on one the pick of :ioln's miisirians. aiiiorii: at fitf .Twa. which brings .Mr. Shan- them talented yonnc pconif who non In this section and permits (f'ontlniied on I'.me s. No. i) (Ciintinued on Page s. >o. RECEIVE HUNDREDS OF More Than Forty lola Merchants Are HelpinsT To Make the Event One in Which 8,000 Persons Will Take Part. A great Treasure Hunt to usher in the 1927 Christmas season to this community—one in which prizes aggregating several hundred dollars in valtie will be given away free—-will be held I'll lola Thunsday night of this week. V More than.forty lola merchants are co-operating in this event—and more than 8,000 people in this territory will have a chance to participate. Four thousand extra copies of the Register are being printed and distributed to those who do not regiularly take it in addition to the regular 4,000 who do; Each one of the 8,000 will have an equal chance to win prize. program of the Palin Gets Life On Pif^t of Gin; Plans to Appeal Uinsing. Mich., .N'ov. 23. (.\P> Counsed for Tredi .Palm, convicted recently of possestsing a jiint of gin, and sentenced to life impris'oiiment under Michigan's new criminal code providing life sentences for per- sons convicted ^i. fourth time after a felony, wull appeal the sentence to the t'nited States district court o( appeals at Cincinnati. TORN STOCKINGS IN MURDER CASE State Police Woman Says ; Mrs. lilUendahl's Hose Were Tom Good Town-^Good Country That the interests of the people I bere and see If they can't do bet- who live in Tola and the interests ter. in quality of goods, in prices of the people who live in the and in convenience, by buying right country within easy reach of lola j here at home, are reciprocal,, all bound up to-1 TIiis year, as will be seen by a gether, is a truism which is per-j careful reading of the advertising fectly obvious to anjone who will Ftop to give it a moment's thought. THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER —was never in all its history .so worth the money it costs as right.iiow. Local neiys, telegraph news. Matures, cartoons, serial story, comic strips—all combine to make a paper which ought to gol into every home iin Allen county. If you uYe arnong those who do not take the Register, but to^ whom a conlplimentary copy of this editiori has be6n .seijt. look thi.s paper over and see if you do not think you aiie missing sometning by not getting it every ddy. If you do—clip ,this, coupon, sign your naiTie and imail it today with your check. Our rates are ^'.00 a year, $2.00 for six months or $1.25 for three months, by mail only. • Name J.- ' One of the most intertslng things the Santa Fe has don|> lately, as Mr. Jarrell narrated It, .was to buy 350.000 acres of land stretching through al>out a hundred miles i of territory in a southwesterly direction from Dodge City. Having ixinght this land the railroad- sold it at cost to young farmers upon easy terms, one-eighth down, noth- 'ing the second year and then one- eighth, each year until it was paid ! for. Tire road then sent out Its I experts to instruct these farmers / In the management of tbelr land. The resiilt has been that practically every farmer who bought land under these conditions has paid out and a prosperous community has been .bailt up in what was -a practically emp<y. country. Al the time the experiment ^ was begun there was no railroad through thfe section, but as it found ^nyers toir the farms the Santa Fe built a liifc of road, carrying to tflie people the one great conveniei^ce of lite, trans- poptation for themselves and their products. It is a remarkable illustration of the way In. which the (Contlnned ea FBKV 8| 5o. 1) columns of this i.ssue;'the merchants of .'|lola have made special If there were twice as many preparation for serving the peo- i farmers within lola's trade terri- pie: of this territory, not) only in tory, or if tire farmers liow living the matter' of goods suitable for within^ that territory were mak- Christmas presents, but ' in all ing twice as much money as they sorts <if merchandize adapted to the season. Il is a remark frequently heard from visitors that the stores of iola carry stocks in quantity and in styles that compare favorably with the big city 8tor.?s. and that is the truth. It Is a difficult customer indeed who cannot find in lola stores whatever he may need and that will .suit bisl And this ajways is to he remembered: It is the merchants of lola who "chip in" when local roads are to be built or local needs met or local schools niaintained or local markets broadened,—the merchants of lola. not 'the merchants of Chicagor or New "Vork or Kan- saH City: When mon^y is sent to these distant cities it all stays there.—none of it is spent in lola for the things the farmer has to sell. Isn't that worth .remembering? now I,lake, lola would be a far letter town than it now is. If lola had jwice the population it now has. affording twice a.s gr<'at a market as it now does for milk and cream, butter and eggs, poultry, fruit, vegetables.—everything that groiws on the farm.—every acre of farm land within reach ot the town would be advanced in value and every farm would pay a bigger income. lola cannot douhle Its population by its own efforts any more thaii a man h'y taking thought can add''a cubit to his own .stature. But with the help of the people within its trade territory it can. grow into a far better town than it is. The way that help can be given is through trade, through Allowing lola business men to render the service they are prepared to render in supplying the people with the things they have to buy somewhere and. which they can buy here to as good it^ not better ad- ]ivantage than elsewhere. .The -business men of lola havei not the slightest disposition to take away from other towns in thill vicinity the trade that nainr^ ally be.iongs to them. All they are asking for is the trade that naturally belongs 'to lola. Th.ey part clilarly ask that before sending to the mail ord^r houses, the people "Within reach of Ida come ia So let us anticipate New; Year's Day i little by making a new resolution right now.—a resolution that we will stand by one another! ."Each for All, and All for Each:" That was the motto of the Thr^ Ikhisketeers. It is a good mot* fbr the people in town and countr>-, the people whose interests are mutual and reciprocal, the people who are bound to go down or Up together J>et us ^11 go UP together—UP to a better town, UP to a more prosperous aRricultare! I^our wheel brakes. " standard selective gear transmission, extra- ordinai?- acceleration, a speed of 60 niiles . an hour and more, a practically vibratlonless engine, and unusual beauty in line and color are among ; the outstanding features of the new Ford cars, the first of which will he shown in many parts of the country next t'riday. The generator, oiling system, steering gear and real axle are of npw Ford design, it is announced. And its forty-horsepower engine has been so designed that It rnns 20 to 30 miles on a gi Hon of gasoline.. This car, which is to succeed the fsmpus model T line, will be shown on! Friday, by Ford idealers in many of the larger cities of the country. In lola. photographs and descriptive charts of the new cars will be on display at the McCarthy Motor show rooms, where the pub- lit wUl be given the complete story of the new Ford car. Later, various models of the new Ford car; will he on display here. So far.' the new cars have been examined only, by those who will have charge'of the first showings and demoiistrations. Salesmen and demonstrators are studying charts and diagrams which will be used in. explaining^ the various details of design, appearance and performance. . For months factory models of the car have, been undergoing severe performanct- tests' in and- around Detroit. One of these fac- \ tory models, recently niade a road run of 120 miles in 124 minutes. This run, it is. said, was made on an ordinary paved highway near Detroit. The local dealer, Frank McCarthy, in commenting on the forthcoming show, said his first view of f|ie new-Ford par had substantiated Heiiry Ford's statement t |hat "th«re isi" nothing quite like It in quality and price.. •; "Mr." Ford's statement had prepared us for a- surprise." said the local dealer; "but the new iFord car is better even than we had hoped fori It is certain to ^ake history in the automotive indi^stry. Jlist as ite predecessor, the fainous Model T.' has made history for 20 rears. We are proud of the new^ ^r and feel certain that its appearance and performance will attract unprecedented . attention among automobile owners." Court Room, Mays Landing, Nov. 2!>. (AP)—The torn stockings worn by .Mi-s. Margaret Litliendahl as she ran from the scene of her husband's killing were subsequently further slashed for somfe unknown purpose, a witness testified today. Mrs. Stella Carr, an etnploye of the -state police who removed the widow's stockings on the day of the crime identified them in.court, but acknowledged under cross ex- ai;tination that they were not so ibadiy torn when. she first saw them; Mrs. Carr was the first witness on the .secoiid day of the trial ot Mrs. Lilliendahl and her friend and neighbor fVHlis Beach, w^ho are charged with the murder of the husband. Tho witness said she saw no bruises on the widow. ^ A state trooper who was on the stand yesterday and who was the first official at the scene of the crime, was then recalled and testified that he found no bruises on the body of Dr. Lilliendahl. "William Lewis, another trooper, told of interviewing Mrs. Lilliendahl. on the day her husband was shotJ He said the widow first told of being attacked by two Negroes with coarse features and. later said they wore masks. He said she told [him that each Negro had a gun but that she heard only one shot. Three bullets were found In the doctor's head. She also told him. the trooper said, that the Negroes dragged her from ^er car iOto the road aiid at' tacked her. , •* Here is tho I Treasure Himt: Ever.V .lola merchatfT co-opecat- ing (and that includes practically all of them) will have on display in his show window^ not later th^' S:00 o'clotk Thursday night a prlza —some article of merchandise. Attached to that prize will be a Treasure Huntipiacard with a num- 'i;er on it somewhere between thle limits of 1 and S.OOO. . | ,. ' Each copy of this issue, of Ithe Register i .as .a different nuinber printed on it. You will find it |p a coupon on this page. The entii |e edition has been numbered . coil- seeutively from 1 to 8,000. The numbers aftached to the prizei have been selected entirely at ran* donr and the distribution of RegiSf ters will lie handled the same wof, so far as the minkbers are con-! corned. - ' The person whose Itegister con4 pon bears the same number as thai upon any curd attachetl to a Treaa4 lire Hunt prize, or comes closest td it. wins that prize. No purctuue needs to be made nor a pemus spent to claim the prizfr—it w vours if you hold the lucky- ntun- J her. - , The Treaaure Hunt begins at eight o'clock Thursday night, day after tomorrow. At that hour all •!je show windows in lola will' cotf- tain a tlisplay of their choicest Christmas offerings and a part of that display will be the Treastire Hunt prize whith will be ccnspic^- ously labeled and will have • Its lucky number" attached to it. Everyone_who receives' thii copy of. the Regi.^ter is urged tc come to town that night and cvaminepall ' of the windows to see if some priae is numbered to correspond with ,W number printed on his copy of !the Register. j These prizes will bo given ailray aiiy time after twelve o'clock noon, Saturday of this week that they are claimed. If you have the exact number, all you have to dc isi to' present the proprietor of the 8toij« with the coupon clipped fromjth 'e Register and in return for that be will the prize.. Of course, people who are not able to prodifce genuine coupons clipped from thl» paper cannot claim any prize under aiLy condition—so clip out , yours now and preserve it carefully. Let it be emphasized, boweyer, that it is not necessary to have th^ exact number in order to win a prize. If you have a number which BuicH. Touring Gar Is Released by Officers A Buick touring car, belonging to two out-of-town youths, was released by police ye.sterday afternoon when the owners purchased a 1927 Kansas license tag. The car was held by local police be- of the fact that the only tag was a Colorado tourist tag. is close to one of the prize --nnm- hers. you have the Jirivilege of going into the .store any time between noon Saturday and closing . tinie Saturday night and registerijiig th^ nurifber along with yoiir name and afldress. , If no one presents the;' exact number, the prize wiH go'to the. closest one to the exact nuii^-' bcr. ' .-'i' - In all such cases, the prizes.wlU- not be given away Saturday bull the winners will lie announced in Wloil- day's Register. They iriay callj for • their prizes any time during tb9 ensuing, week. An ai*itrar> ruling to settle tiea. if they occur, has been decid'ad upon: the larger of the two tyit g- '. numl.H !r» wins the prize. Thus: If the prize number is .50^)0, and nOEp.- •. hers nli02 and 4998 are turned in. 5002 will win the prize. . SO- make your plans no» to foin the crowd and spend Thira- fCbntinned on Paire 8, >'o. 3i "BLAZING HORIZON" STARTS TODAY The Regi.ster'.s new-serial .story, "The Blazing Horizon," begin.s with thi.s is.sue. . The first installment will! be found on page 9J • Ernest Lynn, author of this story, is the same man who wrote "The Yellow Stub." Mr.^ Lynn's new story is va.stly drffereiit in character from "The Yellow Stub/' —:it i.s a hi.storical romance about the dramatic time during the "eighties" when the Indian Territory was opened and the great land riish of 1889 took place. However, the .same .style of writing which made the mystery story .so thrilling i.s' used .in this historical novel—ai^ the result i.s romance which is. just as exciting and-dra-r^ ma tic as any piece of fiction cbiild be. Don't mis.s the first installmerit^-and the succeeding ones. It will be well worth your while. ^1

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