The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 31, 1932 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1932
Page 3
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THE BAKERSF1ELD CAUFORNIAN, SATUKDAY, DECEMBER 31, 11)32 ~1 ' '\ - - \-:,* T. Mi i > PROMOTER FACES HOLIDAY IN JAIL Julian in Oklahoma City's Ca]«boosc and May Slay There New Years Day (Associated Prctw Lcaecd Wire) OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec. 31.—C. C. Julian, natty oil promoter whose pro- motlngs brought his oil and royalties firm millions and himself a federal mull fraud charge, rested in-tho ctty jail here today and faced a Nejiv Yean. <lfty In Uio HHine place unless he can find a new bondsman quickly. Julian was arrested In his suite In Uio Oklahoma BIHmoro hotel and taken to tho Jail lust night when one of Jtl.s bomlsmen, O. P. JSstca, Oklahoma City nttornoy, asked to be relieved of his obligation. Estes told officers he had • learned Julian spent much time in Canada and that bondsmen could not have the oil operator extra- rilled In case he decided to stay In Canada on the date his fraud trial is scheduled to begin. ho cn«o i« on iho Federal District Court calendar for February (i. Julian was under $26,000 bonds, signed by Kales and throe other persons. Tho oil man ivIH bo turned over to federal authorities* today, lo ho held until new bond is secured. His original arrest HTew out of operations of tho C. C. Julian Oil and Hoyaltlea Company, holders of property in the Oklahoma Oily oil field. Shell Plans Tests of Minor Showings Shell Oil Company plans to tost minor showings before deepening Ha Mahoney No, 1 well on section 4, 25-12, In the San Miguel district of San imls Oblspo county. The well tws a depth of 4077 feet. The 11%-tnch caalug Is cemented at 3270 foet and the well Is standing 1 cemented. When tho cement plus IH drilled out ntid the water shutoff proved successful tho testing of the minor showings .found at that point will bo made. PAC-WES1ERNIESIS KINGS JMOFF JOB Cement plug- set for (he 4^-Inch casing at 5767 feet in tho Avonal No. I gas test well on Bent.Ion 30, 23-17, In the Pyramid Hills district of Kings county, has boon drilled out. by tho Pacific Western Oil Company and testing of iho wnl.or shut-off hn« hpgun. Tho well has a total depth of 57U7 feot. Pac-\VoMteni took tho well over from Kmidsen and Schmidt several wook.s ago and will deepen tho project. Knudsen and Schmidt Look tho well over from ThouiHH P. Purtnan .several months JIPTO and' Purman moved into the iMcKittrlck district of Kern county xvhcro he is drilling a deep test well on section 22, 29-21. MR PROSPECI DEEPENING PLAN NUMBERS ARE LOWER fiidox numbers .on the condition of tho California oil Industry In November, just Issued by tho California OH and Gas Association, wero In general substantially lower than those for October, but those of domestic consumption and shipments, and consequently total market demand, took an upward turn. The Index number for crude oil production was 73.-16 In November as compared with 73.53 in October. Natural gasoline production had an Index number of 70.83 n» compared with 77.00 In October. In spite of those decreases, however, total new supply of oils had an Index number of 73.08 for November, an Increase over tho October number of 73.95. Among other important Items Included In the association's monthly statistical review arc the following, together with their Index numbers: Crude runs to stills, November, 73.1*2; October. 70.32. Total gnsollno production, November, 85.1.3; October, 80.23. Domestic consumption, November, 78.80; October, 70.20. Total shipmentH, November, 74.34; October. 04.28. Total market demand, November, 77.38; October, 72.23. California motor fuels distribution, November, 100,02; October, 107.08. Total stocks. November, 105.21; October, 100.47. Wolls drilling, November, 22.30; October, 21.38. Wells completed producing, November, 32.83; October, 20.04. Wells producing, November, 87.38; October, 80.00. November Healthy Month for State Oil Business D UUING the month of November Iho California petroleum Industry presented a hodUhy picture, according to a report of the United States Bureau of Mines, issued yesterday. Hero are some of the report's outstanding 1 Items; Total petroleum available to market dropped to 485,508, against 487,537 barrels for October. Market demand Increased to 521,010 barrels dally, against 486,937. Dally wltlidrnwilti amounted to 36,042 barrels, against 600 barrels dally which had been added to storage during the previous month, or in another way of putting it, tho withdrawals increiiHo/1 3«,G-<2 ImrrotH. Total atock.s nt tho end of November amounted to 108,907,005, a decline of 1)01,593 barrels. Crude Figures Crude production in November av. oraKod 471,413 barrela daily, a drop of 447 barrels dally compared to October. Refinery runa of crude fell to •IL'S.KKi barrelw dally ntt agutiiHt 435,861, shlpmontH of crude fell to 13,041 barrels dally as against 33,197 barrels nnd stocks rcmn by l!iiS,3H barrels to a total of 40,203,8X0 barrels. Total tanker shipments of petroleum in November ro»o to 4,840,1 JO burrols us against 4,294,087 hnrrnls In October; Atlantic IntorcoaHtal going up to 1,269,809 barrels as against 975,0211; Atlantic foreign moving up to 880,524 as nffflhist 720,531 und Gulf Intcrconslal to 247,204 as against none In October. Total gas and Diesel oil shipments Jumped to 1,051,156 an against 459,271, grasollne and oiiKlno dfatlllatoa to 1,057,003 from t,497,7M and fuol oil to 971,343 as against 500,920 barrels. Ga» Output Natural gasoline output in November totaled 32.S24 barrels dully as against 33,135 lu Ouluhnr and Hhlp- mentM In November ran 11,910 barrels daily as against 3839 barrols dally. Gasoline and onglno diHtlllrito output In November totaled 174.ftf!i barrels dully as against,170,917 barrels dally lu Oo1ob*»p. The net supply was 109,1173 barrels dally us against 17U.OS3 barrels dally tho month before. Total domain! in November was 172,884 barrels daily as against J00,900 barrels dally mid stocks at (no end of the month wore 12,158,773 barrels, down 105,330 barrels, KERN ILL'S OUTPUT LEAPS 100 PER CENT I'rmluotlon bus boon Incronft- rt about 100 por cent In tho Ozona Oil Company's recent completion on section 27, 29-21, at Mi'Kittrii'k. Tho well was grilled to 3025 font, anil after snvoral attempts to plug It betwoon 2700 and 2SOO feet wore made, onn was successful, and the well was completed on tho pump for about 20 barrels dally, but that flow lias boeti boosted lo 40 bar- rols. Tho oil registers approximately 21 degrees gravity and cuts only t per cent. Gray sand and shale are reported at bottom of tho Thomas Pnrman driller on ftnctlon 22, 29-21, a 6400-foot well. Bnrl roads, caused by (nclemont weather, forces a continuation of BUS- poisluii al. tho Wclport Oil Company No. 2 well on section 19, 29-21. Kent and McDonald Repair Carissa Rig Repairing of rig Is undor way at the Kent and McDonald woll ou section 3, 32-22, In tho Carissa Plains district, wo "t of Marlcopa, in Koru oounly, Tho ropiiJi- job was necessary to cr.jitlmio drlVilng from tho proHunl depth of 3805 fr,M. Signal Hill Oil Producers Agree to Slash Output UOS ANGELES, Dec. 31.—in an effort to prevent n collnpae of tho present price structure, Signal Hill oil operators hnve unanimously voted to Adopt a 90-day program to curtnil to the desired level of 59,000 barrels dally. The field baa been running over Ita allowable approximately 9000 barrels dally, Operators In other fields of the Los Angeles basin are also taking steps to curtnil overproduction, according to the oil umpire's office hare, ,, *•:• "•* -:>': World Lead Output Red ucedJOOO Tons Prr** Jf, Pee, 31. (A. P.)— Producers at tho Slfinal Hill oil field wero warned today by a major purchasing company thiu unteim thny conformed in tho limit «et by the Male oil umpire price* for crude oil mlwht drop as low as 25 or BO cents a barrel. The allowable production haft been Ret at BO, 000 barrels hut tho Actual f iff tiro hus excendcd thin by About 10,000 hnrrnlH dally. Vrlces for crude oil now approximate ?l a barrel. Huge Gold Shipment Taken From Britain » Pro** Lcawd Wire) NF.W YOrtK, Doc. 31.— World lead production In November totaled 105,543 short tons, n docroano of about 3000 tons from October and of approximately 1-1,000 from Novombor, 10,11, unyn American bureau of metal Hta- llHllos. United Stales output WHS 24,4flfi tons compared with 21,092 In October. (A**nnintcd Pr<i*9 Lc.atctl Wire) tiTVBUl'OOU T3bc. 3!.— Gold bara worth j:2,300,000 for fihlpment to" America, worn taken aboard the liner Hrltnnnln undor cover of darkness early thin mornlnff from heavily guarded trucks. Tho precious metal WBH in 283 steel-' bound woodon boxew weighing about 100 pounds ouch, reproHontlnff another InHtalmeiU In tho norlca of trannfnrt* arlslnff from the British war debt payment. on December 15. -• f *, again is planned at the ttauihler No. 1 well of tho Pyramid HI1-H OU Company on section 24. 25-18 in flin Pyramid Hills district of Kern i outity. A lest of showings found nt 2240 foot failed to produce results when tho formation tester was employed ami plans to deepen were made. Kip has been repaired for tho deep- rninj? work, Charlie Gauthler, supervisor of activities at tho well, and the man after whom the well Is named, visited BakorsflcM on Friday to com- pletn arrangements for the, new work. J^rst t?Bt of tho project was near 1725 fnot after more than 200 feet of for- nmtlon — apparently Temhior — was • -ored, hut that, too, failed to produce satisfactory results, and tho well was drilled abend to tho present depth. "When, deepening starts this time drilling will continue until the Krey- onhagcn formation is encountered. Oil Company's Infest completion, the No. fil-27, on section 27, 27-20, has boosted tho firm's crude output to slightly more than 10,000 barrels daily, and raised Us natural gas output to approximately 20,000,000 cubic feet dally. All save No. 51-27, however, are beaned sharply, and the new producer Is expected to receive the same fate. Tho co/upany's only current driller, No. 20-36, on section 35, 27-20, Is being cored ahead through brown shale beyond 4800 feot. Foundation has been laid for No. 04-35 on section 35, 27-20. ACTION HILLS IS REVIEWED With the fish recovered, Standard Oil Company h«« begun cleaning out work at Us No. G7-l'.iJ well on uectlon 11), 21-17, In tho north dome of tho Kottleman Kills field,. Tho woll has a depth of 8844 feot. Tho 9%-tnch casing is sot at 773C feet. Tho company's No. 41*20.1, Bcctlon 2f>, 21-17, is drilling; through brown Hhule beyond 7800 feet. No. 81-27Q, on section 27, 22-18, la going through sand and sttulc and drilling- ahead near foot. IS NOTED AT NEW HILLS SITE Prilling progresses rapidly at tho newest project spudded by the Kettlo- uuiii North Dome AHfoclatlon. Tho well, No. Gl-r.2.1, on Rcctlon 32, 21-17, ia aown several hundred feet, having been spudded on December 20. The concern's No. 38-20*7, section 20, L'9-17, Is at" 4500 feet nnd Into «ind and shaic. No. 87-80J, Bcotlon 30, 21-17, JH drilling ahead through brown shale beyong GOlO feet. Sand and shale arc ;it bottom of the 8220-foot No. 32-313.1, on section 32, 21-17. URE KETIl RIG FOR 0 ONE AND ALL Happy and Prosperous New Year From Malcolm Drocb (Smwatw ^ DEPXRTMENT STORED <_/ ^.,, 1 ^ l&|? • -;VF - •-;,'? : >VV£ --, ' 1 ' -,, , -a • - ']• ' : i Zt .* . fr *- I . " • i ^ . * - .-'>' .'•K*BAKERSFIELD'S GREATEST JANUARY VALUE EVENT-PLAN TO BE HERE! B . 1 * d and all Kern County will welcome th ancel It starts T d ^filburn & Shlnnan, combination which plans drilling of a test well on -section 29, 25-21, In thft Semitroplc | district of Kern county, has obtained the eriii'pmont for tho project from die old Powell-Stockton Investment Company's wite In the Kettleman Hills •south dome district. Powell-Stockton abandoned the Kettleman site, known -as tho Courtner No. 1, and moved Into tho FruHvalo fifld of Kern county to drill a M'cll on section 15, -29-27. Kings Gas Driller Reaches 3030 Feet Dudley Dome Oil Company's well, located on section 9, 23-20, lu the Tu- laro lake district of Kings county, IUIR Vicoii 8etit to a depth of 5030 feet, and is point,- through gray *hnle formation. Drilling ahead la under way without Interruption. It is the only active driller In tho district. Two Men in Feud attic; Both Slain (United Presa Leased Wire) LOUISA, Ky., Dos. 31.—Hureton r*rlnco, 35, and Henry Hill, 28, mar- rioii men with families, Iclllorl oarh other, and a man named Justice WHB wounded Into yesterday In a pistol battle. The trouble -was attributed to an old grudge. y morning, January 3, at 9 o'c :sm of the shopping public throng 1 gof B k'sj -• T^ .^ ^•a for twill 1 after f i_ + * •r-- - r " f ^ ' ~ *" w I, —..-.&. g Best Wishes for 1933 Th i s is Bakersfleld's -. -. ' - May II Bring You Good Luck! outstanding January event. For years Ihis annual event has commanded countywide attention and enthusiasm—a sale with months of intensive planning behind il to make it outstanding in volume and value. We are determined to retain the confidence of the shopping public by making cacli succeeding January event better than the last. It is more than an ordinary clearance because much of the merchandise that will be offered is brand new-—New apparel for women and children, new fancy linens, a silk sale that will be the talk of the entire county. Clothes for men and boys, houscwares, domestics, hosiery and shoes. Every department in the store is animated with enthusiasm because of the extraordinary nature of the values. ' • :y, T-l f. ^ * f PIONEER MERCANTILE BAKERSF1ELD TAFT Twentieth and I Streets Fifth and Main Streets DR. VAN METER laboratory Aeron From Phone n ce ac This Year Brock's January Clearance Brings the Most Amazing Values in Its History! Set your a I a mi early for Tuesday so us to be here at the opening hour—nine o'clock. Meanwhile lake a - • F A strong statement io make but one that you will ac- 3t in view of past performances—this store has lieved an enviable reputation lor honesty nnd in- legrily and the public knows it can be depended upon lo back up its word to the limit. look at our windows, filled lo overflowing with values ilitit -will ihrill you. We nrc all set for this clearance—ready with lar^e stocks and prices lu carry it lu u successful conclusion—Come! Suvcl . * < NO „ N o F/VOl '. ATWATKK KKM Franklin Glass Go. We Replace Window, Skylight and Auto Glass Showcases Repaired Get Our Prices Eighteenth Street Phone 844 Residents of Kern County WE THANK YOU for Your Patronage and Wish You HAPPY NEW YEAR Full Details of Thrilling Values Will Be Found in Monday's Californian Don Miss It! WITHAM oors Open Tuesday - - at Nine BAKERSP1ELD ATWATER KENT DEALERS PhMic *S14 N«w Pox Thtatrc BMf ELL YOUR FRIENDS! COUNT Ylr PROGREOIVE HOPE : BAKER/FIELD HERE EARLY! r •" ' • - - • •'.•: -t

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