The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on July 27, 1980 · Page 53
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 53

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1980
Page 53
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Page 14 TbeSalinaX EVENING 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 Hollywood Squaras (6) World Htotory O Old Frl*nd«, Now Frlond* Fred Rogers visits Nancy Acosta, a 21 year old teacher who runs a school lor dropouts characterized by an atmosphere of uncompromising love and respect. (Closed Captioned) S Andy Griffith Show Joker's Wild Going Metric (13) ABC Mews IB Hogan'a Heroes 8 PuppetTreeGang OepD0M.A.S.H. CD O GD • fiD Macnell Lehrer Report § Face The Music ®«B®(13)13 TicTacDough Family Feud ® Andy Griffith Show QOGfflfB MuppetShow (6) American History O PM Magazine (9) Dick Van Dyke Show (10) Name That Tune ID All In The Family © Happy Days Again S Sanf ord And Son Faith That Uves HBO Race For The Pennant OeOGDCB® The Misadventures Of Sheriff Lobo CD GJIiloan's Island (3) 5) ® Non-Fiction Television 'Paul Jacobs And The Nuclear Gang' (60 ) O ip 03) (13) 13 Happy Days " (jf (10)1B G.l.'s A World Warll comedy focusing on a squad of American soldiers who serve as 'mop-up' troops during the Italian campaign. (6} Macnell Lehrer Report O ID Nova 'A is for Atom, B is for Bomb 1 The 'father of the H-bomb 1 , Dr. Edward Teller, discusses his controversial theories. (Closed Captioned) (60 mins.) (9) Movie -(Mystery-Drama) *• "Doberman Gang" 1973 Bryon Mabe, HalReed. Clever con-artist and an animal trainer team up to teach Doberman Pinschers how to rob a bank. (2 hrs.) 19 Willie Nelson Singing To The Country ID Baseball Atlanta Braves vs New York Mets(2hrs.,30mins.) 8 Tic Tac Dough Oral Roberts O Centennial Chapter IV HBO Movie -(Drama) Bewitched (DQ©® 13 Laverne And Shirley Laverne and Shirley quit their Jobs at the brewery to Join the WACs and turn into the wackiest soldiers ever, as they stumble through basic training. (Pt. I. of a two-part episode.) OOO9D(10)I9IB Special Movie Presentation 'Network' 1976 Stars: Faye Dunaway, William Holden. The drama revolves around the power struggle at a failing television network recently taken over by a giant conglomerate. (2 hrs. ,30 mins.) (6) Ben Wattenberfl's 1980 (13) Laverne And Shirley CD Joker's Wild , O Good News 8:00 GO O©(B@B Sharks: The Death MachlnesHenryFondanarratesthisreal- life adventure special featuring spectacular underwater footage of sharks and chronicling the story of Rodney Fox, the onlymanknowntohavesurvivedanattack by a great white shark. (60 mins.) © Star Trek 'The Naked Time' (60 mins.) CD CD ® Nova 'A is for Atom, B is for Bomb' The 'father of the H-bomb', Dr. Edward Teller, discusses his controversial theories. (Closed Captioned) (60 mins.) GD®OCD® 13 Three's Company Chrissyisdyingtolearnwhoiasendingher secret love notes, soshesetsuparendez- vous at the Reagle Beagle. (Repeat) (Closed-Captioned) (6) Nova OlDFIambards 'Point to Point' Russell and William argue, and as a result, William decides to leave Flambards. (Closed Captioned) (60 mins.) (13) Three's Company 6DMovle-(Adventure)**tt "633 Squadron" 1964 Cliff Robertson, George Chakiris.The633aerialsquadronplansto bomb a German munitions plant in W. W.ll. Germany. (2 hrs.) 8 700 Club 8:30 QD (DO CD (3) (13) 13 Taxi 9:00 OOQGDCB® Elschled Eischied uncovers evidence that the gangland slaying of a famous disco owner may have been the work of a veteran detective involved with the mob. CD M.A.S.H. CD® QD Flambards 'Point to Point' Russell and William argue, and as a result, William decides to leave Flambards. (Closed Captioned) (60 mins.) ®®CQ® 13 HartToHart Jonathanand Jennifer are on opposite ends of a murder caseasthey try tosolveabaffling mystery in which their best friends are the ac-. Sonday. July >7, IMP tuesday 9:30 cused. (Repeat; 60 mins.) (•) Flambards 0 Free To Choose 'From Cradle to Grave' Dr. Friedman examines the U.S. Welfare system, which he feels isdanger- ous.wastefulandtreatsreciplentsaschil- dren. (Closed Captioned) (60 mins.) 0 PM Magazine Special Edition (SjNews 0 Soundstage 'Chick Corea and Friends' (Closed Captioned) (60 mins.) (13) Hart To Hart 0 Movie -(Adventure) O Her* Coma* Summer Odd Couple TBS News 10:00 op) BB ©I (is) 13 a News W Movl«-(Drama) * * * 'Anatomy Of A Murder' Pt. II. 1969 James Stewart. Lee Remick. A small town attorney battles to save an Army Lieutenant who killed a man for 'allegedly' attacking his wife. (2 hrs.) (S(6)ODBSD Dick Cavatt Show B Untamed World (9) Love AmerlcanStyle . B Independent Network Newt O Today In Bible Prophecy For The Pennant 10:30 BBBCSCDB The Tonight Show i 1 (Repeat; 90 mins.) ABC Captioned News 13 ABC News Nlghtllne Movie-(Adventure) •• "Sky Hoist" 1975DonMeredith,JosephCampanella. When ten-thousand dollars in gold bullion Is stolen, the criminals are pursued by the AERO bureau of the Los Angeles County sheriff's department. (2 hrs.) O 0 OS) (10) (B CD CBS Late Movie 'CANNON: Perfect Alibi' Solving the $50,000 payroll burglary of a Southern electronics plant provides Cannon with oneofhisthorniestcases.(Repeat)'BAR- NABY JONES: Sister Of Death' Stars: Buddy Ebsen, Mark Shera. (Repeat) Monty Python's Flying Circus Dick Cavett Show M.A.S.H. Prisoner: Cell Block H Movie -(Comedy-Western) **tt "Pardners" 1956 Dean Martin. Jerry Lewis. Two nitwits get embroiled with masked raiders, terrorizing the old west. MIS mins.) CD Benny Hill 8 Ross Bagley Show HBO Movie-(Biography) 10:35 u3)_M.A.s.H. 10:50 aD®fiD(B)13 SoapThefrightenedTate- Campbell clan gathers around Jessica's hospital bed as her doctor tells her what her tests have revealed. (Repeat) 1 T:00 (SSI©EvenlngAtPopsTheincompar- able Ray Charles joins with John Williams and the Boston Pops to perform some of his most memorable hits. (60 mins.) (6) O'ABC Captioned News BAH In The Family (9) Movie-(Comedy)*** "Viva Maria!" 1965 Brigitte Bardot, Jeanne Moreau. An orphaned daughter of an Irish rebel teams up with a music hall singer and together they take up the cause of the downtrodden peasants of South America. (2 hrs., 15 mins.) § Going Metric Make Me Laugh Movie-(Comedy) 11:05 (13LABC News Nlghtllne 11:20 3)QDBSD 13 Tuesday Movie Of The Week 'A Chance To Live' 1979 Stars: David Cassidy, Vince Edwards. A young- looking police officer is recruited to go undercover as a high school student to investigate the drug situation. 3) Joker's Wild I BobNowhartShow I Groucho BBaT(£)CDS Tomorrow ©New* ABC New* Nlghtllne Gunsmoke Charisma Soap The frightened Tale-Campbell clan gathers around Jessica's hospital bed as her doctor tells her what her tests have revealed. (Repeat) 12:25 (13) Tuesday Movie Of The Week 12:30 O Movie-(Drama) "W "Class of'63" 1973 .James Brolin, Joan Hackett. At a college reunion, a woman discovers the love she'd been seeking since graduation ten years before. (90 mins.) Atlanta Braves Replay Jerry Falwell O Movie-(Comedy) Tuesday Movie Of The Week 'A Chance To Live' 1979 Stars: David Cassidy, Vince Edwards. A young-looking pollceofficerisrecruitedtogoundercover as a high school student to investigatethe drugsituation. 1:00 BBCSB News S Prisoner: Cell Block H ' Adam 12 B Rat Patrol 11:25 11:30 11:55 12:00 12:20 1:10 (10) Newa 1:15 (DMghtbeat 1:30 QjBennyHIN 0 Groucho O Roae Bagley Show 1:35 ONews 1:45 (9) Movie-(Documentary) ••••"WorM Without Sun" Jacques Cousteau. Scientific aspects of underwater life in photographs taken 80 H. below the surface, and the men who live a month at a time, without resurfacing. (2 hrs.) 2:00 CD F.B.I. • News OMovle-{Adventure)**tt "633Squa- dron" 1964 Cliff Robertson, George Chakiris.The633aerialsquadronplansto bomb a German munitions plant in W. W.ll. Germany. (2 hrs.) 2:30 — 3:00 3:45 (fJZaneGrey 3:50 S3 Movie -(Comedy) ••• "Room Service" 193B The Marx Brothers, Lucille Ball. A penniless theatrical producer and his aides lakemeasles to keepfrombeing kicked out of a hotel. (80 mins.) 4:00 0 Marcus Welby '" Newa v Jesus la The Answer WorM At Large Accent On Living All Night At The Movlea (Joined In sa) Titles to be announced. Love American Style Roaa Bagley Show 5:30 SLateMovle(JolnedlnProgress) BARNABY JONES: SisterOf Death'Starring: Buddy Ebsen and Lee Meriwether. 0 Movie-(Adventure)** "Hercules andtheTyranteof Babylon" 1964 Rock Stevens, AnnaMariaPalanl.Threetyrants rule Babylon. Raiding Hellene ships, they capture a Queen. Hercules with aid of slaves, destroys Babylon and frees the Queen. (105 mins.) O 700 Club New disco to open Defying the attitude that the disco music fad is in.decline, a gigantic, multilevel disco in the heart of Times Square in New York, called Bond's, with a 2,000- square-foot dance floor is preparing for its official opening just as the internationally famous Studio 54 is fading. The two owners of the chic 54 are in jail serving time for income tax evasion, and the club lost its liquor license and, as a result, much of its patronage. Bond's is being touted as a major tourist attraction, and its owners say, unlike Studio 54, they won't make a practice of making people beg to get in. Concerned About The Cost Of Glasses? We maintain our optical dispensary exclusively for our patients to provide glasses of Highest Quality at a realistic cost. All frames and lenses are supplied to patients at WHOLESALE LABORATORY COST. For example: Bifocal Lenses from... American Optical Co. Glass Plastic Flat-Top 25mm *22 30 F1 «*- To P 25mm $ ^6 60 Executive ...., *27 10 Executive *29 40 Kryptok *18 20 Round *24 30 Indoor Tint *3 20 Uniform Tint $ 4°° Sun Tint *3 20 GradientTint .. $ 6°° Photo Gray *9°° Double Gradient.... $ 10°° Photo Gray Extra... *10 BO Rimless Mounting.... *5 SO To 4.00 Sph. — 3.00 Cyl., To 54mm Frames At Wholesale Laboratory Cost *8 to *34 Our Dispensing Service Fee, 1 Pr. *15, 2 pr. '25 You will be given the itemized laboratory invoice showing the wholesale cost of materials. For Complete Information On Costs Of Frames & Lenses CALL 823-3203 DR. ROBERT FALTA — OPTOMETRIST — 620 S. Santa Fe Salina.Ks. 823-2109 Office Hours: 9-6 Daily, (Mon. till 8 p.m.), Sat. 8-12 Noon

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