The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 8, 1939 · Page 12
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 12

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1939
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE THE DAILY NEWS-LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. Wili Tell of Communist Philosophies at Harry Bridge's Deportation Trial SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 8.— (/P)__A former university presi- d£nt, who Is known as a bitter foe of Communism, may be called upon to discuss Communist philosophies at the Harry Bridges deportation hearing today. He Is Major General .David P. Barrows, retired, former president of the University of California. Won't Collect Jail Bill from Wilkowski LANSING, SeptT?:—(/P)—Audi- tor General Vernon J. Brown refused today to sanction attempts to collect $787.53 from former State Senator Anthony J. Wilkowski to reimburse the state for the cost of keeping him in prison for 788 days. Brown addressed a memorandum to Attorney General Thomas Read declaring a suit against FIFTH GOFF FJUWf with friends and relatives in Pontiac and Detroit. Miss Helen Harmon was a recent overnight guest of Miss Betty Ashbacker of Ludington. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Cravin, sons, Frank and Wayne, and daughter Martha Jean, and Miss Eva Winners, all of Akron, O., were last week-end guests of Mr. POirwTATN Thp fifth an were last week-end guests of Mr. nu™Sy m re7mon o'f"he (Si ?"„$«• Raymond Harmon and family was hcjld at the Community hall in Fountain Sunday, Sept. 3, with 64 members of the family and 16 visitors V.T. —""--"'ia «• *"rj" —D—"•«" ui one mumy ttiiu 10 visitors Wilkowski to cover the cost of | being present. Relatives were imprisoning him did not seem j present from Midland, Bay City, 1 'Kalamazoo, Lansing, Muskegon Heights, Muskegon, Ludington just. He pointed out that of all state prisoners in Michigan, only Balfe J. McDonald, slayer of his mother, has been compelled to pay for his keep. "It would appear to me," Brown wrote, "therefore, that to single out an individual as in the case of Anthony J. Wil- wSn" 1 tv, + f n i kowski without taking all proper ffow^, st?±nv C ^^S steps to collect from others would Barrows' testimony has not been Indicated by labor depart- nf , and Scottville. A long table, adorned with beautiful flowers, was placed family. Mrs. Orpha Schwass, Mrs. Jennie Schwass, Mrs. Eva Harmon, Helen Harmon, Ruth Schwass and Maurice Wilson were 6 o'clock dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Soren Christofferson of Ludington Thursday, Aug. 31. Chicago, returned to her home recently. The many frends of Mrs. Kamarouski are glad to know she was the winner of the chest of silver awarded by St. Jerome's church recently. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar -. Detroit, who are guests at the Dollie Moore home, called on Mr. and Mrs. Perry Beebe Sunday, Sept. 3. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Lucas of Fort Wayne, Ind., were also recent visitors at the Moore and Beebe homes. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Hedrick are guests at the George Reed home prior to the opening of Phelps Dodge 45',i Philips Pete 45 Pullman 30-';, Rndlo 6 Rndlo Keith-Orp l»;, Reo Motor I.I B Republic Steel .. 26'.;, St. L-San Fran >., Sears-Roebuck 78^ „«! South Cal Edipon 25<\ ul Standard Brands 6' . HP Stnnrinrri rinc .S- ITt o ~ Standard Gns .V El 3 Standard Oil Cal 30 ;l i, Standard Oil Ind 28'- Stand Oil N J '. 49''i Studebaker " Underwood El .... Union Carbide .... Union aclflc lul United Corp 31 4 36':, 91 101 U S Steel Yellow T & C , 18 Detroit Poultry (Quotations In Cents) DETROIT, Sept. 8.—..-I')—Poultry- Market steady. Hens, avenme run 18- cocks. 10: leghorn cocks. 8; leghorn liens 3 Ibs. up, 13: Rock springers. 4 Ibs up 18; under 4 Ibs., l(j; colored springers 2 cenls under Kockw; leghorn broilers 2 Ibs. up, 15; youni; white clucks, ;. Ihs tip. 12; rabbit,;-.. 5. Detroit Dairy (Quotations in Cents) DETROIT, Sept. 8.—(A 1 )—Butter—Best creamery in tubs. 25-2(3. EI',BS—Current receipts. 151:,: dirties' 121;;: checks. 1!^,. FRIDAY, SEPT. 8, 1939. I Receipts live, 58 trucks; mnrket extra linn: hens, 4', a Ibs. up, 19; under 4'-. 'ibs.. 1H; leyhorn hens, 14; broilers, 2'^ | ll-M and under colored, 15'^; Plymouth I Rock, 18: White Rock, 18; leghorn hroll- j r-rs. Ifi 1 ^; leghorn .springs, 15'i; Hprlngs, I 4 Ibs. up. colored, 18', 2 ; Plymouth Kock, 1 IMi.,- White Rock, IS'/a; under 4 Ibs. colored. 15U-; Plymouth Rock, 18; White- Rock, 18; oarcback chickens, 12-14; roost .TS, 11; leghorn roosters, lO'/a; turkeys, tonus. 17; hens, 19; other prices Mr. and Mrs. Junius Houk, Mr. "]f, *£"><* ?t Custer, where they - -j ii*•».« -mi.-. « — iir^i f •» *_. i \\ 111 ucciCil bllLS VP-1r i year. Stoek Averages, Sept. 8 (Compiled By The Associated Press) 30 15 15 60 Jndust Rails Utll Stocks .A1.2 PLnri IVTrs T^liner Wolf IVfv finri i "— "~ * ^ J v- -* i ' | ^*-\* uaaiiKe ... rti.-: ? na Mrs. jMmer_woii, MI._ ana| Mrs Eric Gall and ch ildreni Today ,. B 73.6 • /-* _ _.• i . . . f T^rpvlniie Hn\* T) J Net change , Today I Previous day A.5 20.3 19.8 A.3 37.3 37.0 ui-a.ui.iiui iivwGio, wcw ymucu M Vfl«-tin Schwa <w -Riifh ' Mrs. H.T1C Uall ailO Children I loaa y 73.6 20.3 37.3 t^reT wXn ^"dSlaSf Ske' ^hwasfaM ^ a vo£S&\?to#™™W**** f the!»»<•*..;. ^ 18.1 3'.3 Sh w wf. Pa refed ate b dy SS ^^^^^ ^^ Su^oll^l*™""' ™' ^ fig,•;:::: ??5 Jii 223 Thelma Miles-Johnson of Bav V 16 finest bcnwass nome sun- c.,,v, n ni ^o,,,^ m,*'^ IMS LOW SB.B 15.7 33.7 VY ii*v*it w ao ±/i cacii t/cw uy ivli o. Thelma Miles-Johnson of Bay City in honor of the fifth reunion. the Ernest Schwass home Sunday, Sept. 3. Evening guests at the Schwass steps to collect from others would union. evening guests at tne scnwass lesult in an injustice, to say the ! During the business meeting ! nome . were Mr. and Mrs. John least." i held in the afternoon the fol- ! v °ormes and children. Mr. and Brown informed Read that he lowing officers were elected- ! Mrs - John Lichte, Leona Arlene milri ipnvp it t.n Viio iiirio-mpnt Prpsirfpni- Merman -Dot-o^c.^^. i Anderson and Phyllis and Shir- ±srown iniormea Keaa mat ne lowing onicers were elected' ! 1Vil °- "<Jtui ,, «... ctm fr, rf i would leave it to his judgment I President, Herman Peterson-' i Anderson and Phyllis and Shir ,?hri °n_ ' whether an action to collect' vice president, Will Leffler; l le y Liclvte. and Mrs. Arlo Burley. School opened Tuesday morning. Sept. 5, with Earl Farrell of, .._ .... ..... Riverton a5 teacher Ruth ClaV-' Movement in Recent Years pool and Jean Stragle arc u '~ ' ly32 Low 17 - 5 8 - 7 23 - y uinners. 1938 1938 Low 58.8 79.5 49.2 15.7 23.5 12.1 33.7 37.8 24 0 A.8 51.0 50.2 47.9 47.8 53.4 41.G 54.7 33.7 peared pebnas. At least two other witnesses remain to be heard. One of these, Jack Estabrook, former AFL teamster union business agent in Oregon, may appear today. He will be called by the defense to tell of money allegedly paid to Oregon officials for investigating Bridges. u „„ wiicmcr an a.cuun ._ rf Q fo^r=T c.,,vT 'should be instituted. It was i secretary, Mrs. Earl 'Goff- j aeienie suo- i-u Dnr i ,,,v,^ 6i,rrn. QC .f D ri fv,n ,-oiv,-, treasurer. Harve Goff- chair- ' J amcs - an d daughter. Evelyn. man of' refreshments, Mrs. ' 1 2?Y e returned to their home in Harrison Goff, and program ! sub " [Read who suggested the reim- l bursement suit. Air. and Mrs. William Malory, „ , of Saginaw were visitors at thej Mrs. Frank Van Drascek. son. I i)Oe Hronek home Labor day | Freesuil ^ ^ ^ jp g :nu9 High .^!!i4u'9 isaifi i84!3 157^7 1927-Low 51.6 95.:i 61.H 61.E! THE MARKETS : --^— Chicago 1'olatoes (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) CHICAGO, III.. Sept. 8.--vl'i—(United titates Department, of A(;riculturu) Potatoes--Receipts 51. on track 130, total U. S. shipments-287; market. North- rrn Cobblers very strung. prtc<-s higher. offennits very light, demiuul active; ether vanities all sections slightly stronger, demand i;ood; supplies ll(;hl'; sacked per cwt. Idaho Ilu^set, Httrbimk« U. S. No. 1. nnd r Inllial ice, few sales 2; Minnesota ^UKlland .• ret ion Early Ohlos O. a. Commercials, 1.35: North Dakota R>'d Tthrr VulK'y sictlon Hll** Triumphs unola.sMfied. i.2S; Wisconsin Cobblers U. S. No. 1, l.',i, r )-l .(>(); moMjy, l.St); Hii.--< i rn;:upli- I'. S. N.v 1, 1.00. ' Chieaud i'lMilfry (Quotations in riiit^-) CHICAGO. y-p'. •!- i/l''- i' I Chicago Dairy (Quotations in Cents) ; CHICAGO. Sept. 8.~-(/I'l—Butter—Re- ; c-ciptK 810.9i>(); market, linn; creiunery- i 91! score. Ti-?.l\^\ 92. 26';:: 91. 25la: »0. ! :../: 89. :M. iia, W, DO eenlrallwil ciirlot.s, Eggs—Ri'cei pis 8.279; market firm, pi'i't-s unrhunKPd. (Storage pncki'd firsts not quoted.) Boston Wool (QumuUmis In Cents) BOSTON. Si-pt. «.- ^.-Vi The Commercial Bulletin will .say tomorrow: "'llif wool miivkft Uns piissril thrnui;h n In c'tic week following the dcclnrulkiii of wnr In Europe and prices are now 'M to 25 ptrcent above the (Hose lust, week, vitli n tendency at the moment to consolidate about the top_." The Bulletin will publish the tollow- Init qxiotatlons: Michigan and New York• 1 )<•- l.une. 32-34: >-j blood combine. :i'.!-IM: •' K blood comljlni?. 37-38; U blood eonib- i committee, Mr. and Mrs. Carl A i ~-*ir i.- iGoff and Mr. and Mrs. Emer- Annual Meeting i son ooff. It was voted upon to ! Chicago after spending several (Continued from Page 1) by Norman H. Hill, secretary of the Flint Chamber of Com- " - * ^ ~- I ^JVinvid^ f,ln.OLO, Ofm ,5 days with Mr. and Mrs. Frank j and Mrs. Joseph Muli'nix Faltinek and sons. the merce. the Sunday before Labor day. ~'~ : , _,, . j>ii. miu jvno. luuv rt'ucier .inc. Mr. and Mrs. Axel Storm, Anna daughters, Arlene and Bettv ot Mae Storm and Mr. and Mrs. I Ludington :Lloyd Lichte recently enjoyed a E :irl Calicndar has returned to few days with relatives in Chi- Benton Harbor after spendin During the meeting H." B thejGreenwald of Kalamazoo- was rv™rtov°l t e he a'n ^adv^rse^dp'fen^ Speakers scheduled for tnejweenwam or Kalamazoo- was ^tnS is expected1 "to ardvl Afternoon included Wilson _ J. > called upon to present a col- here Monday. Government and defense counsel have indicated It would require two or three days to question him. Defense attorneys have Doyle was the "main- cago. Reek School Mr. land Mrs. Peter Janko- (Atlrtitional Markets „,- i-aije 2j I.OCAI, M.'tRKRTS _., red kidney beans J2.75-, ; Dnrk red kidney beans $3.00 Sllllrilv o-iipctc a o ;, f n , lf *r,. i nnrk cranberry beans $2.50 , „, • guests, fc>ept. 3. Of Ml. | Light cranberry beans S2.50 . •White pen beans ....•• $2.00 Yelloweye beans $2.75 Poultry Leghorn hens. 3 Ibs. nnd xip lie Heavy hens l-Jc Plymouth Rock sprinyers, under A Ibs i~c ., Plymouth Rock springers, „ Mrs. Cal- j 4 Ibs. and up 17c Icndar and baby remained for a c<Jlorrd sprlln5er ;;- r _Vi n 15c ROOF NOW Mr. and Mrs. Tony Fertder and last week-end here. lend: longe visit. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ra.smu.ssen have named their little clauyh- Phelled corn, cwt $1.05 Hye. ewt. cuts cwt. 85c . the Pe- 1 lective gift to Mr. and McDonald, secretary of i»*V.*^V/i.*C** V*, OV^V^i.V>U(AJljr \J L \iil\j iW ! *•• . x. j-j** v \t\j -4»AA . UilU IVAi O. toskey Chamber of Commerce; j Carl Goff and Mr. and Mrs, 1~> —.^. SV TTT — J _1_ A. _ u _^ _ ^_. _ f M. 1 I Tr*»VI tlTT"/-»»1 ^L i-i f f nil j-iX T ;^^_. ter. Linda Corrinne. Frank Gorczewski at Man- Kirkpatrick bors' association. were served to the group The Newton Goff amily John Beukema, secretary Wheat, cwt '. ..$1.00 Produce 19n YlicVrs Beef tjuiiii j_>curkCiiiu, otuicoaiv ui | _^ . . -I^HHJ.T the Muskegon Chamber of !^ me to Custer township about Commerce; Earl S. Weber, sec- i rLn^lf ^° *K he J e *u they lived '. _ '. lillitl rha «^^nt-l-» t*Lf 4-U.n .. _.. j . , retary of the Kalamazoo Cham- i " n V,l ber of Commerce, and William 11 " upprptnrv Pha.h^ nf Chamber of nf port Bridges. The labor de- apartment seeks to deport Bridges to his native Australia as an alien member of an organization seeking overthrow of the government by force. Five witnesses wer.e called by the defenses Thursday in an effort to refute testimony that Bridges had attended a score or more Communist meetings. The government called one Witness—.Mrs. Cleo Zanazzi— who testified Bridges had been pointed out to her in a San Francisco restaurant where she formerly was employed as a waitress. Bridges has denied he-ever was in the restaurant, which has been described by witnesses as a "Communist I o<iji '- '-"-"-v-m-m ui JICAU jcm. ^> j u-r-anc hangout" during the 1934 wat- I convention city will be made i great death of Friday, Sept. 1, at the Jan- in Mani.tee. KiCiward Rasmusson koviak'home. They spent the p'dar is with her son and d;ui»h- '' ' Mr. '.ind Mrs. Harrv i week-end Manistee. . with relatives in , . 'Kasintisspn. Last week-end guests at the; Rp x Hilden and Ray Owen were ' nf prices: Hundpicked pea b.-. ' "•:'» | i >I ''. k " 1 f d . k ' 1 i lu '' pick u V-i'"!!- 1 '" r"' ii-.ihi. ?..5f': tin:-::. ,t. s. p,.r ewt.. "- ht - '•>•'"• TnVve?n<r' ty is sti11 tne home of all ex- Lasl week-end guests at the; Kox Hiiden and Ray Ow r" .ft leapt two, Mrs. Nellie Verette I Peter Jankoviak home were : M"iiday evening dinner C. ^Vlil i.i>V«n.n_ i • _ •__ vv>*i . _*l Tm ,•%•. .-l T^ ™ «*-.;.- .. 1.1 ,,r /~».. -i T-» _^_ ici! A.Tl~ ot-s*^ T\ iT VL* T:^..-, i_ TT r-nmmor^n nrilt VD ^ U twu ' iv l'S- Nellie Verette I^CLCI uaun.ovi.1^ iiuuif WCI commerce, will, wnose home is in Midland) and ] Floyd Kaminski of Grand Rap ries i Harrison Goff, who UVP'C in ids and August Wioskowski o in P roblems - i«aiamazoo""'The"otheLs VC Har- Today's meeting will be con-; vey and William Goff live at eluded with a diruaer at 6:30 p.' Fountain, Charles Miles at Elm m. at which Harvey Campbell, j Flats, Mrs. Dolly Peterson in vice president-secretary of the i Custer township, Earl and New- Detroit Board of Commerce, will | ton Goff in Sherman township, act as toastmaster. | and Melvin Goff, the youngest Saturday morning's meeting !?jj; hcen . fam l ly ' . J i ves ln Riverton lists five speakers. The con-! K,l hlp - A s l, ster ' Mrs - Sarah vention will be concluded Sat- j vear« U_ passed awav several urday noon with a business ses- r Thprpic o in,-™ ,- -, , mpp sion. Selection of next year's | gSchild'ren '"a^d ^"sSera [sep't. pnnvpnt.inn mr.v urill hp mnrip i r ^ _. , . .. . u icveiai ^ _._ r ,l i"l Mi", and Mr.s. Frank Hunt. ids" and August Wioskowski of I M'-. and Mrs. Orville Bailev are Manistee. Sunday guests were (he Myrtle Eddy huii.s- ivicAiiion. u. vjunvitAj 511^^1.0 wtic i--^i'—— • r- >11 * i»j.r i i n. r>iui\ ii'Ki.^t 1 ,>;,'ts (t.nrdrtl^ ; Mrs. Ed Madden and daughters , 1( "' occupancy. ' j P'IU.-H.-.' Ms.-h. of Dearborn and Mr. and" MKS. ; Burrell Lydic spent last week P'-.'^-Mieh. n/TJNrt L^« «^;.,«!-: n .* ^ r n — :i.. rt » ' P'nnninn .-if Tir.-, 1 ^I«.,., i .. m IlliU. ISarli* 1 Mike Kaminski and family of | ™mpin» at'Waldpnwoocis. Manistee Miss Marie Alice Hemmer i called on Mrs. Peter Jankoviak i Monday evening. Mr. and Mr.s. Cyril Hemmer and daughter, Joan, were supper guests at the Jolin Hem- home Friday evening. MARKETS AND FIMANCE Ni:\V YOKK STOCKS (?::Hl P. M. r..l).T. ITi,,s ' A- r {rf erfront strike here RADIO HIGHLIGHTS Key station of each network Is listed In the programs. The Networks : WEAF— WTAM. WTMJ, WOT, WLW, WSM. WMAQ, WOOD. WAVJ . WABC— WJR, WHAS, WBBM. and election of officers will be held. Many See Shriners Performing Here (Continued from Pap» 1) *-i o-—•*'-"'--****V*l\,it %* I lO the older generation each in a grand get-together. Fountain Tear Down Landmark i Ham Sominerfeldt An old landmark of this vill- j cent ly gave birth ! Ruth and i returned to their homp in Mil-, jwaukee after spending their j vacations at the William Simi- I merfeldt home. A Holstfin cow on the Wil- Aut c •'' Clay F. Olmstead bassador; Gerald age in the local am- Ponko, Dr. part of farm t o a Prmlure i Quvl,t( ;rns ir. i «ti!:irs ..ud I'-n'--! DE'l'iUtT, Mirh.. S, pt. II. .,!••- I'nil'd Siale-^ I) fart rn- n>_ .if nn.i <;r:i;>i^ M!rh. -I <|l. t-Umax ha.-- t-i.nrurd*. mo-.tlv. .ir>. l'iu.'i}>. Ms.'h. i.. Ini.'-hi'!.-. D.iw-.ins. 1. b\i. >)-.i.--ki'i-s alKl 'Tt 1 -. ".* •tt-.. 1 L'.'i-l.".'!. Miclt. '.'-u-rn '•;•'•.. itu! V,:;^hr i i I a^ki fv. mi'^llv r.ii; (| and r.iuil!- Ui'ii. ^! ! . in. mir.. Wialihv-. mo-tly. .-|n.. r -n. few. .")S: Wolf Hivt-i> ':nc,-t!v 4i»- Si CilirvMicli buiii-'ii.-. l.i/.'ii^ -xira !:. r«i'. :!.'i: t\\\.M. l.'i. Oni.m- 5')-!!). w\\, r. s N.I t Mirli vi i'.o'.v--, nu.'-Mv. .0(1-n/i few icu- ,L** 5n Pia.-ln- »i:-liel lia.-kfts r S No 1 I-.llii i:.i~. '.! in. iriin .7.VI In. n.i.-iiy. ;r,-i; i>, MI -u'!'. •>!'. ~r<. Hal"-. 2' -. HI !v.:n . IV-! .7 Y '.< '.v ir.. n< : !'nL:.:n •. r'».-ii) . .•!-'•:, r .-•. •;., \ M'f): viiiv!'. niw. ;•-!!• -;l 1 -In-1 :,ii; w:i."h"<l 1 S<i-l,t;"i ;.v.- .:••'!! •- ;' } ' i • IK- W;-,:tr~. I'!"-:' .;.Y 1,1 .'i., I...;.,: Whit--;. .'(•-)-:> 1',: Rn-,-..-> .. ::-.!!:.; '»:-.•- w '-!vn 'i-n !»•,--.'-. ' •-:: n;, '•••'• LOWER PRICES THAN IN 1937 JOHNS-MANVILLE ASPHALT SHINGLES c E: . W. H. Force, Emil Newberg. Lincoln Cole, Corwill Jackson, William Mercereau, William J. Pieper, W. S. month to make room for ^ modern one-story building. The building was two "stories high, with living quarters above and the lower story used CALL LETTERS AND KILOCYCLE FREQUENCY CKLW 840, KDKA 980, KFAB 770, KFI 640, KMOX 1090, KOA 830. KYW 1020 WBBM 770, WCFL 970, WBAL 106o' WCCO 810, WABC 860, WKAR 850 WDAF 010. WEAF 660, WENR 870 WON 720, WGY 780, WHAM 1150, WHAS 820, WHO 1000, WIBO 570, WJJD 1130 W8M 050, WJR 750, WJZ 760 0 ' WLW 700 ' .' ' 0 . WKZO 690, WMAQ 670, WOOD 1270, WOW 590 WOWO 1160, WSB 740, WTAM 107fl' WTIC 1060, WKBZ 1500, WTMJ 620. (Eastern Standard Time) the Vivian, George E.! for business. •aMss&rrSSffH. '«">» "" M «" lst «' ™H, '« GSrSllWS: If S e h vSS < M'ti.--- Wri :ht !•• ir-it EJi-c I> ,V I (it nenil Elw . weighing' 137 pounds. Sugar Grove The community was .saddened : cuneraT'Mct' by the recent death of Frank M. Hudson Mot '.'.'. Hill, one of its oldest residents. {"* Harv,-t ... . 1' H" IN' 1 . Those who came from a di-> mt funeral services Kennecott Mrs. Chauncey vrlrS-i^]^ 1 ) . "TH visiting eight Western Michigan cities on a three-day tour. Yacht Basin Plans Discussed Here (Continued from Page 1) Pell outlined steps to date, in turn calling on other persons to discurss various aspects of the proposed project. F. A. Anderson, member of the ~- " commission's special committee, j building. vears rrmrhiPHnJ "u , i Mr - anci Mr - s - havmonc nnn h a ^ U l ln l a shoe store) ot Watson . o .. and Earl Hill tance for the were Mr. and Hill and .son. Carl; Robert Clay,j and son, June, all of D,?lta, O.: Montgo_in.-!v war.: Mr. and Mr.s. Raymond f fent ir nart , reS n.s - hav ^a nd the K!ob(Jr Hill. Scott Anu- inn' ldmand and John Stark families, all of 8 .\fotor \Vh"-c| Nash-Kel-. :nL,%ir National P,isfi;;t New York On':;.! North Aii'..-;:ran . . . 102' . 13 . 33 21= 4' «7 TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY billiard hall, all have been co 1 h H BCt ' V . K anwr «» s . ki - «'hoi ducted at different times "nthi's! ^j^^^i^L-^ 1 ^^^-^ K-nmn.T.M^L'i „.-.-,, i FOK SAI.I':—fhtiiee nl five house Irail- KanialOUSKl. \\J10l ers. I,PU priceil. Call at Alslrom and TEMI»KKATIIRE TODAY AT 11:00 Weather Forecast I.IMVIT .Mirhiean: Cloiulv ;inil ninrli rnoliT tiiniglit. Salnrd.iv Kt )nTall> fair and rinilinuiil cool. 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D., president of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America, will speak on "The American Churches and the European War " At 7 MBS-chain will nounce who will be at an- the microphone for the World Series baseball games. TONIGHT: ~WEAF - NBC _6 Fred Waring; 7 Lucille Manners, 8 Frank Munn; 9 o'clock Guy Lombardo orchestra; 9-30 America unlimited WABC-ICBS —6:3'0 Professor probable ways in which the ha- t ven could be built. Ray Thompson, representing the Pere Marquette Railway Co , said that firm would welcome construction of such a small craft harbor of suitable design, pointing out that anchoring of boats all over the harbor, as at present, is a menace to navigation. He said the Pere Marquette Railway Co. would be glad to cooperate in any reasonable way. Proposed Site Proposed site for the development, Commissioner Pell explained, is a plot of ground between the former Stearns Motor plant and the coast guard station, north of the channel pier and just west of the former . „ , — ——..v><» o IVlilKG mine music; 9:30 Believe it or not. WJZ-NBC—8 Plantation par• D *Q/l T_T« . *-» _ ,, . f** 1 - ty; 8:30 chestra. _ ~ «.«w *. lununaui • ****u juot wcou UJ Ulc iUnTlCr 7 under western skies; I Stearns Motor building Ex- r,vmv,,, „«,„„»„. n cavation would be made northward, with outlets into the channel. Cost, Mr. Anderson said would not exceed $100,000 The commission at a recent meeting voted to purchase the site at a cost of $50 per month for a 20-year period. Commissioner Nels Johnson, Captain Nels Palmer and others of those present spoke briefly regarding need of making further use of Ludington's harbor facilities orchestra; BaVis orchestra; and manners. Harry Horlick or- i—7:30 WOR sym- 8 Johnny 8:]BO 'Music ........ ...^rvs 0.4l> U. HI. NO school today, safety show; 10-15 Nature sketches; 12:30 p. m and music: WABC-CBS -u - ,« I 1 m> Highways to wealth; 1 p m. Bull session, ."Off to College;" 5:30 Albert Warner, comment. WJZ-NBC U~9:45 A child grows up; 12:30 g. m. Little variety show; 4:30 5IJa Fitzgerald's orchestra. • i—9 Marriage clinic; to Lansing at rd Time) """»""oojuii a ^jjeuiai commiiiee,; """""'B- NEW YORK, sept 8—In a s P° ke informatively of amounts j At present the property is' ' • o n 'f r.™ of money likely to be needed and owned by the Zygutis family. j nT*l~\)"lQ T\\ O T¥?o*tr. »»-» **rVtinVt 4-V.A 1_— I . ' I Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Van Sickle I and family were Sunday guest-s! of Mr. and Mrs. John Boehm and daughter, Ethel, at a chicken dinner, at their cotttage The Methodists Ladies' Aid society will be entertained Wednesday afternoon by the president, Mrs. Harry McFarland, at her home. Ray Avery of Coldwater called on friends here Wednesday Mrs. Henry Neilsen and 'Mrs Lawrence HeLse and daughter were visitors in Ludington 'Satu rci ti y. Mr. and Mrs. Wright of Milwaukee were last week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hansen. Mrs. Wright and Mr.s Hansen are sisters. Mr. and Mr.s. W. J. Barton and Miss Dana Mae Barton are returning this week a two lake. Mr. and Mrs. Brice Kirkpatrick of Ludington and Zen Kirkpatrick of Muskegon visited over ast week-end and Monday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs James Kirkpatrick. Center Eiverton School Opens Mrs. Lula McGhan began her second year of teaching at Center Riverton school Tuesday, Sept. 5. Phyllis Wyant, Keith Hannah, Ramey Koet-s, Merlin TaLsrna and Theodore Schwass are members of the primary class. The seventh and eighth graders will attend Scottville school. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Krall of Pentwater were Sunday guests, Sept. 3, of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Faltinek and sons. Miss Catherine Ada Murphy has returned home after spend- ng 10 days with relatives in Muskegon. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Henion of south of Wiley are moving this week to rooms in the home of their .son and daughter-in- law, Mr.. and Mrs. Raymond Henion. LaVern Silvis is home after spending four weeks visiting Elm Flats School opened Sept. 5 and Lorene Randall and Elaine and Ruth Bagdonas are ~new be- tgmners. Mrs. Thelma Johnson and a dy friend from Bay City were overnight guests Sunday, Sept. Bonnie Belmont LUCKY STAR DANCE With Cash Pri/en. . Music by The Lucky Stars SATURDAY NIGHT LOON LAKE PAVILION PKI/E DANCE LUCKY STAR SYSTEM H. Updegraff's OKGMESTRA Get on the Sunny Side with ay, ep Thls wonderful world; 13, of Mrs. Johnson's father' liber music; London a ttt Z *••*» TT V&»V*V>* * W* WUi i 1 10:30 a. m. U. S. Army band. 6 4^pme short waves for Satur- J — OLB4A Prague 6:55 p m. : 2HO Rome 7:30 p. m. •*"- -—•-- OSP, Q8D. e band; qity 11 "mner»»_ -T—»m»w»"• ' FOf SUn- ; DJT3 Berlin ,6:00 p. m. sonatas; JZL Tokyo 8: is n. English program; QBD, QflB 10:40 Ballad recital. ngstone, foremost •rer, died at Lake -"""•^-hUe uving oftheNUe. Charles Myles. Guests over Labor day at the Marshall Gulembo home weer Mrs. J. H. McConnell and f° n - .Asa Jay, of Eau Claire; H. M. McQonnell of Hartford, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Goff a »o two children of Kalamazoo £".** Mr - and Mrs. . Everett . Gulembo of Marion. ack a dl nner guest vei:ett of Scottville Sunday, « 1 , o a the Marshall Gulembo home Mr. and Mrs. Roh°rt o^ff nf Kalamazoo were last week-end Mr. and Barl Goff. TONK;HT AND SATURDAY "Shut this phone off! I can't talk to another person today. Tell 'em I'm out—tell 'em I'm in conference— tell 'em anything. I'll go nuts if that thing rings again-. And tell those people waiting to see me to come back in 1950. How's a guy going to get any work done, I'd like to know." NO SUGAR • NO GLUCOSE "Instead of getting all hot and bothered I ought to thank my stars my business is good." After office hours a tall, cool glass of Schmidt's, "America's Finest Beer," will help you see how unimportant most of the day's irritations and worries really are. 0 FATTENING SYRUPS ADDED "Popeye— Cartoon, News and True Adventure" Matinee Saturday 25c and lOc. Nights ,'}0c and lOc. SUN DAVT ADVENTURE IN HISTORY!

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