Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 31, 1932 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1932
Page 2
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PACF/ rrwo : THE TOLA DAILY-REGISTfift, SATURDAY EVENING, DEGEMBER 31,1932- 't" IOLAJKANSJLS [Pull knee deep lies the winter snow V And jthe ^^toier wind is wearily ! r ; i sighing: .Ton yei the,,church bell, sad and slow For the Old Year lies a-dying. Old.Year, you must not die; You canie to us so readily You llveii with us so steadily. Old year, yoii sh^U not die. His face is growing sharp and thin. Alack I Our friend is gone. , Cioieup his eyes: tie up his chin: ; Step thm the corpse and let him in That mande Ji there alone A|id walteth at the door. There's a hew loot on the floor, my friend, i . a n^w face at the door, my friend, : inew face at the door. I —Alfred Tennyson. (Tayman Entertains Evelyn Wayman entertained ay night in her home with a upper.j Dancing and • cards , enjoyed by- the following guests: Misses Lou'Canatsey, Man-, I j ette Peterson, MajTil Warner, Hel- I ene A^illdns; and Messrs. Frederic Green I of Des Moin^. Earl White of Ohanute, Don Gish,' Russel Chezem, ' and Bill Buttram. '•. .•, ^ HoUdaly Party Tliei'Misses Josephine Wells; Jane / Reid, and Amber dtpnaker gave a 'party last night in .the home of Miss ;Reid.; jThe guests who were entertained with bridge, dancing, and ^mes Were: Misses Marcel^ Obryst, Marguerite Beinfeld, Vir- j!inia WiUianjs, Mattie Mae Wallace, AUc^ Hurlock; and Messrs.. Ralph Cumriiins, jjohn Griffith, Barney . Smith, Billy I Read, Allan Sleeper, Billy iBixby, Russell Long, and Oval c^ie.-; •' I NOW 5c PER QUART • I t Fairmont's high grade Pas^tenrized Milk in Cream Top Bottles for sale I at leading grocers ' • •: |.> .J. Birthday Party ; Mr. and Mrs.- Fred bunlap entertained; with ia party last night irr| their home | In honor ,oi the birthday of i their sbn Bob jJunlap. The • time was speht Informally. Refreshments Vere? ^rved. 'rhose present : were: Misses Barbara Seay. Pauline Kuehrti, Alta Yocum, Messrs. Donald Frantz and Ralph Cox. I • Pleasaht Workers Club. The; Pleasant Workers club held •Its 22rid meetjing of the ;year Thursday with Mi-s. Walter Lytle. The meeting was opened with radio music aijd roll j call was answered by each member reciting a poem. The secretary's. report was read and accepted, followed by.electiop of officers, whicji I resulted as follows: Mrs. Ebb Balrd. president; Mrs. J. Jbnes,-vice-pifesident: MI'S. Roy Calloway, jsecretkry; Mrs. Ralph Ellis, 'assistant secretary; Mrs. W.i Lytle, treasurer; Mrs. A. Harrington,: reporter! The retiring president. Mrs., j.ussell Bamhart. presented - each member With a favor and gave Mrs. G. D. iCottrell a Igift for being the only memtwr to attend all meetings. (At the close of] the mejeting, refreslfments were served to the following . visitors: Mrs. Kate Rinard, MiBS^: Elizabeth andj Ilene Calloway, Garl Pm-cell, A. Harrincton, E. Burtch, W; Lytle, Wilbur Lytle; and to the following members: Mesdames Burtch,',Carrie Ellis, Purcell, Talleyi Martin, Harrington, Ellis, •Pugh.' Crumrine, Vere'ne Pugh, THIS TRIANGLE IS "ON THE SQUARE" Love triangle? No reason for hard feelings! "That's the view of the three smiling people above. Wendell Lieser, inset, met and was greatly attracted to Blanch Blaha, left. Par from objecting, Mrs. Lieser, right, invited Blanche into their Omaha home to ^y xmtil Wendell could make ujpi his mind. When police, set on the trail by thje m«pther"pf the missing Blanche, found ithem, aU were happy In the strange domestic axrange- ment. SISTER AAARY'S EAST lOLA AND OTHER MfiV^S BY SISTER MARY NEA Sei-viie Writer 'pHESE are the days when hearty luncheon dishe.s with a rich savoritiess are most relished. The platter of thinly sliced cold meat, cool salad r.'id wafer-Uke bread and. butter sandwiches that is so quickly and easily prepared for the hot weather luncheon is not for these nippy winter days. No busy home-maker likes to spend much time over the preparation of the noon meal. But at least,one liot nouilshinj; dish must be supplied for luncheon; Suhool children will derive much nourisliment from hearty soups and the cook will spend l)ut a few niiniite.s in their maklnp. In tact I hey are worked Into the morning's schedule without noticing the time given to them. Tomato Benii Soup TJiLs soup is made with canned veKetables and is delicipus. One cup sliced onions. 4 tablespoons fat. 2 cups canned-red kidney bea.ns, i cups canned tomatoes, Ve teaspoon soda. 2 cups milk. 1 teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons sugar. M teaspoon pepper, 3 tablespoons flour. : Unscctrched bacon fat gives a good flavor to this soup, or butter is usei. Melt fat, add onions and cook over a low fire until lightly Monday's Wenu BREAKFAST: ilalves o£ grapefruit, cereal, cream, hash, whole wheat muiflus, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Vegetable chowder, opeii rcottage cheese • sandwiches, rice pudd ng. pine- milk, apple tea. DINNER: Indiv pies, beets in ra salad of mixed gfeens with French dressing, peach fritters, with raspberry sauce, milk, coffee. jdual lamb isin sauce. with a little cold milk and add re- maiuing milk. Add to tomato mixture and cook until soup thickens, stirring constantly. Vegetable Chowder Oiie-thlrd cup lentils, .3 cups water, 9 roots .salsify,. 3 medium sized potatoes, 1 onion, 1% cups milk, 2 tablespoons butter. teaspoon celery salt, 1 egg, 3 tablespoons cold water, salt, pepper. Soak lentils overnight. Drain and. put into saucepan with water. Scrape salsify, cut 5u slices and add to lentils.' Pare potatoes and cut into dice and add to mixture -with onion finely minced. Cover saucepan and cook one browned. Add beans and toma-ihour. Season -svith salt, pepper toes rubbed through a coarse sieve. Cover a.nd simmer until beans are soft. Rub through sieve and add soda, salt, sugar and pepper. Stir flour to a smooth paste and celery gait and add milk, butter and egg beaten with 3 tablespoons cold water. Cook and stir until egg is set. ; Pour over split water.-crackers to serve. Jones, Roush, Barnhart, Cottrell, Lytle, Baird, Calloway, Ola Calloway; Miss Osborne, and the foUow- BOI9ZONTAX4 I Joyous-.. , ^ Opposed'to ..<)ldi: 9 Twelve mpiitha. 18 sky-blue: 14 English coin. : iSFefvoi'- 17 Person in'tol- eraat ofl opinions conlilct- • inglwith his owii. 18 Thick shrub, 19 0pi)pBed to Terse. JOWhhln. SlToitbtalJ 23 Seirenth note, 23 Citric frtilt. 26Babk oflJcial. 29 Half an iem. r 30AHcIent Celtic divinity. 31 To ransom. 32 CUnstellaticm. 33 yellow" Haiwalian blhl. 34Mirindin dye. —S5 Spread ef an arch. Answer to'PrMions Puzzle • m SS.Merchant. 43 Since. 46 The ankle.. 47 Talisman. 48 Pound (abbrj. 49 Deity. SOEccentrlc wheel. 51 Like. 52 Omission of last syllable • at a word. 57 To matic aa doubtful. 62 Worker. 63 Ironic com-" positions. mistake. 11 Stir.. 12LUt ot enlisted . men. 16 Rockfish. 24 Pertaining to a' wall. 25 Bone. 27 Even. 28 Standard tjDS measure. 31 To decay. 32 Wing, frsfl 3&Roba. rag 36 Pertaining t« the palpus. 6-i Sliding parts. 37 chaos. 65 Rubber, pencil 39 gpegdstcrs. ends. 40 wine vessel, VEBTICAIi 41 Bushy. .1 Adroit. 42 Second note. 2 Chemical com- 44 Polisher. ing children: Roberta Bamhart, Lucille and Billy Martin, Jimmie and Betty Calloway, Berena Pugh, Virgil and Ila June Roush, and Arnold Ellis. The next.meeting will be held with Mrs. A. Harrington, January 12, 1Q33.—Reported. pounds. • 3 Dwarf bulldog. 4 Golf teacher. SStiU. 6 Marked with lines. 7 Corroded. 8 To toddle. 9 To yelp. 10 To make a 4S To-beset as an evil spirit 53 Sash. 54 Fish. .55>Ietallic rock. 56 By. 58 Fence rail. 59 Greek letter 60 Fieur-de-lla. eiWrath. The Baptist Temple. All regular services will be resumed tomorrow. Ttie pastor will preach in the morning on the topic, "Our Bulwark for 1933." In the evening, "Dividends From the Depression." The ordinance of the Lord's Supper will be observed at the momlng service and the Right Hand of FeUowsbip be given to many new members. The ordhumce of baptism will be administered at the evening service. The public is cordially invited. Free Methodist Cbnrcb (307 North Third) Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching 11 a, m. Evening services 7:30 p. m. Revival services begin this week, with Revl C. S. Porter, of Wichita. Clear, searching, instructive massages—an abundance of lllustration»— shnple language. Hear Porter's sermons on the book of Revelations. You'll be sorry for every message you miss; You are "welcome here. The pastor's regular broadcast from KGGP, Coffeyville, iiFriday momlng from 10 to 10:30. (This program supported by contribution.) RICHARD TRAVER, Pastor. Honsebold of Both Meets. The (Household of Ruth, G. U. O. of O. F., Chapter 6078, gave a house banquet at the home of Mrs. R. D. KeUogg, M. N. G., 604: North Cottonwood, December 27. A siuprtse program was presented. Rev. J. W. Gordon, St. Joseph, Mo., aiod the Rev. J. C. Carter, pastor of the A. M. E. church here, gave short talks. There were vocal and quartet singing and reading ijumbers. Tliirty- fIve were present for the t«'o-com«e luncheon served amid Christmas decorations. Out-of-town guests were Mrs. H. H. Edmond and the Rev. Mr. Oordon, St. Joseph. The Queen Hestw circle of the women's home and foreign mission society will hold its first meeting of the year at the Kellogg home Tuesday evening, Jan. 3. (By J. P. BEJLL) | S. E. Ciason, 13 South Kentucky, made a business -trip with hi^ lOg truck to Kansas City early Thursday momlng, returning lliursday afternoon. | The work of rebuilding the ware ipom which was destroyed at the Foster store about three weeks ago, is progressing rapidly under the di- rectton of J. W. Benedict. Two East lola men recently put in a couple of days baling hay for a farmer and took their pay In navy beansr-good substantial food. Mrs. Nellie Cason was calling on East lola friends and relatives yesterday. H..R. Croucher. the barber, who has been seriously 111 of double pneumonia at his hjome 111 South Kentucky, is reported to be convalescing. Mrs. Elizabeth Holeman who was seriously injured when she fell down stairs at her home about three flceeks ago, iis somewhat improved; but still far Ironi being-over the. effects of the accident. ; The Rev. T. J. Hackett has suf-, ficiently recovered from the-flu to be able to be up and around. Miss Carrie Clayton who came home to spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Clayton, will return to her school work at Columbus tomorrow. Mrs. Art Howey spent yesterday, with her sister, MrS. Kfite Camp-' hell on South State, 1 Art Howey drove to Kansas City 'Thursday night to deliver a truck load of stock. ' Misses Maxine and MadeUne MitcheU came down from Kansas City, where they are school stud-' ents, to spend the holidays with their mother, Mrs. F. M. Mitchell. The flu epidemic is reported to be subsiding in East lola; Harold Shinn, who suffered an attack of the flu last week, is able to be out. Virgil Shinn has retvumed to his home in Milford, Mo., after several days visit with his brother, A. H. Shinn and family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haberbosch, 301 South Second, are the parents of a baby girl, bom yestierday morning. Homer Nicliois and Forrest Etter, Dawson, Neb., spent Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. bharles Peres and family, 427 South Second. Homer and Forrest are cousins of Mrs. Peres. ' 1 James A. Davis north of LaHarpe, called on Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Baker and daughter Dorotha, 5021 South Third. Fridays i Buddy Bolin is quite ill at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nate Bplin, 320. South Third. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lewis and Mrs. Minnie GUdden, Mildred,' visited Thursday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Claire Sigler, 327 South. Third. Mrs. Sigler, who- is seriously ill, is improving. Lee Pine has returned to his home Lee Summit, Mo., after visiting his mother, Mrs. D. T. Shelton and family, 226 South Tennessee.- Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Cole, 336 South Indiana, announce the birth December 23, of, a baby boy. W. D. White has returned home after visiting his children in Dallas, Texas. Kenneth Baker, Richai-d. Brown, and Aubrey Leslie motored to Garnett Tuesday evening 'where they spent the evening with friends.. Wayne Neden, little son of the Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Neden, Ftirt Scott, is seriously ill at the home of his grandmother, Mrs. Reta Hathaway. Ruby Pearson. Neodesha, is ill at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Lester, 617 North Colbom. Mrs. J. C. Robinson spent Tuesday aftemoon- with Mrs.' W. R. Marthi, 507 South Third. Floyd Kunkleman, 230 South Tennessee, .motored to Kansas City Thursday on business. Mrs. M. R. Bishop, Mrs. Lawrence Hardesty, Miss Vh-ginia Guy and the Rev. A. V. Howland were callers Thursday at the J. C. Baker home. The Rev. J. E. Johnson and son Carl, Eupora, Miss., and Walter Mundis, Springfield, Mo., visited the past few days with Mr. and Mrs. John Selvidge and family, 405 South Second. Ernest Barnes is m of the flu af his home, 510 North Cottonwood. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. East and children spent Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs, J. C. Baker, 602 South Third. Mrs. Charles Mui-phy, 221 South Third, who has been quite ill at her home, was reported to be Improved y^rday. A small ad m the Classified col- umps often puts over a big deal. CARPENTER (Mrs. Mabel S. Sell.) Dec. 2fl.—The warm rain was more welcome th%n anyttjJng we have had in the weather line for a long time. It made water in most of the wells and some stock water. A warm Christmas this year, after the severe cold weather. The Lou Shapcl family moved from the John Rees farm to a farm north of Carlyle last Tuesday. Mrs; Fred Heinz is home from the hospital now, - and able to be up a part of the time. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pinrcell ate Christmas dinner at the parental Sell' home. Carpenter school gave a Christmas program at^ thfe schoolhouse Thiffsday evening. Mrs. Mike Trputwtne visited at Jolm Troutwine's yesterday afternoon. • Letha and Cliffprd "Troutwine visited Tuesday evening a week ago with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grimm. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Williams and family spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Bamett and familyj ' Mr! and Mrs. Elmer Belnap took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. John Troutwine and family Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Little of Wichita spent Christmas week-end with Mr. and Mrs. C E. Belnap. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Buner w;ere business callers at the borne of John Troutwine last week. Mrs. M. M. Troutwine visited at the Bell home Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Minnie Cleaver Is helping care for the baby girl bom p9 Ur, and Mrs. Rotbeil Cleaver last Friday. ' Joins its cmplor/ees and correspondents in extendiny to ; ' all its readers most cordial^good icishes for a Happy and Prosperous NewCVear Business Department Angelo Scott Laura Buttram Advertising Emerson E. Lynn Blanche Marmont Circulation Harold Smith Beatrice McMurray EDITOR AND PUBLISHER CHAS. F. SCOTT News Chas. F. Scott Jr. J. p. Bell Bud Roberts Job and Bindery L. R. Vamer • Lenelle Vamer H. T. Ashlord . iBon Kesslnger Andrew Wilson" Mrs. Susie.Meade Printing IJepartmeni H. E. •W^itaker r, Charies E. May Richard: Tobey Charles Tobey .Walter Maudlin j ^ Alvin Alexander Harry Davis, Janitor. Mailing Clerks Wlllard' Troutwine ; Harold Merizle ....THE lOLA REGISTER CARRIER SA|:.ES]VPN.... Kenneth Henry, 411 S. Chestnut. Phil McCarthy, 609 E. Madison Kennetli Gordon, 403 South St. George Lane, 224 N. Walnut George Vaught, 216 S. Second St, CLINTON ADDITION I Beryl Peterson KATY CROSSING Frances Ansel STERLING HEIGHTS James Copening ' MOBAN Charles Vestal Chester Hamill. 515 B. Cottonwood Thomas Breckenridge, 502 N. Wal. Loraine Steele, 508 N. Walnut Harold Shaflcr, 216 N. Walnut Burton McIntjTc. 321 S. State LAIIARPE 1. Lcnnie Green 2. Doris Clark 3. Glen Delaplain S.4DIE TOWN Melvin Morris .MILDRED John Hr.berbosch Kenneth Fraser, 1124 N. Buckeye Clarence Wolf ^ 322 N. Walnut Richard Brazee, 833 N. Jefferson , Sylvester Metdnger, 209 S. Walnut Howard Jarae^. 419 S. Chestnut GAS CITY 1. Frahk.Frasc 2. Howard Baldwin IIUMI^OLbT & RURAL Dale Stalnaker NEOSHO FALLS Howard Holtz •COUNTRY (|ORRESPQNDENTS.>.. Itlrs. Hattifi GuUett C. L. Arnold Mrs. John Page Mrs. Floyd McCormack Miss Marjorie Gibson . Mrs. A. M. Quist Mrs. Mable S. Sell Verena Churchill Mrs. .Lewis Hartman ^Mlss iFraices Swickard 'Mrs. Velma James Audrey Cress Miss Fem Irwin Miss.Meribeth Ater Mrs. Charles Isaac Mrs. H. CJ. Fond Mrs. W. P.. Heath Ada McBee Mrs. Anna Price Mrs. J. W. Brothers Mrs. Eldon Price Mrs. Fred Dice Mrs. Charles Melvin Beulah Alderman Mrs. Edward Sisson Blanche Ellis Mrs. Ella Pbnsler Nettie Osborn C. E. Berlsihiser Mrs. William Feeney L. D. Mattocks Mrs. John Holmes Miss Lorena Butterfield Mrs. A. F. Holten Mrs: T. R. Curtis Mrs. V. W. Heath Hel^n Adams Mrsl Oscar Brown B. F. Low Mrs. S. M. Dickerson " Miss Gladys Hesseltlne Shirley Nigh Beverly Mallory Plorent J. Heiman Mrsj, L, S. Mogel Mrs|. Bessie Penland Mrs. Frank Barth Mrs. Frank Myers Vara Rogers Mrs. O. W. Ramey Mrs.. Clare Wilson Ava Morrow I IMrs. Will Duggan Mrs. Anna Stout Hazel Markley Mrs. Fred Duffey Mrs., Dessie Carrier t Star Valley Schopl Mrs. S. T.' Gerdsen ; Mrs. R. D. Northway Mrs. Carl Beadel Mrs. V. L. Palmer Paul R. Iden Miss Velma Ryon Alice Proyancha Mrs. Dave ,Landon » j Mrs. Oscar Johnson - ' Albert Hom^ Miss Pearl Shigley B. C. Brelner Alva L. Hess (Mt. Pleasant Schoqi) May:Boss Mrs. Floye B- Cation Mrs. H. D. Bamett Mrs. Harold Gay Leila; McFarland Mrs.;Thomas Zimmerman Mrs.-J. E. Elliptt Miss Lucille Davis Boniile JeSeries (Wise School) ' K. n. Pettit (LaHarpe High School) Mildted High School Mrs. Madeline Cunningham (Rock Creek School) Elizabeth E. Johnson (Neosho Valley; School) . Miss Helen Wilson (Union School)

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