The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on July 27, 1980 · Page 54
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 54

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1980
Page 54
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EVENING 6:00 ! TV Powww Cartoons I OD • Blx Festival • HoNr Bektorbecke Jazz Hollywood Square* (I) World Htatory • One* Upon A Classic 'Old Curiosity Shop* Kit is freed from jail, and the Brasses' wrongdoings are revealed. (Closed Captloned) (I) Andy Griffith Show 0 Joker's Wild A Kansas Archaeology 3) ABC News ' Hogan's Heroes Bible Bowl Centennial Chapter III 6:30 t»O(E«B M.A.S.H. O> m Macnell Lehrer port ' Face The Music 3D 10® (13) 13 Tic Tac Dough Price Is Right Andy Griffith Show OWtB Family Feud (6) American History & PM Magazine § Dick Van Dyke Show !) MuppetShow All In The Family Happy Days Again §Sanf ord And Son At Home With The Bible OOCSCB© RealPeopleThellnk- nown Comic is unmasked, Felicia, the toilet-trained cat returns, and senior ci- tizensparticipateintheGoldenAgeOlym- pics in Florida. (Repeat; 60 mins.) § osed-Captioned) Glllloan's Island CD W 1980 Nebraska High School Rodeo Coverage taped June 27 thru 30. Eventsrangefrombarebackbroncoriding to pole bending.(3 hrs.) GET® O © (2) 13 Eight Is Enough Nicholas decides to become a grade school dropout when a teacher ridicules him for letting down the Bradfords' scholastic standards'. (Repeat; 60 mins.) (Closed-Captioned) OGO (33)(10)IB (9 Brothers Two adopted and unlikely brothers, one of Jewishandtheotheroflrishancestry.pick up their lives together in San Francisco after many years of being separated. (6) Macnell Lehrer Report O Great Performances 'Uncommon Women and Others' Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, Swoosie Kurtz and Jill Eikenberry are featured in Wendy Wasserstein's play about contemporary women, the choices available to them and their struggle for individuality. (90 mins.) (9) Movie -(Western) •• V4 "Joe Kldd" 1972 Clint Eastwood, Robert Duvall. A man is hired to hunt down Mexican- Americans by an evil land baron. (2 hrs.) CD Old Friends, New Friends Fred Rogers visits Nancy Acosta, a 21 year old teacher who runs a school for dropouts characterized by an atmosphere of uncompromising love and respect. (Closed Captioned) (13) Eight Is Enough tilMovle-(Horror)**"Stepford Wives" 1975 Katharine Ross, Paula Prentiss. A woman finds out that the docile women of a small community are in actuality robots, created for their husbands' pleasure. (2 hrs.) CD Tic Tac Dough 0 Focus On The Family HBO Movie-(Comedy) 7:30 CD Bewitched QUO® (10) IB (9 Special Movie Presentation 'Four Days In Dallas' 1976 Stars:MichaelLerner,FredericForrest.A dramatic re-creation drawn from authenticated events that retrace the lives of Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald over a four-day spanprecedingandfollowing the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. (2 hrs., 30 mins.) (6) Camera Three ID Human Face Of China 'Son of the Ocean' A riverboat journey takes the viewer along one of the grandest links in China's network of waterways •• the Yangtze. CD Joker's Wild 6 The Presence Of God 8:00 GOOdDGDffl Diff'rentStrokes 2) Star Trek 'The Enemy Within' (60 mins.} (DODO©® 13 Charlie's AngelsThe Angela invade the elegant world of an exclusive health spa where Tiffany jeopar- tatfejr, ftljr if, ON' Wednesday July 30 6 p.m. -end PMe« dizea her health by becoming a nurse to a plastic surgeon undertheguntodoa complete facial transformation on an international crime figure. (Repeat; 60 mins.) (M Great Performances • GrestPerformances'Sarah'The turbulent life of legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt, the toast of two continents during the 19th century, is portrayed in detailbyTonyAwardwinnerZoeCaldwell. (90 mins.) (13) Charlie's Angels BDMovle-{Drama)**tt "Tobruk"196S Rock Hudson, George Peppard. A British major leadsamiasiontoTobruktoblowup German fuel supplies there. (2 hrs.) O 700 Club O Soccer § Movie-{Western) O O © CD ® The Facts Of Life IrishTreasuresThisprogramfocuaes ontheBostonMuaeumolFineArta'exhibit of Irish masterpieces, the most extensive ever assembled in the United States. 9:00 OOOCBGBfflQulncyWhenQuincy'a vacation backup-an attractive female doctor-uncovers evidence of homicide in the death of a prominent politician, the medical examiner cuts his holiday short, much to her chagrin, to assist in the investigation. (Repeat; 60 mins.) W M.A.S.H. (3DCBODD03) 13 Vega$DanTanna, given 20 hours to live, desperately tracks amaniacbentonrevengewhoinjectedhim with a deadly venom for which there is no antidote. (Repeat; 60 mins.) (Closed-Captioned) 16) Evening At Pops O Human Face Of China 'Son of the Ocean' A riverboat journey takes the viewer along one of the grandest links in China's network of waterways - the Yangtze. (9) News (13) Vega$ IB TBS News HBO Race For The Pennant 9:30 (3D Odd Couple § Like It Is Mandollnist: Frank Wakefield Max Morris HBO Houdini Never Died 10:00 OOOCDOCSOdDOCBOOSS) (10) CB G»©(13)13® News W Wonderful World Of Magic GD(6)®tD© Dick Cavett Show O Untamed World Love American Style Last Of The Wild Independent Network News Jewish Voice HBQMovie-(Comedy) 10:30 OOOCS CD© The Tonight Show Host: Johnny Carson. Guest: Melissa Manchester. (90 mins.) CD CEO® ABC Captioned News (DSD ©03) 13 ABC News Nlghtline O Movie-(Adventure) **• "Longest Hundred Miles" 1967 Doug McClure. Katharine Ross. During W.W. II, a G.I., an Army nurse, native children, and a priest fleefromaJapaneseinvasioninthePhilip- •3OM)(10J©CDCBSLateMovle-rHE SAINT: Reluctant Revolution' The Saint intervenes when, during a trip to South America, he discovers that a female traveling companion is plotting the assassination of a powerful government figure. 'GUNFIGHT IN BLACK HORSE CANYON' 1961 Stars: Dale Robertson, Ellen Burstyn. (6) Monty Python's Flying Circus O Dick Cavett Show O M.A.S.H. (9) Prisoner: Cell Block H ©MovUMComedy)*** "You'reNever Too Young" 1955 Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis. A zany disguised as a twelve- year-old becomes involved in a jewel robbery. (2 hrs., 5 mins.) § Benny Hill Ross Bagley Show 10:35 (13LM.A.S.H. 10:50 C3D®©®13LoveBoat-BarettaLove Boat-'Too Hot To Handle' A honeymooning couple is plagued by unromantic calamities. Baretta-'Guns And Brothers' Aftergiving the Looker-brothers a second COME IN AND VISIT WITH * ME ABOUT E-Z-GO THE WORLD'S GREATEST GOLF CART We Trade or Offer Cash Discounts AAA RENTS & SALES 1125 E. Crawford Phone 825-1338 chance, Baretta is frustrated to find that one of them has become a psychopathic criminal. (Repeat; 2 hrs., 15 mins.) 11:OO (3D Hollywood'Autocrats'(60 mins.) QDCBBD Great Performances'Sarah' The turbulent life of legendary a'ctress Sarah Bernhardt, the toast of two continents during the 19th century, is portrayed in detail by Tony Award winner Zoe Cald- welLWOmlns.) (6)O ABC Captioned News 0AII In The Family (9) Movie-(Drama)* "Hustling" 1975 Lee Remick, Monte Markham. A woman reporter writes the truth about the multimillion-dollar business of prostitution. (2 hrs.) 8 Going Metric Make Me Laugh 11:05 (13) ABC News Nlghtline 11:25 (13) Joker's Wild 11:30 O Bob Newhart Show CD Three Stooges HBO Boxing's Greatest Champions: Middleweight* " SlLoveBpat-Baretta OQGDCDSi Tomorrow News ABC News Nlghtline Gunsmoke Good News Showtime Special 12:20 O Love Boat-Baretta Love Boat-'Too Hot To Handle' A honeymooning couple is plagued by unromantic calamities. Baretta-'Guns And Brothers' After giving the Locker brothers a second chance,Baretta is frustrated to find that one of them has become a psychopathic criminal. (Repeat; 2 hrs., 15 mins.) 12:30 0 Movie -(Drama) * "Touchables" 1968 JulyHuxtable, Esther Anderson. Four girls and a guy try to kidnap a pop singing idol. (110 mins.) § Rex Humbard Atlanta Braves Replay GGDtB News CD Prisoner: Cell Block H O Adam 12 (9) Nightbeat Ul Rat Patrol O Movie -(Drama) 1:10 © Movie -(Drama) **Vt "His Kind of Woman" 1951 Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell. A fall guy being used to bring a racketeerbaokintotheU.S.discoversthe plotandworkswithimmigrationofficialsto halt it. (2 hrs., 15 mins.) (10) News 1:30 CD Benny Hill (9) Movie -(Drama) ** "Bonnie Prince Charlie" 1947 David Niven, Margaret Leighton. Story of the exploits of the STgSft WA* |S WEDNESDAY — Frederic Forrest stars as Lee Harvey Oswald in "Four Days in Dallas, " a dramatic re-creation of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and its aftermath at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday on CBS. popular 16th Century Scottish Prince Charles, andhisromantlcentanglements. (2hrs.) CD Groucho Q .Ross Bagley Show 2:00 CD F.B.I. Q>Movie-(Drama)**tt "Tobruk"1965 Rock Hudson, George Peppard. A British major leads a mission to Tobruk to blow up German fuel supplies there. (2 hrs.) 2:05 (13) News 2:20 O News 3:00 CD CBS Late Movie-(We8tern Joined In Progress) * * 'GUNFIGHT IN BLACK HORSE CANYON' 1961 Dale Robertson. William Demarest. § 700 Club Movie -(Drama) *tt "The Wild Racers" 1968 Fabian, Mimsy Farmer. A devil-may-care racing driver is paid by a race car Czar to be a runner-up, not a winner, but he rebels against the crooked deal and becomes an internationally famous racer. (100 mins.) 3:25 OD Movie -(Drama) *' "Roadblock" 1951 CharlesMcGraw.JeanDixon. Insurance investigator turns crook to get money for gold digger. 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