The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 14, 1948
Page 13
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;-£_JMONDAY, JUNK 14. OUT~QUR WAY~ ByJ. R. : WAIT NOW—WAIT TILL WE GET THIS SHEET OVER •<XJ ANt> TUCKED W.' WITH YOUR METHODS. I CAN'T EX- PFCT IT ALL'SO, 8UT SOME OF IT TO GO EOWM THE DRAIM. 'UG-ULP.' CAESAR .' MO vSotooepTsiR 8ASCOW DASHED AMUAV As tp.He HAD SEEKS MV ART MUTILATED.'; , HO, HO.' AMOS,- WOO'RE. AGGMltiS?, < I AIN'T HAD SUCH , A GOOD LAUGH . Sirtce Voo BROKE VER LEG JUMPlM' -. 'OFF THE. TRESTLe To ^MI&S &6TTIW KISSED _,8YA FAS.T ^ PLAV TH6 EXIT ARCH/ I'M S^A* IMG TILL HE LAVA, COOLS f'/'i HAS A KEEM &6 or- HUMOR- Senate Posses Bill for Flood. Control Funds WASHINGTON. June U (UP) — 'The Senate Saturday approved legislation to authorize the spending I of »132.M4COO on rivers and harbors and flood control projects. The bill was returned to the hoiis« lor concurrence on Senate Cap|fijl,i b r A.r D.%f'.bui»J V, MfA Sf XVICf. INC TUB STOHYi J<« « M . i. . *\Jr with l»orU «»d a r»« U«vi4 n Ike ••4lrM«f — vrdh Sjtrjk l.ln- . him H DuvEd &\ Art Cordially Invited to Visit i The i Accessory Shop j Feminine Apparel i Mabel Hogan Jessie Srlte i Hotel Noble Bldj?. ! BIytheville, Ark. BIytheville Glass Co. 4<« Atkini Bldj. K*y. « So. Auto Glass Installed While You Wait Safety Glass Window Glass Structural Glass Store Front Metal Plate Glass Mirrors A Complete Glass Service Also Glass Blocks Furniture and Desk Tops Wt Also Do Caulkinjr! Phon« 3142 f. A. Stanley, Owner * uitc* him at hU »mc<-. " h«r to Mttl him that affrnOifn. She :iKrcfM. Mrk. Ill^kr !«•« ovrrhrard Ihc phoKf CMII n H ^ t<-lll Jt»lc« <h>l .rier Turn-, rr- mra "Ikrrc'ii ^e «± morr o! thl» ••lllTAMtlMir •boat wllh »1rnn 2 r — f»."»»lf> Irll, Mr». Hlnke Ihal hf-r mnrrluK« 1« Tttmt h«« xxi . JESSICA dressed rapidly, late for J her engagement with David, woke Betsy and hurried her into her clothes and across the street where Doris was busily engaged cleaning out her closets. "Bill's coming home," said Doris over her shoulder. "After the training he'i had in the Navy he'll expect to have the place looking shipshape, won't he? J got ofl early this afternoon. I'm not going back to work until Monday so if you want me to keep Betsy any time—" Jessica smoothed Betsy's rufllcd curls. "It will not be long now until we leave here." she said confidently. "Any further word from Tom?" Doris frowned at a spot on a man's cheap sports coat and removed the coat from its hanger. Betsy ran about eagerly investigating the contents of a box Doris set on the floor for her la examine. Jessica stood in the doorway stripping her gloves through her nervous hands. "No," she said, "but he's due home any day now. I'm planning to leave just as soon as I can after he arrives." Doris shot her a glance. "You think it will be easy?" "How can he keep mo?" Doris shrugged. "I've never known anyone more stubborn Uian Tom Blake, unless it is his daughter." Jessica left with that, stifling her own doubts as she took the bm, and wishing that she had abided by her first decision not to *ee David. OT just seeing him dispelled all doubts. It was fun to have a handsome, broad-shouldered man come forward to greet you cosorly. Exciting to read the gleam in his 'jrighl eyes. "You look wonderful today." he iaid, and his eyes darkened. "But this is no place to tell a woman that you love her." Jessica said. "I'm a fool to se< you after begging you not to call me, David." • "Such a lovely fool." "David. I'm scared," she said. "Scared?" "Of myself. I can't explain exactly. Maybe I'm trapped by a sense of duly. Maybe I'm infected with a feeling of obligation which makes m« [ear 1 won'l have the slrength to oppose Tom when he comes." "What do you mean, exactly?" "I'm afraid of Tom's mother, David, fleally. J'm not being silly about this." She told him about the scene that afternoon arid David listened gravely. "It's probably just as well that she knows the truth," he said. "Why not tell her quite frankly that you plan to divorce her son?" "I couldn't," Jessica shivered. "There will be unpleasantness enough later. Besides, I .owe it lo Tom 10 tell him first." There were so many things Jessica war.led to discuss with David that afternoon. Mrs. Blake's grow ing influence with Betsy, her attempt to awaken Betsy's interest in her father, her own uneasiness. But there were eager plans for the future to discuss, too. Already David had requested a leave o absence. Possibly he mighl b sent abroad for his firm, and i was not impossible that lie coul< combine business and a honey moon. Events moved swiftly thes^ days. Rationing was abandoned on many things, regulations lifted Was it impossible thai he and Jes- iica take a wedding trip on a clip- )er to Europe? She found herself alarmed by David's imhileieili-e to any ob- itacle which might arise 10 present the fulfilment of these plans iltuis which seemed fnnlaslic and jni'eal as Jessica listened. • • • 'J'HEY drove deep into the nark where David had surpri^ci* her t day in October. He stopped the car and indicated the bench where she had sat so lonely, never dreaming that she would see aj>ai»i '.be man she had talked with at :he airport—David. Odd now to think of David as a stranger.' "There was never a doubl m my mind about you (mm the first moment ] saw you, Jessica." he said. "You were lovely then—you are beautiful now. That's because you belong to me." But she didn't belong to David —not yet. She couldn't bear to discourage him when he pleaded with her to let him hold her in his arms. All wrong, she knew, knew with an odd and growing sense of apprehension, a strange presentiment that they were criwiiinc Ibcir luck. "David," she spoke his name brokenly, her heart torn by a great fear. David said, "You're crying. This no time to cry. Look, eluding, tell me why you are afraid." She only clung to him. unable io put into words her feeling, unwilling to spoil this hour with doubts and apprehensions. Beset by a sense of bereavement, she lifted her lace to meet his good- by kiss. Maybe she lacked courage. Maybe weakness explained her failure to have the hope David held thai they would soon be happy together. Possibly slie was a coward, unable to make the right decision. Why else should she stand and look after David's car as it drove away, wanting (o cry out and beg him to take her with him? Jessica was obsessed by a feeling of deep despair which haunted her all that evening. There were so many obstacles between her and the new happiness David con- sidei ed so certain. (To Re Continued) PAM \ amendments addinfr »J9,S56,0001 "' worth of projects to the measure HS ' " it passed the Housf. ! Jc As approved by the Senate the ! ~ bill includ^H *3O,444,000 lor rivers i" 'i "The boy has only known tht girl • week—l'v« be«n trying to tell him how dangerous the»» whirlwind ctnirt- thipt ire!" FKBCKLM A MM ntlENM % MBWULL Iforrifel* T*«««M The Kmpl.v Ili'lping Hand / d/'a'nf VIC FLINT By MICHAEL O'M ALLEY t»d RALPH, LANJI HOW 100 JUST MACCH RIGW BACK M SUE, MR. KILL Hi. AND WE'LL CALL THE POLICE.' stttef WHAT on EARTH... WH- WHAT'S HAPPENING ? WASH TUBBS Time Flouls Honmnce LESLIE TURNKK Political Announcements i ^T New * ha » >«-" >rlad to «nnounc« th« follow-I candidates, subject to the! NOW! Dr. W. F. BREWER DENTIST OFFICE 20fl!i W. MAIN ST PHONE 2172 BIytheville, Ark. Remember Rothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 at FOUNTAINS; Everywhere! Clinic 5H Main, BlylhtTillt, Ark., tffll COUNT! TKEASURMt « Frank Whltworth COUNTT COURT CMRK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen tfTATE REPRESENTATIVE Jlmmle Edw«rd» I* H Auiry H. K. "Bud" Ffsher Leslie N. "Dulcie" Specie For Conntj J«d ft D xjlftnd Qr«n Fieider Peery Ttr Circuit court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABLE (Chhkasawaba Township) J. Robert Crosskno Arch Llndsey Radio Service j at in Best! I All New FM I Test Equipment | Ail SerTlc* Guaranteed • BIytheville Sales Co. j C«rn«y 138 E, Main Phone .Ifil fi» K. M. LARKIK AUTO PARTS Main * Lake St. Phone 523 We Install Window Glass For Any /Uak« Automobile While You Wail! Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS a Complete Line of Auto Parts It's Not Too Late for SAFE FUR AND WOOLEN STORAGE Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED BIytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main UU«T HAVE SURMISED, MRS. _ P01ORES- *M LIFE HftS SEEM TOO BUSV FOR ROMANCE. EXCEPT FOR SOU, I WOID THE <S W( 5£)C *S J WOULC T« HAGUE MY EvwiswsND swoTwCf AW W(H1 KMOW HOW HE By FRED HARMAN 'T 5ELLW W6.V1AW1 BACK YOU ELECTED rt£ JUDGE SO,ME LEGAL RULIM'S.AMO THE SL)PK£/^\e COURT OF BEsJD IS GOKJrtA KAl^D DOWN REAL DECISION." EU. OJST KWi/ ID 5(SY PMC c« TS.S 0 "*, *I / <« THOUSAND a C_ I SCJnS TIME I THE a«« BULT.' W TIME-MACHINE.' ALL I TXNK I8ITTES » JO1W . THt C0ULDKT HA.VE . HAPPENED DVIBINSA _ THAT* WMA1 'EFUSiES HOOTS AND HEtf HUDOIKS By EDGAR MARTUf Phone 973

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