The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on July 27, 1980 · Page 49
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 49

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1980
Page 49
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(Continued from Page 8) News (13) Name That Tune B Focus On The Family EVENING 6:00 BOOCECE® Dlsney'sWonderful World 'The Adventures Of Chip 'N' Dale' The two mischievous chipmunks visit the big city and become involved In various misadventures. (60 mins.) (Closed-Captioned) (DCS)© Masterpiece Theatre'Lillie: The New Helen' Episode IV. Lillie has become the toast of London society, and the test of her tact and feminine Intuition comes with the attention of King Leopold pfBelgium.(Open Captioned) (60 mins.) (Zl®OCaaSl3 Galactlca 1980The planet's future hangs in the balance when Troy and Dillon alert Galactica that they are pursuing two enemy Cylons bent on commandeering a powerful New York City broadcasting facility to transmit Earth's location to their hostile forces in space. (Repeat; 60 mins.) BBBCiS)(10)CDCD 60Minutes (6) Jazz At The Maintenance Shop B Hocking Valley Bluegras* (9J To Be Announced B Firing Line 'The Presidency, Republican Style' Host William F. Buckley, Jr. discusses the role of the President with leading Republicans. (13) Galactlca 1980 BMovle-rComedy)** "NowYouSeelt, NowYou Don't" 1967 JonathonWinters, Luciana Paluzzi. A mild-mannered, bumbling art expert is hired by an Insurance company responsible for the security of a Rembrandt painting on loan from the Louvre. (60 mins.) . B Soul Train 8 Jimmy Swaggart B Movie -(Science-Fiction) 6:30 B Hocking Valley Bluegras* (9) The Palace Cg Maverick 7:00 OOO©®©CHIPsTwo intelligent but mischievous boys, hiding from punishment in the back seat of a stolen Rolls Royce, turn a soft assignment into a nightmare for Jon and Ponch. (Repeat; 60 mins.) CD Movie-(Historical-Drama) ••• "Bat- tleof Britain" 1969 Michael Caine.Laur- ence Olivier. Epic drama covering 16 weeks in 1940 when Nazi Germany launched and sustained massive air attacks on Britain, a savage, prolonged attack that was planned as a prelude to the invasion and occupation of the British Isles. (3 hrs.) GDCD© Free To Choose'From Cradle to Grave' Dr. Friedman examines the U.S. Welfare system, which he feels isdanger- ous.wastefulandtreatsrecipientsaschil- dren. (Closed Captioned) (60 mins.) (D®OOD5D(13)13WhenTheWhistle Blows OOO®(10)C0C9 One Day At A Time Schneider springs some bad news on Annandthegirls-theirapartmenf building is being turned into condominiums and they'll have to move. (Repeat; 60 mins.) (6) U.S. Chronicle B B Evening At Pops The incomparable Ray Charles joins with John Williams and the Boston Pops to perform some of his most memorable hits. (60 mins.) Sunday, July 27, I960 Sunday July 27 5:30 p.m.-end The Salina Journal Sunflower Page 9 (8) Live From Second City Avery Schrelber hosts this comedy special. (90 mins.) CB Upstairs, Downstair* CD Name That Tuna 0 Rax Humbard HBO Movie-(Mystery) 7:30 (ft Image Of Indiana fPGulnnes*Gaina 8:00 OOOODCBajTheBlflEvenf Airport '77'1977Stars:JackLemmon,LeeGranI. A millionaire art collector's plans to fly friends to an exclusive museum opening aboard his private jumbo jet meet with tragedy when the plane crash-lands at sea, trapping its occupants underwater. (Pt. I. of a two-part drama; 2 hrs.) (Closed-Captioned) GDQDSDEvenlngAtPopsTheincompar- ableRay Charles joins with John Williams and the Boston Pops to perform some of. his most memorable hits. (60 mins.) ®®OO»® 13 Sunday Night Movla The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz' 1974 Stars: Richard Dreyf uss. Jack Warden. An ambitious young man's quick wit, • slicklineandaheerdaringwinhimeveryth- ing but the girl he loves.,(2 hrs., 15 mins.) (Closed-Captioned) B dO 93) (10) IB CD Alice Mel's desperately in need of a waitress and Mississippi-born Belle, who writes country music, is in need of a job. (Repeat) (6) Evening At Pops OCB Masterpiece Theatre 'Lillie: Ber- tie'Episode V.LIIIie'striendssuspectthat she may be having a secret affair with the Prince of Wales. (Closed Captioned) (60 mins.) (13) Sunday Night Movie CD Come Into My Parlor A documentary about spiders hosted by Peter Ustinov. Q 700 Club CD Showtime Special 8:30 ClQO3D(10)CaCDTheJe1fer»ons George's attempts to get out of a painting party at the Willis's get him into trouble at a state mental hospital, where he frantically tries to convince everyone he is sane.(Repeat) 9:00 ®QDQD Masterpiece Theatre'Lillie: Bertie' Episode V. Lillie's friends suspect that she may be having a secret affair with the Prince of Wales. (Closed Captioned) (60 mins.) OOO3S)(10)CBC0 Trapper John M.D. Supposedly childless Trapper John suddenly discovers he is the father of a 25-year-old son, and the news has his hospital colleagues bewildered. • (Repeat; 60 mins.) (6) Masterpiece Theatre O Movie -(Comedy) •*• "Green Man" 1957 Alasteir Sim, George Cole. A timid clock maker prefers his part-time job as a paid assassin. (90 mins.) (9) Lawrence Welk Show CD Meaning Of Modern Art Combining film clips, narration, still photography, painting and film shot on location, this program examines Paris before and during the heyday of impressionism. TBS Newt Live From Second City Avery Schreiber hosts this comedy special. (90 mins.) 8 Kenneth Copeland Movie-(Drama) 9:30 HBQ Movie-(Adventure) 10:00 OOOOCBGOCB(9)(S)(10)C9 CD® New* CD Movie -(Musical-Comedy) •** "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" 1953 Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell. Two showgirls enroutetoParistofindrichhusbands or diamonds, land in police court. (2 (S'CE) ® Monty Python's Flying Circus (6) Superstar Prof He CD Jazz At The Maintenance Shop 'Bill Evans Trio' Pt. II (60 mins.) Open Up ewslght'80 3® 13 A 10:15 CD® (3) 13 ABC News 10:30 BBGE) Bonanza -CjD®© Moll Flanders B Movie -(Suspense) ••% "Double KIH"197SGaryCollins,PenelopeHorner. The American husband of a wealthy and beautiful British Woman hopes to attract • someone he can enlist to murder his wife. Unknown to him, she is plotting the same thing. (90 mins.) CD®® 13 News B Movie -(Western-Adventure) ••• V4 "The Professionals" 1966 Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin. Amillionaire employs four soldiers of fortune to rescue his beautiful wife, kidnapped by a Mexican guerilla leader. (2 hra., 20 mins.) CjD NBC Late Night Movie B BOS) CD Best Of Donahue (6) Good Neighbors (9) Movie-(Crime) *•• "The Roaring Twenties" 1939 JamesCagney.Humph- rey Bogart. Three W.W. I buddies clash in a vicious bootlegging racket. (2 hrs., 6 mins.) (lO)HeeHaw CD Today'* Growing Intimate Family W Star Trek 'Elaan Of Troyius' (60 mins.) g Marty Bobbins Spotlight The King Is Coming 10:45 CD® ©13 Donna Fargo Show OMovie-(Comedy)*** "LovelsaBall" 1963 Glenn Ford, Hope Lange. Self ap- .pointedmatch-makerdestinesanheiress . to marry a duke. (2 hrs.) CD ABC News 10:50 (13) M.A.S.H. 11:00 (6) Kup's Show ©Movle-(Drama)**** "CitizenKane" 1941OrsonWelles,JosephCotten.Story' of the life of an eminent publisher/from poor boy to great wealth, who aspired to politics but was ruined by personal scandal. (2 hrs., 15 mins.) S BIx Blederbecke Jazz Festival Charlie's Angels Jill Munroe'sroman- tlc involvement with a European crown prince leads her into the dangerous world of international power, politics and 11:15 11:20 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:30 12:36 12:45 12:50 1:00 1:06 1:15 1:20 1:30 1:35 1:45 2:00 2:36 2:50 2:55 3:15 4:40 5:00 mrder. (Repeat; 60 mins.) ~ Nashville On! The Road •(Drama) 13 On Target (iSVMovle-(Drama) OOCB Adam 12 CD (BIB Behind The Scene* OH®©Movie-(Comedy)'* "Old- get Gets Married" 1972 MonieEllia, Michael Burns. Gidget finally finds the right man and settles down in suburbia. (2 hrs.) : (10) Gunsmoke: (9 Tales Of The Unexpected CD Pop Goes The Country HBQMovIe -(Biography) CD S3) 13 It's Your Business CD GOD News Adam 12 Gunsmoke > _ Movie -(Comedy) •* "Carry On Admiral" 1956 Peggy Cummins, David Tomlinson. Admiral's pretty granddaughter tries to set things right after a Naval Officer and statesman engage in a twin impersonation. (105 mins.) . §0 Comedy Shop Minority Showcase Open Line World Championship Tennis ' News lovle-(Science-Fiction) S NIghtbeat ABC News Movie -(Drama) ••% "Footsteps" 1972 Richard Crenna, Joanna Pettet. A ruthless.asslstantcollegefootballcoach is determined to eliminate all opposition. (2hrs.) GD All The People CD News (9) Croml* Circle CD Movie -(Drama) •• V, "Magnificent Ambenons" 1942 Joseph Cotton, Anne Baxter. Family is unwilling to change with thetimes;motherandsonconflictoverher lover. (100 mins.) (13) ABC News CD News (13) News CB Movie-(Drama)* "Gangbusters" 19.77 Myron Healey, Don Harvey. Intimate glimpse of actual prisonjif e when convict leader plans mass escape. (90 mins.) CD Live From Second City (Joined In Progress) (?) New* CD All Night At The Movies CD Movie-(Comedy)*** "No Time For Comedy" 1940 James Stewart, Rosalind Russell. A small-town playwright hasplay done onBroadway.hetallsin love with the play's star. (105 mins.) CD All Night At The Movies (Joined In Progress) Titles to be announced CB Movie -(Mystery) • tt "Million Dollar Manhunt" 1951 RichardDenning,Carole Mathews. An intelligence agent solves a murder and tracks down twelve million counterfeit pounds made in Germany during World War II. (105 mins.) CD Movie -(Crime) *"A "You Can't Get Away With Murder"-1939 Humphrey Bogart, Billy Halop. A young boy teams up with a gangster and takes the rap with him in Sing Sing prison. (95 mins.) CB Listen; The Athletes Bill passes many hands It takes 18 months for a dollar bill to wear out from use. SUNDAY 10:00 fB All-Star Wrestling 11:00 O) Women's Tennis 12:00 CD World Championship Tennl* 12:30 CB Baseball Atlanta Braves vs Philadelphia Phillies (2 hrs., 30 mins.) 1:00 BOOGD WesternOutdoorsman (SO(BCD® Washington Star Intl. Tennis Championships This program ' features live coverage of the singles finals. (2 hra.) Q Ci® CD The Racers 1:30 8 O CB Jimmy Houston Outdoors CB Can-Am Challenge (lOVMotocros* At The Sllverdome 2:00 B0GE)SuperMemorl**OfTheSuper Bowls - BOB(33)(10)CBSportsSpectacular 1) World Series of Powerliftlng. 2) American Cup Synchronized Swimming Championships. (60 mins.) (B International Custom Car Show . CD International Auto Show ', •9 CH GD Motorcross At The Sllverdome • ' ' B O O QD CE Cfi SportsWorld 1) A 10-round lightweight bout between Sean O'Grady and Andy Ganigan. 2) World Cup Windsurfing Championship from Hawaii, (eomins:) •O0Cffl)(10)QCD Sammy Davl* Jr. Golf Tournament (9) Baseball Chicago Cubs vs Los Angeles Dodgers (3 hrs.) 1) Sprlngnatlonals Drag Racing ',«•,«)• n , nlna Sports this week July 27-August 2 are CD 2-.3Q 2:45 3:00 4:00 4:30 5:00 Advanturi fBThlsV This Week In Baseball Motpcroaa At The, SHverdpme SportaAfMd (6) CO Soccer Made In Germany CB Georgia Wrestling . 12:30 O World Championship Tennl* MONDAY EVENING 6:30 (13) Bronco Highlight* HBO Summer Sports Special (Pt I.) 12:00 CD All-Star Wrestling TUESDAY EVENING 6:30 HBO Race For The Pennant 7:00 CB Baseball Atlanta Braves vs New York Met8(2hrs.,30mins.) 10:00 HBO Race For The Pennant 12:30 CB Atlanta Braves Replay WEDNESDAY EVENING 7:00 <DQD6D 1980 Nebraska High School Rodeo Coverage taped June 27 thru 30. Eventsrangefrombarebackbroncoridlng topole bending. (3 hrs.) 8:00 C3 Soccer 9:00 HBO Race For The Pennant 11:30 HBO Boxing's Greatest Champion*: Middleweight* 12:40 CB Atlanta Brave* Replay THURSDAY EVENING 10:00 HBO SwnmefSport*Speclar(Pt.l.) FRIDAY EVENING 6:00 O That's It In Sports HBO Summer Sports Special (Pt. I.) 6:30 CB Baseball Atlanta Braves vs Montreal (Expos (2 hrs., 30 mins.) 7:30 O Baseball Chicago vs Kansas City Royals (2 hrs., 30 mins.) CD Baseball Chicago White Box vs Kansas City Royals (2 hrs., 30 mins.) ' 9:00 O O CD CB W Friday Night Fight* Wilfred Benitez faces Tony Chiaverini in a 12-roundjuniormiddleweightboutatCae- sar's Palace in Las Vegas. Host: Dick Enberg and Sugar Ray Leonard. (60 mins.) 9:30 (9) Baseball Chicago Cubs vs San Francisco Giants (3 hrs.) 12:00 CB Atlanta Brave* Replay SATURDAY ' 8:00 O Sport* Unlimited 8:30 CD Soccer Made In Germany 9:00 CBCEQD Sport* Unlimited 12:30 O That'* It In Sport* (I) This Week In Baseball (13) Motor Sport*: Evolution 1:00 (13) Western Outdoorsman • Road And The Wind 1:30' B C£) This Week In Ba»*ball We*t*mO4»fd6or*man - _ — _ ,-, „, I Sports 2:00 GO OS)®® Major League Ba- •eball Game Of The Week California An- gelsvsTorontoBlueJaysorChicagoCubs vs San Francisco Giants. (Region will determine game to be televised in your area.) CD © 13 Greatest Sports and* _ ) CD The Racer* _l Strike It Lucky 2:30 S>CBOOCD(B!)C0(13) 13 Wide World Of Sport* ABC Sports will provide live- coverage of the AFC-NFC Hall of Fame Game between the San Diego Chargers and the Green Bay Packers. (3 hrs.) BCD America'* Athlete* 1980 Series devoted to examining and revealing the best athletes who were to represent the United States at the Olympics to be held in Moscow. 2:45 3:00 (9) Lead Off Man (9) Baseball Chicago Cubs vs San Francisco Giants (3 hrs.) 3:30 O(10)CB Sport* Spectacular DTal- ladega 500 Trials, featuring coverage from Alabama International Motor Speedway. 2) WBA Junior Welterweight Championship featuring Antonio Cervantes vs Aaron Pryor. (90 mins.) 4:00 CD This Week In Baseball 4:30 CB Georgia Wrestling 6:30 CB Baseball Atlanta Braves vs Montreal Expos (2 hrs., 30 mins.) 8:00 (9)SoccarChlcagoStingvsTulsaRough- necka (2 hrs.) 10:00 O Blair Rodeo 12:00 CBCBQD All-Star Wrestling QD- Super Memories Of The Super ; -fowls '- • •••-..- -.-- - ,.... 12:30'Cft-AtfaAtaBraverReplay

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