The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on March 16, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1894
Page 12
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DAILY AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THE SBNTIMGL Is the only newspaper in car toll county that Is printed all at home and It con hlDB more local and county news than any other two papers ID this county. POWEKS & COLCLO, Props. FRIDAY. MAKOH 16, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. "Midway Types." Visit Moore's shoe store. Bead Bd of Duncan & Spronl. "Midway Types,"our great coupon offer. .Too. Selzer spent Sunday in Dea Moines. W. L. Culberteon was in Omaha over Sunday. Wm. Scboeppner, of Templeton, was a Carroll visitor Saturday.. Tbos. F. Barbee, of Sioux City, is in the city attending court, Misses Maher and Kleespies, of Arcadia, •were in the city Tuesday. Louis Prill, of Qlidden, was in the city Monday attending court. Diseases of the eye, ear, throat and nbee. Dr. 0. L. Wright, Carroll. Prof. Essley, of the Olidden Normal college, was in the city yesterday. Ben Dewitt, of Menlo, a former citizen of, Dedham, was in the city Tuesday. Money to loan on real estate at 6 pur cent. V. E. Reynolds, Carroll, Iowa, Mrs. O. Havens, of Glidden was in the city visiting her daughter, Mrs. Towne. A. W. Swender left for Nebraska in company with a party of land suckers. Read ad of Dnnoan & Spronl. John Doran, of Coon Rapids, was in the city Friday.closing up a land deal of bis. Frank Nuerburg has disposed of his farm property and is now living in the city. Fred Miller and Douglas Rodgers, of Manning, were at the court room a short time Tuesday. J. P. Lasher, of Sheridan township, was in the city Wednesday calling on bis old friends. Farmers call and ee« the large assortment of farm and buggy harness at Martin & Olovia*. Chas. L. Wright and family are now located in the first ward and are going to begin^housekeeping. Jos. Laughlin, of Templeton, was in the city a few days during the severe illness of bis son's wife. Schumacher was selected Las a school director not by the support of J. B. Hungerf ord but by the people. Ed Wolfe and family have moved to the city, and are now keeping house in the northern part of the first ward. E. S. Wine and wife, of Coon Rapids, werelm the city Monday looking after the estate of the late Robert Mullov. M. Miller has been on an extended land excurson-trip in Minnesota in com . pany with a party ot land seekers. Misses Laura Herrig and Jean Stewart, Of Wall Lake, were in the city Fridad even ing as guests .at the Hinricba reception. James Babiugton hasjbeen confined to bis home for several days with kidney trouble but is again able to be around. Mrs. Chas. Buckman has sufficiently recovered from her late illness to accompany her mother to her home at Manning. Oar prioM on flour are right, suite everybody, give it a trial and you will oome back to the Yellow front for more. Read ad of Duncan & Bproul. Goo. I. Wiltse, a former citizen of Glidden, has moved to Warren township, wherelbe will farm one of the Patterson farms. Mr. and Mrs. Arbingast, of Union township, were in the city Wednesday «nd made a veiy pleasant call at this office. Bead the advertisement of Dnnoan & Bproul elsewhere in this paper. II is good reading and may be profitable for jou, too. Wm. Flenker, of Washington township, has entered the Normal college of this city and bids fulr to make a good •tudent. A brisk little runaway occurred in the weettpart of the city Tuesday afternoon. The buggy was badly broken, but no one was injured. Boone has granted a twenty years' franchise to the Boone Telephone company which hue been organised with u capital of |80,000. J. W. tilrohm's many friends were pleased to see him on the streets again Monday, he having been released from quarantine that morning. "Midway Typet" IB the title of TIIK BHNTJNKII'B portfolio of views of the Midway PJuiuauce. Read the Advertisement elsewhere. V. Uoush, of liolstleu, u former resident pod supervisor of thin county, WUB in the city Wednesday on his way to Manning, his old home. ; The sixteenth onuuul mooting of the Iowa BUtu Firemou's tournament will bo hold ut Iowa Oily on Juuo ID, 20, 81 uud »8. OuBb premiums #0,000. Bherlil Jeffrey loft Monday evening for Anunoia, 'u company with Polor iiaw- kios who was sentenced to a term of six months Iu the puultoutlury. Mies Mutle Wetherill entertained u pgrty of friends Wednesday night at liur home. The time was pleasantly passed at whist, refreshments being served Which were one of the enjoyable features of the evening's entertainment. Read ad ot Duncan & Spronl. , It yon want the disc harrow that received the highest award at the World's fair buy it of Duncan & Spronl, weet side ot court house equure. Miss Bessie Whitney entertained a large number of her young friends Satur- da> evening last and a thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all present. For sale or rent—A blacUsmith and wngon shop with tools, well located in Carroll, Iowa. For particulars call on or write W. U. Lee, Carroll, Iowa, Chose & Sanborn teas and coffees were used exclusively on the World's fair grounds, selected for their superior quality. Sold only by Merchant. All our spring elections are now over and those who failed to get an office will have to wait until the general election this fall . when thev will be given a chance. The county treasurer's office is one of the busiest places about the court bouse. This is the last month for paying the first installment of taxes without n pe Laity. It may be all right to select a trustee for an agricultural college on what "he does not know" but it will never do for a school director in a wide awake city like Carroll. The library will be open from 6 to 9 o'clock every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon. The books are in the office of C. E. Reynolds, over the First National bank. Lost, on the road between my farm in Grant township and this city, 18 yards of rag carpet. The finder will please leave atjDuncan & Sproul's and be rewarded. C. M. Mohler. Read ad of Duncan & Spronl. The ladies of the Baptist church will serve supper from five to nine o'clock this evening in the Wright building, one door west of Wetherill & Guam's. All are invited. Merchant wants yon to call at bis store and see how few goods yon can bay for five dollars. Leave your sacks and baskets at home, but put a doable box on your sled or wagon. Wm. Puttmann has returned to Carroll from Worthington, Minn..where be has been for some time past, and will make this city his future home. He says Iowa is good enough for him. W. B. Deuel left Sunday evening for his home at Lanark, 111., after a pleasant visit with his numerous friends in this vicinity, who are always glad to welcome Wallace back to Carroll. Fred Lutz, nephew of J. B. Hungerford, was in the city for a short visit. Mr. Lutz is a staunch Democrat and has just been appointed and confirmed as postmaster at his home city of Beloit, Kan. DUNCAN & SPROUL West side ot Court House Square. Will continue their policy of handling only standard and thoroughly tested FARM MACHINERY AID VEHICLES. The Normals were again defeated by the Stars Saturday by a score of 7 to 4. Long and Bchullz were the battery for the Stars and Jos. Efrermayer and O'Donnell were in the points for the Normals, It will soon be spring weather and yon will need good footwear, as this is a time wbem mouey should not be wasted in worthless goode, you will find it beet to take a little time and look at Moore's line before you buy. Wo desire to express our sincere thanks to our many neighbors and friends who so generously assisted us during (be late •ickness and death of our wife and mother. J, M. CUIHIIEU. Mus. JNO. TOIIIN. The change the Herald hue.been making so much fuss about on the school board has taken place and now it is over we wonder how it is satisfied with the natural result of its own policy of kicking on ite friends. Read ad of Duncan & Bproul. A. II. Brupgeman.of Arcadia, was called to Carroll UB a grind juror and made this office a pleasant cull Monday. Mr. Bruggeman IB one of the leading farmers of Carroll county and was the Republican candidate for representative uevorul years ago. W. 11. llcuth, of Glidden, was in the city Wednesday and called at this olllco, Mr. Death has been confined at home the greater part of tbe past winter with rheumatism, lie has leased klu farm aud will tukeju rest for u lime. B. McDonald, of Kiculund township, sin the city serving on the petit Jury. If thU uuo|woath(ir continuesthofarmers on tho jury will be glad when they are rolouued for tho work on the furui will jvgiu to dvumitd tholr attention. Audubou hud a Blabbing uii'uir lust iulurtlay night uml one of the victims died Monday uioruing. The whole couutry is up In unns and u lynching buu is feared. The Jail iabtrougly guarded ami the uuthoritleB lire prepared to muke u strong roBUtuuce. Head ud of Duuouu >V Hproul. The school caucus wan lurgely utluiid- od uud considerable interest muulfoslod. It. £1. Coburu und W. U. lUch wore placed In nomination by ucclainuiutlon uud J. F. Bchuujttclicr WUB chosen trout FASHIONS FOB EASTER. The center gown and the gown at the right are attractive novelties for Easter wear. braid. tatiu. At the left is * handsome walking costume. The latter is 6t prune cneviot, diagonal stripes, and trimmed with Hercules The coat fastens diagonally and has a vest and incroyable revere of white the secoud ward on the first ballot. The nominees give general satisfaction and will make good officials. Buy corn lands in Charles Mix county, a Missouri river county in South Dakota, south of the north line of Iowa. For particulars and map address the Charles Mix County Land company, Edgerton, South Dakota. 45-21 Chas. Moore, • of Sheridan township, was in the city Tuesday, lie has been in Canada the greater part of the winter i members had looking after his father's property. The Coon river climate evidently agreed with him for he IB looking better than we have seen him for several years. Dwight Noble returned from a visit in Illinois. He went to Chicago with a couple car loads of stock and before returning visited Rockford his old home, and several other points in the state. He Bays after a visit with old friends he was perfectly willing to return to Iowa for in his opinion it is a much better elate. Ed. Caret, of Coon Rapids, was in the city Wednesday on legal business making report as administrator of the Qeiselhart estate. He Bays he will probably spend some time at court during the trial of E. E. Spickler, who was indicted Tuesday by the grand jury . for burglarizing the store of Ei & W. Garst, Mrs. Mike Finnegan has purchased the farnu'owned by Pat Finnegan, which has been in charge of Stephen Finnegan, administrator, during the past year. Steve gave possession March first and it is claimed that the farm was in better Bhape when he left than it was when he took possession and everything was found to be all right. The election for school directors was a quiet affair, only one ticket was in the field and the election went practical, ly by default. Tbe candidates were A, W. Patterson lo fill vacancy; J, F. Schumacher and W. O Rich for long term. It is a happy condilion of affairs when the schools are in such a satisfactory condition that a school election is allowed to pass by without a contest, D. Cooper IB in tbe city Wednesday and informs us he WBB getting ready to go to Malheur, Oregon, in a few days. He will have charge of the largo ditch in which W. L. Culberlson and TUOB, F, Unrbee are interested, Ever since Mr. Cooper left Ihe mining regions many yours ago he has longed lo be buck and hails this as one of the favorable opportunities of his life which he Bos been looking for BO long. lie will be absent all summer but will return again in the fill). His family will live at Olidden during his absence, Read ad of Duncan & Bproul. It Is a generally Admitted characteristic of tho Americans that they are always anxious to?excel In every direction, hence it Is not so surprising that "Table Talk," comes to us this month very full of new Ideas and worthy of its reputation as tho American authority upon all culinary and household topics. The menus for the mouth are practical and economical, and the housekeepers Inquiry department will be a delight to every woman Interested In lier home, is will also an article on "Healthful Dwelling*." Those Interested In "Irish lace and lineup will bo gluil to read the short sketch of Mrs. Ernest Hart's struggle to give to Donegal Its present well-deserved fame. 1'ubllshed by '( able Talk Publishing Co., Philadelphia. Price H, per year. Sample copy free. Mr. and Mrs. UoliunB took their departure Thuriduy for Clinton, where they will make their homo. ThU WUB their former residence for muuy years, aud us they owned some property In that city Mr. Holmes thought it bent to return. He will euter tho employment of the company again at that point. The two young ladies will remain in tho city over Sunday when they will join their parents. This estimable family has many waim friends in tbe city who regret their departure. We wish them well aud hope to Bee them again become residents of our city. Read ad ot Duncan & Spronl. The board of supervisors was in session at tho court house Friday evening. The been over on the North examining the Hobb's bridge which had been moved a few rods down the river on the section line. The worrf was found to be satisfactory and was accepted. It was also decided to connect the sewerage of the county jail with the city sewer in the first ward. The friends of Mr. and Mrs. V.Hinrichs are legion, so many are they in fact that even the commodious residenee of Mr. Hinrichs would not accommodate them all at one time, BO they were "at home" twice last week. Friday evening the elegant rooms were crowded with guests at ah early hnur. beautiful cut flowers andtwining smilnx were used in profusion and added much to the pleasing effect of tbe decorations. Delicious refreshments were served early in the even ing, after which Ihe guests amused them selves at whist until midnight, when they departed, "all voting Mr. and Mrs. Hinrichs capital entertainers. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Whitney gave one of the pleasantest.parties of the season Thursday evening at their elegant home on North Main street. The rooms were decorated with choice flowers and plants, and as this was the first visit of many to the home of the Whitneys there were many expressions of admiration at the beauty and completeness of this commodious residence. Dainty refreshments were served early in the evening and a moit enjoyable time was had at whist until the hour of departing arrived. The ladies all declared that Jesse seems to grow younger and better looking every year, the remark being called out by the fact' that another milestone was passed Thursday in Mr, Whitney's journey through life. IfYou Wish To enjoy good health, and prevent tbe leediof dlseuiie from ripening In your system, you uboulduietbe best medicine In tbe world, Sulphur Bitters, which will prevent your system from being run down bjf making It strong and vi roin being run down by nmi Igorous.-llev. W, R. Snow. MATIIMIONV, Clerk Kennebeck issued licenses Tuesday to Rlckil BruniiB and Miss Katie You Glun, daughter of Supervisor Von Glun of Wheuthind township, one of the estimable young daughters of this county, And to Jacob Bievcrs, Jr., un.l Miss Annie E. Ahlscblleger of Sheridan township. Mr. Sieve™ IB eon of Jacob Sicvers, one of the leading f aimers of that township; also to Wilson Diinkel aud Miss Addle Livingston, both ot Carrollton. RllKOUTISUCUHKU IN AD4Y.-"My»tla CUN" forHbeuinatlmu and Neuralgia, radically cure* In one to tbree days. Its »elkm upon tbe system Is reinurkaule Und m »t«r!ous. It re- movei at onoe the cause und tbe disease Imuiodl- nt«!y dlwppeues. Tho llrnt close greatly beneuts 76 oU. Sold by J, W. Hutton druggist Carroll. QOOD CITIZENS. Dullun Center Times. Monday evening Messrs. John uud Orville Woodward left to invoice a stook of agricultural implements they have bought «k Carroll, where they will go into bosiuwc. They will not move at present but out* ol them will be there all the time. Everybody regrets losing these two gentleman. They u*ve been identified with the town and its intereati BO long that it ee*rnn too bad they could Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair. ^PRICE'S not have found it justifiable to have re< mained here. W.ll, Carroll will, gain two mighty good citizens and can be congratulated on that fact. Our brother editors of that burd can brag on the new acquisitions and the Times will back it all. Cashier Wm. E. Durgln, of the Boston loan Go. 275 Washington Street, says: 1 rocmtnond Sulphur lIlttorB, us tlio very best medicine I have ever nsiul. There ii nothing like them give an np- uetlte, tp the nyetan, and do away wits that feeling which IB so frequent among those con lined indoors, The oiily ruui Creuui of Tartar Powder.— No \uituoulu; No Alum, Used iu Millions of Homes—40 Years the Standard .NOVELTIES IN LAHIKS' SKIRTS. For quite a lung time fashions have undergone a slow uuuiiKi!, practically remaining iu a.sun iuuary s,tiuo with slight modifications. This SVHIUII, -however, a det 1 led change is shown In skirts, in the way of draperies, Tho oiu-tluie drapud effects are more or less revived with the addition of uinny pretty and artistic touches, in accordance with modern tnstu. or with adaptations from historical sources. The underskirt, however, will retain its present flaring effect. To many people, the announcement o f this coming style IM viewed with some apprehension, as it implies much practical knowledge for the muklng-up of the new skirts. The best way, however, to find the needed information and all the leading models of the com I ng season, is to subscribe to one or two Fashion Journals. The McDowell magazines, which always maintain a hlgli degree of excellence in this respect, will perfectly fill the wants of everyoneon this subject. We notice also that, for the further accommodation of their customers, these magazines contain, in the form of coupons, at an exceedingly moderate price, designs of new skirts and other most novel styles. The patterns and paper models Issued by the hout-e of McDowell & Co., are widely known and justly praised loi their accuracy, and their artistic, as wen as practical excellence. "La Mode de Paris" and "Paris Album of Fashion" cost only $2.50 a year or 85 cents each per copy. " The French Dressmaker" is 88.00 per amnum or 30 cents a copy. "La Mode," which is the best family fashion magazine in existence, Is offered to subscribers at the exceedingly low price of 81.60 a year or 15 cents a copy. If you are unable to procure any of these publications from your news dealer do not take a substitute from him but apply by mail to Messrs. A. Me- DOWELI, & Co.,20 West 14th street, New York. FITS—^Hflts stopped free by Dr. Kline's great nerve restorer. No fits after (list day's nee. Marvelous cures. Treatise and |2 trial bottle free to fit cases, Bend to Dr. Kline, 931 Arch St. Philn.,Pa. Forealoby all druggists: Gallon yours. Y. M. C. A. DBS MOINES, IA ., MARCH 14,1894. Dear Bro: 1 expect to be with you on next '-unday, and will probably sUy at least a part of Monday. Your attendance is veiy encouraging. Yours cordially. The above is a copy of a letter received from W. A. Magee, state secretary of the Y. M. C. A. in reply to appeals to come ind assist the young men of this city to organize a Y. M. 0. A. All gentlemen wno are interested in an organization in this city are ra^aiea to attend the Y. M. C. A. meeting next Sunday at 3 o'clock at the Presbyterian church. A full house is desired. . SECRETARY. Our stock is complete, goods first quality, popular prices. The tariff or silver bill outs no figure with as. Don't think because we don't button bole you on the street and beg yon to trade with ns, we don't want your trade. We dojbnt think yon ate wise enough to choose tbe best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MERCHANT. For Sale. As I have rented my farm and haveseveral head of horses which I will sell at bargains. I will sell two of my well known stallions, Royal Phallas, Doclus Logan or Hanger Logan. Four work horses, one gelding 8 years old, one marc six years old with fold, one span of cheap mares and several young roadsters, also a wagon and harness. The above property will be sold to suit purchaser, .A.Donius, Carroll Iowa. IVORY 60AF> IT FLOATS BEST TOR SHIRTS. THE PROCTER fc QAMttLE CO., OIN'TI. For Bale. Hecoud hand corn shellor six hole with ten borne power all complete at a low price uud liberal terms. DUNCAN & Bi'iioui,, For Bale, I offer my furiu eituuted in eeotion 'J, Washington towuship, for auU. For further particulars address 88-Oul EllNUbT DllAUKlU, Aroudiu, Ourroll Oouuly, Iowa. NOTIOK. All purlieu owliiK mo must cull and settle either by CBHU or note. WM. TitowjiitiuuB. Fur Sale. Two young Huort Horn bulls uubju to rugutrutlou, U. C. BTKVKNB. Notice, My laud otlloe is now over ttie urst door south of the postoffloe. P. REPORT OF TttE 01W OLI OAnnoLL, IOWA, MATtctt 5, To the honorable mayor and council] the city of Carroll, Iowa, GKXTTjEMEN: I hereby respect submit ray report of the tnoh8 cured by me for the year beglt March 7, 1893, and ending Marchlj 1894. conrouATioN FUND, Received of E. M. Parsons March 26, 1893. ..$ 315 25 April 25, 1893 34200 May 27, 1893 304 00 June 24,3893 32800 July 20, 1893 3(50 00 . August 25, 1893.... 36500 September 27, 1893. 353 00 October27, ]893... 29900 November 27, 1893. 33625 December 28, 1893. 34635 January 27, 1894... 338 90 February 27, 1894.. 387 50 Total received.$4,135 25 84,135 251 Paid to Treasurer Hess March 28, 1893 $ 315 25 April 25, 1893 342 00 May 29, 1893 364 00 June 26, 1893 328 00 July 26, 1893 360 00 August 26, 3893.... 365 00 September 28, 1893. 353 00 October 27, 1893... 336 25 December 30,1893. 346 35 January 27, 1894... 338 90 February 27, 1894., 387 50 Total paid Treas.$4,135 25 WATERWORKS FUND. Received of E. M. Parsons Aprils, 1893 $ 173 77 May 1, 1893 43 00 May 17, 1893 53 62 June 28,1893....... 201 20 August 1,1893 13880 Septembers, 1893.. 95 30 October 27, 1893...' 10950 December 8,1893.. 143 25 January 10. 1894... 93 28 February 27, 1894.. 51 94 Total received.$1,103,66 $1,103 Paid to Treasurer Hess Aprils, 1893 $ 173 77 May 29, 1893 96 6B July], 1893 201 20 August 26, 1893... September 28,1893 November 6, 1893. December 9, 1893. January 18, 1894.. February 27,1894. 138 80 95 30 109 50 143 25 93 28 51 94 Total paid Treas.81,103 66 $1,103 66| CEMETKUY FUND. 1893 Received of Lot Blk Men. 8 H. L. Streby. .169. .2. Men. 11 R. L. Hulett. .123. .2. Men. 11 Mrs. Westlundl46. .2. April 14 A. Burrington 147. .2. April 15 Mrs.Westlundl46..2. May 1 J. W.' English. 137. .2. June 16 Kniphts of Py. 70. .2. Sept. 6 R. M. Dawsonl61..2. Sept. 23 Mrs. E.SuppleelOS. .1. Sept. 26 J. T. Rogers. .110. .1. Oct. 24 Wm.Stutsmanl44..2. "Nov. 27 Mrs. M. Risk. .222. .2. Dec. 7 HScharnweberl62..2. Dec. 15 Mrs. Traner...l80..2. 1894 Feb. 5 H. Sporleder. .145..3. Feb. 8 J. F. Reeder.,121. 1. Amt.',! 8 10 Ool 10 001 5 00* 10 00 -3 500! 1000 10 00 500; 20 00 20 00 1000 10 00 1000 1000 2000 Total received $1 Paid to Treasurer Hess March 28, 1893 8 25 00 April 25, 1893 15 00 ;' June 20, 1893 20 00 \ Feb. 27, 1894 125 00 Total paid Trcas.8185 00 $185 00 RECAPITULATION. Corporation fund..$4,135 25 Waterworks fund.. 1,10366 CcnioteryfuncU ... 18500 Grand total".".. .$5,423 91 $5,423 01 Respectfully submitted, ~~~~~ WM. II. WAitt, Clerk. TREASURER'S REPORT. To the mayor, and honorable board of councilman of tbe city of Carroll, Itt. GENTLEMEN: The following is a \ complete report of the receipts and disbursements of the city funds for the Ilscal year enOhig March 5, 1894, to-wlt: COIII'OIIATl.ON FUND. Huluneo on Itiind March 7, 1803 lly county trcntmrur, receipts Ity (,'lorlt Wahl, receipts UUbuiweinunU! . B.Uafl.W Hiiliinco on huiul March 8, 1801 11,471 Oft I1OND FUND, Duliuico on hand Miinsh 7, 1BIW liy county iruutiuror, rouulpUl Disbursements • f 100 (X) 8,473 73 4,1115 85 Balance on liund March 6, IBM HIM I) VUM>. Hiiliinco on luiiicJ March 7, JKKI * 1177 46 1.U41 U5 1,1)74 IT I U44 04 DlbburgomontH Hulunco on hand March 5. IBM HIUBWAI.K i Balance on liund Murch V, J89!) ' t < ' By county treasurer, rucuInU ,, lluluncu on liuuil Murcli 5, 1804 fUNU. Balance mi hand March 7, IbUU lly county truiuurur, riwiptu lly Ulurlt Wulil, ruivluu , Iliiliuin- mi liund May B, 1BIM WINIUNII ruNl), Ualam-K on liund March 7, IBM lly county lri>u»iirui'. ruculuU sliurhuuiuiiUi IliUiuiciuin l.uiul Mmvli 5. IblM WATKIIWUIIKH KUNI). lliilHiiciMin hum! MiurhT, MM lly Clock Wulil, iwolnU Transfer from bl(lu\vulk fund 788 HO 800 00 * 6W BO llnlumiu on huiul March A, im Tulul buluiiutim hand Murch ?, IhUJ t 2.420 W Total mx<l|>lt, diirlni! your ll.lWi 51 'I'oiul <ll»lHir»<.'iiH'm.i II.51U 18 I Total Lialuiu-oon huiul MuivhO, '1)1 » a,50ft 71 | UiibjjucUuUy subuilltuil, Ciimil), la,, Mut'vh 6. IbUt. J. 1*. Ultra, Tjt <

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