Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 20, 1974 · Page 28
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 28

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1974
Page 28
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NEWS-HERALD, Panama City, Fla„ Thursday, Ittiie 2ft, 19T4 Pag« 10 adone Becoming New Heroin NEW YORK (UP!) - Sixteen-year-old Luis was talking about his brother-in-law, Henry, 19, who died In his sleep early one Sunday morning. "Henry knew all about drugs," Luis said. "He knew how much to take, what would hurt him, what would just get him high. He knew so much about drugs that he could shoot heroin, drink methadone and snort coke (cocaine) all week LOSE UGLY FAT SUM lotlno wtlohl today OK MONEY BACK. MONADEX il • tin? tabltt thai will htlp eurb your dt- •In lor txcm toed. Eat Itia-walgh Int. Contain* no dawroui dfuoi and will not maka you narvoua. No alranuoui axareiia. Chang* your Ilia ... atari today. MONADEX eoati. •3.00 tor a ao day aupply and 18 .00 tor twtea ttio amount. Loao ugly tar or your monay will bo riilundod with no quaationa aakod by: Coriwtll Drugs 738 Harrison Av». , Mail Ordort Fllltd long and still not get addicted to anything." But something went wrong on a recent Saturday night, and Henry died In a New York apartment, Methadone is a drug many had hoped would be a major answer to the heroin epidemic In America. It Is a synthetic opiate which can block the euphoria of heroin and is being used- throughout the country in the treatment,of heortn addicts seeking to overcome their addiction. Developed by German chemists, methadone was first mass produced by the Nazis during World War II as a painkilling substitute for morphine. It came to the United States after the war to be used for the same purpose. A decade ago it was first used to treat heroin addiction. When used properly in one of the hundreds of methadone maintenance clinics scattered through both urban and rural areas, methadone does not kill. But Henry was not enrolled in any methadone or other drug treatment program. He bought .the drug on the streets in an illicit black market that contributed to more deaths than heroin in New York City last year, playing an apparent role in the deaths of at least 500 persons. "Henry woke up Saturday morning and drank some wine before he went out shopping with his mother," Luis recalled. "Later he drank some methadone and he and his girlfriend went to the park. Maybe he had a swig or two of wine that someone had, but nothing more." At about 10 p.m., Henry started vomiting blood. "He was talking like he didn't know what was happening —his girlfriend would ask him if he felt okay, and he'd say, 'Just about the money. That's what matters,' or something like that, like he didn't even hear her. "Then he said, i can't control my head. It's all confused.' " Hours later, Henry was dead. "They found some pills (antibiotics) the doctor gave him for an infection. They also found two bottles of methadone. One bottle was empty, the other was half full. Looks like it was the stuff Henry took before he went to the park," Luis said. "I used to try to tell Henry not to take drugs all the time, to cut down," Luis said. "But he used to say, 'Sorry, bro\ but that's the way I am and that's the way I'm going to die.' " In a month-long Investigation into the abuses of methadone, a team of UPI reporters found the black market flourishing in New York City more than a year and a half after tough federal regulations were formulated to halt the illicit flow to the streets. Addicts, reformed and otherwise, drug dealers and other informants outlined the often ingenious methods employed by abusers to beat the system with a success confirmed by a wide range of officials. With some notable exceptions, Interviews with drug treatment counsellors, law enforcement officials, physicians, legislators and others found near unanimous agreement that still more controls on dispensing methadone are needed, along with the funds and manpower to enforce them. "Society has responded with a great deal of money, personnel and good will to handle what was viewed as a 'heroin epidemic' with its violence and crime," said one methadone treatment center director, who requested anonymity. "Now it looks like the hardcore drug abuser has changed the rules of the game." Peter Grishman, assistant Bronx district attorney in charge of the Narcotics Bureau, spoke of the methadone black market problem: "I could send an undercover man out into the streets with $5,000. And what would he get? Maybe 250 buys from 250 people —and we wouldn't even make a dent." "We have a different kind of drug user," said deputy chief inspector Daniel Courtnay, head of the New York Police Department's narcotics division. "It's a different kind of system." "The king pill is mean, man," said Jim Harrington, occasional junkie and sometime street pusher. "Every bone in your body hurts coming off it." Harrington, 25, is an unemployed "actor" from a middle class family on Long Island. His best act is deception. He has been manipulating, lying and conning people for years while peddling heroin and now the "king pill"—methadone. Harrington (a pseudonym) sat in a cluttered room In an apartment on Manhattan's West Side and boasted of playing a game with the system at a time when heroin is in short supply. As he spoke, he fingered a small bottle, a frosted plastic other drugs and ultimately lead to his expulsion from the program. Harrington turns to his trusty shampoo bottle and offers a smug explanation. Each day he is due at his clinic he arrives with the bottle taped to the inside of his thigh. The bottle is filled with someone else's "clean" urine. With a well-practiced sleight of hand, Harrington passes off the clean speciman as his own, sue- ClAIROL ^H FROST & li 20 INCH FLOOR FAN MIMV HON 1 3701 ECKERD DRUGS = SALE CONTINUES SATURDAY =i METAMUCIL POWDERED LAXATIVE AIM TOOTHPASTE 59' 89 PEOPLE TRUST ECKERD'S FOR QUALITY PRESCRIPTIONS ... ALWAYS AT LOW, LOW PRICES! ZEBCO 40 SP1NC AST REEL COMBHUTMMWrni 4oK rHEEll ONE SPEED - 5 DePree-4 oz. SAN-TAN REDWOOD A ALUMINUM LAWN FURNITURE Ganuina California Redwood combined with gleaming one inch squored aluminum tubing. SUN TAN LOTION FOR A BEAUTIFUL ALMOND TANI REG. 0 1.39 — LIMIT i |!i!!!l!i!ii!i!!!!!!!!!!!l!i!l!!!!!l!!i!!!il!!!!!i!!!!i!il LAWN CNAIR CHAISE LOUNGE TABLE TOP ELEC. GRILL CAST ALUMINUM BODY AND HOOD ENDS 12»19 INCH COOKING AREA NO LOITERING — "No loitering" sign appears in storefront window of medical and dental offices in New York's East Village, the East Coast center of the flower child movement a few years ago. Police say Methadone prescribed by doctors is often sold on the street outside the offices by patients moments after the drug is dispensed. (UPI) ijiijlill CAPISTRANO I PLANTER REG. 49.95 RURRERIZED CANVAS .1 SURF RIDER Film Prints G«l an extra i*l of prints with every roll of Kodacolor or black and white film developed and printed ... TODAY AND EVERYDAY Kodak Film container that once held shampoo. Some 18 months earlier Harrington had convinced a doctor at a methadone clinic that he was a veteran heroin addict who needed help. The physician enrolled him as a methadone maintenance patient. A daily dosage of methadone —the level varies with the Individual's needs —not only overpowers the craving for heroin but prevents severe heroin withdrawal symptoms. But if the dosage of methadone is too high, a feeling of euphoria ensues, a numbing of the senses that can be even greater enhanced by barbiturates, alcohol or a variety of other drugs. "It's like having your eyes out of focus," Harrington said. "A really kind of crazy buzz." Harrington now reports to his clinic only three days a week. According to the rules, he must "consume that day's dose on the premises in front of a physician or nurse. The rest he takes home to tide him over until his next visit. Harrington has learned that he can get by with a much ceedlng even under the watchful eye of an orderly. The Federal government estimates there are between 70,000 and 85,000 persons on methadone maintenance in the United States. In New York City there are some 34,000. How many are Jim Harring­ tons who abuse the system and give legitimate use of methadone a bad name? In New York, the estimates ranges from less than 3 per cent to more than 90 per cent. A UPI national survey and evidence provided by the federal government indicate that the methadone black market is centered in New York. Authorities In Boston, Washington, San Francisco and other cities credit the stringent, 18-month-old regulations of the Food and Drug Administration with limiting the black market in methadone. However, a federal judge in Washington ruled June 6 that the FDA regulations were unconstitutional for a variety of reasons. The FDA said it would appeal, but authorities in several locations told UPI they CAR WASH jut BRUSH 99 SIP • oi. GAS OR 15 oi. Oil TREATMENT SO FT. VINYL GARDEN HOSE w OIA. >»; 69c T» - W- 99c ZEBCO XB-65 SPIN REEL . ALUMINUM BODY WITH SNAP-OFF SPOOL - BALL BEARING DRIVE (REG. 11.79) RAPID PENETRANT—LONG WEARING FILM REEL OIL BeG 77 ... WOODEN HANDLE (REG t 59) BAIT WELL NET 99 CREW NECK ASSORTED MEN'S cotORS KNIT GOLF SHIRT REG. 4.99 COUPON | LUSTRE CREM? M " W L • „.,...... - _ •=• USTERINE : B HAIR SPRAY 12 OZ. LIMIT ONE • WITH COUPON - THRU JUNE 23 III •il TWO MR ONE ANTISEPTIC 32 02. SUE FOR Mtyi Coupon Limit Ollti f i(uti JUNE 11. U BED PILLOWS ASSORTED PATTERNS 21.27 IN FOAM 4fc ft ft FIUED M REG 2/5 00 2 VOR ^P ' CLINIC ENTRANCE — This is the entrance to a Methadone clinic in the East Village. The M.M.T.P. stands for Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program. Once heralded as a "cure" for heroin- addiction, Methadone has found its way into the black market and may be the new heroin. Black market Methadone was responsible for more deaths in New York City last year than heroin. (UPI) smaller daily dose of methadone than is prescribed and still prevent withdrawal, especially when combined with liquor or certain other drugs, including heroin. So he sells what he doesn't use. The only hitch, as he sees it, is the spot check urinalysis he must face once a week. A testing of his urine by clinic personnel can betray his use of feared that the illicit market would spread if the FDA rules were dropped. Dr. Dominick DIMaio, New York's chief medical examiner, said a preliminary report for the first six months of 1973 counted 143 deaths in which methadone was a direct cause or at least contributing factor. V si

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