Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 28, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1927
Page 8
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I • every llNETEEN years ago. we made and sold the first Model T Ford car. In announcing it to die pub^c we said: "*We will build a motorcar for the great mul- titudel It will be large enough for the family, but tmallenougb for the individual to run and care for. it will be constructed of the best materials, by the best men to be hired, after the simplest detigm modem engineering can devise. But it will bf so low in price that no man nuiking a good salary will be unable to own otieJ \ «»If I were starting in business today, or asked to resute my policy, I would not change one sentence "or one word of that original announcement. In plain, simple language it gives the rieason for tlie very existence of the Ford Motor Company and explains-lis growth. IN THE last nineteen years we have made 15tOOO,000 Ford cars and added to tlic world nearly 300,000,000 mobile horse-power. Yet I do noi consider the machines which bear my name simply as machines. I take them as concrete e|vidence of the working out of a theory of business which I hope is something more than altheory of business—a theory thjt looks toward making this world a better place in which to live. • i ••The Model T Ford car Was a pioneer. There wu 'no conscious public need of motor cars when we first conceived jit. There were few good roads and only the adventurous few could be induced to buy an automobile. '•The Ford car blazed the way for the motor industry and started the movement for good roads. It broke down the barriers of time and distance and helped to place education within the reach of all. It gave people more leisure. It helped people everywhere to do more and better work in less time and enjoy doing it. It did a great deal, I am sure, to promote the growth and progress of this couiitr}'. ••We are still proud of the record of the Model T Ford car. If we were not, we would not have Continued to manufacture it so long. But 1927 is not 1908. It is not 1915. It is not even 1926. We have built a new car to meet modern conditions ••We realize that conditions in this country' have so greatly changed in |lte last few years that further Irefincment in motor car con- itruction is deisirahlc. So we have built a new car» To put it simply—wc ihavc built a new nee Q lf27. twt* Matot Co«iniiy and different Ford to meet new and different. conditions. . . I i • \ *'\Ve believe the new Ford car, which will be officially announced.on Friday of this week, is as gruat. an improvement in motor car building as the Model T Ford was in 1908. Smart new low lines and beautiful colors , "The new Foijd is more than a^id requirements of tpday.i Jt^goeS'^' that. It antidpates the needs of 1928, of 1929^ of 1930. "The new Ford car is radically different from Model T. Yet the basic Ford principles of economy of production and quality pf product have been retained. There is nothing quite like the new Ford anywhere in quality and price. *'Thc new Ford has exceptional beauty of line and color because beauty of line and color has come to le considered, and I think rightly, a necessity in a motor car today.. Equ;i!!y important is the mechanical beauty of the engine. Let us not forget this mechanical br-auty when we consider the beauty of the n!ew Ford; I ••The new Ford lias unusual speed for a low • price car because present-day conditions require ; unusual speed. ••The world moVes more quickly than it use* I to. There are only so many hours in the da;' and there is much to be done. "Fifty and^sixty miles an hour are.desire; today wl^ere thirty and forty would have satisfiec in 1908. So we are giving you this new speed, Quiet and smooth-running at aW speeds ••The new Ford will ride comfortably at fifty and sixty miles an hour. It has actually done sixty-five miles an hour in road tests^ ••Since modem conditions demand more speed, they also demand better brakes to balance this speed. So we are giving you four- wheel brakes in the new Ford. ••The new Ford will be quiet and smooth- runtiing at all^speeds and you will find it even easier to handle in traffic ()ian the old Model T^ord., '***»Th^1iew Ford has durability because durability is the very hearf^ motor car value. The Ford car has ^i =ajfs be|i^ known as a car that will take'you fliere" and luring you back. The new Ford will not that, but it wilt do it. in good style. You will beproud of the new Ford. ''IHIS new Ford car has not been planned and made in a day. Our engineers began work on it several years ago and it has been in my mind much longer than that. We'make automobiles qiiiddy when we get in production. But we take ii long time planning them. Nodi- ing can hurry us in that. We spent twelve years in perfecting our former Model T Ford czi.- before we offered it to die public It is not conceivable that we should have put diis new Ford car on the market until we were sure that it was mechanically cotcea in eveiy detaiL OR COMPANY V Micbigaa K- . "Every part of it has been tested and re* tested. There is no guessicig as to whether it will be a successful model. It has to bel There is no way it can escape being so, for it represents die sum total of all we have learned about motor car building in the making of 15,000j000 autoinobiles. \ .' ' The new Ford Will sell at a low price ••The price of the new Ford is low in accordance with the established Ford polky. I. hold that it is better to sell a large number of cars at a reasonably small margin of profit than to sell a few cars at a large margin of profit. ••We never forget that people who buy|Ford cars^are the people who helped to make this business big. It has always been our policy to share our profits with otur customers. ; In one year our profits wiere so mudi larger dian we expected that we voluntarily returned $50 to each purchaser of a car. We could never have done that if this business had been conducted ^orthe sole benefit of stockholders rather than to render service to the public. ••No other'automobile can duplicate the new Ford car at the Ford price because no other manufacturer does business the way we dp. . "We make our own steel—ive make our own glast-^we mine our own coal—we make virtually every-part used in the Ford car. But we do not charge a profit on'any of these items or from these, operations. Wf would not be playing fair with the public if we did so. Our only business is the automobile business. Out only profit is on the automobile we sell. ARE able to sell this new Ford car at a low price because we have found new ways to give you greater value without a great increase in our o\rn costs. ••We did not set out to make a new ax to sell at sudh-and-sv ch a figure. We decided on the kind of car we wanted to make and then found ways to pn tduce it at a low price. ••The new Ford car, as I have said, will be officially •announc id on Friday of diis week. In appearance in performance, in comfort, in safety,.in all that noes tp make a good car, it wiUbearoutev^'- I have said here. We consider it our most important oontrflnidon thus hr to the progress-of the motor industry, to the prosperity of the country, and to die daily wel&te t>£ millions of people.** •if — -- - -

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