The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1949
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, SEC to Approve I Utility Dissolution AP & L in Pine Bluff Is Subsidiary of Firm to Be Dissolved . WASHINGTON, March 2—OP)— I The Securities and Exchange Com- I mission has announced it will ap- l-Prove a plan for dissolution of Elcc- ftric Power and Light Corporation, 1 New York, provided four "minor" amendments are made. Dissolution of the concern, a I sub-holding company of Electric I Bond and a Share Company, New York, was directed by the SEC I originally In a 1942 ord'er based on I the Public Utility Holding Com\ pany Act. ot 1935. The dissolution plan culls for: Organization of a now holding company, "Middle South Utilities, Inc.," by the company being dissolved. Transfer of tile old company's holdings In four utility subsidiaries to the new company in return for all common stock of the new con- I ccm. The subsidiaries are Arkansas Power and Light, Pine Bluff; Loiiislanna Power and Light. New Orleans; Mississippi Power nnd IJBht, Jackson, and New Orleaii: Public Service, Inc. Retirement of the three out standing series of preferred stock of the old company by distribution to prefferred stockholders of common stocks of the new company's remaining major subsidiary. United Oils Corporation of Shreveport. La. Settlement of all claims asserted against Electric Bond and Share on ^behalf of the company being dissolved by a cash payment of $2,200,000 by Bond and Share lo the "ssolvinsr concern. Reds Claim Price Cuts But Mix Propaganda in with Economics Romania Grabs AH Farm Land For State Use —W-i—Romanla today stripped former big landowners of the last remnants of their acreage. A decree of the supreme presidium of the Romanian government, effective at once, expropriated nil remaining land of the former landed gentry without payment. The decree was broadcast by the Bucharest radio. About 315.000 acres were taken over by the government, It was estimated. The decree said the reasons for Ihe step were the landowners' noncompliance with government regulations and sabatoge of machinery. Punishment for not complying • with the new decree was set »t three to 15 years imprisonment. The government in 1945 took over all land "on ordinary farms of the landed class in excess of 150 acres. It exempted some so-called model-o r Intensive-agriculture—r arms from this list.. The new decree exporates ml farms, regardless of size, Bnt j a u model farms belonging to the former big landowners. It does not affect holding of small peasant landowners, "Living und rtcad Inventory" that Is livestock, poultry and farm machinery of the big owners also are taken over. Only their personal belongings were exempted from the decree. The state Farm Administration presumably' will run the farms taken over under the decree this season. Spring plowing already Is under way In Romania. Greater Little Rock's Mayors Have Varying Success in Primaries LITTLE ROCK. March 2. on- Greater Little Rock mayors had varying success In city Democratic primaries yeslerday. Little Rock's Sam Wasscll. seek- I Ing a second term nomination, de- | featcd Alderman Franklin lay 7/224 to 3.D07. ' North Little Rock's Elrior Johnson, also seeking a second term. ap. parenlly lost to former Mayor lioss Lawhon. Complete unofficial returns gave Lawlion 2.0-18 to 2.218 for Johnson. Johnson x;iirt he was considering a contest in one precinct. The vote total wns a rrcorrt for a mayor's contest in i>,i c h city. By Ben Baurll , IIP) fortltn New* Kdllor "Living is becoming better Ml the time." Soviet clttwiu were tolrt that yesterday, along with the announcement of 10 to 30 per cent price reductions In many articles of tood, drink, wearing apparel and hardware. The quotation above, from the Russian trade union newspaper Trud, seems to keynote tills latest mixture of Russian economics and propaganda. The whole situation is being made a part of a campaign In Russia and satellite countries designed to convince the cHlwns' there (hat tlielr conditions nre improving while things arc bar! in the United Stales. Living certainly can gel « 8<It ,tt deal better In the Soviet Union before the living standards there approach western levels. A dispatch through the Moscow censorship notes sginificantly that: "The price reductions are a new step toward reatlalnlng the Soviet Union's prewar standard of living That Is a back-handed way of Faying that conditions in the Soviet Union, three years afler the fiKliting ended, are still below the levels attained before the war. And the conditions known to exist before the war were low by western .standards. Pur example, homing for the average Russian Is hardly comparable with standards In the Uniled Stales, even when the latter re subject to criticism. Evidence that the price cuts are part ot an economic program that crosses over into the field of propaganda can be seen In the Russian press' insistence .that conditions In the United States are chaotic. Por years, the Russians have been predicting nn American depression. Now they say that one out ot seven city dwellers Is starving and that 10.000,000 farmers live in dire need. That is the approximate total of farm employment in the United Stales, so you can judge it accordingly. Rich But Worried Executives Ideal Targets for Ulcer LOS ANGELES. March 2—</]>,_ When a woman becomes head of a business or a man loses b<-u „„ A. Piokurd has nn horse races, watch out lor those'a permit lo ercc-t in BIATHEVILLK On« Way of Saying It SOUTHEND, EDS.. March 2, —Dr. John Marncy iMlilylng court, described a case: "He Imd a bllnlornl perorbUal hcmntonin ami left siibliitictlvsl hemorrhage." Lawyer Maxwell l^ewls inifcd •Translate that for us ordinary mortals." ' Dr. Marncy translated, "Two lovely black eyes." ulcers! 'Mils warning comes from Dr. Andrew C. Ivy, vlre president cf Hie University of Illinois' Professional colleges, Dr, Ivy. former head of mcdlrnl rcseurch for the U. s. Navy, | 0 )d 1.500 physicians at the Seventh Day Adventists" College of Medical Evangelist postgraduate assembly. "The highest Incidence (ot ulcer) Is among wealthy executives subject to constant pressure and strain. The lowest Incidence Is among these men's w(ve&." As for relief of ulcers. Dr. Ivy cave this prescription: lenrn now to relax and. If passible, move Into nn environment where tensions are at a minimum. NOTICE Nolice Is hereby Riven thiit W A. Piokurcl has made npiilk-nttun for a permit lo ercc-t a brick nnd con- crelc btiDdlni; 40 feet by so tret on West '.. Lol 5 and ', u.t 6 Marsh Aitdhion. This building lo be used for a retail grocery business. Any protest should be In writing and filerf )„ the otflce of the City Clerk wllhln 30 days. JOC ClUne.V, City Engineer. Deadly Leukemia Fails to Dampen Young Lad's Hope STEPHENS. Ark —Three moths ago. James I.amar Tribblc, 9, was a carefree lad who resided on « farm near here. Now he is fighting- for his life. His parents. Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Tribble, said they have been advised by physicians nt n Shreveport, La., clinic that Jimmy was suffering from Liiekemia. virtually an incurable ailment affecting the blood. They gnve him possible three months more to live. Jimmy was returned home. He doesn't get to play outdoors nor go to school, Each week he undergoes a blood transfusion. ^ The youngster hasn't given up. He still manages a smile and he recites a prayer he said he composed when he learned of his condition at Shreveport. "I don't know how to pray," he told his parenU. "So I just snlri: 'Oh, God, let me get well." U. S. Troins Army To Crush Popular Masses/ Reds Say MOSCOW. March 2. t/Pi— The United State's Army Is being Irnlned for use against the American civilian population, an nrllcle in the Soviet Army newspaper Red Star claimed yesterday. The writer. V. Minaev, asked a question In the title ol ihe major editorial "What are Ihe purposes of the 'loyalty Investigations' In Ihe armed forces ol the United States?" and answered himself: "American reactionary circles are so jealously conducting these Investigations In order to make the armies an obedient weapon for crushing the popular masses by force of arm." of Mule Burn*, Ailinlnl»lr«lrU filed Kebrimry 26, 1549, No. 186^. Ksinie of U'ona Irene Slewnrl, <)tcc»s«l. Final settlement of Hurvvy Wood Stewart, t'xecu- tor filed February ^a, 194S. All persons Internied In'the settlements of any of ttx> niwve rst«t« are warned to Hie exceptions thereto, if uny hnve Ihcv on or before (he sixtieth day 'following Uie fllliin of thr rcsjwcllvc accounts fnlllnn which they will be burred forever from excepting to the accounts. Wltnm my hnnd and senl as Clerk nnd Ihe soal of said Court this Uie 1st ,iay of Mnivli. 1910. KUZABtrm BLYTHE. County & Probate Clerk. By Stella Cnlu (DC) NOTICE OF ACCOUNTS OF EXECUTORS AND AOMINIS'J'JJA- TOiiS FILED. Notice is hereby Riven that during the month of February, 1943 n u . following accounts of Executors ami Administrators have been filed [or settlement and confirmation In the Probate Court for (he Chickasnwba District of Mississippi County Arkansas, and that such accoimU ivllh their respective filing ^ IK are as follows: No. 1854. Estate of Ocll Scott, rte- ccnsed. and final .sc'tllcim'iii i>f E. M. Holt. Administrator filed February 9. 1949. No. 1~8C7. Estate of James o Middleton, deceased. Fir."I nnd Hiuil .settlement ol Thomas W. Middleton. Administrator filed February 11. 1940. ,No. 1208. Bslnle of Dr, J. A l.uckelt, deceased. Final seltlemcni of ivhs. J. A. Luckelt. Administra- trix filed February 10. 1940, No. 1878. Eslaie of Robert Lee Burns, deceased. Final settlement NO'l'ICK Nolk-e is hereby given Hint (he ui»ter.<tBne<! will within the time fixed by law apply to the CommU- siiiner ol KeveiWs ol the Slate of Aikunsas for u penult to sell beer lit rctnll at 119 W. Mutn, Blythe- vtllo, Mtssixstsslppi County. The uiu'.mlKncd sv !i(es Hint he Is a citia'ii of Ark'navis, of Rood moral clutriictor, thai he has never been convicted of n felony or other crime Involving mornl tnrpltuSe; lhat no license to sell beer by Ihe undeisliiiiwl Ims been revoked within five years lust; mid that I he undersigned has never been convlctiMl ol violating (lie laws ot Ihl.s Mull-, or any other stale, re- l«tlrn to t*i« liors. Joe T. Faulkner, SiibMTlbrd and sworn to before me tills 24th lisy 0 ( Much, 1949. Mrs. Marshall Rlackanl, Notary Public My OxumlsJloii expires Much », NOTICE OF NEW ESTATKS ON WHIOH ADMINISTRATION HAS HKEN COA1MKNCBD. Nolloe I, hereby given (lint (he followbiK Is a list of estates of deceased persons upon which UKcri Trstiunentiiiy or nf Administration were Krnnlei) during Ihe tnontli of [••ebrudivy 1049 w (th the dale in Die grinning 0 [ such letters nml the name and address ot the iwulor or administrator. No. 1800 KstHli- of Henry U, Archer. (U'crnsal. Lellers of Admlnlstra- llon Issued lo Le e Baker ot Mnn- lla, Arkansas on February 'i, 10(3 No. 1001. F.stale of Joe I'olk, de- erased, i.i'tlm ol Administration Issue'd (o nila polk Hosklus «r Hlylhcvlllc, Arkansas, on Fcbninry 2. 10-in. No. 1002. HsUle of Ednar K. Swiitn. deceased, ratters ol Ailuiin- Istmtlon Issued to l*th» Swnln of Jll.vthcvlllc, Arkansas on February i!4. 1S49. Wltncs.1 my hand and .tral as Mith clerk Ihls 1st dny of March, 194H. RLI'iABETH BT.YTHK. County & I'robnle C'lcrk. By Stella Cnln IDC) Gen. Wainwright Invited To Arkansas Convention HARRISON, March 2. Wj—Gcil- March 2—UP) | cral WalnwTlghl, na.tional commander of the Disabled American Veterans, has been Invited to - attend the Arkansas Convention of the organization l u Harrison April 29, 30 and May 1. tighinq over your frying when you use THt . (Dainty •SK5S' There are IT Indian reservations and M Indian tribes in Arironi with a population of 50,000. Ser vice — That's Our Motto! We spare no effort In providing an EXTRA everyday prescription service, which means extra convenience lo you Feel free to call on us at any time Prompt delivery service Phone 507 AUCTION SALE MAIN STREET STORE TO BE CLOSED OUT Everything will b« sold at rhe pric« you'll pay. Fixtures and Equipment will be sold. WATCH FOR THE NAME SALE WILL START FRIDAY, MARCH 4th t Adds a Hundred Mti§s to the Day! WOODS DRUG STORE Excellent, Large Capacity Machinery We Grind Your HAY, CORN, COBS, Shucks and All We 'Also Shell Corn — Grind Chbps Make Table Meal We Run Six Do ys a Week ~L L. PARSON FEED MILL Serving 50-Mile Arts Around Havli Two Blocks Rust of City Square, Hayli, Mo. Owners of the i949 Cadillac arc gning to get a pleasant surprise when they take it out for that first cross- country run. Without any extra effort whatsoever they arc going to wind up thnt first day's touring about a hundred miles farther from home than they expected to be! 1'or here, beyond any doubt, is the greatest 'mile-eater" that ever rolled over a highway. We arc not talking about excessive speed—because, regardless of the power they have at dieir command, sensible people observe the laws of the road and the rules of safety. But the 1949 Cadillac is so cat-quick and cagcr-so smooth and easy and cffortlcss-that it covers an amazing amount of distance inside t'/ics.ifc and legal limits. You take the hills as fasi as the level stretches—you make the first hundred yards away from a stop light as fast as you make the second hundred—and the car's matchless agility enables yon to avoid many of the pockets in slow- moving traffic. The secret, of course, is found in the great new Cadillac V-type engine-plus the marvelous new engineering in (he Cadillac chassis. Actually, you almost seem to move by automatic propulsion. I here is no performance like it—anywhere in the world. SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut f^ m 578 Permit" " O " Bt "" * "<"" Nolle* Is hereby given thai the Commissioner of Avenues of , tlt . at«w of Arkunsa.T I inn Issued a per"ill, No. OTO U> Fred K Alexander o u-ll and <II.M)e,,«e vinous or spirit>' u»i Iciuor., tor beverage nl reta |, »" (he premises described as HI South Mnln, Lcschvllle, Ark, J 1 ',!!!?. T™ il '"?"«« o« »>« 25 dav Fie<l F. 1'cnnlllce. CHANGE of LIFE? E. PINKHUM'S UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball Get Our Prices TAXI and TRUCK DRiVLIS UNIFORMS Ail Colors - Gabardint $12.95 HUDSON Clconcr-Clofhier-Toilor ^^ **-*»«^«<V^ Your Used Cars ' es, it you choose a "Sclfi'l" lUiwi r'.... r. HMlo. M,,,,,, ,,,„ ,,,„ he sv,,.; of' K oUU, K ' ' r '"' « Positive Ku,.r«Mloe. Ik-fot'c ,-oiir ilcciile, se. ( wimdi-rrul tur Iniys. '•'(!) Nnsli Tmlur '•'<"» Cliovrolcf, Slandiird model ( '!7 l)ndjr c | i/ z Ton Truck '.'(!) Kurd 1 i/, Ton Truck T.llfi Nnsli Ainljii.s.sjiilnr l''onldr 1 it'll DfSolo l''onlor (n( n \vi 1!M<) Kord Tudnr, vxi'i-iilinin 1«:!!l Nush Tudor, ^!).'15 Chevrolet, Sliimliml i\] v l!!•!(» Clierrolet Tudor, very 1!II!) Sliidclmkcr y, '['(in 'i miles. liM7 DodKcvti/i Ton Tnifk. !!>;!« Kurd \y t Ton Truck. SHELTON MOTOR CO. clean. price!) 1500 actual 215 South Second Phone 4438 .. NOTICE T0 MY ™» ,o ^ AN D CUSTOMERS | Call 510 or »ce me In Ingram Hull,!),,, Orou,,d Cltjr Urui Store, 3{ 5(^15 0 fT Miiln »t Onllcil FRANK D. UNDERWOOD Hnve us renew your footwear with our Nun Invisible l.nir ju,!,,. The hermetically sealed sole Joint will keep out moisture, foreign mtitter. There will be no slmnk .•ilrnln to distort the shoe and emme ilisconUort, No .mils or .illlclien. The shoes nre truly renewed for long sntlsfactory wear here. H-flLT€RS QUHLITY SHOC SHOP 121 W M a I H ST. I 1 ami 2-I)uy Service on Any ( Make or MoJel Reliable Workmanship Phone 2642 Wi> (,'jill Kor mi<l Deliver Fred Callihan Klcclrieal Appliance Co. /VullinriKcd Motorola Sales Service 10(i So. Isl. SI. SEE YOUR PONTIAC DEALER Sales • Service -Parts Goodwill Used Cars SMITH PONTIAC CO. MMTH I ILL'. * i'HOM BLYTHEVILLE Soy it . . . . V/ith flowers The Flower Shop Glcnctie Hotel i!h%. Phone 1191 or 2717 D.P.L. NO. 15 COTTONSEED DELINTED, TREATED and SACKED State Certified 85^ Germination — I Vr. From Station A TON OR A CARLOAD A/so Good 'ALFALFA HAY For Sale MAGERS & GILL Dell, Ark. Phone 2272

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