Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on July 21, 1933 · Page 9
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 9

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1933
Page 9
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*.• BWTM 111 im DAILY nnuirE mnw. AUKS tow A FRIDAY, JULY 21,1933. iCTION OP 34 PCT, IN JUNF DES MOINES <UE>—Construction contracts in 11 state* east of the Itocky mountains during June were 34 percent greater than the tetaJ recorded by the P. W. Dodge corporation for the previous month of May. In a report released here Friday by the New York firm, figure* revealed that 1103,255.400 had been awarded in June as compared to 177.171,700 shown for May work, During June of last y*ar the contract volume amounted to fllj,- 07S.OOO. Breaking the June 1933 contract total down the Dodge organisation indicated a total of *74 J u*,«W f«r prlvately-flnance* uadertakl»sjs as distinguished fron the te<al of I $!im<XX) for puUlely financed work. Thus the total of private work during June compares with onjy 153,487 for May a«d *4M<X/ 800 in .June, 19)2. Showing a further distribution of last month's awards as between major structural classifications, the current report gives a June total of $17,793,200 for residential building as against 126,511.700 for May,'and only $>3,U«,20$ fa June 1M2. Non-residential building awards during June amounted to f61.024,* 400 as compared with 131,639.400 for May and W,«12,«00 for June, 1932. Awards for public works and public utilities during June 1>3? totaled $24,437,800 as, against $!»,012,600 for May and $60,146,200 for June of last year. Extra SPECIAL Fresh Potato Chips pkg IOC Mother's Bread and Whole Wheat Jc ALL OTHER BAKE GOODS AT WHOLEJA1E PRICES ' . ' ' ^ Melburg Bake Shop "An Iowa Corporation Operated by lows People" CASH IN ONTtiESE LOW _ PRICES! Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday " July 21st, 22nd and 24th SOAP, P & G Luna . 10 bars 2lC *lb cad -lbb*gl9C 1-lb can SODA CRACKERS rVM^UCC Choice Santo L-V/rrJDtl "Our Breakftu COCOA, Hershey's BREAD ..... .12-ozloaf §c NAVY BEANS H^TS^ 6 Ibs 2Jc PTPF Cftofce, » |L It.,, m*- KJL^C Blue Roge 0 IDS A96 HEINZ KETCHU^ ^ hot IOC Heinz Pork & Beans i£T J cans 2§C Heinz Vinegar c $Ste r 24~° z ^ SPECIAL SALE Canned Foods, No.10 Apples Peaches Apricots Loganberries Quality" guaranteed Blackberries Pears' Finest Selected Frait Sonkist, Specials, S60's * BANANAS LEMONS WATERMELONS ONIONS * e l^ on ' s FARMERS, BRING US YOUR EGGS-WE PAY __ HIGHEST PRICES m - - i 1MB "U r "ii muj _i_ _L_M_ L. u^^a i i) miMmm ALL PRICES LOW AT THE RED BALL Red Ball Market Phone for Meat—133 RELIABLE PRICES — :— RELIABLE SERVICE HAMBURGER or PORK SAUSAGE 6 Ibs PORK LOIN ROAST, lb .. PORK CHOPS, 3 Ibs 25C SUGAR CURED Morrell's j-lbpc BACON 3-Lb Box 25C BEEF BOIL Windsor BACON SPECIAL! Boned, Rolled PICNICS lOc Ovenlzed PORK TENDERLOIN . . . lb PRICES GOOD ALL NEXT WEEK MINCED HAM, 2 to 3-lb pc BEEF ROAST, lb loc ROLLED RIB ROAST, lb .. COUNTY OFFICERS END CONVENTION New Officer* Elected Thursday DES county complete fcltli A MOLNES Wt) — officials Friday were to 1MI «aBtiaJ oonren iiti of report* and •election of a site for »ext year's meeting. > New officer* eleetM !»' Thur»- 4»r'» included: first vice-president; F. W. Wright, OskalooM. second vice-president; tad Vera S«tott, Storm *Lake,~Mc- retary-tre*«urer. Superrisors; Cliff T. Williams, Ogden, president; D. 8. Tvogood. Htaton, vlee-pmidemt, and William Kirkpatrick, Reuaor, secretary- treasurer. Treasurers: Alien Muaa, Dei Moines, president; Frank Williams, Cedar Rapids, r|ce president, and Joy Rldgeway, Muoft City, secretary. ., v • ' -" Recorders: G. C. Sparks, Musc*- tln«, president; Mrs. Ague* Hermanson, Des M6laes'. vice-president, and Mrs. Haxel Jolly, Add, secretary. Three changes in Iowa laws were recommended by the supervisors in their meeting here. They passed resolutions asking the state legislature to Increase the county poor relief levy from 3 to *l mills, to fix county poll taxes uniformly at $2 with a 25 cent monthly penalty after Atffir 1 each year, and to eliminate allocation of gasoline tax funds to counties. The gasoline funds should be turned over td the state highway commission, the supervisors contended. In recommending tor an Jncreaseded poof relief levy they cited the fact that the new 25 per- csnt cut in valuations would seri- otlsly curtail relief funds. A 7 mill levy under the new law, would equal a 1% levy under the old arrangement, it WM explained. The convention, which opened Thursday'was spent largely in discussion of problems of county government -management under reduced budgets. Principal speakers on the program were'Charles Murtagh, state comptroller; C. J. Bums of the state auditor's office and Ben Hall, board of assessment and review field assessor.- the work of tbf eollef • in agriculture wore «k»e|y to the farmers, of "Mifhett Confidence* "Inasmuch M Pknow rery little of tnt farm*n' problem*, i have '•elected tht farmer whom I know best tod in whoa* ability and Judgment I have the highest confidence t« »tudy these two problem* and adrile me. Mr. Godfrey will study .what ts belnf done most effectively by other institutions Iowa State In securing the most effective and economical cooperation between teaching, extension and research and we shall hope thru his Investigations to improve materially what we are doing here to this regard. He will also study and bring to us new and useful ideas. He -will visit Iowa farmers widely with a view both to explaining to them how the college can serve them and to finding out from them what sort of college services the farmers need moat, "It Is ray earnest desire that Iowa State college shall keep close to the interests and needs of Iowa farmers and to do this I fee) the need of an Iowa fanner in the administration, a man who actually knows Iowa farming as It Is, who knows and understands the Iowa farmers and who can speak from me to them about the plans of the college. •/ "\ have great confidence that the addition of such a man to the administrative staff in agriculture will be very valuable both to the college and to the state. "During the coming year the five of us. Dean Klldee. Director Buchanan, Director Bliss, Mr. Godfrey, and myself, -will' hope to start a new era of service, cooperation and efficiency, for Iowa State college." LfAYElTEIf. LAFAYETTE TWP.—Mrs. Fred Wlrtn, 73, life-long resident of Lafayette township, died at her home here Thursday evening following a. several months illness. Funeral services will be conducted from St. Peters and Pauls church Saturday morning at 9 o'clock and Interment will be in the church cemetery. Born Louise JBaldus, June 14, 1860, Mrs. Wirth was married to Fred Wirth, June 24. ISTt. The couple celebrated tneir golden wedding anniversary in 1929. Besides her husband, five sons and five daughters, five great grandchildren, and a brother, T. P. Baldus, of Jewell, survive. The children are Mrs. Will Monson of Springfield, Minn., Mrs. Ed Hildman, Mrs. George Hildman and Mrs. Will Terch, all of Wesley; Mrs. Frank Rlcke of near Boone, Joe of near Boone, C. J. at home, and Leo, John and Laurence of Lafayette township. NEVADA — Henry Christiansen and Gerhard Ostrem of Story City were in Story county jail here Friday awaiting arraignment 'before Justibe Dana on charges of intoi- I icatlon. The two men were ar- ' rested Thursday night ; at Story City by Sheriff J. R. Hattery, Deputy Hansen and Marshal Ole Roth. J«ss Collup of Nevada was sentenced, to 15 days in the county Jail Thursday when he pleaded guilty to a chafgfe of intoxication before-Justice Dana. Colliip was arrested Wednesday night by county officers. Arraignment will be held in Ames municipal court some time this week for Roy Munson of Story City, who' was arrested Wednesday night by Sheriff Hattery, Deputy Hansen and Marshal Roth. He is charged with illegal possession of intoxicating liquor. Cdps Aided Stork McPHBRSON, Kan. (Life) — Just aft«r bandits had terrorized citizens of three states In the middle west, a large touring car went tearing down one of McPherson'i main streets. Cruising police finally overtook the car after a ild chase. Revolvers were drawn, A-aurs« peered out and Informed officers the stork was about to win a. race. With sirens serganMni again, police assisted the nurse to the hospital and beat the stork. GEORGE GODFREY PUT ON AGRICULTURE STAFF (Continued from page 1) vances to be made by this division next year. "For the past two years a very exhaustive study has been made of the extension work In agriculture and home economics and this spring the committee of which Dr. J. B. Davidson was chairman pub llshed a report of this study. During the coming year I expect Director Bliss and his Advisors to carry ftn a number of further studies in the directions that the committee regards as most promising and it seems probable that there will be material Improvements In our extension work. "Now that these three aspects of our work in ngrlcultur* have been reorganized. I *m dforous of determining what can be done tc Incrrrif,* the cooperation between t''c:o three dftimrtinentx und »l*o lo Colermliii! how we can n-laur Keith's Fruit Store 315 MAIN LEMONS. doz ORANGES, large . ... doz GRAPEFRUIT, 54 size. .6 for GRAPEFRUIT $ for LETTUCE . . . ... . each GREEN BEANS .... ORANGES, Simkist . . CANTALOUPE, large. . BANANAS ...... GREEN ONIONS. . . . bch lc BEETS. . ... . . .2 bchs 5c CARROTS . . . . . .3 bchs lOc Black Raspberries S £J£ X $1.75 Red Raspberries S* $2.25 . doz He 2 for 15C MEAT LOAF, *«y2 Ibs.: 17c SMOKED ROLLED HAMS, lb. 12'^c DRIED BEEF, BACON, 5-lb box ....... PORK SAUSAGE Ib ... ........ ,. PORK ROASTj Ib ..... ....... ... PORK CHOPS, ^ A . IOC ^_ . 9C 4 A _ IOC ROASTING HENS, Ib ROLLED RIB, Ib ; PORK STEAK, lb BOLOGNA, lb BEEF STEAK, lb'.. ICt. CHE AM, -feff. qt. 27c OPEN SUNDAY ir to 1, 5:30 to 7 BUTTER, fancy creamery, lb ... CALUMET Baking Powder, 1 lb PEANUT BUTTER, 2-lb jar ... PICKLES, Sweet, quart jar DILL PICKLES, quart jar COFFEE, good grade, lb GREEN TEA, Vz lb POWDERED SUGAR, 3 Ibs .. BREAD, loaf PRUNES, 2 Ibs PINEAPPLE, Cr., No. 10 size. PINEAPPLE, Sli. No. 2i/ 2 ; 2 for.. APRICOTS, No. 2y 2 ; 2 for APRICOTS, No. 1 size; 3 for ... CORN, No. 2 can; 4 for aREEN BEANS, Mo. 2; 3 for .... SPINACH, No. 2; 2 for PORK & BEANS, No. 2% can 26c 2)c Zlc 15c 49C 35c 2$c 2$c 28c 2$c NEW HONEY, 1-lb cake .... BIG 4 SOAP, 40 bars ' CAMAY and H. W. Castile, each SILK TISSUE, 1000 sheets, 3 for rOASTIES, large, 2 for MACARONI, bulk, 2 Ibs NAVY BEANS, 4 Ibs LEMONS, large, per doz ORANGES, 2 doz APPLES, Transparent, E Ibs ... WATERMELONS, lb < POTATOES,. lOc I4c 19C IZc LETTUCE, Head, aach CANTALOUPE, jach CUCUMBERS, 3 for TOMATOES, 2 Ibs FRESH PEAS, 2 lb« WAX BEANS, grown, lb. 28c 28c 25C 2c 45C IOC lOc 18c lOc ALL MEAT ORDERS FILLED •••••••••^^^••••••^^••••••••••••••••••i Todd's Market AND DELICATESSEN Phone 52 Eaton & Wright I CASH GROCERY Friday and Saturday Specials 127 Main St. Free Delivery Phone No. 53 I straAJt Pure Fine GraBttlat«d -» L J\ ', ' (J ^ f v, i •. i PSII •"^ TM e M or^i r E: c 0*0 or-" tOWMT AVERAGE fBIOB 01IOI1UT011 CflSESX Mild, Sweet Lonfhora Pott Toastiei Large Pkg L I9c PORK & BEANS Hart Brand Fancy !4o. 2% Can L We Bert Food* Demonstration Mayonnaise or Relish Spread 8-o« jar 2 for 38c; 16-oi 29c French Dressing, 8-oz jar 17c Salad Dressing, qt jar... Me Fruits' For Salad Del Monte Fancy, No. 1 Tall Can BAKING POWDER Calumet 1-Lb Can 24C Macaroni Spaghetti American Beauty, Finest Quality Northern Titfrae Llnenized L Me PABST CHEESE American, Brick, Pimento or Pabstette '/t-Lb Pkg 2 for 33c Pineapple Solar Slightly Broken Slices. No. 2% 17c Dozen cans $1.99 Salmon Meteor Fancy Pink 1-Lb Tall Can 2 for 2}C Dill Pickles Happyvale Small Whole £ J7C Milk Northfleld Pure Evaporated Tall Can J for l^c SOAP p White 44 NapthaXl & G U.25C BUTTER Iowa State College Table Brand or Boone, lb PEACHES Hillsdale Sliced or Brookdale Y. C. %'s, No. 10... BREAD Harts Butterkrust — White or Whole ., Wheat, loa^. §C CAMPBELLS SOUPS All Varieties 21 Kinds Doien 95c 3 for 25c Peanut Butter Win/You Fancy 2-Lb Jar zzc COFFEE Del Monte or Maxwell House Lb can 28C EGGS Strictly Fresh Country Direct From the Farm a DOZ Z5C FLOUR Gold Medal Kitchen Tested •w* ^b^B^Z Heart of Iowa 5-Lb fg~ Bag XwC Pecan Rolla Lge Cluster a tor 2SC PICNIC BUNS 2 Doz RINSO For Fine Fabrics , JStfr' RICE ERISPIES , Kellogg's L I9c HONEY New. 1933 Crop; 1-Lb far Strained or Comb Grapefruit Juice No.' 2 Can L 2JC TEA BISCUITS White or Graham Dos 12C Cocoanut CAKE . E» I9c £KXXXX*XXXXXXXXXX^^ BANANAS, Extra Fancy Fruit ORANGES, Headquarters for the Beit Fresh Sunkist Fruit 2 dozen 2 dozen .. 2 dozen 33c 43c 55* POTATOES, U. S. No. 1 Large Kansas Cobblers 1$ Lb Peck ecr •*•**• Jumbo, Fine Flavor, Ripe, Each FRESH PEAS PLUMS, best for eating, doz 10c; basket . . . , HEAD LETTUCE, fresh^ large, 2 for . .. CABBAGE, green, solid,' • lb ..:.... PEACHES, Freestone Elbertas, large basket ':. t ...... RED RASPBERRIES, fresh, pint 49c 18c ft We 18c CHERRIES, California Bings, lb . BLUEBERRIES, fresh Canadian, pint . . . < . . . ... . . . . . CARROTS, large bunch, 2 for WATERMELONS, ice cold, large, each CUCUMBERS, crisp, green, each , 18C ZOC lie Wr W Pose's Market Quality Meats at Low Cost—229 Main St. LARSEN'S CAMPUS MARKET SWISS ROAST, Of Corn Fed Beef lb. 15c FLANK STEAKS, 2 IK 3Sc BEEF TiNPiRLOIN PADDIES, . ft. 28c SHORT RIB BOIL of BEEF, . 3 Ibs. 25c ROLLED ROAST, Prime Beef or Veal lb. 2Cc PORK TINPIRLOIN PAPPUS, lb. 28c Veal Chops, lb. ISc | Ham Rolls, y 16c Swift's Premium BACON, lb. 25c SHANKLESS PICNICS, Barb'cued RIBS Baked Beans and Potato Salad Pint

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