The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on March 16, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1894
Page 9
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fS?^:?^ INGALLS IS IN THE RACE[ TESTIMONY A3 TOMAOeUNe'3 AQ6. Attempt to Regain His Old Seat in Congress. IB f,ALfc8 FREELY OF HIS PLANS, «tl«ve« knit*** Is ttl|ie Kir ft OfltlcUM tlio Action of tile ltc| ' tn Coiicti-cm— Confiilctit Ml« Party Will Have a MnjorIty In the Next Kan»»« Mature—Will Not tie an Kvaugvllit. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March ir>.— r>. aatorJohu J. Ingalls has decided :o ater politics In Kansas, nnd will >i:.apt to regain his old seat in the Unite'l ates senate as Senator Martin's swv During a brief stop in this city talked with great freedom of bis liana and criticised the action of the R". iblicans in congress for not taking bei- ir advantage of their opportunity to urge Cleveland. He said: "I have made up my mind to take mi tlve part in the Republican campaign i Kansas this fall. I believe Karisns H |iripe for a change." Our people won; bur- 1 and easily misled, but 1 believe if will rise up and overthrow^ thing?. j Republicans expect to elect a major- l-ity of members in the lower house und ?»re confident that they will have a majority on joint ballot when L it comes tn lecting a senatorjp succeed Martin." "Mr. Ingalls also took occasion~to deny he story that he was going to beconvj an evangelist. "That story," he said. "«rose,from the fact that at the close ot f"» Sajfijp Jones meeting in Nashville I weu« |to tt^~front and told him I had been im ed by .what he said. I did not go to I the mourners' bench, as was* reported, | though it would not have hurt me if I d, for I have done niuch that calls for nitence. I merely went forward to |pay my respects to Mr. Jones." "I do not enter this denial in any spirit 'unfriendly to the Christian religion, '[ I am convinced is the greatest j|*6rce for the good that exists. Sinca jjljthat story was printed in the newspapers £ I have received many letters from min- Isters and evangelists all over the coun \ try congratulating me for having, like Paul, gone down to Damascus, Where the scales had fallen from in v •eyes. I have had ihany invitations become an evangelist, but I shall not undertake any such work." Mr. Ingalls went to Blootnington, Ind , where he lectures. l * .1 Four Years' Trip on Horsvbnck. DENVER, March 15.—E. G. Johnson of r Philadelphia, at present in Denver, wil «oon begin a trip of 15,000 miles on horse back in the interest of a newspaper syndicate. His trip will take just four years, IJe will go through Mexico and thev through the different states of Sou 11 America, incidentally visiting the sou: < of the Amazon river, Lake Nicaragu. and several tribes of Central Americtir Indians.. Mr. Johnson is to be accompa ' nied by Captain C. H. Hamilton, of the British army, and Dr. Millspaugh ami > 'mineralologist. liufTulo BuHeballUts In Troul>!<>. 'ASHINQTON, Muttj^lS.— A letter hits Jon received at the immigration bureau treasury department, from the inspoctoi ,-.& Buffalo, N. Y., asking for a ruling at* 1 to whether two Canadian baseball play ers recently engaged to play in this coun try by the Buifalo club come within the prohibitions of the alien contract laboi law. Until Superintendent Stum pi's re turn to the city no action will be taken. New National Pui'ty Started. PlTTSBURG, March 10.— This conference of the now national party adjournec after adopting the mime of the People' Progressive party. There were 30 delegates present, mostly from Pennsylvania An executive committee of 100 was up- pointed to complete the organization, II was decided to secure signatures to •call (or a national convention iu 1800 to .nominate presidential candidates, Carpenter* AwuitiuK »" Opportunity. PITTSBUHO, March 15.—The Brothor- Jiood of Carpenters and Joiners will in •augurate an 8-hour movement in Pittsburg just as soon as the opportunity pro •flenta itself. Instead of relaxing their efforts, the local unions uro daily male Ing headway toward tho much de- aired point and the first building boom Will be taken advantage of to force thu 8-hour day. Stewart to the Oregon i'ouullit*. WABHINOTON, March 16, — Senator Stewart of Novudu sout tho following telegram to tho People's Party conven tlon now in Hussion at Salem, Or.: "Jack- birthday for your convention is int. The destruction of silver wnSn tho output of gold is absorbed iu MH* arts, moans slavery of thu musses," *. PiTTSBUKU, March l5.--Tho executive "committee of the National Association of Underwriters U in session hure. Tliu object of the mooting is to arrange business for the fifth iiiinual Hussion lu Chi- ongo during Juno. I , ' IMulitliurlu lu a tlullipiuut Form. BRAZIL, Ind., March 15,—Diphtheria ta raging at Carbon, north ot hero, lu the most malignant form, lu the last week 10 persons huvo died of the dls ease, Five children of ouo family died ill the part two day*. Hvnuuiluftivil for u Tlilrcl Toriu, ST. Josusi'ii, Mo.,,March 15.—William M. Shepherd, who has filled the position j of muyor of St. Joseph for two tunns, WHS venomlnutud for u third turtu by the Republican party, iu Uu> face of uiroug ll)ttu'» Wlvur tlublliM), it, lu., March 15,—VloarOeu- oral Hyun <xflobnitwl his sllvur jubilee. Archbishop Heuueiwy, Fiilher Coouoy Mild Prof, It-Mi dulivowl congratulatory addrtmiios ou behalf of hiururchy, clergy uud lulty, Illluiou t)ii»o UvoumuU, . March if).--Tho consideration HUuiou insuruiuKi uutfo wtw re- thu ututu tmj'OL'iiiluiideut of tUnpnlc fteKHrdlng Mow Old She / When Colonel lireckluHdge Met Hoc, WASHINOTON, March 15.—The fifth day of the Pollard-Breckinridge trial was de Voted by the plaintiff's attorney to elab' orating the main points already marked out by them in their case, There were no sensational incidents nor was there any display of belligerence amrmg the legal gentlemen. Since his encountet of Monday evening with Attorney Shelby of Lexington, Mr. .fohnson, of Miss Pollard's counsel, has appeared in court but twice, not that he anticipated any trouble, but because he is engaged outside in working up the testimony. Miss Pollard was in 'jourt during the morning, bu». left when her friend, Dr, Belle Buchanan of Cincinnati, began to testify concerning the birth of her first child. Colonel Brecktnridge was here also and so were some of his Kentucky constituents one of whom secured admission to the courtroom on the represeutation that he holds membership in the same Presbyterian church in which thte congressman is enrolled. Most of the day' was occupied by the reading of depositions from a Cincinnati physician and one of Miss Pollard's school friends and there was some conflicting testimony regarding her age, which is a disputed point, the plaintiff asserting she was but 17 when Colonel Breckinridge mother. Her identification by Sister Cecelia waa not complete and remains to be fixed, it it can be, by the writing found in the volumes of Irving said to have been presented by Miss Pollard to the convent. HAS BROKEN ITS ROCKY BARRIERS, Break tn Indian Creek Reiervlor Causing Deatli|and Destruction. BOISE, Idaho., March 15.—News was received in this city that Indian creek reservoir has broken its rocky barriers and was sweeping down upon ranches and villages, carrying destruction and ruin in its path. This reservoir was con Btructed on solid masonry at the head of Indian creek an8 was heretofore thought to be a veritable Gibraltar. Hyde and Jackson, New York capitalists, built the reservoir as a water supply for Orchard Farm of 640 acres that recently was set out in Idaho prunes and bonded for $80, 000. The reservoir covered fiOO acres of land and was said to contain water suffi dient to irrigate many thousand acres. It cost $5it,()OU. The country between Bysuka and Caldwefl is all under water, Trying: to Snvu I'romtargnst's Neck. CHICAGO, March 15.—Attorneys C. S. Darrow and S. S. Gregory will apply to the supremo court at Ottawa for a writ of supersedeas, staying the execution of Prendorgast, now under sentence of death for the murder of the late Mayor Harrison, until the supreme court has an opportunity to pass upon his appeal Prendergast is sentenced to hang Friday, March 23, and if the supreme court finds probable error in the assignments of error in tho bill of exceptions, the writ will be issued. A»kn For Foreclosure. KEOKUK, la., March 15.— On application of the Central Trust company ol New York, Judge Bank of the superior court appointed Van Caldwell receiver for the Madison, la.. Water and Light company. The trust holds a mortgage on the waterworks plant, securing bonds for $250,000. Tho defendant defaulted on the interest last October, The trust company asks for foreclosure of the mortgage and sale of the plant. • Attacked Hid Wife With a Knife, DUBUQUE, la.. March 15.— A. R. Beallsof Hartford City, Ind., met his wife, from whom he has been separated, on the street hero and attacked her with a knife, cutting her throat and inflicting injuries which will probably result in her death. Ho then cut his own throat, but did not fatally injure himself. He was arrested and expressed regret that he did not succeed in his design, Oregon Freight Tr«lu Wrecked. BOISE, Idaho, March 15.— A freight train on the Oregon Short line wag wrecked near Reverse. The conductor and one brakoman were badly injured. Another brnkeman is missing and is supposed to have been killed, tt Is reported two trumps wore also killed, Knot Trout Take* llli Own Mfo, NEWPORT, Neb.. March 15.— Enos W, Trout committed ° suicide by hmigi himsolftoa rafter in his bum. He leaves a wife and four little children. His parents live in Oliio and a twin brother in Joseph, Or, PemouritU Oruut llrymi itt M'Couk. McCooK, Neb., March 15.— Fully SOU people wore At tho dopot lu this city to grectt Hon. W.. J. Bryan, who wus pass ing through on his way from Dunvei, Colo., toOinuha. He delivered u short address. __ IXukvrnuu Kunurun Hit 1 1, ATLANTIC, lu., March 10.— A. W. Picket-sou, namsoil of fraudulent bunking in connection with tho Cuss County bank, uttccoodod in nuuuHng ball and was ruleuHod from jail, Bllur Mrnlu H M»»l, ATLANTIC, In., March 15,~\V, W. Ellor WUH appointed deputy Unit ml Status marshal for this district by F. P. Briul- ley, thu nuwly /appointed nmrnlml of Atuhibon. _ _ Wmit Wliltu'* Kluu lluilucea. NBUUAHICA CITV, Miifoh 15. -An appeal for u luodifioiitlou of White's autitouoo wu« forwiirdml to Jiulgu Clmpnmn, It wua signed by Curl Smith uiul auvorttl othors, Kllluil by COKNINO, (u,,Muroli I'l. —John UotrUta, u prominent photographer uiul u sun of Huv. Uolr(tttn of Coming, was killinl by lightning iu his Htiuilo in CuuibuHund, Hull ami TlumUoi- ut Du« Mulm>«. DBS MoiNiw, Mmvli 15.— ThU city wiu vinitud by u ttuvtmt litiil uiul thuudur nhu'in. liiiilalunro Ua lurgu us llUU'bUiS foil, iluiltfo l-lblmy Omul. AuauaTA, Mu., Muiuli lii.—Jiulgo Lib buy, of ttiu Muiuu BUju'oinu wui't, diud hoiu WALTER WELLMAN. men, Once on reach in fifty days. Aluminum boats and sledge* will be used. intrepid parallel, they expect to A START FOR THE POLE The Wellman Party Off For Spitzbergen. ,AN UNIQUE ARCTIC ENTERPRISE. What tlio Voiing .Explorer Hoped to Acooin-' pllxh—Novel Features of the Kxpmtitinn. The Frozen NortH's FiiMuinatlng >Iynt.orv May Soon Bo Solved—TliiH Year Will Probably no a Memorable One. • NEW YORK, March 14.—Mr. Walter Wellman, the well known journalist, sailed on the steamer Britannic enroute for Spitzbergen, from which point his expedition will make a summer dash for the north pole. Mr. W oilman was accompanied by three other Americans— Professor Owen B. French, late of the- United States coast geodetic survey and an experienced and capable scientist; Dr. Thomas B. Mohun, a successful Washington physician, and Charles C. Dodge, the Artist and photographer of the expedition. The enterprise is under the leadership of Mr. Wellman, and the three men named are his lieutenants. Expedition Will Sail From Tromitoe. Ten hardy young Norwegians; ambitious and experienced in Arctic exploration, will join the party in Norway, and the expedition will sail from Troinsoe, Norway, for the islands of Spitzbergen about the 1st of May. At Dane's island, which is very near the 80th parallel—that point of latitude so far north that many explorers have never reached and few hav« ever passed it—headquarters will be established, and then the party will steam to the edge of the great ice pack about a degree farther north. After a landing is effected the steamer will return to Dane's island, and about tho 10th or 15th of May tho dash for the pole will begin. That marvelous new metal, alumi- nium, has been utilized iu the construction of sledges, boats and other apparatus, and thus equipped with far lighter paraphernalia than any previous explorer, Mr. Wellman expects to be able to push on north at tho rate of from 13 to 30 miles per day. As he will havo about 000 miles to travel before the polu is reached, he expects to either reach the goal or a point very near it in 50 days. He will then return to tho edge of the pack iu t>0 days more, his steamer will then pick him up and he will return home. HM Carefully Studied the Problum. Mr. Wolliuuu has carefully studied the groat problem before him nnd «x- poets to profit by tho knowledge goiutxl by previous explorers who have traversed tho pack and to avoid their mistake's. His early start in for the purpose of getting fur north boforo the pack begins its drift toward the south. Away buck iu 1837 Sir Edward Perry pushed on northward over tho pack at the rate of from 10 to 20 mlm per day, but his heavy oquipngo compelled him to break his loads into parts and pass trow livo to Bovoii times over tho same rood. Other nxplorors, handicapped with old time sledgou mid boats, havo been compelled to progress iu the sumo slow uian- iu>r, but Mr. Wollnmu believes that with his light aluminium outfit retracing his steps will bo uuuocosaary and that ovury wile trayolod will tuko him a milo further toward tho polu. At tho start tho drift of tho ico puck will not bo against him, and when ho ititurus lutor in tho BOOSOU it will assist him iu his homowurU journey, Mr. Wolhuun ctirriui with him his alu- minium bouts and nlodgoa—-the first uvor built in America-—mid tosta huvo demon- BtratoU that thoy uro by fur tho lightest aud at tho samo tune tho very utrouguet boats luul Bludgt-a of tlioir uiste that tha world has over soeu. Tho entire equip- Wjwit of tho party of 14 will bo about 6,500 pounds, aud us 40 hardy draft dogs will assist iu currying it, tho uvunigo woight per uiuu uiul dog will be about 100 pouudtf. Hlrivtly » NoWKimpur ICiiuuillluu, Ow> uovol fuaturo of Mr. WeUuuui's •ohemo of exploration is that it in strictly M nowppupor uxuoditiou, uud if Mr. Wulluiau'u pluuB uro ourriod out tho world will bo upprisod of his program toward Urn polo, boiuothlug that has uovor boforo beau done iu the ouso of any previous polur exuudltiuu. Mombow ot hi* party will bo »ojit btvok from tlmo to time to tho odgo of tUo loo puck with Jetton) dawribJug the progress of tlio ox- pedition and tho discovorion made by tho wplorow. At the edge of the ico pack will be takou ou board Mr. Wellman's steamer, which will return to Norway, whence the world will receive the news. Whether Mr. Wellman's dash for the pole will be successful or not remains to Been, but if his novel plan is even partly carried out Bb will succeed in reaching a degree of latitude farther north than that reached by any previous explorer. With Welhnan, Peary, Nansen and possibly Jackson in quest of the pole this year, it seems highly probable that 1894 will murk the solution of the frozen north's fasr.iiatmg mystery. Higlilnnda Ueoiilrcl Aguliist Annexation. DKNVKII, March 14.—The city of Highlands decided by a majority of 021 aga.jist Annexation to Denver. POU-ARD-BRECl<INRlDG£ TRIAL. Sitter Cecelia Culled tn Identify the My»- tcrlou* Voh|mi>s at Irving. WASHI.\CITO.V, March 14.—Brotherly love and almost deferential politeness \vn3 the spirit which prevailed in tho intercourse of the attorneys in the Pol- lard-Breckinridgo case Tuesday, tike a flush of lightning the- blow from the baud of Colonel Shelby of Kentucky the night before had cleared tho surcharged atmosphere of its anger. While there was much discussion among the lawyers upon the point whether Attorney W. G. Johnson furnished provocation for the physical resentment which Colonel Shelby offered, everyone seemed glad to have the trouble smoothed over, as it was Judge Bradley's course iu dismissing it with au expression of regret. Most of'the day was consumed in reading a long deposition, after which Sister Cecelia of Pueblo, Colo., was called to identify the mysterious ^volumes of Irving, by which it is expected to prove that Miss Pollard gave birth to a child in the Norwood convent near Cincinnati in 1684 or 1885. Proceeding* of the Somite, WASHINOTON, March 14.—The proceedings in the senate Tuesday wore of an extremely uninteresting character, without the intervention of any morning business except tho presentation of a few petitions nnd the introductions of some unimportant bills the senate took up the consideration of fio seigniorage bill. Senators Stewart aud Lindsay spoke in favor, and Mr. Dolph spoko in opposition to it, holding that ite passage would destroy the existing equality between gold and silvc", uud tlio two now Senators McLaurin (Miss.) uud, Blaiiuhard (La.), received their committee appointments. Pro|MiMml Cliiiit|g«* In Pension Lawn. WASHINGTON, March 14.—Tho house committtH) on invalid pensions has ordered u favorable report to the bill of Representative Martin (Ind,) doing away with tho requirement of an honorable discharge as a preliminary to a pension. Iu many cases death has occurred during a. furlough or outside of military duties. In such oases no honorable discharge is in oxistunco and tho widow is cut off from securing n pension. Tho bill makes tho death of a soldiur equivalent to un honorable dixehai-jjo except when tho cleutli occurs diiriii'j ilcsortiou. HTHE best investment X iu real estate is to keep buildings well painted. Paint protects thu house and saves repairs. You sometimes want to sell—many a good house lias remained unsold for want of paint. The rule should be, though, "the best paint or none." That means Strictly Pure White Lead You cannot afford to use cheap paints. To be sure of getting Strictly Pure White Lead, look at the brand; any of these are safe: "Southern," "Red Seal," "Collier," "Shipman." FOK COLORS.—National Lead Co.'a Puro White Lead Timing Colors. These culura uro nottl In oui;-|>ouiul cans, each cuu being nullicleiit lu tint as ixjumla of Slrlclly 1'uro \Vlmo Lead lliudeiiireUitluule; they are in ' , but • combluuilun luinJlcst fui'ui ti> _-j|urs have IKWU „ ..-,--,.. ,- by having our book ou ii»lmintf uiul color-curd. Send UK a puMal emu aud ncl both free, * NATIONAL LEAD CO. St. Louis Uriuicli, Clark Avenue uud Tenth Street, SI, Lout*. no sunao rcudy-wual ., of net Icctly pure coloru in Uio lu tint Strictly 1'uro \Vlillo Lvud. A K>wA uiituy ihuuKutul doll MVCU property-owner* by huvlii ' Condition of Omaha Bankf. WASHINGTON, Match 14.—Reports to the comptroller of the currency of the condition of the seven national banka in the city of Omaha show loans and discounts to the amount of $9,411,611, a slight gain since October, Lawful money reserve, $2,422,708; individual deposits, 18,087,797, a gain of nearly $500,000. The average reserve was 42.0 per cent. Sundry Civil 1)111. WASHINGTON, March 14.—The house Tuesday began the consideration of the bill making appropriations for the sundry civil expenses of the government and fair progress was mode. Only three amendments of any importance were adopted. Pregldontlal Appointment. WASHINGTON, March 14.—The president sent the following nomination to the senate: Clark 3. Rowe, register of the land office at Chamberlain, S. D. Trennnrer Gray Will Not Vacate. TRENTON, N. J., March 14.— George B. Swaine, who the Republican legislature elected to the position of stato treasurer, called upon Governor Werts Tuesday and demanded his certificate of election. The governor refused to issue it and Mr. Swaine proceeded to the state treasurer's office and demanded possession of it. Treasurer Gray declined to vacate, whereupon M. 1 . Swaine notified him that he would protest against the former issuing any checks as treasurer. Locating tile Aaylum. LBMABS, In., March i4.—The commissioners sent out by the Iowa legislature to look over the advantages of the three candidates for the location, LeMara, Cherokee and Sneklon arrived here. They were at Cherokee and looked over the advantages of that city. A prize awarded by the Italian government has boon taken this year by a play entitled "Dr. Muller," which depicts a physician's 'metal struggles over the question whether he shall cure his wife's lover or kill him. Get Up." Don't expect your horse to hurry until you have done your part. If your wagon 1 is poorly greased, the more he harries the faster both horse and wagon will wear out. Is the horse's friend and his master's frieiid. 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