Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1932 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1932
Page 5
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MgOLA. KANSAS THE lOLA-DAILY.REGISTgP^PRIDAY EVENING. DECEMBER 80,1932. IPAGE; FIVE 1 -f- NiJw York, Dk. 30 (AP) — The stbdt market kept_ on the upgrade tod&y, Ignoring sorted weakness In the; tobaccoj gibup. The advance - lackijd .the vigo: of yesterday's up- turti; .hut SQvenl promtoent shares closcjd 1 to i po nts higher. Trading slacl-iened. the turnover approximat- ins 950,000 shans. Sti^ength 01 tie long neglected copiers was a f ;ature «X the day's trad^g.'Steels, j ^llsand misceUan> Yeous'Industrials were aiso higher; Short covering I v advance, of. the hollicb»y week-en^ evidently contrlb* iited -;to the buy ng. The kdvance was ijialted mortientarlly by , the breaK In tobacco . ' ^Bo^ Anaconca arid' Kennecott rose jmore than i: point. Bethlehem Steel. U. 3. Steel preferred. Union Pacific and National Distillers gained about 2 tidint Shtefes up a point or so Includ iffU. S. Steel common; ijUnited Aire-aft, Cafie, Cohsoli- datecfc Gas, Amet can Water Works, Soutfem Pacific. Nev?>York Central, Che.s#peake & O ilpi , Baltimore & Ohio. American i JAh; Dupont and Standard of N. , \'' 'American Telephone^ and Sant^'Fe rati into selling oii advances, and made but mod-, crate lieadway. G aieral motors were firm, -pa fairly ac ive- trading. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom*n Pop) |i!]^1T-PIFTY! By Cowan ligh CitiesiServ 2>{! SO of Ind 21 Amn Can .. 56's . Amn T&T 105'i Amn Tob! B 58'i Anaccpda I 7U Atchli^n ... 4i\ AUbUKO • • •. 5l'k Beth -^teel .....' U'k Case J I i...... 42-<« Chrj'sler 16-t, . Con iSas 59"s Con Oil .... 5=s Drug Inc 36,Si Gen Eiec 15 Vi Gen Ijteitors 13-% Int H4rv 21 Mont-Ward .... 13 Eackaj-d 2% Penney J C — 24'd Phillips Petr ... 5'A Radio .• 5 Scars )loe 19'' H- Scconw' Vac Std 4 ^^nds ..., '15 SO Of .1^J : i tS ^K Union' Pac ..... }^2^i Tex dorp' . llS 'si U 8 Wrel .......'28'-i, - Wcstipf5h E ..., !28% Low , 2V, 21 --K 55'i 103->i 55'-: 6U 39H 49'i 13 W 40"s 16 58-i •5K 36 14^i 12-><, 12 "s 2>i 24'i 5 4:'4 i8«l 7 14-li 30'i 12-; 26'>1 27H Close 2»i 21--v. 55-s 105 •- 56'i 7>4 •41'A 50n 14 ^ 42 U 16'i 59% 36'i 15H 13 U 21'i 13'4 2^4 24.-'s • 5>/« 5 19=>i 714 15 30'(i 11% 131» 27^4 28 U WHAT IF WE H«/ENT fWD THEM ANYTH NS ? THE VSACOUM Q-CANEP »S ON THE BUST, AND »T'S GUAT?/*>NTEED, SO .STOP IN AND TELL THE MAN OUT AND iSERVICE IT NEWS OF LAHARPE TMNOTSUPE JUST \NHEN 1 CfSN GET WAV OUT THERE TO HX a IT-BESIDES— BUT SNE'BE SUPPOSeO TO SET SEPVICEl About Forty Men and 20 Dogs Hunt Wolves Northeasit of LaHarpe Wedne^ay. LAHARPE. Kas..|Dec. 30.—Chas. Shelton is ill at hisj home on North Main with high blood pressure. About 40 men and 20 dogs engaged in hunting wolves nprtheast of town; Wednesday afternoon. M'r. and Mrs. Ir^-in Bantist and family south of town, and Mr. and Mrs. John Baptist md family, Uniontown, were aU c ay guests Wednesday at the home of Superintendent! and Mrs. ^.iH. Culbertson and family.. -,Mlss Xjadlne Baptist remained to spend, the night and Thursday with Miss Olivia Culbertson. Junior Ensminger is ill with chick- cnpox. Mr, and Mrs. Jiih Van Dam and son. La Cygne, Kas., spent the week-end with Mij. and Mi-s. Os- family and were by Mr. Fulker- Harold Campbell ? LOCAL FHODUCB. r- F .r .na. firsts^ i ,....25c ! loway._ near FCf?s. i;*cond.'i ..'.}- 23c : Egps, thirds f , 18c pi»!T.<i. anCTfidccl ..! 20c Heh .s..-ifo. 1 ......[ 8c car Fulkerson and accomiJanied home] son. Mr. and Mrs. left; Thursday evienlng for. their home in Westphalia, Kas., alter spending several days with relatives and friends here. Miss Ruby and Dorothy Neuton visited school at jieddo Wednosdav with their sister,! Miss Genevieve Newton were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oale sirunk and famiiy: Miss Anna Leah Ida, and AUeen Cal- visitcd Sunday Merlip Lnthriw |A. B. b'Shauffii- "DIVINE HEALER" IS HELD AS KILLER .5c Hensi 'Wo. 2 ; No. l^irlnps. l>i No. 2 Springs ; Canons' ovpr 9 Ib.s. : Cappn?; over r, lbs. - Capons, over 7 Ibi. .. : car')"?- underi 7 lbs. I Sljns Buttcrfat, lb :StagS;;ib. ........ ICocks'^....' ; Geese, ib 'Guinea^, each ... Whl|;e. Ducks, lb. :Colored Ducks, lb, imdes.vper lb. Ic .15c .16!-. 25c lbs., up ec ...............4c lie 9c 7c ...... 6c .......4-; 19c 4c ! 3c ................Jc .........10c ic «c and Cecil soent and Mrs. Willis Duzan who have two weeks with .Mixed;Corn. bu. . ; Ye!!o:w'li:;orn. bu. ! Wheaijbu.. .....'; iKafir 5Gorn .] ....14c iSther produce un- ! JCansas Cit^ .Produce. r K2 (nE4s City. D^'. 30, (AP)—Eggs : 25,; ;hen^ 6-9'i. : changec^i ; : ^* Kansas dity Hay. . • Kansas City,'Ma.,.Dec. 31) (APi— :No hay,, receipts tdo light. Kansas C\ky Grain Kansas; City. Mb'.. Dec. 30 (AP )V ; Wheat: ;i09 car.s. Up '-ic to »ic. No. ^2 .dark hard nom.'39'yi-49"jc; No. 3 ' 43 '5c;; No. 2 hard 39'-j-43c; 'No. 3 39- .43c; No. 2 red 43'ic; No. 3 nom. 38- 44'c'.' (Jlose—Dec.;38 '4Ci May 39-'i(^ Mc splHt; July 39iic split. .; Co^-n': fi cars. Up Vic to Ic. No. 2 .'white '2lU--22c; No. 3 nom. at . 21 -21ijc-- No. 2 yellow 22c; No. 3 at ! 21-^21'ipf, No. 2 mixed 21'ic; No. 3 . nom. ?0*:21c. Close—Dec. 19'sc ;split; May 24c; July:25-?ic. ! Oats;l 1 cjir. Unchanged. No .i 2 white nom- 16',i-i7M'c; No. 3 nom. ' • 15-16li;|./ MiloViisaizo 4BC.T Kafir nom. 39- 42c'. Ryo^nom. 30',i-31c. Barley nom. 21-23'.<j!C.; . ' iparents. Mr. and and with other H. Culbertson .T Kansas City Livestock Kansps City, Moi, Dec: 30 fAP)— ; (Tl. S. Dept. Agri.l-^Hdgs:-3,000; 210 : direct,• 5c lower than the Thursd^jl average. Top $2.95 on 180200 lbs,' Good and- choice 140-1^ lbs. - $2.75-2.ip0- .160-180 lbs. $2.75(i?2.95; ; 180-220' lbs., $2.80^195; 220-250 lbs. S2.80@S.90; 250-2901 lbs. $2.75@2.90; : 2901-350 ( ihs.;: $2 .0S @2.85. , Palcking 'sows S??Si -30d lbs. 42.00 #2J5. Stock ptgsVgj^ and choice 70-130 lbs. at ^•$250@Jfe7|. J . -M 'i , • Cattl^ 500; calves 200. Generally steady.{Trade conflned mostly :to short fed stejers. ^tjsers, gotjd choice • ;600^900*lb^., $4.75@6.75; 900-1100 lbs. .^$4.50(&6.75; 1 1100-^1300 lbs. $4 .06® '6.25; 1300p500 Ibi S4.0Q@5.75. |Com:moil an ^^edlum:600 lbs. up $2.7!5<' 4.75. Hjfifers good and choice 550860 lbs .i4 *-50@6J25.i Cows, good and : choice Jf2.25@3.50: Vealers ijmilk- fed) 'mecUum to Jchoice $2.50p550. Stocker-; ahd feeder steers good and choice $3^@5.75.* ' ! aieerj: P 500. Limited week-end' .supply kiSing classes steadj'. I^o fed' * woqled iambs offered. Clipped lambs: $5.40. Trucked-iWs.iiatlVES downward; ^from $5^35. Lambs, good and cndice,; .90 lbs.~ ^own $5.00S|SJ60 . Ewes me-; , dKum tct choice 150 lbs. down] $1.00 @2»0. |: --].•^ i , i: Estim^tjd HvesfccjSf receipts forto- •morrowi ^tUe 500; ihogs 500; sheep With Mr. and Mnj. and Mr, and Mrs. nessy and Catherlnie. Mrs. Bldwell and daughter, Mrs. Snodgrass and two children returned -early Wednesday morning to their home in Conway, Kas.. after spending a few cjays witli their mother and grandtpother, Mrs. Par- lasca and other retatives. : R. T. Feese returned to Woodard. bkla.. Tuesday aftjer attending the funeral of his step-daughter. Betty Ann Lee. - Mrs. Effie Pettit Thursdav with Mr Pettit. Mr. arid Mi-s. Ace been ill the past influenza are impipving. Mrs. Walter Maudlin and daughter. Lois, spent Thm-sday with their mother and grandmother. Mrs. Dora Newman. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Brown. Augusta. Kas.. are spending this week with Mrs. Brown"s Mrs. W. J. Pierce relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. made a business trip to Humboldt Tliursday morning, Misses Lois Barker and Hairiet Livingston are spending a few days iih Tola with theijri aunt, and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Les,er Lewman and family. The annual New Years dinner of the Y. M. club was held at the home of Mrs. O. b. Hartley Wednesdav with Miss Clara farlasca as the honored guest. Games were played and Mrs. Edna Barker gave several piano numbers, j Guests included Mrs. Minnie Becannon and Miss Clara Parlasca. ilembers present were Mrs. Alice Richardson, Verne Green, Stella Gre|;n, Geo. McDpn- ald. Thelma Brock, Edna Barker, Lutie Livingston, itlinnle Stevenson. Gladys I<acy, Leonfi Morrison, Phyllis Baumunk. Lester Knepp, Mabel Lewman, lola, Edith Johnson, and the hostess, Mrs. JHartley. Mrs. Holder. w!ho has been ill for sometime Is aljlc to sit up a little now. Mrs. Snider and sister. Miss Clara Parlasca, will retijrn today to their home in Martin. South Dakota, after spending Christmas with their mother and other relatives -and friends here. j ' The H. Y. club I met at the home of Mrs. S. I. Gifford. Wednesday; December 28. T^e time was' spent piecing quilt blocits. Roll call re- snonses were varied. Mrs. Nelson Wallis gave a ta|k on the care of the hands; Mrs. Tredway talked on current events; iMrs. Sweeney on how to raise swebt peas; Mrs. Roe on keeping lemois In winter; Mrs. Hutchinson gave some helpful hints on;health and Mrs. Gifford a short review of the "Jlmgle" by Upton Sinclair. Refreshments were served feATUEDAY. Terming himself "conceived of God;" Paul Oakley, 20. above, is held in the "divine healing murder"' of 3-year-old Bernice Clayton at Linden, Tex. The child's father and Oakley's brother also are held. They arc accused of having caused the child's death during •'healing" rites 'in which they sought to "drive the devils" out of the child, an infantile paralysis victim. NEW YORK NEWSIES ENTERTAIN DISTINGUISHED GUEST Aid for the "nomads of the depression"—the youths wandering about the c.ountrj'side-was urged by Newton D. Baker, chairman of the Welfare and Relief Mobilization of 1932, as he visited the New York Newsboys' Home. He is seen at luncheon with Thomas Kelley on the left and Domlnlck O'Neill right. CO-EDS FLOCK TO MARRIAGE CLASS KELLEY j ( t THE^. F. GRENNAN li^OPir€;E CO. C.X).| COGEBtLL, Mgr. oid andB^bli Cotiier Monro^ ut^ Elm 1911 Ken Maynarc and Jay mistlln" Dan. * ZeUe in to the guests: Mrs. Mary Montgomery. Mrs. Luella Sweaney and baby, and Miss Esther Mathews and to the members Mrs. Nelson Wallis, Mrs., Guy Ti-edway. Mrs. Geo. Roe, Miss' Effie Stevenson. Mrs. Fred Heathman. Mrs. Ezra Hutchinson, Mrs. Sweany. Mrs. Walter Thormann, and the hostess. Mrs. Gifford. Mrs. Slusser is a great deal improved after a. seriou.s illness. Mi-s. Maude Campbell and Myrtle, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Campbell attended the funeral Thursday afternoon of their brother-in-lawi and uncle. David Cation at Leanni. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Eller, Dunlap. Kas., and Floyd Ensminger. Emixiria. visited Sunday, with Mi's. EUer's father. Henry Ensminger. Mrs. Elmer Philips, near Mildred, visited Thursday with her daug'nter, Mrs. Geo. Ensminger and Mr. Ens- minjrer and family. Mrs. Flora Ricketts. lola, spent Thursday with Mrs. Belle Lee Davis. Loclcwood Lacey, Wichita, is here for an indefinite visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Hutchinson. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Ridgeway and family, Emporia, visited Thursday with Mr. Ridgeway's brother, C- J- Ridgeway and Mrs. Ridgeway and family. . T. I. Farmer and Melvin, lola, visited Thursday with Mrs. Anna Mccks and family. Mrs.i John Walton sisent the day Thursday with Misses Fannie and Mammie Ward. Word has been received; by friends here that Mr. and Mrs. Russ Henderson who are spending the winter in Kansas City, that both are well. Mrs. Prank Welsh, who has been quite ill is improving and is expected to be able to be out doors next w-eek. Mrs. Chester Elliott is improving from a case of influenza. Joe Burger and Roscoe Hess, lola, visited in LaHarpe Wednesday evening, with friends. Mrs. Sam Pj'les and daughters, Lillian and Georgia, of the Wesley Chapel district, visited with Henry Ensminger. Mrs. Esther Ransom and Cecil Pettit practiced with the Rhythm RoUlckers Wednesday eveiilng at the home of JOrville Swinford in lola. They will play for the New Year's dance Saturday night. Mrs.' William Rogers and daugh- • ter, Mildred. Bronson, . visited Thursday with Mrs. Mae Love. Bud Hurley, Tola, town on business Thursday afternoon. Everett Meeks and Noble Ohlfest are chopping wood on the George Stephens farm this week. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilson, Salina, left today for theh- home after a visit here with relatives. Miss Velma Prague spent "Thursday with Miss Helen Horn, east of town. Mrs. J. B. BCnepp, who has been ill with influenza, is improving. Ralph Chapman, Paola, K:as..i was a business visitor here Thursday afternoon." Miss Ada Meeks is visiting a few days with Miss Bess Baker, north of Moran. I. 5. Hoke made a bustaess trip to Chanute Thursday afternoon. E. O. Sprague is Improved sufficiently to sit up. Co-eds of Butler university at Indianapolis, are eager for this class to begin, for the subject is marriage. The chief instructor, inset, is Charles R. Metzinger, 39-ycar-oId lawyer and divorce referee who has himself been twice married.' University authorities grew concerned when they found that 40.55 marriages in 100 in .Indianapolis were turning sour. The per- cc-ntage for the nation is 16.6. So Uie new course in marriage, open to students and the public alike, was started. Coffe .vTille— Friends of H. P. Gal- breoth, former ' assistant Missouri Pacific division superintendent here, received word of his death late ycs- terdny at Darlington, Ind. He obtained sick leave from here about six months ago, and was to have been retired on a pension January 1.. • : , His widow and daughter survive. Have you a house for rent? Or for sale? Want to buy anything? Use the Classified .columns! Pleasant Valley Hill Dec, 20.—Mi:. Jas. Talley was taken sick Friday night and a physician from lola was called early Sat, urday morning. It was the same ; old trouble, and he is much- better, but not well yet. Mr. Frank Johnson who died last week in lola. spent several years in tills jneighborhood-in his boyhood W'here he attended the Pleasant Val; ley school. He with his foster parents lived on the 40 acre tract, south of E. Baird's, now owned by ^Wallace Bale. His old friends here will extend sympathy to his widow and children. Tommy Paul is somewhat indisposed and is_ fearful of an attack Of flu which Us quite prevalent in some localities although not in the Valley as yet. Mr. Roy Spavely had the misfortune to lose a horse by its falling into a well Monday. Nettie Osboi-n thinks she has another proof of prosperity during Woodriiig's administration when one of her cows brought her a pair of twin calves last week. • The calves have been named Jack and Jill. . Christmas day passed by quietly with the Valley folks. Some entertained. relatives in their homes, while others spent the day with relatives elsewhere. Mr. and Mrs. Talley were disappointed that! their daughter Lila .and husband, Carl Peterson were unable to come from Texas for thao day. couldn t get a leave from their work. They had their son Merl Talley. of lola and family, and daughter. Flossie Martin and family, for the day. The club's Christmas party on the 16th of December, was Well attended and enjoyed so much they decided to organize a so called Community club, which they did on th»t night. The first meeting set" for January '13. It is wished that these entertainments be of a lyccum na- tiu^e or something worth while. Anyone welcome. Come, and,take part in entertaining, and a good time Is assured. No eats. A small ad m the Classified columns often puts over a big deal. OUT OUR WAY By WiUiams REG. u. 6. H*!. orr. BOR^4 TeWRT^ WEWSTOO SoOM LONE ELM NEWS (Mrs. Bessie Penland) . Dec. 26.—Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Anderson of Belton, Mo., re-' celved word that a girl arrived' at thehr home Thursday, December 22. ion account of ilhiess the Christmas dinner of the Spanglers was postponed until Wednesday. There was no Sunday school at the Methodist church Simday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Thompson and son Max. of Belton, Mo., spent Sunday at the parental Thompson, home. Mr. arid Mrs. Ted Penland. Laurence Giffin and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Penland of near Welda spent Christmas at the Penland home In LaHirpe. Mr. - and Mrs. John Butler and children spent Christmas. at the parehtal Rogers home ia Lone EUn. The Harvey Spangler family who have all been suffering with the flu, are all better. Mrs. Ella Church and Ethel McDowell of Baldwin,'were Christmas guests of reiitlves here during va- catibn. i • . . L^wis Irwin and Ethel McDowell were calling at Spangler's Saturday afternoon and attended the community program at the Methodist church Saturday evening. 'A family Christmas party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Sarver Sunday. Those who attended were Mr. land Mrs. Andy Sarver, Al Babcoek, Edd Babcoolc of Welda, Mr. and Mrs. Olan Sarver and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. bebrge, Lord and family, Mr. and Mrs, Lloyd Wilson and son Orel, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Payne a;id son Howard, of Mt. Hamil.llowa. Mr. and Mrs.Payne surprised the Sarvers by driving in from Mt. Hamil Saturday evening. Brooks Wallace is still quite ill with flu and unable to do his choj-es. Mr. and Mrs. G.i O. Reeve were business; callers in lola Friday. ^ Olin Church, who;has been teaching in a high school in the western part of the state, is home for Christmas vacation. | In spite of the muddy roads quite a good number .attended the community Christinas program at the Methodist church Saturday evening. Sarah Ruth Church and Ferji Anderson who. are attending school at Pittsburg aire home for vacation: Most of the members of the' 'Arthur Sprague family are ill with ;flu. Wanda Donaldson is helping Mrs. Sam Murphy with her housework and the care of Frances who is se-^ riously ill. Elsie is staying with :her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Pranlc Newlon. Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Reeve tit^Ued at the Van StoU home Simday afternoon and listened to the new radio recently installed there. The Christnaas exfchange in the ladies' aid will be given at ^the Spangler home Thuriday afternoon, also installation ofi.officers. Next _Sunday morning at 'the Methodist church the armual election of officers will be held. Every member is urged to be present. The ladles' aid'wUl serve the lunch at the Glen TrWln sale about January 10. ' The heating stove at the Ellington store "backfired" one day last week and jarred a bucket of scalding water to the floor, givinj* Al Babcoek a very painful buirnon his foot and ankle. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Spangler spent Sunday at the Tom Anderson home. • Alice Lou Irwin, who was so painfully burned some time ago, Is much improved at this time and able to walk some. Those who enjoyed Christmas dinner at the Ftank Newlon home were Rosa Newlon of Colony, Daisy Newlon of Pawhuska, Okla., Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Newlon and sons of Colony, Clara Reeve and L E. Latimer.- Joan Powell was on the sick list this week. ' . .-rr FOR NEW^—— IX Delivered,, Complete; at youi? ; door,, excise tax'paid. RO^ ARBUiiCLE GARAGI i iPHSYSLER-PLYMbVTH < ^ r Sales—Service—ParU Stony;Point Thursday night; owlnj to the ^'rain, but S^nta Claus made it through the mud. The program was fine, and the tree ••iwas'pretty. ? Mr.: and Mrs. Earl , Sntider speoC Sunday afternooii atMyler Harcle-* rode's; i Walter Btought<)n and 'family and Clarence Hamilton and family tooK dinner Christmas^ at John Broughton's. • • ? . . STONY POINT Dec. 26.—Homer Thompson and family and Mrs. John Andetson spent Sunday at Will Puhrman'-s. Mr .i and Mrs. Alfred Vollman iwid Mr. McKein. all visited Sunday in Bronson at Morris McKein's. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, Ray Myers and family, 'and Elizabeth Myeis of Kansas: City, took dinner Christmas ati Bessie Boss's. Jimmie Joim and Carl Lewis Stanley visited their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Heckenliabie, a few days the first of the week.', Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wray spent Sunday at Ross Kitchmiller's.. Mr. and Mrs'. Tom Ireland and son Orln; spent Sunday in | LaHarpe. Fred Broughton of Kansas pity, spent Sunday at his father's, Geo. Broughton.. Park Caldwell and family spent Sunday at the home of his father Vint Caldwell, east of Bronson; Wc. and Mrs. J. O. Lemon visited Sunday at Austin McPartand's.: - Fred Stanley and- • family- were Sunday visitors at Mrs. Stanley's father's, Carlj Heckenliable. Mr. and Mrs.- J. W. McFarland spent Sunday at Jim Mattock's. Park Caldwell and family attend' ed the Christmas tree in Bronson .Saturday night, at the home of Mrs. Caldwell's sistefr, Mrs. M. .Dondho. ! Bonnie Stewart is quite sick at the ^ome of her aunt; iSxs. Austin McFarland. Not a very large crowd attended the Christmas tree and program at ANNOUNCEMENTS 2 PenlpDala : OLD MAGAZINE^ and books vantf ed. When moving or cleaning bouse give them to the lola Pubf> 11c Library. Phctpe 1405^ or 383 and wp will «ret them. Strayed, tost, Fdnnd COON DOG—Mesdium Size, black and tan, bell on'.collar, lost northv west of jola on Hver. Phone 12 dt ISOWi /ReWard. ^ AUTOMOTIVE Antomobilos For Sale BEST USED CARS IN TOWN 1931 Chevrolet ine.1 wheel truck,;' : short wheel base 1931 Chevrolet txvick, long : wheel baie 1928 Chevrolet truck ] 1033 Chevrolet Plck-Up 1930: Chevrolet Coupe 1927 Chrysler Bdftdstcr •; 1039 Essex Cou)|e 1929 Hudson Si^an ; 192B PonUao Cf^ch 1930 Fontiac Ookch 1931 Pontlftc Seaan ' 1928 Hup 8 povie Plenty of OtHer Bargains BUD WHTTE^MOTOR CO. f SALES s ^E Piy«ioui|i Dependable'Used'cars and Trucka ELLid M6T0II CO. ; Phons 301 Cash—Traije—Terms PONTIAC-BUICK GOQD WILL>USEf) CARS _[ $HELLY. MOTOR CO. 5 Authorized Buick-Pontlac 1 21* N. Jefferson—Pho. 80 iBepairing-—Gan«es BATTERY Rechatging; 50c. Ideal Garage. • j : FINANCUL 19 Wanted -^To Borrow $200 IMMEDIATELY—Private money, ,3: years, fori property Inves- ment! ample, Ijigh class,^ noO- taxable security. D. E. Fowler. LIVESTOCK 21 Hdiies. Cattle, VehldM COWS —,Just.frssh, and cows to freshen soon. J.;0. Butcher, Wnt Street road. •. . . EXCEPTIONAL 2*^-oId ! r«gta> tered-Jersey bifll: will trade foi livestock or car.' McCarthy Mottf. Compiany., I l^RCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sale BA'TTERIES — Ouarahteed, t4j& Ideal .Oarage. ; MOTOR OII»-60c;gal.; 5 gal., t3.t& Ideal^^ garage. Phone 174. ; ; 2 USED off ice'safes,, desks, and tables. Henninger^ Store. '; RANOBS^ combinations, wood and gas and o^her - ranges, Iftll cheapi purtis', y N.-Washington.. 27 ALPALI-A HAY-40-lb: bales, 501c; good prahrie hay, 80-ib. Tiale, 20c^ AllenCounty Inclement Co. WOOD^1.50 per.: rank, green or dry, delivered any time. Phone M. Brownie's..' ?. ; ^ 28 Hpuseheld Goods BIG LOTiused kitfchen cabhiets a^d gas r^ges.. Hei3iinger,'s Store., ONE .USED Elecsric Washer, Ijike new; >ohe' used^ Majestic, racBo, W. H.- Wood Tine Furniture. ' 30 USED. CROSLEJf RADIO. $13iO. Henniiiger's Sto^e. : j ' Reaj gstateFdrRen^ 38 Fams and txnd For Bdit i- HOUSE—With 10'acres of pasttire ,and garden spot. See D. H. C^d- dell at a mi. West, 1% south^. % east 6t Ipla. ^ > 87 I QoiUM ^Tor Bent FOR RENT—Hoa^s. gbdd location. See G.-E. Pees. - < i FOR RE1;IT— Foul- room modem house, !.garage. ^Inquire 620 ffitst Broadway, phoije 11.; ? • HOUSE-^; rooms: with or witUQut fumituifei near Junior high school, modern, garage." Phone 387. • 38 JWanfedf-^tf Bent WANTED^TO R^SIT Jan. 1, 1 •Suiteof. 3- or 4 rooms on Square, Dr. MlMred ^Gurtla, .1; ^

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