The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 14, 1948
Page 11
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Schools Receive Extra Allotment Mississippi County Districts Receive $7,725 From State A total of $7,725 in allocated «•)..»! funds from l He Slat? Da- partment ot Education llils Lectl re _ eoivea here for distribution amoi« me jft school districts of Mississippi County, ite ,„.,,„ j, ( ,,. u - MJ s^ippi County treasurer announc- The figure represents the final two percent of the total teacher's Salary a«l 'o te paid tliis year. This *«*ci percent was not originally in, ,il? '"' llls to '* Deceived this jear, 100 percent payment having already been icceivecl Miss Piinie suited' tint alloc-i- tions to t,,e various'ucl.s we're mane in i, lu i c Rw : f m a( . to , d . mc . e ,", am °i»»s previously receiver!, •"'« Uic number ol .•siudeni.s ol school age . 'l"i? Blyllu-viHo School Diilriut received $ 1,(WO, whitll ts ,„„ ,. u st . *'iare of r.iilds distributed in tins county, bringing the salary aid total itcelvcti in this dismtt to well over SiJO.OCO. Oilier district allocations were ar, fellows: islrict Amount Anttoie! £ -'">J «»l-tl«ttc '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.','.' 290 | JJ 4 '' 1 402 . 5 os - s 417 510 | SIS BT.YTHKYn.LK (»RK.y COURIFR NEWS I House Movers Are Waterborne in Vanoort ~*"'* ' i""vr'~IT m u.'.•ijir.Bj-L - r «. X. .^7™.™.™.,! i |_ ,, j, ,,, 1 ._^ — ,._..,,.„,. .-,.,„,„„,..._,, ' » Investigation to Follow Raid on Girl Scout Camp by Men in KKK Regalia l.t;u:hvil]p Manila '" ^. j Mi«. Co. H!'4li tKiovvahj"!!" '>M Osceola 4, 5 £!««»« !...!!!!.'!!.'!!: « Milliaan Carbon Promised Li-nrt Shady Grove Paviicen Brown I-0:U Cane . . . Blackwater Rocky StiUman 72 1G 33 12 TO ?n 37 34 .»7,725 Navy Student Learns to Fly The Hard Way 9. .WASHINGTON. June 14. (UP> — A young Brazilian student, learned Hying the hard wny, the Navy dio- clored today, when his instructor fell out of & plane in which they were flying. The odd accident occurred '"while" Lt. Gerald H. Wilson was instructing the student recently on a train- ins flight over Whiting Field, Milton. h». Wilson''-wa.s Miowinp; bis student what to do in a spin. So graphic was his instruction, that Wilson accidentally released hi* safety belt »iid fell out. He nulled Ills parachute and land- td safely. Apparently, he was a good teacher. The student, ^rlitides Angusio j Mascarenhas of Curvelo. Minas Oeraes, Brazil, pulled the plane out of the spin and landed it safely one mile from his instructor. Rend Courier News Want Ads. BIRMINGHAM, Ala., June 14. lUPj—Authorities today had prom- i.sed lo investigate a night raid on a nearby Girl Scout camp by a bai:d ol men wealing the white robes and hoods of the Ku Klux Kl;3ti. Two \vhite Girl Scout instructors conducting a -leadership training 1 ' coins;' lor f:tmc 20 Negro girls reported that the masked men broke into their tent late Thursday night and gave them U hours to "get <HH." Scout officials said the camp war. broken up to .safeguard the lives ol the students und instructors. The incident came to light Saturday when Mrs. L. E. Geohegan, a niemuer of Ihe Birmingham Girl Scout Council, complained to authorities. Deputy Solicitor H. A. Sullinger c»f Ucbsemcr, near which the camp i> located, promised an investigation to determine if any state laws had been violated. And iu New York, Scout officials said the Federal Bureau of inviu- (igiuion wa-s checking into the incident. Scout officials identified Mi« threatened white girls as Miss Kattrine Nickel of Birmingham and Miss Elizabeth Ijams of Knoxvillc. Tenn.. instructors of the Girl Scouts' national staff. The two girls reported to Scout headquarters that "eight or ten" nu-ti in white robes and hoods, who looked lil:c Klatismen, entered, their lent late Thursday night. The girls said the men awakejied them, questioned tnem about cainp operations and rilled their personal belpnginfs, raj-ing they were looking lor "cards with hammers and sickles on them." Then the hooded raider.s warned them to -get out by tomorrow night." the instructors said. Some 20 Negro girls taking the leadership course were sleeping in other ten:.s some distance away and were not, aware of the "raid" until Ihe hooded men had gone. 'the two girls estimated that 10 automobiles were parked outside the camp during the visit, indicating ihat a large number took part in the raid. Miss Nickel and Miss Ijanxs were conducting the training course for Nesro girls from five Southern slates »t Camp Pauline Bray Fletch- . er. a short distance .5011(11 of Ili>,-- ! .seiner. They had separate eniin; and .sleeping facilitits. iliey .sniel. Girl S::out ollicials said the pi'r- [Mse of the camp was to train Negro girls in scout leadership so that they could, conduct similar courses for other Negro girls. There are presently no Negro jjirls in Ihe area itlialified to conduct such courses ihey explained. Women to Be Regular Part o/ Armed Forces j WASHINGTON. June- 14_iup, —Pre.Mdent Truman Saturday si"n- cd into law a bill making 'women regular members of the Army Navy and Air Force. Bntil 'now. women In ihe WAOs ' ant] \yaves have been reservists cm temporary active duty. Gen. Dwiglu D. Eisenhower, former army chief of staff, and Gen. Carl Span!/, former Air Force chief, led the fight to get them made a permanent part of the armed forces. The Air Force Immediately announced plans for a regular "Women in the Air Force" to be desig- , nated as the "\VAFS." They will not exocecl two per cent ' of the over-all strength of the Air Force, as required by the law lor all three services. The Air norce said that for the next two fiscal years, until July 1 1950. WAP strength will be limited to 4,000 enlisted women. 300 officers »nd 10 warrant' officers. ! The air force said it will begin recruiting and selection of enlisted women for the WAF about Sept. 1. ; A WAF basic • training center will be established at San Antonio, Tex. The army plans to build up to a force of 500 officers, and 7,500 en- j listed women after two years. About Is.OOO WACs are now In service ; j with the Army. j j The Navy and Marines now have ] 425 officer, and 2,000 enlisted wo- ! | men. They plan on 600 officers and 17,000 enlisted women. 150 Believed In Sinking of Ship That Struck Mine COPKNHAGKN. J lm( , , 4 _ _ )UP> —Uniifsh Navy divers ie]>oit(\] Saturday Hint the iMdics of an estimated )50 IIIL-M, women and children were picked in tl.e Milmiei- K i-rt taunts and etislneroom of the cuii-,1- .1! simmer KJobcnnav, which struck .1 mine and . s; nik In i<5 minutes off tile coast of Jutland Friday. Tlie divers said most ot tlie bodies «ere hi saloons and vbitis J'i*t L-ehnv tlie surface, tile faillics' point they were able to reach before the water readied tlicm. 'I'he mine l>lc\v a hole 3(1 yards square in the bow below (lie water line, divers reported, letting the water in so fast that more than n inlrcl of the passengers and crew were trapped below decks. The clivers said sonic victims who tried lo struggle out ol submerged compartments became entangled in ,lhe jiropcllors and were ehnp]ic<1 lo bus by the bluetts, which continued to turn as the ship u-cnt don-n The Unlled Steamship Company owners of the vessel, snld i )0 more survivors have been loiintl of» Ihnn the 201 persons rescued Friday. Nineteen bodlc.s have been recovered. Divers later bcsan the task of bringing the other bodies to the surface. The ship Is resting on tlie bottom In the quiet waters of the Kattegat 10 miles Bast of the coastal town of Hals. Method itt Pastors Scftoo/! A * * nod< "' Opposes Race Track b ° COM WAY, Ark.. June 14. (Up) — The ArkausM Melhodut Ptislors' School was on record lod»y ti op- IKvsing tlie erection of * rice lr«fk Rt West Mrmuhls. The Kcv. R. B. GYnmtll, ConwK.v dtsdict Miiierititniutent, »•»« lunied to express lo Oov. Ben l*nr y (h« inhifslcrs' opiwslilon lo the tr»ck. Th« action followed » meeting here of Hisliop Paul K. Martin of Ultle Rock Hi I'd his North Arka»si« Conferfiice Cabinet of eight rtLstiict-stiiwrlntencleiils. . W * <l to lh< * rl " md " eve " Rend Courier News W»llt Ads. NOW! at FOUNTAINS Everywhere! STEEL BUILDINGS ADAPTABLE To Many Industrial, Commercial and Farm Uses TRUSS-CLEAR ... NO WASTED SPACE BUTLER^BUILT • tD>» Coil fll M. «. • Cost tut it buy ind miln- tiin. • Conuenitnl Silts — 40' widih, Itnjlh in niullipl.i ol 20'. Also 32' und 20' wiillhs. lenilh)<f mulliplii ol 12'. / ' • Slicing Irusslesi consuui. lion. Full ustiblc spict. • lircted in d«ys ln%le»d ol C. A. TANT CONST. CO. Authorized Deafer tor Butler Steel Buildings General Contracting P. O. Box 83 Phone 896 Blytheville, Ark. NOW! at FOUNTAINS Everywhere! THE TOT SHOP «: •; L Kv«ry(hin K for CMUr«i .«,. Up (a « t, 110 S. Second PhoM UM* Closed Wednesday .Her- J'. MALONE Plaster ond Stucco High-Voltage 'Machine Gun' Insects never grow old. 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