The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on July 27, 1980 · Page 58
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 58

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1980
Page 58
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(Continued from Page 18) QD3D13 Country Road* News ' Kingdom 'Bundu Rescue' (10) tBtB (13) Lawrence WelkShow America's Top T«n In Search Of... Exploring The Restless Sea Kuna Fu The Blackwood Brothers Showtime Special HBO Whodunit? 6:30 Ufa® Newlywed Game (S Q (3D ID SD Here's To Your Health 'Every Man's Favorite Drugs' (Closed Captioned) 3)3)03)13 That Nashville Music OShaNaNa ©CD Guinness Game (6) Agronsky And Company • (9) Dick Van Dyke Show IB Baseball Atlanta Braves va Montreal Expos (2 hrs., 30 rnins.) 8 The Lundstroms 7:00 8 O O GD (B ffl B J And The Bear B J goes undercover to get his truck back when it is stolen by a corrupt sheriff who runs a huge car theft ring. (Repeat; 60 mins.) CD Movie -(Comedy) *•• "Breakfast At Tiffany's" 1961 George Peppard, Audrey Hepburn. Bored young woman visits Tiffany's thinking it will liven her pace. Based on Truman Capote's novel. (2 QDODffiJazzAtTheMalntenanceShop ShaytQuintet' Part I. . 13 240-ROBERTTrapand Thib plunge intoarisk-filledrescueopera- tion when they try to save two college students trapped beneath the sea in a homemade diving apparatus. (Repeat; 60 OO909)(10)(9(9 Universe (£] Once Upon A Classic O Undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau 'Night Of The Squid' (60 mins.) (9) Wild Kingdom 'In Search Of A Whale' (BLordMountbatten-.ManForTheCen- tury The formation of a British and American coalition and the defeats and triumphs of Mountbatten's Burma campaign in the early 1940s are chronicled in this episode. (Closed Captioned) (60 mins.) (13) 24O-ROBERT CD America's Top Ten O 700 Club 6 Showtime Special 7:30 O O OQ3) (10) (9 (9 The Bad News Bears Ogilvie mistakes appreciation for love and sets his sights on an older woman, Dr. Emily Rappant. (Repeat) § Old Friends, New Friends In Search Of... That Nashville Music OQGDGD6B Sanford CD GD© Movie-(Drama) *••• "The Search" 1948 Montgomery Clift, Aline MacMahon.AnAmericansoldiercaresfor a European orphan after W.W. II. (2 hrs.) 3)®G©S3)13TheLoveBoatGopher becomes involved with a modern-day Cinderella,whohasachancetobeasing- ing star, but first must escape the wrath of her mean stepmother and stepsisters. (Repeat: 60 mins.) OOO03)(10)(B(9 Saturday Night Movle'ManeatersAreLoose'1978Stars: Tom Skerritt, Harry Morgan. The Citizens ofasmallruraltownfindtheirlivesabruptly changed when a financially strapped animal trainer is forced to set his tigers free to fend for themselves in the town's vicinity. (2 hrs.) (6) Lord Mountbatten: Man For The Century aimuuimmiimmmmtuiiiiuimimimmiiiimiminiiiiiiimii Sunday, July 17,1080 Saturday August 2 6 p.m.-end Q Down The Tube At B (9) Soccer ChicagoStingvsTulsaRough- necks (2 hrs.) (D Evening At Pops The incomparable Ray Charles Joins with John Williams and the Boston Pops to perform some of his most memorable hits. (60 mins.) (13) The Love Boat CD Movie -(Western) *** "Hombre" 1967 Paul Newman, Fredric March. A white man raised by the Indians, is forced to defend a stagecoach, full of people he loathes against outlaws. (2 hrs.) 0 Movie-(Horror) 8:30 O GOODS)® Joe's World When foreman Joe Wabash hires a shapely female painter against his better jud- gement, her motherly instincts drive his crew to distraction. (Repeat) § Fawlty Towers The Lesson G O GD GD Si The Six O'clock Follies GD Dance Fever 3)00009(3)13 Fantasy Island Two women desire to return to prehistoric times when women were totally dominated by the primitive men. (Repeat; 60 mins.) (6) HBO Movie-(Drama) QMovle-(Comedy)*»"PureHellOtSt. Trlnlan's" 1961 Cecil Parker, Joyce Qreenfell. An outrageous girls' school is visited by a sheik seeking harem girls. (95 mins.) O Cinema Showcase 'Pumping Iron' A fascinating look at the body-building mystique, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. (13) Fantasy Island 0* TBS News 8 Rock Church 9:30 GOOQDQDSJ Good Time Harry Harry's best friend, Stan, hides his true identity and passes himself off as the sportswriter in order to win the affections of an attractive woman. 10:00 AIR CONDITIONING 10:35 10:45 (10) O (9 OD (13) 13® News Movie -(Drama) *• "Rage to Live" 1965 Suzanne Pleshette, Bradford Dillman. A free-swinging girl tries marriage , only to discover she still needs to have affairs with men. (2 hrs.) GD ® QD Monty Python's Flying Circus (B Dick Maurice And Company § Blair Rodeo Zola Levitt rama) QDS0 Saturday Night Live Hosts: Richard Benjamin and Paula Pren- tiaa. Guests: Grateful Dead. (Repeat; 90 mins.) GDGD6B Day Of The Killer Tornados CD® (003)13 ABC News OMovleHSuspense)**^ "Night They Took Miss Beautiful" 1979 Phil Silvers, Stella Stevens. A suspense drama involving the hijacking of an airliner carrying five beauty contest finalists. (2 hrs.) O 49 OS) (9 Gunsmoke (6) Movie -(Mystery) O Movie -(Western) •*• "The Unfor- glven" 1960 Burt Lancaster, Audrey Hepburn. Two close families feud with the savage Kiowa Indians, who claim as their own the adopted daughter of one of their families. (2 hrs.) (9) Movie -(Adventure-Drama) **tt "Darby'sRangers" 1958 JamesQarner, Jack Warden. The exploits of the American Rangers and their leader, Colonel William Darby, as he leads his men through a landing assualt on North Africa in the invasion of Italy. (2 hrs., 25 mins.) (10) Movie -(Comedy-Adventure) ** ''You Can't Win 'Em AH" 1970 Tony Curtis, Charles Bronaon. Two American adventurers, in Turkey during political upheavals, Join forces in an uneasy alliance as they search for gold. (90 mins.) 09 Soundstage 'Chick Cores and Friends' (Closed Captioned) (60 mins.) ©VegaSDanTannatrieadesperatelyto find an attacker who threatens to kill an impersonator of famous female stars. (Repeat; 60 mins.) (Closed-Captioned) 8 Richard Hogue (ISLM.A.S.H. 3)®® 13 Three's A Crowd Oil Movie-(Comedy-Drama)**** "The Apartment" 1960 JackLemmon,Shirley MacLaine. The story of what happens when an ambitious young insurance company clerk, bucking to become an executive, lends his apartment to others in the company who can prove helpful to him. (2 hrs.,25 mins.) GO 3D 3D David Sussklnd Show 0 Rock Concert Guests: Commodores, Bobby Kelton, Cindy Bullens, Fleetwood Mac. (90 mins.) 60 Rat Patrol 8 HI Doug HBO Movie-(Biography) 11:05 (iSVMovle-(Comedy-Mystery) 11:15 3)5)01)13 When Havoc Struck 11:30 O OS® IB Movie-(Adventure) "H "Horsemen" 1971 Omar Sharif, Leigh- Taylor Young. The Afghanistan elite horsemen engage in the deadly sport of Buz- kashi.(2hrs.) 8 Six Million Dollar Man Movle-(Mystery)*** "Adventuresof Sherlock Holmes" 1939 Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. Holmes stops the attempt to steal the Crown Jewels of England. (90 mins.) 8 Holiday At Melodyland 12:00 OOGD All-Star Wrestling GO News Q Movie-(Western)*** "Bell, Book And Candle" 1959 James Stewart, Kim Novak. Young lady with 'strange' powers meets a publisher on his wedding day. (2 hrs.) The Salina Journal Sunflower Page 19 (SJ Super Memories Of The Super Bowls (10) Dick Van Dyke Show €B Movie -(Horror) •• "Man-MadeMon- ster" 1941 LonChaney, Jr., Lionel Atwill. A mad scientist attempts to make a man invulnerable to electricity. (2 hrs.) 8 700 Club ©Movie-(Comedy) 12:30 GD Patterning: A Labor Of Love O Rock Concert O ABC News (10) News W Blonlc Woman 0 Atlanta Braves Replay 12:55 (9) Nlghtbeat 1:00 OQTB News GD Benny Hill CD Tales Of The Unexpected HBO Movie-(Drama) 1:05 (13) ABC News 1:10 GD Movie -(Biographical-Drama) ***H "Gentleman Jim" 1942 Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith. The story of the great boxer set in 1880's San Francisco. (2 hrs.) ~ 1:20 (13) News 1:25 (9) Movie -(Drama) •• Vt "The Intruder" 1955 Jack Hawkins, Hugh Williams. A resolute army veterandigsintothepastto find out why one of his old military group went astray. (2 hrs., 5 mins.) 1:30 GD Movie-(Documentary)* "Mysteries From Beyond Earth" 1977 The bizarre world of psychic phenomena is exposed. 11:00 i<9 News I 700 Club I The Lesson 2:00 O Movie -(Musical-Romance) "Seven Sweethearts" 1942 VanHeflin, Kathryn Grayson. In a man's brood of daughters, none can marry until the eldest does. (105 mins.) 09 With This Ring 8 Rex Humbard 3:00 fa Maverick O Movie-(Comedy)** "Jitterbugs" 1943LaurelandHardy,VivianBlaine.Two dim-witted members of a zoot-suit band get involved with con-men. (2 hrs.) • 8 Courage For Crisis Living 3:10 CD Movie -(Western) ** "Distant Drums" 1951 Gary Cooper, MariAldon. The story of a swamp fighter fighting the Seminole Indians on the warpath in Nineteenth Century Florida, (t 15 mins.) 3:30 GD Movle-(Blography-Drama Joined In Progress) * *' 'Al Capone' 1959 Rod Steiger, Fay Spain. (9) Zane Grey B Oral Roberts 4:00 (9) F.B.I. IB Love American Style 8 Jerry Falwell 4:30 O AG-U.S.A. 5:00 GD All Night At The Movies (Joined In Progress) Titles to be announced. (9) Daniel Boone r ininminuiiiiiimuummmnuuntHUUHnMiiiuiinuuimnmnHmuig ' Get COOL! I Summer 1 Comfort! I DOM'T LET ARCHITECTURAL BARRIERS HOLD YOU BACK. AMERICAN STAIR-GLIDE GIVES VOU INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM,OF MOVEMENT WITH: •MrGaisffsiii (hit era Heat tap. •YM t«t » N*v iir e*Mitiwr nit (kit's vlit ari iKMspiews. iNrfirMM ari ifflciMcy *nMIH Call your Frlgiking Dealer today for an estimate or more information: Wadgli'sHttMAirCgal Cwtral Hntiig Wirtkrik|-t<Ht|. BtmrHti.t Air Corf. AciPlii.lAirCMf. Friar Hti.t Air Corf. FIjMPIkf. iuillWIUinMMNIIIIIHIIIfllHIIIIIIIIIHillHmi SALINA NEW CAMBRIA HAYS QUINTER McPHERSON CLIFTON LINDSBORG LowisBldf. Elliott Plbf.l Air tat Bob's NBC. felling StBply Hirtzlir Ston MANKATO § HILL CITY 1 CLAY CENTER § ELLINWOOD § ALTON § AGRA I "mimJ STAIR-GLIDE PCHtCIHJPT ... the stairway lift that is tailor-made to III your specific stairway It's easily installed with no special wiring STAIR-GLIDE rests on ihe steps, without marring walls or steps, and leaves your stairway open lor normal use. Seat rotates to 180 for easy, safe access or transfer to and from a wheelchair Optional equipment available for your special needs STAIR-GLIDE-the solution when you can t or shouldn't climb stairs FOR BROCHURE, WRITE OH CALL: eliminates Ihe barriers created by steps and ramps leading to an outside porch or building entrance PORCH-LIFT is key operated, runs on 110 volt current, and is easy and sale to use without assistance Motor and lifting mechanism enclosed tn weatherprooted housing to prevent contact with moving parts Shipped ready lor installation Height adjustable up tb 8 PORCH-LIFT independence lor you to come and go as you please B & K PRESCRIPTION SHOP 601 E. Iron Salina, Ks 827-4455 "People helping people" 67401

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