Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on December 14, 1960 · Page 4
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1960
Page 4
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Postville Herald POSTVILLE. IOWA PUBLISHED WEEKLY Official N*w»p»pcr for Allamakee County and Town of Postville Clifford W. DeGnrmo and Fred L. Martin Publishers Entered at the Postofficc, Postville, low. as Second Class Mutter. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Harris visi-[ ted Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lawson. The Kittleson-Petersen Hardware held their annual employee Christmas Party with a dinner on Saturday night. ' Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hogan and' Tim of McGregor were guests Sun- Anderson's Clothing held their, annual employee's Christmas party | J he Sunday evening with dinner at the V and vJ dining room. Dr. and Mrs. Foster Burroughs and Mary Ann of Waterloo came Sunday and surprised Mrs. Maria Smith on her birthday. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE S3.00 Per Year — So.50 for 2 Years in Allamakee, Clayton, Fayette and Winneshiek Counties S3.50 Per Year — $6.50 for 2 Y'ears Outside of Four County area. RATIONAL EDITORIAL I AS^>C^TI(O]N Wednesday, December 14, 1960 George Huebner attended an Oil Jobbers meeting in Waterloo on -Tuesday evening. Mrs. Nora McNeil of Monona spent from last Tuesday until Sun-day visiting in the home of her sister, Vera Palas. Mrs. Bertha Rounds returned home Saturday from Monona where where she had spent two months with Mrs. Ed Fritz. Doan Christofterson, student at Iowa State Teachers college, Cedar MAIL BAG Letters From Our Readers San Francisco, Calif. To the editor: I sure am a long Ways from Post- It indicates that the foot is out of balance, with too much weight on the inner part of the foot. This may cause the arch to give way. Many SUI coeds have this fool fault, mainly because of wearing shoes which .offer no support for the foot, she continues. One sign of pronation might be a bulge on the inner side of your l foot just ahead of and below the | ankle bone. Or the heel cord might -J ».« -j„n„„tnr! inward. Pro- 5ay in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Iowa '^tho ville but I still remember all my : — and be deflected Inward. «o Ralph Auer. | ^ an f chl -istofferson home. |friends so figured .this^vas the^best (natlon CB „ also be detected by ex Mr. and Mrs. Ted Green and son Bill left last Wednesday for a vacation trip to California to visit Mrs. Green's sister and Mrs. Edith Handy. Mr. and Mrs. Durwood Schutta and Joel, Mrs. Paul Helming and Sirs. Herman Schutta were in Cedar Rapids Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoth and to get acquainted with the new baby girl in the Hoth family, Laurie Lynn. Bonnie Sander of Rochester, Minnesota was a Saturday overnight guest in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Sander and j Ronald. j — • Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lawson visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lawson Wednesday night and showed slides of pictures they had taken of different places. Weekend guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Merlyn O'Tool and family were Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Moore and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Smith and son of Fort Dodge; • Mrs. Henry Keesler came Saturday • from Springfield, Illinois to spend a few days of pre-holiday vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cy Harrington and is returning to her home Wednesday. The annual joint Legion and Auxiliary Christmas party will be held at the Cora B. barling grade school building at 6:30 p. m. this evening beginning with a potluck supper, a movie and program. Upper Iowa University's annual Deans' Christmas Tea and Coffee party was held December 7 at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Herschel Hendrix. Members of Kappa Eta Beta sorority, of which Pat Looby of Postville is a member, served. Mrs. Alma Fitzgerald of Waukon and Mrs. Earl Abernethy were Sunday evening dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Abernethy and Michael. Six New Arrivals At Hospital Here Six new arrivals, three girls and three boys, were added to the community during the past week at Postville Hospital. Following is a list of the births: Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Knudsen, West Union, Dec. 7« 7 lbs., 3 ozs. Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Meyer, Postville, Dec. 7, 7 lbs., 13 ozs. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Jahnke, Postville, Dec. 9, 9 lbs., 9 ozs. Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fischer, Monona. Dec. 10, 7 lbs., 8 ozs. Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Johnson, Elgin, Dec. 10, 7 lbs., 1 oz. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Haltmeyer, Postville, Dec. 11, 10 lbs., 2 ozs. Medical Cases. Mrs. Lester Kamin, Castalia, Dec. 8. Mrs. Leon Hanson, Clermont, Dec. 9. Alfred Fett, Monona, Dec. II. I way to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. I have been gone from the States since July 16 and expect to be back about March, 1961. My outfit flies the Douglas A 40 Attack Bomber. It is sure a long way from the barn in Bethel where I spent most of my young days. Who knows, maybe some day I'll be back in Postville to take life easy. I hope. George R. Harris ADI VA-113, U. S. S. Hancock, c/o F. P. O. San Francisco, California. When You Have DRY CLEANING Remember GORDANIER CLEANERS Phone 86 4-3813 Postville, la. Mrs. Andrew Mosby of Ossian, Mrs. Elliott Schroeder and Mrs. Ted Anderson spent the weekend in Maquoketa where they visited in the Richard Cayton home to help Diana Cayton celebrate her first birthday. They also visited in the Robert Schroeder home. FEWER TRAFFIC DEATHS THIS YEAR 4 From Postville Serving On Jury Dinner guests Sunday in the home of Mrs. Tillie Baltz were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Heusman, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Baltz, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baltz, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Meland, Mr. and Mrs. John Burrow and Michael and Mark Calhoun. Mr. and Mrs. Norton Kjome, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Moellerman and Hattie Brouillet, all of Decorah, were dinner guests Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Brouillet, Robert and Richard, in honor of Phillip Brouillet, who is home on leave from the navy. Four residents of Postville are serving on the jury at Waukon on the first degree "murder trial of John Rose, 18. West Union. The case was moved from Fayette county to Allamakee county at the re- I quest of the defense attorneys. Jurors from Postville serving are: Mrs. Otto Appel, Pauline Everman, Sheldon Hall, and Orma Schultz. Other jurors include: Lavonne Ewing, Waukon: Ernest Ingles, Waukon; Ed Gramlich, Lansing: Malloy Johanningmeier of Jefferson township; Milo Klocke of Ludlow township; Tate Molitor of Union Prairie township: Ralph Snitker of Ludlow; Marie Zimmerman of Center. Alternates are August Meyer and Cara McKinney, both of Lansing. Iowa apparently will have a re duction in traffic deaths this year second only to the "pojnt system" year of 1958, the state safety department predicted today. Early this month, the state's highway death toll was running 65 below last year, and only eight deaths ahead of the toll in 1958 when introduction of the point system brought a record reduction. All year long. Iowa has been ranked among the top 10 states in the nation showing reductions in traffic fatalities, according to the National Safety Council. State safety officials are hopeful that, by the end of the year, at least 75 lives will have been saved on Iowa highways compared to last year. •"It all depends on the ability of our drivers to get through the dangerous Christmas and New Years holidays without an excessive death toll," Safety Commissioner D. M. Statton said. The safety department now is conducting a "Thou Shalt Not Kill" campaign in an attempt to remind motorists of their moral responsibilities behind the wheel. Statton said most of the headway in safety this year has been made on Iowa's primary highways where there have been approximately 45 fewer deaths than last year. Deaths on secondary roads are about 20 below last year, but the urban death rate is the same as 1959. amining the shoes you wear. The back of a shoe worn on a pronated foot will "lean" inward. Excessive perspiration of the feet .„ sometimes an indication of foot weakness, Dr. Fox notes. Also a puffy-looking foot may be weak. If you press on the top of your foot and the indentation remains and natural color is slow in returning, you may have some kind of foot weakness, although the puffiness may be the result of other conditions in the body. If your feet and legs ache after moderate work, you should suspect poor foot posture, she warns. If you arc on your feet for an excessively long time or if you are doing more walking than you usually do, your feet will probably ache. In such cases, this is no sign for alarm. If, however, your feet hurt after only moderate work and walking, you would be wise to look for the cause. 101 Parents At I PHS Conferences Ono-hundred-one parents of high school students (grades 0-12) enrolled in the Postville high school came to school last week to hold conferences with the teachers of their children. These parents represented almost 50 per cent of the 217 students enrolled in these grades. Last year when corresponding conferences were held 92 parents came to school for such conferences. The faculty of the high school is pleased that so many parents accepted the special invitation to come to school for these conferences. Parents are invited to come to school at anytime that they feel a special need for confer the teachers. Parents«, vlted to visit classes in Postville schools at the! ence. " Telephone Companj Plans Open House Open house will be h J Postville Farmers Tclcp pany on Friday, Deeembu 1:00 to 9:00 p. m. Theo- is planned to present the' new building mid dial equipment which was service October 16. Visitors will be shown' operation of the dial which handles local an tance calls. «jniia ]iiiiiiii!ji !iiiiiiiiuii llllll!lll>l!!IUinll:ll!l!!Ml!l|lll'III!llllllllll>ll"l"l">"" IIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlillllllllllllll' WHILE THEY ARE TOGETHER Have a Family GROUP PICTURE Made at Christmas 12T Postville, Iowa DON'T LET FARM MACHINERY "HYPNOTIZE" YOUR CHILDREN LOW ARCH NOT SIGN OF WEAK FEET Ultttllllllllllll 'lllllllltllllllllllllllllltllltlllltllllllillilMIUIIllllllIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIMIIIIIlllllllllllllllfinilllllllllUltll — R S 1 R % ft R a if PRE-CHRISTMAS . . . Clothes Dryer Discount SALE — We Are Overstocked — SAVE *35 to *75 CHOOSE FROM: ^ GAS OR ELECTRIC £ RCA-WHIRLPOOL £ HOTPOINT 0 MAYTAG £ PHILCO - BENDIX 0 DELUXE OR STANDARD PRICES START AT $139.50 Take from 12 to 24 Months to Pay. ; 1 i ;——I-.:.- : ; i I KITTLESON - PETERSEN 8 HARDWARE |: "Give Her A Major Appliance" Moving parts of farm machinery hold a mysterious and deadly attraction for children warns County Extension Director Fred C. O'Riley. Fred says Norval Wardle, farm safety specialist at Iowa State University, points out that children are badly mangled and killed each year in Iowa when their curiosity, leads them too close to moving parts on grain elevators, self-unloading wagons and similar equipment. Parents, Wardle says, have a responsibility to make sure their children know how and where to avoid this danger. Even if your children are trained to stay away from dangerous equipment, Wardle says, visiting children may not be as fortunate. This is added reason for tak ing all possible steps to eliminate danger spots. | The belief that you don't need to | shield slow-moving power shafts oh farm equipment is a common mistake of many Iowa Farmers, Wardle says. Because of this, farmers tend to be less alert to the possibility of getting caught in the shafts and are slower to warn their children to keep away. All power shafts are death traps and should be shielded regardless of their speed. Placing machinery so you and your children don't have to work or walk near moving parts is an excellent safety practice, Wardle says. Bright-colored warning devices near danger points will also help keep children away. Nearly every year, Wardle says, some unwary Iowa child crawls into a self-unloading wagon and slips into the unloading equipment. Other children have suffocated in past years when they were pulled into the chutes of grain bins. Children and moving machinery parts just don't make a happy com bination, Wardle stresses. Don't decrease your children's chances for growing up by letting them think these parts are toys. Iowa City—A highly arched foot is not necessarily a strong foot, nor is a low arch always a sign of foot weakness, says Margaret Fox, professor of women's physical educa tion at The State University of Iowa. A footprint which shows whether you have a high or low arch is no longer used to measure foot strength, she explains. A low arch may be quite strong: it may be the natural shape of your foot. Or muscles in the foot may have par tially filled in the arch. By the same token, a foot with a high arch may be a weak foot. Pronation, or inward tilt of the heel, is one of the most frequently found foot problems, Dr. Fox says. SUBSOILING SELDOM PAYS SAY SOIL SCIENTISTS Dos'Moines—Research has shown few benefits from either deep tillage or deep fertilizer placement in the Midwest according to Dr. W. E. Larson, soil scientist at Iowa State University. Dr. Larson's conclusions, as reported in an article appearing in! the current issue of the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, are supported by thorough investigations carried out in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri during the 12 years. Dr. Vernon Jamison, soil scientist at the University of Missouri and W. G. Lovely, agricultural engineer at the Iowa State University are Larson's co-authors. Deep tillage and deerj fertilizer placement sometimes increase yields, but the costs increase greatly with the depth of soil treatment. For instance, in Iowa, subsoiling 24 inches deep decreased corn yield 9.7 bushels per acre on Edina silt loam in 1956 and 6.4 bushel yield decrease was noted in 1957 on Grundy silt loam soil. In many of the tests it was evident that corn yields were better when the fertilizer was plowed down, rather than placed at a 16 inch cieoth. Lower corn yields for the 16 inch deep fertilizer placement as compared to plow layer fertilizer placement were still noticeable three years after aoplication on Webster-Glencoe soil. The true value of any yield increase must be considered in relation to costs necessary for obtaining the increase asserts Dr. Larson. The research data, accumulated from tests at various locations on all major soil types has consistently indicated that subsoiling seldom pays. In conclusion the authors state: It is doubtful if expensive subsurface soil treatments will give economic returns for corn, alfalfa, or other forage crops where good fertility and management practices are used on the normal surface plow layer. Herald Want Ads bring results. ^tcwtcvictnnticicwvicicictcvtcivciciocwjciciciowcicici At the Elevator SEE US — for — SPECIAL PRICES on MASTER MIX BEEF CATTLE FEEDS Hall Roberts' Son POSTVILLE, IOWA IRIS THEATRE POSTVILLE, IOWA THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY DECEMBER 15, 16 and 17 DOUBLE FEATURE I COIUMEW PICTURES r .nmi ft?ACQUIS CHIMPS • •» mum noun mmmtnamit **> RANDOLPH Scon COMAHCHE STATION » UKWK ncoucicn • CINEMASCOPE uinu. COLOR• Saturday, Dec. 17 Midnight Show SECRETS OF BLACK MEDICINE! Starts 11:00 p. m. COLUMBIA PICTURES prttenU THE MAN WHO TURNED * CLOVER PRODUCTION All Seats 50c Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday DECEMBER 18,19, 20 and 21 MilMMA Ul JOAMHE mm/ flmwm ...AND NOW . THE SCREEN ' IS STRUCK BY LIGHTNING! J TENNESSEE WILLIAMS' TmfmmEKiHVi ...AND NOW . 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Include! dinner plates, cup*, saucers, soups serving pieces, salt and pepper, \\\\\\\V\\V\V\\\\\\\\\v\\\ Mirro COOKY- PASTRY SET Mother, get (hi* for yourse Holiday boko let special i etudes postry press, 12 plates, 3 pastry tips, 4 ing cups and spoons w. $3 95 Smart —For Sis j or DaugMJ Magnified Dial BATH SCALE 1 A ptrfect nlfl tor th. diet-con- tMJR •cioui young Mill to keep a f#| $ daily chesk on her weight. ™ BOWLING SH Smart looking l'° n < ' beige leather ihoei . with ileel «hank »up; ij port for better fit "no comfort. ' FREE Webster's New World DICTIONARY with the purchase of this portable G-E PORTABLE RADIO <OL\ iharp looking, twell sounding number, with «ar phone, 0 antenna, 3Vi" ipeaker. FREE GIFT WRAPPING Kittleson - Peterse Hardware Your Charge-A-Credit Store in TW

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