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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 15, 1948
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DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NORTHEA W COCKIER NEWS RTHEA 8T ARKANSAI AND SOirrui-'iaT mucrMior ^"^ rot* —NO. TO Blythevllle courier BJytheville Daily Newt valley Leader BlylhevUle Herald AND SOUnttAST MISSOURI Truman and GOP Renew Attacks In Political War BLYTHEVJLLE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, JUNE 15. 1948 GO/» — ,„ "y Merrfman Smith (U. P. White l|ou*e Heportw) TmTMAS UTE WITH PRESIDENT ITtUMAN, June 15, (UP)—President Truman barnstormed the houthwest today, sniping at the Republicans at every "whistle stop" along the way. His latest Jibe'was at Sen. Robert A raft. R., o. It was marie at San Bernardino, Cal., where a large station crowd turned out to the president. Mr. Truman was presentee a down select eggs Iroduc the area. He thanked' his saying with a 5m llei "At least they don't throw at me." "What about Taft?" a man deep hi the crowd shouted. "Take 'em to greet them uiem GOP Returns Fin — By Lyl« C. Wilson (United Press Staff Correspondent) PHILADELPHIA, June 15. (UP) —The Republican National Convention arrangements committee met today for last minute adjustments of plans for the big show which begins Monday. Advance men for the candidates are on the ground. Each is claiming victory for his man and none is too busy to take a clout at Presi- "1 wouldn't throw fresh " at | Sen. Robert A. Taft could come up ;with 312 votes on the first conven- ; (ion ballot if necessary. I Herbert Brownell, one of Oov. j Thomas E. Dewey's three campaign managers, countered from his head- — quarters that the governor would j gration to Palestine and n lead on the first ballot. Brownell | that immigration of men did not say how many votes his tary age is halted or k nian would have on No. 1. Chairman Carroll Recce of the him," the Presided "saTd! empha-1 Barters that the siding the world "fresh." It was the second pot shot he had taken at Taft during his visit to the West Coast. Yesterday, af- „ ... jtjr he was greeted by a crowd es- I Re P ubllc "» National Committee Sliriated at between 130,000 and 1 - I tfle opening gun last night WW.OOO persons In Los Angeles the ! wikn a rndio address denouncing president called the city the "big- tlle President. gest whistling stop I've ever seen." Replies to Taft Charge Th« remark apparently was In reply to Taft's charge that Mr. Truman was blackguarding" co;i- UN to Vote Down Bid by Russians For Truce Role Immigration to Holy Land to B« Checked; British Uavt Haifa LAKE SUCCESS. N. Y., June 15 (UP)—The United Nations Security Council prepared today to vote down Russia's bid for a limited role In the Palestine truce negotiations. The council, convening an afternoon meeting, was slated to refuse Russia permission to send "a few" military officers to join the American, French and Belgian observers assembled in the Holy Land by Count Follte Bernadotte, UN Palestine mediator. The East-West split over the matter was magnified by a message from Bernadotte disclosing his plans for the use of some ot the observers. The Swedish diplomat disclosed that he might attempt to send some observers to American and European ports to check on Immi- gress at every 'whistle stop" in the country. ' The president scheduled six stops today, beginning at Aslifork, Ariz., and ending at Raton. N. M. He also will meet with former Secretary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson at Hits Truman Tactic*• "Mr. Truman is playing the kind of politics he understands," Recce said on a national hook-up, "the kind he learned iinder the tutelage of the • Pendcrgnst machim i (Kansas city, Mo.) which first sent him to the Senate and to which he still owes allegiance as a ing member." "By and large, Mr. TvuMan has received forbearance and sympathy which he dues pay- w."^"^^^-.^-.. *?i^l°- n ,. ql i t I ™* co °l«ration 'from t°- ™ times when Congress saved Mr Truman from himself. Prom Taft headquarters, Brown joined the attack on Mr Truman who has called this Republican Con- The president was obviously pleased with the reception accorded him at Los Angeles and he was in good humor. He appeared In bathrobe and pajamas to greet a crowd H-xplained. A woman asked why he was »o hoarse. "I ride In the wind with my mouth open," he said The Anfcelei; Great " he "Mr. Truman is making the campaign issues." Brown said "The issues are the difference between the chief executive and the Cone Congress challenges the s understanding ,of our ss _j.ive form or. government. nKtJhat Mr. Truman now hus fhe was in the city. James!,,™ 1 "' 11 hls 194S Pledge of cooperate eldest son of the late |"°" . on domestic issues. The Re- CalUornlt «Ut« delegation fo the f,"™ 1 ™™ ^Congress has kept the president . aJid chairman of the national convention, and other egates visited with him briefly dur- tny his stay. Should "Tak« Tim«" Mr. Truman berated Congress for faith on foreign policy. The' President has not kept faith on domestic policies." Plan io Avoid Strife Brown showed how the Republican platform makers hope to avoid failing to pass his legislative pro-' controversy among themselves U>1 gram and urged it to stay In ses-' tile not issue of Universal Military sion until it did. I Training, which Taft opposes He "They still have time, and if they ! emphasized that Tart had been a haven't time, they ought to take t powerful factor in Congressional it," he said. support of a great air force and is Mr. Truman's off-the-cuff talk j firmly committed to a strong na- was a summary or the eight-point | tlonal defense. program which he has been asking "The platform," Brown continued Congress to pass for months. The "can support strong national dc' eight basic points Included legisla- ' ... tion on prices, housing, labor, social security, health education, agriculture and reclamation. Price legislation belongs at the top of the "must" list, he said. He I Affcused congress of passing laws I "When a candidate leads in dele fe favor the man who controls! gates and is shown bv that no*to the goods" while the "consumer , be the choice of the rank and fle" pays through the nose." ; Brownell said, "he will be hard to Tlie address was thc last major | heat " speech the president has scheduled Some favorile S(m fense without committing the party to any particular method." A Onilup poll of Republican Party members showed Dewcy leading (he list as a favorite presidential candidate. on his current lour. From now on until he arrives back in Washington Friday he will speak only informally from the rear platform of his special train. Parking Meter Installations Get Under Way Assessments in /M/ssco Show $536,276 Increase for 1948 FOURTEEN PAGES in dfe- A««M«d r»lu»«oni at ml and per»on»l property County, bMed o«-lW« i«e«m.nt. **. md hta deputy, .how »n bwM** rf MJ»J1« <mr k*t rw clowd tod»y. Th. figure. fo, th. count, ihow » toUl o< *10,OM,I64 whkh eom- P.«. with . county teUl ol »w.4«,Mi r.porU<i i«t y»«. Th. compiled for this ,e»r win b. th. b«ta for th. eoUeciion <* »Ut«, rlty »nd Khooi UXM next y»r. h, ciUM .how i tot»l al : *»M«. for public utllltie* which tiou Commission. (or BlyWwTkUt, ot Ji'al property, and •re aweued by th« Arkunsa* Corpora- Dell I^eachvillt Manila Oeceola l->uxor*-. Joiner Keiscr Total for R«*l Kit*** Valuation 23,968 130.410 114,900 603,274 112.840 47,825 29.960 »a,700,97« ***** Property 18,9% 99.190 S4,t7,» ?50,040 62.590 SC.50S 43,150 *1.S66.930 «,oe« 30.203 15,05ft &5.10S 27.425 26.1Di B,4G» »743.7H *» Total 55,986 359,803 195,520 ' (13.410 202,855 110,529 81,579 *5,019,«18 Gill Heads State Education Board Blytheville Man Elected Chairman To Succeed Staples Noble am of Blytheville and Dell yesterday was elected chairman the State Board of Educntlor meeting tn Little Rock yesterday when the board re-elected Ralph B. Jones to his fourth two-year term «s state commissioner of education. Mr. Gill Is a planter and bustncss- and was appointed to the The meats breakdown In the assts*- for the !5 school districts --- — kept to a minimum. Such a step, if it materialized, was certain to draw objections from Russia and the Soviet bloc nations particularly on the heels of a decision by the Security Council to bar Russia from a part in the truce UN experts saw little chance that the Russian orbit nations would open their ports to UN observers from the Western countries alter watching those sam'e countries bar Russia from even a slight part In the proceedings. British Speed Departure JERUSALEM, June 15. (UP) — British officials are jamming- troom into three transports in Hnlfa harbor In an effort to have alt British troops out ot Palestine within the next 10 days, reports from Haifa said today. Three large troopships are load- Ing men in Haifa harbor simulta- shnTLrl t '? e j 0 ' 000 -'™ troop-'Conway as chrfrmarTof the"board. ] KeiseV ship Samaria is due tomorrow to Dr. Staples' term o: " ,*".iai.r was announced by John Mayes su- preyisor of schools, who »ald the Blytheville district, No. 5; Is tlie largest In the county with an assessed valuation of «4,31o.39i. Of this .mount $3,109,043 I 3 with- n the city proper, and the balance Is property In (lie outlying area which Is,a part ot thc district. Valuations for the other districts follows: District Osceola. .. ... of Luxora. . •' a I Kosa Dlythcville Oosnell . Huffman Mllllgan Ann orel Shawnee Carson . Ridge State Board of Education about six | Manila years ago to fill the vacancy caused Boynton by the death of Cecil Shane, Bly- Dell thevllle attorney. Wilson Mr. Gill succeeds Dr. T. S. Staples Lone Oak of the Hendrix College faculty In Tomnto , . — —^>- wiitvmuw IO take on more, the dispatches said Several freighters also are load- Ing military cargo, including the barrels of tank guns, coastal de- --•- -™- ., fense guns and other artillery that 1 members of the is being burned and left behind In 1 education s '" the speed ;of the evacuation orte- \ earl y start innlly scheduled to^be ' •-— - ». J " the boar<i "ns I Promised Land expired. Tom McOill, Bentonvllle. i No 9 was elected vice chairman to sue- Burdette ""' ceed Mr. Gill. ! Etowah The board also re-elected other Shady Grove .[department of I Leachvllle . . No. . 1 . a , 3 . 5 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 13 15 17 . 23 , 25 , 27 30 . 31 32 . 34 , 35 . 36 . 39 , 40 BINGLB COPIES FIVE CENTS Congress Speeds Drive To End Session; Money Bills Given Top Priority Farm Program May Not Pass At This Session WASHINGTON, June 16. (UP) — A House-Senate clash over farm legislation shaped up today «s the Semite pushed ahead wild a IOIIB- riuige farm program tlml iuis little chunct of House approval at this .se.ssion. Chairman Clifford R. Hope, H., To Extend Trade Program a Year WASHINGTON, June 15. (U.P.) —The House today completed Can- gressional actiot on a bill to con- In modified form for another year. The measure was sent to tlie White House after the House accepted, by voice vole and without '- revisions which the Senate . , ., , e enate Kans., of the House Agriculture] lln <1 ""ndo In the original HOUVJ bill € Vim Ml if tflft L-ll1,l l,.i II,, ..... 1. 1 I [_._ ' 'I'llrt n.}l..r.,rf..l..-. II _ . . '«•**"• Export Control Evasion by Red Satellites Seen , By Gr»ni Dillmin United FTMHI staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, June l£-(UP) —The Commerce Department sus- iwcts that some Russian satellite countries are evading u. S. exiiort controls by dealing through other Total »1.090,69o! 1,233,519 132,405 4,310.301 343,243 W.I 05 180.635 344.700 1,314.501 431.520 591.130 159.702 807,125 1.822.541 113,512 «B,BS8 1.I34.17B 108.B65 802.212 4J53.675 155,301 940,342 All?. 15. Some British officials frankly are fearful -•--•• ' British dwindles in the last stages of the evacuation, the dispatches said To guard against attack, new sandbagged machinegun positions of a Jewish attack when * auth °rlzed the erection of troop strength In Haifa 00 ° building. Committee Appointed Jones said a committee was named and would meet in the next few days to proceed with construction have been built around Haifa port and armored cars are stationed throughout the area./ Sow'efs Press 'Cold War' for Allied Berlin BERLIN, June 15. (U.P.>-Rus- sian bonier guards prevented I« coal-cairymg railway cars from entering Berlin from the Western zones ,n the past two days Western allied authorities reported today Only trains bound for the Western scotors of Berlin • stale capltol grounte department. The 1947 119.083.854 Dust Nuisance Again Before City Officials The city Council will hold a called meeting tonight at 1 o'clock In City Hall to consider legal steps demanded by West Blytheville residents to end an alleged "nuisance" they say is caused by operations of the W. L. Hughes and Co. bulldtnj materials plant on loth Street near Ash. 75 flight schools now operat!hi|r"ln ' The meetl "Bt *»« Kheduled last plans of the; building authorized by the 1947 legislature. The preliminary draft of plans for the four-story building has been completed. The committee Is composed of Russell Brown of Little Rock, chairman; Oren Vaughan of Searcy] and Dr. Herman Brown of Malvern. Jones will serve as secretary. In other action, the board: approved the appointment of Clifford Blackburn as director of the division of Teacher Education. The post was vacated recently by T. M Stinnett who joined the Arkansas Education Association. Approved the appointment of H H. Reeves of North Little Rock as supervisor of institutional training for veterans. Reeves will supervise Tuesday night after the „ . and dark horse __. headquarters are beginning to open molested, here. Eut the only place already The Rus lull of bustling activity is the Stassen-for-President headquarters on Walnut Street, Harjld E. Stassen nnd his family are due here Thursday. He is bringing the children. Work on the installation of Blytheville's new parking meters began yesternay and is expected to be completed by the end of the week, Mayor E. tt. Jackson announced today. A crew of seven workmen from the Dual Parking Meter Company Jaycees at Steele To Install Club Officers Tonight Members of the newly organized Junior Cnamber of Commerce in Stcele, Mo., will install officers at, a dinner meeting to be held tonignt :n the J. o. Weaver Cafe in Steele .---., .. 7 ''! e officers will be installed bv of Canton, O., is installing the, "imam Nicholson ol Osccola. who is meter-,, he said, and indicated thati vice president of the Arkansas or- the meters would be in operation by ! snnizsUion of Jaycees. The club has next week. ' , -B charter mcniDcrs. • A tn'al of 3OO meters will be in— Bun Campbell ot Steele was elect- stalled on Voth fities of Main Street c d president ot the new group at a from Laclcde West to Sixth Street. ', recent meeting and other ollicurs Thc meters will be installed 'every ] to be installed include: Jesie Biz- 'fficials said. Those destined] Approved revolving loans totaling aiul Ma >' or E - R. Jackson met witn Kussian sector passed un-i$487.000, also commercial bond complainants and adjourned af- '•-•••• ter deciding the city would, obtain legal advice before instituting proceedings against the firm. the icy did not cars tha* claimed cars were "defective " Thi interfere with freight were not carrying coal Britidh protests that the same tspc Mrs were used to carry coal to the Russian sector failed to change the Russian attitude. '•"•"ige British headquarters has protested. A r°newed -•• "- -• ' issues totaling more than »2,000,000 coaljand adopted regulations for audlo- visual service libraries in the state. New York Cotton in Western suggestion that the powers leave Berlin was ird by the Russian-licensed NEW YORK, June 15. (UP) — Close steady. Open High Low Close and ira Comnienting on Tlie should a recent French Mar. . May . July . Oct. . Dec. . 32 33 .... 32.06 .... 36.38 .... 33.06 32.4« 3233 32.07 36.46 33.11 32.54. The complaining residents, most of whom reside In the 1000 bloc!c on West Ash Street, have asked the council to obtain tui injunction against the Hughes firm to halt operations while steps are taken to devise means of operation without the alleged noise. These residents also have complained of dust from the operations. The main issue last week- Committee, said hu tliouelit time was too short lor a comprehensive farm progrnm to clear Congress before Saturday's scheduled adjournment. The House has passed a Iwo-ycar stop-gap extension ot the present price supiwn and parity programs. Tim Senate may follow suit H the House balks on the long-riuice pro- Bui Sen, George D. Alkcn, R., VI., chief author ol the Senate lann bill, said he would not give up tin light to net the program through this session. The Housu action, he said, is Inadequate. The Alkcn bill is tlie Senate's pending bmlncsg but debate may be delayed lor action on approprla- tionji bills. Son. llicluird n. Russell. D., Oa., said he thought the Alken measure was "entirely too complicated nnd far-reaching to be (Hissed In a lev hours In the closing days ot thc session." Social Security Bill SUllert WASHINGTON, June 15. (UP1~ The Senate today wrote oft Ihe House bill to broaden Sociiil Security covcraRe as a casualty ol the adjournment drive. Senate leaders saw no chance of passing It unless Congress should fail to niftKe Saturday's adjournment (leadline and agree to return between or alter the political con- ventkj'js. • By » standing vote^-the Houso yesterday passed thc measure to Insurance available to .tional employe*, mid allow employes of lUnicipal governments and o( non-profit organizations to pirtlclpat In the program under tgceemenls with the federal government. Tticlr participation woul.l not lie.compulsory, but tlie bill did contain provisions to bring a small number of employes under the compulsory provisions. Another Social Security bill was written into law yesterday over President Truman's vclo. It excludes salesman and commissions siirancc previsions ,6f tl: Security Law. / nations, It was disclosed today. befort Tho administration hns vleoroiis-'., sliit «nicnt was made ly objected lo the restrictions which , , Usc A l'l"'OP>'!ntlons Commit- would be placed on the trade agree-' , y Lt>wrct >ce Kegan, as assist- incnts program by the legislation. ant in the department's Office of Hut (here has been no Indication' '"'"'"""oriM Trade. He Fald atepn President Truman dislikes the no-i" m }' , lnke " soon to P U| K "P any ponsored bill enough to ™ ch lcftks ' vetoo It. The committee made Regan's testimony public today along with a report earmarking $485,198,951 i n additional cash and $377,370,000 in contract authority for the Commerce Department and some two do/.cn other agencies. It Is the last money bill to be acted on by the House. liefore finally approving the bill the committee added $131.400 for stationery supplies for members of Congress. Included In the measure was $83,- B39.55D 111 cash nnd new contract authority us a down-payment on an $800,000,000 Navy construction program aimed at making Guam a •flat top Gibraltar ot the Pacific ' Will B* Supply Center Vice Aclm. n. B. Carney said that when thc progrnm Is completed within thc next five years, Guam will be nble to fuel nnd arm the forces "we contemplate using In tha western Pacific In event of hostilities." He said the Navy's first target will be to enlarge and develop Guam's harbor facilities which were KO desperately Inadequate in the recent war. A new $10,0000,000 ammunition depot also k on the pro- grnm. The committee also granted $3u_, 000,000 In cash and »300 000 000 * contract authority to the' Bure^f of Strategic Supply-to stockpile House fo Pass Peacetime Draft Conscription Bill, Similar to Senate Measure, i» Debated WASHINGTON, July 15 —(up) -The 19-lliroimh-25 draft bill came P for House debate today nnd even Us strongest foes conceded it will pass. They sntil the two-year pcnce- llmc conscription measure, similar to one already passed by the Semite would get a whopping vble of approval when It comes to » House vote, probably tomorrow. They doubted they could muster as many as 100 votes against It. House Ilcpiibilcnn Leader Charles A. Hallcck of Indiana, who announced that the Mil would come up for debate today, did not look; for « vote until tomorrow. Differences be'wecn House and Senate verMons , the bill R re expected to be resolved easily dl.T- fl«ht House leaded meantime missed a promised civil rights us more of t nuisance than a real threat to passage of the clrnft Hep. Dcwey Short. R., Mo., leader or ths House antl-ilrnft faction said he lost his last chance to kill the bill when the Hules Committee yesterday churned II for a House vote by a nnrrow margin. Short said he will fight to the end despite tlie fact he can't win He told the rules committee the draft will endanger national secnr- d others working (or! lty ' RIKl lnvlte attack rather than fro mth« old age m-l (letcr "• Social I „ Rcp ' Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., I D., N. Y., said he has mustered a half dozen allies In his fight to write anti-segregation safeguards into the draft bill. He snld some of his 31 civil rights amendments will be offered by Heps. Helen Gahagnn Douglas D Cnl,, Jncob Javlts, R., N. Y diet Hollllcld D.. Cal.. Arthur G. Klein UN Loan Approved WASHINC/10N, June 16. (UP)— The Senate Foreign Relations Committee today approved a *C5,OCO.(XK) long-term U.S. lonn to thc United Nations for construction of permanent UN headquarters In mid-town New York. The committee action made It probable that Congress will act the long-pending loan before Journment. Similar IcKlslalion p., N. Y. Leo I nnd others. "If they try to gag Isacson, Alp, N. Y., Spots close 36.18, down 9. 32.15 32.30 31.91 32.07 36.51 36.41 32.92 33.09 | whether the city or'Yh'e coniplam"- 32.33 32,5.. • ants held the responsibility f or ta j;- ww | ing action against the firm. f^the four-power government newspaper asked why it Promises Vote Campaign As Governors Plot Truman's Downfall NEW 15 feet to allow parking at a 30 degree angle with allowance for vacancies at drive ways. x)sceo!a Citizens Contribute $5,000 For New Library a.s first vice-president; I,arry Ganiinetcr. second vice president: James L. Burton, sccretary-trea-vir- «•; William Williams, and J. O. Weaver, reporter. Wives ol the Jaycecs have been invited to attend. New York Stocks Report: Final Slock T & T Nearly $5.000 has been raised by Oicooln citizens in a campaign to Amei- Tobacco .. get S25.000 in subscriptions toward a Anncond.i Copper fund for thc construction of a Beth Steel county library," it was announced Chrysler today b> D. 5. Lancy, chairman olj Coca Cola Ihr drive. Gen Electric I i'C drive was launched June 7 nnd h» addition lo thc ca^h contributions received to date, several persons have expressed a willingness to donate their services to thc project « e and ih Russian rule ' i CASTLE, N.H., June 13. Uional Commander James 1 ol the American Legion the construction gets under GPU Motors Montgomery Ward N Y central N Y Central Hatvestcr 155 7-8 56 7-8 40 37 3-4 . 6S 1-2 172 . <1 1-8 04 3-8 61 :*-•» to turn out the "greatest vote in the nation's history" In the November election. O'Ncil made the announcement in an address at the 40th annual National Governors' Conference. Tlie executives were breakfast guests of O'Neill, who lives in near„, „,,. „. by Manchester. pcctcd to be added to the Blylhc- I " II *' iu "« * country-wide, door- ville populUion by the recent an- bell-ringii negation, according to C L Nabc-s superintendent of thc city sanltk- - - tion department, who Is conducting transportation lo get an unofficial census of the annexed P°"s." areas this week, — - • •" • City Sanitation Official Begins Census of New/y Annexed Areas More than 1000 families are ex- North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum The gifts lo the library fund are being .ecorded In a "Book of He- mcmbrances" whfch will be placed Etude'oakcr In the library when It is completed. Standard of N J Construction plans call for n two- Texas Core story structure to cost $50,000 and Packard house » collection of 25,000 volumes. U s steel '.'.','..'.'.'.'.' The census, which should be completed by the end of the week is being made in a house-to-house survey. The annexation proposal, ratified 16 5-8 &y Blylheville electors in the April 16 5-8 "I? election, recently was approved by County Judge Roland Green in county court and the formal or- aer is expected to be filed withi:i 16 5-8 31 3-8 14 3-4 21 3-« 20 1-2 90 24 5-8 5 82 Ihe next few days. Soybeans (PTlc*« f. o. b. Nov 340 414% 407 340 J37 407 337 •ringing campaign," O'Nell lat told newsmen. "Local Legion pasts will provide baby sitters ami voters to the The drive will be th* first ever conducted by the legion on such i scale. It will start within 46 days, he said. In accordance with the Legion's charter, will be conducted on a non-parltsan basis. Meanwhile, politics bobbed up at the so-called "non-political" conference. Activities of Republican! were placed in the background u Southern Democrats plotted to contest President Truman's nomination at thfflr Philadelphia convention. Some utd that Solid South gov- «rnor», angered by th* president'* civil tights program, would nomi- n»t« Oov. licldtng L> Wright ol is pending in the House. Congrc.ssion- al appropriations committees probably will be requested to provide money lor the loan at an eariy date. An American spokesman at UN told reporters recently that failure to provide the construction fund might touch-olf "serious" consideration ol shifting UN headquarters Irom thc U. S. to some other country. Arkansas Hill Passed WASHINGTON, June 15. (UP) — The Senate today unanimously approved legislation to ndtl Arkansas to the 17 states under ihe federal reclamation laws. The bill now goes to the House. Sponsored by Sen. J. W. Ful- brii;lit, D., Ark., the bill would clc d-I' ° ovcry " nljnlinolls s'U 1 " Ie rest °' thc Heal-war materials, officials fled that the stockpiling pr Is lagging dangerously. Dolla'rwl they said, H i« only 16 per c complete. Other major Items In the bill: Surplus property disposal abroad $18,300,000; Bureau of Animal industry $25,800,000; forest roads and trails, $33,300,000; Commerce Department $8,359,500; Army engineers $32,700.000; -emergency flood control $6.000.000; Post Office $11 721,000; and State Department J7,'- Total Tt *H,002,597,5S1 If approved In its present form the bill would bring total appropriations by the House this session to Set KUiN'I) BII.L on Fare U Civil Service Pay Boosts Run into Snag WASHINGTON. June 15. (UP)— s I will ob- •insent rc- ..- .cek." said Powell, one of thc House' two Negro members. "I nm not doing this deliberately I i,, , lsc _, RC ? ul]!l to obstruct legislation," he said *° lay ' urncd tllumi •'But this draft'bill Is no different "Jft/"^.,^ 0 ' 000 fl in this respect from that of World Wnr II. Even though It Is peacetime, no progress hns been made." There was little prospect Powell make his amendments stick. could _ The Senate scuttled six .similar proposals by Sen. William Lander II. N. D.. with no difficulty. Some Sections Of County Get Thundershowers Cloudy skies this morning, cou- 1 f" c rt with scattered showers vcrter- thc way fci the Bureau of Recln- |<lay an d Bg aln last night brought .nation to undertake projects in new hopes for an early end to dry Arkansas. Mississippi at thc Democratic convention which opens July 12. But Wright, who somewhat re- sembies Mr. Truman In appearance, would neither confirm nor deny that he 1 5 a presidential candidate. Wright did say, however, that 15 Southern governors will be invited | to meet in Philadelphia before the convention to name a candidate other than President Truman, He said the 15 will be the executives of Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Maryland. Kentucky, Tennessee and MUsissipjH. Tlie caucus plang were confirmed by Gov. J. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina who Slid a group of Southern governors met in his hotel suite yesterday and agreed to name a candidate. ! Both Wright and Thurmond said ' Gov. Ben Laney of Arkansas hid been designated to Issue the call to the governors. ,'T don't know where our candidate will come fiom," Wright said. "I'm not even sure ht will be a Southerner." Wright expressed the belief his group's program of sUtw' rlg.iU will app«*l to "mor» than the South." Two Mississippi County Cotton Growers in Tie For First Bloom Honors Two Mississippi county cotton growers arc sharing honors with producing what Is thought to be the first cotton blooms for the county this year. V. M. Brlsler of Yarbro brought his btoom to the Courier Ncw s office this morning, and an hour or so later came the report that Arch Llnoscy, Chlckasawba Township constable, had exhibited the first cotton bloom from his acreage North of Walker PaiX, also. The blooms taken from Mr. Brister's 200-acre cotton field near Yarbro were from a stalk which bore a total of 26 squares. The blooms brought to IHythe- second reported in the state this year. The first blooms were reported by the Little Rock Cotton Exchange yesterday and were taken from the Fnrrclly Lake Co. favm at Rcydell, Ark., In Jefferson County. Joe Donner, cotton farmer on the E. M. Regcr.old farm three miles East of Blytheville exhibited / e first cotton »quar« of the season «n June & weather which has retarded some crops In Mississippi County. Showers were reported In thc vicinity of Hurdetle, and In the Victoria and Tomato communities yesterday but in ulythevllle and In Oscc-ola only a trace of rain fell The precipitation recorded for Blytheville by B. E. Blnylock, official observer for the United States Weather Bureau, was only sevcn- himdrcths.of one inch. Borne rain fell yesterday morning and again about midnight when the precipitation followed in the wake of high winds from the north. R.ilhfnll for Blytheville for the year totals more than 23 inches, which Is double the amount reported for the first five months of 1946. Less than an Inch of rain has been recorded here within the past 30 days. Republican leadership bs.down on pay federal civil ser- workeis. It was decided to go along, however, with legislation to grant pos- Sal employes an annual pay boost of $450 but made it contingent on congressional approval of Increases In postal rates. Chairman Edward H. Recs H Kan., of tlie House post Office nnd' Civil Service Committee said House lenders had asked for action by his Eroiip on two new bills that wouid grant pny raises to 1,325,000 civil service nnti postal employes. But House Republican Leader Charles A. Hnltcck said he knew of no understanding for action on both measures. He said the leadership had agreed to floor consideration only ol a bill that would grant pay increases to postal workers and boost postal rates. The question of pay Increases has been something of a thorn In the side of the leuciership for months. The leaders were subjected to pressure from organization representing federal workers and the pay raise threatened to become a political Issue. Thc new bills tentatively approved by the Rces committee will cost considerably less than the measures it prcviouslj aprovcd. The old bills, which will certainly die in the Rules Committee, would have cost the taxpayers about $1,000,000,000. Weather Maritime Unions to Obey Orders Barring Strike NEW YORK, June 15. (UP)— Maritime union lenders said today they would obey court orders barring a nationwide seamen's strike for at least 10 days, but emphasized they were keeping their strike machinery "on the ready." The orders, which temporarily averted a strike of more than 100.000 senmen at midnight tonight, "•T" Issued in federal courts in New York, San Francisco and Cleve- I land yesterday. j Arkansas forecast: Rather cloudy, warm and humid with scattered thundershowers tonight and Wednesday. Minimum this morning—dT. Maximum yesterday—95. Simset today—7:14. Sunrise tomorrow-M:46. Precipitation, 24 hours to 7 am. today—.07. Total since Jan. 1—23.21. Mean temperature (midway twcen high and low—81. Normal mean for May—70.1. Thh Dftte Lui Tew Minimum this morning— St. Maximum yesterday—« Precipitation, Jan, 1 to lhl» i —1166. be-

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