Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on December 14, 1960 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1960
Page 8
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POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday. December 14, 1960 ^miiMiiiim»t»ti "*»»"" ,,, " , " H " ,,, "" ,,,, " , " ,| t 71 , 1 L I See It I = by | | C. W. D. | ^llltMlllllltlllllllllMtllltllKlllllilllllilltltllltllllMtt^ Tt just docsn"t seem possible, but Christmas is just over a week away. And, as usual. I haven't had nn opportunity to get one bit of shopping done. The Postville Commercial Club is again offering homeowners in Postville an opportunity to win prizes in a home lighting contest. There were some excellent entries last year and it is hoped that even more people will enter this year. • * * * * We in northeast Iowa have enjoyed a wonderful winter so far. News sources have reported two major snow storms which passed to the west and north of us and this past week a storm of severe intensity passed south and east of us bringing heavy snow to many areas including the nation's capitol. We can be thankful for every day of reprieve we get from winters fury, but fully expect that Postville will be the center of several storm systems before spring makes its appearance. • * * * • A man's good judgment comes from experience . . . his experience comes from poor judgment. • • • • • Why expect children to sit in the corner reading serious books while the parents spend the evening looking at frivolous television programs? • * * • * Finishing work is being completed on the new Community Me<- morial Hospital and it is expected that the building will be ready for use by mid or late January. It's been a long wait from the start of the first campaign to raise funds RESIDENCE PROPERTY FOR SALE The north sixty (60) feet of Lots One (1), Two (2) and Three (3), excepting and reserving from said Lot Three (3) the west eight (8) feet thereof. All in Block Twenty- eight (28) in Lawler's Addition to the Town of Postville, Allamakee County, Iowa. SEALED BIDS WILL BE RECEIVED Deliver your sealed bid to Keith Gray, or to Joseph B. Steele, attorney, Postville, Iowa, prior to 12:00 o'clock noon on Dec. 28, 1960. Undersigned Executor reserves the right to reject any or all bids. KEITH GRAY, Executor ESTATE OF DORA SCHULTZ, Deceased SPRUCE, PINE, FIB: WHICH CHRISTMAS TREE FOR YOU? Dad, mom or the kids . . . whoever chooses the Christmas tree this year in your family , . . will probably p,ick it from a pile of spruce, pine or flr, says County Extension Director Fred C. O'Hiloy. Fred O'Riley says Iowa State University Forester Robert Davidson tells him that each of the three principal kinds of Christmas trees sold in Iowa has its own characteristics which make it more or less suitable for the situation you have in mind. The spruce is the traditonal Christmas tree species in Iowa. Davidson says. Spruces have rich, dark green foliage that retains its color for a long time. Spruces also have the advantage of good shape. Even trees grown in the Woods under natural conditions are usually symmetrical and have dense crowns. A spruce has the disadvantage, however, of dropping its needles soon after you bring the tree indoors. Firs have a soft green color. Their chief advantage, according to n their needles for a long period "of time. Firs have the disadvantage of poorer shape, on the average, than spruces. For this reason, it's difficult to decide or find a flr grown in the wild sides. Firs look i makes them ideal i ot |~ uses and lor location «9 tant light, source wlUM trees. Pines hold tijl tightly but theiv color v| Regardless of your (J tree, Davidson ndviscjS sure you buy from iT dealer. Find out thesJJ t0 hold'tree and the date it n \ n,vidson, is their tendance ; freshcr lnc tloe , the . Ddvm - • " retain Its noodles a . indoors. with four good well, however, f they arc used in corners or along walls. The latest fad in Christmas trees in Iowa is the swing to pines, Davidson points.out. Although their long needles make them hard to trim, they take flocking well. This SIXTIES Mr. and Mrs. p r i near Gladbrook rci. ted their 60th wedding'^ They have seven Rranjfl 10 great grandchildren Trouble that looks 14,1 tain from n distance,' only a hill when you jj Army U.S. ARMY —ESSENTIAL —with the theme MORE MODERN THAN TOMORROW is presented as the third color poster of a series of six supporting Army's Information Program. I I I V I • • • ONLY. 9 SHOPPING DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS for a new hospital to that day in the future when it can be occupied, but we are sure that the new building with all the latest facilities will be a tremendous asset to this and surrounding communities for the care of the "sick. The community can most certainly be proud of its new structure. ***** Each year at Christmas time we enjoy touring the business and residential areas to see the Christmas colors and decorations. Many stores MOLD KILLS GRASS UNDER SNOW—TREAT NOW Two types /of fungi—gray and pink snow mold organisms—are likely to severely damage many Allamakee County lawns this winter if lawn owners don't head off the organisms with preventive treatment, says County Extension Director Fred C. O'Riley. O'Riley says that, according to Malcolm Shurtleff, plant patholo- _ gjgj a .j j owa state University, snow- have taken on the most festive of Jmold fungi produce circular, dead airs. The exterior and office of the Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative is one of the shining examples of the beauty shown at the I holiday season, trip around the the sights. It's well worth a eommunity to see * * * * With only 9 Shopping Days left before Christmas be sure to visit Kramer's where you will find Gifts for the whole family. 1 R H £ R R R fi R R S R S R R R fi R R R R ft 1 1 I i % R I 1 R R R R R R 1 R R % I R The rich bachelor uncle in the hospital, was about breathing his last. Speaking to his favorite nephew who was sitting at his bedside, the uncle said, "Don't grieve, my nephew. I want you to knbw that I'm leaving virtually all of my estate to you." "Oh, uncle." said the nephew, "you are so kind to me ... is there anything, anything at all that I can do for you?" Struggling upright, the uncle 1 i~ a ~ wn s~ gasped, "Yes . . . take your foot off' the oxygen tube." ONE-HUNDRED SECOND John Sage of Kirkville recently celebrated his 102nd birthday. Mr. Sage has always had a genuine interest in politics, and there have been very few times that he hasn't voted—and this year was not one of them. Herald Want Ads bring results We Are Giving ... Large Discounts — on — Electric Razors Compare Prices. Buy your Electric Shaver where you can get service on it. We stock Parts on All Shavers. bleached-out areas in lawns. These areas range from two inches to two feet in diameter and often take from three to five months to fill in again with live grass. Iowa grasses susceptible to the mold include bents, fescues, bluegrasses, and perennial ryegrass. Shurtleff says snow mold fungi are resistant to cold and flourish under winter snow cover. Most damage, however, occurs where snow accumulates to excessive depths and melts slowly — along walkways, driveways, north sides of buildings and anywhere else snow tends to drift. Last year. Shurtleff points out, heavy snow cover lasting into early spring allowed snow mold to develop in practically all Iowa Lawns fertilized after September 15 are most likely to suffer damage this winter. Shurtleff adds. You can prevent snow-mold damage in your lawn likelv easily arid without much cost. Shurtleff says there's no need to treat your entire lawn—only the areas most likely to be affected. Chemicals recommended for spot treating include Calocure. Calo-chlor, Terson. Ter- san OM. Thimer, PMAS and Pano- gen Turf Spray. Apply the treatment before the onset of cold, drizzly or snowy weather. If light snow "Beats you to the punch" you can treat over the snow and let the material work down to the grass underneath. Use either a hand sprayer or a flower-sprinkling can. Shurtleff says most garden supply dealers have or can get snow-mold control chemicals. Put your order in now, though, to insure timely treatment if your dealer has to order the chemical you need. Early next spring, Shurtleff advises, check your lawn for damaged areas. Rake dead, grass, topdress and reseed where necessary. © JZokfiaedeM MARKET BOY OUE STOCK. ie WIDE: OUR KWOWLE.DSE .T0Q WE'RE SURE THIS IS" •COUPON! Cut Out This Coupon And Save LIBBY'S — Solid Pack Pumpkin can i [COUPON! QUALITY MEATS lb. 49c 21b. pkg. 89c . pkg. 29< HORMEL — RINDLESS SLAB BACON OLD STYLE — ALL MEAT FRANKS OSCAR MAYER SLICED BEEF RUSSETT POTATO!!*" 50 lb. bag $1,1 matted or sod GRANDPARENTS Gary Richardson, three months old, of Swea City has lots of grandparents. At a family gathering at his parents' home recently, all ten of his grandparents were present. Hosiery K|RAMER'S Mr. and Mrs. Harm J. Kramer NESTLE'S — lertOl hn-.Ti Idowi NEW FACIAL "£4 SC0TTIES£ 400 size box m ys? ptTde hkvll Chocolate Morsels 12 oi. Jumbo Bag VAN CAMP'S Pork and Beans . 6 No. 2 Cans C and H — LIGHT Brown Sug ar 3 3^ We make up Special Boxes and Baskets of Assorted Fruits, Nuts, Fancy Jams and Jellies, Assorted Cheeses, etc. Nothing finer to give for Christmas. So, order yours NOW ! FANCY — Assorted CHEESES ASSORTED FRUIT BASKETS BOX OF 48 WHITE OR Fancy GRAPEFRUIT GAYS MILLS — DELICIOUS APPLES MADE BY HARRY THUNDERCHIEF — INDIAN BASKETS MADE IN POLAND — FRUIT BASKETS MADE IN HOLLAND — CHOCOLATE SHOES OLD BAR-Q-SHAKER JAR Chuck Wagon PEPPER jar 69c MISS PRINCESS — TEA SETS $1.39 up only $2.98 RED — only $2.49 45 lb. box $3.99 up $2.59 $1.00 up box 29* Set $2.19 CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES box 49c POTTED ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS 98c to $2. CHILDREN TOYS 10c to 98c f il H ITALIANO BREAD loaf 25c A WEST BEN5{ 18 CUP DRff 1 COFFEE MAKf GIVEN AWAJ Just come in and Rf$| you need not be pr «4 to win. ^pit "WHERE MAsfWo PAS DOUGH* / XyJ^ed^^ TELEPHONE 86 4-3814

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