Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 12, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
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Monday, July 12, 1965
Page 10
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TEN Scattering of Selected Issues "nlivens Mart IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN Funerals MRS. ROBERT LUTHER j Funeral services foi Mrs. Ro! bcrt Luther, 46, who was fatally injured in an automobile c o 1 , lision near San Rafael, Calif., ! Friday, will be held at '.» Wednesday morning at the St Am- NEW YORK (API — A scat- brose Catholic Church Interring of selected issues helped ment will be at Riverside Cem- nliven a dull and irregular etery. stock market early this after- The McKevitt-Kershner F u noon. neral Home will be open for vis- Changes of fractions to a point Station beginning at 4 T u e s day or so prevailed among most key afternoon. Liturg i c a 1 pray ers stocks will be recited there at 8 that The market was easy at the evening. opening, then gradually began to firm. By mid day there was LEON D. HAMEL a slightly higher tone among Funeral services for Leon D. drugs, chemicals, autos. rails Hamel, 26. Detroit, who was and electronics Most othei sec- killed July 4 when his "rail" lions were scrambled. dragster crashed at the U b 1 y Opinion in the street varied Michigan Speedway, were held between those who saw the list July 10 with burial'at Ml. Olivet as slowly building a base for a Cemetery, Detroit, further advance and those who The deceased attended school expected a renewed test of lows here and was graduated from reached a couple of weeks ago. L. L. Wright High School in Steel shipments were expect- 1956. He has resided in Detroit ed to continue at a high rate, since then and on Aug. 8. 1959 he Retail sales in June were re-' was married to the former Carol ported below May's record but Clampett, who survives him, above a year earlier. ; along with his father. Victor Ha- The Associated Press aver-;mel of Ironwood and a sister, age of 60 stocks at noon was up Mrs. Patrick McCormick of .1 at 323.8. with industrials off Calumet City. 111. .1, rails up .3 and utilities off; Mr. Hamel and Mrs. McCor- •2. mick attended the services. The Dow Jones industrial av-' erage at noon was up .99 at i BATTISTA TESSARI ' ! 880.48. Funeral services for Battista i MONDAY, JULY 12, 1965. Lawmakers Open 10-Day U.P. Tour Sales Event to Coincide With Festival Days SCENE OF FATALITY—This is the car in which Walter Silvestri. 28, of 709 Lake Street, was fatally injured in a car-train wreck that occurred here shortly after 9 Saturday morning. According to Ironwood Police Chief Donald E. Nevala. who talked to Chicago & North Western Railroad personnel at the scene, it appeared to them that Silvestri slowed up his car to come to a stop. Instead, Nevala said Silvestri proceeded across the tracks Prices were mixed in quiet Tessaei, 63, of 27 Newport Loca-| at lhe Luxmore Street crossing, apparently trading on the American Stock tion, who died Thursday were ! thinking he could safely cross ahead of the en- Exchange. |held Saturday at 9 a.m. at St.! Bine - Tne swil ch engine struck the car proacl- Corporate bonds rose slightly. Ambrose Catholic Church with! slde ' ca n-ying it 501 feet down the tracks in U.S. treasury bonds declined. Stock Market NOON QUOTATIONS the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph Dun-] leavy officiating. Interment was at Riverside Cemetery Members of the Piave Society (attended the services in a! i group. Pallbearers, all members o f the Piave Society, were We do an easterly direction from the point of impact, according to Nevala. Silvestri's body which was thrown from the car, was found 111 feet from the point .of impact, Nevala stated. Death is believed to have been instantaneous, it was reported. Silvestri's death is the second traffic fatality of the year in an area composed of Gogebic and Ontonagon counties in Michigan and Iron County Wis Coroner Robert Zielinski. who ordered a postmortem examination, said the immediate cause of Silvestri's death was contusions and lacerations to the brain, tlronwood Police Department Photo) Soviet Speakers Ignore Viet War NEW YORK fAP)—Following, £ ert ?, le - Bruno Fertile, Alfred :s a selected list of stock tran- . Pertlle ' Anton Finco - Pet er Car-' By GEORGE SYVERTSEN sactions on the New York Stock; 11 J 11 ^ Achille Munari. Exchange at midday with net!.. Out of town Persons attending change from previous close. Commission Meeting To Be Held Tuesday A regular meeting of the Ironwood city commission, originally scheduled for this evening at 7:30, will be postponed unt i 1 Tuesday evening at the same time, the commission decided at Pipeline Plans Are Approved Hospital Notes GRAND VIEW. Admitted Saturday: Mrs. Donald Pulv c r, i Milwaukee. Mrs. Edythe A. l Cox. 112 Germania, Hurley,: medical; admitted Sunday: ;' Diane R. Abelson, Hurley, Paul MARQUETTE, Mich — A re- Cyr, Slade Road, surgery; Mrs. creational excursion during John A. Aho, 304 4th Ave., N.I which they will bo shown many H uric y, Susan Peters o n , j of the region's principal tourist, Route 1, medical. | attractions and industrial and Discharged Saturday Steven Bcinp held in conjunction educational facilities has been Levra. Franklin DuCh a r m e wilh tnr second big Hlawat h a arranged for 26 state iawmak- Iron Belt; Mrs. Raymond Gross, Festival Friday ancl Saturday, ers by the U p rj e r Michig a :i Winchester: Mrs. Henry Samp- Junc 1G aiKl 17 > wil1 be a big Tourist Association. i son, Washburn; Mrs. Claude city-wide sales event, festival Purpose of the 10-day tour is i Bro'wnell. Denis O'Leary, Rob- officials have announced, to acquaint the legislators witH'crt A. Baron, Mrs. Dean Carli A " slore employes will be the many scenic and other re- and baby, Mrs. Carl V. Ander- dressed in colorful Indian and sources available in the Upper son, Frank Magclziak Iron- Pioneei costumes with each bus- Peninsula and co nelp them in'wood; discharged Sunday Mrs. iness ^ cc awarding prizes for preparing future legislation as Donald Pulver Milwaukee the best costumes. Three final- it affects the 15-county area'Miss Catherine' Wyszyns ki ' isls wil] bc chosen from all the north of the Straits of Mackinac.j Montreal; Earl C Maki Hur- costumer! employes and one will The party, including wives 1 ley; Mrs. Mary Jendrzcj'cwski • be chosen for a city-wide prize, and children of lawmakers, i Ironwood. \ There will also be prizes for the numbers about 60. i , ' best costume among the general "It is our desire to make your D| VINK INFANT, Wakefield. pl ,blic. visit to the Upper Peninsula a Admitted Saturday: Carl Jack- • A bvand ncw feature of t h e memorable one and, at the same Eon ' Merriweather, Mrs Har- festival this year will be a fish- time, to provide you with a ve f G >;ayson, Wakefield, mecli- ing dcrDy A giant , SW i mm jri K wealth of informaiion to help cal: admitted Sunday: Miss poo i will be erected at the site guide you in your decisions in Kath y Jacobson. Bessemer, of the statue and it will be filled the Michigan Legislature in the. Mrs - Glen Diechelbor. Marcn- w i tll hundreds of Rainbow trout months and years to come,"; lsco ' surgery; Mrs. Cora Bullen, Thc public will bc able to fish Ken D o r m a n, secretary-man- Wak efield, medical. anci compc t e for prizes. The ager of UMTA, declared in a Discharged Saturday: Mrs. fishing derby will bc in opera- welcoming letter to the state Herman Enebak, Milwaukee: tion all dav Friday July 16 representatives and senators Mrs. John E. Kevari, Bessemer:' Members of the Gogcbic Many are chairmen of import- discharged Sunday: James Range Junior Chamber of Cornant committees. Hartmann, Saxon; Richard Tre- ;m erce will be operating a brat- Mal£ = e £ an July 10 at tne T 1 " 0 ' Marenisco: Martin wurst st . and a t the statue fea- firJP »V a « T ldge Autll ° rit / of - £ amo ! >eU ~ Bessemer <- Arthur turing beverages ancl tasty saus- t f h C ei-e a the1nt£ naR roup a ?as f t r a°ken :Federle ' RamSay " ' **' M '" a ^ »*«»* by ferry to Mackinac Island. The Ste. t o d a Sma " Burro r» f •-. Spreads Fire up to the statue. s ~ hs S S oia uy«d - ev - (A1 - A small! or with a decorated bicycle will Bessemer Thursday White igrass fire was just about ' be awarded 25 cents. After the Pine and Houghton' Frid a v ' mopped U P al a sheep ranch ! parade a group of professional T --- - . - . - • near Reno Sunday when a spark j Indian dancers will be enter- REN °- Nev - (AP1 Isle Royale Saturday (returning to Houghton Sunday<. L'An s e , fell on a small burro. tainina, the crowd at the site of Rapid River and Delta County i stan!ec) ' he dashed off and : the statue There will be a short Monday. The trip will be com ' ran strai Sht into a patch of. program rededicating the statue Peter B snivak rhntrmnn nf pleted f °llowlngf a visit to pay.! "amlrtt grass where the pack'and one of the 10 candidates i-tLLI B. bpivak, Chaiiman Of -tt-o nt^f Q DO,.I. , ...,.' > On his back- rnnp-hf firo fnr M 9 s Trnnwnnrl will ho 'jette State Park, from where i0n his back cail §' ht Allied Ch Am Car: Am Mot Am Tel & Tel Armour Beth Steel Calum H Ches & Ohio Chrysler Cities Service Consumers Pw Cont Car Copper Rng Det Edison Dow Chem du Pov'.t East Kod Ford Motor Gen Fds Gen Motors Gillette Good »i oh Goodyear Inland Stl Int Bus Men Int Nick Int Tel & Tel Johns Man Kimb Clk LOF Glass Mack Trk Mead Cp Mont Ward NY Central Penney, JC PA RR Pfizer Repub St! Sears Roeb Std Brand Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stauf Ch Un Carbide US Steel Wn Un Tel U—Up D—Down. for Miss Ironwood will be crowned at that time. There will be a big talent show follow- . th . . - <* UnTo?s V two oi elder 8 virtual a g> ecl . al ™««ng held Saturday.! the State Public Service Convi,ownsTaters wil'return toTt He then headed foV the hills.' cr jthe rites included Mr and Mrs. Lnion s two to P lead eis vntual- Despite the change in 11 m e, i mission, said approval has been i Ignace ' spreading fire and smoke wi 48 u s ' J °hn Carli and Dale of A s h- • ty ignored the war in Viet Nam however, the deadline for re- 1 - '" >- • • 48 D a!' land ' Mr - and Mr ?- Alvin Suiok- in major weekend speeches, ceiving bids on 12 ' \ko of Kenosha, Wis.. Mrs. Mary arousing speculation that the chlorine and coal 67U D i.i Tiziani of Land o'Lakes, Peter Kremlin may be about to take a noon as was P rev 37 , " ;Rigoni of White Pine. Mr. and new tack toward the Southeast, tised . the commission'stated. i construct and operate a natural! be the Soo Locks LmveT'a'iVd five hours later by 60 men display will light the skies 35, D lx i Mrs. David Barto of Gwinn, Mrs. Asian conflict ™~ =- . • „„„ „,.,„,= ..... .... .....,„ • 203^ D Vs!?,?^ lnic ,.? lB ?."l °l Ho y* Lakes :' T he cessation of attacks 67 D U 46',:* D *; Mre ^^H^^,, „„„ , .—. — — — - -- - Michigan Gas Safety Code: } Pioneer pellet plant. Pine Mounl! harmed except that" the "pack from the statue. The games" and me pipeline will extend in a tain ski jump. Iron Mount a in: had been burned off his back, 'races will run from 9 a.m. im- »«*• Ellabeh Ktzand Jennie Finn, Mr. and Mrs SSiSI""- D Vii 353^ It' 86 ™''9343^ n iM VALTER SILVESTRI tacks on U.S. policy. Communist party First Secre- ! made no specific reference to' 1 Viet Nam. , His only mention of the United «o««e Speaker Blasts Romney generally easterly direction ; iron mine. Bond Falls Indian- 1 from a point on the Wisconsin- 1 head Mountain resort 'white' T n f . Alichigan border near Ironwood i Pine copper mine, Porcupine' I OY DOflfn TO to a point near Marquette. 11: Mountains. Michigan Technolo-i **WVII U IV win oe 141 miles long. ~<~-i TT_I ,^. _ . . gical University, Celotex Corp.: ; til noon and there will bc refreshments for all children tak- ; ing part and prizes for the winners. In tnc afternoon, starting a t 1:30, one of the largest street, P s to other Mathew Connors, Hurley city P aractos ever seen in the area games andiclerk, has announced that the wi " take P lace in the business •e being a r-i Hurley Board of Review w i 11 district, featuring floats from Meet Thursday ° f Ironwood - ; planned fly-over of jets from the _. M _^ The"'McKev'i'tf-Kershner F u - Pekin S- available for the state's seven! Communities and industr i a 1 of Commerce and The board will be at the cityi*. I. Sawyer Air Force Base Communists, 468' D l'/ 4 83>,2 53 78 56 5 s 49=. 56 34 U j neral Home will j visitation beginnin .afternoon. Litur Swill be recited . _ ... _ r ; The deceased was born in tual attacks." be appropriated in the spring if Republic Plant, Humbolt Plant "invasion" ; Ironwood in March 1937. He Premier Alexei N. Kosygin, enrollments exceeded predic- Empire Plant, Ishpeming, Ne- try ever by "state 40'L'D ''4! attended the local schools a n d' speaking in Volgograd Sunday, tions. i gaunee, Ironwood. Bessemer ' 33Vs U 1,81 was graduated from the Luther followed suit with even milder Kowalski said the fund would Ramsay. Wakefield. L'Anse'; 49»i U 3 ,8 :L - Wright High School with the'words on international tensions have encouraged students to at- : 'Houghton, Hancock. Ripley,' 70 U i/a class of 1955. A f t e r his school- and nostalgic recollections of tend the smaller schools rather Dollar Bav - Calumet and Lau- jing he went into the service, U.S.-Soviet cooperation in World'than concentrate on the three rium - A 1*1** J. I D I '-- in both the Navy and War II. i biggest state universities and' The Pipeline will be con- AA/OG TO LoJ • 1C U obtained at his office parade the drum at Ran^Field' which can be;- will be in operation again Satur' 393,4 55 D . 4 D i/si the Marines. On March 1, 1962, His reference to the Chinese would have moved away f ronv structed in two scups with some T^w^T<5^^^7 n T ™ a D Va'JJ, 6 was married to the former was just as hard as Brezhnev's, increasingly strict admissions being placed in ^rvice in 1965 A w^t Pn£t H D %' Carol Mattson of Hurley at Ta- He rebuffed Chinese demands Policies and the balance in 106C. ~* ^l^^f THE WEATHER 79 48-'? g 77T B U 1/4 i f r ° m the service the c o u p le' Viet Nam, s~ayi"rV:' V 'O\Jr7ountry .... _ .mono theu - nome at Puyallup, is ready for any contingencies ' i. (| vvaMi. until 1964, when t h e y but an adventuristic, ill-consid-' 443.4 D 59"^ U 47'-fi U coma. Wash. After his discharge,for more Soviet involvement in the couple Viet Nam, saying: "Our country f> • tl at Puyallup, is ready for any contingencies,' ijTieTlV CHICAGO PRODUCE | returned to ironwuod to make ered policy is alien to' us their home. He was employed al the Lake Superior Po w e t Company at the time of h i s death. Surviving him are his wife; C-C Opposes Pay Raises The Ironwood Volunteer Fire i Department will hold a practice session at 7 p.m. Tuesday. All; Purse Found, Money Is Safe day. Saturday night the festival will be topped off with a dance at the Ironwood Memorial Building. Live music will be featured. Thousands of persons have visitec! the Hiawatha statue during the previous year, it has „ been stated, and Chamber of|£ ficials expect a gigantic turnout -:t for the second festival. New ~ 6 concrete walkways have been irioiio-ht H -,-u~u. - ~ """ added to the statue and land- ,aeiighted with his new assign- THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE scaping of the entire area has 'SHII'H Said She was; By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ' (AP) Negro TEMPKRATfRKS , v ||{O.VH<)OO Mondnv. July I'!. |!i<i.-,. , went to work today as a presi- For 24 hr - pe " otl end "'c i.t 12 (dential military arte. the first of' ? P ' m - ! -" D ' m li2 K i '- m j his race ever so honored. I Maj. Hugh Robinson, who will' 1 turn 33 on Aug. 4 sa id he wasi 2 p.m. 8 p.m. Vl'in D.m 71 Midmum 5B R ;i , m 70 2 A.m. S5 10 -0 0 92 A 583/4; 90 B 57Vi; 89 C 57; cars 90 B 58V 4 ; 89 C 58. Eggs steady; wholesale buy- Ing prices unchanged; 70 percent or better grade A whites 30; mixed 30; mediums 26i/a; standards 27; dirties unquoted; checks 2lVi. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK will be a meeting of for an 1 Albuquerque, clear ceremony and intro-i Atlanta, cloudy to the press, | Bismarck, cloudy . no of Kenosha, and one sister, spokesman for the U.S Cham- the Snorts Bowl Mrs. Elda Hendricksor of Ta- ber of Commerce today argued clay. coma, Wash. against administration requests abondoned by the viaduct. "The ' Cr °ss, who will be promoted clear The WITH THE COLORS wage coverage and increase ov- will meet this evening at the old The youth who < P™? P ay - T , Jessieville Pool Hall after t h e j purse from Mrs. Learv'~as"she uicnaia b. Landry, a chain- All-Star Babe Ruth baseb a 111 was walking up E Aver str P Pt WICHITA FALLS, Tax. - •. to research economist, said in game which is being played, has also been apprehended said officers, and he was turned over ear cloudy 88 69 78 65 78 49 74 64 74 52 71 65 82 60 75 53 Performance Well Received . Airman Third Class Micheal R. & Prepared statement that the The game starts at 6 p.m Vilencia, son of Mr. and Mrs. P r °P°sals conflict with President — Micheal Vilencia Sr of 30 Johnson's pleas to stabilize the Thc Bessemer Township Busi- ;Grant st - Ramsay. Mich., has wa ^ - Pnce line and expand ness and Professional Men's graduated from the tech- employment. _ C lub win meet this evening at to probate court for disposition of his case, it was reported. Crewmen Continued from Page One Cross will take over the duties of Maj. Gen. Chester V who Detroit, clear Fairbanks, clear next month to become executive vice president of a New York management advisory firm Robinson will be Johnson's Army aide serving under Honolulu, cleat- Kaarlo Kultalahti, dramatist and actor from Finland, who is traveling in the United States, performed to a receptive audience at the Community 93 63 .01: Center Friday night His p e r- 84 68 .02 formance was sponsored in this 77 58 area bv the National Finnis h MM M Arr >erican Festival. 99 75 • Kultalahti presented a p r o 70 53 .19 gram of dramatic reading and 87 76 o-> acting of excerpts from the best Jacksonville, cloudy 92 73 14: of. Finnish literature and ap- Juneau, cloudy 74 57 Kansas City, clear 79 72 1. •* «•«»_, fcjv. j. vine UIlUci T Cross. He will replace Lt Cnl os An S ele s, cloudy 77 61 P lane Picked up a signal be- i James M. Connell who is mind Louisville ' clear heved to be f Memhis and a few 16 o Cattle 12,500; prime 1,180-1,377 Ib 28.50-2875- provisions School Band will not rehearse lie ved to be from a radio horn- to the War College in Washine- emphasis to some 4.5 million additional tonight as announced, but will ln S device used on emergency ton. 6 Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. Students, rafts •L. . "**'',_ -*• tn-.jwwj' «l J..UU £J.1IJ. OLUUdHO, n Q i,,»* 1= ? g assi ^ ned to the Air De- Employers and manufacturers who are going to be 9th graders But an Otis spokesman said T caives is; f ens e Command's (ADO Kin- faced with higher labor costs at Roosevelt School next year ' We received only the one SIR- I WO i. ADC defends must boost consumer prices, are invited to attend the high na! a »d we lost it. A plane went U. S. against Landry said, with a resulting school band rehearsals during down to search the area where cheloe AFB, Prince is 00 Ibs 27.00; good 0-1,250 Ibs 25 25- choice and prime 875-1,000 Ib slaughter heifers 25.75-2625; choice 850-1,000 Ibs 24.25-25.50; choice 750-850 Ibs 23.75-25.25; | During Polo Game mixed good and choice 750-1,0001 WINDSOR, England <APi Ibs 23.00-24.25; good 20.50-23.50. Polo-playing Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, was hit on the back of the neck with a ball Sunday. The prince, 44, slumped for- over his pony's neck. As airman is a graduate of As an alternative to these , measures, Landry suggested Thc Blue Knights J u n i o ! simulation of job - producing Drum and Bugle Corps wi nothing." Key Positions ,o Boumedienne has „ ,. . 1 I • Jf.oaerate but because of the moderates tn VPV investments and job - training, practice tonight at 7 at the Le- r °6- visibility was reported near new"o mpmhl through additional income tax gion club rooms. ' or " ' '" e '" oer reductions for individuals and businesses. 84 58 Memphis, clear . 90 66 Miami, clear 84 77 Milwaukee, clear 78 57 Mpls.-St.P., cloudy 79 65 New Orleans, cloudy 90 71 New York, cloudy 76 62 Okla. f :ity, clear ioi 73 Omaha, cloudy 31 70 80 54 80 61 01 ipeared for each act in appropriate Finnish costume, some dating back to the year 1500. He also presented by dramatic acting, a scene from one of Aleksis Kivi's plays, ^milled "T h e Seven Brothers." Aleksis Kivi was one of Finland's most brilliant writers. Because his presentation i n this area was so well received 'Kultalahti will return from his - tW ° Plttsba h. clear a : Ptind ' Me " clear : bui id Ine of prst u " Births Armata. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Armata, 223 Wilson St., a Road Mishaps Take 21 Lives The name of John (J. Hagstrom. Hurley, was inadvertent- military version of the Ben Bella _ :d Super-G Constellation. Boumedienne ly omitted in the publication of :t was one of 38 based at Otis ister of state the Dean's List from North- that carry their sweeping radar ot th P nir,l land College. Ashland domes up and down the north- City, cloudy 92 63 .03 church at 7:3^ KulTalairtV'pr^ M sents his program entirely i n Finnish, and those who have some knowledge of Finnish ern coastline of the North There will bc an exhibit! o n American continent, on the alert 86 64 Salt Lk. City, clear 92 55 as min- San Diego, cloudy 66 61 "at, one < San Fran., clear historic j Seattle, cloudy 01 e Algerian war for Tampa, clear' 60 54 71 54 91 75 er players galloped up and Traffic accidents claimed 21 Ironwood R P ri v,oi^^ massage his bruises. lives in Michigan during the Two accidents claim- After two minutes, the prince took his place and steered his Windsor Park team tc victory over Chequers Manor by 8M; goals to 3. between the Part of the and the Early Warning Wing, it about 20C and ities. In addition, six drownings pital. Jussila. Mr. and Mrs. D u ane Jussila, Ironwood, a son, July II at Divine Infant Hospi t a 1, Wakefield. Ahlborn. Mr. and Mrs. G e ne Ahlborn. Sayner, Wis., a son, Gene Kevin, June 25. Mrs.; In England, the Big uipper Tne Associated Press tabula- HIP HI..-in., n,,, ~r< n "."~i~"~ "" -.:—--••""••• •-— ">><" «• ««.-, me mm as Ahlborn is the former Evelyn: is called the wagon, wain o r tion be 8 an at 6 p.m. Friday and av even" L -at 7 £ nl I'f" ,?, lia , ve , dltchecl since f he energy. JPlow. , ended at midnight Sunday. , cl/rk's office 7 * "" c J l y , ^a't oufio ^arTa'S" '^ literature and history, will find this program extremely interesting. Washinpton, cloudy 77 67 64 colonel, who commands Winnipeg, rain 72 64 .• , army, named himself nrp- iM.Miccmoi <TT>«.O«««-I A ^ r ~ mier and d <*en S e mlSter. He: (M Mlssin e'_'T-Trace; members of, "ANGE SKIES office of the Gogebic County Sunset today 8:52. Sunrise to- clerk by the followin° • y will go t o-. Protective screen from Norfolk"' Be*n"BPii n °« uu «TV- f rchitect of, morrow 5:20. The Moon nses Pershing A. Neil and Judith — -- ' "° *" M " ""•""- ^ S "SSI ^E* 5 o 3 oP^^lL 8 "!^ 11 * ™ i K *y H'PP" Minneapolis* JUdlth Licenses to Wed Applications for marriage lit censes have been made at _ the Babe Ruth 1 Va., to Newfoundland. League tournament. ; The Air Force said the Thp The "" Steven Nerva, Wakelield. of industry and Mars, low in west 11:24 p.rr. Sat- age license has been filed at .urn, rises 11:47 p.m. Jupiter, the office of the Iron C o u n tv :s 3:33 a.m. lAll times Central Clerk by Sharon Dee Pedcrcum ulltrh " .Hurley and David Pretti, GilV. , I Uo£ DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS , Daylight).

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