Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 20, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1895
Page 1
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ournal at INDIANA. WEDNESDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 20, 1895. LOGANSPORT, Just ; Received Pirect From A Foreign Port! An Immense Assortment of Dress Goods Novelties. The very lalest Home Spun and Check Effects. If ihese goods were bought as our capacity has compelled us too in the past from jobbBrs we would be compelled to ask 90c for these goods. The saving of air middle profits permit us to name an astonishingly low price on these goods for a few days. We open them today AT 48 CENTS, WORTH 90 CENTS! An all-wool 34-inch Irish imported Dress Novelty in fancy effects- Come and get a Dress Goods Bargain. One Price. Your Money Back if You Want it! Busy Bee Hive, 409-411 Broadway, 306 Fourth St. Call and See! ThomandJ ol Tunes b> mean* BtlndailrucllbleMelallicDiskJ. p jtity * Volume ol Tone Unequalled. The wonderful Regina Music Box. Will play any tune. I am agent for Logansport of the genuine, also tho new things in.G-old'Belts, Collarettes, Buokles, Czarina Pins, Butterfly Hat Pins, Side Combs, Hair Pins, "Watch Pockets, Ladles' .Guard Chains, IGold Bricabrao, Spectacles of all kinds fitted to the eyes. 30 years' experience in Engraving and all kinds of work done to order at The Jeweler and Optician. rv i TT A Tl IT The Jeweier antt upuu pfU. A. HAL) ft, 410 Broadway. Ground Hog Boots! Too late foo Felt; buy Leather. It's a a Ground Hog case now, and it will pay you to help you clean out our Winter Boots. WflLKER & Rf\UOH 420 Broadway. See The Specialists For Chronid and Private Diseases and Deformities, Diseases of Woman treated by the new electrical method that has ' a'fer vapor treatment for all Chronlo ' Long Troubles get* the remedies to the diseased spots and cures jhe» everything else fail*. Call ard investigate anyway. It costs you nothing for consultation. Drs. ChristopHer & Longenecker, AtiThe Medical and surolcalilnstltute. 417 Markets*. - - Logansport. Ind. NO VOTE..-: Failure to Finally Dispose of the Free Silver Coinage Bill. • Senator Jones Secures a Hearing for the Bill—House Concurs in Sen- ; j ate Amendment. ' \VASiiijrcTOX, Feb. 19.—There was an -unusually l:irge attendance of senators Tuesday morning, probably in view of the expected' contest over the'frefc silver coiuuge bill. • • Condition of'tho Treasury. A communication was presented uml- re'ud from the secretary of the treasury in' rcspon.so'to a resolution of. the sen-, atie, in which the secretary states the balance la the treasury to be, e.xchisi/e of Sr,j,000,000 gold reserve,' 899,373,28-k The secretary states it as his'opinion that tlic secretary of the' treasury ought to be permanently in- vufted wiLh tho authority to issue and soil short time bunds or other obligations for the purpose of meeting ordinary deficiencies, although he does not think there is any necessity, at this time for the exercise of such authority if it existed, lie is of opinion that for the next fiscal year the receipts will exceed the expenditures. A conference report on the diplomatic and consular appropriation bill was presented and agreed to. All the differences between the two houses on that bill ha've been arranged, except as to the appropriation of jtfOO.OOO to begin tlie construction of the cable to Hawaii, on which the conferees were unable to agree. A further conference was ordered on that item. Senator Wilson (rep., Wash.) was sworn in, completing the membership of SS. JOIICH Wins 11 Point. 'Senator Jones (dew., Ark.) moved that the senate proceed with the regular urdei—the-silver bill. Senator Hill (detti., X. Y.) objected to the displacing of the morning business. The vote was taken on Mr. Jones' motion and it was agreed to; yeas, .'Jii; nays, 07, as follows: 'Yeas' Messrs. Allen, Bate, 136rry, Blackburn Blanchard, Builer, Cull. Cumoron, Clarli, Dubois, Faulkner. George, Hiinsbroiigh. Harris Hunter, Jones (Arlt.), Kyle, .Mi:Laurln, Jfci'rtln. Mitchell (Ore.), Morsun, Pusco. Poffe» I'erltins, Putllgrow, Power, Push, Koucu, Slow-art, Tullcr, Vest, Voorhees, "WiU.sU, •VVliltc, Wilson (Wash.) and \fulcott—30. Xuys-Mu.-wrs, Aldrich, Barrows, Cuffoy, Cmru'icvi, Curay, Chandler. Dlxon, Pryo, Gray, Biilo, Huwlcy. HiRKlns. HI". Hour, Lindsuy. Tm|j;o Molli:iiin, McPhorson, Mandorson, HiiL-holl tV!s.). MoiTlll, Pnlmer. Platt, Proctor, Kiinsora, Vllas and Washburu. Effort for Final Tote Fulls. ' The bill having been taken up and read iu full Senator Jones, having charge of it, suggested that an hour be fixed for taking tho final vote, but Senator Halo objected and suggested that a long debate might endanger the appropriation bills and result in an extra session. ! Senator Jones said that there was not a member who did not know how every other member of it would vote. Therefore, discussion for an hour, or a day, or a week, would change nobody's conviction. Tho friends of the measure •were willing to put the matter to tho tost now without one word of debate. As Senator Jones could get no agreement as to tho time for taking a vote on tho silver bill, he submitted to the inevitable and gave notice that he would ask the senate to continue Tuesday's session until a vote wns reached. Vllna MalcoH a Speoch. Then Senator "Vilas (dcni., Wis.) took the floor and proceeded to deliver a long speech in which he reviewed the various ineffectual efforts made by President Cleveland to get congress to take notion to preserve the honor and credit of the nation. Senator Vilas reviewed the situation up to the time when the bond contract was made. Many would recall in that situation, he said, the prototype of history which had followed the decline of the national credit during- the civil war. It would remind • many of the commercial ruin, of the general financial devastation of the time. The people of the United States, he said, should never be called upon to sustain such an evil except in order to meet such a great contingency as was then imposed upon them to save their countr}-. He reminded senators how, in Is93, \vhen the repeal vof the purchasing clause of the Sherman act was under consideration, the country had been driven to the edge ol the abyss, and the eye of the country had looked over the precipice into which it might be about to fall. Then Senator Vilas came down to the president's message to congress last December, from which, he read some extracts. ''There was," said Senator Yilas, "an invitation to con-, 'press to exercise the functions which the constitution devolved upon it, and to provide against the peril which then beset tie national treasury and 1 the happiness of onr people. But what followed? Nothing. Nothing but the. fruitless distractions . of factions and t actioual cries. "We have had only as a 'result the manifestation of the impo- 'teuce of congr*ss to meet the condition ot peril in which the nation was placed." Proceeding with his argument Senator Vilas eame down to the point of: the president's second appeal to congress on the 2Sth of- January. the speech of Senator Vilas Senator Aldficli" (rep-, R. I.) sought to read a dispatch just received, but Senator Vilas declined to -yield for that purpose. House Proceoclluu*. JYASiilXGTO-N-. Feb. 19.,— In the house, senate amendments to the bill granting- right of way -through Oklahoma. und Indian territories to the Oklahoma Central railroad- were concurred in. Mr. Cockrell (dem., Tex.) called up house -joint resolution reported -from thfe committee on ways and . means directing tho secretary of the treasury to suspend the operations. of so, much, of tho revised .statutes as permits the transfer in bond thiough iho United States of articles destined for the free /.one of Mexico and it was agreed to. Consideration of the naval appropriation bill 'was then resumed iu committee of the 'whole. TO HAVE A "NEW ROOF. • Kid* Opened for Kupnlrliiff thu Ciiltod Stt>t.-n Ti'iiHlon Bureau Uullillntf. .WA.'iirsr'oTo.v, Feb. 10.—' Uids have been opened at the department of the interior for supplying" a copper roof and corrugated ceiling for the United States pension bureau in this city. T!I ere was ao appropriation of S^O.SQO for this purpose, and last year the lowest bids exceeded this sum. -This year the department advertised' for bids. The lowest bidder for the roof was John Byrd, of Philadelphia, of 10 03-100 cents per superficial foot, and for tho ceiling, J. A, Miller .t Bro., of Chicago, 0 05-100 cents per foot, making tho total for the work S21,(M-t. There were seventeen bidders in all from New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Chicago, St. Louis, and Wilmington,. Del. _ . • USE BARB WIRE. Vandals Tlu Ic Across :i Trolley Truck nml SorlouHly Injure H Mutwuwn. BROOKLYN, Feb. 10.— As the' trolley car that leaves the Grand street ferry at 11:30 o"cl:':k p- m. for MaspetU was speeding along near Malvina Monday night it struck a barbed wire that had been stretched across the road and securely fastened at either end. Motorman Scott Radcliffe. was caught by the wire, the sharp barbs of which tore oix;n his lace. Fortunately tho wire broke and the car was stopped before any further damage was •done. It WHS found, however, that Kadeliffe had lieen, severely, injured. He was removed to the hospital.. TWO MORE WILL DIE. Victlum of Coul .V.-.nu J-'ii'c Cannot Survive Tlicir Injuries. < ASHLAND, Pa., Feb. ID. - After twenty-four hours of continuous work the force of men ens-aged in fighting the flumes at West Hoar Ridge colliery, wherc'live men were killed and seven injured by iin explosion of gas Monday, succeeded in quenching the fire Tuesday. The mine is badly damaged, and it will be some weeks before work can be resumed. The four men who were taken to the hospital are still alive, but G-ough and Minuig cannot recover. __ _ DnvlH 1 1V1I1 Case DcclHlon. ' HEI.KX.V, Mont.. Feb. 10. — The supreme court has decided that Harriet Sheffield and Erwin Davis, nioce and brother of Andrew J. Davis, the Butte millionaire, may contest the will on the ground that it was a forgery and was revoked by other wills. This again opens tho question as to the validity of the will under which John. A. Davis' brother claimed the whole estate of 83,000,000. __ ___ : Took Ills Lllo Because 1'uniahod. * ISDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Feb. 10.— Mou- 'day night the guardian of little Willie Miller, aged 13, living ou North Meridian street, punished the boy for a trivial offense. The boy declared he would commit suicide, and, seeing some arsenic, took .enough to poison several persons. He then went to a neighbor's where he died in terrible iagony Tuesday morning. Uemeroberi Need}- Miner* a Second Time. ' WASHINGTON, Feb. 19.— Congressman :Faul J. Sorg-, of the Third Ohio district, has directed his agent at Middletown, 0., again to send a carload of provisions and clothing to the destitute in 'the Ohio mining districts. This is the second time the Ohio congressman has 'contributed to the assistance of these ,'unf ortunate people. _ ' Natural ,G»» Explosion Causes a'Flr*. PrrrSBtnadiT, Pa., Feb. 10.— A fire re- snltingfrom a supposed explosion of natural gas occurred in L. !M. Morris' Iron City foundry at Twenty-third street and Penn avenne shortly before noon Tuesday. Julius Schnltz, aged 30, and John Bobich were seriously ; burne<3. The damage is estimated at about $35,000; fully insured^ BLIXT'S STOKY. Stock Breeder Dead. FRANKFORT, Ky., Fob: 19. — Col- E. P. Pepper, one of .the -wealthiest stock Veed-rs in Kentucky, died at his home . in this city Tuesday. CoL Pepper was owner of the famous stallion Onward, •who has a larger number of performers below 2:30 than any other living : trotter. _ _ 1 _ _ |v . , • CoL Martin -D«ad- jp' • CHICAGO, Feb. 19.— CoL "James P. 'Martin, assistant adjutant-general of the department of Missouri, died at the Chicago Beach hotel at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning-. CoL Martin has been ill lor some time suffering from a complication of kidney troubles. Impeached in One Important Point by Witness for Defense. Mi*s-Wachter Tells H«r Story Which Seriously Implicates Adry Hayward—Charges' Intimidation. MrxxE.lror.is, Minn., ' Feb. 19.—Ed- ward'Goodse'll, the Chicago dental student, was put on the stand when" the Hay-ward murder trial opened Tuesday morning for his redirect examina-- lion. He testified ! that he ' had usually been liarry Hay ward's com- pniuiou when he came to Chicago to gamble, and that he had seen him lose us much as 'SI,000 at a time. He usually had plenty of money, and for this reason Goodscll was not surprised to see him with 55,000 when there in November. Asked on cross- examination if he had ever seen Harry lose a.t 73 Jackson street, Chicago, ho said no; it was at a Wabash avenue resort that he lost. liiiliravlind Ullxfn Testimony. Frank Erhart, who was summoned by liis brother when the body was found, gave evidence which seemed to impeach the ' evidence of Blixt in one important particular. He swore that' he had found in the dirt near whore the body lay a heel mark and theu a toe mark of a lady's shoe. There were also the traces of where the foot had dragged to where the body lay. This evidence went to " show that Miss Ging's body was pushed out of the buggy feet first, instead of head, first, as the murderer testified. Of course, this would overthrow the theory that tho fracture of the skull and the contusion were caused by the fall from the buggy and would help to impeach the evidence of Ulixt. Saw Him Kiitvr the Bucsry. Oenrg-e Grimlall was an important witness for the defense, lie was standing on First avenue north between Fourth and Fifth streets at 7 o'clock or tliercabouts on December 3, the night of the murder. Crindall had H.H" appointment with a young woman at the point, named and was waiting there for her. Standing 1 a short way from him was a man "like that man there," said the witness, pointing to Attorney Sweetscr. Grindall siivr Miss Ging drive up. The man he had seen waiting there entered the buggy with' her and they drove away. This point is about a block from the West hotel, whence Miss Giug started on her fatal ride. The description given by Grindall of the man who joined her does not at all fit Harry Hay ward. JUfiD \Vnchl.cr'R Story. \VhcnMiss Wachter, against the introduction of whose testimony the objections of the state were removed, was called to the stand on Monday afternoon she looked indignant, and her looks did not belie the fact. When asked as to the statement that Blixt had accused Adry Hayward of being an accomplice, and that Harry was to be accused of the murder, she started talking at a rapid rate. In answer to the quest-on, she said: •'Blixt said tliey put up ibo Jol) about two weelcs before tho murJcr, and -went out and picked out ttio spot. On the day of ihe murder, ho said, Adry lold h'.in to tnito tlic iron, :ind CO out to the lake where they picked out the spot nad It he wanted help, Frank would be there to help him." She said that Blixt had given this as part of a statement to bis attornej 1 , but that tho latter bail become very ar.«ry aod told BIL-tt to say .notbinrr more about Adry Hayward. After that Blixt said: "I thought you wanted me to tell tho truth." Tlic-reafter Miss Wachter testified Blixt did not mention Adrian Hay ward's aame throughout his stato- CbarffCH Intimidation. • The story told by this witness appears to justify the claims made by the defense' of intimidation. When asked whether she'had'been threatened by attorneys on the case, Miss Wachter replied: ""I should think I had." She then told of tho visit of Mr. Hall last Saturday. The attorney had flattered and threatened her. .He had attacked her character and threatened her with loss of employment. She had also been threatened by the attorney for Bhxt, and, in sliort, her life bad been made a misery. Line of tne Defennc. Miss Wachter's testimony is an indication that the true inwardness of the Hayward defense is' coming 1 to the surface. From increasing evidence that Adry was in some way connected with the murder the belief is gaining credence that both were mixed up in the horrible plot. Bli.v.t's remark that Adry said to him; "Be sure you bring the iron," gains fresh significance every day as the case nn- folds. There is certainty expressed in some quarters that the state is aware of Adry's complicity, but has promised him immunity for his testimony against Harrv. In this event the defense will be able to prove its alibi for Harry Hayward, and that it was Adry that met Blixt on Kenwood Iwulevard. Signs the Marriage Contract. CAIEO, Feb. 19.—The khedive has formally signed the marriage contract with the Slave girl, his haxetn favorite, who bore him a daughter a few days ago. Dr. Hiilkei of £n|fl»n<l, Demi. L<V-DOX, Feb. 19.—Dr. Hulke, president of the Eoyal College of Snrgeoi* of England,-is dead. OYER THE SIATE. Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana^ For the XAI'OHS. Ind., Feb. 19.— At * meeting of members of the executive commiuee of the democratic suite com.-. uiittec bold here Monday, it was decided to send a delegation of members to "Washington to uifrc President Cleveland to appoint .lulvi i«. $lianklin as.miuister to Me.xico. •': -.v:-.s agreed that the Hppoiutinent would heal the differences BOW known to e^ist iii tho • Indiana, doiaocraev. _ Solitary Coullm'mmt for Llf<». CoLtMBrs, Ind., Feb. 19.— In^ tho Johnson county circuit court Cyrus' .Brown, wife murderer, who was by a jury here condemned to die by hanging", but who received anew trial, wa*. sentenced to solitary confinement in the southern prison during the remainder of. his Hfo. He received th« sentence, a* he did the former one, without emotion. Hurd Line*. , Ind., Feb. 10. — Wesley Lytle. of this city, father of the i«> torious /Cella IS'icokuis, is without a home, if his statement to a newspaper ninn is the truth. Wesley claims that his wife and Bella's sister, Sirs. NYeth- erbee, have made life a, burden to him for the last six weeks and finally drove him out of the house and refused to let him return. _ Vfuiiti UauiHitvit. X. Ind., Feb. ID,— Dan Thur- bcr, one of the best-known traveling men on the road, has filed a if], 000 suit for damages, chnrffisjtf false, imprisonment against this city. He was 'placed under arrest for alleged disorderly conduct, bat after remaining- in jail two hours was let out, no charges boing preferred against him. Hurt In a Gin-mien) Experlim-nt, WATKHI.OO. Ind., Feb. 10. -II, TL. Kct-p. superintendent of the city nchools and instructor in chemistry, met with an accident-while performing an experiment in which powder wa» uncd. A spin-It flew iuto a sack of surplus powder. exploding it and blowing- it into Keep's face. The eyes, face and bauds were burned. Grieved Himself to JJcnth. • SHELBY \'u,i,i!, Ind., Feb. 10.— Last:. week Charles Lafollet was arrested . here at the instance of. his grandfather,. William Spencer, charged with stealing S'JO from tin; grandparent, "e was placed in jail in default of bail and he died Monday morning, having grieved to death. The deceased was from Greenfield, Jnd. l*uc Hoc t »«!•<•* a I'nmlly Jur. XEW ALHAXY, Ind., Feb. ]!).— Because his wife allowed her pug dog to kiss her and would not permit him the same privilege Peter IJowman struck her. Two sons attacked him with clubs and fractured his skull. The boys wuro arrested and placed in jail to await the result of Ms injuries, which are serious. _ Xcw Cliurcli Ocd!c:itci>. WAUASI/, Ind., Feb. :!).— Tlic dedicatory service of the new church of tho United Brethren congregation at Warsaw was conducted by Bishop Weaver, of Dayton, 0. Ail of the church debt was liquidated at the meeting. Tho church will scat 800 people. Its cost was S2:-i,000. _ Suveil by III* H»ir. JEFFKREOXVILLI:, Ind.,Fcb.lO.— Thomos Monroe, aged 10, a football player,. broke through the ice Monday while skating. He went down twice, but when sinking the third time his lonfr hair caught in the brush and held him above the water ic an unconscious condition until be was rescued. Suildciily Stricken. ANDERSON, Ind., Feb. 13.— Judge Alfred Allison, the Indiana poet judge, •' while getting down out of. the bench. chair after the adjournment of court was stricken with cramping of th« muscles of the left side. He is doing-' well and will recover. Died Suddenly. KOKO.MO, Ind., Feb. 10.— William R. Plough, a resident of Kokomo fainc* 1S30, and for ten years deputy post- master, died suddenly. He >vas one of tie oldest members of the order of Knights of Pythias in the state. Two Men Ft.ta.Ur Knifed. JEFFE-JISOXVILLK, Ind., Feb. 10. — In a' fight at Cementville between Charles Drains, Thomas Drains and "Walter Dickinson the Drains vrere fatally cut with a knife in the hands of Dickinson. Sc»Med to D*»th. DECATUB, Ind., Feb. 39.— While working in a box factory here, George Gilbert f ell into a vat of boiling -water and was scalded to death. r«rmhoo»c Wrecked. MuycBE, Jnd.. Feb. 19.— The farmhouse of William Washburn near thi« city was wrecked by an explosion of natural gas. The family was absent. Mled Suddenly. LAPOSTE. Ind., Feb. 19.— Otis Kinjr, one of the pioneer settlers of northern- Indiana. died suddenly at Wanatah, I'ott or Kntrj- me x«ar nouco. BEXTOS H.VBBOK, Mich,, Feb. 19.— This port is now a port of entry all th« year round. Deputy Collector NichoU having received his cotnoxisiion. '>•:. -f. •

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