Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on December 14, 1960 · Page 9
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 9

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1960
Page 9
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POSTVILLE HERALD POSTVILLE, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1960. JIG-FOUR WLING 5SOCIATION ••••••••••••••a Ight Ladies League h • a • . « • 42 14 ftruction 33% 22% Id 33 23 |cs 33 23 Jettes 31 25 Kectrotiics 30 26 1 28 28 fttes 27% 28& Company 24 32 21 35 eery 18 38 15 41 linettes, 4—Ossian, 0 3—Hygrade, 1 fflettes, 4—Baade's, 0 j., 2—Strjkettes, 2 jsnes, 4—Electronics, 0 |old, 3—Albright, 1 -Mrs. Helen Hanson, jliv'in Radloff, 175; Mrs. |, 175; Mrs. LeRoy Win- is—Mrs. Wesley Brandt, arley Thompson, 487; f Radtoff, 482; Mrs. Hel- ff82. • games—Hi-Way Lanes, i Pinettes, 786: Funk's , 753; Watkins Pinettes, Pinettes, 752. series—Watkins, 2291; :s, 2225; Meadow Gold, 'j Mra^jEl&ene Doerring, reporter. * 'JGnwrican Leaque /' ''^sfiisl 1 * * * * * ' Jer «»5K !lothing .. .^hn-Implement idoy &.Jtjijld T Way &Mes on'jj Diamonds s Cldfjghg S rtflnut G »vc /jlmaitoReal Estate 1 Robert' Son ^zrns Stftte Bank jrodeORfbducts nkvlUe L 53 7 47 13 43 17 34 26 26 33 27 31 29 29 31 29 31 28 32 25 35 24 Vj 35H 22 28 19 41 .18U 4U£ 10 50 A /AdergqgS, 4—Frankville, 0 JlfeWfijJStianes, 4—Willman, 0 jJ^aMfe|t|old, 4—Hygrade, 0 »'ilhft*fc&., 4—Faculty. 0 (anunha! 4—Walnut Grove, -.Iti^OnB State, 3—R. E. A., 1 5 J?S Clothing, 3—Groth Pac. ; flson's, ^£-Hall Roberts' Son, 2 High series — LeRoy Thompson, 680; Roger Fuelling, 658; Harold Peck, 648; Carlton Martins,. 640; Wilbur Cahoon, 633; Harold Preuss, 607; Winneld Masonhall, 602. High line—Harold Peck, 268; Wilbur Cahoon, 259; LeRoy Thompson, 256-241; Roger Fuelling, 253-242; Winneld Masonhall, 252; Ralph Thayer, 240; Gene Doerring, 235; Carlton Martins, 233; Harold Preuss, 233; William' Kozelka, 231; John Palas, 228; Allen Wahls, 228; Howard Rose, 228; Al Fenske, 222; Paul Welzel, 222. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Town and Country League ***** Gunder D.-X 43 17 Trojan's Hy-Bred 39% 20% Wirkler Bros 36% 23% Ossian 34% 25% Postville State Bank 33% 26% Halvorson's Insurance 33 27 Luana Coop 32% 27% Schave Garage 31 29 Hi-Way Lanes 30 30 New York Life 29 31 G & M Transfer 27% 32% Riverside Garage 27 33 Taylor's Sinclair 24 36 Frank's Recreation 22% 37% Farm Bureau Insurance ....18% 41% Schroeder's Clothing 17 43 D.-X, 4—Hi-Way Lanes, 0 Trojan's, 4—G & M Transfer, 0 Ossian, 4—Farm Bureau, 0 Frank's, 4—Riverside Garage, 0 Wirkler Bros., 3—Schave's, 1 Halvorson's, 3—Taylor's, 1 New York Life, 3—Schroeder's, 1 Luana Coop., 2%—State Bank, 1% High series—Dwain Wolters, 642; Louis Miller, 613; Karl Schoeder, 605; Paul Miene, 596; Cloy Schultz, 594. High line — Louis Miller, 248; Paul Miene, 231; Karl Schroeder. 230; Jim Nuehring, 229; Dwain Wolters. 229-220; Richard Osterhus, 228; Willard Kamin, 225; Robert Enyart, 22], —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Church League ***** Momma E. If. B 39 21 Church Bowlers 37 23 Postville Lutheran A 35% 24% Monona Lutheran 34 26 Farmorsburg Lutheran 32 28 Lunna Lutheran B 31% 28% Clermont Lutheran .. Castalia Lutheran ... Farmersburg Bowlers Luana Lutheran A .... Guilder Lutheran . ... Postville Lutheran B Postville L.. A.. 4— Clermont L.. 0 Gunder L„ 4—Postville L. B.. 0 Church B„ 4—Castalia L., 0 .30 28 . 28 .27 ...21 ...17 30 32 32 33 39 43 Bowlers, 2%—Luana L. B., 1%. Farmersburg L„ 2—E. U. B., 2 Luana L. A., 2—Monona L., 2 High series—Reuben Hoth, 601; Lloyd Burrack, 595; Orvin Loftsgard, 583. High line—Orvin Loftsgard, 226; Milton Schlein, 225; Lloyd Burack, 222; LeRoy Thompson, 219; Al Topel, 216; Reuben Hoth, 210; John Palas, 210; Fred Pfister, 210. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. National League ***** Hy-Line 47 13 Don's Jewelry 35 25 Lange's Sports •. 30 30 Kneeskern Mink Farm 29 31 Ossian 28 32 Castalia 25 35 Postville Lumber 23 37 Heidelberg 23 37 Castalia, 4—Postville Lumber, 0 Lange's, 3—Don's Jewelry, 1 Hy-Line, 3—Heidelberg, 1 Mink Farm, 3—Ossian, 1. High series — Clarence Tindell, 640; Harley Radloff, Jr., 630; Donald Olson, 585. High series — Clarence Tindell, 244; Winneld Masonhall, 242; Donald Olson, 242; Harley Radloff, Jr., 226. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Monday Night Ladies League ***** Won Lost Hoth-T-Birds 41 15 Tindell's Shoes .'. 37 19 Tuck's 29 27 Groff Drug 27 29 Darling's 24 32 Luana Savings Bank 24 32 Home Oil Company 21 35 Heidelberg Gardens 21 35 High individual game—Mrs. Richard Nelson. 239; Mrs. Eugene Doerring. 190; Mrs. John Schultz, 186. High three games—Mrs. Richard Nelson, 546; Mrs. Eugene Doerring, 515; Mrs. Gene Groth, 500. Tuck's. 4—Tindell's Shoes, 0 Groff Drug, 4—Heidelberg, 0 Luana Savings. 3—Darling's, 1 Hoth-T-Birds, 3—Home Oil, 1. —Mrs. Carl Schmidt, secretary Erbe Seeks To Hold College Grads In State Governor-elect Norman A.. Erbe believes one of the keys to a prosperous Iowa is a program which will retain Iowa Educated youth and attract young 'people to the Hawkeye state from other states. Iowa's valuable product, Erbe told a Cornell college convocation at Mount Vernon, "is our college trained young men and women." Erbe said Iowa can not afford to export them to California, Illinois or any other state. He suggested making positions in state government more attractive. The attorney general noted some of the state posts do not have salaries comparable to those paid in private industry. One of the major problems, Erbe commented, is lack of tenure because a civil service system has.not been adopted. One of the greatest attractions any state can offer 1 a corporation seeking a new location, continued Erbe is a good political climate with state and local governments that are efficient, economical and free of corruption. The Governor- Elect expressed his desire to see that new industry has this attraction in Iowa. Traffic Safety. December brings at least one marked shift in the pattern of fatal Iowa traffic accidents, according to State Safety Commissioner Donald Statton. During December, Statton said, Wednesdays and Thursdays become the most hazardous days of the months, rather than Fridays and Saturdays, usually the most dangerous days during the rest of the year. Statton said there were 12 fatal traffic accidents on Wednesdays and 11 on Thursdays last December, compared to four on Friday and eight on Saturdays. He said the shift was just as sharp in December of 1958. Statton said Christmas holiday shopping apparently changes normal traffic patterns. Statton also warned that county roads continue to be "extremely dangerous" in December. There were 17 fatal crashes on county roads last December, compared to 13 on U. S. Highways and 14 on state highways. Dutch Elm. Dutch elm disease now threatens every community in the state according to Iowa State University plant pathologist Malcolm Shurtleff. The Iowa State specialist said the disease is known to have spread to Washington, Story, Blackhawk, Polk and Louisa counties during this year. Shurtleff said it was also found in Omaha, is closing in toward northeast Iowa from Wisconsin and toward southwest Iowa from Missouri. Ten Iowa counties CHRISTMAS CALENDAR Here is a Convenient Calendar of events leading up to Christmas in the Postville community. Included are the Big Prize Drawings, a visit by Santa, Free Show for the kids, school and church programs. ts «ieta;ieiste(e!e^i (ieietstEic <etci«!stg«ietctete FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16, 8:00 p. m.— Fourth PAYOLA Drawing with Postville Merchants. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17— Free Show for kids, given yearly by Louis Schutte & Sons. Two shows, one for grade students at 1:15 p. m. and one for pupils of high school age at 2:30 p. m. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18— Annual Grade School Program, 2:30 p. m. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21 — Junior-Senior High Christmas program, 8:00 p. m. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23, 8:00 p. m.— Fifth PAYOLA Drawing with Postville Merchants. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24— Santa Claus on streets of Postville, at 2:00 p. m., with Gifts for all the children. Church Christmas Programs. now are known to harbor the Dutch-elm fungus. Iowa State University specialists expect Dutch elm disease to move into more Iowa counties next year, especially if cool, wet spring weather develops. These conditions increase the virility of the disease. It is time for every Iowa community to be formulating long- range plans to combat Dutch elm disease, warned Shurtleff. Recommended action includes a tree census, a program for locating infected trees during critical summer months, a means for promptly removing trees that contract the Dutch-elm organism and plans for preventive spraying in communities where the disease has been definitely diagnosed. Employe Quits. An employe of the state tax commission, accused of turning in false expense claims and working in a civilian occupation when he was supposed to be on duty for the state, has resigned. Tax commission chairman John O'Connor said the employe, whom he declined to identify, has assigned pay and expense checks he has coming to cover any money he owes the state. O'Connor said any further action is up to Governor-elect Norman Erbe. It was Erbe who brought the case to light. The attorney general said he had learned about the tax commission employe's expense account practices after he discovered the man working as a painter at a time when he should have been on the job for the state. General Election. It's official—Iowans went to the polls November 8 in record numbers. The state canvassing board reports the total vote for president was 1,273,820. The previous Iowa high was in 1952 when 1,268,773 cast their ballots for president. Final election figures: For president, Richard Nixon (H), 722,381; John F. Kennedy CD), 550,565: for U. S. Senate, Jnck Miller (R). 642,463, Herschel C. Loveless (D), 595.119; for secretary of state, Melvin Synhorst (R), 658,942, Kenneth Robinson (D). 541,995; for treasurer of state, M. L. Abrahamson (R), 661,565, Conrad Lawlor CD), 537,242; for auditor of state, Chet B. Akers (R), 638,727, Robert SECTION TWO E. Hutte (D), 557,375; for secretary- of agriculture, Clyde Spry (R), 645,336, Neel Hill (D), 556,076. Some 530,915 Iowans voted against holding a constitutional convention while 469,463 voted in favor of such a convention. Tax Director. Iowa has a new district director of internal revenue. He is Ernest N. Bacon, formerly district director at Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bacon succeeds V. Lee Phillips, 5fl, who has been appointed district director of the Denver office of the internal revenue service. Phillips will replace George Allan, who is retiring because of illness. Phillips became Des Moines director in May of 1957. State's Aged. County consolidation for healthcare and hospitalization and permanent county planning committees are recommended to provide more adequate state aid to Iowa counties which have a high percentage of aged population. The recommendations are presented in a report by the Iowa committee on population trends to the Iowa commission on senior citizens. In the future, as more of our population, becomes urban and with the location of a larger proportion of older people, mainly women, in urban centers—planning will necessarily involve city agencies and organizations. Much of this activity will engage the attention of city govern- ' ments, and this will require greatly increased cooperation between state and local governmental units, according to the committee report. Business Digest According to the U. S. Department of Commerce, total 1959 personal income in Iowa was $5,398' million, up $142 million or 2.7 per cent, from 1958. This gain was the same as that for 1958 but was only half the national gain of six per cent. The Iowa Business Digest reports Iowa farm income in 1959 decreased 24 per cent, but there was an increase of nine per cent in private non-farm income, and a slight decrease in government income disbursements. The three major sources of Iowa personal income were: private non-farm income, $3,872- million; farm income, $795 million; government income disbursement, $731 million. Farm income was only 14.8 per cent of the total—the lowest in 20 years. The nation's farm income was also at a record low in 1959—3.8 per cent of the total. Iowa with an average per capita income of S1.953. was one of 29 states that had per capita incomes over $1,900. The range for the 43 states was betwteen $2,946 for Dela(Continued on Page Four) ft % - r re' • f 4 D lit s c {V > AL IS tic ro -—4 Shop Postville "The Community of Opportunity" Christmas joy-packed Gifts overflow every store! A huge and enchanting variety awaits your choice... See how quickly and easily you can select perfect gifts for everyone on your list. Your dollars will really cover the gift-ground in Postville. Shop early for peak selections. Get started, Santa... come to Postville NOW. A GIFT To Our Subscribers •EE — A Want Ad Free for the December 28th issue to' all non-business subscribers. |; If you want to sell, trade, buy or rent — try a Herald Want Ad. jCopy for FREE Want Ads must be in our office by Saturday, Dec. 24. Limit 20 words. THE POSTVILLE HERALD

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