Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 11, 1955 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
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Tuesday, October 11, 1955
Page 11
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A> MMIMT Awockwc Tht JVMMpifMr H V .) TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11, .9S5 Second Section Hardesty Is Installed As College Head I; 'Speaker Tell* Teachers •' To Return To "Maxim Effort" Student Policy Frostburg State Teachers College formally installed Its new president tod^y and the president of his al ma mater cnallenged all teachers to return to ' an educational gos pel 'which exacted maximum ef fort 'on the part of every pupil" " The new man at the" helm of Frostburg Teachers is R Bowen Hardesty, former Garrett County superintendent of schools and act Ing president of the college since last December Ch cf speaker among those who came here to honor him upon his inauguration was Dr J Fail Moreland president of Randolph Macon College at Ashland Va Pride In Hoiior 'We at Randolph Macon take pride in this honored son of our institution Dr Moreland said of Hardesty;. 1 We take pride in the record of excellence he : has made'as a teach-' er and a leader in public education in Marjland We know well of his character his intelligence and his integrity My colleagues on the fa culty ;of .Randolph-Macbn. join me in congratulating the trustees of this worthj college on the wisdom o! their' selection of President Har- dosly Dr. Moreland : devoted much'.-of his inaugural address to a review of .""the. perplexing problems .that are presented to us as we consider the ,. : ta'sk of the teacher . in .our times. "The body of.knowledge is con- ttanily being enlarged' hi said "The facls are multiplied. In tcrpretation becomes more diffi cult — but bi'^the same'token more imperative,' more, important. Cites 'Fundamentals After reciting some of the changes in education and teaching in the past hall-century, 1 Dr. More land said there are two fundamentals of teaching which.are being revived: .'.--.' ;. ' K Thorough teaching. • '.2. "An educational gospel which exacted '-maximum effort on the part of every, pupil." • - Citing one of his own elementary teachers, Dr. Moreland said "there certain inspiring quality TT ••': ' •'••"''• ' 11631*1112 was a ..._ „ •which attended his exacting demands." . ' Must Work Hard "With all our labor savjng. processes, our "social security,*' our justly famed insurance policy pro- . visions, our government' subsidies N ''?: Aihearing is scheduled Friday at 2 p. 'm. in Trial Magistrates Court in.the;case of'a .man" accused of livers'; • flashing 'a gun on.another.-, ..--..- Hardesty became superintendent LouisTicids. this city,'surrender- of schools', in Garrett County. ..last ed himself at Trial-Magistrates December, shortly.', before.ha.was Court after:.a warrant-for his arrest-had been filed by J.-D. Wheel- at'every level of life; and our abundant leisure: hours, it. is still true that we must travel the highway called hard work if we arc to achieve happiness. "i greatiy fear two world'Wars, paternalistic government; decreased hours of work and increased, leisure hours—all the devices of our time—complicate' am) make more difficult the-task-oltho teacher. "Parents themselves often .dp. a|l they can to shield their sons and daughters ffoni learning. It seems that textbooks make sUbject'maU ter attractive, leaving two questions perhaps unanswered;. 'Are the facts being made available?' and - .'Is the truth being taught?.' • "How we do^need right now in schools more and more '.of' those men and women who conceive of teaching as an art." ., Disputed Claim Subject Of Check : A conference will" be held between .Thomas B.-.'Flhan,' city-attorney, and. Gorman E; Getty, attorney to .-the Allegany County Board ^pf ..Commissioners, pertain- ing'to a.claim by a visitor to the Coiihty Infirmary. . •'• ; .••• ; Finan wrote the board today that 'on September 10 a city fireman was making the usual lest.of fife extinguishers outside the infirmary and that sonic of the fluid sprayed the i car of Mrs. James Sullivan and 'ruiricd.the paint, ' ' • H An estimate of $143.16 for: re- 1 painting the car has been given. Fiiian said it hoped to.;obtain.the repainting at.a lower cost. '.'-''.. In.view,of,the fact that a city ; doing' the.'work .'fo'r the benefit of the county Firian has .•rerjuested '-the''commissioners to pay>.half Ihc'cdst.of damage to the jutp.-;.-;-.''/:-.-'-'•':•';•"''••'."•'.'"•'.'! '"'.•'• Air .IM..-.::- •..:. -.• • .-• ..-. , : The'.:B6ar<i 'of.' Allegany VCounty :' Commissidncrs'will meet, with city officiais' tujnor'row at 7:30 p. ni. on ..thpfSiibject.-'of :watcrarid 'Idpking : : t6,an; additional sipply., :;:.-', i ;;.' ;.. S WatcrXCpmmissioncr Wiliiam,' J. Edwards': said -ti'e' session .will be held in tlie of£.-,e of .Mayor .Roy W.Evcs.' ^*i.^cst : Side Fire."CdmpnHy., : was •cnilod <: tir 745 '.Fayeltc..Sti : cpf' .'this - "•- '- "•- —'-'-- : -' the'time the firemen-arrived.; ,: •".'I-*' •'-•'•••• ' ; Collection! of 19W-M real estate Front Street, for services at.2 p.m. '(axes reached: MM,OW,M. at the by -vRev,, Everett ".Hunt,: -pastor. close of *wlnes«: yesterday,.City Burial,,; .w 111 •- '- '—«i ««< Tax Collector George,. K. Davis Cemetery, rtports, READY FOR INSTALLATION — R Bowen Hardesty (left) is shown todav as he prepared for the ceremony installing him as president of Frostburg State Teachers College On the right Dean Ivan C. Diehl is.making last minute adjustments to Hardesty's gown. McKeldin Calls Hardesty ManOfMany Attainments The new president of Fiostburg State Teachers College is a man of schoiailv attainments capable of inspiring mstiuctors and students on an endless quest for knowledge, Go\ McKeldin said toda> He was speaking of ,R.. Bowen 9 Hardesty, long-time -teacher.. and administrator in .Maryland's, school system .who -was, .inaugurated : in ceremonies at. this Western. Mary(and. institution,:: ^ '.•-. ....... ; Tells'Ot Experience . Hardcsty's . experience ... a school principal; and county superintendent of Schools will, stand him in .good stead here, the. governor said in a 'speech prepared, lor. .de- This morning Fields was committed to'-i the "County. Jail until Sl.OOO'could be "posted for his jond: He'was 1 scheduled to be released • later-'today.' Trial''Magistrate .J^ Milton Dick said.Fields is.charge^I with assault with a dsadiy weapon. According to City Police Officer Elmer.Shank,-.Wheeler has reported that a man. whom he had never seen, pointed a gun at him and a neighbor" after 'approaching the Wheeler-home. ' '• -Wheeler told Officer-Shank that he. was.sitting.on. his. porch when :he man pointed a revolver at him and said'"l am going to get even" when ; the'neighbor came lind him. . . The assailant in turn threatened the .neighbor, before leaving, Wheeler added. •-...However, yesterday Wheeler dame' I'd Trial Magistrates Court and swore, out. a warrant for Fields'--arrest.. '.'"' .' . Obituary HARVEY—Atistin G., 70, native of 'Elk Garden. ',".-,•••". '. HEGER —"Joseph, -70. Maysville, ,W.,Va/' ' ilOPCRAFT — Mrs. -Jesse E.,' of 219 Maryland' Avenue.- MORRISSEV—-lames. 28, Trenton, N,"'J., forriier-resident. . . MORTON-Mrs. ' Hester; 83, Midland/ : - ; THOMAS — William, 65,.Lonacon^ ing. "•'.''. '•••-•".' .",. •, '• ':.- Mrs.-.Jesse E. Hopcraft ; Mrs. Regin'a E. Hopcraft, wife of Jesse•--: Hopcraft. :219 , : . Maryland Avemic.'-died 'this'mbrnini; at .the Eva'ns"Nursing'Homein Oakland. Mrs.VvHppcraft ..had.^been,. in '..ill h'eafth'.for the past several monthV -VSurvrying, in'additlbrt to her'hiis-. bond, Is/a brother. iGelsdn ,'Gradyj Perry ; . Point- .'-The body will remain at-thc : Stein Flirieral Home... It'is requested 'that .'flowers ,be omitted. :'. '.:•: •:''.'• '..^Hllain' Thomas' :,..'•' ':]',• •'•-. ~ LONACONINGT-Wiliiam Thoma's; 65; idled early; today, at -the home of. hi'. 1 " son, -. Stanley Tnomaslv!bf hefe; ; '^-t >''-' ''•:-"'•• :''>'• '•"•.'••?.; '•• A 'native.'of Lonacohing,'-he 'was ^'- soy,.>f' ; 'the.:'; late \Mr; -' and : Mrs: Gibson'Thoma's;: He .was 'a retired coal miner and president' of : Local 2835.,''' " United / ,Mine ;' .-Workers;-.' of '" ,, .Besides'; his': son.f.h'e : is suryiyed by his .'widow; 'Mrs'."; Bessie . (Miiir) Thbmssr.a^'daugiiter. '-Mrs 1 .'', Joseph Andrews, -'''Clevclsnd ;. : ! n '-' brolhet ; ••'''' culled : In 1 745 '.Fayeltc.Street .this G66rj!Ci-Thomas, ; -'Mrsciw:. : «V!is- rnpVn.lns; but a fire In;the motor ;of ter,'.', Mrs;': Alr^r't. i^'^ Pckjn^i'aiid »•.1930' : Ford 1 .owned by: Donald four grandchildren., ' : -i-<''-'l i'S^'vO Smith; had b«n extinguished : by 3fhe' ;V body'.'vSlll^remajn^.aty tne MMi-'tlnM^thc'fii'fcmMi-BmvMt'Vi'.''.-- «L r i.i^.«'V.;M^'Wi'.tfn^k i -";iMili''fuiMi Eichhorn'FuneralHoiTie, until noon ; will ' be Hill .(Continued on Page 1»; named to.replace?Pfesident:Lillian C. Compton as head of.the college. Hardesty 'joined_ the •. Maryland school system as a' teacher at Mii- lersville- Elementary School in Anne Arundel County in .1933.and later taught at Glen Burnie.and Dundalk high schools. Us.became principal of Carroll Manor Junior High School in 1942 and later was principal at Eldridge and Aberdeen high schools before becoming .assistant superintendent in - Garrett County in 1948. A native of Calverl County, he studied at Randolph'-Macon College in Virginia and received his master of arts degree from Columbia University in 1934. He. is. to receive liis doctors degree. there soon. Tells Of New Schools Garrett County's "two new high schools are concrete tributes to his careful planning and.wise di- :cTion," McKeldin said. - "This proven ability and this combined gift on administration and scholarship will be of great importance to this college in the years that lie ahead—great years of material and intellectual progress," the governor continued. "Surveys indicate that Maryland •ill have more than 75,000 students in colleges and universities by 1970. — .compared with,something over 40,000 today. ' "• .. . ."The' teachers colIeges-^Frost- burg . and the others—must be prominent in the picture of this progress," McKeldin said." : . Club Reports On Eye Work Boys Picked Up For False Fire Alarms Two young boys were taken into custody last night by". City Police after' two false 'alarms'sent East Side Fire Company speeding to two North End boxes: : : ; Chief of Police R. Emmelt Flynn said a'12-year-old boy and a ten- year-old : boy were apprehended shortly 'alter/ the last, alarm was p'Ulled.'","-'". '•;• :. The first .'came in at 7:10 p. m. 'rom' the box 'at Franklin and 'Columbia. Avenue 'at Ort's Bakerj ' The second was'.pulled at 7:30 p'.' 'm. ' at' Franklin Street, and Shriver Avenue. "Accompanying firemen to North End 'Was'Officer Kenneth Morris se'y;' At 'the .bakery, employes told lim'.tiiat they had seen two small boys loitering' around the : Franklin and Columbia Avenue box. After the second alarm, box was pulled, ' Officer ' Morrissey ques- ioned two. boys who were in the vicinity. ' : . The older boy admitted pulling the : Franklin and Shriver Avenue alarm, but not the earlier one, Officer Morrissey said. The two lads were questioned at icadquartcrs and released in the custody ol their parents for the ,ime being,, the'.police, chief re- wrted.. Firemen and police officers also announced today they are still looking for the boys who set the trash fire in the rear of 160 North Centre Street on September .30. Residents of. that, area' reported *fhe:- directors v;also contribute! $150" to the 195! Community. Chest Campaign'/ .'••;";; • ';• -.- ;•'' •;' .-;£••> y •• ! f- AZigmurid Ziihowski was-appoint- edi • chairman .of;,- the. attendance committee'.;:;;—';. ":".l~v. v.-:-. :.;•- : ',.. :It was announced that the .annual zbric dihner¥ahce' will be - heU Wednesday, :January 25, -at -the Shrine^-. Country Club: jwith'•-;• the Cumberiand>lul).as hrat^'^..'-; •'••"•* Two Bridges Opened By Governor * * , Kitzmiller And Cumberland Structures Point Up Progress Opening of the Cumberland Ridgeley'and Kitzmiller bridges across the Potomac., River today marked an historic milestone for Maryland and the State Roads Commission It is the first time in history the tate has opened two bridges the ante day The honor of being first went'to he Kitzmiller bridge which was opened at 11 « >m The Cumber landRidgeley ceremony was •slated for 4 p m . I McKeUu Lea* Digiitanec* Governor Theodore R McKeldm tied the list of dignitaries present (for the opening of the two bridges and noted that in addition to the new record the bridges "point up the progress of our 12 year high ways: program. ' Today said the governor ' is a red letter day in Maryland s ceaseless struggle against the roadblock of.her: rivers. 'This achievement signalizes not only our determination to improve our bridge systerh but brings into 'octis the i n a.d e q u a c y of our bridge*, from the point of view of modern traffic needs: Many, more new.. bridges lie ahead 'of:us. in iour, 12-year, program. Program Oii; Schedule The governor took the occasion to that Maryland's, long- range, •. 568-million; dollar. highway overhaul program,, started 21 months ago is moving ahead strictly—on-scheduie 'After a whirlwind start in 1954, he explained, ."a breathing: spell was in order'this year. 'Beginning this month., . Roads Commission engineers, advise, me, oiir program will move'ahead at a 'fairly, steady pace of- about;'4 million'dollar's a month in right, of way- acquisition 1 and construction work' put: under" contract'. McKeldin' recalled .'Maryland'had built 10 bridges, across'the Potomac in the 50 years since 190o not counting>th'e high-.Ievel :tbll bridge which carries'.U: SI :301-x>ver. the ower reaches of the.river between Southern'Maryland and Virginia.•: Wiley Ford Inadequate The Wiley Ford bridge at Cum- jerland, built in 1908 and remodeled in 1936i still is inadequate', he ca :,l ' -'•'-.' ~.-'^r::~*:;^~:'- •-- >aiQ. • •• .. i,.-..™. • • •. .. --.- .--.. With 1 today's dedications, three new bridges have been opened this year. The other', one was at Bruns Vi'ick, Md.:.-' ' .'•'-,••' McKeldin pointed out the old wooden :bridge at Kitzmiller, even was built in 1884, was only wide, .enough for one wagon-at a time. The new bridge has a 29-loot roadway, plus sidewalks; • . The old Blue Bridge between Cumberland and Ridgeley, was built "when the .first automobiles were e m e r g in g.'biit were 'not thought to be a serious threat of wagons and carriages," the^ governor said. :•'••..-'.' H? reported a; "substantial; say ing'-' had been effected and a lot jf time'was saved by building the new bridge on top'..of Industrial and 12 years in the vicinity shortly before the fire ^was; started in the ject. nle of cardboard"boxes.' . •,.. .. ' '• • •'-'••• Busiiiessinen To Install the South Cumberland Businessmen's Association will meet today at 6:30 p. m. in Grace Methodist bands. Church' Community Hall for' the "nstallatiph of .officers.:v. : . •' •' .;. The new^president is' Nelson W. fussier. Outgoing president.- is ;Dr. the coming year are Arnold Rob- erUoni.': vice * president; ...Perry smith, secretary, arid John Weber; .reasurer.. Members-of .the'board--of direc- .ors.'are;Russler, Weber; Howard Douglas,. Robertson, William Urn- .The .board ot directors :of the s ^ Mrs. Ruth Barnes and Smith. Allegany-Cumberland Lions. Club ... met recently,to hear a report'thal 24 eye', examinations and 16 pairs of eyeglasses were offered -needy school children .(luring September, i The board approved, the-'cdntrir butiori-of JIM to the Cumberland Auxiliary Police: for'- their. services to';.the v club during.the'sporti-car racesi^.v' .'•'?• ---;' 0 -'.:' .'-....•...'-.> ••..,*•• they'saw three boys between 10 Dam, built across the river as part of an extensive 'flood control pro- "I think great credit is due the engineers: who ; designed such • a structure," he said..--'"... ' . Kitzmiller 'Ceremony At Kitzmiller" this morning. Nei! C. Fraley, judge- of .the 'Circuit Court of Gairett County, was chairman. Music "was furnished by Northern and Southern High School •,Welcoming- remarks 'were.-made by .Mayor. Earl.-S;.\Shiank..''qf;;^itz- milier., Also speaking briefly\were M.' L. ;p'Neale,.chief,jen'giheer";of giiiia University at'Morgantown, R. McKenzie. Other officers'; for the State Roads "'Commission-Vot West Virginia: State! Senator. Clifford : Friend of Garrett'Couhty;",H. D. SwartzentruberV-^resideritof^e Garrett Board of 'county, cbmmis- meiit. sioners; Russel H. McCain, chair- 'THREADS NEEDLE' ACROSS BRIDGE-Sam Mills 66 formerly of Maryland Avenue but now of Baltimore illustrates how he threaded a needle across the new Cumberland Ridgeley bridge jesterday He said he expected to repeat the stunt by placing his equipment 'across the. Potomac River .during or after today's '.bridge-opening ceremonies. Sam.-.sells needle .threaders. .-He placed his threader which has a.hook-al one,end on the Wdgeley : side: o£s— the bridge, and with thread.'on a regular reel stood'oh the Cumberland side. Thread oh th"et = sewing machine had been laid across the hook of the threader.'arid 'attached'to the needle. * When he. pulled "the ; thread,- it automatically- threaded the machine;' Last month, he threaded; a"'needle'.across Baltimore -harbor—a--distance- of 1 400 feet Chest Drive Fund Reaches $54,337 Mark Forty-Three Per Cent Of Goal Of §125,794 Attained By Workers Whe'n returns were counted at he second .Community-Chest .re- wrt meeting -yesterday, campaign vorkers accounted for a total-of 43.1 per cent of.the goal of $125,794. Dr Charles L Kopp genenl chairman; -said'- the' total .sub-1 scribed so far is ^>4 337 -a At-the first- report meeting Friday in Central .IfMCA, $37,000 was iccouhted for. Re'port Tomorrow The third report session will be .oniorrow' noon in Central YMCA, Kopp .said. stands so far, the advanced gifts committee, headed by .lames W. 'Bishop, has raised- a total of $39.221 of. its goal of $65,000. /The/classified section with Rob- crl-:'E.''Barnard;-Jr., .'as'"general chairman has accounted for $13,800 of its goal of $50,000. The sales army workers under ;i.. D. Barber reported contribii- .ions to • the : unite'd .fund-totaling $1,316.50 of its "quota of $6,500. Oh the first report-day, advan- ce'd gilts were $25,675;. classified $10,734, and sales army, $591. Women At Work To date the advanced gifts committee -has achieved 60.4 per cent of its .goal:" classified,. 27.06 per cent; and sales army, 20.2 per Neiv Officers Assume Duties ForB'naiB'rith Officers , of.; Western 1 : Maryland I odge of the B nai B nth were in stalled in ceremonies Sunday -at Big'Savage.Inn. Harvev- Weiss, -Baltimore,: a for- hier resident of'iCumberland, was the "principal speaker; Robert Kaplon. president of B'nai B'rith.for a number.of years,.was presented a plaque in recognition of-his service.. Kaplon was the installing officer Milton '.Gersoh, .local.-'attorney, was toastrriaster. - The fdllowing.of-, ficers'were installed: Kobert Goldfine, president;. Arthur Friedland, president elect for 19 6 Harry Kauffman, first vice president. Paul . Steinberger; • second vice president; Frank H. Kaplon, secretary; Harry Stein, treasurer; Myer Abrarasoii, warden; .William B. Sehindler, guardian; -George Ossip, Robert: Kaplon,.. Leonard^.Schwab, trustees; Rabbi Daniel Lowy, honorary trustee. PPG Officer Says Demand, For Glass Up Vice President Fa) Predicts Earning In 1955 To Be Recor Today, aided by perfect autumn weather the hundreds'of women volunteers • conducted .. their canvass of. the "residential section, with.' a goal- of $5.000 in mind. Dr. Lillian' G. Compton is 'chairman of the residential section.-- , : ...... Dr. -Kopp. reported the Cumberland :0ffice 'Supply/has met -its quota: .100 per. cent: .Wolf -Furniture, .257 per cent: -Sears' Roebuck, 121 per- cent', and Central : YMCA; 136 per-ceht'.' • ' ;•- : Bid Exceeds EstimateFor Access Road A telegram was received today >y County Commissioner Charles N. Wilkinson from Russell McCain, chairman of the State Roads Commission that the low bid on the access'road, and bridge-into the new Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company plant site was higher than iriginal estimates for the project. McCain'said th'at the bid, by the George F. Hazelwood Company of his city, .will' be given a further University Staff Assistants Named .'-. Two, aria rneri are Included in a number of graduate assistants appointed to the staff of West;Vir- -.They .'are..Donald John: Sine of Eckhart -to .the^mathematics',' department; 'and Glenn. 0. .Workman of. Keyser, .to. the biology depart- ,,Sihe has.'a BIS.. 1 degree from man of the Maryland'State". Roads Froslburi? State ;Teachers College- Commission; and George W'. Me- arid' Workman',has .B.S.-.and M.S. (Continued on Page 16) degrees from West .Virginia. ,'Richard H,-N.cwhpu«e,:city, : . has t beeti' indicted tm- .two: counts ^by the'p^tober' grand "jury; ;; :: ••:. v •'.'; ';• M ': ;:Tne first count,is for manslaugh ter in'',the';.death of, .Mrs;, Daisy Eliubeth Priddy, 'who was. fatally injured July n ( Wh«n struck by a chilrVthrpOT-'dMri.^/^-.^^^ at the 5o'Jth,Fikt,Republican Club. , Newhpiiso was also Indicted,™ " charge'of assault on Clyde Donald Flkerwho was Involved in the tr«- ca§ with Newbouie on the night Mrs. Priddy WM struck. ,; by the U. S. Bureau of dications will continue.'; 'ublic Roads before*a decision on awarding , the, contract, is made. The .original estimate on-the pro- ect was approximately $450,000 while. Hazeiwood-bid $507,564.52 to do the work.--His: firm was $63 ower than the '.next lowest bidder. McCain stated that in.the event he U.:S. Bureau; of Public Roads approves .the —bidding .price o: iazelwobd then .the county woulc lave to furnish additional match- ng.funds to go ahead .with the project. •.".'""' • -.-...-' Gorman E. Getty; attorney.:to he- board, said the approximately $28,000 worth of fill material which will be furnished by the Pittsburgh 'late Glass Company for, the;.^approaches may have been included n the bidding on the project. He said he .wuld check the adye'rtise- nient for : the project to determine if-this.item: was; included or not. Road Hearing SetOctober25 The demand for glass, which videned with explosive force in mid-1954, 'is the 'chief reason:for Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company's ecprd- Expansion. ..Uncompleted lUthdrizations 'unspent vcommitr mehts). for plant projects were disr losed as being close to $80,000,000. During 1954, the company^made' apital expenditures of 524,800,000, nd at,the year's end,had:uncon^- ileted' authorization's of $56,6o6,000: C R Fij \ice president and :omptroller told security analysts n New York :that, despite the high" evel of ex'penditures;-:,','we. do not'. iresently anticipate fih- mcing will be needed to complete • he planned, facilities." ; Pri;ilicts..f6 a Share Fay. did' the unusual. for Pittsburgh . Plate, which is erecting a plant here, by predicting 1955 net earnings above $6 .per : share as compared with $4.18-per share in 1954. . . . . Sales for this year are expected j zoom far. above 1053s record of $452,006,000.. The .anticipated total or 1955 is 24 per cent above the $431,106,283 of. 1954. - « ' , Fay said demand for. the company's ' major products continues trong. "This is particularly true of glass products," he said. "The use jf. glass has increased tremendous- y in recent years and from all in- The glass expansion is designed >articularly to' meet the nation's needs for automobiles and building construction. ". Capacity Explained ' _ It.was previously disclosed that present capacity 'of the' companyjs .hi-ee window glass plants is more than 80 per cent above ..the .fatal. 1940/domestic production of,window, glass. The four present plate glass plants have' a capacity equal :p the total domestic, production'of 1940.'"' •'• .. ,'-.' •••-" • "•••'.'*-. : WhUe glass .has ;temporarily overshadowed chemical expansion within Pittsburgh .Plate, the company presently has a tetrachlo'nife jlant .under construction and there are plans-to build a hydrogen peroxide unit.. . . ' . ,"'; -'the company said it hasn't,'de- cided.where' .to-put.this hydrogen peroxide plant. The product serves mainly as a:bleach .in the paper and textile industries. - ;,"/,'£ .A. hearingj.will be'..held 'by the Allegany County'Board of..Commis sioners Tuesday, -.October. 25;".a 11:30 a: m. at'thc'Plttsburgh Plati Glass. Company site.";ih-North Branch, to -determine'the facts;.in connection with closing a number of'roads; ••: -•' '''.• .'/•'.'";,-•'• ;\'.V James C.rites,..leader..of:-a num : her. .of residents sin thai area who oppose .the,.closing ;of"the..rpaSs by J'cOunty "order 1 ,-and- 'Williani; 1 CI !Walsh', attorney: for-the;company,' 'will be amopg- those heard in the matter.'-." '•', '• ,' ••' ,'-5"»;?..')'>•".. : ;.'.'• ;'The, company "iyisHes'.-the'formal action, oh\'clpsing of;the':roads, so that the title to the riiore than liOp; acre. tract.:' is -''not :"ciouded;' 1 -'-The roads .-- in ; - quistioii' are - said. 'by Walsh to, be" listed 'in : old deeds but they have'-, not. ibeen used * for many, years.; In .fact; Walsh -said trees six inches .in' diameter and at least 40' years .old are growing in.'the roadway'sV ," ; '.:•--.•""":-• j;,' 1 .'-^ , The. cbmmissioncrs^decidedl' to have.'the hearing ;at-the,;site 'because there seems to be some confusion which road Crltes and Ms group object to There is only one road of the six in question ••», "--•-••» —— -which figures In the objection of Univertifr c » n *» 1 £'J';, FIRST MACHINE liSE-Votim nwchlnn were used for, tht fh-ft lime In Allcgany County today whtn a special election, was hrtd at LonKonlnj to nil a Vacancy Ob tht Council 1 Clerk Andrei Dfc* HefttJh"snown Vh-gil, Alexander finished casting his'vote. The mayor wan the first to vote. The county will uea voting machinal I* the spring primary. . nirlh* ANDERSON—Mr. and .Mrs. Ray. .mond D., RD 2, Keyser, a daughj . ter i. this ' morning .at Memorial , Hospital: '-!•.•;••: ••.-.' : '-'' : "f?''~. BRAILER-JIr. and Mrs.;Fraijcis. ' Mt.- Savage;. a'son yesterday.-- at . Sacred .Heart Hospital. .-•'-. •;••". .; FRAM—Mr. .'and..rMrs'.' Frank, .- Hyn"dmari, " a ; 'son; yesterday^lt .~! Sacred:Heart.-'': ; ''-X' : ';' ; •'•."'•«-^ HEAVN.ER-^Mr. and Mrs. George ' p'.,"'Romhey, • a daughter.ithls •••'. riioming at : Mcm6riali''. :-.:''-''>? KENN.EY—Mr. and Mrs. C. Day\d; : i-Baltimofera.-son in St. Joseph :- ; Hospital, .there,- Saturday, Octo- v her. 8. The .'mother is the former -''• Miss Joan MiUer,;Layale, whHe, ' the • father' is" 'a". : former resident the Crltes group -The rowis were fomwily ordered opened tome weeks ago a» fcr use « Jjwhrer lirrt ittp In thn legal procadurt center The fckfoff dinner w» for IheFvopoMd oHIctaTclosini. tomorrow .eveaing, hi lilll /: ....... •, .-.. MILLEB^-Mr. and Mrs. rWilliam -v ;. A:,: 228 Cecelia Street, a daughr 'i ter:this'mprhuig at Memorial.^ ; tURNER-i-Mr. i and Mrs. : , Homer v:F;j' Ronihcy, a daughter yeiter- v' day - at' ; Me'nwrial.?. : ?'} : ;:- '.'•'-ii* ' •:, ...,y.',, • •>...\ i ••_'-'•• • •'••• *• .,'Z'.,x : On Fund Drive Group Leonard G Schwab is captain for. AUeiany County fa • UW«B .. 100000 (or a m* dormitory, vatlon and addition to i

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