The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1948 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 14, 1948
Page 14
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Pay Settlemenls 5 A • J I * ' r 11 i « Aid Lewis Fight UMW Chi*f, Soft Co«l Return* Br Cturfc* H. H«rr»U 'm* SUtf Corttpoiulrnt WASHINGTON. June 14. (UP) — X«w w»ge »eUlemenUs in the electrical and rubber- Industrie* today »»v* John L. Lewis fresh ammunition In J>U fight for higher pay for hie K>K oo«! miners. Tin Dulled Mine Workers president and soft coal operators were *ch«duled .16 resume conferences ll« aftwnoon il p.m. CSTJ on a n«w oonU-scl lo replace the agreement expiring ifi two weeta. Lewi* has not indicaled exactly how much at a pay increase he WftnU. But he \vas ynderstood to have told lli« producers at their Saturday session th«t their no- gcncral-increase position ws "ini- •wesible." He 'reportedly chid^'il ihem for v-'fiiliiH* for A "paitern" to develop and added: "lliLs i< the bjwic indListry, you ought to set the pattern." Since Uiat meeting, two oilier big unions have won pay increases. Tin United Worker* (CtO) accepted an offer from GL>:I- *ral Eieciric Cotiipany lor an eight per c«it boiist, putting the bulk oJ the electrical industry under nc\v- conlracts. And the United Rubber Workers (CIOl settled with Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. lor 11 cants an hour in what is expected to set a pattern for tiie rubber industry! Both sides m the coal dispute i have made it clear there will be no I co.n-of-living sliding adjiutinenl. on ! pay such as provided in the new ' contract between General Molor.s Corp. and the United Auto Workers (CIO). ^^iJ^LT!i r 2 u 9 h ^^y™ 0 ^ 1 • <*// *jrja~.* ! z-iiaaii BT,TT1«VII,L« (AM.)' COURIER Irving and Lynn Barney, at Long Beacli, Calif., have been on a honeymoon trip across Ihe country tor the past six months—and are getlms paid for il Right after l)ie> were married in January ht sold oui hit interest in a Long Reach filling station They sot )r>bs In Loj Angeles as j loam demonstrating a new car-painting milt In various cities and h«<vt been (raveling throughout the U S ever since They're pictured m Cleveland. Ohio GI Insurance Case Reversed U.S. Supr*m« Court S«v«i VA Fund from Virtuol Bankruptcy WASHINGTON, June n. (UP) — The Supreme Court today *»ved the Veterans Administration Insurance fund Irom potential bankruptcy. By unanimous vote, the court rejected a claim by the foster-mother of i war victim to mucn-largcr benefits fjom her son'j GI insurance policy than VA regulation* provide. The woman wa-s Mrs. Tillie Za- zove of Chicago. A federal court there had upheld her claim. VA said Ihe Chicago decision would have wiped out the billion-dollar reserve now being held for payment of dividends on aix>tii 10,000.000 Gl lite insurance policies, and would have increased ils liability on outstanding policies by many billions. VA resulaloiu permit a Gl insurance beneficiary to collect cith- a monthly amount tor 10 years or x smaller amount. Bused on tiu beneficiary's lifn expectancy, for life. Mrs. Znwve said the la» T so written that Hit! government should pay her the larger amount, not only Jo'r 10 years but for life. Chief Justice Prod M, Vftison who delivered the court's unanimous decision refecting tills claim, said the | Justices were unable to belie\e i Congress meant it that way when I 11 wrote the law. Lontdalt Plant Vitit To Mississippi County •John G. Lonsdale, Jr., candidate for governor In the Democratic primary' to be, held July 27, will spend three days in Mississippi County early In July, it was disclosed here today. He will visit Wilson on July 8, Osceola, July 9 and •. Reverse Hookey S Bobby McGovem, *, at North Adam*, MM., j, , raverse hooker pta/M-. H. didn't like l!» in tht ptay^round to, without hit pwnlr' oonsonl, h« en- tared Mark HopWni School *«« Jour itay* of ulsndestine tulturi, th. McGoveini g RV « in »nd •oroll*ci him legally. Charles A. Fleming Candidate fnr G«Terner of Arkansas :in innouncinj my candidacv for Governor, I wish to say if my friends « In" I™ 6 a!l lhey Mn ' '"Bothe w« will win a real victory. Schools and Roads are the nrln f£ J^V ° Ur State ', Rnd th « »re my Hrst concern. ' .J a , m » j> r »<:''cal man and wili ge to* Job done. Ck«rl« A. Fl«ming '» frlewl- Harassed Mofher Asks Congress If Her Baby's Sore Spot Is a Luxury WASHINGTON. June U. (U.P.)-< What Mrs. l-oillx W. MillRione of New Haven, Conn , wants Congress to tell lier Is this; Is it a luxury for baby to have a sore bottom? Mrs Mluglonc takes Die position that it is no such tiling. Therefore, she says, it is wicked, unjust and worse lo make her pay a federal luxury lax every time she buys a jar of baby cream for her child's uncomfortable posterior. She ;tated her position in a Ictlcr to Iwr Senator, uaymoml A. Baldwin, R., (Junn. He in turn placed the ivm In the lap of tin- Sei Finance Committee which, while Obituary Final Rites Conducted For John Amos Austin Funeral services for John Amos Austin who died Saturday at his home in (he Victoria community ,,.., t ,L. ; wcre conducted this afternoon In lap of tin- Senate trlc Garden Point Chinch hv the Rev. A. j. smith. Burial followed Accepts New Post _ Boy Scout* Plan Special Program, Parad* Members of the Negro Boy Seoul Troop No. 69 will stage a parade on Mam and Ash itreeU Wednesday starting at 7:40 p.m. and then present a program in the Carter Temple, C.M.E. Church, it was announced today by their scoutmaster Al- vm Morris. The troop was organised January I of thi. year and now his 36 members, their scoutmaster said Ihe program will be the first to be presented by the troop and has been planned to show the work the boys are doing j»,s Scouts A special invi ™"°" h * s be€ " "tended to white Livestock MONDAY, JUNE 14, 1948 V Anna "Mr ••;"""'"" " 8TOCK- YAKDfa, 111 June 14 —CUPJ— (USDA)-Llvestock: Hogs 13,500; salable ]J,500; compared with 17,500 last Monday «U U £? t !; r tam> ** alld e'«3 mostly ISc higher; extremes up more on heavies. Top 25, 180-230 Ibs 25 75-26* 240-270 Ibs 2450-25.50; 280-300 Ibs 139; good and choice heiferi —. | mixed.yearlings 31-S4.50;-odd held I good cows 2S.26; common *nd ied Head^Courler News Want Ad«. A. E. Calciwell, who resigned last- month as principal of the BJylhe- ville Junior High School to become superintendent of schools at Dell today enrolled in the University of Tennessee in Xnoxville to complete work on his master's degree. lives. 5. Refused a request by Kentucky for a ruling on constitutionality of llmt slate's law which permils qualified persons to lake time off from ' Hu-lr work to vote without havlne their pay docked. 6. Upheld the conviction of William Sumott, Midwest Labor leader. for conspiracy in connection with strike violence On its ne.t-to-.ast decision day i ^VfrT™' T*£ ' "^ *' 7. Ruled f, to 4 that the govern- In Garden Point Cemetery with Mu- cx|»rt on babies' bottoms, handle las problems. I sonic rites. Mr. Auslli., Mrs. Mingione put her iirubleml W years old, suffered a' tllls »'•>>•: ' I li«* « nd died suddenly who hearl was for this urodDul but when I hiivc to ;ive ton additional tenis for i\ lux-; nry lux for a tmby llt-m. that Lv when I get my dander up. I "Sini-o when hiis it been ronsid-' (•red a luxury for a baby to have a : sore iMilom? it is h,ud ennnuh i,-y- ; t' 1 fnise H tnniily and f ( VK jbcr nf the Church of Christ nnd j a member of Ihe Osceola Masonic ' IxidRe. He is survived by his wife. Mrs. I earl Ward Austin and one son nnd two dangb'crs. Billy Austin, nnd Mrs. J. J. Rack-straw and Mrs. Keclrick Scolt, all of Osceola. Active uallbetirers were Clilr Can- Cnrl Cannon. Earl Robbins. of the 1948 Spring term, Hie court also: I. Upheld legality of the rencgo- !iatlon act, passed during World War ir to recapture excessive pro- 'Hs on government contracts. Jus- Uce Harold H. Burton, speaking for courl, said the law Is a "new legislative solution" to a major phase of defending the country against world-wide aggression. Entitled to Counsel 5. Set aside convictions against two accuser! persons, one in Pennsylvania and one in Florida, because they did not have lan-j-ers at their trials. 3. Upheld contempt of Congress convictions against 11 members fo the joint anti-fascist, refugee committee. Including Novt-llst Howard Past and Dr. Edward K. Darsl V chairman of the group. By rcfus- fing to hear their appeal, the court also declined once again to rule on i the constitutionality of tlie House I UiiAmerican Activities Committee Fast, Barsky anti the others were convicted of contempt for refusing to produce records of their organization for Ihe committee. 4, Refused to review the conviction of Kenneth Homey, former house., sergeant-at-arms. for concealing a 543.B63 shortage in the bank 'of the house of renri-senta- . - ment illegally seized evidence when federal agents, without arrest or search warrants, raided a still near Asbury Park, N. J. r two years ago. • - »••..• h"'- viuiuijji, 11,111 | 1\UUUI11S Hip healthy fntuie .suns, fhiy Roublns, "nu»lns Fletcher and dnushrcrs and voters needs' '" Davenport. Sw'iJt Funeral Home o-n'tLnif^h^r^^ "What do you think?" she askod Bairtu'in. The Senator, who noti-il thai -ir-i -ilatlon srein.s lo be Ihe • *•' «x , in. L-iirjiiuo;) lot of mankind al llns time.- sii u | hi- Mrs. Mingionc wns "exnclly Three Trotter. Brewer. waived rirehmlnary liear- | m* In Municipal Court this morn»!R on chnrscs of robbery nnd srnnd larceny and were ordered licld to muili circuit court action Inc three youths are charged «'lln robbhiK Elbert Wrav Mit- <hel of Ihe state Line community of a watch and S1.50 in cjish Thursday. Trotter and Gnrner were arrested shortly after the aliened rob- youths Doll If? " n<l Brew " WM ""-rested Sat- Doc and Van ' ' --- ..... Youtfis Wo/ve Hearing On Charges of Larceny Blythevllle B ""ds were set at 11.000 for on Julv Krad Courier Nr«- 5 Wnnl Arts. Just ask Anyone who's tasted it straight! T^re 1 , a Mi,>Pr-s,,.ool», girt, so TOC |, OW > ou,:a.. enjoy it « itliou! « ,,,ix cr . 1 ,',, an A.nori,. an0r i g in a |_f rnm an cw thai make., it a amoolher It's • It's naturally S • It's milt/rally RKTTKIt ISTU.LEO FHOM A.MEJUCAN «u lis . „ , . NKV Read Courier News Want Arts. ,,« - = .-SI.75; sows 75c; 5poU tl higher. Bulk 18.2S-20; few 2025- good and choice 130-150 Ibs lights »-»••»: ™~™ ^s 19-22.M; s fags 13.50-16.50; boars 12-14 Cattle 1,300; salable 6,500; calves 1,200, all salable. Market generally slow; some sales about steady with close q« last week. A few loads low to average good steers 33-34 so- few loads and lots of choice steers held at and above 36; medium steers POISON IVY tf m W • SUMAC Sclent* hu dlscorwW m» « new tremtmcnt for l»j, o*k u d i «fe.d nrior «ft«. wlthi. 24 hou.. At drug, W. sIVY-DRY — i. Make This Delicioys Wine Punch For Only $2.20—24 Servings! ' s s<> GOOD - U t quick (0 mix> » «""omlcal, that serve it on many occasions. The price al.ove represents the cost of the two large hot lies (fifths) of simple " W 'T CalIed for '»' ">e recipe. Other ingredients are few and I)isso)ve i/, cu Foster's Liquor Stores 1 0 A \A/^.i. li^'.* 1 . . ___ .. _ 120 West Main Street Phone 2127 "BILL" 107 N. Broadway Phone 2868 "WELCH" f MOTOR CO Allows More ,0n Ths Trade-In Of Your *tf5v?^ f or ,„„,-„„ • \Vi,h 4-wheel driv PO«« ,„ thc lieldi , . Jt ,. -. has a j r 1 200 KM., operate almost any s.anclard lilliny or ,r vestmj, implement. Rear powcr-nl-e off r drive, imp.cments from Lndard iiloe^f^ri" • The Universal •'Jeep" is for hauling ;„„! ,„„ f n[ , „ or ofl th« road in all kinds of wither, li carries u to 1 200 pounds, pulls a braked load of 2'A tons highway speeds. : We make no bones abou! il . . . We stand behind our guarantee lo MEET or BEAT ANY BONAFIDE OFFER on trade-in aliovvance for your old car. Regardless of make or model, it's valuable properly at Poole,Motor Company if j'ou are in. tercsled in obtaining a new JEEP! Don't hesitato . . . call on us today and see how much your car Mill bring. , Call Today for a Free Damonstraticn of the Mighty Jaep! We cordially invite yon tt> call nn vis at any time for a free demonstration of the amazing qualities of the MIGHTY JEEP. You'll find if to be the farmer's best friend. We of I'oole Motor Company are proud of the Jeep ... and we know you'll b« loo when you own one," • The "Jeep" can be used with (he Ulest ilcvclopmenJ in modern farming—a new hydraulic lift [hat raises, lowers or adjusts depth of implement while the operator remains comfortably seated. And of course it handles conventional pull-type implements, too. POOLE MOTOR COMPANY ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Operator South Highway 61 at Steele, MO. Phone Steele 49

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