The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 31, 1932 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1932
Page 4
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4 THE BAKKRSHELD CALIPORNIAN, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31,1932 IA F.* S SHOWER TEJON INDIANS -— _ ^ - • • i ^-^ - - — -^•— • •• ^^^rr^^^f^f MW^^^^^M^p^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^M^MM^I Watch Party to T?c Held Tonight by H. S. League PLAN TEACHERS CLUB BULLETIN SOCIETY Many (iifis Arc Presented In Both Children and Adults During Holidays Ulih ill" t<i'mliiMtnn of ihe lu.Inlay i M'i'M-n. U-.i- Tr.V-n ijulJnijK mri 'inck u j'" 1 ' •'' hf.1 1 ! 1 . 1 ' fin.'* 1" f fir i n1*< (-ML* pif i* Mnd pi»-di^s to the h an»l j.r"". tilrd .-oniforK f<T i. r n>. n,l •(•!•.*• r f tli" trlhr, It Th*- i hlldt'en tlu'TrfcMv**- urherr-rt In the holidays \* 1th n *vh(>r.l * nf l)ii» MrJCJnli-y , h.! (rnrti-'il by Mrs. Miu y H. ; *> flvM (lift M r- / for thn * mid the- iiuiiliJ. Thr« N/lfiVC 1 VU)t:lMf>lR (>f tjj'* <Jr» Wr;.', l~) To<iti I'nrlor, r-r-nt u lar*:o. | Mic)t <>f fippl«'»<, n box of onuitiPN, ffdir pni'kin:':-' «>f Ci.">Uiffi, and a supply of rntidy. ! K""d frii-tul v:ih Mrs. Me-*- ; Hrown, \vifV of th*' Int.) T, .T. i •u. f f -rrm>r FIJP< rlnt^nd^nt of thft ', i Kutirhof-, M-iil H rhilMinHH : In tho form of u i»ox of proirrnm. j Tonlpht th* Hiph School rf the First Method I nt church wMI eel*hrflt« New Ye«r§ *v*» with ft "watch parly." At 7 o'clock the officers of th^ Jfflfliv« will meet at the home of thfclr spontor C. C. Scott for dinner And n cabinet The officer* of the f r: .Jam«s L, pr««|. nt f and vlc«.preiidfntti In orrt*r named, Francos BAker, Wllmn Short, Marlon Mortenton, Evelyn McCoy; Roimlie Anton, atcrMnry; Wnrren Contra, tr^nnurer; Rob«t*t Moon, publicity manager; Dor It Hancock, pianUt, After the. dinner, the of fleet« will adjourn to their meeting room In thfl huflrilng of the f hurth where they will meet the other mombftra of the league, Thoy to piny grimes from 9 until 11 followed by n devotional hour In charge of Mr. Scott. Tomorrow evening .it the regular rn«Mlng hour 6;15 o'rlock the league will combine with the Ju- nlor high fnr n rpeclnl nervlce. ttohert Moon will lend off the lop ic, "Good ' Prettily Appointed , Tho t'hnrrh of Ja»t Nnzureno WHB t vhfin nup- Miss Ondrnr-n Working on; I 1 " 1 V ;; w u, w 7 e r^iud ut s oviock by 0 I MlKs IiJillio Joan Lincoln, th** duuKhtfi* Srmi-Annual Booklet for ! (>f Mr - ""^ Mm. i,*wi* o. Lincoln, so-i , qulm-y M.iv-l. and Curl Allun Chll- >> Oilmen wood, locnl imiMolnn. Tho rlnp f niMtiy v/nH rond liy thr Kov. H. II. win, pnHtr.r of tho r.hnrrh, with tho K;irr!tf"i* and Clayton lUc muslr wnn played prft- "Football" Bridge Party Rulo.i of football Inntond of with ponftltled nccordlnply, brldfto Kninoft pluyod when M(f<« f )i:i v** 11 M fl/'ld Ivll r in In fr*r rmw }> a Muff "f H will IK th<! tirldnl rhornn, liy Mrs. Kva Hornlcfl Hraddon entcrtnlned a com- iHitty of frleJid* tit tho homo of her parent!*, Mr. and Mrs, K. W. TJrad- don, 819 1 stroot. Prize winners wer*t MIp« Mnr^arct Itnlley nnd Harry Miller, first; nnd Miss Ireiio Main and Leonard Luclo, consolation, from tho University of YOUNG HEBREWS ELECT OFFICERS l^orin Slate Confederation at Conclave Here; to Meet Local Officer to Preside Over Fourfold Rites in January /» rj nt vlnlln; O. T,. f'iilifortilti nttondlnfc wore M1.««H Mary t ».f tin- TL h<- .Innnnry "0, n ( lowed f'Vbnmry On* or*-ruMvrt <•< •n- ii \* thf r>d • in.', in i\ c y.-iir; fiTH thft by will fol- i of »"lpn- nr fnr ln»r dntln.s uro thn Mr«i. GMn.ty ^Vi-lU, rhftlrmnii nf vi>ni)i dlf.tri.-i I', T. A. fhrlt ohoo-r < i unii!iUl' > f, h^-nt litdlviiluitl • cornhp to th<- rhiUlrrn and u \'(>x of '. cnndy, Mrn. Klnyd Klm«r Pnvls of Tnft. dtf-- trlct cl>;i}nn;tn nt f)if Hn» Jmiquln y Fedrr.itIon of Wotu*«n*ii rlui»N, H box of npph»H, 14 ptMuidrt of fl(f burp, and f«r. pnir^ «,f hohl'-ry. T}io Gund htrh Kh<>f Company of TieM pupj.i)i<v] « iar^" riiimb/T t»f j ftllrt Wf>mrn'H I.IKM-H iimvjdlnjj ! tnuoli needed footwear for (hr winter ' SOC AL GROUP PLANS TWO SPRING AFFAIRS PTH (»f offlcfTH nnd infffp»-f> iintl fithr-r dn(a Infnr^^tlnK" *" th<- rluh wnin.'n, '-omplled In bnllr-lln fi-riri fur in•• lulu r>. (-arjy in ca<'h MC- ITK Cl'T n,*. for thin H'-mcfttpr'ii hoolt Inu pfffuro of Fi>rt Tejon on tho . and an urtl.'lo on onrly Korn county hl.vUTy, hy Principal II. A. Hplndt. f»f th«- l«»cal At th«- flr.Mt inr tlid'o will hf! a part y Tiir-.'-day. o hi. tflv.-n liy Miss Hu(h 1 >avid, '•hntrinnu, and Mr*?. Until rtmlrnmn. Her hl«h •Mnc on IM;inM f»>r a V Dancers to Welcome Advent of New Yea f-fH nf tho :* nn-rt Til** Indians toiiii i to Thrlst- r for A rnn r* tllnn in rl at Sc\'M':il t>t Hicks and Elvln HlckH acted k.i nshcrH, i/' nltnr WHN dpcu.'irtert with bask- (»f Cratae*KU« hprrlefj, and dwarf • * * * _ * • ^ • nifi. / h« ''/•nfral fjj?urft In Tho *n'h'!ni'i WHM a wnitlux fe«tonnod nrc)i, Intt-rdpftrHcd with rod ro«ns. MTH. chit wood THRU attired In nn ivory colored satin fror-k mado empire «tyl<*; hor tulle voJJ wna cnu^ht to tho with a Btrand of oranRO hloH* clusters of the saino dainty cupping th" c-np over the ears, ou'iuet whw of tallHinan buds. ]Cnrri*;*»r wor» : n golden yellow fro'-k with K"ld aiKl churt- "t jfhdl". yjits carried un firm bitiio,in-t. r>( yellow M^ in January ' M'^- ChltU'do-l cam* 1 to a ChrlHfuuiH i threo yoar« n(fo with hor parent*, from 'jn, i),<- re- ' «-'«l"i. After a hon* yinoon In tho nouth, durlnp which they \vlll tako in fh« N'eTv VL'iirs football Ramo nnd roiirnnincnt of RoBen, V'lll bo at lionie In UnkerbfieM. Two hundrcf! and twenty-five . attended the woddlnf?, roinnlnliifr to le tho pair at an Informal following, at tho church. • * • 'cello and I Uowen, Mlns JJernico Jiraddon, Mlsa Klfrld/i Schrocter, Miss A.sta von Ludcke, Miss Ciirol Ives, Leonard Lurlo and Uruce Oarnney. Thofio attending who have been enrolled nt other iinlvernitt«5i were Minn Irene Main from .^antrt Barbara; John Young and Jack AlHton from the Unl- vcr«Ity of California at Los Anpoles; and Orvtlle Armstrong, from Ocol- dental. •».*»« jire-sent were: I Irene Main Mary Uowen Klfrlcla Sehroe- ter Mesnrs. — John YCMHIK Jack Alston Orvllle Arm- Htronp the tho to von Ludoke Carol IVCH la Achln Cooko Margaret Uatloy John (Crawford Jlarry Miller Jim Stone Harold Kstop 'ifraid K.stnp tli - h, al; nuis pruvUU-il for th»-ni. BLUE BIRD \vas Hi* t 'iurn )OPP, ftwin Ulmt*\ \t?.. Mahoff, Sidney (inrrlon, Krinilu , \Vllllain (Jnlrtb^rj; pful Hynnui I>n V(K wore imtn^il monih^rH of IH-\V y. tin- (. tlur«\ rep f<-?.f, whl.'h tr t.r advent i.Milnn .(••hn.ion, r;i \vhi« 1\ c tluit lln- i-ne-Htcp <-nn- t.--,-*, nn .Mondn r»'i-**]>t ion Honored at Parties ('. <ln \iK\it NSTAL1 STAFF: fur Cnrl A ;ilr fnr rif xl Tlinr?irt«y hull ut Slxt'-iMith mid nt tho Mrs. Kdltli HnUrr will b*. Instnllod i AX orftr> of Klue Hlrd r*nmp No. .v."0,v, > \V 1? /^ OlTl^*Pf*« •ucreodinp Mrf. W. V. Shaul. Mundnv ! '' ' IV * ^* Vf 111 ^^'^ «vontni; at S oVlork i.f I'aKlcH ball. Mm. 1>. n. Stnnrllff will tm tho In- Guests at Party tnlllnir offi'-or. a^lMr-ii by Mr». J. f (ff D. Stewart. corrm«,nlnl inarnhnl. , f HlirU)Ut ros , )Jr(in( , Anny (lf th , of ih* 1 Wi'inrui'H M |* i, 4 . *— | • _ '1 ••*i»|«j»»v j| i - . , ^ . ^ • 4 1 1 » 4 < « /llllkl <'l 114' r^. Hoy ]>..drnlinff, In rluirgr of .. firtll>l i. . Wnrf , <-IH.',-I.- ( ,r \!.^ u .,_, I ^ • « * . »»(» {l*'|'II**l|t t *»'!' ^ 1 'l>''i<- i T j ,'ll.^, lii^- ^iC?**^! 1 '*' ?!''"' ! i\ 11M ' 11l ; l Y' ll ' H »'»! ^"»- i rr.n! p"rtT' :it' In-r"'hmli'.s '^07 Par!Abort Tlankln. All MMtln,- ,,cl K hl.<.rH , Wa> . t , ( ,,,,. rd:iy . n.-llv l,-,r|,M. fl,,u- will I** 1 wi*lri * m r. . „ ... i .1 .^11 .... e (ill-hided hi Hi,- propram U>and thru wldni-r.-i will for Ih" Ki'ahd fli; ' 'f»Upl (lt l fh' 'N"I1 Mun(fi<"iu'ry and Walt.-r Stt-phr-n*«, ti and lOvelyn MTH. J. II. P\:jU-iiiK and (ii-or^e Hay- laid, Mr. and Atr«. Cdyl*. cinimhers, Clara C; IK I,. ,,i-.l l-'riiiirls I'rantllard, .My»M> n iitul and i Smith and H. I>«ii;ihuf>, (jprtrude Wlll- ManiN and H. p. Wlrkersham. It. H. [ T 'tdrh and I i;\|y t 'r»> Suit I h nnd (»<-raldlnn 1 .\l;,n-b and K. \V. HUSH* s in thn IVrnm Marion Korr, cnn .Tnrrlon. Mur and her IK. wero at n Mippor party lust night and a luncheon today In compliment to MI.S.M Cur"l ivtH, n Htudont at the "f California at llerkeley, ;t ivf-L-K vi.sJUjirf horn. The parties were held at Mrs. Kngell's homo, HOO Twt-nty-fiflh Btrect. Appidntments for both the lunch- oon and Hupper parties wero carried out In a yul'iflde rnntlf \v\tb li<t\}y berries, a iiiliMuturo ChrlBtnms tro.o, and red tupet-M marking the center of the fentlve board. j The nupper K'J-'^t.s In niTaition to I th«i honoree wnre: Afinses Atury zlnp, '.{ladyH (tills, Uuby (.inntz, Mila N'orrlH, J«iura Ivetj, Mao Sauiiders and Mr:. |':ivey I.. Stanley. in-hi-oii icnestH sharing tho ocoa- j with the honoree were: Jiruco CJarnsey Entertains School Friends Minn Mnrlun Harman was hOHte.s.s to a Kroup of Bfhool friondH last evening at it brldpo party, hold ut the homo of her parent***, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Ilarman, IfiSO 1'aclflc street. Prizes u-t-ro n warded to MIs.s Marjorlo Grot- hau.M, flr«t; Miss Helen Kawley, .second, and Mrh. Nclllu OlUcrcihaw, con- solatloti. lie-freshmen ta wore nerved at p(jin-hihl(»n of the evening by hostess. s.- sharing the affair were- Una, Thornton the the Nellie Marlon Marjorlfl Av^ry fSanta Alon(ca) (Me- [-'aria ml) T>orls \VaHor.- Kalherlno y (tulley Myrtlt? Kathlyn Kr;i in Jann Jen.sen Ifelon New Albert Tlunkln. All vU-ltlnt Will I'* Mrs. Kffio Vittum will br» Mr/*. In and Mrn. Shuul will be Neatcd as past I u wat- uilh Indivldth'il i PARTY HOUR ANNOUNCED A watch party at First Pro; rhun.h will brgln at 9 o'clock InstrMil ] of S an pri-vl«nj»ly announced. The ' norvji-H ujll I,,- held in Wo* Iiull i'f the church Saturday (;rt at fivo hundred went t«» .Mr.". t; Owen, Mrs. S;\rnh Htoll nml Mrn. Mrtle ()\ven-, Nnruli Sti-ll, Myrtle Krcrda I-'re.-iiian. Minnie Nu"a ' 'i^ 1 rlinan, U".-a Klni,', Morrl.-*, WltUfred K',.t.-b,-?ii, of 111** rrfmdly CJara will i K'rnia I'nyne. Mttrnaref Sunini.'cs, have .-liareo (»f fiitrrtnniiuont. Ite-'MtnnlA Campion, Tl.-noiua S. rri-N);jn»'»tM will bo nerved preceding Hose Valencia, Annie M.-Stnltli, u di'votiounl Nervlco just before mid- j;t;i l'ire*-nlenf, Ada Cn>Maml, Mnrfe " ( Kbt. Walters, MinnU' Kim.-. Sarah 'nurtnn. Al! nu-mberti and frlonds huvo bocn | Kronln WIIc<>\, Ada Stewart and SH' dIf \Y Baptism Scheduled for This Evening J Th'-r.- will !•«• iin^fhfr biiptlsm this jevonliu: »it 7-SO «i'cloc;i In The Boothhy- |Sjdllnian Talifirnaeb-, l<M-uted at Chen- j t--r avrnu'" ;»iid l-IlKhtli street. lOvun- i HrllM Ht.ittliby will ^.)"•nl; i.n the H\ib- ! J-.-.-f. "Will 'I' lie Anotht-r Dark ' Atf'-s, IT Tlnii- of H.'llKl"Us t-H Mnry Helen Jn.-n»thy l/lnrl fila Klsio Parrlah Henry C. ^rs Party Misses I Tholnm**ni ! Years party son li. J. «;]as- c ow .-ilnn/n Ann, V.. C.) K. C. t!..n " will n) M.MII 70 beautiful H IfftUIV l.S tl) 1'f, "\V(1I Th.-rf lio Any MarrlaR-.-H In l!»»iven? If So, Who M'lll 1'rrfi.rin th« • '«•»•«. in. >nyV Will Tboy J.lvo TuKiflhor Tl.ruuKlu.ut Kti-rnlty? Will Thoro Jlo An PUPILS GUESTS AT PARTY 1 'la mi pupils i.f MlH^ F.<ln-i 1'etxoh «i*o her giirslM at a New Yeurw party al her honi" ye.stcrday. 'j'hu rooms wort* df-ched Jn a color si-hi-me of rod and i;iv»'ii. favors and all appointments d"vc]i>]iing the holiday shades. pupil played a pLmo number u program of pame.s. Ro- Jadwln-Wcir Marring* "\Vord ba.s renrh*»d Bakortiftcld frloncl.H of the- marriage ChrlatmaH dny of Mrs. Mabel .ladwiu to Karl Weir. The- cer-'inony w;i.s performed at tho home of Mrs. .ladwln's daughter, Mrs. Howard »;rt:«-u near \Vat«(invine. Tho Ucverend K. C. 1'hllleo officiated, ua- \i\K tho rltitf ceremony. Mr. nnd Mrs. Weir irorc .-itfendod by Miss Hlaneh Judwln and Jamos .Indwln. < i tilldr«.-n i.f thn bride.- Only rclitUvi-a and a fuw close friondu were i i filled .Morrison a.s.-, present wt-r« MlMSCH lintldn Ifottznian Hetty ymlth Tlifhna Chorn Mensrs.— Jack Monan John Motitflod Nc wbury 'i Sher- .vcud \Vatt-:on' and at a Now at tho Wat- 1-1 on I/iko Htroet. \ t}ie st'i^-Jnfr of 1*0- th.t evening. Mrs. the A full report on the state convention held by the Jacobean Club this week will be made nt the January meeting of the rluh, H wa.s announced T f ™ today by Joe Fisher, president. A social meotlnK of ' Ii" Rrnup will be ; held on Thursday nl^ht at R'nal Ja- c.ob temple. A state confederation of Jewish youth was for/nod nnd officer* were elected. Many Delctfates Thi» convention wan held at tho horln) hall of li'nal .laoob temple, and dcl« ; Kn.1eH wero in attendance from I.,os Anpelos, Fresno, Hollywood, Taft, Delano and VlsnHa. H. A. Spln<lt, principal of the local hlph school, R-nvfi the welcomliiff address ut the convention and other speakers of the rnornlnR worn: llabbl G. Qreenborfc of Fronno, Mr. Fiwhor, \VlM(ani Gold- berK, Al Wplos, president of the Tarto r Hub of TJQH Aiift'elc.s, nnd Miss May Levl of Vresno. It was voted to 1 hold the next conclave In T^os Angeles with the Tartar Club as host. It was also decided to xmlte the vnrlouR clubs under the title of tho California Confederation of Jewish Youth. Pick Leaders Tho officers n.imod wore Al WelsH, of hoa AngeleH, president; William rjoldberp, of ItakersfMd, vice-president, and Miss Sclina llubtn of Bakers f told, secretary. The clubs will participate In contents during the year Including debates, athlcticH, und drama. A basketball tournament was held In the afternoon between the various clubs-, with the Tartars winning 1 twice und tho JacobeanB once. A dinner dance wan held In the evening. JOG Fisher wus tonstinnptcr. Ilostosses were JJ1.SM Bertha Hudniclc, and 5fl»s Clara, HOSP. During the dinner speeches were mado by William Oold- herc, Joo 1-Msher, llabbl (treonberg, Al Weiss,, J. Shottland, Misses Hertha. Jludnfck and Clara Uoss. The last day of the convention was given over to ,a .snow picnic held nt Fruzler Mountain Pnrk. Local Members The members of tho'leld Jacobean club Include: Misses Sclma Kubln, f'Inni J?O.SM, Berth.'t Un Florence Mooney, Alv.i Moonoy, Itubln. Sehnn 711movlt3! t Sylvia Cohen, Sylvia Kudnlck. Faiinh' Tlimovlt'/.. Joseph Visher, JTynien I'avis. William *?oldbt»rir, Afnx l^evlriM, Jfemiio fCapt", Sam fliinovlts!. Manuel Kuhin, Ross Fi-anUlIn, .Too Tllmovitz, l.icrtie Winer, feeder "Mahoff, Sam Kuril, Isrnest Fislier, Murrls Ulmovitz and Irving Officers of Fr«sno, Hanford, VI*<il)a nnri Tularft auxiliaries to the United Spanish War Veterans will ba seated Jointly Monday evening In Vlaalla, with Mrs. Winifred Ketchem M this city, senior vice- department president, aa the Installing officer. The camps of the four cltlea will seat officers nlso, with Percy Church of Fresno, J"nior vice-department commander installing for th« men's order. Color ttams from th« Fresno auxiliary will do the floor work. J. E, Ketchem, department historian and many others from Bak- ernfleltf will attend, sharing the ceremonies and the banquet following. Other officers will be present from the northern and southern parts of the state. YOUNG PEOPLE TO HOLIDAY PARTY IS SHARED BY GROUP Christian Endeavor Society Enjoys Frolic Held at J. C. Pera Home SERVICE I people of the letter-Day church will presftnt the pro- pram nt the 7:30 o'clock worship hour Sunday evening »t the cbapel, corner of Monterey and Kings streets, lining "Mormon Ideals" . r iH the theme of tho service. The public IK being' invited. Tho program in full was announced today as follows: Introduction of Mutual Improvement Association slogan, Mrs. KHa Hrimludl; short, talk, "My Ward Ylec.'orrt," Frutik Il short t«lk "Mormon Jdenls of Hhip," Iferman Oxondlno; sonps, proup of six t'frls from the Nymph class; piano solo. I,tnooln Slaughter; trio, "Goodl>y Old Tear." Miss Kthol Htiffh'--.*.', Miss Ad;t MIH*-r and Miss Sarah l^oynton; violin s'»lo, M|KS "Mario Cull and piano duet, Mlsa Julia Taylor and Miss Kthel Tlu^hes. QOY SCOUTS GUESTS Buy Scouts of Troop ?Co. * 3U wore of Girl 8'/ouiK in oil Center Years resolutions were made lust evening at ti pro-New Years party held by the members of tho Junior college Christian Endeavor of the First Chrlbtlnn Church, at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Pcra on Roberta Lam-. After making resolutions for others, the members of tho group mot "the king und queen-." "rode In nn airplane" and played numerous Crimes with the prl'/.ea going to Miss Mildred Sparks, Miss Anubol Hulmo «ml Tom Jenntiiffs for high score and to George ITasttngs, consolation. At tho dose of tho evening 'u Spanish supper was served. Mrs. Pera WHS assisted In her duties ag hostfiHH by the members of the social commit-^ TCP. Mten Mnymol Spurgeon, chairman, und Miss Millie Jarrett. ThoKo present were the Reverend and Mrs. CharleH H. Hulme, Mr. and Mr.H. ,)uhjj C, Peru, und Misses Iflvelyn Baldwin, Anubcl Huline, Catherine 1'era, Mildred HpnrUti, Alice Rude, Millie Jarrett, Shirley Brlgga, Jluth Harmon, Maymel Spurgeon, and Messrs, Thoburn Huworth. Paul Pryor, <;«- i oi*gc and James Hastings, Harold Hultnmn, Marvin Mangold, Klwyn Couts, Park WUkerson, Tom Jennings, und Keglnald Lenhart, Open Installation Date Is Changed Thursday evunin^. Ufmonatnitluns of knot-tyiiiK and first aid. and singing of Scout songs, {ireroded tho serving of popcorn and randy. I»KLAXO, Dee., SI. —Delano Circle. of Woodcraft, announce a in tho date of their open Installation of officers, from January fl, as prpvfrmsly announced, to Jonu- ary M. Tt will bo .it tho Odd Fellows ball, where they have lodgerooms, and Mrs. ISlmer Dorsey wilt bo Installed UuarOlan Neighbor, with a full staff of elective and appointive officers. Today the circle is holding a food sale at tho Saft'way tilorc on Main street, whoro pies, cak«-s, salads and baked beans are being offered for .'-al' 1 . The proceeds will replenish the treasury. ITelon WilMon Francos IMatt A'lvienno C'lycle Haker Ivan ItichardHon Frank Columbia Vance Ander; on Mrs. Houze Plans Extensive Itinerary for Coming Months M IIS. dr 'U. S. in Prophecy" ^' ^ Interest t<i fh/» occasion the fact that thn Oat-» W.IK not only Christmas, but tb<- first birthday nn- nlvt-rnary of the brldc'H gratidUaUtfli- Icr, Marline Jadwln. Mr. and Mr.s. U'elr are nt homo at 241*0 U street. (t.V»> IM'fSellt MrFadden, Cob-en McFaddon, Ncttule Mi-AlliHtrr, Huth Clark, Amelia Miller. Franeino Mlllor, Dorothy Larma, Dor- and Mrs. UUSHP!! Welnheim.-r Guest* of Mclntoshes Mr. nnd Sirs. J. M. MVIntoMi of havo been entertaining Mr. November Wedding Tolrt Tho secret wedding, November Ii3, In VisiiHu. of Minn Mildred Towncr nnd Oliver J i. Hull, '.van mado known ro- < i cnt\y Hi n holiday observance at the r home, 0^17 Q street. The mar- was fallowed by a. honeymoon in San Lul.s f.tbiiipo. Mrs. Hall is tho daughter of Mr. find Mrs. W. CJ. Towner, und her husband Is the son of Mrs. Tldu Tlall of San I*uls Oblspo. They were nttendm'i at to Be Sermon Topic "The L'nltcd States In Prophecy" is to b«> the subject of nn address on Tuesday nlirht by tho ];nv. Vhlllp 1':. J. Monson, I'.il.l.- tr»arher and Izor for tin- .\n^lf»-S;(\ou Fc I of Arnorli-ii, In this message will shown the identity of the Un States, with ManasM-h, th" thirteenth tribe of Israel, jind how it aloiu*, of nil people.", has experienced the r-''M«j\incV'(i upon Israel, Kev. ]'. K. J. Monsun foui • and iJUl/H. t -'her of I ;. errand arch inuhide.s: 1'ast Arch I'ruldeseeH Asso- f-f the United Anclont ciatlor. No. 1, San Frnucisco, Vobru- of L>riiIrless»>.H of the state of :.ry 6; I_<o.« Ranos circle at "Los Banus. California, has planned an extensive ] February S; Fremont circle ut Kol- Itlnerary of off loin 1 visits to clrclc-p ' Ust.-r, Ft-bruary 10; Tlodoo eirolo ;t» throughout northern CuIlfornUi for Viodeo, J'Vbruary rj; Tuint Klelmiond January and February. '-livlo r.t 1'olnt Richmond, l r ebruaiT She will bo the truest of Phoenix i 1": Cioldvti Vojjpy circle, San Fran- Circle. San Franc is.-o, January £tf, ; olsoo, I->hruary If.; fc'nu Unfa el clr- und Laurel circle. January 27. She nt ,San Kobruarj- 16; will be accompanied to these two Ojilr rlrc't' at Oakland, February 21; units by .Mrs. A. <'. JOIK-S. [ WatJ-onvirm circle, at \VatHonvllb*. -Mernbt-rsliip, de.spHe adverse con- I February 112; Columbia circle, al Snn dltlons. is holding m> remarkably well Fruneis.'o. 1-V-bruary 2;i; and Victory throughout tho state, new und pral- : ^'ircbj al CentL-rvlllo, February U7. Ifyin^ initiations hcln^ report eel at Mr.s. llnuza will bo home for a brief frequent interval*, the U-:iflcr said. r»-st ;.t thv end of V.-bruary before bfc- Al rt-. I louxi-'s '-.•hed(lit- fur Febru.'trv ' .•; Alan-h pri National McrHnpe to the Covenant lit i. t a , lfl ^vorj^p,! j n conjunction with o th Hunt, Mary Jiin«» l-Jn^f Daly, Iicrt Tlbbvtt and "William 1'ptr.olt. Jr. \ NEW YEARS MUSIC Sprdu/ mi!.* i.- at FJrM I'rc.sbyf erlan ( 'burcli Sunday has been announced as follow*: Morning, choir, "Jewu llamulno" (Tietro Yon>; holo, "The Land" (t.'owan), William Robb. HH)N of ST. Mary's," i.'hrlstlun Endt-avor quartet. Andanthio" (Uemalre); OIaust-r>; and "Post- thefr thrc/> rhlldrcn. Irene, Mao and Kus.sell, Jr., of HmiUngton Beach, and Mrn. Weinheimer'H father, C. C. Fierce, also of tho southern c.lty. MTH. » inhelmer is th« former Miss Ireno the wedding by Mr. arid Mrs Shlplds. They will make their home In Hakersffeld, where tho bt is connectc-t with ihe San and Power Corporation. t!%tf Ul * e If. A. All*Mi of Two Club Events Two local cluba will be the n-ecra of thn social sot this evening as tho cicnn. spreading tho news of our identity us God's chosen people. Israel, a* separate and distinct from Judnh or tho Jews. •* .*> FRATERNAL he victors were | J{akor.'--f!rld CJul) will be host ;.t Its of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford 1'ierre of Coallngii, before rclurnlns to their home. On Christmas day Mr. ami Mr.s. Mc- IntcMi received 32 guests from Korn county, l-iontf llcach, and I»a Anfieles, I ludu" t'Vlne.-iit», ' ).\olte); Kvonlnp, "Ve.sper "AiivJantrt nn D^ro- nnil "March" (Col- HAPPY NEW YEAR New Year brings new frieiuls . . . new circumstances . . . new ambitions. To every member of our community we wish n very Happy nnd Prosperous New Year. Let US be YOUR Druggists Kimball & Stone The Particular DrurgisU Phone 53 Phone 54 PROMPT FREE DELIVERY Btktfsfield, Calif. annual New Years t> v -o fete In the form of u nupper dansant. and tho Kern Klvcr Country Club Is clvlngr a dinner dance. Both affairs are ox- prcted to attract larpo crowds of members ami th-Mr friends. The Bak- at H family reunion. The holiday din- | ersflfld Club affair will be cr.rrled off WUH fcorvcd in tho lioardsley dunoo ! in carnl\;;l stvle, and the hosts have i Klven muOi thonuht nnd preparation | to tho aff.'iir. Tnc dinner dance Js 1 also arrann^d as a gala occasion. Doctor C. K. I'rynr is president of the Kern Itlver Club. Meetinfl Next Month Thf next mooting of tbo Daughters of L'nlon Civil War Veterans will bo hrld Friday, January Kl. Installation of officers will be beK jointly with the Woman's Relief Corps January 20. hall. Hotel El Tejon New Years Dinner . . . Sunday and Monday Tt:30 a. m. to 9:30 p. m '.:> -l»i»-ii i',iU<> l-'rult Cocktail To San Jose Miss Marian Harman, .student nt San Jose State Teachers' College, will return to San Jose tomorrow to re- c hor studies. She has boon spend' tho Christmas holidays with her •nts. Mr. and Mr.s. IV, C. Harman, 1SSO Pacific street. local youne people returning .? \vork ut San Jose include Miss Kllzaheth Healy, daughter () f Mr. and ^^rH. H. Ij. Healy, i,'li;9 Weven- ( teenth street; Miss Kffle Frey, AauKh- I ter of Mr. and Mrs. T.. J. Frey, J!626 | Sunset avenue, and MIus Katherlno and Hobb Walt, dnughfrr and son of I»oc(or and Mrs. Kay \Vali, 1MI2 Twenty-first «itre.-t. The latlcr youiiK poo- l>lc have planned tu return un Monday. With the Veons I >o,•(,>!* and Mrs. Harvcj \'eoii and tlit-lr two children. Ilan-t-y, Jr., and Jarki", spent s.-veral day a this Wt-ek with Poctor Vcon's parents, Doctor nnd Mrs. J. K. Veon, 2310 H street. • » * t With the Ketc/.cms Mr. nnd Mrs. J, E. ICotohcm of 2-1'^ Park \\'ny had ay their recent KUe tlieir HUH Vunco Ketclu'in, assistant filo clerk for tho CJroyhound Stapro Company In Sun Kranrisco; Mr«. I*. A. Vance, Mr. and Mrs. Kurl K«trhom of Tuft und Mr. and Mrs. A. O, Stunkey. Vun«'t> Kotrht-m will return north on Monday afternoon. • * * Visited Hanleys Mr. and Mrs. J. Mai-k Tnrru-r and their younp rlauKht-r, Margaret, of rortlaud, Orison, U-ft today for tlu»ir hotnt;. fallowing u visit _ durlnff tho holiday j'ouson with Mr. nnd Mr.s. Vhi.muM K Hanley <.f I'^ftJ It str*--rtt. Mr. 'rumor 1-s a brother of Mr.s. Ilan- New Officers Presiding For i(s first nif^tiiiR: nndor tho now administration Mak*»rsfMd C'huptor Xo. 125, Order of tho Eastern Star, will hold a KhorL business met II n^ Monday evening 1 ut S o'clock at tho MuHoni' 1 tt'inple. Mrs. Mabel Doughty will preside us worthy matron, sue- Mrn. K. JT. Hondri-.'ksou. INSTALLING SOON Tho United- Spanish War Veterans* camp and auxiliary \vtll Install offl- eers Jammry 10 fn Mfinorinl hall. v Trip to Mexico M r n nd M r« ^I'r!l^liv,^ NV-w • lit-'. M.-\U-.«. ;ti!il 1 1 arr "W San r«> DAUGHTER TO WIEBES Mr. and Mrs. Arthur tnebt* of Ninth Ktrt-ot, havo announced tho I'll th of ;i iluiiKhtor. Diane Jo-Dell, nt th.- 1'ultn Mutornity liuin*', IVcom- is the former Mis.s M"ax- It u Li *haiitlll K.-rr. • \nmty To:r. < » st ••!• i'urr;mt J Uil' rf Huby ;iU J u.s Ueef \'[ We Wish You a Prosperous and HAPPY NEW YEAR 1 VuM ;t\: tratin o loo Holla Hot Muire. \ r Kii Hard or Itraiuiy ^•.i *-r 1** ppt-rniiiu T 1 STORKS • ™ ol \.fft -M rs r Milk im *s V" i nou/n&na in-» Willinott. t Soroptimists to Be Guests at Tea; Leader Hostess Members of the Sc*optmiK*>t Club are being bidden to a tea Monday afternoon between the hours of 4 and 6 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Marguerite Follansbee, retlr. Ing president, 2601 Nineteenth street. This wilt be the last social function before the installation of officers, bet for Tuesday evening in connection with a 6;45 o'clock dinner at Hotel El Tejon. At that fjnti? Mrs. Follansbee will preside as install ing officer. Mrs. Mary Crane Garnrd wilt play some of her own piano compositions and Mrs. Alberta Smith will contribute PE RMANENT WAVE SA DE LD unm&bl uicful t/ttUit tcrtot / \ H: a succession of iovous • • -. _ . hf h IUCI clays IllU-d lo the brim with HAPPY NEW YKAR! PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Now Carries SHEET MUSIC t- '

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