The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on July 27, 1980 · Page 57
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 57

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1980
Page 57
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Df iPage 18 The £allha Journal Sunflower MORNING 5:00 CD Untamed World 5:30 CD Country Day 6:00 CD Video Concert Hall (13) World's Greatest Superfrlends; School. Rock g Vegetable Soup Carrascolendas 6:30 Q Circle Square (S CD O 3D 13 Farm Report O(D Summer Semester CD At Issue (10) Bullwlnkle 19 Romper Room CD Big Blue Marble '9) News Pastor's Study © O CD CD CB Godzilla- Globetrotters Hour; Ask NBC News (33® OC0 (H) 13 World's Greatest Superfrlends; School. Rock OOO@)(10)«BC0 Mighty Mouse, Heckle-Jackie; In The News (9) Farm Report (13) Plasticman Show; School. Rock 0 Ultraman CD Archies 13 Ever Increasing Faith 7:30 GD David Gruen Show (DC£)® Villa Alegre (9) Daniel Boone IB Movie -(Western) ** "Slaughter Trail" 1951 Brian Donlevy, Gig Young. A group of outlaws kill Indians, and the Cavalry begins to pursue them. (90. mins.) SMptherNalurj. 8:00 > 0 O O CD CD ® Fred And Barney Meet Shmoo; Ask NBC News CD Celebrity CD CD® once Upon A Classic (Closed Captioned) ®CD©0®)13 Plasticman Show; School. Rock OO0G3)(10)00 BugsBunnyAnd Road Runner; In The News Sesame Street Sports Unlimited Life In The Spirit 8:30 CD CD® Big Blue Marble Bonaventure Travel Show (9) Movie-(Comedy)** "Up In Smoke" 1957 Huntz Hall, Stanley Clements. The Boys get involved with horse racing, betting and 'selling your soul for Satan' for a winner. (90 mins.) CD Soccer Made In Germany (13) Scooby And Scrappy Doo; School. Rock CD Bugs Bunny And Friends Q The Rock 9:00 CD Mostly Medicine CD CD © Sports Unlimited 6) Look At Me The Victory Garden Movie -(Adventure-Drama) *** "Cheyenne Autumn" 1964 Richard Widmark, Carroll Baker. Saga of the desperate flight of the Cheyenne Indians back to their native grounds in a struggle that aroused the entire American nation. (3hrs.) CD Tom And Jerry g Manna 0OCD® ffl Daffy Duck; Ask NBC News CD Archie Campbell Show GD GD €E) Bonaventure Travel Show GDQDQG9GD13 Scooby And Scrappy Doo: School. Rock OOG(ffi>(10)©© Popeye;lnThe News (6} Here's To Your Health O Macneil Lehrer Report CD Going Metric (13) Laff-A-Lympics; Dear Alex And Annie 0 The Lesson 10:00 O O O © GD 68 Jetsons; Time Out 00 Voice Of Agriculture GOOD© Extensions (6) The Victory Garden O Washington Week In Review (9) ZaneGrey CD Cinema Showcase 'Pumping Iron' A fascinating look at the body-building mystique, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. (13) Weekend Special CD Woody Woodpecker O Stuff _ _ 10:30 GO©®® Jonny Quest; Time Out CD Black Forum (DCS® Washington Week In Review O New Zoo Revue . (3)®OCS 33)13 Laff-A-Lymplcs;Dear Alex And Annie OO0(GD(10)00FatAlbert;lnThe News (6) International Kitchen O Wall Street Week 'Coal Stocks: Investing for the Long Haul' Host: Louis Rukeyser. (9) Star Trek 'Spook's Brain' (60 mins.) Q3) American Bandstand 11:00 0OO y CD(E>® Godzilla CD Asians NowlJ CDCDffl WeBStreet Week 'CoalStocks: Investing for the Long Haul* Host: Louis Rukeyser. ~) ® 13 Weekend Special )(10)00 Shazam;lnThe News (S) Old Houseworks B Market To Market 0 Popeye Sunday. July ^7. I960 Saturday / / August 2 > a.m. -6 p.m. Gang 11:30 GOO©® ffl Flash Gordon AquiYAhora I CD® Market To Market CB ® Q CD (S). 13 American Bandstand 'OMovie-(SclenceFictlon)**"ltCame From Beneath the Sea" 1955 Ken Tobey, Faith Domergue. Nucleartests unleash a giant octopus from the ocean's depths. (90 mins.) O O 9® 0 Tarzan And The Super Seven; In The News (6) Magic Of Oil Painting O Dick Cavett Show (9) Charlando (ID) Tarzan And The Super Seven; In The News CD The Victory Garden CD 30 Minutes (13) Kldsworld O Bible Bowl AFTERNOON 12:00 GO® Around The Town CD Our Men In The Capitol ® ® CD © Sesame Street O Movie-(Comedy)** "Blondtegoes to College" 1942 Janet Blair, Lloyd Bridges. Blondie and Dagwood pretend they are not married and return to college, where theyeachgetromanticallyinvolved with others. (90 mins.) CD Ruff House (6) To Be Announced & Extensions I Sea Hunt News Our Last Frontier: The Sea Movie -(Adventure-Western) ** "Four Faces West" 1948 JoelMcCrea, Frances Dee. Outlaw and woman he loves win out against bank robbery, mortgage foreclosure, siege of diphtheria and snakebite. (2 hra.) I Cartoons I Three Stooges I 700 Club 12:15 CD Your Question Please 12:30 GO® Opinion CD The World Tomorrow ®®(S)13 Animals, Animals, Animals; School. Rock © To Be Announced ©O(SD(lu)0 The Invisible Children. Gary Burghoff reveals he was born with a physical disability, a unique group of pup- petsputontheirspecialshow.and'normal kids' discover what it is like to be handicapped. B That's It In Sports Movie-(Western-Drama)*** "Dark Command" 1940 John Wayne, Walter Pidgeon. A Kansas school teacher becomes the famed guerilla chief Quantrell and fights a sheriff during Civil War raids in Kansas territory. (2 hrs.) (9J This Week In Baseball 09 America's Top Ten (9 In Your Own Backyard (13) Motor Sports: Evolution €8 Farm Report 6 Showtime Special 1:00 GO® Pop Goes The Country CD Getting Your Act Together CD CB © Backyard Farmer RFD (33 ® (S) 13 Agriculture U.S.A. O Movie-(Western)** "The Search" 1956 Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels. The Lone Ranger and Tonto uncover a gang of kidnappers in a Christmas time search for a missing father. (90 mins.) CD Stan Hitchcock Show 0 Repass (6) Meanings Of Modem Art 099© Freddy Fudd 0 Ben Watternberg's 1980 (9) Movie -(Adventure-Western) **tt '•Saskatchewan" 1954 AlanLadd.Shel- ley Winters. A Canadian Mounted Police Inspector, aided by his Indian friends, drives the American Sioux Indians back across the border. (105 mins.) ©World Of Survival (10) Kidding Around O Villa Alegre © To Be Announced (13) Western Outdoorsman 9 Road And The Wind ^Jfrestllng 1:30 GO® Porter Wagoner Show put Train I The Victory Garden j This Week In Baseball )®)13 Western Outdoorsman I Freddy Fudd (Joined In Progress) I Firing Line The Presidency, Republican Style* Host William F. Buckley, Jr. discusses the role of the President with leading Republicans. ~) Job Market I Studio See 3) Wide World Of Sport* 1 Country Roads jNewHoDe^^ 2:OO 00 O CD CD 9 Major League Baseball Game Of The Week Calif omia An- gelsvsTorontoBlueHaysorChicagoCubs vs San Francisco Giants. (Region will determine game to be televised in your area.) ®GD© Free To Choose'From Cradle to Grave' Dr. Friedman examines the U.S. Welfare system, which he feels is dangerous, wastefulandtreatsrecipientsaschil- drenJlplosed Captioned) (60 mins.) ® CD 0 (S) 13 Greatest Sports Legends O0 © © The Racers (6) Righteous Apples © The Explorers (10) Lone Ranger ~ Zoom I Mission Impossible _l Strike It Lucky O Just Passing Thru HBO Movie-(Drama) 2:30 CD Movie -(Science Fiction) ** "Revenge of the Creature" 1955 John Agar, Lori Nelson. The creature from the black lagoon is put on exhibition at Marineland where he escapes and causes terror. (90 mins.) ®ODO0©(H)©(iDl3 Wide World Of Sports ABC Sports will provide live coverage of the AFC-NFC Hall of Fame Game between the San Diego Chargers and the Green Bay Packers. (3 hrs.) 0 Movie-(Comedy)*** "Go West" 1940 Marx Brothers, John Carroll. Three zanies hit the wild west. (90 mins.) 0© America's Athletes 1980 Series devoted to examining and revealing the best athletes who were to represent the United StatesattheOlympicstobeheld in Moscow. (6) Presente 0 International Kitchen (10) Pop Goes The Country 0 Electric Company CD Beverly Hillbillies g The Story Showtime Special 2:45 (9) Lead Off Man 3:00 GO GO© Non-Fiction Television (6) Flambards 0 The Artistry Of... (9) Baseball Chicago Cubs vs San Francisco Giants (3 hrs.) MO) In Search Of... 'Past Lives' CD Sesame Street " 0 That Nashville Music § Petticoat Junction Kenneth Copeland 3:30 0(10)0 Sports Spectacular 1) Talladega 500 Trials, featuring coverage from Alabama International Motor Speedway. 2) WBA Junior Welterweight Championship featuring Antonio Cervantes vs Aaron Pryor. (90 mins.) g Spoleto'80 Pop Goes The Country 0 Andy Griffith Show 4:00 CD Movie -(Romance-Comedy) •** "Barefoot In the Park" 1967 Robert Redford.JaneFonda.Thedesireforfunon the part of an uninhibited bride creates an amusing situation between herwidowed mother and their nutty bachelor neighbor, and tension between she and her husband. (2 hra.) GO GO © Quo Pasa, U.S.A.? . O Movie -(Comedy-Western) *% "Far Out West" 1967 Ann Sheridan, Ruth McDevitt. Frontier family whose women can outshoot any man are faced with tribulations they take in good natured stride. (90 mins.) D French Chef Sonrisas Qua Pasa, U.S.A.? This Week In Baseball Movie-(Comedy)** "Jitterbugs" 1943LaurelandHardy,VivianBlaine.Two dim-witted members of a zoot-suit band get involved with con-men. (2 hrs.) 0 Bob Gass 0 HBO Movie -(Drama) 4:30 CD CD© Presente (6) Olympiad 0 Images Of Indians 'War Paint and Wigs' O A* We See It 13) Jokerl Joker! Joker! "*• Georgia Wrestling Jose Bagley Show 5:00 00 CD Tales Of The Unexpected © Japan, The Living Tradition (10)0(13) News _ To Be Announced B Praise The Dog For Sitting Feeling Free This program explores the interests, humor, energy and insights of five disabled children, their friends and their guests. ©That Nashville Music 5:20 (6) Starr's Prof lies 5:30 GO CD Adam 12 D© Like It Is pcus On Minorities 3D 13 Focus tBtB CBS News CD NBC News (6) Firing Line (10) CBS News CD Once Upon A Classic (13) Tic Tac Dough W Wild Kingdom To Rope A Grizzly' EVENING 6:00 G OCA) Three's A Crowd CDOffl HeeHaw CD O CD © Once Upon A Classic 'Dominic: Hangman's Hollow' Dominic Bulman, a young naval academy student, learns that his parents were murdered. Withonlytwocluesavailable.Dominicand his guardian, Beaver, set out to find the killers. (Closed Captioned) (Continued on Page 19) nut i ATLASH OPTICAL SEARS CENTER Mon.-Sat. 9:30-5:30 Thurs. 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