Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 7, 1965 · Page 3
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 3

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1965
Page 3
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HIDAY, MAY 7, 1963. IRONWOOD DAIIY GIOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THRtt for A SEPARATE Gogebic Community College Who Benefits from a Community College! You Do... Just About Everyone Does! Students Do... Employees and Workers Do... Prospective Industries Do... Aspiring and deserving students of the area who may lack the finanicial means or meet all the academic requirements of other colleges and universities have the opportunity to further their education at LOW COST! Cuts down the cost of the first two years of college for all students! Many who wish to re-train, acquire new skills, or increase their earning power can find the community college an important source of help. This help can be provided locally, at low cost to the trainee! Those considering re-location in the area or those searching for means to train or re-train workers will find a community college of invaluable assistance in this field. This can be of great help in convincing prospective industries. Business Does... The larger the enrollment, the greater the advantage, not only by the addition of outside capital to the stream of business, but by retaining monies within the communities which would otherwise drift to other college cities. Cultural Life of the Area Does... Everybody Does... The cultural life of the area can be enriched with new ideas and personal development which result from continued study and expression emanating from the faculty and students. A separate institution will enable the college to exercise greater latitude in providing cultural activities in the area. The economic worth of the college to the community would b« increased in direct relationship to the increase in enrollment which would follow. The payroll and supplies purchased by the college would be comparable to a steady valuable industry. GETOUT The Cost Is SMALL... The BENEFITS Are GREAT! This Advertisement Authorized and Paid for by the Undersigned Public Spirited Citizens of Gogebic County John G. Albert Lamese Albert Mr. & Mrs. Roy Ahonen George Albert 1 Mr. & Mrs. John Albert Mr. & Mrs. Michael Albert Mr. & Mrs. Moes Albert Mr. & Mrs. Harry Aldridge Ned Aldrich Mr. & Mrs. C. Harold Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Luther A. Anderson Ethel Anderson Samuel Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Jos. J. Andrini Mr. & Mrs Armis J. Antin Mr. & Mrs. Wm. A. Antino.ja Mr. & Mrs. Jos. H. Abelman Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Abelman Mr. & Mrs. Chas. J. Best Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Burns Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Peter Ballone Mr. & Mrs. Wm. P. Barnaby Mr. & Mrs Jay P. BennettS Mr. & Mrs. Norman Berg Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Boline Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Bria Mr. & Mrs. Howard Brown Cosmo Bonello Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bentilla Theodore Brunelle Mary Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Roy Bedell Mr. & Mrs. Tony Bahun Mr. & Mrs. Andrew F. Bednar Helen A. Seller Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Boyer Mr. & Mrs. Jas. R. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Jos. L. Bulinski Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bull Mr. & Mrs. Wm. L. Burns Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Butler Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Blaisdell Marilyn Butson Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Cloon Mr. & Mrs. Domenic Corullo Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Costantino Mr. & Mrs. Donald Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Erin Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Edwin L. Carlson Mr. & Mrs. H.lalmer Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Fred Cerasoli Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Carlson Mr & Mrs. R. E. Chenoweth Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Cherne Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Childers Mr. & Mrs. Thos. G. Christensen Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Cigallio Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Clemens Mr. & Mrs. Wm. G. Cloon, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Anton Colasacco Mr. & Mrs. E. Dempsey Colasacco R*v. Louis C. Cappo Mr. & Mrs. Arco Certano Mr. & Mrs. Paul Contralto Mae Qrenna Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Carroll. Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James Cudahy Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Davies Catherine Davies Mr. & Mrs. Francis W. Dii/fin Judy Davidson Dorothy DeRubeis Katherine Duffih Mr. & Mrs. Arne Dalbaeka Mr. & Mrs. Mickey E. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Victor J. Dayhrash Mr. & Mrs. R. Ernest Dear Mr. & Mrs. Sam Davey Vince Dougherty Mr. & Mrs. Frank Drazkowski, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Fred Dubbe Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Egizi Mr. & Mrs. Dudley S. Elsemore Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Elsemore Mr. & Mrs; Ned Elsemore Elizabeth Ekstrom Mr. & Mrs. Rutger Erickson Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Ehnbom Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ehlenz Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Falkinoski Mr. & Mrs. Harry Felix Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Filippini Mr. & Mrs. Sar Fiori Mr. & Mrs. D. E. Ferguson Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Forshmd Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Freedstrom Catherine Gustafson Mr. & Mrs. Dale Grimnitz Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Garvey Mr. & Mrs. John Graves Mr. & Mrs. M. E. Gingrich Mr. & Mrs. Russell W. Glynn Mr. & Mrs. Ben Goldman' Mr. & Mrs. John J. Gorilla. Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Chas. E. Gotta Mr. & Mrs. Jos. L. Gotta Luther Cribble Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Grigg Mr. & Mrs. P. R. Gunderson Vienna L. Gustafson Louis A. Gheller Mr. & Mrs. Basil Hicks Mary R. Hayes Ruth Healy Mr. & Mrs. James Hocking Rev. & Mrs. Dale Hoffschneider Mr. & Mrs. Albert H. Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Oscar R. Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Reino M. Hauta Mr. & Mrs. Robt J. Hellman Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Holemo Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Haapoja Esther Hakala Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Halverson Victor J. Hamet Mary Hantula John E. Hautancn Gary Heath Baillies Healy Mr. & Mrs. Nick Hcikkila Bernard Hokkanen Mr .and Mrs. Roy Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. C. M. Humphrey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Immich Mr. & Mrs. Anton Ippolite W. G. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. H. W. "Bud" Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Earl Jacobson Gertrude Jacquart Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Jacisin Mr. & Mrs. Jack Jacobs Mr. &Alrs. Wm. J. Jennings Mr. & Mrs. Allgot Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Archie Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Carl G. Johnson Carl L. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Donald Johnson Mr. & Mrs. E. R. Johnson Mi\ & Mrs. Edwin J. Johnson Archie Johnson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Ragnar E. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Wm. L. .Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Frank July Mr. & Mrs. Rurik Jansson Mr. & Mrs. R. W. Johnson Carl Johnson Carl Kleimola Frank F. Kontny Mr. & Mrs. Reino A. Kangas Robert Knapp Mr. & Mrs. Eric Kettula Mr. & Mrs. Kauno Kahila WiLho Kaartanen Mr. & Mrs.-George Kahara Mr. & Mrs. Herman Kattclus Mr. & Mrs. C. C. Keeton Mr. & Mrs. Lee G. Kirstcn Mike Khoury Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Kinnunen Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kordel Mr. & Mrs. Hjalmer J. Koskela Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Krause Mr. & Mrs. Tony Krizmanich Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Kronlund Martin Kopnick Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rending Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Karki Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kaesir Mr. & Mrs. Nels Kuivinen Mr. & Mrs. Willirna A. Kuivinen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lahti Mr. & Mrs. David G. Lindquist Saima Liimakka Leone Ft LeClaire Martin Lamoreaux Lloyd W. Leppanen KHtherlne Laabs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. & Mrs. A. N. Laclin & Mrs. Lauri J. Lahti & Mrs. Robert Lahti & Mrs. Bernard E. Larson & Mrs. Claude J. Larson & Mrs. Leonard Larson & Airs. George Lee & Mrs. Nathan L. Leiu & Mrs. Victor F. Lemmer L. J. Lieberthal Dr. P. R. Lieberthal Irene Liljestrom Mr. & Mrs. E. Wm. Lindberg Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Lindberg Mr. & Mrs. John P. Lofberg Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lindner Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Lopez Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Lorenson Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Lund Mr. & Mrs. Melvin W. Luoma Mr. & Mrs. Ernest J. Lutey Mr. &• Mrs. Ray Lutwilzi Mr. &Alrs. Robt. B. Lynn Mr. & Mrs. George C. Mussatli Air. & Mrs. George B. Margetta Helen Martinkewiz Mr. & Airs. Joseph McGrath Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Alatlson Gerald Alassa Tynne Alaki Hon. & Airs. Jos. Mack Mr. & Airs. J. Leonard Maki Mr. & Airs. Wm. E. Alaki & Mrs. Edward Alanki & Mrs. Jack E. AIcKcn/.ie & Airs. Herbert Mattson & Mrs. Hjalmer Mattson & Mrs. Wm. J. Mattson & Airs. Robert AlcCauley and Airs. David E. McDonald and Mrs. Jos. J. AIcKcvitt & Airs. W. F. McLean, Jr. & Mrs: Leonard J. McManimm John M. Alerich, Jr. Mr. & Airs. John Meyer Richard C. Alichaels' Mr. & Airs. Louis J. Mikesh Air. & Mrs. George E. Miller Air. & Mrs. Win. Miller Mr. & Airs. Earl Alinkin Air. & Airs. Raymond Alollard Mr. & Airs. Harlow W. Moore Kenneth Morin Mr. & Mrs. A. R. Alunari Air. & Airs. Jos. Mrotchak & Mrs. Isadora Mat-cani & Mrs. Roy D. Alalmberg & Airs. Wm. A. Alanki and Mrs. Paul Alartilla Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Mascotti Mr. & Mrs. Emil J. Mascotli Mr. & Mrs, Louis C. Mascotti All All Mr All Air Air All- Air Air Mr Air Mr Mi- Mr Mr. SiATrs. John Alatonich Air. & Mrs. Win. R. McKie All-. & Mrs. Peter A'lontonati Mr. & Airs. Reuben Alaki George B. Nelson Mr. & Airs. Ray H. Nieini Jack Nclmark Mr. & Mrs. J. Philip Nelson Air. & Airs. Elmer Newman Air. &• Airs. Stanley Nezworski Air. & Mrs. John N. Nienii Air. & Airs. George Nordling Mr. & Mrs. Donald Noren Airs. Fern Nolan Margaret Novasc-one Novak's Men's Clothing Louis Obradovich Walter P .Nunnimaker Lillian Olson Mr. & Mrs. E. J. Oas • Dennis O'Leary Alr. & Mrs. Patrick O'Ncil Mr. & Mrs. Wm. E. Ohland Air. & Airs. Stanley Oman All'. & Airs. John R. Ostropi Mr. & Mrs. Vernon H. Olson Virginia Pavlovich Robert Pallia ' Air. £ Airs. Roy I. Peterson Air. & Airs. Sccondo Poliano Air. & Airs. Louis S. Paoli Air. and Mrs. Louis J. Patck Air. and Airs. John D. Patrick Air. and Airs. Oscar Peltoneu Air. & Mrs. John Peltoneu Mr. & Airs. R. D. Perkins Mr. & Airs. Chester O. Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Wm. G. Phillips Air. & Airs. Leonard Poulin Air. & Mrs. Chester Prcbish Air. & Airs. Stanlev Prebish Air. & Mrs. Silvio Parolai-ai Air. <fc Mrs. Walter Payntcr Air. & Mrs. Bernrad Proft Mrs. Lucille Probelski Thelma Richards Mr. & Airs. Toivo A. Raivio Mr. & Airs. Clayton Randall Air. & Airs. Robert C. Ray Air. &Mrs. David Rasnuisscn Mr. £ Airs. Edwin Reini Mrs. George Ri.sku Airs. Bertha Rookala Mr. & Mrs. Anton Ringsimilh Mr & Airs. Albert Svnkclma Air. & Mrs. .Jacob Solin Air. & Mrs. .James Sheridan Air. & Airs. Charles Supercynski Air. & Airs. John R. Salo M}-. & Mrs. Chas. L .Santini Dr. &. Mrs. F. J. Sanlinl Mr. £ Mrs. William Sands Air. & Airs. Eugene Schlais Jacob Slier Air & Mrs. Edward Sendek Mr. & Airs. Ronald D. Sharpe Air .& Mrs. Erwood N. Slacle Mr. £ Airs. Robert E. Slining Air. £ Mrs. Ray Smeeth Mr. & Mrs. Richard V. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Raymond W. Snow Air. & Mrs. Waiko Spets Air. & Airs. Lloyd Stimers Mr. £ Mrs. John Stranahan Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Surprenant Gust Swanson Carolyn Wagner Sage Air. & Mrs. Tom Steiger Air. & Airs. Edw. Strahs Air. & Mrs. Donald P. Strelcheck George Smolich Mrs. Jessica Tollet'son Harold Torro Air. and Mrs. Alpheus Thomas Air. & Airs. Marion Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Caesar Tiziani Kenneth Tjernlund Air. & Mrs. Robert Trevarthen Air. & Airs. Gilbert Trier Air. & Airs. Joseph Trier Dennis Tiziani Mr. & Mrs. Axel E. Tenlen August Tiberi Air. & Airs. .Jos. Valle Ah:. & Airs. Sec J. Violetta Airs. Isabel Vestich Air. &Alrs. C. L. Voyce Carl M. Vertin Mr. & Mrs. George W. Waters Mrs. Lloyd Wesleen Eugene Waitanek Mr. & Mrs. .James Warren Mrs. Selma Weslerback ike Watson Air. & Airs. Carl J. Westerback Mr. & Airs. Win. Watson Mr. & Mrs. Chester Walters Air. & Airs. Bruce Weber Mr. & Airs. John Wernham Air. & Airs. Waino A. Wiemeri Air. & Mrs. Waino Wirtanen Mr. & Airs. Alfred Wright Wm. J. Wagner Mr. & Airs. George Wcstluml Natalie Wagner Air. & Mrs. Russell Wilton Air. & Airs. Anton Wyso&ki Mr. & Airs. Robert Zielinski Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Zimmerman Eugene R. Zinn. Air. & Mrs. Ted Zoberski The Following Community College Students Endorse and Support th» College Proposal* Sharlene Almy James Jeske Gary J. Anderson Jeffrey Jeskewitz Diane Armata Stephen Jurasin Polly Barbacovi Frederick Kellerman Henry Barna Patricia Konstentiui Bernadctte Barto Lois Korpi James Bednar James LaBlonde Roger Bennetts Allen Maki Eugene Billie William Mascotli Albert Bjorkquist Paula Alinkin Jill Browman Russell Molaski Herbert Butor Carolyn Nantell Dean Carli John Niksich Suzanne Cayer Ronald Niksich Bonnie Champion Alvin Nikula Bonnie Coleman John O'Brien James Currier Mrs. Marian Olson Daryl Dean Nancy Olson Judy Duclra James Oravecz Kenneth Forsland Flora Orlich Flora Frcgerio Michael Piper Kenneth Genisot Robert Rickard Gail Govednik James Rouse Susann Heczko Leonard Schutz William Hensley Dorothy Siirila Phyllis Hulstrom James Skaja Charles Ilminen Donna Soltii Roy Isaacson Daniel Sprenf Virginia Jacobson Mrs. David Stone Thomas Jacquart Richard Trethewey John Jarvi Carl Wolter David Jerik (PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT)

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