The Newark Advocate from Newark, Ohio on January 4, 1893 · Page 5
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The Newark Advocate from Newark, Ohio · Page 5

Newark, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1893
Page 5
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THE NEWARK DATLY ADVOCATE: WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4 1893 5 THE DAILY ADVOCATE T i Local KATES OF ADVERTISING. insertion-- 8c per Hne insertions...12c per line insertions .. 1- E 'C ptr line insertions .. .25c per lino } 1 it 2 in 3 k 6 ill \. JOB PRINTING. THI ADVOCATE Job printing Department is far superior in Its material and equipment to any other establishment In the city. »nd is not excelled by any la Central Ohio. Prices reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed In all cases. THE ADVOCATE BOOK BINDEBT. Tne ADVOCATE Book Bindery is a complete" establishment. All fcinda of books and magazines are bound at a price as low as anywhere In the country and the work done with promptness. Blank books of all kinds made to order. The Book Bindery, too, is a great advantage to the ADVOCATE Job Printing Department. Other job printing estab- ishmente of ihe city are accommodated at the ADVOCATE Book Binderv- The city circulation of the DAILY ADVOCATE Is more than double that of any other newspaper published In the city of Newark. ^ A pure cream of tartar powder. Mantfs JACKSONIAN BANQUET CITY BREVITIES. Dally Happenings and;Matter» of Note and Comment In Our City and Vicinity. RAILROAD NEWS. and Governor'a Makes f delicious hot breads for breakfast. Powder " Absolutely the Best." Is called for in the latest recipes of Marion Harland, Author of "Common Sense in the Household." Mrs. Rorer, Principal Philadelphia Cooking School. Eliza R. Parker, Author of "Economical Housekeeping. Mrs. Dearborn, Principal Boston Cooking School. Mrs. Lincoln, Author of " Boston " Cook Book. Those who know most about baking ·powders use Cleveland's. Our Cook Book, 400 recipes, FREE. Ask your grocer for a copy. If he hasn't it, send stamp and address to Cleveland Baking Powder Co., N. T. By the Tilden Club, Newark. Ohio, on Friday Evening, January 6. Again we wonld draw the attention of the Democracy of this city and county to the banquet to be given Friday evening, Jan. 6th, by the Tilden Club in honor of St. Jackson's day. Arrangements tare been completed and below may be found the program which will be carried out, the elegant menu to be served and the committees having the matter in charge. Tickets are selling rapidly, and the prospects indicate one of the most successful occasions of the kind ever held in this city. Program. MUSIC. Overture--Forest Queen BEEBE The U. S. Senate After March, 1893 SENATOR C. S. BRICK. Our Next Congress HON. J. A. D. KICHABDS. Andrew Jackson JUDGE S. M. HUNTER. MUSIC. Mary Green DE\VITT Our Present Congress HON. J. W. OWENS The Duty of the Democracy JUDGE E. M. P. BRISTER Grover Cleveland Hos. J. D. JONES MUSIC. Light Dragoons FAUST What Did It EDWARD KIBLER The Late Campaign in Ohio JUDGC D.A.ALLEN State Legsislation Ho* J. P. FORBES MUSIC. L.a Serenata Jerone The Politician HON. JOHN D. BAIRD The Democratic Press in the Campaign of '92 J.H.WILLIAMS Where am I at JUDGE WALDO TAYLOR Our Mission HON. J. H- NEWTON MUSIC. Jackson Gallop ' SOUSA. True Democracy C. \V. MILLER Republican Protection a Fraud SPRAGUE THE JEWELER. the largest stock of WATCHES, CLOCKS, .J. M. SWARTZ The Democracy of Licking ................. Hos. WM. BELL, JR. a. KELLER siusic. « National Airs Music by Solid Four Orchestra. COMMITTEE ON ARRANGEMENTS. Ed. W. Crayton. Ed. H. Franklin. Thos. V. Rutledge. COMMITTEE ON INVITATION. T B Fulton. Edward Kibler. J. H. Williams. -ANI SILVERWARE in the city, and is selling everything in his line at veiy low prices. See him for your holiday goods. SPRAGUETHEJEILEB COMMITTEE. J. Gleichauff. Eugene Koos. ' Win. P Young. _ Dan Moriarty. Eugene vf.Thompson. Henry Wulfhoop. W. D. Fulton. Wm. Driscoll W. C. Miller. Win. P. Effinger. Thos. Bnecey. John E. Doyle. RECEPTION Win Bolton. "CharlesTIofath. T. V. Rutledge. E. W. Crayton Tilden Club Banquet. BEENEY'S COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, NEWARK, OHIO. MENU. Tilden Club Rye Green Turtle. t Blue Points, Escalloped Saddle of Black Tail Deer Currant Jelly Petit Pois Potatoes, a la Franeaise Braized Turkey, Cranberry Sauce Benedictine Sherbet Chicken Salad Celery Shrimp Salad Westphalia Ham Cold Tongue Lettuce Spanish Olives Salted Almonds Reisling Wine Vanilla Ice Cream Malaga Grapes Assorted CakeE Edam Cheese Bents' Wafers Oranges Layer Figs Bananas French Coffee Jersey Cream Champagne Cigars--Manuel Gracia's "Alonzo" Prepared and served by Kuster Hohl. Telegraph overflow message on third page. The Social Session tronpe departed for Coshocton this moning. The funeral of the late Wm. O'Bannon will take place Thursday at 11 o'clock, at the M. E. church. A little girl--a wee baby--was left at Tom Robert's, a conductor on the B. O., yesterday. Tom smiles and is very much delighted. Lon Coad who is rapidly gaining a reputation as a perpetual and unmitigated nuisance was run in last night with his customary jag. The students of Denison University are rsturning from their holiday's vacation. Qnit° a ntimb»r r^t^rned t°driy, School begins tomorrow. The funeral of the infant child of Mr. Elmer Owens, of the firm of McCune Owens took place today at 2:80. The babe died yesterday of menengetis. Wm. Shields, who is well known here has accepted a situation in St. Louis, in the new furniture store of H. Nathason Co. just opened out in that city. Licenses have been issued to the following parties to marry: John Grlasmeier and Pauline Smith; Charles S. Lytle and Cora Haslet; John Young and Bertha Pier; Charles W. G-eidendroger and Lillian Jeffers. A very pleasant sooial was given last evening by Mr. and Mrs. John McMillen on Eastern Ave. About fifteen were present. The evening was spent in games and social talks. It was given in honor of a guest who is visiting at their home. It is rumored that there is talk of forming a stock company and starting a stove foundry in the power house which has b°en vacated in the East End. This would be a good scheme and it is to be hoped that there is some truth in it. The case of the State of Ohio vs. Phil Nies and Geo. Bausch for keeping open saloon on Sunday December llth, came up before the Mayor's court today. At the present writing testimony is being taken No disposition has yet been made of the case. A hydrant bursted last evening in front of the "All Bight" grocery. A policeman tried to arrest the flow of water but did not succeed. There was considerable hustling among the boys, and not until Geo. Conrad got a good cool shower bath did his efforts avail in stopping the flow of water. Castilian Brag. A native of Malaga and a citizen of Sevilla sat comparing notes over a bottle of wine. "Look here!" said the former. "1 once had a friend who was so tall that he used to light his cigars at theg.\ lamps in the Alameda" (popular aro- nue). "Ah, but I have a cousin," replied the other, "who is of such a size that the swallows build their nests under the brim of his hat."--Gacetillas. Frank Wilson, Travelling Passenger Agent of the B. O., is in Chicago. T. C. Hirst, Travelling Passenger Agent of the Union Pacific, was in the city yesterday. Brakeman Louis Swinehart, of the B. O.. has reported for duty again after an illness of some days. The B. O. has issued a circular giving the rules governing the transportation of exhibits to and from the World's Fair. Thos. Stanley, Depot Master of the B. O., who has been afflicted for some time with rheumatism, will start next week for the Hot Springs, Arkansas. John Stewart, of the B.O., car shops had his hand injured yesterday by a jack falling on it. Fortunately, it was n t serious, but it will necessitate a few days lay off. B. 0. brakeman, J. S. Davis, while going over his train yasterday fell bstween two gondola cars, breaking one of his arms. He will not be able to report for duty for some weeks in consequence. The Mends ef Crossing Watchman J. H. Cochran, of the B. O., will regret to learn of that gentleman's misfortune in falling on the ice yesterday, which resulted in an injury sufficient to compel him to lay off for a few davs. The new railroad extending from Lou donville to Coshocton, is about completed. The road is forty-six miles long and will be opened for traffic in a short time. The road was built by the Pennsylvania and will be operated as the Mansfield Coshocton Branch of the Ft. Wayne road. It is rumored that it is proposed to extend the road southeast to tLe Ohio river. A telegram from Knoxville, Tenn., says: "A strong company, with John M. Bass, of Ft. Wayne, Senator Brice and General Samuel Thomas as leading stockholders, has been organized and will erect car works and a car wheel foundry at Lenior City, twenty miles west of Knoxville. The car works will have a capacity of fifteen complete cars per day. A quarter of a million dollars will be expended on the plant. Already machinery is being purchased for the factory and the foundry, which will be one of the largest industrial establishments in the South." -BLANK BOOKS!- The largest and best assorted stock of Blank Books ever seen in Newark at prices lower than ever before. We have just what you want. Come and see before- you buy. Homey Edmiston's Book Store. "The case of Mast, Foos Company vs. John Dair and Jas. F. Lingafelter regarding a certain contract was tried in Justice Koos' court today. C. W. Seward was the attorney for the plaintiff, and Swartz and Barrows represented the defense. The case was hotly con- .tested.. The result is not yet known. JONES FOR COUG-H SYRUPS. Dont ENTERTAINMENT Successfully prepares the young and middle aged of both sexes for business. Bookkeeping, English, Shorthand and Typewriting departments. Day and evening sessions all the year. Students enter at any time. School tickets on all railroads. Lots for sale on Pataskala and German streets. G. C. Daugherty, office over Black Roe's. See the night. baby in "Little Tippetf to- TJ. V. L,. Regular meeting of Encampment No. 31, TJ. V. L , Thursday evening, Jan. 15, 1893. Installation of officers and muster. All comrades who have application on file are requested to be present for muster at S o'clock p. m. All comrades are requested to be present. JOSEPH A VERY, Col. ' B. S. MARSHALL, Adj't. Chas. Bowser, Mrs. Harry Bloodgood tonight in "Little Tippett." Notice of Dissolution. The co-partnership heretofore existing between Henry C. Strong, Henry S. Fleek and Wm. W. Neal, under the firm name of Fleek, Strong Co., is this day dissolved by mutual consent, Henry C. Strong, retiring. HENTIY C. STRONG. HENRY S. FLEEK. WM. W. NEAL. Newark, O., Dec. 31, 1892 Partnership Xotice. Henry S. Fleek and William W. Neal will continue the business of Wholesale Grocers, under the firm name of Fleek . Neal. HENRY S. FLEEK. WM. W. NEAL. Newark, O., Dec. 31, 1892. To be Given at the Trinity Church. Friday Evening. The following is the program for the entertainment to be given at the Trinity church, Friday evening, Jan'y. 6, 1893: Duet .Faust--Gounod Miss Thomas and Mr. Green. Song Miss Penney. Ballade-Op. 47 Chopin Miss Crocker, of Massachusetts. In Old Madrid (by request) Trotin Mandolin Club. Reading--The Child-Wife Cha?. Diekens Mrs. J. M. Graham. Phantasia--Op. 28 Mendelsohn Miss Crocker. Song--Schubert Serenade Miss Penney. Lunch will be served in the Parish House dining room by the King's Daughters after the concert, all for 35 cents. Company G Target Practice. Place, armory; distance, 45 yards; charge powder, 10 grains; ball, round, 45 callibre: target, Creedmore A reduced. Possible score 25. 1 2 3 4 5 Total Rosebwigh 0 3 2 2 2 9 Hamilton, E 3 0 0 0 3 6 Grosser 3 3 3 4 4 1' Evans 0 3 3 - 1 2 12 Jeffrey 4 3 ? - 1 o? Ellis 3 o 4 o 4 21 Irvine, W . J 4 4 3 4 1 0 Timms 0 2 4 3 2 1 1 Hamilton, C 5 4 4 0 4 1 , Blizzard . 2 1 2 3 3 1 4 Petrie 0 0 2 2 0 i Heiler 0 2 4 4 2 12 Roe. George ....4 2 2 3 0 1 1 Jones 0 0 3 4 0 7 Walton.C 0 3 0 4 3 1 0 I r w i n . T 2 3 0 0 2 i Kffineer 0 3 3 4 3 1 3 Covle · . 0 0 0 0 3 3 Scott 3 3 3 4 4 1 7 Linn 3 3 0 2 0 8 On next Tuesday evening practice will again begin at 7:30. Blouse, cap and side-arms must be worn while firing. It requires no less than thirty people to work the great escaping scene in "Escaped from Sing Sing." Music Hall. Jan. 9. 10 and 11. Highest cash prices paid for rags, rubbish, old iron dry bones, and metala of all kind. NEWARK IRON METAL Co., No. 60 South Fifth street Realism on the Stage. First Actor--Look here; I once played the part of Old Moor in the "Robbers " with the result that the whole of the audience were bathed in tears. Second Ditto--That is nothing. Our company lately gave, in a country place. a performance of the "Robbers" so true to the life that the inhabitants missed several articles the following day.--Der Schalk. How They Grow. Old Friend--Well, 1 declare, old boy. your wife is fully as tall as you are. Mr. Da Meek (in a whisper--Y-e-s, guess that's BO. "How came you to marry such a big woman? "Well--er--she didn't seem so big before marriage."--New York Weekly. An Affectionate Son. Mrs. De Neat (reprovingly)--I put a cake of soap on your washstand nearly three months ago, and it's as large now as it was theiu Small Son--Y-e-s, mamma, I'm--I'm keepia it to remember you by.--Good News. _ Had Keen Paid For. Editor--You say you want a check for some jokes you left here two weeks ago? Why, those jokes have been paid for. Mr. Chestnut--How long ago, sirV "Oh, about fifty or a hundred years, I imagine."--Life. Getting Stronger. Myrtle--Don't you think Mr. Bolston has improved very much since his trip? May--Oh, my, yes. Why, last night he was able to wear two chrysanthemums in his buttonhole.--Chicago Inter Ocean, Holiday The Correct Attitude. Winks--Sao that fellow on a bicycle-ail doubled -cf. like a jackknife? Jinks--VTes; lie's o» pleasure bent, Kft-w Vorlr "W QfVlv The P. S. Bothered Her. "Haven't yon written that letter yet. Anne?" "Yes, George, dear--that is, all except the postscript I'm trying to t h i n k of something to say in it."--Harper's Bazar. A to Rise. Butcher--I need a boy anout your size and will Kive yon three do!'.,u-s a week. Applicant--\Vi!l I have a chance to rise? "Yes. I want you to be here- at 4 o'clock every morning."--Life. A \VaMc of Time. "Goodby, dear,' he whispered. "May I kiss jou!*" "Yes--yes," she answered. "Don't waste 90 much time in talking."--Brooklyn Liie. ! Goods. They're Out Of Sight! The cold harsh winds prevailing at this season of the year cause much trouble and annoyance to those who have a tender skin. There are few who are not troubled more or less with chapped hands and face, particularly if exposed to sudden changes of heat or cold. Much discomfort might be avoided by using the well-known application, HALL'S ROSE LOTION while as an aid to to beauty it is incomparable, making the skin beautifully soft and smooth. It numbers its friends by thousands and is to be found on every well equipped"toilet table. Try it once and you will join the chorus singing its praise. Manufactured and sold at HALL'S DRUG STORE TEA The FAMILY REMEDY. Once tried, _ used. Guaranteed to cure CON STI PAT I O N , Liver and Kidney trouble. N OT equaled for the COMPLEXION and. BMWD. Sold by Hall, the Druggist WE ARE IN IT! Excelsior Clothing House Lots of Bargains in Men's, Boy's and Children's -Suits and Overcoats and nice Furnishings for the holiday trade. You kxow us by repntation. We sell as the lowest and offer none but reliable goods and good fitters. Exce siof C ottiing Com'y The WEST SIDE SQUARE. IT IS IMPOSSBLE TO CONCEAL THE FACT THAT rnith Norris Have the Largest and Most Complete Stock of -AM ALL Kl£DS OF-8 1 i « J p* ET J"* ** $ ft '*·%, T* UtLDEK£ iVaA 5 IN LICKING COU'TTT Ashley FOR 18 West Main Street, Newark, Ohio YOU'LL SAY When you've tried it, that Stewart's Cream of Roses is the finest lotion in the world for chap, roughness of the skin, etc. Prepared and soM at STEWART'S PHARMACY THE RELIABLE DRUGGIST. I

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