The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on March 23, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1894
Page 1
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HlHWHBBBBBBPJM^ 7Sf^ t 'W^^!^^^^K < p;;H!^|rt^t>5fl™ff'r "™/?^W••;.:?<;;'i'W.J'C "•»%'•< "W,V9» \ j c v ™i -..pJ,,.')..'•>•-•; Clip your Coupont And bring them tc office and ecenre splendid portfolio Midway Types, And bring them to TnB SCtraiNGL office and ecenre a copy of the tptanmd portfolio VOL. XVII. NO. 48. I»AHT S, IE SENTINBJAS PORTFOLIO oz 1 as/ri:crar.A.-z- T- One . of these coupons ami Ten cent* will entitle jon to I'nrt 6 of this charming norles of views. CAEKOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 1894. WHOLE NO. 8fiG. FRIDAY and SATURDAY CAPES ANDJACKETS ALL THE NEW AND LATEST STYLES <j=gi+ Just received -HssSr*- We offer these Goods at Bock Bottom Prices. Do not fail to caS and examine these goods for we can please you both as to price and style. UDWIG BROS., Carroll, Iowa. GBAND JDBV The .greed jury at ita Inet session, after flatting the county poor farm and the jail, made the followiug.ireoouuueudutionB to To the Honoreable Hoard of Supervisors: QBXTLKMKK: We lliu irrnnd jury of Carroll county, have VlKltod the jail and found ev»rythiii« iu good condition. We would )•'co.iiiiu'iml that ii«pipo be laid to «"}n d>« mopping water fiom the floor of said juil.. IK« havu also visited the poor (arm itnd found everything in good order wlthplensiintsiirrouiKllngs. Wo found the water supply to ba Insiiacmut and would recommend that a olstofn bo coiintructed nn sold farm. W« wouUl turilftr recom- rnend the sending of all poor, who are P 0 ".^ el "*'',t? B «» to tho poor farm that the IMllJdingwllj aceonimruiNtfi, for by sodolng yll will be a savlUR to thivcmtnty and Hwsei *•* frauds, JoNKiMi KKI.I>. _ Foreman. OlTT Ol'FJOMLS. Monday evening tbe city council met •adproceeded to organize for the ensuing year. II. Bowler waeit l >e ouly new Member of tu« oouuoil aud after be wae •vorn ia the work of oelnoiiug marshal, nif lit watob and clerk WH» begun. 0. F. LfijuitUtouf was ru elwotttd aiarghail by a , jsuauioaous rota and bia salary lived at *yf76 (N>r uvutti. Mr. Hamilton mado a r appropriate remarka and pledged tbe ,/0nmiM| that he would uee bia beat ' •fluff to fill the duties of tue office in •nob a way aa to give aati«fa«lion to all. Tbe neit VMDIIO; to tie lill«d waa that Ot oitr aim*, Two aaudidafes were an- f inoed, Jao. Soliuohtuer and Ow>. ffmau, 'the former rtmeivt<d n HIM jorily of the votes and was d«ct«re>l <-\<->v -* Then cam* the real straggle of UIH ling. A» thwft wen* sn mnuy o«(uli light watch it was evident tbu contest would be a clone 000, Tli< luait roon wa» crowded with speot>in>r> •u tb« mayor auouiinoed the new** ••< ioaoUHS follows; JIM, B<MV)W, ,rger, Walt Fay, A L. Durr ig MatUfi and Joe. Wahl. Th* of tbeurot ballut wna Bowler 2 r 9, fur 9. H«tti«-«l, Waul 1 ,„,.„.„ w»i little cbuuge in the vole uuti' thj tilth ballot vben it stood Bowler 1 )|»rger 8, Matters 8, Wahl 1. From U»u 'on it was || content between Jitrger find and baa bad charge of tbe delivery wagon. TJIB SEMTINKU, Herald, JFsrm Journal, and Die Qermauia were eeleoted oa the otlciiil papere of the city for tbe ensuing year. Mayor Faraona ttoen annonnoed hie standing aommitteee, after which tee council adjourned. Tbe committees are as follows: WATBK WOBBS. WM. Trowbridge, E, K. Merchant, W, Liever and 0. H. Hoeft. OBUKTEUY. Wm. Trowbridge and 8am Todd. FINANCE. O. B. Hoeft, W. O. Rich, E. N. Merchant. 8T1IEOT8 AND AtMJYS. Sam Todd. W. O. Rich, M. Bowler, Jan. McNeill. fWW •'9*9 four voliw, oulv rctjulrioK 'or A oboiue. On Ibe nlut>tefuili ,b*Hot ,lti» vote Htood Mtttburn 6, Burger of all tbe votes oa«t, Mayor f M«ou« deolitred him eleot«d. A motion -failed Uxlug (be aalitry a» $60 per utth. Vhe iiuooMBful oaudidate wadt* r«nwrk« and wa§ then tworu iuto Muthera la a man w«ll quali- position and will make the i man. H» has been in it ot fceiti Flitolwr Co. HANDS OF A BHCBIVKB. Tbe Aome Kuilliug work* wer» closed laal Saturday by au attachment aworu out by the atookhoidera of tbe company agHinnUbolttaeee.Theo. Fettig.and Monday taunting a pf til/on waa presented to Judge Ifttiue aakuur to l'cv» .a reoeivvr appointed. Tbe JIK'OP KI' "'•"! the petition and .appointed A. U. lj-u..t rw«iver 'or tbe company. M. \\. K-noh baa MWII employed by tba itooktM/.dera to ook after tbe legal buiineea. Wbeo Mr. Fattig, tbe manager of the company, rented the rBtabliabment of the company be gave a unto 'for 80,000 for tbe Block and good* OD bund, ibis uotew«a deposited with ih« ag«Dta of the Rooheater Loan uud Bttukiug oompauy to Moure a wort- «ag« the company waa owing. The in- reoiioii of Ida atookboldera waa to bave Foltilj puy tuie uotr, tbu« oauoelivg alj i<<<lrbt«Jueai«Kainatlb» plont. Fettig imlod to do lute and action waa com- .'iiotd to for^oloa* tbe mortgage brtd, >uuob rftiult«d io tb« «otiou of the ilook- holdera having a reoeivar appointed aod levying ou ull th« property belonging to Mr. Vdtljg. Tha whole affair uppeitra to pa in a ruiber HumilMiiotory ooudiliou aud HI •'»•«• nr« BBvuiHl |«g«l queatioui Io be j'uiied it will undoubted y R0 (0 the 1 <nrta for filial «ettl«ueut. The »took- 'i<il(]«ir8 olttiui to lia in a position to pro- -ol tlifir iutereet* und will oome out with little or no IOM. We hope llvii prove true but if it follow* tbe l ttth of BU> li oaftea by tba time the »i«ve disputed of It there wilt b« ittle left to wrangle over. in favor of each a proposition, bat when tbe question of location came up there waa a greater diversity of opinion ou tbie than there is among the Republicans aa to what is beat to do with prohibition. It may be possible for them to get together on tbia proposition but tba outlook ia far from being encouraging. Tbe locution at the northeast corner of the square bad tbe greater number of friends present at tbe meeting, with tbe Adams corner, tbe Scott lots and the Minoben lota back of tbe lodge bnildinp, all bunched for second place. We believe if some location could be secured which would -prove more acceptable than aqy of these there would be no difficulty in coming to «n agreement, bat as it is we doubt very much if th« opera 'house and new lodge rooms will be bnilt this year at least. GONK Dnr. Coon Baptdi KnferprlM, Tbe town baa "gone dry" since the aalooua were pulled, uud the boot-leggers are at il again. The reforaen (f) nay that Btti^gforl'a may run Oflaiu if th*y will pay a double flue—for retailing and one for wholesaling, aud ore practically dictating to the town oouuoil wual ii aboil do. Mo one ia able to tlgure out what the reforautre are "at." All are agre.d that their work is not from principle. Home think it merely apite; others Ihut Iney waut to "bleed" the saloon Wlows. The talooo men who are made the aubjaat of tbe oraaatle aay they won't be bind, uud the aaloou men wLo are not disturbed by tbe enforcers (f) are afraid to aeli openly tot (ear that they, too, will be pulled by tho other aide, So it stands. One side is afraid and tlm other darseu't. The Enterprise is of !ue opinion that the enforcement (*) work is actuated wholly through opjU— intended as a sort of chastisement for tbosa who supported Mayor Bhafw. It is hard on the girls of course, tba they should bo forced lo cut off tliei trains and flounces just after having got ton their now spring outfits wherewith t bloggom forth at Easter-tide, and in thi view tho order might have been bette timed had it been issued between seasons But the reasonableness of such a re? lulatiou at all seasons will be confeese< by tho moro sensible among tho eirls, not by all of ihem The Chicago telephone manager, with out knowing it, hat proved himself i dress reforim r of the most practical anc useful sort; and it would prove an actua boon to the fair «ex it a retorm whlcl menus so much lo it in various way coukl l»o helped along everywhere in the lamadocUive fashion bv managers of bus! ness establishments who have equal warrant for lending a hand ia tho good cause FITS—A H flu stopped froo by Dr. Kline'* great nervo restorer. Mo At* atlor nrat day's ••" tUrvoloni oure». Troatloo and |3 tr f»| The school board held a meeting Tuesday evening and adopted the following rnlea governing its own action. Tbe rulea as adopted are: 1. Galling of tbe roll. 2. Reading minutes of preceding nineting. B 9, iieport of standing committee, Ileport of special oonimittww. Heading, rtforriug aud allowin 4. 5. bill.. 6. 7. , 8. Vallandiijhain Kellars, a 9-year-old child, fell into miter only a few inches deep In a horse wittering trough near Newark, O., ami was drowned. Iu the case at Champaign, Ills., of Lena Llngrun ngninst the Uliuols Ceutral railroad the pliilntiiT wits axvurdecl 15,000. Sloy U-e wus lined WOO nt. UuHanapolis for mnintiiiiiiiitr au opium deu In the renr ot his laundry. Miss Downioy and Miss Morrow, state tompertinco evmiKolists, are devoting this week to Gnleim. Ills. A freight wreck on the Nifkul Plate toail near Knrt NViiyuc, Ind., cnusoil the death of two tramp* anil a loss of tWjOQO, General Supi-riiiteiuli'tit Hill,of the Van- dalln, will ri-iiiv from rnllroml service on April 1. Hu has hwii contliiually iu railroad work si\itv\ Muy, 1850. L. H. I'arker, Illinois Central freight agent at Dtibtique for tin- past ys ycnnt, bus liei-n nppninti'il gcni'ml ugt-iit for tho 1'OiiUvllleuiul .Vow Albituyiit Lafayette Iiul. ^Tht* Stalwart PeniocTiitic c'oiumittee of ICausus has decided not fo call a eonvou tiou until after the regular convention July 3. Mr, and Mrs. Jnuieit MeCrvnry of Churleoton, Ills., eulfhratvd the 611th au nivi-rsury of tholr murHage. Mr. MeCrviiry wan born in Keutiiuky in 1SH and nettled a Illinois In l&n. Leonnnl Hnloy Uon'trial' at Dubiique «•• ',|I r1 t»« i muiiler of Policemen Krlth TALK. Wedneaday evening member* o| the Odd Fellmv'a loi'ge and the Uaaooa b«ld in informal uieetiug to dlsuuaa tbe legibility of building a uew lodge room nd opera bouae oombiued. The aeuti- meut of ttiota present we* quite generally SuoJCV Theiuuuu«or of the prlnuJuu] tulopii«nii oxohimjie In Chicago has imjuuil uu uriier diroolluK that horoiifter girls employed iu the malu olllcu of Ihu company ehall woar their skirlb no that they may oloar tho uoor by three iuuh«a. Tho Philndel- phla Hut'onl any a that unoraouipaniod bv u»y word of vxplanailou nnch uu edict nilKUl well urouso iudlguutlnu in tho fuiiiiuluo broiist, since il could ruwdily ho ooiidirueil to bo a bit ofBumiMvinrv iu«- Ulutlon ou a private Btmle, or iu au In. turforoiuiu with the personal Hbortv which In not lees dour to Iho feiuluiuo than to tlto muwuliuo buurt. Hut iho mauuirar'ti o*i)l(uittlJou, wiidu lo a iiow«t>u|i<tr,uot only robs tho order of olToutlveuusg but ahowe It to have boon based upon wholly roBconablo If not absolutolv necessary Krouudn. "The KlrU walk utUkly about.' 1 he says "tholr sklrtt ewoepiug along the floor aud stirring up the dmt. This lodgoi in Iho iuetrumeuti and ouuses trouble. Out pfttrous aru annoyud uud deUved." Uej)ort of superintendent. Dnfluisbeo? buaiueea. New bnaineea. Committee on dnanoe, Jj. T. Auder aon aud A. W. Patterson. Supplies, 0. H. Hoefc and J. F Sohuruaohbr. Building and repairs, L. T. Anderson J. F. SohtiniMOber and W. O. Hioli. Tbe completion of tbe rules governing tue aoboole went over until tbe ueit meet Wm. K. Diiriiln, oftli« lloilou i.oau Co, .„ \\ ivttltiugtoii Btrtiot, (iiyii: ] roouiutuml Huiulun IIHtfiM. u» Ihu very beat nuulloUio I Iiavu ever u«»d. Vliurt) I* itothlug )lku tbem giro uiiaii Iho• »y»trui, aud iluaway \vlth itiiti (uuiiuit whioh u to (miuout Ktuong tUutu con- tluuil in Juorn. TIIK UUSICAI. Uuuit The Ladlen' Muslcul ilntir met Tuesday afternoon nt Mrs. J. li. UuiiuerfonCa. Tho following program was ruadonxi: llatiarvarllt Spliullur Urn, l.otl», f.« UalHdluo (Uuolt) l.y«borg Urn. tiliunuttn, Uullo Wt'tliurtil. "U 1 Wwu Vuu" liouilulura Urn. Uol.ttuau. Idylle oil Ur». " ' "" JSIfu Urn. MV«."ilooro. " Uus. DVII.U, Suerulary. Multuiu In Parvo. "Much fa utiia" tliU nisivitfiica moani It IIMB aluiusi liooomo« iirovurl), bocituno Hie 'us- linmilun u«u l.u ujod m no nui.y U «t»ncl)» In nu tnataueo. liuworur, omi ihl* miylnjr b« u«all with V roal«r iiruprirty ttian In «|«e«kliig of l)r l't«rcu'« l-lttHBttiit I'olloiH. Tlmru In Imlu/d niuoh m a litilo vial oHhem-ibew I. a euro [or many a Uoadnuhis-rwUsJ !«).» dv«]ie|i«ia, , coniitl|>Htloii. oollo. and n'llus »«J " Peculiar to Itself. So eminently (uecoBBful haa Hood's Saras- parllla becntlmt many leading citizens from all overtuo United States rnrnUh -teetlmonlala wtuchsooro almost miraculous. Hood's Sar- saparllla la not an accident , but tlio rlpo fruit of Industry aud study. It iioeettos merit "peculiar to itself. 1 ; __ llood'a Pills onto Nausea, Sick lloailaobo, lodiecfillon, Biliousness. Sold bv ull druggists. - .». Parasols of white silk overlaid with embroidered chiffon anil edged with double ruffles of i>!uiu chiffon. Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoke your Life A wuy Is the truthful, «tartllit(f tutu ot it little book tluu tells all about No-to-bacilii, wonderful. hariuloii* guaranteed tobucco habit cure. Th» cost Is IrllUug awl the man whonnnu 10 nult aud oau't ruus uo physical oy Unituclal risk la u«lng"No.To.Hiie."sc'.ib>-J. W. Haiton. Hook at storo or by wall frue, address, uii Uemody J Co., Indiana Mluerat TJICK 'vniit, ii K i'if HI, to.'ore.l, ufAbbi'. villf, Alii., aski'il « l'i-yi'«ful'.l brother for a iiii-ft-of lilsmiif. Ui.|n S ri-fiurtl he shot him iu tho Uaiul, kvlliu« him. Dick killed « 0-yi-nr-olil hrothur with ti club two mouths n K u boeiiuse be would uotKive him some marbles, iiuil om- tnomh .^o ha cut three tluijurs olf tUo baud of his llttlrt «lsti-r with an ax. Tn« uiuuUrou* VOUUK- ' J a " B - A mt-ti'or ot tbu 8l*e or a mini's list Htrui-k thi'Ki'ouud law whoru two (linn- TU WiTl' III Work ill. U livid IH-llf .Vlolu,! Moa.iuiU. tit, 0»Wut'« Witch Hazel salvo oioatum,, uurldM »mlliB«l». iiwutiuiuh) for that purpoja. Ute It Iwr burin, ouu, brul»B», olntpixkl h«nd«, »urvn ol «ll <U»orl|illoii» KII it If rou have iitl« u«a U lor lb«w. f. u. WMtbrook. Proft>at)<>r Ooldwiu Smitlmf Turt'-t.' who I ma uuvvr Uui-n juoro m-tivti i: • lootuiilly (luiu now, wiw 70 vi-iirsol.. Ins lust Wrtljiluy. W'ti }u»t ua »miy lo try one tlinutx Cough Oure aiviuiiur«il«it. iui'iwl«irtuouioa«tiv«re ooUl r euugb wllli It. L»t your u«xt purvhsso for u ouglt bo Onu Jllnult) Cougb. Curo. Belter li'liit); bailor r««mlti bettor trj It. C u WitntUruuk. A i-uriTtipitlltlrm y Ilinns the >tui'y lliat vi-lug among tlur ivil tiwudo vitlU'y, 1'iiUiiiio, '1V.\., r ( v hmi j s u<rrlhh> «uf- vuu of the U>>\vr Saved Her Life. Mrs. O. J. Woou)KinaB, of Wortham. Texas, saved tlm Ufa ,.f hrr child by (h* *»o of Ayer>« Cberry fectorsj. "One of my ohiutrou had c'vouu, Tte >»ie wat ultemlod by our iibyslclauT " *- *ii|i|iu5ou to be well umlcr oontru., J»l»hi 1 was atarlUMl by Uio child's . ' k', and tin Kulng tu u found lltti r - .t had lu'ntly consud tu hr«ain«. •l*lu« Unit Ihurhlhl'tiilarnihii! coniUUou ' "•'-' " i.( thwuwdleh) IIIKI IH'I'UIIIO |HI»'lUllO III HpUu i>( Ull' «\>>lllclUO» K iVVII, I Wilgnllvd (but AUOIl K'lllCtllDl WOUllI u ur no avitll, IliivhiB jmrt of a bottle ot Ayttr 1 *Cherry IVoiorsiln tlu< house, I UAVO Ihu ohlld ilirt'u tlosws. at (borl luiurvuli, aud Children Cry for *r«•"••. T *, tiv "» t • vvtuiet in \\\\ thu ohllit tliri'o tlo3t)!i. at iliorl liiiiTVuli.'aiiiJ aux luuily \vAited v«sulU. V\ oui tho uiaiiiBiit tin. iNiutorai wa» «jv«i. im> chll.l's brSit grow wilier, uud, hi a nhort Uiuv, »lio Tht> chilli u alive mid w«'l| t fuy. uud 1 du C'lli'l " AVER'S Cherry Pectoral frepawd Dy Or. a. 0. Ay«r k Co.,

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