The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1953
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 27,1958 BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Russia Not too Interested In a Treaty for Austria By JAMES MARLOW WASHINIGTON (AP) — President Elsenhower ana Secretary of Ctata Dulles, who take the Russians' peace talk with a grain of salt, have «aid the Kremlin could demonstrate sincerity by agreeing on an Austrian peace treaty. , But Sir Winston Churchill has,Jccted by the Russian stand on been strangely optimistic since Austria, jump with hope and eag- Russia's Premier Malenkov last March said he thought peace was possible. Churchill's British government suggested a new Big Pour conference on Austria. Representatives of the United '^'States, Britain', Russia and France have met more than 260 times since the war to work out a treaty —the last time was in February— and the progress made could be stuffed into a thimble. And because they ,have never been able to agree, they have occupied Austria since the war. The Western Allies have 25,000 or more troops there, the Russians about 45,000. So long as Russia has troops in Austria, she has an excuse for keeping some of her troops in Romania and Hungary, too. The reason? To keep open Russian lines of communication, the Kremlin cays. , All Would Withdraw Once a treaty was signed all the Big Four would withdraw from Austria. In that case Russia would have to find another excuse for keeping troops in the two nearby satellites, Romania and Hungary. For that reason, and because Russia's troops in Austria give her a bridgehead to the West, some Austrian officias have been skep- jljp:tical the Russians would agree to '"' a treaty any time in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless the British thought another try was worthwhile. The invitation they sent out was for representatives of the TJ. S., Britain, Russia and France to meet in London tomorrow to tackle the Austrian problem again. , Churchill went even further by proposing that he and President Eisenhower and Malenkov have a meeting of their own on a raft of other difficulties. The U. S. was willing to send a representative to the Austrian conference but Eisenhower balked at meeting with Malenkov until the Russians showed by deeds —an Austrian peace treaty would be one—that they wanted peace. So what tne Russians did at J,he London conference on Austria was going to be watched very carefully. But late yesterday, almost at the last minute before conference time, the Russians coldly rejected the idea. Declining to send anyone to the conference, the Russians, through their ambassador to London, Jacob Malik, said they couldn't see how another meeting on Austria promised any more results than the previous 260 meetings. May Make New Move This may have thrown into gloom those Western diplomats gloom those Western diplomats .who shared Churchill's optimism. But it does not cancel out the possibility ,that tomorrow, or next week, the Russians may make a new, coniliatory move in another direction. They could offer a concession in a place that means les to them ' than Austria, even though they had no intention of carrying through on it. For if ' they could make those came Westerners, who were de- erness about something else they'd be doing precisely what the Russians seem to be trying to make them do: dance to the Russian tune every time the Kremlin plays one. It would not be surprising if, to drive a wedge deeper between the U. S. and its Western allies who bait, the Kremlin soon off?rs to are move eager to grab at Rusian do something which means far more to Britain or France than to this country. That would put this coun.ry in the position of having, to yield or face the prospect of 'a widening 1 split between itself and its friends. Arkansas Seeks Return of Negro From Michigan LITTLE ROCK (IP) — The state of Arkansas today sought the return of a Negro who has been listed as a fugitive from the state penitentiary for more than 16 years. Gov. Francis Cherry signed a requisition asking the return from Michigan of Sylvester Davis, who is completing a term in a federal correctional institution at Milan, Mich., for violating the alcoholic tax laws. Davis has indicated he will resist extradition. Prison records show that Davis was sentenced to one year for burglary and grand larceny from Crittenden County in September, 1936. On Dec. 10, 1936, he escaped from a prison. Forbes said Davis was identified as the Arkansas fugitive through fingerprints. Robert Louis Stevenson died 1 he South Pacific and was burie on the peak of Vaea in the Same an Islands. 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AT A STAGGERING IOV/PRICE Howling Tom Car Gives Negro 'Nine Lives' LITTLE ROCK (ff) — Maybe the howling of the torn cat was the good luck charm that gave a young Negro "nine lives" yesterday. The cat awoke a neighbor' who called police In time to see 20-year- old James McKay bolt from a darkened shoe store. When McKay refused to stop four policemen started firing at his legs.-The Negro kept running. The four policemen then loose with a torrent of lead. After three blocks McKay toppled to the ground. The policemen counted 11 holes in his pants and four in his straw hat. But the bullet that had stopped McKay had merely creased his head. He was taken to a hospital here where attendants said his wounds were not serious. Chang-ing" Chameleons Chameleons do change color from time to time, but not to match their backgrounds'. A chameleon's • change is governed by light, temperature, and the way it feels. Bolter Morse at Foot of Table On Committee Assignments WASHINGTON W— Sen. Morse (Ind-Ore), who bolted thu Republican Party in the 1952 election campaign, .found himself at the extreme foot of the table today on Senate committee assignments. With his former GOP colleagues almost solid against him, the senate yesterday rejected 56 - 19 Morse's five-month fight to get back his old assignments on two mnjor committees — Labor and Armed Serivces. When nis resolution was beaten, Morse made no further effort to block his assignment to the committees which the Republican Senate majority left for him last January—Public Works and District of Columbia. Most senators consider those groups far less desirable than labor and armed services. The Oregon senator had been on the Labor Committee for all of Ills eight years in the Senate prior to this session, and on Armed Services or its predecessor for seven of those years. On Public Works and District of Columbia. Morse will be at the bottom of the list in seniority. He has been arguing since Jan- uary that his seniority entitled him to go back on Labor and Armed Services. But thcpreply from the GOP was that seniority applied only within a party, not .to the Senate as a whole. Sen. Knowland (R- Calif) told him yesterday that the GOP this session had tried to get the best possible committee Jobs for its 48 members, and leave for Morse only what no one else wanted. Each senator is entitled to at least two committee posts. r "i r Z%%?i^ 67^ ' & Seat Cover Sale Seat Covers Reduced—• Installed Free—Choice o£ Dress-up Items Most 23.88 sedans (D BEST FIBER COVERS Woven fiber is extra-heavy for long wear. Gay, warm-toned plaid pattern blends with any car-interior. Red or green plastic trim. Most Your choice—3 accessories with Saran plastic seat covers, 2 with Fiber seat covers. Offer lasts for this sale only. Sale ends Saturday. 0 Rubber Floor Mat. GO Back-Rest Seat Cushion. GO Steering-Wheel Cover. ® Vanity Visor Mirror. 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