The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 31, 1932 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1932
Page 6
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THE BAKEHSPIELD CALIFORNlAN. SATURDAY, DECEMBER ai, 10JJ2 Dancing Amusement 1 Ginemd^p LLOYO TO STAR IN NILE STAR FOR SUNDAV Brs|Kvlnolctl Slsir ('.tunes hi Hex Tlirnlci- Sfn-rii \\'illi "Mm if (Ini/.y" Rlt In T a.- .-' -Klillc IVrMiiltMl, 111";.; t; < iwinni'tlo.- li:.\, -I,,. crnsy A\hieh II* jirH- rvery nlelun- in v. In Jlarnlrl T.lnjd, iVi- Slvcs lit.-, neriTii .-i first itajpe. Timrt. M "Movie ' "nty.v ." minus, v-hieh e, lies thc-iurr. lii.- culled "Hami.l II,- li, \Vltli I** u tnnttrr of |M,||.-J rath-'t- MIORJ'lirr.'isy IM-CHUS-I. In- ti.-ll by ciillltik' his i-liiirm.-t'-r "II Iflv^s the audience n n;'irr hillmate foMinff of liiv ov n per-nnii ill y. tlin wnnrlnp of tinni-rlmim-il H'ectii- dif»—pnrtcil l.y hi-cnmiiiK » v.'nrld-wldi- Jrtintlflcatlnn jjlth llu- fan,DUX come, cnfin. HP lins nlv.-uys tiv-^snred 'he first pull- In- won- In iicrcoii worli. M'heii they became bnil;cn, IIP liep: th«m together vllh ••h'.-'.vitiK Rum, wire, Hiring in- iiny mlu-r contrivance. He linn lihpil many pulls rlm-e Ihi-n but he Mill ltpi-p» tin- first oncx. IdloHynerHHlcK nf this lypc MIC not exeltlMlvij to tli<- im-sit film comedian. .Innot Oaynnr. fur lni>liinrt>, always innnn«r<"s to wear (In- buttered Hllpr-i-rn which she won- In "Seventh Heaven." h«r flrnt (Trent screen S>ICC;>HV. in at least one scene In nil her pictures. COMPLETE¥ANS FOR NEW YEARS EVE SHOW "NO MAN OF HER OWN" "lied Dusl" Is Hooki'd ilnv fur Tluvc-l):iv Hir,i Willi "Tluil's My Uuy" i Ili iimiii-rnw llnvi- il ill i V li'd l'ii«i." opMilmr I I'llllfrirnlli t In-lit'-r for prevent!' (he Inti-rcHI IliK '-ninliina I Ion j uf Clnrli ('.able nncl .T':i:i Iliirlo-.v In n j tiirluil'-iil ."lory of roehln. riilnn. Tho j picture IN haMed nn lln- \\ llci/n C'olll- •nn HliiK'i hit <>( Hi'- Mini,' title, III which In depleted llu- ilriniiiill'- 1 trl-, iinRlf which results when Mi" urlHto-I i-nilli- \vlfi- nf ii Krciich ppKlnecr visltH ! :t tropical ruhhrr plantation and falls i In love with \tn nvi-r.'-i'i-i-, HHIH cliKf-n-t j iL-rli-K tin li.-ilrcil nf u ili-fliint. hnrd-j l-nlli-il ulrl nf tin- ilaiii 1 -- hull vnrlnly, pvllo hitM |r,-|iM- i-lllllns nn tin- num. 1 linlili-. nf I-IHII-M., Inn. I In- rule nf thp i n\ i-rsi-'-r. a pact lolnlly illffi-ri'iil ft-fiin |I[M ri-i-riit mn Msfnl ptjrlnijal nppn- 1 hlti- N'nriiiii Sliriin-r In "Hlninir- In- j ti-rlii'lr." Mlns llurlnw ]iln;-H tht^ liard: Imlloil pliintiiiliiii (tlrl. Mary Aslnr IH ! HI-I-II UN tlio i-nirlni-i-rV- \vlfr, anil iiciu? I KH.\ninu«l UK In-r lin;-tin ml whn rf-tnniK i rrnni M distant "ni;lni>crlltK j<>l> tu rind I lilN v.lfc- and ihr. nvi-rac':! 1 In u cotn- \ ni-ninl.sln^ slluntlfin. i "Thnl 1 !! My nny," tho story of u ni> I tlntinl fnnthiill liinl'H trlnl.s mid Irlhii- jlatlotri whrn collotfliilo i-oniinorrlalliiin tliri-iiti-tiH to hrlnii him i-lprnat illn- ^nn 1 *-, nlnn npf-uM tntnorrow at tho Ciillfornlii, with n rust In-udcd hy Kli'hard Crnin^ell and Dufothy .lof- FOX I HI AI IM EXTRA MIDNITE SHOVj NEW YEAR'S EVE A GIGANTIC VAUDEVILLE SHOW WITH VINCE SILK DANCING ON THE STAGE AFTER THE SHOW WITH LEW GIFFORD and Hl8 COCONUT GROVE BAND FAVORS FOR EVERYONE A Special Preview THE THEATER WILL BE EMPTIED IMMEDIATELY AT 11|00 O'CLOCK TO ACCOMMODATE NEW YEAR'S EVE MIDNIGHT SHOW TICKET HOLDERS. CLARK QABLE. CAROL LOMBARD AND DOROTHY MACKAILL AUSTRALIANS OBJECT TO US. FILM WAYS "C JOAN BLONDELL, APPEARING IN "CENTRAL PARK" i I" 1 ' 11 i dun. "'ISNTRAIj T'AHK," Htiirrlng Jonn | Inllernrs, n\lti-nM» nnd wealthy merry- ; "Tin; riinnlnni nf Crest\vnod." with Hlnndpll, \vhloh oiicnw tomorrow | ""ik'-rc, Unit niulin up iin orillnury | Itk-ardii fm-lcz and KIII-PII Mnrley, | llfollnn- nf Hlln-liiR uvi-ntN. i nlniiK with Tlin Mi-Coy In "Tho opcnw jut tin- Nll«-, l» Warner Hroii.' iill-iii-tlon lilt uf th<; \\--A Your. Tin; ntory by I Ward MnrrlmuHc, IM unlijui- In that It i-iili'lu-H a i-rn»:i-Hi-i-tlnn nf lln- varli-- vali-d llf>- that puh-i-H dully IhniUKh N«-w ^"orli CIly'M Hi'i'Kt playiiround. Tho Ktnry tal:e.s a liny and girl. hi-iiUe, Hti-iiii-lr-d and hunitry. and wt-avi-N aliitut ilii-ni u driuna that car- rli-i< thi'iii throiiKh u r-:(;rlt!H nf advi>n- turoH with u hand nf rnmlix, polici-. $3,000.000 Off IN ; BOOK MURDER FARCE U. S. RESERVE NOTES FOR GRANAOA SCREEN Prep»rnt!on« huvi- lieen ponijilolod for Hie blRffCHt Krw VI-III-H eve relo- limtinn ever HtnKed In l!a)t< r.-iflclcl, at the Fox theiuer tonight. Vlucc HIIU Is heading o itr<"at vaudevllU- .-li.i\\- nnd all thlnnK pnlnt to a hllnrlnti!- time on tin 1 Ktntte. A H|M*I<|H| preview- of Stunrt ISru-lnV latexl and funnli-fit comedy fentiir.- IH nn (hi- prnurnni. AllKon Bklpworth und SIINIHI l-'lc-udiiK nre In the t-aHt nf tlilx fun-fcHt. "Ih: J/oarned About Winneii." Thin pli-turu will lio 8hown at tin- K«M- Yearn ovu show only. In addition tn all thhi Ilir ••] lal Tirlvlloge of JiiiirliiK "n 'in- «tai!«- afli-r the Hhnw IN hplnu nl'l'en-il to all ;;u.-! ;-, who wish to Nti y, :u nn .".tra rliurgi'. The iiiuilo IH lie-In^ furnish-d hy l.i-w Ulfford Hlld )I!M Cni-oiMH lirnve blind. The HtUKP Is In fnu- rnndlUnn and many nre nurfc \o dinn-c unlli tin- \v«-o silimll hours uf January 1, 1'.':;;:. Tu complete thp fiirnlval iilinnK|iheru. '< nlUhtiindlnir ".->,'i,- SL'i![>,:iiiri,|iiio. horn*, l)Hllonn». IIUIH and rvery Uliul i parc-d with $iJS,:i;irt.noo a week cnrllrr. ! of nolscmaltpr will hi- distributed 111,- I The hanli ivpnrti-d total dlHi-onat;- | omlly nniruiB l-'oj; iru.Ntt.. 'f,,,. menibor hankn at ?^;,.I17.UOO i-nin- ! No Beats im< hi-hiK ri-K-rvr-il for this j pared with J:':i..'i74,oilii. ; khow but every tli-lu-l holder IH aw- | (!old pem-rvi-.i divlineil tn 52HI,. : il!L', • HUred of a neat ax only a limited mini- HO" from f'jI'.N.riDii.ono. A year IIKII the , her of tlplceln nrp ln-lni; sold. The«« [lnuill held |l'ii'.',.".:is,n(i0 In (jold. Tbern- ; prices an- prevailing: Ilalfuny | tin of tnlnl re-M-rvi-s in depnslt ami . CO ci-nthl main floor and IIIKI-H, i fi-dpral reserve imtn llablllilo.s eoin- 75 cents. Seam will be available Ini- ' blneil \VIIH 63,9 per cent, compared j mediately Rftor Did rCBulnr Mlinw elon- i with 64.0 a weolt as«' and cs.l a yenr I tng Hi n tnnlRht. n K ", . I breath-taldiiK thrlllH art; .said to Ineludr- a lull lie with an cHcnped lion, 11 hunt for a lima! In keeper, a thief- i-liase, a UldnapliiK, a HbootlnK and ntllPI- exeltlnK IneldelltH, wltll It all happe|ili)K In tin; uerlod of "4 hotn-H. The <-:iKt snppnrlliiK Juan Ulondell Incluib-H \Vallai:e Kurd, »!uy Klbhcc Henry It. Walthall. .liihn Wray. Spcn err ('biirterH, J'atrli-la Kills and bun (irodn of extras. eni Codi-," closi their run lu-'ay. ,' { n.-or.'i;,'r./ 1'rrnn SAN' l-'ll.\.\CIHl'll. ellne of al :>prve note , llded I>e. flllllK US' i-'l Wire) . SI. - -A lle- oui $::.nia'i,0iiii In federal re- n Issued M (he San l-'ran- rve Hindi <!i;rlni," tin- v.-erlf ••ml,,.i- ::s, indi.-ated slaelt • fnr funds fnlli>\v|iiK the --•hiipjilnn- Neavnt; fc The notes RINTY'S SON! 1 \Hnnf.iiitctl /'rc«« f.caafti U'irc^ SVUNKY, Australia, Doe. 31.—A film war Is In progress bnlwoen AUH- trallan theater owners and Ainerk-un ! film iiKuuclKS over tho fitipiily of mo] tlnn iileturo films for I!)M. I Tim theater men aro making a determined stand against the American terms, pui tloulnrly agalnHt block hooking, and assert they will closo nude, famous on tin- HIIIRC by | • I .-n-liii-s. I'rank <'r.-U'en and I Jill,-hell, are played l.y Kd- j and Victor Mi-I>-iKlen In llell," a murder fareo, Sunday at the Ciranada theater. l,nwo |>la;-s the rnle of a police reporter, which Craven played In the staijc version. Mel.a^len la n detective. Hit- rule portrayed on Ihu slaRO l.y Mitchell. Ulehai'd Arlen and Adi'lennr- v\inen Iinvi- other leading roles in the pic- I ture. I The picture malies sporl of the eon- I vciitlontil murder tlirlller by develop- I IIIK us a cnnu-dy, insn-ail of a mys- | COMING TO VIRGINIA T AKE a HWlftly-movlns plot, add Clark Gable In a romantic role, sea- s-uii with some oC the spiciest brogue yet written In Hollywood, stir In two beautiful ladles like Carole tiombard and Dorothy Maekulll and you have "No Mnn of Her Own," which opens tomorrow at the Kox theater. "No Man of Jlor Own," is naced, well-cast, uniformly s-aUsfyliiK entertainment, for liable fans fund their number Is legion) It is little short of a Roman- holiday, for ho dominates almost every foot of the action In his rolu ns Jerry "Rube" Stewart, hli;h- slnkes tilflor with poker hands and the hearts of women. And don't, make their theaters rather than surrender, i ar.y mistake about It—this boy can In reply tin: Americans havo threatened to cut off the film supply. Of the more than 20,000,000 residents of I'Vench Indo-Chlnu, only about 24,000 are Kiiropeans. _ act, too. The picture Is a Hcrecn original con- ended by the tried and true craftsmanship of ISdmund (iouldlng and Dimjnmln Glnzer. Wealey Jluggles directed,. to j Beginning Next Tuesday Morning January Ihc 3rd Store Will Open at 9 a. m. EVERY DAY ti-ry. I.mvi' and Mel,ai:l>>n try .-"he a murder that the auillcm-c sees '•oniinllleil at tlin openhiK of tin- film. The iilldleni-e Uno\\ii \vlin'.s Kllllly. lint I."Mr and M.'1.111:1,-n I'HIhely biniKle their way IhroiiKh ninny unmsliiK ui>- (ineiii-e.s hcfoi'd lhe.>' find nut. Arli-ii In cant IIM the yiniiiit niun an- of the late and well- star. HIii-Tlii-Tin. will e I'rlde of Iliu l.ottlon," .-nl polli-o llirlllcr which I hi-Kln a tlin-f-day run i the IOSM beloved dog welcome. "Tin tin- new Mas. l.s scheduled t „ --.„ lit the Vlrnlnin theater Sunday for Its I flrwt showing In llakersfleld. Vor Unity's son, Hln-Tln-TIn, .Ir., whom l,ee Dnnean. o-^viier of Imtli ilogs. had been (raining since puppy- f the crime, and Miss Ames I hood In take his noted sire's place as his sister, the jjlrl who spurs L.OWO I w ' l> ' n '"' Krew ton fiid to act. wan and Mt-r.aKlen on. j pressed Into service on .-.-hurt notice to tin tin- Hiiino bill tlriinm, "This Sporting is a ABB." stirring '• take the part which the elder clog was 'prevenled by .'Hidden death from por- \ truylng. Accept This New Years Creeling From "Your Store" —We're nullity ylucl Ui hnvo so intuiy yoocl friends uiul customers who through the years liave chosen this store and its hi^li ideals of inerc)iuuilisiii(i as Their Shopping Place — —'I'Juuiks! To You Everyone! and A MAI'PY NKW YKAH NN'o'll Bo Seeing You Next Tuesday ul '.)! .MONDAY \VK wu.i. HK CLOSKP IS RIALTO FEATURE The bit- Kiinic nf tlin "Prismi Ton- j | forcncc" \\lll he iilayed al the Hlalto I I theater starting Svindaj'. where Hert ' j AVheeler anil Hobei-l Woolse.y will co-! slur In the KKd-Kailln comedy, "lloldj ''Km Jail," with I'Mna May Oliver. l-:d-i , MCI- Ki'iincdj. lioseo "Stuttering" ! Ales and lli-tly ilratde in the featured! : 1-llSt. ' , \\'hei.|er and \VuolM-y arc mainstays i nf the niilcniiire n»n\ let lineup. Miss ; 'Oliver. Keuneily :m,l MUs liruhlo cheer Ihein nn t<i \~lctory. In the stands also ! l.s Ales, cheated out of playing In the < tjreat name by a governor's pardon. i ISaiidH iday and rooting sections J '••heerund ^ Ing their Alma Mater songs j i with all of Hit! ila.-h and fire of col-; • leghite umlcrgradualcs while football ! Mich as never lias been seen on » 1 ! university gridiron i.- dished out on tho ! ! field nf battle. j Anionii- ttie pi^sKln gladiators who ] participate In the prlnnn "classic" uro I j MK-ll former collide slurs as AM j \niMi-ican l-'.rulc I'lueUeri, Marshall; 1'ufflekl. Norman I'lincaii. Jlnj .Mnsleki i and Uoy UiiU,-r. 1 On the same hill i> lOduard O. Itob- I iiiHoil 111 a great sea slory, "Tiger ' Sharli." ! VIRGINIA Continuous 12 M. to 11 p. m. .')QO SEATS—Any Time. I5c First Showing in ttakcrsfield 3 DAYS SUNDAY, MONDAY TUESDAY PRIDl OFTUlLiGlON ADAPTIO fROM TNI COSMOPOLITAN— MACAIINESTOUVKV PUEMHWE LOOK OUT! "here's a lion loose in LAST TIMES TODAY III- UNE WAY PASSAGE With Aline MacMahon and Frank McHugh IT STARTS TOMORROW More action, surprises and excitement packed Into sixty frenzied minutes than "Doctor X" and "Union Depot" rolled Into onel First' National's all-action hit of the'new year. with JOAN BLONDELL WALLACE FORD GUY KIBBEE Also "Picking a Winner" Technicolor Comedy News—Cartoon—Review Continuous Sunday and Monday GABLE— IN THE MOST DRAMATIC ROLE OF HIS GLAMOROUS CAREER ... A GAMBLER WHO WAS WILLING TO TOSS FOR WHAT HE WANTED! 1 The Screen's Meteoric Star... in Smashing Romance, With High Drama Across the Card Tables. (URIC GABLE NoManofHerOtin (BROlElOMBflRO WROTHyMBOWIU Q. Qarammmt Qtctun ENDS ZANE TODAY GREY'S WILDNORfl HIM Big Time Tonight! Gala New Year's Celebration Dancing — Entertainment OPEN ALL NIGHT Private Dining Rooms Night Club Cafe 8 Mile* SouUt on Union Avenue Phone 681? for Reservation* La Granada Dance Tonight GREET THE NEW YEAR RIGHT Dancing 8:.'10 to ? If" New Years DINNER 65c COMI>U>:TK Survud Sunday and Monday 11 u. in. to 9 p. in. OPHX ALL NIGHT NEW YEARS EVE Popular PrliH'n Private Booth* HAPPY NK\V Y10AK TO AM,! Pink Elephant Cafe 1927 "Eye" Street No Better Place to Spend New Years Eve in Kern County Than ut the PANAMA DANCE Tonight, Saturday, December 31 THE REVELERS' ORCHESTRA None Better In Kern County Ladies FREE—Gents, 55c Dancing 9:30 TIM 2:30 Hall Warmed—A Good Time for All Horns, Hats and Novelties FREE—and Plenty of Them BILL POWERS, Floor Manager uicitN imimiiD SALLY BIANE |1 ii ii Comedy, News and Cartoon LAST TIMES TODAY Thret Big Start in "MEN OF CHANCE" And Tom Keene In "GHOST VALLEY" n m New Years Eve Dance Tonight at Canaday's Pavilion Good Music—Good Floor A (loud Place tu Moel Your Friends —-..-.. AdmJyyJQi, 25C -====== MATINEE TO 6 P. M. EVENINGS, BALCONY • CONTINUOUS. 1:30 TO 11:00- 15c STARTING TOMORROW—Two Great Features! A Football Story That's Never Been Told Before rtA MY BOY CLAMK GABLE JIAN HAKRI THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF RECKLESS ROMANCE! ENDS TODAY "Phantom of Crestwood" mCAROOCORTEZ-KAREN MORLEY TIM McCOY in "Western Code I :: II' !:• :: •' H ':> OPEN 12-11 P. M. Mttlnni t« 9 ». m. 15c JOO Seats, Any Time.. .15c LAST TIMES TODAY RONALD COLMAN In "Unholy Garden 1 ' and a Knockout Western JACK HOXIE In "Law and Lawless" Coining Tomorrow Sunday, Monday, Tuesday The Monarch of Mirth at his very best. Entertainment for the whole family — for everybody! HAROLD LLOYD J - _ A l« _ fl CONSTANCE CUMMING9 PIOWCED SV HAIOU) UOYO COIf 4 G RANAD 618 Kentucky Street Tilklni riiturei E«iry Diy A ANY SEAT, ANY TIME, 16o Children Always 10c Cintlmiwii Saturday, Sundty, I ti 11 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday TWO BIG FEATURES EDMUND LOWE Victor McLaglen, Richard Arlen and Adrlennt Ames In a Murder Mystery "GUILTY AS HELL" You Know the Killer— You See the Crime! and a Great Melodrama "THIS SPORTING AGE" Also News and Comedy Last Times Today "70,000 WITNESSES" and "IGLOO" RIALTO 0 to B ». n., lie; Atttr 6, ISj, 23c Contlnuoui, Saturday, bunriiy, 1 to It Sunday, Monday, Tuesday TWO BIG FEATURES WHEELER and WOOLSEY In "Hold 'cm Jail" With Edna Mae Oliver, Roscoe Ates and Edgar Kennedy Five Scream Stars In a Prison Rlotl And Edw. G. Robinson in a Gripping Drama of the Sea "TIGER SHARK" With Richard Arlen, Zita'Johann News and Cartoon FREE BOX OF CANDY to Every Child Attending Our Big Sunday Matinee Last Times Today "BEYOND THE ROCKIES" and "CONVICTED" DANCE MONDAY January 2, 1938, at Canaday's Pavilion Admission, 7Bo; Ladles Free If'

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