The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on July 27, 1980 · Page 55
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 55

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1980
Page 55
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Page 16 The Salina Journal Sunflower EVENING 6:00 6:30 7:00 13)0(19(10) Jazz 7:30 CSt 13 9 News TV Powww Cartoons CD ® Blx Belderbecke Festival O Hollywood Squares (6) World History O Sonrisas (9J Andy Griffith Show 09 Young People's Special 'The Yearof the Dragon' ID Going Places 13) ABC News *" Hogan's Heroes Backyard - IJ M.A.S.H. ® O ©' Macnell Lehrer Report O Face The Music GD®Ca<S)(13)13 Tic Tac Dough "Match Game Griffith Show Wild Kingdom 'Bundu Rescue' (6) American History OPM Magazine § Olck Van Dyke Show I) Etc. All In The Family Happy Days Again CD SanfordAndSon O Zola Levitt HBO Crazy And Wonderful Ofm®®€B Buck Rogers In The 25th Century Buck Rogers must prevent the sinister manager of a rock group from seizing control of the galaxy by exerting sonic mind-control over billions of young le. (Repeat; 60 mins.) Illlgan's Island Ben Wallenberg's 1980 Trance Goes Nuclear' Ben Wallenberg takes an eye opening look at that country's burgeoning atomic energy industry. ®®OODSD13 MorkAndMlndyMindy secretly takes over a newspaper lonely heartscolumnand unwittingly leads Jeannie into falling in love with Work. f»(10)lBtB The White ShadowCoach Reeves and his team host a touring high school basketball contingent from the Soviet Union, highlighted by a fast-paced exhibition game. (Repeat; 60 mins.) O0 (3D Wake Up America (6J Macnell Lehrar Report O BIN Moyers' Journal 'Judge: The Law and Frank Johnson' Part II. (60 mins.) (9)Movle-(Adventure)»^ "OneMillion Years B.C." 1967 Raquel Welch, John Richardson. In the stone age, a tribe of cavemen encounter savagery, and dinosaurs. (2 hrs.) O Tonight At Carnegie Hall The chamber music trio of Isaac Stern, Leonard Rose and Pinchas Zukerman are featured in performance, in conversation and in rehearsal. (60 mins.) (13) MorkAndMmdy O Movie -(Adventure) **tt "White Witch Doctor" 1953 Susan Hayward, Robert Mitchum. A nurse, who goes to the upper reaches of the Congo in the early 1900's to fulfill a duty to her husband, bears hardships in winning the con- fjdences of the natives. (2 hrs.) Tic Tac Dough Missionaries In Action HBO Movie-(Drama) Bewitched (3D §0 Backyard Farmer RFD ® CD 33) 13 Angle A nine-year-old hypochondriaccauseschaosbyinsisting Sunday, July J7, l»u ~s .'»/* p.m.-end he has scurvy and capturing the hearts of the Benson household. J Close-Up The Making Of Xanadu (13) Angle O Joker's Wild 8 Wake Up America StKBCBffl Movie Of The Week 'Son Rise: A Miracle Of Love' 1979 Stars: James Farentino, Kathryn Harrold. The real-life, heartwarming story about dedicated parents who succeeded in bringingtheirinfant son out of the labyrinth of autism, deapitegloomy medical predictions. (2 hrs.) © Star Trek 'Mudd's Women' (60 mins.) (S GD QD Lord Mountbatten: Man For The Century In this second episode Mountbatten tours India, Burma, Ceylon and Japan and rises from sailor to com- manderfClosed Captioned) (60 mins.) CE (DO CD (ID 13 Barney Miller Wojo andDietrichenterintoanoutrageouscom- petition when a pretty young woman who wants a volunteertpfatherher child starts comparing the officers' most desirable qualities. (RepeatHCIosed-Captioned) OOOOS)(10)fBtB Barnaby Jones When twoof Betty Jones'cousinsaremur- dered, she is singled out by two unlikely private detectives as the prime suspect. (Repeat; 60 mins.) (6) To Be Announced O Ben Wallenberg's 1980 CD FreeToChooseTheTyrannyofCon- troI'MiltonFriedmanexaminesthe virtues of the free trade system as opposed to government control over economic activities. (Closed Captioned) (13) Barney Miller CD Movie -(Suspense) *•* "Play Misty for Me" 1971 Clint Eastwood, Jessica Walter. A disc jockey meets up with a psychopath fan and she becomes emotionally involved with him. (2 hrs.) @ 700 Club 8:30 CD ISO€003)13 Nobody's Perfect Roger Hart disguises himself as a mob- ster'sgirlfriendtofoilthebodyguardswho have kidnapped his beautiful partner, Detective Jennifer Dempsey. O Camera Three 'Paul Draper on Tap' (13) Nobody's Perfect 9:00 CD M.A.S.H. (SOD© Bill Moyers'Journal'Judge: The Law and Frank Johnson' Part II. (60 mins.) CD ®O CD O) (13) 13 20-20 eOaG5)(lu)C0CB Knots Landing Karenisthevery emblem of courtesy when Sid's ex-wife, Susan, shows up in Knots Landing, despite Sid's warning that Susan's visit could spell disaster. (Repeat; 60 mins.) (6J Murder Most Engllgh O Firing Une The Presidency, Republican Style' Host William F. Buckley, Jr. discusses the rote of the President with leading Republicans. (9) News CD Masterpiece Theatre 'Lillie: Bertie' Episode V. Lillie's friends suspect that she may be having a secret affair with the Prince of Wales. (Closed Captioned) (60 mins.) CD TBS News G Showtime Special 9:30 CD Movie -(Western) ••* "The Unfor- glven" 1960 Burt Lancaster, Audrey Hepburn. Two close families feud with the savage Kiowa Indians, who claim as their own the adopted daughter of one of their families. (2 hrs., 30 mins.) Norman Vincent Peale/ 10:00 10:30 (10) C0 CO®!! 3) 13® News Q) (6) (B CD® Dick Cavett Show O Untamed World (9) Love American Style CD Last Of The Wild CD Independent Network News O John Ankerberg Show HBO SummerSports Special (Pt. I.) OOOGDC£)@B The Tonight Show Host: JohnnyCarson. Guests: BruceDern, Joe Williams, Jeff Greenfield. (90 mins.) (SOD CD© ABC Captioned News S) CD CD (3D 13 ABC News Nlghtllne O Movie -(Comedy) •••• "Dr. Stran- gelove" 1964 George C. Scott, Peter Sellers. A demented general triggers an incident that could lead to nuclear war between Russia and the U.S. (2 hrs.) OO(S)(10)CBCBCBSLateMovle'THE JEFFERSONS: Like Father, Like Son' When Lionel comes on like his father, sparks start flying between himself and Jenny. (Repeat) 'IN THE MATTER OF KAREN ANN QUINLAN' 1977 Stars: Brian Keith, Piper Laurie. (6) Monty Python's Flying Circus O Dick Cavett Show O M.A.S.H. (9) Prisoner: Cell Block H CD Movie -(Comedy) **tt "Jumping Jacks" 1952 Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis. The daffy duo join a military paratroop squad. (2 hrs.) CD Benny Hill O Ross Bagley Show 10:35 (13) M.A.S.H. 10:50 ® ® 13 Charlie's 'Charlie's Angels—Baretta Angels-'Bullseye'The angels enlist inthe U.S. Army to uncover a medical fraud. Baretta--'And Down Will Come Baby' Baretta's lead to a baby-selling racket is murdered forcing him to assume the role of a prospective buyer. (Repeat; 2 hrs., 15 minsj 11:00 CD® 03 Masterpiece Theatre'Lillie: Bertie' Episode V. Lillie's friends suspect that she may be having a secret affair with the Prince of Wales. (Closed Captioned) (60 mins.) (6)O ABC Captioned News BAH In The Family (9) Movie -(Drama) ••% "She" 1965 Ursula Andreas, John Richardson. An Englishman, in Palestine, is given a map and a ring by a beautiful woman. The map leads himtoalostcity, where he meetsthe girl, who convinces him that he is the reincarnation of the lover she killed 2000 §irs ago. (2 hrs.) Going Metric Make Me Laugh Showtime Special HBO Movie -(Suspense) 11:05 (13) ABC News Nlghtllne 11:25 11:30 11:55 12:00 12:20 12:30 12:35 1:00 1:10 1:30 2:00 2:05 2:35 3:00 4:30 4:35 4:40 (13) Joker's Wild O Bob Newhart Show CD Sergeant Bllko (13)Charlle's Anoels-Baretta BOO (BCD© Tomorrow CD News S ABC News Nlghtllne Gunsmoke _ Kolnonla Centennial Chapter IV Charlie's Angels-Baretta 'Charlie's Angels-'Bullseye'Theangelsenlistinthe U.S. Army to uncover a medical fraud.' Baretta--'And Down Will Come Baby' Baretta's lead to a baby-selling racket is murdered forcing him to assume the role of a prospective buyer. (Repeat; 2 hrs., 15 mins.) O Movie-(Drama)** "Secret Night Caller" 1975 Robert Reed, Hope Lange. An otherwise solid, respectable family man has an obsession to make obscene telephone calls. (90 mins.) CD News O Hour Of Power CD Movie-(Adventure)** "Submarine D-1" 1937 Pat O'Brien, George Brent. The lives of themen who work our nation's submarine force. (2 hrs.) CD News Prisoner: Cell Block H Adam 12 (9) Nlghtbeat CD Rat Patrol CD Movie -(Adventure-Drama) *** "Back to Bataan" 1945 John Wayne, Anthony Quinn. A Colonel forms a guerilla army on Luron, and leads a raid on the JapaneseinordertohelpAmericansland- ing on Leyte. (110 mins.) 00) News © Benny Hill (9)Movle-(Horror-Drama)*tt"Curucu, Beast of the Amazon" 1956 JohnBrom- field, Beverly Garland. The foreman of large Amazon plantations sets out with an American woman doctor to track down a legendary monster who is killing and terrorizing the natives. (90 mins.) Groucho Ross Bagley Show F.B.I. News Movie -(Suspense) *•* "Play Misty for Me" 1971 Clint Eastwood, Jessica Walter. A disc jockey meets up with a psychopath fan and she becomes emotionally involved with him. (2 hrs.) (13) News CD Movie -(Adventure) •* "Timbuktu" 1959 VictorMature, Yvonne De Carlo. An American adventurer plays both sides, Arab and French sudan, during W.W.II. 12J CBS Late Movle-(Drama Joined In Progress) • • 'INTHE MATTER OF KAREN ANN QUINLAN' 1977 Brian Keith, Piper Laurie. (9) That Nashville Music 09 Movie -(Drama) •* "Las Vegas Story" 1952 VictorMature.JaneRussell. Amarried woman meets an old flame inLas Vegas, who saves her husband from a murder charge. (100 mins.) 0 700 Club News Marcus Welby Movie -(Adventure) **• tt "Joan of Paris" 1942 Michele Morgan, Paul Henreid. During W.W.II, a dedicted woman givesherselfupsoshecanreturntoenemy lines. (2 hrs.) 8 Sound Of The Spirit Of Love American Style 09 Movie-(Adventure)** "Action In Arabia" 1944 George Sanders, Virginia Bruce. ' ELECTRONICS, INC. 227 N. Santa Fe (913) 827-7377 Salina, Ks. Your Center For... BOOKS CONSTRUCTION PARTS Commercial License Amateur License Computers Electrical Amateur Radio Short Wave Stereo Speakers (Building) Bug Books Cook Books C.B. Books T.V. Repair Books Sams Schematics Plus Many AAore Clock Kit AMATEUR RADIO/SHORTWAVE • New and Used Amateur Radio Equipment •Receivers For Short Wave Listening ASK FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO BECOME AN AMATEUR RADIO OPERATOR. CLASSES STARTING SOON-SIGN UP JimPak Vector Datak Kits Wire Relays Transformers Motorola IC's& Transisters Tools Speakers For Building .Your Own System BATTERIES Rechargeable Lantern-Flash Light Watch-Calculator Hearing Aid Industrial HILTON 5th at Iron SUNDAY BUFFET Served Every Sunday, 11-2 pm in the Carriage Room !l SUNDAY, AUGUST 3 BUFFET INCLUDES FRIED CHICKEN BBQ RIBS BARON OF BEEF With Vegetable, Potato, and Salad Bar $K25 \JPER PERSON PLEASE REMEMBER OUR FRIDAY NIGHT PRIME RIB BUFFET . $7 95 ' I I I Ml) i|

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